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Young And The Restless: Changing Partners Part 1 (M/F,m/f,ff,inter)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Billy Abbott was a 17 year old young man, who had just broken up with the
love of his life Mackenzie. While they loved each other deeply, Billy had
tried to tell Mac that they should express their love by making love.
Mackenzie was not ready though, years ago her stepfather try to make her
have sex with him, and she had been afraid of having sex ever since. Now
that they were broken up Billy had moved onto another girl named Danielle.
Danielle was a sexy brunette with big breasts. Danielle had a reputation as
a girl who was a bit on the slutty side. On this day she was wearing a
black blouse and a long black skirt with black buckle shoes. Her dark hair
was down past her shoulders, and she smelled sweet of perfume as Billy
noticed meeting her in the hallway at school. The two kissed.

"Hey baby, we still on for some fun back at the poolhouse at your place?"
Danielle asked.

"Oh, uh... yeah, sure, sounds great." Smiled Billy.

The two left, and as they did, Mackenzie came out from behind the corner.
She had heard the whole conversation and she couldn't help but let a tear
fall from her eye. She had missed Billy badly since their break up, and now
it was apparent that Billy had moved on to a girl that could give him the
one thing she was afraid to. "God why couldn't I ever give in to him, I miss
him so badly," she thought. Unknown to her though someone else was admiring
her. Billy's niece 14 year old Colleen. She was a picture of innocence dark
brown hair a tad darker than Mackenzie's. A great tan and a very nicely
developed body for such a young girl, even at age 14 her breasts were in a
b-cup bra. Colleen was in a plaid skirt and a tight navy blue sweater. Mac
was in a light blue low cut long sleeved shirt and tight blue jeans. Colleen
was sad to see Mac so upset about her uncle Billy.

Colleen wasn't as innocent as she looked though. Colleen had found out that
she preferred girls over guys several months ago while smoking pot with some
girlfriends. The combination of the drugs and playing spin the bottle led to
all of the girls making out. Then later they pair up and took turns at oral
sex. Colleen remembers it as the most erotic experience she had ever had.
That's why it sucked so much when her parents made her move to Genoa City.
When they realized that she smoked pot, they sent her to live with her
granddad John Abbott. Colleen looked in her purse where she found that she
still had one joint left. She followed Mac to the theater where they were
working on the school play. She admired beautiful Mackenzie from afar, "Soon
you won't be thinking about guys at all Mac, I'll see to that." She thought
to herself with a devilish smile.

* * *

Sharon Newman was a beautiful blonde woman in her late 20's her body was
nothing short of perfect, from her nice tan and her full breasts, to her
sexy ass and hourglass figure which was usually covered by a sexy outfit.
She had been having marital problems with her husband Nick lately. The two
had a major fight when Sharon lost her baby, she blamed Nick for throwing a
chair over on the floor, that chair that made her trip and lose her baby.
Sharon blamed Nick for this. He had wanted her to get a test to know that
the baby was his because an arch enemy of his (before dying in a car
accident) claimed to have had sex with Sharon after slipping her ecstasy.
Sharon disagreed with Nick, as far as she was concerned it didn't matter
who's baby it was it was still a part of her.

The two were close to each other again because they were grieving together
over the loss of a long time friend, Malcom. Malcom died in a freak accident
on a photography shoot in Kenya. Unknown to Nick though, Sharon had an
affair with Malcolm who was a black man and a photographer 6 months ago when
her and Nick's martial problems began. Sharon was mostly worried about
having the test to see if it was Nick's baby because she knew it could have
been Malcolm's. Certainly her giving birth to a black baby would have given
their affair away.

As Sharon and Nick sat in the funeral parlor, Sharon thought back to her
affair with Malcolm. The affair began one afternoon when Sharon got stood up
for dinner at "Gina's" a popular restaurant in Genoa City. Sharon was in a
short black backless dress. Her gorgeous blonde hair she wore up. Her
dangling diamond earrings and necklace accent her outfit even more. Malcolm
walked in to see the beautiful Sharon sitting alone at a table sipping wine.
The Newman's were certainly the most powerful family in Genoa City, so
Malcolm wasn't gonna totally hit on this married woman. So he thought he'd
be friendly and just say hi. "Hey there Sharon, look at you girl, you got it
going on tonight."

Sharon blushed at this sexy black man's compliment. "Oh, hi, Malcom, please
sit down my husband couldn't make it he had a meeting go past schedule, I
could use some company."

The two made light conversation for a while, after dinner Malcolm asked
Sharon if she wanted to see his new studio. Knowing her Mom was watching the
kids she figured "why not." When they got back to the studio it was pouring
raining and Malcolm put his coat over Sharon's head sheltering her from the
rain. Sharon's tight dressed was soaked and her hair that was up was wet as

Once inside Sharon let her hair down and towel dried it. Malcolm went to put
some coffee on to brew as Sharon admired his new studio. Malcolm couldn't
help but admire Sharon, she was a vision of loveliness. Her nipples pressing
against her tight dress as her tan skin glistened with water and her hair
even though it was wet, looked great now that it was down.

Malcolm made up his mind, even if it was for one night he had to have this
woman. So he leaned into Sharon, taking her totally by surprise he kissed
her deeply. Sharon feeling his tongue in her mouth and feeling very horny
herself (due to the lack of affection her husband had been giving her)
returned the kiss. Their bodies pressed together closely as they made out.

Sharon's heart was pounding, she had never been with a black man before,
and Malcolm Winters was the sexiest man in Genoa City. He had been in her
fantasies before, but now that it was really happening she wasn't about to
lose this opportunity. Sharon started unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his
muscular dark chest. He caressed Sharon's tan back as he dropped her dress
to the floor.

As he broke the kiss he looked all over body, it was better than he imagined
it, she was in just black thong panties, black stockings, and black high
heels. Her large breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed, her
excitement very obvious. Malcolm dropped his pant s revealing a large
erection sticking up from his underwear.

Sharon was in awe of this sight, she nervously walked towards him and slid
his underwear down. Sharon grabbed his massive member and began stroking it
up and down it had to be at least 12 inches long. Sharon though her husband
was well endowed at 8 inches long, but Malcolm was by far the biggest she
had ever seen. Still in her high heels Sharon squatted down in her heels and
took his black cock in her mouth. Sharon wasted no time taking her mouth up
and down his shaft as her hand squeezed his balls. Sharon could get only 7
inches in her mouth at first. She tried to get more, as she licked the
underside of his dick and she continued swallowing his black cock.

Sharon drove him crazy as her blue eyes looked right at him as she bobbed
her head back and forth on his cock. Seeing her beautiful face looking up
at him and her big tits jiggle as she sucked him off made him wanna shot his
load all over this hot blonde's face. Not to mention how she looked slutty
giving a blowjob in her high heels. He held back on his orgasm though, he
wasn't gonna be satisfied with just a blowjob, he wanted some of that
prime-ass pussy that blonde was hiding under her slutty black panties.

Malcolm pulled away and lifted Sharon up to his lap. His tongue was all over
her firm tits. Her breasts had no tanlines it was apparent that she sunbathed
topless. First he sucked a breast in his mouth and squeezed the other breast,
it was a bit too big to get all of it in his mouth be he definitely enjoyed
the attempt. Next he sucked on the pointed dark nipple, causing Sharon to
moan softly, all the while she grinded her pussy, covered by only a silky
black thong, into his cock. Sharon moaned louder and louder as he went back
and forth from one breast to another. He was licking and sucking on one
nipple while pinching the other nipple, then going over to the other breast
and repeating the same process.

Finally Malcolm lifted her off his lap and pulled down her sexy thong to
reveal a nicely trimmed blonde pussy, "Wow, a natural blonde," he thought.
He was equally impressed by her firm ass as he noticed her thin thong bikini
tanline. Grabbing her ass he pushed her down onto his cock. Causing Sharon
some pain at first, he penetrated the sexy blonde. Sharon felt her pussy
walls being stretched apart to accommodate his size. After a few thrusts into
her they developed a rhythm and Sharon was soon going up and down as she was
impaled on his long black pole. Her breasts bounced up and down as she used
his shoulders for leverage as she rode him as hard as she could, hoping that
her pussy could get all 12 inches of him inside of her.

Before long Sharon had 10 inches buried in her wet snatch and she felt as
though she couldn't take anymore. She rode him and rode him her moaning got
louder and louder as he slapped her tan ass.

As he got deeper and deeper inside her stretching her pussy apart more and
more it finally became too much and Sharon dug her nails in his shoulders as
her body spasmed and orgasmed hard all over Malcolm's cock. When her huge
orgasm ended she went limp on top of him. It was tough for him to hold back
from cumming himself but he did, he wanted to cum inside Sharon but not in
this position. He carried her to the end of a couch, he stood her up still
in her high heels and had her bend over the side of the couch. He slapped
her ass, it looked so sexy bent over in those high heels! He grabbed her
hips and once again slid his dark meat into her blonde snatch. He didn't
hold back this time, as he thrusted into her pulling almost all the way out
then ramming back into her.

Sharon found it hard to stand in her heels as she had only the end of the
couch for support as she was being fucked by the biggest cock she ever had
by far. Malcolm reached up and squeezed her big bouncing breasts again. "Oh,
Malcolm oh ohhh yess ss ohhh tha... that's so good oh yes baby ohhhh fuck me
ohhh yessss," moaned Sharon. Malcolm was now burying all 12 inches inside
Sharon cunt and the pleasure was indescribable for both of them.

Malcolm finally released his load, "Oh, Sharon, oh, here it comes oh here
it comes you sexy blonde bitch ahhhhhhh!"

He released load after load inside Sharon's pussy, making the blonde orgasm
yet again. Her knees got so weak from that orgasm that they gave out and she
slumped over the edge of the couch. The two kissed for a while after that,
pressing their naked bodies together. Sharon had some coffee that he had
brewed earlier before finally going back home.

"Sharon, you OK?"

Sharon looked and saw her husband as she was brought back to the reality of
where she was, at the funeral home. "Oh yeah I'm OK Nick, I'm just really
gonna miss him."

Nick hugged his wife, "Yeah, he was a great guy, everyone loved him."

* * *

Back at the poolhouse Danielle and Billy were making out. The two teen's
tongue's were all over each others mouths. Danielle pulled off Billy's shirt
to feel his chest. Billy pulled off Danielle's shirt to reveal a black bra
with red lacey trim. Danielle smiled seeing Billy's face locked on to her
sexy cleavage, her breasts had always been her best asset and now she had
one of the most popular guys in school putty in her hands. Danielle dropped
her skirt to the floor, Billy's mouth dropped open seeing that she was
wearing side-string black panties and black stay up stockings. Danielle gave
a devilish smile seeing Billy pitching a tent in his pants and she
immediately freed his hard cock. He was a solid 8 inches long and Danielle
wasted no time in sucking him off. She wrapped her red lips around his shaft
as Billy reach back to unhook her sexy bra. Feeling her breasts he pulled
down the bra straps and removed her big round mounds from the bra cups.

Danielle licked his dick up and down like a popsicle as Billy squeeze the
slutty brunette's big breasts in his hands. He was twisting and pulling on
her dark red nipples which she loved as evident to her loud moans as she
blew him continuously. Billy couldn't hold back from Danielle and her expert
cocksucking techniques any longer and he pulled out and came all over her

After that he ripped off her side-string panties at the sides and buried his
face in her bush finding her horny pussy. Danielle licked her own nipples on
her big breasts as Billy spread her legs wide making her do the splits as he
fingered her pussy with two fingers. All the while his tongue found her clit
and he began licking is viscously. He licked on her clit then bit on it and
even sucked hard on her love button as he was able to force three fingers
inside Danielle's pussy.

Danielle's body began to spasm and squirt her pussy juices all over Billy's
face as she rode a huge orgasm. Billy loved the taste and found the smell to
be very erotic. He was hard again so he decided he wanted to fuck her pussy
this time. With her legs still spread wide he pushed his cock inside her. He
fit in easily and started pumping all 8 inches into his new girlfriend.

Danielle was loving his fucking but she also was fighting the pain as he
rammed her into the hard wood floor. The pain in her back was soon not as
noticeable though as he picked up speed and she felt only the pleasure from
his cock drilling. Their tongues again intertwined as the pleasure they were
feeling had the two swapping spit till their sexual ride came to an end with
Billy shooting his load inside her and her cumming again after feeling his
warm cum inside her.

Even after the incredible sex they shared, Billy had Mackenzie on his mind
still, someday he would get together with her again, but for now, Danielle
was a welcome distraction.

* * *

The practice for the school play had ended at last and Colleen knew that now
was the time to make her move. She walked up to Mac, "Hey, I saw you watching
Billy and Danielle leave, I know my uncle Billy dating someone else hurts
you doesn't it?"

Mac tries to put on a good face, but its apparent that she can't, so Colleen
offers her a hug, which she gladly accepts. Tears slowly stream down Mac's
eyes as she let out all her feelings to Colleen. How she was still in love
with him how she missed him. Mac was so glad to have Colleen as a friend,
since she really needed a friend. Colleen pulled her joint out of her purse
and started lighting it up. Mac thought that Colleen had quit that stuff but
apparently not, "What are you doing Colleen?"

"I'm lighting this up for you Mac, you're upset, this will help you forget
your troubles."

"Colleen you know I don't do drugs, I never have!" snapped Mac.

"Look Mackenzie were all alone here in the theater and besides I want you to
try it cause it will make you feel better, I really care about you Mac and
this will help you, I promise?"

Mac thought Colleen was being sincere about helping her. She had never done
drugs before, but now she looked at the lit joint in Colleen's hand and
thought about it. "Well, I've never done drugs, but one time couldn't hurt."

Colleen gave Mac a drag which she naturally choked on at first, then Colleen
pushed her into taking another drag. Before long Mac was smoking the joint
as her and Colleen were both laying down on the stage and giggling together.

Colleen made her move now, she placed a hand on Mac's side right below
her breast, then gave Mac a big wet kiss. Mac was shocked but it felt
surprisingly good. So she returned the kiss letting her tongue slid
into Colleen's mouth. Soon the two were French kissing passionately and
Colleen's hands made there way up to Mac's small but firm breasts. This
gave Mac a funny feeling but she liked it, even Billy had never felt her
breasts before. Colleen broke the kiss again and began kissing on Mac's
neck. Her hands roamed under Mac's shirt and she touched her breasts only
covered by Mac's plain white bra. Mac could feel her nipples standing up
with the pleasure of Colleen's touch.

Mac and Colleen's eyes locked. Colleen knew by the look in her eyes that
Mac was into this. She was reassured as Mac lifted Colleen's sweater off
of her. Colleen's young, but surprisingly to Mac, well developed breasts
were exposing in a dark blue bra. The two girls smiled at each other as
Mac brushed Colleen's hair out of her eyes. Colleen offered to help Mac
out of her shirt, she accepted and now both girls were without their
shirts. As they kissed again with their bra's pressed together. Colleen
took it a step further and unbuttoned Mac's pants seeing the lacey
waistband of Mac's white silky panties. This made Mac real nervous but
feeling Colleen gently rub on her pussy outside of her panties got her
really excited real quick. Mac decided she should return the favor, which
would be easy with Colleen in her short skirt. Her hand nervously made
its way up her leg to under her skirt and she found that innocent little
Colleen was wearing a dark blue thong.

Mac caressed Colleen's crotch as she felt Colleen caressing her pussy more
rapidly. Colleen whispered in Mac's ear, "Would you unhook my bra for me
Mackenzie?" Colleen turned her back, and Mac unhooked her. Colleen turned
around with a sweet smile on her face and her bra off revealing her very
nice breasts.

"Those are so nice Colleen, can I touch them?"

Colleen smiled knowing that Mac was no doubt into this and she took Mac's
hands and placed them on her bare breasts. Mac gently squeezed her breasts
rubbing her fingers across the red nipples. Mac was worried about showing
her breasts, afraid that Colleen would be unimpressed. "My God she's 14
and I'm 17 and her breasts are bigger than mine!"

Collen reached back and unhooked Mac freeing her breasts which were smaller
but still very nice. "Your's are nice too Mackenzie."

"Really? Mine aren't as big as yours though." said Mac.

Colleen brought her mouth to Mac's breasts and began to tongue them. "Oh
believe me Mac yours are beautiful."

Mac caressed Colleen's head as the dark haired girl sucked on her breasts
and teasingly nibbled on her nipples. All the while Colleen was removing
Mac's pants and this time her hand went under Mac's panties and she was
sliding a finger up Mac's tight tight pussy. "Ohh Colleen oh yeah oh that
feels s good ohh Co....oh Colleen please don't stop!"

Colleen didn't stop she increased speed and licked and sucked even slobbered
all over Mac's chest as she fingered Mac like a madwoman. It didn't take
Mac much longer to have her first orgasm all over Colleen's finger. Colleen
looked her straight in the eye and licked up her juice from her finger.
"Mmmm your tasty Mackenzie!"

Colleen stood up unzipped her skirt and dropped it then came her thong.
"Would you do something for me Mackenzie?"

"Anything for you!" She responded.

"I want you to lick my pussy." Colleen opened her legs slightly and motioned
for Mac to go to her.

Mac was eager to return pleasure to Colleen, and placed her hands on
Colleen's hips and stuck her tongue in Colleen's waiting cunt. Colleen
gyrated her hips as she let the older teen dart her tongue in her young
pussy. Mac was eating her out like a pro, maybe she was just a natural
or she had always dreamed of this, either way as far as Colleen was
concerned Mac didn't eat pussy like a virgin!

In a matter of minutes Colleen was coming all over her new girlfriend's
face. Mac surprisingly liked the taste and licked it all up it was hardly
salty at all more spicy than anything. Colleen got back on top of Mac and
they started kissing again. This time they pressed their bare breasts
together. They each felt their hard nipples pressing against the other
girls. Their bare pussies also pressed together as they both pumped into
each other getting more hot by the second. Colleen tongued Mac's ear as
she seductively would bite on it. Then they went back to French kissing
again as their young naked bodies grinded together liked two bitches in

Then at last the two came at practically the same time all over each other.

"Oh Mack..... ohhh fuck yesss I'm cummimming oh God!"

"Colleen ohh your gonna make me cum again ohhhhh fuck yes!!!"

The two felt the heat of each others orgasm between their legs as they both
rode the high until it ended. When they recovered from their orgasms the
two laid there kissing softly. After a short silence Mac said, "I love you

Colleen gave her a kiss and responded, "I love you too Mackenzie."

"Now what guy was I so upset about?" giggled Mac.

"Gee I don't remember, Mac. Guys, who needs them?"

"We don't," smiled Mac.

The two again kissed and hugged each other tight, Colleen wasn't gonna let
her uncle get back with Mac now, not if she had her way!


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