By Wonder Mike

Gabrielle was tired, the giant twins Eli and Jacob were ready to go. Their
15 inch cocks were fully erect.

Gabby bent over and Jacob entered her from behind. Eli stuck his cock in her
mouth. Gabby began sucking it for all she was worth, she knew the only way
she could win was to suck them both off before they completely wore her out.

Xena regained consciousness she jumped up are tried to go help her friend but
she was restrained by the dragon. He was waiting his turn at Gabby, he didn't
think he would get one.

Jacob fell back and had Gabby ride him, he grabbed her around the waist and
lifted her up and down. Eli stood up and stuck his cock in her mouth again.

He laid her on her back and then slid his cock into her pussy along side of
Jacob. Gabby would not be able to handle much of this, she was screaming at
the top of her lungs.

Hera was watching this. She did no approve of Zeus interfering in the lives
of mortals but she couldn't do anything about it. She knew Gabby would lose
the battle, and fire would be lost to the humans forever.

Hera began searching the land for a warrior who could help xena and Gabby,
She searched the world but Hercules had gone back to Olympus and there was
no one else who could help. She began to search through time. Somewhere there
had to be warriors who could battle the demons.

She found evil through out time, until she got to the year 2001, it was a
time when all demons and forces of evil had been defeated.

Evil was banished by three girls with supernatural powers. Hera recognized
all the powers, one was a powerful witch, who must have been good, the others
had the timeless power, but there was only supposed to be one.

Jacob was pushing up on Gabrielle as Eli was pushing down, Gabby was slipping
in and out of consciousness under the force of the pounding, it was only
shear will and determination that kept her going.

Jacob finally pulled out of her pussy and slid his huge cock into her ass. It
was no relief for Gabby.

Xena began to struggle anew. The seven little guys walked over to her and
began to finger her pussy. They each stuck one inside of her while the dragon
was holding her, she soon forgot about her friend.

Hera summoned her three warriors from the future. She explained to them what
was happening, one of them, the witch could sense something was wrong, or
missing, but she could not put her finger on it.

The brothers pulled out of Gabby after 30 minutes. She could not stand. She
dropped to her knees and Eli and Jacob both shoved their cocks into her

With her last bit of strength, Gabrielle began to suck off the twin giants.
It didn't take them long to both shot their loads all over the face of the
pretty blonde.

Gabrielle collapsed in a sticky mess. She was struggling to get back to her
knees. The dragon handed Xena to the dwarfs and approached Gabrielle.

The dwarfs spread Xena out in a crucifix and then took turns slamming their
cocks into her pussy, Xena had forgotten all about the missing fire and her
friends, all she cared about was getting pleasured. She saw the skeletons of
the other females that had made it to the castle, but that didn't matter to
her either.

The Dragon picked up Gabby over his head, then he slammed her down on his
three foot long cock. She completely took it all on the first strike, but
gabby had no idea, she was already defeated. The dragon didn't care. He just
kept slamming Gabby up and down on his monster cock. That was his job, and he
was good at it. Gabby passed out.

Hera transported the three warriors into the castle they landed right at the
feet of the dragon. They had seen many weird things during their battles, but
this was something different, Two 12 feet tall twins, a twenty foot dragon
and seven little guys. They all had erections, and even the dwarves erections
were bigger than any the three had ever seen. Hera didn't prepare them for

The Dragon dropped Gabrielle and looked at the three, one blonde, one
brunette and one red head, they were all pretty and it was a nice variety,
just the way he like it.

The blonde leapt to the attack, she was getting horny but she remembered the
mission. The Dragon caught her in mid leap. The brunette started the attack
but she was grabbed from behind by Eli and Jacob. The redhead just stood
there. She was shaking and scared. She would be the first Eros thought. He
didn't know who they were or how they got there but he was happy, it must
have been another present from Zeus for the great job he was doing. He was
now officially his favorite. Not Hercules or Aries. He would enjoy the new
girls himself.



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