This story is fictional and shouldn't be taken as real or anything similar
to the real actors or actresses in the story's sexual practices. Or their
characters, remember its only fantasy and if your under 18 dont read this,
you've been warned.

Young And The Restless: Britney's Revenge (f/f,bond,voy,pedo)
by Mia Is The Bomb ([email protected])

Britney Hodges, a sexy, but very stuck up girl wanted to get back at her
biggest enemy Mackenzie Browning. Britney has sexy brownish-blonde hair a
petite figure and a covergirl face. Mackenzie is the sweet innocent girl
with long brown hair flowing to the middle of her back that stold Britney's
boyfriend, in Britney's opinon at least. What really happened was Billy
caught Britney in a lie thanks to Mackenzie exposing her for the lie.

Because of this Britney had a plan, despite her seeming to be the rich
princess stereotype, no one know she was into kinky bondage. Deep down she
wouldn't admit it but she had lesbian fantasies of dominating Mackenzie. Not
to mention she was always one who enjoyed humiliating others. Britney grapped
her bag of many toys, and got her revenge plan in motion.

First she called Mackenzie and told her that instead of everyone going to the
"Glow by Jabot" poolhouse at 10 they were supposed to be there at 8. (Jabot
is a cosmetics company, the "Glow by Jabot" poolhouse is where 6 teenagers
hang out during the summer to swim, barbeque, play games etc. All of their
activities are broadcast on the internet). Britney convinced Mac to be there

Mackenzie showed up there and was surprised to see that she was the only one
there, I mean sure she was 10 minutes early but still usually everyone else
would be a little early too. "Oh well" she thought, she decided to go inside
the poolhouse as opposed to waiting by the pool. Mackenzie was in a green
bikini top with black stripes and a dark red pair of cut off sweat pants that
were now very short shorts. So short she almost felt naughty wearing them the
way they hugged her ass and showed all of her curves, but Billy loved them
and that was her motivation. After all its not like she was slutty like
Britney was, wearing her thong bikini and flaunting her ass to everyone there
and to people on the web of course.

Britney showed up then, wearing a blue bikini top a blue wrap around her
waist, you could see through it enough to see that she was wearing a thong
bottom. She walked in with her bag of toys in hand. Walking behind Mac,
Britney pulls out a pair of handcuffs and before Mackenzie knew it Britney
had grapped her wrists and cuffed her from behind. "Hello sweet Mackenzie,
you ready to party!!!???"

"Britney what the hell are yo..." Mac soon couldnt speak as Britney shoved a
red ball gag in her mouth and tied the leather strap in the back.

Britney pushed Mac down on the couch, she immedietly yanked at her shorts
they came off easily. Britney was pleasantly surprised to see that Mac wasn't
so innocent, she wasnt wearing bikini bottoms or panties for that matter
under her shorts. Britney was looking at Mac's hairy brown mound. "Oh you are
naughty Mackenzie no panties at all well I'm gonna enjoy this you little

Britney found a hook over a doorway in the poolhouse and grabbed Mackenzie
kicking and screaming, to the hook and hung her up there by the cuffs.
Britney then undressed herself, pulling down her thong bottom and her bikini
top. She untied Mac's top exposing her pale small breasts with pink nipples
and tanlines. Mac couldn't help but stare at Britneys body. Forget how much
of a bitch Britney is, her body is so gorgeous Mac feels overwhelmed with
thoughts of lesbian sex with Britney.

Britney then pulls out a see-through top with black leather straps and puts
it on, then she puts on a black pair of crotchless panties. She finishes off
the outfit with knee-high black stiletto high-heeled boots. Then she takes
out a small whip and brushes it across Mac's body, against her back, her ass,
between her breasts, her crotch. "Ok Mackenzie time to pay for stealing Billy
from me!!" She starts whipping her from behind, on her back.


Mac screams through the gag as shes in pain from the red welts on her back,
shes in tears but her pussy is getting turned on at the same time. "Oh God
whats wrong with me this is abuse its humiliating, its degrading but its
turning me on, whats wrong with me?" she thinks to herself.

Finally Britney stops as Mac's back is burning red with pain. Britney now
starts to claw her nails into Mac's ass, she sees the wetness in her pussy
too. "Mmmmmmmm you liked that didnt you ya little whore?"

Britney then gets out a big black dildo and gets in front of Mackenzie and
Britney starts to fuck herself with it. Mac is so hot she wants to cum, but
she can't even tell Britney this, not like it would make a difference if she
did, Britney wanted her to get hot, then just leave her all built up.

Britney orgasms with the dildo inside her, then teases Mac as she licks it
clean. Britney then moves to Mac's breasts gently kissing them at first then
biting them roughly as she slapped her new prisoner on the ass hard.

Collen, Billy's nephew was staying in the mansion by the poolhouse visiting
from New York. She decided to go down to the pool, maybe even do a little
skinny-dip if no one was around. Collen is a very cute 14 year old with brown
hair shoulder length. She's wearing a light blue-green t-shirt and tight
white shorts. She gets to the pool and hears a faint voice. That normally
might not seem like a big deal with so many people staying at the Mansion.
However the words she heard got her attention, she recognized Britney's voice
saying "Like that you little bitch?" She had talked to Britney a couple of
times and she seemed to be really sweet (which only proves she didn't really

She walks over to the poolhouse and looks in a window where the shutters are
open. There she beholds Britney dressed like a dominatrix sexually torturing
a naked Mackenzie! Shes shocked to say the least, but not knowing what to do
she watches as Britney roughly pinches Mac's nipples. Mac trys to scream but
her sounds are muffled under the gag.

Then Britney grinds the whip against Mackenzies pussy, getting her hotter and
hotter. Then when she's on the brink of an orgasm Britney pulls away and
laughs at her "You stupid cunt, did you think I was here to give you
pleasure? Your so fucking stupid!!! I just love seeing you in agony!" Britney
licked the whip sensuously tasting a little bit of Macs juices.

Collen liked what she saw, she had had a lesbian encounter before at a party,
playing truth or dare one night after a whole lot of alcohol at a friends
house. She was dared to go down on her best friend Sara, she did and her best
friend liked it so much she later sought Collen out after everyone was asleep
to return the favor. She never told anyone about it figuring her parents
would freak for sure.

She started to slide a hand down her shorts and under her panties as she
watched Britney dominate Mac. Then Britney disappeared from view. "Hmm where
did she go?"

Then suddenly she heard a voice, "you bad little girl!"

She turned quickly to see Britney behind her.

"Come here Collen!" Britney said with a evil smile.

She walked over to her nervous about what was gonna happen.

"You're a bad little girl for spying, I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson"
Britney sits down in a chair. "Bend over in my lap Collen."

Collen hesitated not knowing if she was serious.

"Now you little perverted slut!!!!!!!!"

Collen quickly realized how serious she was and did as she was told, Britney
pulled down Collens shorts to find white silky panties with little red and
purple hearts on them. Britney started spanking Collen on her little
panty-covered ass as she let her other hand slid under her shirt to Collen's
bra, Collen almost creamed her panties there and then when Britney unhooked
her bra, and slapped her ass. Her hands went under Collen's bra and felt her
small A-cup breasts.

Collen was afraid to moan too much remembering Mackenzie's gag and that she
might get gagged too. So she held back as much as she could biting her bottom
lip as she was spanked more than she ever had been before, even as a young
girl. Britney then pulled down her cute panties and started to play with her
young clit, even slapping her pussy causing Collen to squirm, Britney's
finger slowly found their way inside of Collen's virgin cunt, Britney teased
her to every extent acting like she was gonna finger-fuck her hard, then
pulling out before she got too excited. "Please Britney please fuck me"
Collen begged softly.

"I'm afraid you have to earn that," Britney stood her up and Britney spread
her legs. "Get naked and eat my pussy Collen, and if your a good little girl
ill make you cum!"

Immedietly Collen got undressed completely and kneeled in front of her
dominatrix and licked her inner thighs then worked her tongue up to her pussy
shaved bald of any pubic hair.

Britney moaned as this little 14 year old gave her the licking of a lifetime
"ohhh your so good Collen ohh mmmmmm that feeels so good ohh dont stop don't
you dare fucking stop!!!!" Britney dug her heels into the young girls back as
her oral techniques had Britney turning submissive, begging for this young
girls tongue inside her.

It was apparent young Collen knew what she was doing, and it only took a
matter of minutes til Britney orgasmed all over her face. After that Britney
grapped a dildo from her bag in the poolhouse, she made sure Mackenzie was
still there an haden't escaped. She was there struggling in her cuffs but
with no luck.

Britney came back and took her strap-on dildo, she slid into the harness and
told Collen "ok little girl get on all fours, your about to lose your cherry
to my plastic cock!" Britney slid into Collen's tight pussy from behind,
Collen rubbed her clit as the 8 inch cock slowly slid inside her tiny pussy.

"Ohh that feels good oh yeah.......ooooooo.......mmmmm!"

Britney picks up speed and pinchs and squeezes Collen's young tits with her
hands. Britney starts french kissing the young girl, as Britney uses her cock
like a guy would. Finally Collens hymen bursts, she loses her virginity to
the plastic cock. Britney turned her around and had her lick her own cum off
the cock "That's it clean it off you 14 year old slut!!"

After that Britney decided to make sure Collen didn't get some compassion
to free Mac, so she cuffed her and cuffed her ankles too, leaving her naked
she gagged her with her own silky hearts panties. After she had Collen
handcuffed, she took her over by the house, but hidden so she wasn't in plain
site, after all it wasnt Collen she was here to humiliate.

Britney went back to Mac she grapped a 10 inch dildo and fastened it she got
Mac and fucked her doggystyle. In and out in and out, Mac's horny pussy
grabbing the cock like a vice. Britney got Mac a little hot, then pulled away
before she could cum, she got Mackenzie to sit on her and started to force
her to ride the cock faster and faster.

Mac thought Britney was getting some compassion, as this time she got to
orgasm. Mackenzie wasn't done there either. Britney then put her on all fours
and fucked her in her ass doggystyle "You like this don't you you little

She fucked her virgin ass harder and harder, deeper and deeper til she buried
the plastic cock inside her. After countless orgasms by Mac, Britney forced
Mackenzie to eat her pussy til she cums. Mac trys her best, and if she dared
to slow up while eating her, she got a whip to her back.

The automatic feed to the website had a timer at 7:55. Britney gets Mac
ready, and the camera comes on automatically for the website. The first thing
we see is Mackenzie Browning handcuffed on a table, her hands behind her
back,and in her mouth was a dildo gag, held by some thick tape. Her body is
bruised and battered, mostly on her ass and her breasts. Her hands and feet
were both cuffed behind her.

What got everyone's attention though was that her pussy was stuffed filled
with two, thats right TWO vibrators. It had her cunt stretched out in
unbelievable pain. She had another dildo rammed up her ass. Her nipples were
pierced with golden loop rings, they were pulled upward with rope connected
to the ceiling. Mackenzie is in sexual agony.

Her boyfriend Billy showed up after 20 minutes of her being displayed in this
horrible way, for all the web to see. The website had everyone logging on
there. "Jabot" liked that many people were going online to their site, but
they also got threats from religous groups and angry parents for displaying
this type of material.

Britney saw all of this at home on her computer in her room. She smiled
looking at the chat room full of angry people at the Jabot website. Some of
them even calling Mac names like a sick whore, a slut, a discusting bitch,
for displaying herself in such a manner (they were all assuming she did it on

Britney wearing just her bra, with her shorts and panties pulled down to her
ankles smiled looking at Mac in those pics. All the while her new love toy,
young Collen was on her knees eating Britney's pussy. Collen was rubbing her
own cunt too sliding a finger in and out of her young pussy with just a
little bit of brown pubic hair. Her small breasts hanging down, as she
continued tongue fucking her new older girlfriend. Britney gently carressed
her nipples through her bra as she leaned back in her chair smiling an evil
smile, she had her revenge and then some.


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