Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
the rights to the Yu-gi-oh Series.I have no money and therefore not a good
suing target. Thank you very much.

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Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 15
by C. King ([email protected])

Yugi finally made the choice of which of the two women that he wanted to have
sexy with first, the choice between experience and the virgin. The choice he
had made was, "Serenity, we will be going first. Vivian, you can prepare your
pussy for me while you watch the two of us make love with each other. I hope
you don't mind?"

"I think that I can manage while the two of you go at it. Besides, I know
that you want to save the best for last and next to Mai, I am the best."
Vivian said as she head for a chair that was in the room and took a seat
that would allow her to be comfortable. She also took the seat in a way
that would allow her easy access to her pussy, so that she could masturbate
while watching her master and his other slave go at it.

Serenity pouted for a bit before she smiled and spoke, "You're just jealous
of the fun that we're about to have with each other once I give myself
completely to Yugi." Serenity then moved closer to the bed that Yugi had been
sitting on as he had watched the two of them strip. She kneeled before him as
she kissed the tip of his cock as the beginning of her sexual experience with
the king of games.

Rising, she gentily lifted him up as she lay down on the bed so that he was
standing up in front of her. She whispered, "I think that you might want to
ride on top of me so that you can have full control over me, my master." Her
eyes sparkled as she said this, daring him to try and take her from above.

The multi-coloured hair youth was surprised by the action of the young women
but he was willing to try what ever it was that she was willing to do for her
first time. He wanted to make it special even with her being his slave. He
started by kissing her on her legs, trailing himself up her body as he
occationally switched from leg to leg as he slowly made it up to her hips.
Her hips and the resting place of her pussy.

Once he had made it to the pussy, he started to kiss that and lick at the
clit that was standing up from sexual excitement. He was not trying to eat
out her pussy as he was not in the mood for that at the moment, but he did
want to get her engine roaring before he entered her and took her maidenhood.

Another reason that he was doing the licking of her pussy was to try and make
her flow of cum become greater, hoping that the extra lubrication would make
it easier for her hymen to be broken with out causing her too much pain or

'I don't want Serenity's first time with sex to be an unpleasent experience.
I want her to have the most pleasure she can under the circumstances, with
out any intense pain that might come from this action.'

Cum started to flow from the cunt as she shivered in delight, the channel
becoming more flooded and easier to enter with a certain male organ. After
taking a circle around the little nub to bring a moan to her lips, he kissed
up her belly making sure to do a little licking around her belly button.

As he continued up her body, he began to her breasts which he started to suck
and nibble on the tit tips. As he did this he was getting ready to move into
the position that he would need to enter her. He rised up from licking her
breats, he hovered in front of her with his cock standing erect over the
pussy of his partner.

"Now Serenity, I am going to have to warn you that it might be painful and a
bit blood when I take you for the first time." Yugi told her as he notice
that she was trying to catch her breath, showing that she was loosing control
over herself. Continuing, "I can go a little more slowly so that you can ease
into it, even placing my cock in you with care so that you can get use to it
before you tear your hymen."

"Whatever you think might be best for me. I trust you to make the right
choice for me, master. You have always been a caring, kind persona and I know
that you will try to make me the happiest women in the world." Serenity said
in a breathless voice. Yugi nodded as he understood what it was that she was
saying. He realized in that moment how much power he had with the women in
his life, the control over them that also meant that he had a responsiblity
to them as well. He had a duty to them to make them feel good as well as make
them happy with their life. He did have Mai to assist him with these duties,
but he was the head of this team and had to do hard work to make them
successful. He knew that he would have to look this over when he could, but
first came the love.

Meanwhile, in another part of the room...

Vivian was watching closely as she moved her fingers to her breasts so that
she could massage the nerves that stood in the fleshy mounds meant to feed.
She was trying to hold back from playing with her pussy so that she could
save it for Yugi's complete use after he had finished with the younger girl.
She was also very pleased by the actions of her master as he moved up
Serenity's body to bring her pleasure before he gained his. It was few men
who would have thought about doing that before he got his own pleasure from
the women that he was with.

Still she was getting a good feeling from both her touch and the moves of her
lover. It was even better than watching Mai and Tea playing with each other
when the three of them were together before the king of games arrived at
Harpy Duellist's apartment.

She was even having a little bit of a waking daydream while this was going on
where she was in the place of Serenity, being pleased by the sexiest man in
both of their worlds. 'I wonder why it is that destiny had kept us apart for
so long before we finally met each other since we have been meant for each
other. With the other sexy ladies as well.' The asian champion did have
another waking daydream where it was the three of them that were making love
with each other, with both Serenity and Yugi focusing on pleasuring her.

She was still paying a little attention while Yugi was trying to make it
easier for Serenity, who had been up to this point a virgin. Serenity seem
to be very trusting of Yugi expressing his kindness and caring. From what
she had heard from the duelling circuit that was the correct way of looking
at Yugi, having close and strong friends who supported him during all of his
duel. Even having a friend that was an up and comming duellist who even
duelled him in Duellist Kingdom, something that was usual in the cut throat
world of duelling.

But the fact that he was close even to a rival duellist did speak to her
that he would be be willing to have a health relationship with a duellist.
One where they can battle against each other and still come away as lovers.
Vivian could only hope that she could be that kind of person when she duelled
him or her fellow loveslaves.

It did make her think about what would happen if they made the duels that
they would eventually be having with each other for fun, into something that
would be more sexual in nature than the games that occured in tournment.
Perhaps a game of strip duelling could happen every now and then, perhaps
something like duel sex which would use the game to decide actions that would
occur during love making.

'Those ideas do have interesting prospects for a family that is made up of
duellist, such as ours. Still it won't beat sex as plain or as dirty as we
want it to be between all of us. I should get back to the show that Yugi
and Serenity are showing me.' The asian champ thought as she played some
more with her tits.

Back with Yugi and Serenity...

"Try to relax a little before I do this, it might make it easier for you to
loose your hymen when I enter into you. With any luck this might not be as
painful as I think." Yugi told her as he slowly lowered himself down on her
so that his cock fit in the little tunnel that nature had provided. Serenity
bit her lip as she tried to prepare for the pain that Yugi had told her would
be coming with the end of her virginity. She had fantasies of things like
this, she was a mature women of fifteen, but she had not expected it to occur
just in the way that it had happened.

But now was the moment that had been only in her sexual fantasies, she could
feel the slowly movement of the cock into her. It inched up slowly taking
it's time before it reached something that seemed to stop it that she could
feel. It was a little tender from what it was that she was feeling, but Yugi
was trying his best to be gentle as he pushed on it. Then she felt the break
and the jolt of pain, which caused her to release a sound of discomfort.

Yugi looked at her as she opened her eyes after making that noise, as he
asked, "Are you all right, Serenity? I didn't hurt you to badly? I can stop
if you want to wait a little bit before we continued." Serenity was touched
that he was focusing on her first before his own pleasure, it made her sure
that she had found the perfect master for her to live her life with.

"I'm fine, Yugi. I guess that I wasn't expecting it to feel this way when it
happened, but not that it's over I am feeling a lot better. I think that I am
starting to get use to the feeling of your rod in my little pussy." Serenity
told him with sassy grin and wink as she lay underneath him.

"Well, perhaps I could make you feel even better than you feel now, to take
away all of the pain that I have just brought you." Yugi said as he moved his
fingers across her body, seeming to focus on points that were on her breasts
as kissed her on the mouth. It was strange, but it was really helping her
lose the feeling of pain and gain the feeling of pleasure instead as he
touched and kissed her.

Then she felt him move with in her as he moved himself in and out of her,
with an unusual movement of the prick so that it twisted inside the canal
hitting her in a way that was making her wet and horny. She decided to move
her hands so that they sat on his back so that she could feel the man that
was making sweet love to her as she felt him touch her. She tried to return
the favour of his playing with her body by giving him a mini massage while
they had sex.

She also tried to use her pussy muscles like she had read about on the
internet to guide the cock inwards when it entered and outwards when it
exited her. She also tried to use those muscles to milk the cum out of his
cock, to fill herself with his man seed. She thought to herself, 'I'm glad
that mum made me take a precaution of birth control when I started to have
my monthly visitor. I have been taking it regularly, so I shouldn't be
getting pregnant to easily.'

But it seemed that Yugi was skilled in keeping himself from coming as they
continued their excerise, but it was not equal as Serenity was having an
orgasm from the stimulation that Yugi had been providing her. Serenity could
also hear the moans of their other partner as Vivian was masturbating herself
off with the image she was seeing of Yugi and Serenity together. In her mind
Serenit thought, 'I wonder if I will be doing that when Yugi has his way with
Vi.' Then Yugi did something with his cock that caused her to loose all
concious thought.

Suddenly, Serenity the thinking human being had been replace by Serenity the
wild sexual animal as she began to fuck Yugi wildly. Her fingers returned to
her chest as she began to play with herself and with the fingers of her lover
as she tried to increase her own pleasure from her first experience with such
sensuality. Her cunt contracted with more force as she could feel both orgasm
and overstimulation of her sex drive by her master.

Then she felt the thrust of fluid filling her most privates of places as Yugi
grunted out a small moan as he came. The mixture of her own coming mixed with
the knowledge that she had made him come as well made her yell out a
triumphant, "Oh God, YES!" She could feel Yugi fall gentily on top of her as
he lost his energy for the moment, both of them weak from the sex that they
had just had with each other. Each satified with the joy that they had
brought each other.

Meanwhile, back with Vivian...

Vivian had made herself come a few times as she watched her master and the
virgin go at each other with a wild abandonment as they explored each other's
body. But now was the moment when the two of them had finished with their
orgasms and had to take a moment for each other to regain their strength so
that they could move to the next part of the night's activities. The part
when Vivian would be given a chance to have her way with her master after all
of this time.

Vivian was surprise to see that Yugi was up and moving after a few moments
of rest on top of the younger woman that he had just enjoyed. He got up and
walked to the bathroom as he mentioned, "I'll think that I'll clean myself
up and then get a few clean sheets to use before the next round. After I am
done, Serenity can clean herself up and I can show Vi a good time. If she
moves quickly enough, Serenity should be able to see the show." With that
Yugi left the room, but he didn't leave the thoughts of Vi.

'If I was him, I would be going to have a shower to clean the cum and the
blood off me after having sex with our untouched flower. I guess that Yugi
hasn't thought about the possiblities that could occur in the bathroom
between lovers.' She thought to herself as she was on the horns of a choice
that could changed the night's direction.

She made her choice as she got up and move towards the bathroom after Yugi.
As she did that, Serenity turned to look at her as the reddish hair woman
asked, "What are you doing, Vi?"

Vivian smiled at the girl as the martial artist said, "I'm going to give Yugi
a little surprise and make sure that he comes out sqeaky clean so that the
three of us could have some fun togther before we join with the other three
for the rest of the night." Vivian gave a little wink as she headed into the
bathroom, ready for some love making underwater.

The room was a soft shade of rose that seemed to be designed so that one
would be soothed by the colour when you did your washing of your body and the
other manners. The room had both a bath and a shower for use, but she was
drawn to the shower from the sound of the water washing down from the head.
She could hear the splashing noises of someone that was trying to clean

Moving to one side of the room that contained linens, she picked up a soft
wash cloth that had been sitting there. Then she moved to the shower like she
was hunting prey with in jungle, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting master
that was in that little room within a room. The clear glass door had fogged
up from the heat of the water in the average temperture room. Vivian knew
that Yugi could not see her coming, and she loved it. She opened the door to
see Yugi jump and said, "I was wondering if you wanted me to wash your
back... and other hard to reach places."


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