Xena Warrior Princess: Part 2 - Enter Hercules (MFf)
by Kip Carson

Xena and Gabrielle awoke at dawn and had just finished making love again.
They had enjoyed a super hot night of lesbian lovemaking. But, both agreed
they needed a big hard cock to make it complete. As they ate their breakfast,
they heard noises coming from the woods behind them. They turned to see
Hercules entering their campsite.

"Good morning ladies," Hercules said to them.

"Hi Herc," Xena replied.

"Morning," said Gabrielle.

They offered Hercules some breakfast and they all quickly ate. Both ladies
looked at each other, then at Hercules and smiled. Xena decided she should
try to get the ball rolling. She walked over to Gabrielle, and slid her
bustier downward revealing her glorious breasts. Xena began sucking on
Gabrielle's beautiful pink nipples as Hercules sat and watched. Xena slid
Gabrielle's bustier completely off, and spread her tender thighs.

Hercules watched as Xena slid her tongue between the pink folds of
Gabrielle's hot wet pussy. Xena licked Gabrielle's hot pussy hungrily almost
forgetting about their guest. Suddenly she felt a pair of strong hands on
her shoulders. Hercules began sliding Xena's bustier downward. He quickly
slid it off of her. Hercules buried his face between Xena's firm buttcheeks
and began licking her wet slit. Xena continued eating Gabrielle as Hercules
focused on her swollen clit. Hercules removed his clothing and both ladies
gasped as they saw his very long, thick erect cock.

He was hung like a horse. They both eyeballed the almost foot long monster
as it bounced freely. Xena grabbed the large cock by the thick pulsating
shaft and took the incredibly large head into her hot mouth. Gabrielle began
licking Hercules big hairy balls. Xena's mouth hurt as she opened it as wide
a possible, to accept the wonderful gift between Hercules' legs. Xena began
taking more and more of his giant cock into her hot wet mouth. Gabrielle ran
her wet tongue up and down the base of the huge shaft.

Xena deperately tried to swallow Hercules' huge cock, but it just wasn't
possible. She sucked as much as she could. Hercules' obviously enjoyed this,
as she began to taste his incredible precum as it oozed from the humongous
tip. Gabrielle stood above his head and lowered her golden pubed pussy
towards his mouth. Hercules thrust his wet tongue deep inside of Gabrielle's
moist tasty pussy. Gabrielle gyrated her hips grinding her wet pussy against
Hercules' mouth. Hercules sucked on Gabrielle's pink swollen clit, causing
her to tremble.

Gabrielle came furiously, her hot juices flowed freely into his mouth. She
filled his mouth with her tasty cunt fluids. Xena began rubbing her hairy
wet slit up and down the huge swollen cock head, and she lowered herself
onto him. She moaned as Hercules' big cock entered her. She began sliding up
and down on his massive erection. Hercules' continued to eat Gabrielle's
wonderful pussy, as Xena finally had his entire cock inside of her tight hot
pussy. Xena came as Hercules' monster cock pulsated inside of her. As she
came her pussy muscles squeezed him even tighter.

Hercules hungrily sucked on Gabrielle's juicy pussy as he felt his balls
tighten. He grunted as his cum erupted inside of Xena. Xena's pussy squeezed
him even harder milking his hot jism from that gorgeous cock. His first shot
splashed inside of Xena, completely filling her little pussy with his cum.
Xena moaned and the feeling of Hercules' warm man juice inside of her pussy
made her cum again. Hercules continued shooting off inside of Xena. His cum
poured from her pussy.

Xena dismounted his huge cock and took it into her hot mouth. She devoured
all of the cum that still dribbled from the large head. His cock remained
rock hard and Xena told him to fuck Gabrielle with his wonderful cock.
Gabrielle knelt on the ground doggy style. Xena grabbed his large cock by
the base and guided his throbbing cock head into Gabrielles pussy. Gabrielle
yelped as Hercules entered her. His large cock tore through her virgin

Gabrielle hurt so bad, but also felt so good. She had never had anything
bigger than a finger inside of her pretty pussy before. She tried to relax
and accept his monstrous erection inside of her. Hercules thrust furiously
and buried his large cock deeply inside of her. Gabrielle thrust against
him. She felt a powerful orgasm building. As he continued to fuck her hot
blonde pussy, she exploded waves of pleasure spread throughout Gabrielle's
young body. Her pussy was on fire. She could feel her juices as she exploded.

Hercules increased his thrusting speed and was fucking her very fast and
hard. He held Gabrielle's tender white butt cheeks in his large hands. He
moaned and Gabrielle could feel his large cock pulsate and throb wildly. His
cum shot into her like a cannon. He almost pushed her body forward as his
cum exploded into her tight pussy. Gabrielle screamed and began cumming.
Xena began to kiss Gabrielle as Hercules emptied his hot cum into Gabrielle's
pussy. Xena's tongue swirled inside of Gabrielle's mouth. Gabrielle sucked
Xena's hot tongue as Hercules continued shooting his fiery hot cum into her.
Gabrielle came again as Xena's tongue playfully darted around inside of her
mouth. Hercules fucked her until his cock began going soft.

All 3 lay on the ground with smiles on their faces. A little later Xena
decided Gabrielle should have her first taste of cum. They both sucked his
large limp cock back to full erection. Xena slid her hand up and down the
huge shaft as Gabrielle sucked the large head. Gabrielle's tongue licked the
swollen cockhead in circular motions. Xena pumped his big cock furiously, as
Gabrielle moved her hot mouth up and down the big head.

Hercules moaned and shot his 3rd load of the day. Gabrielle greedily accepted
the sweet white fluid as it shot into her mouth. Xena continued stroking him,
milking all of his tasty cum, making sure Gabrielle got a good mouthful.
Gabrielle hungrily swallowed all of the hot cum. They milked his large cock
until he went limp. Hercules then fell asleep. Xena and Gabrielle french
kissed, sharing his tasty cum. They then joined him for a well deserved nap.

The End


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