Young And The Restless: Part 1 (FF,spank,nc-cons)
by ezryder2 ([email protected])

Nikki Newman was a beautiful woman who liked to dominate other women. Her
first glance at Mackenzie told her self she had to get the young girl for
herself some how, so she offered Mac a summer job cleaning the Newman

The first day she was told to being her clothes to move in the spare room,
but intended for Mac to share her bed, as soon as she could rape and train
her to be her love slave.

The first night after a days work Mac asked if she could shower and turn in
for a good night sleep. Nikki had other things in mind though, picking Mac
up and carrying her to her bed room and dumping her on the bed a shocked Mac.

"What are you doing mrs. Newman?"

"Call me Nikki. That bastard has left me for my son's wife Sharon, who he
seduced and now I'm going to have you my little virgin brat."

"No way! Nikki I dont do woman or any body for that matter."

"Lets get you naked and then I will show you what you are going to do."

"Ohhhhh nooooo please stop that, you are hurting me Nikki."

"Get over my lap."

"Ohhhh nooooo dont spank meeeee ohhhhh ah ah oh oh ohhhh eeeeh awyyyyy awyyyy
awyyyy! Oh what are you doing dont put your mouth there ohhhhhhh thats dis
gusting ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhbut It fells so gooooooood ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh Im
elling od ohhhh whats happening to me ohhhhh ahhhhhh!!!"

"You're having an orgasm silly."

"Ohhh so thats whats its like. ohhhhhh ahhhhhh I want more Nikki please make
love to me some more, ohhhhh I love you Nikki. I'm yours to do with what you
want. Know I know what brittney meant when I heard her tell another girl she
would like to do you think that I could make her wish come true?"

"Yes, my dear. If you want I will get her over here tommorrow."


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