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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 3
by C. King ([email protected])

Alexis didn't like the fact that she had to leave Jaden so soon, but she had
to sneak back into the Obelisk Girl's dorms before anyone notice that she had
been missing. She had told Jaden to make sure that he wasn't missed as well.

She held the Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh in her bag. 'It took a lot of
convincing to get Jaden to give me the book for safe keeping. But the fact is
that I have more room to hide it than Jaden. Plus it's less likely to fall
into the wrong hands if it's with me.' She thought to herself as she sat on
her bed. 'At least until Jaden conviced his roommates to respect his things.'

She hid it in one of her drawers in her desk. The one with the lock. 'Being
part of the Duel Academy elite had it's advantages.' Alexis thought. 'Too bad
that most of these elites have the personalities of jerks. Especially when it
comes to those who have to wear red. But of course, with the techniques that
Jaden and I have learned that might be coming to an end very soon.'

That turned Alexis' thoughts to the idea of who to covert to her new way
of thinking. Especially who to converted to the bed of her lover. 'Jaden
deserves a harem. He's kind yet strong, powerful yet friendly. A mixed of
different elements that make him into a greater whole. If he had been in
Ra Yellow or Obelisk Blue, the girls would be lining up to date him.'

'But the fact that he's a Slifer Red makes most people look down at him. To
ignore the good in him just because of the image that each dorm has of each
other.' Alexis thought as her minds looked at that dark path. Then smiled as
she remembered that everything was about to change.

'The question is still whom to change?' Alexis thought as she came to the
final choice. 'The best ones to share the bed that Jaden and I share are my
best friend, Jasmine and Mindy. I should be able to convert them easily. But
what method should I use?'

It was than that Alexis heard the knock at her door. A voice called out.
"Alexis, can I talk to you?" It was the voice of Fonda Fontaine, the Dorm
Leader of the female Obelisk Dorm. "I want to ask you why you didn't attend
the party last night."

'Other than it was boring and I was having more fun making love to Jaden?'
Alexis thought. But she said something else. "Come in, please." Alexis waited
as Ms. Fontaine came in and closed the door behind her.

She moved a chair to sit in front of the young student before her. Alexis
notice that the teacher before her was quite attractive. "Dr. Crowler was
asking about you. He wanted to show our guess the best female duellist in
the school. Where were you?"

In her mind, Alexis was thinking of transforming Ms. Fontaine. 'She's sexy
and looks like she might be a lot of fun in bed. Plus it might be in our best
interest to have a high ranking member of the faculty on our side.' Alexis
started to think about how to start the transformation.

But again her words were different from what she was thinking. "I was out for
a walk. Thinking about my brother." Ms. Fontaine nodded as she understood
what had happened. Alexis knew that Ms. Fontaine had been keeping her secret
about visiting the abandoned dorm that her brother had disappeared from. "I
also ran into Jaden and he had show me something that he had recieved in the
mail. From the king of games himself."

Ms. Fontaine squealed as Alexis told her about Jaden's present. "Tell me
more. I want to hear all about it. It's so cool that one of our students had
recieved a present from the King of Games himself!"

"It's a special technique that's suppose to help you with duelling. To use it
you have to look at my eyes and then I can show it to you." Alexis said as
she got ready to use the 'Eyes of Horus'.

Fonda looked into Alexis' eyes and notice that they seemed to change into a
shade of yellow and had become shiny. That was all she could think about
before she began to drown in the liquid gold of those eyes.

"Relax, Fonda. Just look into the golden pit. Slowly falling into the pit.
Lossing more of your thoughts and willpowers as you look deeper into the
golden well. As I count down from five, you will fall deeper and deeper
into the pit till you completely loose your ability to think. Loose your
free will. Five... four... three... two... One!" Alexis said as she thought
about the possiblities. She smiled as she looked at the teacher who was
completely in her power.

'Time for a change...' Alexis thought as she started on the reprogramming of
her supervisor.


'I have Ms. Fontaine under my power. With my commands in her head for future,
she will help in making the school more friendly. Plus she should be quite
the surprise for Jaden in the right moment.' Alexis smiled as she headed for
her next location. 'But now on to the next mission.'

She arrived in the hub hall that connected her room to the rooms of the other
students that part of the dorm. Which basically meant Jasmine and Mindy. Who
were sitting on one of the couchs that had been provided by the dorm.

She walked over to them and they were looking at her, waiting for news. "So
Alexis, where were you last night? You missed one great party. There were a
bunch of cute guys in suits just waiting for you." Said Mindy.

"Plus Crowler was really wanting to show you off to the bigwig that they had
invited to the school." Jasmine said, just as curious.

"Just visiting the dorm." She said, know that they also knew about her secret
visits to her brother's old dorm. "Plus saw something cool. Jaden got a gift
from the king of games himself. Yugi Motou." Alexis continued with this line
of thought. 'It had worked on Ms. Fontaine. It should work on my friends.'

The two girls leaned forward and squealed at the news. Both were fans of the
king of games as he was one skilled duellist and was consider cute by most of
the girls in the school. "Yugi is so cute. I can just dream about having his
arms wrapped around me as he whispers in my ear." Mindy said, being the more
boy crazy of the two of them.

"But what was it? And why did he give it to Jaden?" Jasmine asked as she
tried to find out the reason behind this. Jasmine was a little protective
of Alexis. She didn't see what her friend saw in her Slifer companions.
Especially Jaden.

"It turns out that Jaden actual met Yugi for a few minutes as he raced for
the entrance exam. Yugi was the one to give him his Winged Kurubo card. The
one that helped him win all of those duels." Alexis said, holding the two
girl's attention.

"He actually met Yugi!" Mindy said, adding, "I never met a person who had met
such an important celebrity. Does he had his autograph?"

"Well, he does now. Yugi sent him a package with a letter that has his
signiture on it. But it was the package that was more interesting. It seemed
to be a book that had information about Ancient Egypt. And you know the
rumours about duel monsters and Ancient Egypt." Alexis said. 'There's the
hook, ladies.' She thought to herself.

"That Duel Monsters were based on games that were played by the Ancient
Egyptian Pharaohs. That it hid a great power behind the game. Right, Alexis."
Jasmine said, her mind focusing on the idea of the games of the Pharaohs.

"It seemed to be a book on the game of Duel Monsters, especially
concentration techniques. Techniques that look to be helpful in combat with
another duellist. He even showed me a few of the concentration skills. I
think that it might be possible for me to show you those skils for your own
duelling." Alexis said as she smiled at the bait that she using.

"Sure!" The two girls agreeded as they looked direct at Alexis. Not knowing
that they had been caught by the young woman in a trap that would make them
the new lovers of a certain Slifer Red student.

"To start you have to look deeply into my eyes no matter what happens."
Alexis said as she started using the "Eyes of Horus" again. She had choosen
this method to use on Ms. Fontaine and her friends as this was the same
technique that Jaden had used on her. She wanted to share something in common
with these women in addition to the man that they loved.

Her eyes started to glow with the golden colour that was the trademark of
'the eyes'. Her friends eyes were looking into hers and started to become
glazed over as the effect of the mind control technique. Soon they were
putty in her hands.

"Relax, Mindy. Relax, Jasmine. You are falling into a wonderful pool of
golden, shiny water. Soothing water that is washing away your thoughts, your
will as you fall into it. You are diving deeper and deeper into the pool.
Losing more thoughts, more will as you relax. You feel safe and secure as you
know that your friend Alexis is looking after you. Doing that heavy thinking
for you. Making the wise choices for you." Alexis said as she brought the two
young women into their trances.

"You want me to make the choice for you. To have those heavy thoughts for you
so that you don't have to be stressed by those thoughts. Only one person is
better at making those choices than me. Who's commands you listen to above
mine. That is the man that we all love and lust after. Jaden Yuki of the
Slifer Red dorm." Alexis said as the girls watched her. They nodded in a
robotic fashion.

"In fact, you wanted to be Jaden sex slaves. Willing to do anything he says
and to fuck him whenever he wants. You will also develop an interest in
playing Duel Monsters. You will discover that you like to duel as long as it
harms no one. You will get pleasure out of duelling itself. No matter if you
win or lose. You will only try to be the best that you can be." Alexis told
her friends.

"You will return to this tranced state whenever you hear the words, Obelisk
Red. You will then stay in that state until you hear the words, Slifer Blue."
Alexis said, giving the command words that she had decided to use for the
Obelisk girls. 'If we need something different we can come up with something
latter. Besides I like the irony of the commands.'

Alexis looked back at her friends for a moment, trying to figure out what to
do next. 'Is there any other commands that I have to give them or should I
wake them up? That is the question.' Then sehe remembered what it was that
she had forgotten.

"Also girls, you're bisexuals. With men, you only lust after Jaden. He has
ruined you for all other men. But with women, you are open to anything.
Like me or Ms. Fontaine." Alexis said, she thought about her second hypnosis
subject. "You lust after attractive female, thinking about the sexual
foreplay that you can have with other women."

"Also from now on, you are members of a secret dorm. One that the teachers
don't even know about. One that is headed by our lover, Jaden. We are members
of the Slifer Red girls dorm. We are dedicated to having girls look at the
qualities of a man rather than his 'rank'. As we know a strong man like Jaden
is looked down for the unworthy idea that he is worthless for belonging to
the Red Dorm." Alexis told them.

"One of the ways that we do this is by wearing only red underwear. As symbols
of the dorm that we belong to that can also be hidden by the uniforms that we
are forced to wear. Understand?" Alexis asked.

"Yes, Alexis." said Jasmine and Mindy in monotone voices.

Alexis smiled as she thought about the fun the three of them could have with
each other. 'Time for the fun to begin.' She then spoke the codeword, "Slifer

Jasmine and Mindy started to blink. Like they had awoken from a deep, restful
sleep. Then they looked at Alexis. They smiled slyly. "You know Alexis, I
think that it's time for our bath. You know what they say. Cleaniness is next
to godliness." Jasmine said, as she thought of the fun that they could have
in the massive tub that was part of the girl's dorm.

"We could also have some girl talk. You know... clothes, teachers, hot boys."
Of course, there was now only one boy on her mind. A certain red student.

Alexis liked the direction that this conversation was going. Being a newly
formed bisexual herself, she could admit that she was looking forward to
seeing these two girls in their natural state. Things were going better than

'First, I managed to get control over the dorm leader for the Obelisk Girl's
dorm. With her as an ally, I can really start to convert the girls of the
dorm. Selecting some of the most sexy girls to share the bed with Jaden and
myself. Plus I can play matchmaker with his friends, finding them dates.
Helping his friends makes Jaden happy. A happy Jaden is a happy me.' Alexis
thought to herself.

'Plus it also helps in giving the school a new outlook where people are not
judged by what people think is the level of their skills. But on their actual
skills. A fact that Jaden has caused to appear from his mere presences.'
Alexis thought as she saw the effect Jaden had on people.

'Now ,we also have the next two members of our little secret dorm that Jaden
had started. Jasmine and Mindy are two sexy girls who are skilled in one of
our favourite activities. Duel Monsters. It is my job to see if they are
ready for the next step in being introduced to another favourite activity,
sex.' Alexis began to walk with her friends as they headed back to their

They would need to gather the clothing that they would wear after their bath.
Alexis slipped into her room, looking for the bedwear that she needed. That
got her thinking of other things that she could do to make things more
interesting. Thinking of clothes, of costumes she and the girls could wear.

She had seen pictures of the girls who lived with Yugi, dressed in various
comstumes that resembled the outfits of different female monsters. Including
one of two of her personal heroes. The former Mai Valentine, now Mai Motou.
And her husband Yugi Motou, King of Games. They were dressed as Yugi's
signature monster, Dark Magician, and his assistant, Dark Magician Girl.

"Since Yugi sent us the book that made everything possible, following their
lead in play might be a great ideas. Injection Nurse Lilly. Harpies' Lady or
her sisters. That might be a good idea for Jasmine, Mindy and I. Or I could
get for Jaden's deck and be Burstinatrix. The only female Elemental Heroes."
Alexis was said to herself. "There are multiple choices for fun. But which
to use first?"

Images of her dressed as Bursinatrix and Jaden as Avion, trying to fuse
together into Flame Wingman through an intimate form of Polymerization. That
brought some colour to her cheeks.

"Or I could dress as a dominatrix, as I get more girls under my control.
They do call me the 'Queen of Obelisk Dorm', even if I don't like it. Still
leather or PVC might raise interest in my lovers. Plus I am the likely person
to control things, after Jaden. Or course." She continued. "But what colour
should it be? Blue for Obelisk, red for Slifer or a mix of the two making a
royal purple?"

"Better get to seducing my friends for my boyfriend's pleasure." Alexis
said with a giggle. Picking up her clothes and her towel she headed for the
massive bathing chamber. Her boots clicking on the tile floors as she went.


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