Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
the rights to the Yu-gi-oh GX Series.I have no money and therefore not a
good suing target. Thank you very much. Thanks.

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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 4
by C. King ([email protected])

Alexis was standing in the dressing chamber that was part of the massive bath
chamber. She was stripping out of her uniform, getting ready to soak in the
water, knowing that her two friends were already there. Thanks to her newly
developed powers of hypnosis, she knew that those women would be willing to
have some fun with her.

'There is so much that we can do in those warm soapy waters.' Alexis thought
as she removed her underwear. She had yet to get the red underwear that she
wanted to wear. 'But it might be fun to go shopping for those bra and panties
with my friends. We could model them for each other.' Alexis thought, holding
a mental giggle.

Once she was completely nude, she stepped into the room that held the large
tub. It was full of steamy water with little bubbles floating on the top.
Jasmine and Mindy were sitting in the tub, letting the water wash over them.
They looked up to see Alexis walk over to them. Twin smiles on their lips.

"So Alexis, you're here to enjoy the water? It warm and soothing. Makes you
forget all of your troubles." Mindy said, with a smile. Alexis walked into
the tub and then took a seat so that she and her friends were sitting in a
rough triangle. "So Lexi, do you want to talk about the cute boys? There does
seem to be quite a few of them coming in this year."

"Like that Chazz Princeton. He's a hot new duellist and pretty cute to boot.
He's a cute bad boy type guy. Might be fun for a date or two." Jasmine said.

"Or there is that Syrus Truesdale. He's so tiny and cute, like a little puppy
or kitten. He's not a good duellist, but he seems to be a good guy. Like the
boy you take home to your parents." Mindy said, with a giggle. "Or there is
your friend Alexis, Zane. He's Syrus' brother and one of the best duellist.
He's cute and skills. A first class guy all of the way."

"Zane's nice, but he isn't really a first year student. Not like Baston
Misawa. He's cute, a skilled duellist and has quite the brain in his head.
Cute and helpful for the homework." Jasmine said, looking to Alexis for her

"Well all of those boys are cute in their own way. But the cutest boy in the
whole school has to be Jaden Yuki. He might not be the best student, but that
just means that you get to have plenty of study breaks with him." Alexis
said, her friends eyes lighting up as she spoke.

"I have to admit that he is very cute. In a diamond in the rough way. Lots of
potential in that boy." Mindy said, smiling.

"Plus he was able to beat Dr. Crowler in his entrance match. Few people could
be able to do that. Plus he has beaten both Baston and Chazz in duels and has
fought with Syrus in that tag team match. From what we have heard from you,
the only person to beat him in a duel is Zane." Jasmine said, impressed with
Jaden's dueling skills.

"Cute and skilled. A good combination for a boy in my opinion. But the best
part is that he is nice and a true friend. Even the cutest and most skilled
boy can be ruined by a nasty personality. Who would want to date a jerk?
Giving me a good hearted man instead." Alexis said as she started to wash
her body with a damp cloth.

"So you're interested in Jaden, Alexis?" Mindy said, starting her own
cleaning of her body. "So have you landed him yet? Are you willing to share
him with your best friends?"

"I can say that the two of us have gotten very close together in the last
or two. Plus I am sure that he is willing to let me share with my friends."
Alexis said, with a smile. "I have decided to have him become my master. To
become his sexual plaything and a member of his new secret Slifer Red female

'Normally, Jasmine and Mindy would be shocked to find out that I had decided
to become the sexual plaything of a Slifer. Even if that Slifer was the
cutest and best duellist in the entire world. Even if it was Yugi Motou
himself. But their words are hinting that the mind control that I gave them
might have changed their minds.' Alexis thought to herself as she waited in

The looks on her friends faces never changed from their smiles of interest.
Their eyes just widened a little before their eyes took on a hooded
appearance. "Sounds like you have a great deal with Jaden. Being able to
serve that cutie when ever you want. So are you going to see if your best
friends could get a piece of the action?" Jasmine said.

"Yeah, Lexi. I would love to be that hottie's little girl toy. Fucking him
hard and often." Mindy said, a hint of the naughty in her voice.

"I'm sure that he'll welcome you with open arms. You just have to find some
red underwear as part of your allegance to your master. Plus since I am his
first slave, I have seniority in the secret dorm. That means that if you
choose to join, you will have to follow my direction." Alexis said. She was
hoping that they would be following her lead.

The two other girls moved closer to their leader and friend. Soon Jasmine
was at her left shoulder and Mindy on her right shoulder. Their hands moved
behind Alexis, placing gentle pressure on her. Three bodies were touching
each other as they sat. Alexis was wondering what her friends were planning

"Here Lexi, let us help you out." Said Mindy as she picked up the wash cloth
that she had been using on herself. She then started to rub that cloth on the
top of Alexis' breasts. Moving softly, she was gliding across the wet and
slippery orbs. It was feeling good to Alexis as the rough texture of the
cloth was giving her gentle scrubbing.

Jasmine took it one step further with her own washing. Moving her hand under
the water, covered with a similiar wash cloth. That cloth was soon reaching
it's destination. Alexis' abs and her venus mound. She could feel that rough
cloth scrubbing down her to her most private parts. Including the little part
known as it clit.

Just as Jasmine was working on one of her most sexual organs, Mindy started
to rub and play with her nipples. The fact that Mindy had managed to spread
the cloth over both of her breasts in a way so that she could cover both
nipple points. Then moving one of her hands free of her back, Mindy used
both of them to tease and caress the points.

With three erotic zones on her body being stimulated, Alexis could help
herself. She let out a low, throaty moan as she was enjoying herself. 'Looks
like my friends know how to treat a girl. If they do this to me, then Jaden
in for a good time.'

"You know that we're here for you. Whenever you want us, you can have us.
We're up for anything that you could think of. Anything!" Jasmine said as she
rubbed Alexis the right way. "Just give us the good word to Jaden so that we
can be his love slaves."

"Yeah, we can even go shopping for those red underwear that we need. If we
want to be members of the super secret dorm that Jaden had created. I am
sure that we can tell each other what kind of outfit might catch our master's
fancy the best." Mindy said with a smile, as she continued to pleasure

Alexis hardly had the power to answer them as she was melting from the sexual
stimulation that she was getting. "I...I...think that a good ide...
e...ea!" Alexis could feel the pressure building from with in her, feeling
the surge of an incoming orgasm.

"Are there any other women in the secret Red Girls dorm? It might be fun
if we have some playmates to play with when we can't be with our master."
Jasmine asked, curious about any details about this new secret group that
was on the island.

" Fontaine is part-art-art of the dorm." Alexis cried out as she
tried to hold back her sexual enjoyment at the hands of her friends.

"Oooh, she's one sexy lady. Jaden's one lucky guy to have her be one of his
slaves. It certain helps with those teachers-student fantasies that everybody
has. I would love to have her play with me, if you know what I am talking
about." Mindy said, her attitude sunny at the idea that their dorm head being
a fellow follower of Jaden.

"But as members of the secret dorm, we should be able to play with each
other. It would help us please our master better if we practiced our
techniques on each other. Plus we can prepare shows with each other for
his entertain. I mean what kind of man could resist the image of two or
more girls getting it on with each other. Like what we're doing now?"
Jasmine said with a sly smile.

Alexis decided that it was time to release the pressure. She came with a loud
moan of pleasure. She could feel her cum flow out into the bath water and mix
with it. Her girls' hands pulled away from her as she could concentrate
better now. "You're both right girls. Jaden is lucky to have Ms. Fontaine and
the rest of us. We also do get to play with each other to make us better for
pleasing Jaden and for giving him some sexy shows. But of course, Jaden is in
charge. But after him comes me."

"I think that we should finish getting clean so that we can discuss your
meeting with Jaden. We want your first meeting with our master to be
exciting." Alexis said, finding another cloth so that they could get


Fonda was looking over a paper that help the list of the students that were
under her care. Several dozens of female duellist that were here to learn.
They would learn, but not what they had thought they would be learning.
'Alexis told me to figure out a way to enlighten the girls. Show them that
it is the quality of a person not the rank of the person.'

Fonda made some notes as an idea came into her head. 'With the hypnotic
abilities that Alexis showed me, I can can use that to teach them that
lesson. Perhaps in a series of interview under the banner of guidance
councelling.' It would take time to go through the entire list of subjects...
'Unless I make Alexis and her two friends into student councellors.'

'That should take care of the students, but that just leaves most of the
faculty of the campus. They wouldn't understand about the new ways of
thinking. Especially Dr. Crowler. The good doctor has it in for my master,
even if Jaden is one of the best duellist that this school has.' Fonda
thought as her mind switched to the image of the young red duellist.

Fonda sighed as she thought about her young master, the man that she now
desired above all other. 'So young and firm, so much potential to be unleased
under the right hands. When Alexis gives me the word, I will be able to
unleash all of that potential.'

Fonda had other duties than just being the dormmistress of the blue female
dorm. She was also the teacher of the gym classes for all of the dorms,
heading the sports and physical fitness clubs. She was also the school nurse.
So that she had read much on the physical form, including the sexual use of
the body. The idea that she could teach her student lover as his more mature
teacher all about his body, made her hot.

Plus there was the idea of the other women that would be sleeping with her
master. Instead of making her jealous, it also increased her sexual desires.
Especially for the second in command of the harem, Alexis Rhodes. 'Such a
well build body on the flower of womanhood, with perky breasts, lucious legs
and tight waists. Reminds me of myself when I was her age. I would love to
show that body how to move.'

This got Fonda so horny that she needed to release the pressure that was
building up in her body. Moving the tight and sexy dress that she liked to
wear up, so that she could reach her most private parts. She moved down the
blue panties that were popular in the Obelisk, thinking in her mind that she
should really replace that with the red panties of her new dorm. Using the
middle finger of her right hand, she stuck that into her cunt, sliding down
the narrow passage.

She could feel the wonderous feeling of her body reacting to the touch
that she had learned to use. 'Mmmmmm, that's good. All of that reading had
improved my love life. I should teach Alexis these moves, if she is going
to be the number one of the harem. A mistress of a harem should know how to
pleasure her master and her sisters.'

Her finger started to move in and out of her pleasure hole. She used the
edges of her nails to hit the nerves of the pussy so that her enjoyment might
be highten. Fonda's mouth opened into an O shape as she could feel the sexual
jolt. She could feel herself get wetter and wetter, as her body built up the
erotic energy.

She slowly slipped in another finger as she boosted her sexual pleasure to a
higher level. With two fingers manipulating the clusters that were in her
pussy, her moans got higher. Making her glad that her rooms was more isolated
from the general population on the girls dorm, making it hard for the girls
to hear her sighs of joy.

Then she dared to move it to the next level by slipping in her third finger.
Nails touching her like a musician playing an instrument with the lightest
touch to bring out the puriest sounds. Her moans were faster and louder as
she could feel the growth of an orgasm. Only one word was on her shiny red
lips. "Ja-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-den!!!" she cried out, her master being the
only thing on her mind as she was having her orgasm.

The cum flowed over her fingers and onto her hand, her panties. Pulling her
fingers up from the minor mess that was below her, she started to lick off
the cum that was on them. 'Mmmmm, nothing like the taste of sex. each with
it's unique flavour and form. Mine does have a unique taste to it, but I am
sure that it is no match for the cum that will come out of Jaden's cock. Or
the white gold that is waiting for use in the pussy of Alexis.'

She got up and knew that she would have to clean up her office so that no
one would noticed that she just had some wild masterbation here. Still the
thought of seducing Jaden in this environment or something similir in the
school did make her pussy twitch. Using a wet cloth she washed out the mess
that was on her chair. Once she removed her underpants and threw them in a
prepared container, she rinsed around her pussy to make it leas messy.

'I am going to need a nice hot shower to make me more relaxed. I have to get
ready to make my rounds in the dorm, to make sure that there isn't any boy
seeking in or girls sneaking out other than those I know about.' She thought
with a smile thinking of Alexis and her trips to the abandoned dorm. Which
would soon get an addition with Alexis sneaking out to be with Jaden, as
would anyone else who was JAden's slave would do.

'I wonder what Alexis is doing? I am sure that she had introduced her two
friends into the Slifer girls dorm. So that means that they are likely being
given a special treatment.' Fonda imagined the three girls having their way
with each other, each one thinking of their master.

'Perhaps I should keep and eye on them.' Fonda thought as she headed for her
room for new clothes, perhaps even a new pair of underwear.


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