By Wonder Mike

Xena was strapped to a table, the 7 little guys tied Gabby's wrist and hung
her from the ceiling. It was time for some fun.

Three of the Dwarfs started to finger Gabrielle. They each inserted to
fingers into the blonde. The other four did the same to Xena.

The dwarfs on Gabby started to lick her. One on each breast, and the last one
buried his tongue in her cunt.

All four of the dwarfs on Xena began to lick at her pussy. They were pushing
and shoving for space. Xena let out a blood curdling scream in ecstasy.

Gabrielle's dwarfs grabbed a staff. It was four feet long and eight inches
across. A dwarf grabbed each of Gabby's legs and spread them apart. The
juices were dripping down her leg. The third dwarf positioned the pole
underneath Gabby and shoved it up. He rammed a foot and a half of the pole
inside of her. Gabby was trying to twist and turn, but they had a good grip
on her legs and her hands were tied.

Gabby's twisting just made the pole slide another foot inside of her. She was
know completely full, and loving it.

The first dwarf on Xena shoved his arm inside of her. The second one soon
added her arm into her pussy. The third Dwarf then shaved his arm into Xena
ass. Xena was trembling, but she was trying to slide along the table to get
the arms deeper.

The last dwarf shoved his cock into Xena's mouth. She eagerly began to suck
for all she was worth.

Xena and Gabrielle had never been so horny and they didn't know why.

The dwarfs untied the girls and they both immediately dropped to their knees.
The dwarfs pulled out their cocks and were being sucked off. Gabby shoved two
cocks into her mouth and tried to deep throat them both, it was impossible
though. Her third dwarf laid underneath her and began to lick her pussy.

Xena had been able to deep throat two cocks at once and she had two of them
buried down her throat. She was sitting on another of the dwarfs, The last
dwarf came up behind her and slammed his dick into her ass.

Gabrielle saw Xena riding the cocks and had to try that. Her third dwarf laid
down and Gabby jumped on his dick. The other two grabbed her arms and slammed
her up and down while they whistled a happy tune.

A dwarf pulled his cock out of Xena's mouth and added his cock into Xena's
ass. She now had two in her ass One in her pussy and she was deep throating

Gabrielle would not be out done. Her second dwarf walked around her and added
his cock to her pussy, she now had two in her pussy and was deep throating
one. The dwarf she was sucking ran around behind Gabby and slowly slid his
cock into her pussy also. He then reached down and stuck three fingers into
her ass.

All seven of the dwarfs were ready to cum. They had the girls lay side by
side, then they all turned their backs. They had a large jar and they one by
one shot their load into the jar until it was almost full. They poured it
into Xena's mouth. She then stood up and spit it into Gabby's mouth, they
then kissed smearing it all over their faces.

Gabby and Xena were still horny, they still didn't know why, they looked to
the dwarfs for more but they ran for it. They knew what the girls needed,
They started to whistle a different tune.

Xena was the first to hear the roar, she had never heard anything like it
before and didn't know what to expect. She was ready for anything.

Gabrielle on the other hand was completely out of it, she needed to be fucked
hard now. She had forgotten why they were there, Xena, remembered though, she
reminded her friend that Zeus had taken fire from the mortals and they were
here to get it back. Gabby didn't care.

The thing that let out the roar appeared, it was a huge dragon. It had to be
at least twenty feet tall. Xena drew her sword, the dragon just blew on her.
The force of his breath knocked xena across the room. The beast was on her in
a flash. She dropped her sword and the dragon squeezed her ribs.

Gabby ran to help her friend, the dragon grabbed her too. It squeezed both of
the girls until they passed out.

The girls awoke alone in a locked room. They each were topless but they still
had their skirts on. They had no idea how long they had been out but they
were rested and they were as horny as ever. Gabrielle started to fondle
Xena's breast, Xena weakly pushed her away, she wanted her friend but now was
not the time. She resisted for about a minute, then she pushed Gabby down on
her back and stuck her tongue into her pussy. She then slid around and sat on
Gabby's face.

They had about 5 minutes of pleasure when the dragon entered the room.

"I see that you two are well rested, that is good for what I have planned
for you delectable morsels.



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