Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
the rights to the Yu-gi-oh GX Series.I have no money and therefore not a
good suing target. Thank you very much. Thanks.

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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 2
by C. King ([email protected])

Jaden let himself be lead to the bedroom of the cabin. He knew that he that
he wanted to get with the sexy young Obelisk. Most of the male population of
the school wanted to be with Alexis. 'She has everything. Brains, skills and
beauty.' Jaden thought to himself. 'But she doesn't want anyone but me. And
now she is going to prove it.'

Soon they were inside. "Guess it's time to get a little bit more
comfortable." Alexis said as she took off her duel disk. And set it one the
dressers that were in the room. Jaden followed suit. Then he decided to be
the first to undress. Slipping out of his jacket, pants and shirt. Soon he
was only in his underpants as he had removed his socks and shoes. He sat
down on the bed.

"So Alexis, for my first command, I want you to do a sexy striptease for me
while I sit here and watch." Jaden said, curious about how his attractive
and loving slave was going to do.

"As you wish, Master." Alexis said with a sly smile. She stepped back and
started to move. Her hips were moving forward and back, while her hands in
their partial gloves started to roam her body. Slowly and smoothly. Then she
took a spin that whirled her skirt open as she turned around like a ballet

When she stopped she was facing away from him with her ass in his field of
vision. She continued to thrust her hips, making it so that her ass jiggled
for him. She shook it for a few minutes as one of her hands roamed down to
her rear. She then took that hand off her body and then started to spank her

Each time that she spanked herself, she would moan out something that seemed
to be designed to make Jaden harder and harder for her. "Oh, Jaden. Oh, yeah.
You make me so wet and horny for your hot, tight body. I want you so bad,

Jaden could feel himself tighting up. He moved his hands quickly to hit
certain points on his body. He new that he would need stamina for the event
to come and so hit the points on his body to build that stamina before he
had to perform for his love slave.

Alexis spun around again, so that she was facing her lover yet again. She
then started to shake her hips slower, as she moved her hands to her jacket.
She moved her nimble fingers, undoing the various buttons and zippers as she
shook her thing.

With the jacket open she thrust her chest forward as she pulled her jacket
back and off. Displaying her large, firm breasts as she did so. They were
still covered by a dark blue t-shirt. She slipped off the jacket and started
to fling it around over her head. It landed somewhere to the side. Then she
moved out of the t-shirt that she was wearing. Throwing that somewhere else
in the room as well.

She was now just in her skirt, panties, boots and bra. She then bent over,
giving Jaden a clear view of her cleavage. She pulled at her boots, loosening
them off her feet. She then rose with a high kick. She then pulled her boots
and sock off and let them drop to the floor. Her foot slowly fell and she
switched to the other leg. Doing the same high kick, she removed the other

Her hands travelled up her legs and the skirt. Till she hit the belt pulling
that off. Twisting her hips, she slid the skirt off of her hips. Letting that
drop to the floor. Stepping out of the skirt, Jaden got a chance to enjoy the
panties and bra combination that she wore.

It was as blue as that was in her Obelisk uniform. Made of sheer lace with
decrative pattern of flowers. It was a lovely look for the young woman. She
shook her hips and moved her chest in the same style. Occationly thrusting
out the twins for Jaden's enjoyment.

"You know, Alexis. I love the view of you in your underwear. But I think that
it needs a little change, a little colour. From now on I want you to wear red
underwear. The same red as the Slifer uniform." Jaden said as he watched his
lover's show.

"Of course, master. But can I ask your reason for the change of colour for
my frilly things?" Alexis said as one of her hands moved to her hand to her
mouth. She began to suck a single index finger.

"I decided that since the Slifer dorm doesn't have any offical girls and the
fact that I don't want any girl to purposely loose a duel, the wearing of red
underwear can be a sign of belonging to the secret Slifer Girl dorm. A dorm
that you and me will be the head of. If you catch my meaning." Jaden said
with a smile.

Alexis giggled at the thought of girl being secret members of the lowest dorm
on the totem pole. Or being under the control of one of the so called Slifer
Slackers. 'I know of a few of the Obelisk girls that would rather die than be
a member of Slifer. Secret or otherwise.' She thought to herself. 'It would
serve them right for looking down on their fellow students.'

"Time to get to the fun part." Alexis told Jaden as she moved her hands to
her back. They were there just a second before the straps fell forward. She
let her arm come out from behind the straps. She grabbed the bra as it
dropped and tossed it to Jaden. It fell on top of his head. Jaden let it sit

Then she tugged on her panties, slowly pulling them down as well. Repeating
her high kicks, she pulled them down off her legs. Once off, she tossed those
to the bed. Jaden caught them and took a sniff. They smelled of sex. They
also has some cream on them. Jaden held it up to his mouth and took a taste.
It was a sweet taste.

"I love the free sample. But I am ready for the whole thing." Jaden said as
he pulled off his underpants. Revealing a semi-erect cock, thanks to the
stamina pressure points. 'I don't want this over before it even begins.' He
thought to himself.

Alexis smiled as she saw the cock that was waiting for her. She had not been
very experience in the size of cocks as she had not seen that many before.
But it did seem to be quite large. But it really didn't matter as she had
lust and love for the man behind it. Even if it was produced by magic, it was
a wonderful feeling and she wanted to experience it to the fullest.

Gracefully she headed to the bed and sat next to the man she desired. She
moved a hand down her neck so that it rested on top of her large, firm
breasts. "See anything that you like, lover?"

"I can think of a thing or two." Jaden said as he moved forward and placed
his head in Alexis' cleavage. Sticking out his tongue he licked both breasts
at the same time as he tried to see what he could do to increase Alexis'
pleasure. 'Plus the fact that I am a huge boob man, this is like a treat for
me.' He thought to himself.

He then moved his tongue out as he pulled back his head. Soon he could only
keep his tongue on one breast. He picked the left one out of the two. He
dragged the rough surface of his tongue on the smooth surface of Alexis'
skin. Soon he arrived at the nub of her areola. The nipple was hard and was
surprisingly large on the breasts.

Jaden started to lick and taste the sweat off the nipple that he held. His
hand moved to the other areola and start to tease that as well. Rubbing it
through his fingers. Teasing it with his fingernails. Every so carefully
pulling it to provide the right amount of pain.

While his hands were working their magic, his lips and teeth were playing
there own tricks. He took a few soft sucks on the tits as he had secretly
want to do in his fantasies. Then he used his teeth to touch the nipples
it stimulating ways. Then he used his lips, by vibrating them like he was
blowing a raspberry. He carefully made sure to switch up the different
teasing as he continued on the breast. He then switched breasts moving his
hand to the now moist areola.

While this was going on, Alexis was enjoying this little breast play. During
the foreplay that Jaden was giving her, she slide her index and middle
fingers into her moist pussy. She was trying to get triple the pleasure while
she could. While she was doing this she decided to add to the mood with the
right kind of audio effect.

"Oh, yeah. That's a way to make a girl happy, Jaden. I don't know were you
picked that up, but it makes me glad that I'm yours." Alexis said as she let
out the occational moan of pleasure. "Ohhhhh, yessssss! I don't know how
youuuuu do it, but you hit alllllll of the right noooootes!"

Then Alexis could feel Jaden start to kiss her. Moving down to the underneath
of her breasts and then down her tone abs. Soon he was hitting the mound that
held her pussy. She pulled out her stick fingers as Jaden kissed her clit. He
pulled back to speak. "Those panties are not enough. In need more of a taste
and I think this is the time for it."

Jaden started to lick at her pussy. Circling it with his tongue, with the
occational touch to the clit of the woman that he was making love to. He
could pick up the taste of the sweet cum that was coming from her. He moved
into her body, trying to root out the source of taste.

Alexis was just moaning at the joy she was getting out of the foreplay. "Yes,
Jaden. That's great. You really know how to please a girl, babe. Ohhhhh!"
Alexis could feel the crest of another orgasm rising up on her as she felt
the tongue of her lover get deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Jaden was finally getting the cum that he wanted as it started to flow down
the channel that she had. Jaden continued to lick, trying to see how far that
he could go before Alexis would have her orgasm. He could feel the channel
tighten in a rhythmic pattern as she started to moan louder and louder.

"Yes, Jaden, yes! Don't Stop!! Don't STOP!!! DON'T STOP!!!!" Alexis could
feel herself contract with the coming orgasm. She could feel the flow of
juice fall down her channel and down into the mouth of her love. Plus a
little that was flowing down her leg. It was a kind of relief when she
finally came.

Jaden looked up at her. A little bit of cum flowing down his face in a way
that looked cute to Alexis. His tongue went out and started licked the cum
off his face. Alexis was catching her breath, but she just had to let out
a giggle. He just had a goofy look to him that was quite sweet, yet funny.

"So ready for the finale?" Jaden said as he looked at her. Alexis looked at
him thinking about the next event that was to occur. The moment when she
makes love to her master. The man that she desired like the sweetest

Once they did this there would be no coming back from it. She was a virgin
and she was sure that given Jaden's past personality, he was one too. Did she
really want to take this to the next level? 'Hell yes, I do!' she thought to
herself. "Yes, I would love to." She told him, as she moved to make it easier
for them to make love.

Jaden laid down and waited for Alexis to make her move. It looked like he was
waiting for her to make a move on him. For her to be on top of him. Alexis
just smiled as she crawled over him. As she did that she duplicated Jaden's
earlier action of kissing her body. Using her lips to kiss up his balls and
cocks, then up his body.

When she reached his nipples, she spent some time kissing and licking the
little nibs that Jaden had. She tickled and teased Jaden as he had done to
her. It was Jaden's time to moan as he was sexual stimulated by the woman
that he had made his lover. He had know that his cock and balls felt good
when touched. But he didn't know that his nipples could feel as good as

Alexis continued up the chest as she headed for his head. Travelling up his
neck, she passed his cheek and moved to his ear. She then started to suck on
his earlobe for a few seconds. "Ohhhh!" Jaden said, another erotic zone being
hit by his lover. She then moved down his cheek till she hit his lips. She
placed a light kiss on his lips as she hovered over his body.

Then she moved her hips down as she guided the tip of Jaden's now fully erect
cock up into her pussy. She only let it in a few fractions of an inch into
her before she bent down and kissed Jaden on the lips. But this was a deeper
kiss as her tongue went into her lover's mouth.

As she finished her kiss, she jerked back and started to move down on his
cock. With legs on either side of Jaden and with one hand of support, she
guided Jaden's hand to her breasts. Letting him squeeze them, as she moved
down on his cock.

She could feel a painful pop as her hymen was broken. "Rrrrrr!" She shouted
out as her cherry was popped. She knew that they would have to clean
themselves off before they left the cabin. 'Thank god for the showers,' She

But she stepped up the movement up and down his cock. While she was doing
this she was getting encouragement from her love. "You're incrediable,
Alexis. You make me so horny. I just want to fuck you all night long. I am
getting so hard thanks to you." That just got Alexis trying harder to make
Jaden harder. Even making him become more and more incoherant. So she tried
her luck at trying to squeeze her pussy muscles. She had found this along
with the other things that she had done from the Strength and Wisdom of the

'With the mind control and other mystical techniques, there were information
about raw sex. Good thing I remember those parts of the books.' Alexis
thought to herself as she tried to apply what she had learned.

Her vaginal muscles were squeezing tight then loose. Trying to massage the
cock of her lover. While this was happening Alexis was getting additional
pleasure was the touch of Jaden's hands on her breasts. He had a soft touch.
Doing to her breasts that she was doing to his cock. It in fact, there seemed
to be a relationship to the squeezing of the breasts and of the cock. Each
getting faster and harder.

Finally with a shutter, Jaden came inside of her. Releasing his cum into her
pussy as it moved to squeeze the liquid out. "Ohhhhhh, Ye- aaaaaahhhhhhh!"
Jaden said as he came. He hands tightened around the breasts that he had been

Knowing that she had given her lover an orgasm and the fact that his hold on
her had tightened, caused Alexis to have her own orgasm. "Ja- a-a-a-a-a-den!"
She moaned as she released from the pressure of her pleasure. Contracting
with her little death, she fell forward onto her love.

She turned and looked at him. His eyes were shining as he looked at her.
Desire was in his eyes. His arms moved around her as they cuddled in the
post sex glow. They both knew that they would have to go soon. To avoid
being missed by the teachers. But they knew that they had the power to
change things so that they could be with each other more.

'But there will be time for that after we have some more together time
with each other. Then we can get to work so that the teachers will be more
accepting of our relationships. Plus I can introduce the girls of Obelisk
to Jaden and other other boys.'Alexis thought. 'Then the real fun can start.'


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