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Young Hercules: Versatile Stud (MF, inter, herm, anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Prometheus Academy. It sat atop a hill, dominating the vast region of
Thessaly, Greece. It was the most prestigious school in the area. The most
famous men and women of the world came there to get their education. The
sons and daughters of kings and queens, emperors and empresses, war heroes
and legends. Also, the human offspring of gods and goddesses.

Among these people, Hercules was just one of the guys. He was the son of Zeus
and Hera, King and Queen of the Gods of Olympus. His uncle Hades, god of the
Underworld altered him when he was an infant and made him half mortal.
Hercules was something rare. Half human and half god. He remained on Earth,
raised by Amphitryon and Alcmene, a couple of farmers from Thebes. Hercules
wanted to be a hero and discover his true origins. He spoke to his Father
Zeus and Zeus promised to make him a god if he were to become a true hero
while on Earth.

Hercules sought out a trainer and met the satyr Philoctetes. Phil agreed to
train Hercules. The rest of the time, like every teenager, Hercules was stuck
in high school. Most importantly, he was stuck at Prometheus Academy. He
joined the school and got to know who was who around these parts. He met
Cassandra, the daughter of Priam, King of Troy. She was a raven-haired,
green-eyed slim girl of sixteen. She also had the Gift of Sight and could
see into the Past, Present and Future. Hercules also met Icarus, the son of
world-famous genius and architect Daedalus. There was also pretty-boy Adonis,
who thought himself the best-looking fella in the planet Earth.

Right now, Hercules was in archery class, which only two people were in. Him
and a girl named Selene. Selene was a tall girl with long blonde hair and
blue eyes. She was a teenager, like him and about as different from other
kids as he was. He was the son of a god. She was a Nymph. Hercules knew what
Nymphs were. They were supposed to be immortal female entities who roamed the
earth, lands and seas of the world. Many men claimed to have known plenty of
them. Once, Hercules had a talk with Zeus on the subject of Nymphs. There
were tens of thousands of them roaming the world and Zeus had a few affairs
with a number of them. Selene was a nice girl. A teenage Nymph.

"You excel at archery," he told her after watching her hit the bullseye
fifteen times.

"You have a gift for stating the obvious, son of Zeus," Selene said with a

Hercules grinned. "So, what is a Nymph doing at a school with humans?" he

She cocked an eyebrow. "What is a god doing among mortals?"

Hercules shrugged. He had looked at the gods and seen them in their glory.
From almighty Zeus to the physically perfect Apollo to the wise and beautiful
Athena and the vengeful and angry Hades. He knew he was NOT a god. He wasn't
sure what he was. "I am not sure what I am," he said. "But I am sure I am not
a god."

He looked away. He didn't like telling people his origins. Many beings,
mortal and immortal alike were enemies of Zeus and might want to seek revenge
on the Thunderer by doing harm to his son.

"If it makes you feel better, I am not a Nymph." she said.

Hercules glared at her. She explained how her mother was a Nymph and her
father a human king named Phidias of Corinth. "Wow," he said. "So, what can
you do?" he asked.

Selene looked at him, a mischievous gleam in those blue eyes of hers. "I'll
show you." She suddenly lay her slim hand on Hercules's arm, and he felt something was happening. The next instant, he was...

Hercules found himself standing in the middle of a clearing, in the woods...
somewhere. He looked at Selene, who stood beside him, smiling. "What is this
place?" he asked.

"My secret hiding place." she said.

Hercules looked around. The place was wondrous. There was so much beauty. So
many flowers and trees. This wasn't a normal forest. This was something else.

"My mother gave me this place as my own." she said proudly.

Hercules looked at her, her beautiful face was positively glowing. "It's
amazing," said Hercules. "How did we get here?" he asked.

Selene grinned. "Teleportation."


They spent the day there. Hercules bent huge trees to get fruits so that they
might have a picnic. Selene fetched the right stuff. They sat on a picnic
table which she laid out flat on the grass, eating fruits and drinking fine
wine. Hercules told her about his childhood in Thebes. Selene had lived among
humans and they didnt trust her because, although she was the daughter of a
king and the rightful heir to the throne of Corinth, she was not fully human.
Once sated, they lay on the soft grass.

Hercules couldnt remember when he had such a good time. He told her. "Oh,
it's gonna get better," she said.

He wondered what she had in mind and wondered no more when she leaned over
and kissed him. On the lips. Hercules hesitated then put his arms around her,
squeezing in a very affectionate way. He broke their kiss. "What are you
doing?" he asked.

"Oh, Herc. I've been wanting you for so long."

They resumed their kiss. Soon, they were rolling around on the grass.
Hercules wanted to undress her but she simply teleported their clothes off
the both of them. Hercules looked at the girl on top of him. Selene smiled
at him.

Hercules hesitated. Should he tell her? He did. "If I tell you something, do
you promise not to freak out?" he asked.

Selene looked at the handsome youth underneath her. "What?"

"I want you to be my first."

Selene froze. She was in shock. Not complete shock, she had a feeling she
would be his first. He had dropped numerous hints to her, but she hated
assuming anything. Her heartbeat accelerated and she could feel it pounding
in her chest. She knew that losing his virginity was a big deal to him - he
had waited many years already. "I know, Herc. I know."

Hercules seemed reassured. She kissed him full and deep, and they fully
embraced each other. He kissed her and she caressed him. Then, she came
between his legs and took his cock in her hands. She stroked it, then took
it into her mouth, giving him the best blowjob. Hercules closed his eyes,
enjoying the sensation of her mouth of his cock. He was gonna cum soon. He
did, shooting his load all over her face. Then, Selene licked him dry and
got him hard again. Then, she got all fours and spread her asscheeks to him,
offering him one hell of a ride. Hercules hesitated for a fraction of a
second, then, gripping her hips with his firm hands, he parted her cheeks
and drove his cock into her asshole. Selene grunted, then pushed back,
driving Hercules further into her ass. He began to fuck her ass, going in
slowly at first then harder and faster.

"Yes, fuck my ass!" Selene screamed as Hercules's huge cock fucked her

He loved the feeling of her warm tight ass on his cock and continued to shove
it into her, harder and faster. He went deep into her bowels, which felt like
a gentle furnace around his member. He soon came, sending his cum deep inside
her. Selene screamed as hot cum filled her ass. Hercules pulled out and she
turned and took his cock in her hand, stroking it before putting it in her
mouth again. She tasted her ass on his cock. She sucked him off, making him
rock hard in seconds. Then, she let him have another hole of hers. Hercules
entered her warm, tight pussy gently. This was less tight than her other hole
but almost as pleasant. He fucked her, holding her hips. Selene lay on her
back, looking into Hercules's face as he fucked her. God, he was so handsome.
She massaged her young breasts as he fucked her. He kept ramming his hot rod
into her cunt, hard and fast, deep and hot. She undulated under him, pressing
her cunt against his cock and driving him deeper into her. He came, and his
hot cum filled her love hole. Spent, Hercules rested on top of her. Sweat
beads formed on his face, and she kissed his forehead. "Thank you," he said.

"I love you, Hercules." Selene said.

He said nothing and just rested there. On top of her. His head on her body.


It had been a month since Hercules had first made love to Selene. They had
returned to Prometheus Academy as a couple. Hercules felt proud. He was no
longer a virgin. He was a man now. He liked Selene but was beginning to tire
of her. She grew kind of possessive of him. All this love stuff. Don't get
him wrong, he cared about her. She was his first time. He would treasure
that forever. But he had to do something else. So, that's why when Kendra
invited him to her dorm room at Prometheus, he hadn't refused.

Kendra was the new girl at school. One of the new students. Her father was
Memnon, King of the People of Ethiopia. She was a tall african girl with long
braided black hair and dark chocolate skin. All the guys at school and some
of the girls liked Kendra. She had chosen him. He went to her dorm room. She
hadn't wasted any time getting down to business. She undressed him at a speed
that amazed him, and then she was naked and he was admiring her sexy black
body. She took his long hard cock in her hands and was slowly sucking him
off. He looked at her beautiful black face as she sucked his cock, watched
that tongue of hers caressing his cockhead then licking the shaft and finally
his balls. Then, he came all over face and, grabbing her neck, made her lick
off all of his cum. He makes her clean him off. She does and he admires that
fine black ass of hers. So round and perfect. When it is well lubricated and
hard, she turns around and gets on her hands and knees. A fine plate of ass
is in front of him, waiting to get fucked. Once he get his big dick between
those deep cheeks, she howls like the bitch that she is. "Oh, baby yeesss!
Fuck me up my big ass! It's all yours!"

Her ass is tight and she knows how to work her ass muscles. He fucks her ass
as hard as he can and she continues to keep a smile on her face. Her asshole
clenches and drains every drop from his dick. He makes her clean him off,
and not only does she clean off his dick but she licks his ass as well. Once
he is done, he leaves.

He is satisfied with his day so far, when he remembers he has to see one of
his teachers. He goes to her office. She is Katrina. Miss Katrina was an
older woman. Tall and with some meat on her bones, with short brown hair and
green eyes. She could be forty years old, maybe more. He comes in and expects
her to give him some boring lecture. She does not. Instead, she expresses one
of her wishes. Hercules smiles.

A few minutes later, he is naked and so is she. He admires her body as she is
on her knees, sucking his cock. She must work out by the looks of her. Like a
female gym teacher. Hmm. She is an expert cocksucker, the best he's had so
far. He comes all over her face and she licks off his cum. Then, he puts her
over the desk and fucks her pussy. Her pussy is wet and hot, and he plunges
in there hard and fast, loving the taste of older woman's pussy around his
cock. He soon fills her with cum. She is smiling as she sucks his cock,
cleaning him out. He then has her get on all fours and her strong hands part
her asscheeks. He looks at her asshole. He spits on his cock for lubrication
and shoves his cock in there. She gasps. He plunges his cock deep inside her
ass, going in hard and fast. She wriggles her ass. He loves fucking her in
the butt, going in deeper and faster, stretching her anal cavity until he
reaches her bowels, then the pressure of her ass becomes too much for him and
he shoots his load, filling her ass with his hot cum. A few minutes later, he
has put his clothes back on. She asks him to come back next week for a visit.
He tells her not to count on it. She pouts. He remembers the feel of her ass
and tells her maybe he'll think about it. She smiles and can't wait for next
week. At her age, she is not that marketable in the game. He walks out.

The next day, Hercules goes on the hunt for some new ass. He leaves
Prometheus Academy and goes to the west side of Thebes. It is the seediest
part of town. A place full of pimps, prostitutes, killers and outlaws. He
talks to a well-known pimp named Cadmus. Cadmus tells Hercules he can sell
him something special for the night. Hercules is interested.

She is an Asian girl. About twenty years old. She is about five feet eight
inches tall, with long black hair and brown eyes. Her body is not slim but
well-rounded and filled up in a ncie way. Hercules likes the look of her.
She responds to the name Mia. She had a garter belt and stockings on. That
he liked. They go into a private room and Hercules watches as she undresses.
She keeps the bra and panties on. She tells him to lie on the bed and he
does. He wants to be surprised tonight. He does not protest when she makes
him drink some special wine. She comes to his bed and starts sucking him
off. She sucks off his huge cock. She is a great cocksucker. Grade A. She
gets him hard fast. He wants to fuck. She ties his hands and feet.

Hercules is curious. Maybe she has something kinky in mind? Her pimp did
promise that she was not exactly like other girls. Only when he is bound
and tied does she take off her bra, showing him huge tits and her panties.
Hercules gasps. She has a cock! He looks at her. Mia is smiling
mischievously. "You didn't know I... had something extra?" she asks.

Hercules shakes his head, suddenly a bit alarmed. He watches as she takes a
bottle of something off a table and oils up her cock. His eyes widen as her
cock grows. It has to be at least ten inches long and quite thick. He
struggles. He is very surprised to find that his strength is gone.

"The wine you drank was a special potion designed to take away your strength.
It will be back in a few hours. Until then, you'll be like a normal young
man." She smiles wickedly. "Your ass is MINE !!!!!!!!!"

Looking at him and holding her cock, Mia put it right up to his ass. Then
she just pushed in. Oh... did it hurt. The pain shot up his ass and out. But
in one push she had her well lubricated ten inch cock into him. Well, most of
it. Hercules could not breathe. He could not move. He was under the spell of
a shemale prostitute. "Did that hurt?"

A wicked, evil and depraved smile came across her face. And Mia took him to
the end and then some. Mia pulled back and then pushed in. She went in and
out of his ass, her huge cock ravaging his flesh. He felt her wide cock
slamming into his ass. "Do you like to be my bitch?" she asked as she
brutally sodomized the son of Zeus.

Hercules screamed at the top of his lungs. Mia reached with her hand and
grabbed his cock, jacking him off as she fucked his asshole. He gasped. Her
huge shemale cock filled his ass to the limit. She knew this. He saw her face
smiling, teasing and mocking him as she violated his asshole. He was even
more surprised when her hand on his cock caused him to cum. He shot his load,
and his cum splattered all over his body.

"You like that, uh, you like that?" she asked as she fucked him even harder.

Then, she came. Her cock spat inside him, filling his ass with her hot
shemale cum. She undid his bonds. Hercules lay there for a second, spent.

When he got up, Mia was waiting for him. She was lying on her back. He
came to her, and pulled her to him. He spread her asscheeks roughly and
unceremoniously shoved his cock into her unlubricated ass. Mia grunted
and moaned as Hercules fucked her ass. Hard. He went inside her, not
caring if he hurt her. His cock was like a deliciously hot spear inside
her ass. She loved the feeling of a hard cock in her ass. Hercules was
rough, going deeper than most. He filled her to the rim, and then some.
She gasped when he thrust hard and went deep, further than anyone had
ever gone inside her. Her eyes widened and she looked up, to see Hercules
smiling wickedly. "You like being MY bitch?" he asked.

He fucked her like this, hard and deep until she was screaming like a
banshee. Finally, he came deep inside her ass. Mia screamed as Hercules's
hot cum filled her ass. Then, he pulled out. She took a few seconds to
recover, then sucked his cock, tasting her ass on it. He came all over her
face and she sucked every last drop of his cum.

An hour later, Hercules was dressed. He left fifty dinars to Cadmus the
pimp and twice as much to Mia. He had been surprised, even if it wasn't an
entirely pleasant experience. He walked out of the bordello. The night was
young and so was he. He felt his strength returning, slowly. He felt strong,
powerful, confident and ready for anything.

Walking back on the way to his dorm room at Prometheus Academy, he knew he
would always like "regular" girls of all races. But once in a great while,
he would return to Mia or someone like her for a "special" experience. Just
something different for a change. He wasn't about to make it a lifestyle or

The End


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