Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
the rights to the Yu-gi-oh GX Series.I have no money and therefore not a
good suing target. Thank you very much. Thanks.

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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 7
by C. King ([email protected])

Jaden could feel his cock fill up with the man cream that he was trying to
hold back so as to make the loving last longer. The breasts were jiggling in
a way that kept turning the master on as he was having his fun with Jasmine.
All of this was happening while Mindy was finger fucking herself while
watching the live porno show that was occuring before her.

"Okay, Jas, you had better get ready. Am about to give you a show of the
white stuff in a few seconds." Jaden said as he got ready to release himself
all over the young Blue that he was titty fucking. Time was limited as he
could feel him time about to come. He was glad that he knew the secrets of
how a man could come multiple times a night though.

"Oh yeah, Master! Squirt your sexy cream all over my boobs. Make them glisten
with the special essence that only you can have. Make me a dirty, dirty girl
that needs to be cleaned up in a bad way!" The red head said as she talked
dirty to the master, trying to get him to feel the sex. She was even licking
the helmut of the cock a few times as she try to encourage Jaden.

The young duellist was trying to find the right moment for the orgasm that he
was about to have, looking for the moment that Jasmine would enjoy it most.
Seeing that Jasmine was about to buck in a mini-orgasm herself, he knew that
it was about time for him to let go of it. With a soft moan, he squirted out
a stream of cream that covered the face and breasts of the redhead.

As this was happening, Mindy was having her own orgasmic experience from just
viewing the two of them. Her three fingers were soon dripping with fresh cum
that she had released from her honey-pot. Taking those fingers up to her
mouth, she licked at the sweet taste that of her own body. One that she
wanted to share with her new master and her own best friends.

'It looks like Jas is having fun with our mutual lover.' Mindy thought to
herself as she saw the other woman rub the cum into her skin and licked off
the white goo that was covering her body. Mindy even jealous about the fact
that her friend was having the taste of the cum on Jas' lips. But Mindy knew
that she would be up next.

Jaden spoke to Jasmine then, "Why don't you shower up to get clean while I
take care of Mindy, then the three of us can have some fun with each other
once we are all back together." Jasmine just nodded, got up and headed for
the bathroom. As she did that, Jaden wiped himself clean with a cloth. Then
he turned to Mindy and smiled in a way that lit her up.

"So now it's time for you to pay for that Crowler crack that you made
earlier." Jaden said as he called over the brunette blue so that she stood
before him, feeling a little shame face as she waited for the punishment
that her master offered.

"Now, you lay yourself over my lap with your ass in a place were I can get to
it." Jaden said as he sat up and neared the edge of the bed so that she could
fit over his lap. She followed his orders as she lay, ass up, on his thighs
as she wiggled her butt trying to be cheeky.

"Now this is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt... Well I think
that it might hurt you a little bit more than it's going hurt me. I just
wanted to be nice to you." Said the new Master as she raised his hand into
the air in preparation of his discipline. With a great amount of speed and
strength, Jaden struck with a firm swat of the twin white curves on her

It stung for a few moments as pain flowed from her rear up her spine to
her brain, revealing the sensation of being hit. Then there was a tingling
sensation that was slowly becoming pleasurable to the young blue woman as
she experience her first spanking in a long time. She was just getting use
to the feeling as the next swat of her ass was given, followed by another
quick swat!

Jaden seemed to have some strange skill in the art of spanking as he hit with
a firm stroke yet was able to hit in a way that she could feel the pleasure
with the pain of the punishment. He continued giving her a swat, swat, swat
of her ass. She could feel herself getting horny from the actions of her
master as he gave her the treatment. She could actually feel her but get
redder and redder as it continued.

It was all that she could do to moan out the unusual mixed of pain and
delight that she was feeling as her master gave her a disciplining that she
needed as a slave to his desires. Jaden gave more swatting of the ass of the
brunette before he seemed to change his movements. He started to tenderly rub
her ass with a soft motion that was removing the pain, while leaving the

"Of course with punishment must come caring if you are going to learn your
lesson. That's why I am giving you a little bit of tenderness so that you can
feel better about the whole situations." He said as he rubbed the ass of his
second lover, trying to get the feeling of kindness into her rear end so that
she could 'feel' better so that they could have more fun later.

It was getting harder for her to hold back the small flow of cum that was
running from between her legs as she was feeling the joy of having a caring
master to watch over her. She knew that it wouldn't be too long before Jaden
could feel the flow on his own thighs as she came quietly. She looked up as
she felt the skin of her master feel wet and saw that he was smiling in his
own way.

Mindy could only smile in return as she felt the love that her master felt
for her and the rest of his harem as she moved to get up at the signalling of
his hands. She could also feel her clit twitch at the sexuality of her master
and the control that he held over her. It was just a few moments later that
Jasmine returned into the room with the two other students in the way of

Jaden wiped himself off again and then wiped the cum that had been dribbling
down the leg of the brunette blue. Jadne continued to smile as he said, "It
is time for me to decide that it is time for me to choose which woman it is
that I am going to pussy fuck first tonight." He began to look over the two
woman that now stood before him and the bed.

As the stood, they began to pose for him as they tried to influence him into
choosing her over the other girl even if she was the other's best friend.
Boobies were thrusted, booties were shakened, legs were stretched so that one
could see the firmness of the limbs. Each girl was trying to out do the other
in a contest of sensuality of each of the attractive woman that were spending
time with Jaden.

Such a great show it was that the master was having a hard time just picking
one of the girls that were before him. But he knew that he could only fuck
one pussy at a time with his cock as even the 'Wisdom' could help with that.
Still he was having trouble deciding on his partner for the next dance on
their card of sex. His mind was focused on the next move that he would be

So it was with a final choice that he picked, "Jasmine will be first than
Mindy will followed her on my manhood." Jaden had made his choice and now had
to live with it for the night. Jasmine reacted excitedly as she jumped up and
down with her joy, making a rather erotic display of herself. Mindy could
only give a sexy pout as she felt a little disappointed that she had not been
choosen to be first on.

"Of course that leaves Mindy to have her own pussy eaten up by myself. I need
a little energy to continue with the night and I think that she will be just
the ticket to keep me energize for the night." As he spoke, Mindy's face
turned bright again as she knew that she would also have her own first with
her master while her friend had her own first.

Jaden slid back on the bed so that he would be in position so that he would
be ready for the double fucking that he had arranged. The girls crawled up
beside him as they moved into their own position in the action that they were
going to undertake. Soon Mindy was at the head of the bed with his own head
and Jas was by his waist and his cock.

They moved in on their selected loctaions of pleasures, ready for their own
action. Jaden face was shadowed by the kneeling form of the brunette as her
wet pussy was raised above his mouth. A little bit lower was a reflection of
that girl in the opposite direction as Jasmine was also kneeling with her
pussy hovering over his erect cock.

Both were just waiting for the signal from Jaden telling them to begin with
their sexual olympic event they were going to do. The wait was just on this
side of unbarable as they all wanted to feel the fucking groove. Time seemed
to freeze as they waited for the perfect moment for sex and lust to comsume
them, to give into their baser natures for the night.

With a words less signal with his hands on their skin, Jaden told them that
it was time for them to begin their intercourse for the night. The girls fell
down upon him and his twin tools of cock and tongue for the purpose of erotic
delights. Jaden's tongue diggged deep into the depths of the pussy, sucking
on the juice that was dripping out of that sacred hole.

His cock was standing still as Jasmine thrusted up and down his body as she
played with herself to keep herself stimulated so that she would keep cumming
for her lover. Jaden loved the sensation of her cunt closing around him as he
had her bounce on him. The two girls were trying their hardest to make him
happy and even make him come.

Jaden's hands had started off on the thighs of Mindy as he held her steady so
that she would be in the right spot for maximium sex, but those hands moved
to the body of the other girl as well as he tried to maintain contact with
both girls. While he tried to keep his skin next to their skin, he could feel
the pressures build deep within his balls.

"I know that it's only a matter of time before I come again," Jaden thought
to himself as he felt himself get into the activity. "I don't know how long
it will be before I come yet again. I best try to make the most out of it."

But he was not the only one that was trying to keep the energy flowing, as
each girl was trying to keep the other as horny as possible as they continued
their fun. They were touching each other's breasts as they giggled and moaned
in a way that was keeping Jaden very interested in the women that he was
having his way with.

The pressure kept building as Jaden knew that the girls were having as much
fun as he was having with them. He knew that he would have to have a minute
or two of rest after he came for the second time that night, but he still had
a lot with in him that was just waiting to come out.

Jaden's groans forced themselves out on the pussy of the brunette, as his
tongue slipped out to play with her clit. He knew that his time had come,
time for the finally for now. Holding back till he could feel a little bit
of unpleasentness from the pressure, Jaden released himself with in the cunt
of the red hair woman that he was with. As he did that, he thrusted up and
hard into the depths of Mindy.

The girls came shortly after that as they fell on top of him softly. They
were all satified for now and were just waiting to get their energy back
before they continued with the next round of their love making. Jaden just
enjoyed the feeling of the woman that were laying with him, as he thought
about what his first and most beloved lover was doing at that moment.

Meanwhile in the girl's dorm...

Alexis was reading a new catalogue that the school had been given in
preperation for the big school festival that the school held every year. Each
dorm would try their best to have the best event for the day, with the blues
usually over doing the rest of the dorms. But the red dorm did have a good
idea of a costume play duel where people would dress as their favourite

Which was why Alexis was reading the costume catalogue, trying to figure out
who she would be dressing up as. Then the idea that some of these costumes
might also work for other 'uses'. In here mind was a split screen between
outfits she could wear to the festivals and others she would wear for her
lover and master.

"The best costume to were to the festival would be the 'Harpy's Lady'
costume as that is sexy and the fact that Mindy, Jasmine and I could go to
the festival as the 'Harpy's Lady Sisters' as a matched set. But there are
some other costumes that might be of interest. Like Dark Magician girl or
Injection Angel Lily if I want to play nurse and patient with Jaden." Alexis
said to herself, as she continued to look the book over.

An idea of a more erotic version of duel monsters entered her head as she
thought about some of her Cyber Sporty girls making love to his Elemental
heroes with Burstintrix joining in for the fun between the two decks. It
caused her to sigh softly as she enjoyed the mental orgy.

But Burstintrix did give her another idea that she might try and share with
Jaden when they had some time to get together. Another type of costume that
didn't have anything to do with the game of duel monsters. Something more
like the outfits that she had developed for her friends for use tonight.

'An outfit that I can were that screams sex, but can also be used to mark my
place as the head of Jaden's harem. Something that says that I am Jaden's
number one partner. An outift that says that I am Jaden's yet have my own
control.' Alexis thought hard on the type of outfit that she was going to
need to make for that to become true.

'Of course, I will have to place Ms. Dorothy under control to get access to
the material for the outfit that I want to make. She does run the school
story and has access to all of the material that comes on to the island from
the mainland. But once that is done we should have the equipment that we
would need to make a little love nest for the rest of us.'

Alexis set down the book that she had been looking in and then took up
another book of a completely different sort. It was a sketch book that she
had used to design the costume that the girls had been wearing tonight. Made
of ribbons and lace, it had been a surprise that it had turned out so well.
Or looked as good as it had on the two women that lived with her.

'Now I just have to see if I can continue with this luck streak and create
the costume that is inside my mind and be able to make it work. Especially if
I am going to use that material to make the costume out of. I don't know much
about working with it, but I can learn more about it.' Alexis thought to
herself as she pictured herself in the shiny material that she had selected
for the design.

'Then there is the question of colour. What colour should the outfit be like?
Blue for Obelisk, red for Slifer or purple for the combination of the two
dorms? Or something completely different that didn't involve the ranking
system of the school. I wonder?'


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