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characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
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Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 16
by C. King ([email protected])

Yugi had been standing in the water while he felt the soothing feeling of it
wash over him as he felt the warmth of the fluid of life, getting ready to
begin the process of cleaning. He also had to search out the supplies that he
needed as this was not his home even if it was the home of his lover, so that
had taken a little time. But just as he was getting ready to begin, he was
startled by Vivian opening the door of the shower and suggesting that she
help him.

The spikey haired man was a bit surprise at the action of Vi as he had been
expecting her to stay in the room and wait for him to return after he washed
himself, cleaning off the fluids that he had been covered in after taking the
virginity of Serenity. The fact that she had the mind to come in the room
with him and suggest that she would be the one to clean him off, made him
realize that even as a slave that many of the women in his life had quite
inventive minds.

The asian champion had already moved in the shower chamber with him and
closed the door again as the two of them stood snug together, the water
flowing over them as Vi soaked the cloth that had been in her hands. She
also gather the soap from where Yugi had placed it, and made suds with it
in a quick, firm lather. She then took the time to rub the soap covered
cloth over his body with a soft motion that was also firm in touch, as she
caressed his body with the bubbles and foam that was meant to make him a
cleaner person. To him the action of getting cleaner was becoming some more
sexual in nature the more time that he spent with Vi.

Nimble fingers crossed him as the nails glided over him taking the dirt and
dead skin with it, making way for new shiny skin to take their place. The
former model did his arms and legs first, making sure that she stretched them
out first so that she could get to the hard to their hard to reach places.
Then she turned to his torso, making sure that she could reach his front and
the back with great ease as she did so. It was a great feeling to have
another person, especially a woman, go to the trouble of washing him.

But it was not too long after that she moved a little bit lower down his body
and moved to his manly region, taking another step in making a simple action
change from ordinary to sexually charged. She began to wash around his sex
organs in a circluar motions that made the hair that was growing there suds
up, with giving him a tingling feeling in his cock again. But he managed to
force it to remain in it's deflated state, that was until the asian wonder
started to clean that part of his body with a smooth and sexy rubbing.

He couldn't help but let out a moan or two when the tip of his cock was being
shined by the touch of his latest lover, while she used the lower part of the
cloth to make his balls coated with soap. Soon she had made his entire body
filled with suds and that was when she put down the cloth and picked up the
removible shower head. She then sprayed him down with the water, removing all
of the bubbles and dirt as the water flowed.

He was now clean, but then Vivian picked up the cloth that he was originally
going to use to clean himself and passed it to him. She then said, "It's time
for me to become as clean as you, baby. Go ahead and make this dirty girl
good and clean. I'll help you make sure you clean the most dirty spots on my
body, if you can't guess what those parts of my body might be." She said as
she fell into a little giggle.

Yugi took the cloth and used the bar to coat it with a light lather of foam,
preparing for the job that he had been given to make the other duellist a
clean girl. He started with where she had started, with the limbs of the
woman, only to find that she had a limber body when she raised her leg and
held it parallel to him. He spoke up, "I guess that you get that kind of
ability when you practise martial arts all of the time. It does come in hand
when you want to wash." Yugi smiled as she returned it and nodded.

It didn't take too much time to go over the limbs and make them covered with
the small bubbles of the lather. That made him started with the torso like
she had done with him, but in this case it was a little more tricky as she
had some additional dirty parts that he did not have. So he would have to
make sure that he tried to save those areas to last, which lead him to
beginning with her back at first as he tried to figure out the next move he
could make with her. To decide with naughty part he was to wash first, tits
or pussy? Finally, he decided to go with the former first and the later

The King of Games knew that he was not as skilled with the touch that the
asian champion, who seemed to have magical fingers when she had been touching
him causing him to use his skills in orgasm control to hold himself back. He
did have to try to make the woman that was one of his lovers feel good while
he was washing her in return for what she had given him during his washing.
So he tried to remember some more of the tricks that he had learned from the
"Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh". Tricks that could be used on the
sensitive breasts of a woman, to fill her with sexual joy.

He used a light touch with his fingers, sliding over the breasts with the
cloth in a firm motion as if trying to remove some more solid dirt. He when
over each breast at least once to get a feel for the large orbs that were
meant to feed babies and attract men's eyes. He then focused on one of the
tits over the other as he felt the softness of the sphere, moving in circles
around it slowly reaching the centre of it where the nipples stood erect.
Using the edges of his own nails, he stimulated the body of his lover enough
to cause her to moan out his name.

Then he started to tease the nipple with the cloth as he held on to her boob
in a way that would make her feel double pleasures as he made her clean. She
continued to moan out, "Oh, Yugiiii! Yugi, babyyyyy!" Vivian seemed a little
confused as she was divided between moving in close to him and just staying
where she was and letting him do his magic to her. It wasn't long before he
finshed the first breast, but that still left him with the second breast to
which he began to play with.

He used the same tricks on this breast that he had used for the first one,
using his fingers to bring delight to his partner while driving her wild at
the same time. As he finished up with the final breast, he moved closer so
that his head was level with her breasts and blew on them with his lips
pursed. With his lips in that position, cold air blased against her nippled
making them shiver with the sudden blast of cold in the hot shower. She
gasped in suprise at the feeling that he was giving her with his mouth
without even touching her.

As he did this blowing on the tips of her aerola, he moved his clothed hand
secretly down her tight stomach to the clit that was already beginning to
rise with the sexual excitement of the woman that he was touching. Both in
a physical way and in a sexual way, as he could hear her moan out his name
in pleasure, "Yuuuuugi ! " Suds slowly coated the female sex organ just as
she had covered his tool with the same soft soaps that now coated it. Teasing
her in two ways at once was causing her to loose all words as she just began
to let out mewing cries.

Then he slipped into the depths of her pussy as he 'tried' to make that as
clean as he 'was' at that time. Faintly he could smell the scent of cum mix
with the soap's banana coconut mixture. He had selected that fragrance as it
was the only truely unisex soaps that he could find in May's bath room that
wasn't a flower or even more fruity smelling one.

'Not surprising given the fact that Mai is a girly girl in many ways even if
she can be tougher then most men. Most of the women in my harem seem to have
mixture of beauty and strength in their make up. Standing up to evils like
Marik's dark side, who had to be one of the world's greatest menaces, with
thier lives and souls at risk. It makes me proud to have them stand with me.'
Yugi had to admit as he started to get another thought in his head. A dirty,
filthy thought that would fit in the shower chamber.

He took Vivian into his arms as the soap made the two of them slippery and
kissed her lips passionately. He slowly moved his hands up and down her back
as if he was massaging the soap into her skin, as his hips moved closer to
her body as well. Erect penis circled the pussy of the woman as it played
with the clit for a few minutes before it drifted down lower to the opening
made for it to enter.

Moving his tongue into her mouth as the same time to muffle the cry, he
slipped his sudsy cock into her soapy cunt. The foam's natural slippery
nature made it act as luberacation, allowing for an easy entry into her
hidden chamber. He let himself feel the pleasure of the slick feeling of
his cock in her which was only added to by the bursting of the bubbles in
the form. She tried to vocalize her pleasure, but it was softly blocked
by his tongue which took the some of the sound. It made his own mouth
shiver with delight as he enjoyed his first shower fucking and his first
time with Vivian.

Her hands had moved to his back and thin fingers were touching him with
something that felt like a massage. It was obvious that she had some skill
in this area as he felt himself getting relaxed in his back and yet cock
muscles became tighter. He could even feel the tips of her nails sink into
his flesh with pinpoints sensations of pain before those faded into pleasure.

Yet as he continued to move in and out of both her mouth and pussy with a
smooth motion, those nails sunk in deeper and even began to scrap him with
minor cuts. He thought to himself, 'I'm glad that the Wisdom has a formula
for an ointment that will cause those wounds to heal quickly and without any
kind of scars. It also can be used to make the skin soft and smooth for
tender touching. I have to remember to give the recipe to Vivian and the
other girls for their own use.' Soon enough, his thoughts were back on the
woman that he had before him and the sexual position they found themselves

Vivian was trying to get more vocal, but his smothering of her mouth with his
kept it from getting too loud. He was also trying to do something that he had
not done before, trying to stimulate a woman's nipples with his own version
of those nibs. He rubbed his flat chest against her more rounded front, the
strength of their embrace and the slickness of the soap making it strange yet

It was a surprise when he felt something flow out of the honeypot that he was
planting his sword deep within. It seemed that he had managed to give Vivian
an orgasm, something that he was getting more skill in. It made him feel good
that he could make a woman feel so much pleasure. Such a feeling certainly
aided him with feeling sexualy excited and ready to come. Just like it was
doing now as he could feel the pressure in his tool build up inside. He knew
that he would soon have his own orgasmic experience in response.

Holding on to Vivain as tight as possible, he surged into her and released
the payload of his own personal missile. She jerked just a little, like she
was hit by a small electrical shock with caused her clawed nails to slice
quickly into his flesh as she moaned loudly. They backed into one of the
walls of the shower as they tried to remain standing with the release of
their sexual joys.

It took a few seconds for them to get their strength back up from their
action. Slowly seperating from each other they tried to catch each other's
breath. As the first one to catch the breath Vivain asked, "Should we try
for round two or just shower off and join the others?"


While hiding behind the door as she kept out of sight, Serenity was also
getting her own sexual joy watching the pair of Yugi and Vivian from behind
a blurry glass door. It was true that the details were not much to see, but
it was still an erotic idea to fuck while having a show. The idea was enough
to bring her fingers to her own pleasure box and to the valley between her
young breasts.

Her pussy still had a slick mixture of blood and juices, but that was slowly
being coated over by new juices. Her first time had been a mixture of pain
and pleasure, but now she was only feeling pleasure as she dug deeper into
herself. She knew that she would need to clean up the blood that was on her
body, but she also wished that Yugi's shower with the asian champion wouldn't
end for her own reasons. The majority reason was that it was like looking at
a sexy bit of forbidden porn, something she had done once or twice to learn
more while making sure to avoid revealing that to her mother. It didn't help
that it was at a time that she was losing her eye sight.

Now her eyes could feast on the playful, yet dirty sight of sex between a man
and a woman. She thought to herself, 'I just want to experience that kind of
fun with Yugi again, but this time I won't have the pain of my cherry
popping. It's only going to be pleasure from now on, unless I decide that I
like a little pain. I'm also curious what it's going to be like to have sex
with a woman? Looks like Vi is going to be my first female lover, but Mai and
the others are sexy enough to make sure I'm never bored.'

It then looked like Yugi and Vi had decided to finish with their cleaning up,
rather then continue with their sexual play. They were still rubbing each
other's body with a cloth as they moved the shower head from it's resting
spot so they could rinse off. Serenity slowly slipped away from the doorway
so that she wouldn't get caught being a female Peeping Tom. She moved to get
the sheets off the bed so they could be washed and made a note to put on some
stain remover so that her blood woundn't ruin Mai's sheets.

So the man of her dreams and the women he had sex with walked out of the
bathroom with towels on to hide their bodies, which was ironic given what
they had been through together. The younger Wheeler spoke up, "Guess it's
my turn. I'll try to make this quick so we can have more fun together."

She entered the shower and could smell banana, coconut sex. Wanting to smell
like her other lovers for just a little while she took that soap and started
to lather herself up for her own cleaning. Then she would have Yugi and
Vivian together and perhaps even the rest of the girls if the night allowed


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