By Wonder Mike

The Dragon was the guardian of the castle of Eros, he enjoyed his work very
much, Gabrielle and Xena were the first two visitors that had made it past
the dwarfs. He was very impressed.

Gabby was dripping wet, and she didn't think anything about it, she wanted
Xena between her legs and had already forgotten about the dragon.

Xena remembered what happened the last time she charged the dragon, so she
charged again. The dragon reached down with one hand and grabbed her around
the waist. He ripped off her skirt with the other hand. Xena was flailing
about completely naked,

The dragon looked at his prisoner and his cock began to grow. And grow and
grow, it had to be three feet long and as thick as Xena's leg. Her eyes grew
and then glazed over.

The dragon held Xena over her head and then slammed her all the way down on
his member, this had killed every human female he had done this to.

Xena was impaled on his huge cock, she had taken most of it until it just
wouldn't go any further. The dragon gave another shove, but it was as far as
she would go. He pulled her back, all the way off, then he slammed her down
on it again.

Xena let out a war cry, she was spread wide open. The dragon was now slamming
xena up and down on his giant cock.

Gabby watched in amazement, she was on her back with her legs up in the air.
She had jammed four fingers into her hot box and was working them as hard and
fast as she could.

Xena passed out and the dragon was still slamming her up and down on his
cock. He cried out "Is there nobody who can handle my cock?"

Gabby was ready to try, this was her chance to become more than a side kick,
she would be the hero.

She exclaimed "I can handle it."

The dragon let go of Xena, and she slowly slid down his cock. Gabrielle ran
over to catch her limp friend.

Xena landed with a thud, and they both collapsed in a heap. The dragon
scooped her up, and held her over his head.

Gabby waited for the fucking to began but the dragon just held her and looked
at her. He thought there was no way this petite girl could handle him.

Gabby begged "Please give it to me."

The dragon then slammed her down on his cock. She made it a couple of inches
from the base. The dragon pulled her back to the tip of his cock and then he
slammed her down again. This time there was success, she made it all the way

The dragon held her there to enjoy the first time sensation. He then pulled
her back and began slamming her up and down.

Gabrielle was almost a blur being slammed up and down on the monster cock.
She was having the time of her life. An orgasm on every stroke.

She was fighting to stay conscious. This was her big chance to become a hero.
The dragon was fucking her harder and harder until he laid on his back.

Gabby straddle him on her toes, her feet could barely reach the ground. It
wouldn't matter. The dragon lifted her up and slammed her all the way down on
his cock.

Gabrielle pulled her knees up and let the dragon ram her up and down. She was
determined to outlast him.

The dragon fuck her senseless like that for 20 minutes then he shot a giant
load into her cunt. The force of his cum shot Gabby two feet into the air.
She was completely satisfied.

The dragon collapsed, exhausted, Gabby couldn't close her legs but she
managed to revive Xena.

Xena picked up her friend and carried her into the basement. They had to find
a hiding place. They were in no shape to face anybody, they were both barely
conscious and exhausted.

They found a small closet in the basement and laid down to rest. They both
fell asleep for 12 hours.

When they awoke, they were refreshed and horny again, Gabby pulled on Xena's
skirt, she wanted her Xena remembered the mission.

They snuck back into the castle, there was nobody there. They went on a room
by room search and found nobody.

Xena heard a sound behind them, they were being followed, She turned and saw
him, standing proud with a cocky grin. It had to be Eros.

Eros looked and laughed at the two intruders. Xena drew her sword and
charged. Eros just laughed and held up his hand. Xena stopped in her tracks.
Gabby grabbed Xena's sword, Eros spoke.

"If you battle me and win, You will never find fire,"

"If you battle me and lose, fire will be mine for all eternity."

"I have a sporting idea."

"The two of you together have managed to defeat my minions I want to see how
you do on your own."

"One of you will run the gauntlet alone."

Xena stood up she was ready, Gabrielle had other ideas, this was her chance
to be the hero, besides Xena could not stand up to them before.

The dwarfs were ready to go first, they took a step forward and Xena rushed
to meet them, she would behead them all with one stroke. She grabbed her
sword and then darkness.

Gabrielle would not let Xena steal her thunder again, besides she was horny
The seven little guys made their move, Gabby grabbed the first one and kissed
him on the lips, The rest grabbed her from behind and pulled her backwards.

They spread her legs a far apart as they would go and two of them buried
their tongues inside of her pussy, Gabby was loving it. Two of the Dwarfs
began to suck on her pert tits. Gabrielle could feel an orgasm coming
already, this was not good. She reached over and began to suck on two of the
ten inch cocks. She went from one to the other.

One of the dwarfs buried his cock into her pussy, it felt nice. He then
rolled her onto her hands and knees and took her from behind. He pounded her
pussy then another one took his place.

This one laid on his back, Gabby sat on his cock bent over and they locked
lips as she rode him.

Being bent over like that gave another dwarf perfect access to her ass, he
mounted her and slammed his cock into it.

Two of the dwarfs slammed their cocks into her mouth and she tried to deep
throat them. She was having her first orgasm.

This wouldn't to. She knew she had much more to do.

She finally managed to swallow both of the cocks. They shot their loads deep
down her throat. Two more took their places.

The two dwarfs that were fucking her shot their loads inside of her. She
hoped she didn't get pregnant, she remembered what a disaster that was last
time it happened.

She slid over and plopped her cunt down on another dwarf, Eros wasn't happy
that two of his men were down so fast. He shouted out directions.

Another dwarf added his cock into her pussy, she was being stretched good
now. She had to fight off the orgasm.

She managed to suck off the two in front of her. She then began to bounce as
hard as she could on the two cocks in her pussy.

The last dwarf slid his cock into her mouth, she was easily able to deep
throat him. She gave him the hardest sucking he had ever had and he quickly
shot his load down her throat. Two left.

The two in her pussy started to pump furiously, they would give her the
fucking of a lifetime. They knew it was not their job to finish her, they
were just the warm up.

They pulled out of her pussy and both shoved their cocks into her mouth, she
managed to suck them both off, the shot their loads all over her face. She
had finished them.

She stood proudly and faced Eros, he just laughed and called next. It was
Eli And Jacob.



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