Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
the rights to the Yu-gi-oh GX Series.I have no money and therefore not a
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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 6
by C. King ([email protected])

Jaden sat down with the four men that happened to frequent his dorm room.
Syrus Truesdale, brother to one of the most powerful duellist in the school.
Syrus was one of Jaden's bestfriends. They had a relationship that was closer
than Syrus and his brother Zane.

Chazz Princeton has been one of Jaden's rivals when Jaden has started the
school year. Chazz had been in the Blue Dorm, but after being defeated by
Jaden and Jaden's friend Baston, Chazz had left the school. He later
returned, only to find that as a transfer student he was to stay in the
Red dorm.

The third man was Jaden's roomate along with Syrus. Chumley Huffington, a
young man that resembled a koala. He had been failing classes for most of
his time at Duel Academy, but Jaden has encouraged him to work.

The finally member of this quintet was Baston Misawa, the genius of the Ra
Yellow dorm. The only Ra in their group to be exact. Baston followed the
rules of logic when dueling, calculating the weaknesses and strengths of
his deck and the deck of his opponent. He kept six main decks of each
element. All scientifically themed.

All four of the men sat in a circle of five with Jaden. Each one of the men's
eyes were opened and glazed over. Under the control of Jaden's hypnotic 'Eyes
of Horus', listening to the commands Jaden gave them.

Jaden took a deep breath, then went over the commands that he had just given.
'I've told them to accept any sex play that might occur in the school as
perfectly normal. To accept that Alexis and myself are a couple and that they
are not to try and date her.' Jaden thought, trying to make sure his sex life
would be protected from any trouble from his friends.

'To try harder in their duals and to have more fun while having those duals.
I have even added command words that should place them into a trance state
when ever me or Alexis speak them.' Jaden tried to aid his friend. Things
were going as planned.

Then his PDA started to go off. 'I didn't expect this, but it should be too
much of a problem.' Jaden moved to keep from affecting the men that he had
gathered. He then activated the digital device, the miniscreen delivered a
picture of Alexis.

"Hi, Jay-love. I have been hard at work, trying to get you a surprise or two
for you. Something that you might be able to enjoy when I am not with you. I
thinking that my surprise might be just perfect for you to enjoy. When you
are alone or when you are with me." Alexis told him in the digital image as
it played. She gave him a playful wink and stick out her tongue cutely.

"All you have to do to pick up your present is to come to the place that we
discovered our new duelling method. I'll be there waiting with your present.
I hope that you'll have as much as I think that you will be." Alexis then
blinked off of the screen as it turned to static.

Jaden smiled as he thought about what kind of present that he would be
getting at the cabin where they had hypnotized each other using the Strength
and Wisdom of the Pharaoh. 'The only way that I can find out is to take care
of things here and then head out to the cabin.' Jaden thought.

He moved to get back to his male friends. He would wake them up and then tell
them that he had to go out and practice by himself in the woods for a while.
Convincing them to not wait up for him.

Meanwhile, in the cabin...

Alexis took a look at her friends as they settled on the top of the bed in
the teacher's room. Mindy and Jasmine were dressed in the costume that
Alexis had designed for the very purpose that they were here for tonight. The
introduction of the two women to Jaden to join his harem.

"So you two will be alright waiting here for Jaden? I have left signs leading
to this room, so that Jaden will know where to find the two of you. I would
love to join you in your introduction to our master, but I have a few other
things that I want to check in with." Alexis said as she looked at her
friends wait for Jaden.

"We should be alright, Lexi. I am sure that we'll make Jaden's night. We know
that your just planning for the best for our little group. We'll have time to
get together with each other, over and over again." Jasmine said with a
quirky little smile.

"Yeah, Lexi. Besides, you might still be able to make it back to us for a
possible four-play action." Mindy said, giggling at her joke. The joke
brought smiles to the faces of the other two women that were in the cabin.

"I better go now and leave Jaden to you." Alexis said, as she moved to leave
the cabin and head to the girl's dorm room. She had a certain teacher to look
in on. She nodded and left, trying to avoid being seen by anyone. She didn't
want Jaden seeing her and getting the wrong idea or being spotted by someone
that might object to their new lives.

The two other girls just laid down in a manner that they thought would look
sexy to anyone that might come into the cabin. They talked in low whispers so
that they couldn't be heard. It also allowed them to keep their ears alert,
so they could detect Jaden's approach and get ready for that.

It was a few minutes later that they heard a noise coming from where the
front of the cabin was. The sounds of a door being opened. Knowing that
someone was about to come in and hoping that it was Jaden, they got ready
by making sure that their finest features were offered to the man that
would be entering the room.

Jasmine, thinking that her breasts were her finest features, moves so that
she was facing front. Her tits being thrusted out so that Jaden could get a
good look at them. Mindy, believing that her ass was the best that she could
offer, move so that her booty could be seen shaking. Mindy also added an
effect where Jaden could get a good look at her long, firm legs.

They waited as they heard the footsteps of some entering the cabin. Then the
door to the bedroom opened. A figure in a familiar haircut and red jacket
came in. The girls sighed inside as they saw that it was, indeed, the man
that they had been waiting for.

They saw as Jaden's eyes widened as they saw what it was that they were
wearing. To but it simply, Jasmine and Mindy were dressed in ribbon, and
only ribbons. There were different forms of ribbons that crossed over their

Ribbon wrapped around their necks with a little bow below their faces, then
moved downwards in two strands. The ribbon crossed their breasts, with a
couple bows where their nipples would have been. Those two strands continued
till they merged at the sight of a bow over their pussy. A single line of
ribbon then flowed over their groin till it climbed up their back to the
original ribbon choker.

To accent the ribbon that crossed their body, they also wore ribbon on their
arms and legs. Ribbon wrapped around each foot of the two girls, like a
slipper, that split into several strands of ribbon that laced up their shins.
Said threads almost reached their knees.

The palms of their hands were wrapped in ribbon as well that moved up to
circle their wrists. After the wrist, the thread spilt into more threads that
laced up their arms to their elbows. It left a sexy image to be seen. The
fact that it was all in Slifer Red was sure to hint to Jaden that this was
the present that Alexis had left for him.

Jaden stood amused for a few seconds before he got a hold of the situation
that had presented itself in front of him, "So I take it that you two are the
present that was promised me?" He said with a wide smile.

"Well, we aren't here waiting for Crowler." Mindy said, with a slight giggle
at the idea of the strange man stumbling across the scene they had here.

Jasmine rolled her eyes at the comment, but still continued with the game
they were trying to play, "We're your present, Master. Gift wrapped for your
pleasure. All you have to do is unwrap your gift."

Jaden took a look at the complex pattern of ribbons, looking as if he was
trying to figure out how to unwrap the presents that he had been given. But
his words spoke of another problem, "Which one of you should I unwrap first?
I don't know if I can choose between the two beautiful woman that I have here
in front of me." His voice full of a sense of honesty that made the girls

But it did bring up the idea that they would have to prove to Jaden that
they were the one that had to be unwrapped first. Each one of them trying to
figure out how to impress Jaden. That brought them back to the features that
they thought might gain the attention of the man they wanted to have wild sex

"If you untie me first, you can play with with my sexy titties all that you
want." Jasmine said, her hands moving to her breasts and moving them in an
attractive and stimulating manner.

"But if you do me first, you can give me a spanking for misbehaving with that
Crowler crack earlier." Mindy said, as she used her right hand to slap her

Jaden thought for a few long seconds before he spoke again about the choice
that he had finally made in the matter of the two girls. "I think that I will
try Jasmine first before I try Mindy." Jaden said as he saw the light enter
the eyes of the former girl as she smiled and the sexy little pout of the
latter girl as she knew that she would have to wait.

"So Jas, how are you going to pleasure me today?" Jaden asked, knowing that
the girls were thinking of ways to entertain him with their sexy bodies as
they had sex with each other.

"How about a good old fashion titty fucking? Letting my massive jugs tickle
your cock as I try my best to suck you off during that." Jasmine said as she
presented her breasts to Jaden as if she was expecting him to inspect them.

"I guess that I'll just have to watch and play by myself as you two have all
of the fun." Mindy teased as she giggled at the idea of her playing alone, at
first. She got up gracefully and moved to one of the chairs in the room as
Jaden approached the bed.

Reaching the resting place of the red-headed woman that was before him, he
began to unwrap her ribbons as she moved to accent her body in a sensual
manner. Red ribbons bagan to unfold from the body that they had been
containing just seconds before hand revealing a nude that was ready for the
act of loving.

Jaden smiled at the lovely woman that he was with though he was a little
guilty that he was leaving Mindy out of the fun. He thought to himself,
'Perhaps later I can play a few games with the two of them.' Jaden then got
to work with his own unwrapping as he took off his clothes. He was helped
with this by the excited Jasmine who stripped him quickly and yet did not
harm his uniform.

A newly nude Jaden then looked into the eyes of his next conquest and softly
kissed her lips as he introduced himself to her passions. The kiss became
deeper as Jasmine placed her arms around Jaden's neck. It was a few minutes
before Jaden broke off the kiss and spoke, "So let's get to know my present
better, perhaps even giving my present a gift?" Jaden said, grinning from
ear to ear.

Jasmine slide down the bed so that her heaving top half was closer to the
resting place of his manhood. As it stood erect in the air, Jasmine could
only sigh at it's impressive nature before she moved to start what she had
promised her master that she would do to him.

Using skills that would not be out of place for a dancer or a gymnist, she
moved into a laying position that held her upper torso up so that her body
was over the prick that had been provided. She moved with skill and grace
so that the penis was enfolded into the cleft of her bossom. A gentle warm
was radiating from her body that gave the sort of feeling that Jaden had
found another part of the body that was similar to a pussy.

Straining her muscles she moved her body so that her breasts would move in
the way that she would want them to. Up and down in a pattern that would
bring sensitive pleasure to her lovers sex rod. While this was going on,
Jasmine would try to lick and kiss the tip of that same rod so that she
could taste the fresh precum that Jaden would be unleashing.

While this was going on, Mindy was watching the event from her front row
seat. As a new bisexual and slave to the star of the red dorm, she could
enjoy the body of the Slifer and the assests of her Obelisk roommate. 'Boy,
I am lucky to get to see two hotties in action.'

Mindy carefully moved the ribbons, not wanting to unwrap until Jaden was
ready for her, but enough so that she could get a couple of fingers into her
pussy. She wanted to simulate the feeling of having her master's cock in her
pussy as she saw the erotic show that the two others were performing. Staring
with one finger she used it to scratch her sexual itch.

Back with the two lovers, the action was beginning to get more hot and heavy.
The breasts were moving in a more rapid tempo as they moved with speed up and
down the cock as they wiggled in the air. The young Red student could only
enjoy the show as he saw the tits swinging back and forth as they moved in a
hypnotic way.

Looking up from the boob play, he could see that Mindy was enjoying herself
as well even if she had been left out of the initial fun. She was ramming
three fingers into her pussy with great speed. Only her thumb and pinkie were
still out of her honeypot as she used her other hand to manipulate the ribbon
over her right tit in a rather teasing manner. All of this sexy in the room
just caused Jaden to moan out loud as he was having fun.

'And to think that they didn't like me that much when they met me the first
time when I was sneaking over to the girls dorm.' He thought to himself as he
felt the pressure slowly build in his lower half, waiting for the moment when
he would free his load onto the girl that he was with at the moment.

"It won't be long before I blow.' Jaden thought as he continued to get into
the sex.


Asuka had been trying to look for Dr. Banner as she wanted to place him
under control so that he wouldn't object to Jaden's late nights with his
new 'friends' when he left the dorm room. But the good doctor seemed to be
skilled in avoiding detection as she kept missing him.

Giving up she left and headed back to the main building only to bump into
Chancellor Shepard himself as he seemed to be enjoying a nighttime walk under
the stars. Not being one to miss an oportunity, she leapted at the chance to
place him under a trance which she did.

By the time she arrived back at the blue dorm she had the head of the school
being okay to the 'extra-curricular' activities that would be occuring around
the school once she and her lover used their powers to change the minds of
the student body.

'Beginning with the student bodies of the girls dorms. With any luck I
can find a few more special friends for Jaden to meet.' Alexis thought to
herself, humming a little tune as she entered her dorm.


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