By Wonder Mike

Xena and Gabby were on their third day of the journey when they reached the
bridge to the home of Eros. They started to cross the bridge when they were
stopped. They were met by a giant, He must have been 10 feet tall.

"I am Eli," "The one eyed monster."

Gabby replied "But you have two eyes."

Eli lifted the Kilt he was wearing and exposed his two foot long cock. Gabby

Xena said "I don't care who you are," "We are on a mission for the Gods and
you will get out of our way."

Eli grabbed xena by the throat, she managed to flip the giant. Eli was
impressed, "You must be Xena. You will make a great conversation piece."

Xena pulled out her sword, it was yanked from her hand.

"Meet my big brother Jacob."

Jacob was at least twelve feet tall. Gabby tried to run but Eli reached out
and grabbed her leg. Xena turned to help her friend, and she was grabbed from
behind by Jacob.

Gabby was on her back and Eli ripped off her skirt. He shoved his cock into
her pussy, Gabby tried to keep her legs closed, but it was no use. Eli buried
his cock into her and now it was stuck. Xena and Gabrielle both screamed "No"
at the same time. Jacob had lifted his kilt and exposed his two and a half
inch cock. He buried it into Xena from behind. Xena tried to pull away but he
was too strong. He slammed Xena back and forth on his giant member.

Gabrielle was getting excited by watching her best friend impaled on that
giant cock. Eli was being careful with Gabby, but she began to pump her legs
up. That was all Eli needed, He rammed his cock all the way into her.

He then rolled her over so she could ride him. Gabby was wiggling slowly up
and down until Eli grabbed her hips and rammed her as hard as he could. Gabby
was a blur slamming up and down on the giant.

Jacob laid back pulling Xena on top of him. Xena tried to stand up but Jacob
grabbed her by the hips and began slamming her on his cock too.

They were side by side with Gabby facing Eli, and Xena facing away from
Jacob. The brothers were having a contest to see who could fuck the hardest.
It had been a long time since they found a girl who could handle them, now
they had found two.

The girls were on the verge of unconsciousness when the brothers came at the
same time into their cunts. The giants pulled out of the girls rolled over
and fell to sleep. Xena thought "That's why I hate men."

The girls staggered up and continued their journey. Xena was pissed. She
decided to go back and teach those brothers a lesson they would never forget.
She had never been raped before and she wouldn't stand for it. Gabrielle has
been having the time of her life, of course she couldn't tell Zena that. She
just reminded her of the mission. The world had lost fire and they had to get
it back.

They arrived at the castle of Eros. Zena knocked on the gate and felt a
tingle between her legs. She looked at Gabby and she wanted her. She turned
and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She then stuck her tongue in her mouth.
Gabrielle didn't know what was going on, she had always had sexual thoughts
of Zena but never acted on them, it was just weird. Xena pushed her to the
ground and stuck her head under Gabby's skirt.

She began to lick her cunt with a ferocity that Gabby had never seen. Her
eyes rolled back into her head, she was cumming already. Xena spread
Gabrielle's legs as far apart as she could, then she rammed her fist into
Gabby's cunt. Her hand was moving like a piston as she was almost punching
her best friends cunt.

Gabby was now screaming in ecstasy, she knew Xena was out of control. Xena
added he second fist into Gabby's pussy. She locked hands and shoved them to
the wrist inside of Gabrielle.

Gabby was begging her to stop so Xena spun around and sat on Gabby's face.
She screamed "Lick me." Gabrielle had no choice. She stuck her tongue inside
of Xena and began licking for her life. Gabby could barely breathe but the
harder she licked Xena would wiggle her ass and it would allow her to get a

Xena pulled out her sword and stuck the end of it into Gabby's pussy. Gabby
was now wiggling her tight ass humping on the sword. she had slid backwards
and was leaning against the castle gate.

Gabrielle reached down and shoved her own fist into her pussy next to the
sword. Xena rammed four fingers into Gabby's ass. Gabrielle had her ass in
the air trying to force herself further down on the sword and fingers.

The girls fell through the castle gate, but it didn't stop them. They were
horny and nothing would stop them until they found release.

Gabrielle exploded in an earth shattering orgasm. She then pushed Xena on her
back and shoved but fist into Xena's pussy. Xena grabbed her arms and began
to shove them in and out of her cunt. She lifted her feet and started to kick
up so she could force the arms further into her. In her deranged state, she
still knew this was her ultimate fantasy.

She had a screaming climax and released Gabrielle's arms. Gabby pulled out
and looked around. They had made it inside the castle.

They began to search for Eros when they heard a high pitched voice. They
turned and saw seven little men.

The men were each under 4 feet tall, Xena laughed when she saw them. They
were standing defiantly with there hands on their hip.

"You were not invited her and you will leave."

Gabby tried to reason with them, she explained there was evil afoot and they
had to stop it.

Xena tried a different tact. She grabbed the nearest dwarf and tossed him
toward the wall.

He did an amazing flip and landed on his feet. Two of the Dwarf's grabbed
Xena's legs and pulled her to the ground. Another two grabbed her arms and
pinned them. They had her spread eagle on the ground.

Gabby ran over to help, but the other three grabbed her and tossed her to the

They carried Xena to a table and tied her down. They tied her spread eagle
with one arm and leg each tied to a table leg, Xena was completely helpless.

The seven little guys grabbed Gabby and stripped her naked. They dropped
their pants and exposed ten inch cocks. Our heroines were in trouble now.



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