This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. Obviously this never
happen on daytime TV. It is fantasy only, and not to be read by anyone under
18. With that said on to the story. Story contains MF, Mf, FF, cons, inc,
oral, drugs, alcohol, cheating.

Young And The Restless: Cheating Spouses
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Summer was definitely on the way in Genoa City. School was gonna be out soon,
but the heat on this day, made it feel like it was the middle of the summer!
Sharon Newman a pretty blonde woman barely 30 years old was bored at home.
Her husband Nick was at work, and her kids Cassie and Noah were at school.
Sharon decided that she was gonna go swimming. Her in-laws just happened to
have a swimming pool at the Mansion just down the road from them.

Sharon found one of her more conservative two piece swimsuits. Certainly she
had many that were revealing, but with her husband not around what was the
point? She decided on a multicolored green blue and yellow straps bikini.
Even that didn't hide her beauty though. Sharon's long blonde hair she left
down, her nice healthy C cup breasts filled her top to capacity, and even
her conservative bottoms did nothing to hide her curvy perfect posterior.
Grabbing a towel she made her way to the mansion. She went to the pool and
found that she wasn't alone.

"Sharon, well this is an unexpected surprise."

Sharon was shock to see her father in-law Victor Newman, the wealthiest man
in Genoa City, possibly the US. He was an attractive man for being the other
side of 50. He had a dark tan and was in good shape, he had a dark mustache
to go along with a full head of hair. On this day he was in a black workout
shirt and black pants. Certainly a far cry from the business suits he usually

"Victor, I didn't know anyone was home."

"Well, I'm taking the day off today, I do own the company so I figured I'd

"That's good to hear, I've never known you to take a day off, but I'm sure
you deserve it with summer around the corner. It's gonna get busy real soon
with all your ad campaigns."

"That's why I wanted to stop thinking about work for a change, you come to
use the pool?"

"Yes, if that's OK?"

"Go ahead be my guest."

With that Sharon dived into the pool. The water was very cool, just the right
temperature. She swore she caught Victor staring at her in her pool, but
every time she looked his way he was looking elsewhere as he sat and drank
his scotch at the round patio table and appeared to be looking at the morning
paper. Sharon did laps in the pool, the cool water refreshing her body.

After a while Sharon got out of the water, she fixed her bottoms that slid
down a little as she got out. As she walked towards Victor this time it was
apparent he was staring at her now. She could see what he was staring at too.
Her nipples were poking through her top. Sharon grabbed her towel and put it
around her, then sat down at the table with her father-in-law. He offered her
a drink, even though she didn't drink much it sounded good at this moment and
she took a big gulp of Scotch. She held it in that it was a very strong
drink, and was glad she didn't cough it back up.

He offered her another and she gladly accepted but drank much slower this
time. Victor admired the beauty of his daughter-in-law as the sun glistened
off of her wet, tan body. Victor, while being married to his wife Nikki for
more than 20 years had been known to stray in their marriage, he had a
weakness for beautiful women. Certainly Sharon was a very beautiful woman,
he noticed this when his son married her at the young age of 20.

Looking down she saw her glass empty again. Looking at her father-in-law she
raised her glass to ask for another, and he gladly poured her another. Sharon
was already getting a little tipsy after her third scotch, which is probably
why she didn't drink that often. Sharon made her way to the bedroom to find
her change of clothes. Victor followed her there and she didn't even notice.
Sharon walked into the bedroom and removed her top, her bottoms followed and
as she turned around she was startled to see her father-in-law right there.
Sharon immediately covered her naked tanned breasts.

Victor removed her hands and eyed her beautiful breasts. They were perfect
and their firmness was gravity-defying. Sharon couldn't believe this was
happening as her father in-law began to feel up her chest. His thumbs brushed
across her nipples causing Sharon to gasp. She knew she should stop this, she
should tell Victor this is wrong, but no words came out of her mouth only
moans of pleasure.

Victor pulled off his shirt and leaned in kiss Sharon. Sharon protested but
he was insisted and he was much stronger than her. His hands squeezed her
sexy arse, as he french kissed his sons' wife. Maybe it was the alcohol in
her system, but for some reason Sharon was starting to give in. She rubbed
her nails up and down his back and started giving him her tongue back as the
kiss became even more passionate.

Victor started to unbuckle his pants, and began to push Sharon to her knees.
Sharon saw a cock much like her husband's a good 8 inches long and thick.
Sharon took it into her mouth and began to suck it. Victor held her head, and
even pulled on her hair letting the blonde know he wanted her to deep throat
him. Sharon took inch after inch down her mouth wrapping her lips around his
cock and running her tongue along the underside of the shaft. Victor leaned
his head back in pleasure and then looked down on the sexy blonde giving him
head. She had taken all of him in her mouth now and had a nice rhythm going.
She would pull him all the way out then take him all the way back in, until
his pubic hair tickled her nose. This lasted for quite a while until Victor
decided he wanted more.

He raised her to her feet and lifted her in the air and impaled her onto his
hard cock. He pushed her against the wall and started pounding away at her
pussy. He was ramming his rod deep into her as Sharon wrapped her legs around
him. Victor grabbed a hold of her firm breasts and started sucking them in
his mouth. He gave them both equal attention suckling on the nipples and
sucking the full breast 'or as much of it he could' in his mouth. This
feeling sent Sharon to an orgasm, and coated Victor's cock with her female

Victor had Sharon get on her knees on the bed and he positioned himself
behind the blonde's luscious ass. He pushed her head into the pillow and
entered her with her ass arched. He rammed her tight pussy and felt her
cunt muscles contract to grab his meat. 'My son must be neglecting the poor
girl she's so tight,' thought Victor. Victor started to fuck her harder
loving the view of her hot behind as he drove his cock into her drenched
blonde cunt. He reached forward to feel up her breasts and kissed the sexy
blonde as his balls slammed up against her butt. Victor grabbed her hips
and went at rapid speed now his orgasm was coming.

"Ahhhh here it comes here it comes take it all in you Sharon ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

He let loose load after load into her fertile body coating her pink pussy

"Ohhhhhhhh Victor yesssssssssssss!"

Unknown to them Nick Newman Sharon's husband and Victor's son had arrived at
the mansion looking for his dad. Nick had some questions for his dad about
the ad campaign at Newman enterprises. He heard the moans of a familiar
sounding woman in the house and made his way to the downstairs bedroom by
the pool house. He was shocked at what he saw, his father and his wife
fucking on the bed. Nick was enraged and stormed out of there quickly.

Nick made his way back to the coffee house that he owned. He made himself a
big stiff drink in his office. 'Dear God, how could I have been so stupid to
think that everything was going well in my marriage,' he thought. He leaned
back and looked out at the people in the coffee house on the security
cameras. He noticed a young girl that he recognized as 15 year old Colleen
Abbott. She was the granddaughter of Nick's dad's biggest business rival
John Abbott. Colleen was a gorgeous young girl with a pretty face gorgeous
eyes and long brunette hair, her breasts were above average for her age.
Colleen had gotten involved with the bad crowd at her other school which is
why she had started going to Genoa City.

Seeing Colleen though and realizing it was the time of day she should be at
school he made his way out there. He froze as he saw her at the jukebox. She
was such a little hottie wearing a tight white top, her bra design easily
visible showing that it was a lacey flower print bra. She showed lots of sexy
leg in a short dark blue mini skirt as she bent over looking for a song on
the juke box. She had black sandals that showed off little toes painted red.
So young and sexy she was maybe 5ft 2 and 105 lbs. Nick took a moment to
admire her beauty then spoke to her.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school Colleen?"

"Nicholas, hi. Well, I suppose I should be, but I've had a little bit on my
mind lately, lets just say... (sigh) my boyfriend J. T. cheated on me. So
even if I was at school, its not like schoolwork would be on my mind."

"I see, well I can understand that, I'm in a similar boat myself, um... never
mind forget I said anything. Enjoy your latte Colleen its on the house."

"Thank you Nick." Her innocent smile flashed at him, even though she wasn't
really so innocent.

Nick made his way back to his office. He took a deep breath and poured
another drink. He was so outraged with Sharon and his father, he wanted to
get back at them, but how?

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," he said as he downed the last of this drink.

In walked sexy Colleen Abbott, like an angel, an underaged angel at that.

"Just wanted to thank you for the latte Nick, it was really sweet of you,
um... did you say you were having troubles too? Did Sharon cheat on you?"

"Well, you could say that, but I'd rather not talk about it."

"I understand that Nick, maybe I have something that will get your mind off
your problems."

Colleen reached in her pocket and pulled out a joint. Nick's first thought
was to tell Colleen the dangers of drugs especially at her age, but for some
reason he didn't. He remembered when he was younger how simple life was
having fun with friends and getting high. So now here was a pretty young
girl asking him to get high with her. Instead of doing the more adult and
responsible thing he wanted to live in the moment. So he handed Colleen a
lighter. It was a sigh of relief for Colleen she knew offering him a joint
was a risk, but she had a hunch that he would accept it.

Colleen lit the joint then sat on Nick's desk crossing her sexy legs and
passed it to him. Nick took a big hit and passed it back, he poured two
drinks, and him and Colleen toasted and down the Jack Daniels. This was
certainly not the responsible Nick Newman that all of Genoa City knew,
having alcohol and smoking pot with a girl only 15 years old. Soon the two
were laughing and giggling as they finished the bottle and the joint.

"Ya know Colleen you have really nice tits for a girl your age." Grinned

"Oh yeah they are kinda big... see!!!

Colleen lifted her shirt and showed Nick her tits in her lacey bra.

"Very nice Colleen."

Nick unthinkingly, reached out and felt up her young breasts. Colleen moaned
at this feeling. She moved closer to Nick so she was facing him on the desk
while he was in his chair. Nick continued to feel her up as he got a nice
glance of her white panties up her partly opened legs in her mini skirt.
Nick stood up and pulled the young girl into a french kiss. Colleen returned
the kiss, untucked Nick's shirt and unzipped his pants. She darted her hand
down his underwear to find a thick 8 inch cock and began to stroke it in her
small hand.

Colleen broke the kiss and yanked down Nick's underwear to expose his hard
dick. She wasted little time in bending down and taking his stiff rod in her
mouth. Nick kept feeling her nice tits as he started to pump his cock into
the teenagers face. He saw her bra clasp and unhooked it, freeing her tits
so he could feel her bare breasts in his hands. Nick played with the nipples,
getting them hard, and causing Colleen to moan in pleasure as she sucked his
cock. Colleen's cocksucking was second to none and was already getting Nick
hot. Nick grabbed her hair and started face fucking the hot teen. Colleen
surprisingly didn't gag as she took his cock deep down her throat.

"Ahh here it comes Colleen swallow it ohhhhh you awesome little bitch suck
that cock!"

Nick spurted cum down her throat and Colleen did just as he asked swallowing
it all. After that, Nick got her on her back on the desk and reached under
her skirt pulling off her innocent looking ladies fruit of the loom panties
and tossing them to the floor. He then spread her tan thighs and buried his
face into her pretty pussy. Colleen rested her sandals over Nick's back as
he began eating her out. He spread her lips open and tongued her pink pussy,
as his hands found their way back to her tits. Colleen squirmed under the
oral Nick was giving her. While she wasn't a virgin, having sex with J. T.
she never had anyone eat her out before.

Nick sucked and nibbled on her pussy lips as Colleen got hot and bothered
really quick with the pussy licking she was getting. Plus with the pulling
on her red hard nipples was sending her over the edge. It was only a few
minutes later when Nick's face was coated with tasty girl cream. He licked
it all up and got up on the desk with Colleen.

Colleen mounted Nick, her tight pussy wrapping around his shaft. Colleen
started to ride him as they kissed. She had the tightest pussy Nick had ever
felt, even though he felt no hymen, Nick was sure (in his stoned mind at
least) she had to be a virgin! Nick thought to himself that Colleen must
have the best jailbait pussy in all of Genoa City. Certainly later, his
senses would return though, and he would realize what he had done wasn't
very smart. Nick grabbed her sexy ass and started thrusting up into her as
they fucked in perfect rhythm together. Colleen's nice tits bounced with
every thrust as the two made love for what seemed an eternity of paradise to
them both.

"Oh Nick oh yeah ohhhh I... oh yeah oh give me that dick Nick, fuck my
little pussy you bastard that's it, God your cock is huge!"

It did finally end, as Nick and Colleen came together. Colleen coming first,
coating Nick's cock with her love juice, then Nick shot his load deep into
her young body. After they both got their barrings they got dressed and
decided they both need a double latte. Colleen was so out of it she didn't
even remember putting her panties back on. They laid on the floor of Nick's

* * *

Nikki Newman a beautiful woman in her mid to late 40's but looking very good
still with a healthy D cup set of breasts. She had a good figure with just a
tad bit of pudge and short blonde hair with gorgeous hazel eyes. She had a
fight with her husband Victor, she was sure he had cheated on her again. She
could smell perfume on him earlier in the day that wasn't her own. Nikki had
grown tired of this and was considering finding a little fling of her own.
On this day she was wearing a light blue top and blue skirt with yellow
flowers topped off with white heels. She decided to visit Catherine
Chancellor an old friend who she often turned to for advice.

Her granddaughter Mackenzie answered the door. Nikki was sad to hear from
Mackenzie that Catherine was gone for the day. Mackenzie offered Nikki to
come in anyway for a drink. Mackenzie being only 18 years old poured a drink
for Nikki and got herself a bottled water. They made some small talk about
the weather, and this and that.

Nikki noticed how pretty Mac (Mackenzie) was. She was a thin girl with pretty
dark brown hair past her shoulders down to the middle of her back. She was in
simple black sweat shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. It was apparent she
was planning on sleeping in this day before Nikki arrived. She was wearing
what she likely wore to bed considering she had no bra on, her nipples poking
out proudly through the thin white material.

"If you don't mind me asking Mac, do you have a boyfriend right now?"

"Well, no, me and Billy split up actually, that's probably why I don't feel
like getting out of bed."

"Well, that's unfortunate Mac, but you can't mope around the house forever,
you gotta get out there and find another guy... or girl."

"Another girl, oh God no I could never do that, it would be too weird."

"Oh please, two women making love is a wonderful thing. Nobody knows what a
woman likes better than another woman."

"Mrs. Newman, you've been with another girl before?"

"Call me Nikki, and yes I have slept with another woman, and its a wonderful
thing, a beautiful thing Mac, believe me."

Nikki rested her hand on Mac's thigh caressing inwards ever so softly. Mac
didn't stop her, her touch felt so soft and gentle not like a man's rough
touch that she had felt with Billy. There was a long silence before Nikki
leaned in and kissed the younger girl on the mouth. It was a hesitant kiss
at first but soon became a hot french kiss. Two women almost 30 years apart
with little in common, but both longing for affection, sharing a lesbian

"Your so pretty Mackenzie," she said as she stroked her hair.

Mackenzie's head was spinning, she never got turned on by another woman, and
yet this blonde woman who was her mom's age was getting her wet between her
legs. Nikki's hand lifted her white top and cupped her small breast with hard
nipples, they were very nice despite their small A cup size. They kept
kissing as Mac found herself moaning and begging for Nikki to touch her body
everywhere. Nikki slid her hand down Mac's shorts and past her white panties
with flowers to her already damp little pussy. Mac moaned out loud as Nikki
fingered her tight box.

"Oh Nikki," she let out, as Nikki was now the only other girl to touch her
forbidden treasure.

Nikki started kissing Mac's neck as she plunged her fingers deep into Mac.
She wasn't surprised to feel her hymen deep inside her pussy. Mac was every
bit the innocent girl that Genoa City knew her to be.

'Before now she was innocent,' Nikki thought to herself. Nikki stopped
fingering Mac leaving her on the edge of an orgasm. Mac's face showed
disappointment but Nikki stood up and said...

"This would be better if we did this in bed, would you take me to your
bedroom Mackenzie?"

Mac nodded, she knew that someday she would share a bed with someone she just
always thought it would be Billy, never another girl, or a woman in Nikki's
case. The two walked upstairs hand in hand. Mac's room looked much like any
teenage girls room, guy celebrity posters, an Avril Lavigne poster, nothing
out of the ordinary, with a queen size bed a couple pair of panties and a bra
lying on the floor. Once in the room Nikki was back at fondling the young
girls body. This time she pulled the top of exposing her bare breasts. Nikki
followed up by also removing the teen girls shorts. Mac stood there young and
vulnerable as the older woman took in the sight of her innocent body.

Nikki then pulled off her blue top. Then she slid down her skirt to reveal a
blue thong that matched her blue bra. Mac's eyes were glued on Nikki's huge
boobs, she licked her lips wondering if they felt or tasted as good as they

"You like these?" Nikki asked running her hands along the cups of her bra.
She smiled, "I bet you wanna touch them don't you?"

Mac nodded, and reached behind Nikki, she nervously reached for the bra
clasp, and unhooked her bra. The bra Nikki teasingly took her time removing,
easing down the straps, pulling the bra cups down slowly, and wanting to see
Mac's reaction. Mac was soon feasting her eyes on Nikki's tan breasts, they
were huge and showing only a little sag with age. Mac approached Nikki and
took a breast in her mouth. Nikki pushed the pretty teen into her cleavage as
they hugged tightly, both women naked except for a blue thong and cute flower
panties. Mac sucked on Nikki's breasts like a newborn as Nikki caressed her
hair. Mac then sucked on the other breast getting both of Nikki's huge red
nipples hard as she did.

Finally Nikki reached out and slid off Mac's panties revealing her young
virgin pussy with brown pubic hair, the scent already filling Nikki's nose.
Mac hesitated, but returned the favor, finding that Nikki's pussy was shaved
bald, meaning Mac could see all of her pussy. Nikki pulled Mac into her bed.

Mac laid back on her pillow as Nikki wasted little time finding Mac's clit
and began to suck on it, while her fingers went into Mac's pussy. Mac
squeezed on her little nipples as the older woman taught her the joys of
lesbianism. Her mind raced on the idea that she could be a lesbian. She
certainly couldn't imagine any man getting her this hot! Even Billy the
couple times she let him touch her down there didn't get her this hot.
Nikki gently slapped on Mac's clit with her hand, then sucked on her cunt
lips. Mac didn't want it to end but the pleasure was too much and she
quickly came in Nikki's face.

"Nikki ohh that's it that's... God that's the spot, your ahhhhhhhhh
ooooooooooohhhhh Nikki ohhhhhh your tongue has me so... ohhhhhhhhhhhh
I'm gonna explode Nikki oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Nikki looked up at her smiling with girl cum dripping off her chin and got
on top of Mac, straddling her face. Mac way have been knew to this, but with
Nikki's pussy being bald she knew exactly where to go. She opened her lips
up and started tonguing her pinkness. Nikki gyrated her hips into Mac, loving
the feeling of the young girls tongue on her womanhood. Nikki pulled on her
hard nipples as she rode Mac's face, she even licked her own nipples as the
teen girl proved to be more than an efficient first timer at cunt licking.
Mac dug her tongue deep into Nikki, her hands squeezed the older woman's

Nikki was in heaven as she looked down at the angel between her legs munching
on her box.

"Oh Mac yesss that's it Mac you feel so good ohhhhhh your so good at that
sweetie, ohhh your getting me hot you bad little girl, mmmmmmmmm, I'm gonna
cream on your face, would you like that Mackenzie, you wanna taste a woman's

Mackenzie's face was smothered with Nikki's juices and she found that she
loved the taste of another woman's pussy as she licked up every drop.

Mac snuggled up with Nikki, she rested her head on her breasts. Nikki stroked
Mac's hair and patted her cute little butt. One thing was for sure in Nikki's
mind there was no way he could have slept with a girl as good as this one.
Mac, was a special girl, Nikki forgot all about Victor and his adultery. She
kissed Mac and thought, this could only be the beginning of something


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