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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 4
by C. King

Mai thought about her choices and realized that she had a final move that she
could make that might be up to the challenge. She certainly didn't use it
much, but those she used it on did love it. "I think that I have one last
move before the end games. I hope that you enjoy it, My Pharaoh." Mai said as
she moved Yugi on to his back.

She moved herself into position over his cock. Hovering there with her chest
over the genital region, she lowered herself down. Till the length of Yugi's
cock was caught in the valley of her cleavage. Mai smiled as it seemed to
fit. "I hope that this is a hint of things to come." She said, as one of her
hands that wasn't being used to support her in this lying position was moved
the breast that was holding the hard prick.

To Yugi it was like his cock was resting in firm, velvety pillows of flesh.
It was quite the sensation. And that was before Mai started to manipulate
them.Her hand went to work in a slow fashion. Moving the breasts right and
left, while at the same time moving them up and down. Like a rippling feeling
that was sucking his cock in and out of the chasm that it was resting in.
Letting a little bit of it out, only to have it get sucked back into the home
it had found.

That had all happened slowly... at first. Then Mai took the tempo up a bit.
She started to move her hand quicker as it moved right, let, up, down, in and
out. Like an erotic video game that was made for his pleasure. It felt like
she was milking his cock with her breasts, turning her cleavage into a kind
of pussy that was fucking him. Then he shifted so that the tip of his penis
started to poke out of the top of the bouncing breasts.

Yugi groaned as he felt the enjoyment of the act, only to moan in pleasure
as Mai took it up a level. She started to give him another blow job as she
licked the tip of the prick. The slightly abrasive nature of her tongue on
his cock left a tingling feeling. The licks continued for a couple of motions
before Mai moved on to a sucking action. She took the end of the penis and
kept it in her mouth as she moved her breasts in a more and more rapid pace.

Yugi definitely had to say that this was Mai's best trick in her sexuality.
'I'll have the remember this when ever I make love to Mai.' Yugi thought as
he enjoyed the moment. He could feel himself building with pressure. He used
the mediation technique that he had learnt. To focus on the moment of
perfection so that he knew when to release. It seemed like an eternity to
Yugi, an eternity of pleasure. But he knew in his mind that it was only a
few minutes. But he knew that it was the time. When Mai took the tip of the
cock into her mouth, he sent off his stream.

Mai enjoyed the taste as her cheeks inflated a bit to hold the cum that was
coming in. She tried to swallow as much of it as she could. She was doing it
well as she swallowed the cum down her throat. This time, she managed to keep
all of it in her mouth. The cock slide out of her mouth as it went flaccid
for the time being. A slick trail of cum and saliva flowed from her mouth to
the cock and down her breasts.

"That has to be one of the best sexual acts that I have experienced. Thank
you, Mai. Still I have some more tricks up my sleeve. But I do want to get
to the end games. So I think I'll move to the final moves. But first, I
think that it might be time to clean up the tools. Then we can move to the
finishing moves." Yugi said, motioning to the bathroom.

Mai smiled as got up and moved to the bathroom for some wet, cooling cloths.
She was only gone a second before she was back with the wet cloths. They
cleaned up. Mai washed her face and then moved to her breasts that had been
covered as well. Finally, she cleaned up her mound of Venus. But she used
deliberate movements so that it took on a more erotic roll.

Yugi's cleaning took a focus on his cock, which was an erotic act in and of
it's self. But the motions that Mai made with her cloth was starting to give
him new strength. He hands moved the cloth in circles over her tits, making
them jiggle in a way that was warming to a man's lusts. Then she took that
cloth and moved it to her cunt. And she seemed to be masturbating with the
cloth over her fingers.

'I guess that clean can be sexy.' Yugi thought as he and Mai tossed the
cloths. 'Still, it's time to get down and dirty once again.' He stood before
the bed with Mai. They looked at each other, trying to figure who would make
the first move. Who would be the one to be on top. For Yugi, it didn't matter
as the Wisdom of the Pharaoh had pointed out that one could be in control on
both sides of the act. So he waited for Mai's action so that he could tell
what she wanted.

Mai smiled as she placed her hands on Yugi's shoulder. With a gentile push,
she made Yugi sit on the bed. "I guess that it's my move this time. The
first one to cum is the loser of this little sexy duel. So let's move to the
battle." Mai said, as she lowered herself down on his lap. She slipped
herself on top of his cock. "Hmm," She said, adding, "It's a perfect fit for
me. I guess that we were meant to be, My Pharaoh."

Yugi smiled at this idea. "Yes, you we meant for me." Yugi placed his hands
on Mai's firm globes. He moved his fingers in ways that would bring moans to
his partner. Touching pressure points on the orbs that would bring her
pleasure. And Mai did moan.

With each moan, Yugi could judge the reaction. Then move to increase it. A
simple flick of the tip of the nipple, the grazing the edge of the side of
the breast, or even a simple massive massage of the globe.

It was then that Mai made her move. While still moaning out, "Ohh, Goooddd!
Yuuugiiii! Dooon'tttt Stop-op-op-op!!!!", Mai started the trick that was her
best pure sex move. The trick that she had with manipulating her vagina
muscles so that they massaged Yugi's cock. She also pulled Yugi's cock in
and out of her cunt Trying to milk that cock for all of it's worth for a
third time.

Yugi screamed out, "MAI-AI-AI-AI-AI!!!" He knew that Mai was trying her best
to make him cum first. But Yugi knew a few tricks that should be able to gain
him the winning move in sex game. And he was the King of Games, after all.
That should include all games, even the sexual ones. He moved his hand off
one of the breasts and placed his lips against the aureole of his lover.

Bringing a sucking motion, he began to twitch his lips. His tongue tickled
the point of the tit, as he released his moans. The moans cause the breasts
to vibrate, adding another erotic element. All of this was going on as he
moved his other hand on her other breast in the same moan causing motions.

Plus he had his spare hand in motion, as he moved his fingers across her back
in the same manner as he had with her boobs. Hitting those pleasure points
that were placed on her back. Tracing down the back, heading for that firm
place that he had yet to touch. Her tight ass. The many blood vessels that
were in the largest muscle also hid many points that he could use to make her

But with that same sixth sense the Wisdom had taught him, he waited for the
point that would cause her the greatest orgasm. That and the ability to
suppress his sexual stimulation would allow him to win the day. He waited
for the moment, and then pressed forward with his own sexual attack. He
pressed his fingertips into the firmness of her rear muscle. Mai cried out

Yugi could feel the flow of juice coming from the cunt as Mai continued to
fuck him. It was beginning to sound like she was rising and falling on a
wave. Feeling that he had made his point, Yugi came as well. He let go his
greatest orgasmic blast. He fell back as he finally felt the fatigue that
came with the various sex acts that they had performed with and to each
other. Mai fell as well on top of him, his cock still in her cunt.

"You have to be the best lover I have ever had. You have ruined me for all
other men. You're the only man for me from now on, my Pharaoh." Mai sighed
as she snuggled up to Yugi.

"Yes, Mai. And you have been all I could expect from a lover. But now it is
time to rest up for the next day. Who knows what adventure that might bring?"
Yugi said, adding with a sly smile. "Or what games it might bring as well."

In the apartment, the next morning...

Yugi was taking a shower, as he let Mai sleep. 'That had to be the most
amazing night that I ever had. I never knew that sex could be as amazing an
experience, Yami.' Yugi thought to his invisible companion.

"Yes, I know that it can be quite the experience. That's why Pharaohs tended
to have large harems for their... relaxation and well-being. As well as for
producing heirs and keeping the fields fertile." Yami said, as he hovered
over Yugi. "It is a great start to your sexual adventures and games. But the
question is have you thought about the possibilities of further sexual
conquest? Perhaps some additions to the harem?"

Yugi stopped at the moment as he thought about other women that he could
bring into the harem. The thoughts turned to his first crush, Tea. 'I wonder
what sex with her might be like? Perhaps she might be able to bring in her
dancing experience into a more sexual role. Stripping and lap dances might be
the order of the day with her. Then there's Joey's sister Serenity. She's as
innocent as I was before I read the way or had my encounter with Mai. Who
knows what I can teach her? Perhaps I can mold her into a great lover for
only myself?'

"Still there are others. Like Ishizu Ishtar, who's family has served the
Pharaohs for centuries. The fact now is that this is just another way to
serve the Pharaoh or his reincarnation. It might be interesting to have such
a mature presences in the harem. Plus she might be able to help us with the
Memory Stone." Yami said as he moved on to the next point. "Still, there are
other female Duellist out there that might make another good addition to the
harem of Yugi. We have to keep our eyes open."

Yugi smiled as he thought of the women that he could welcome into his harem.
As he did, he heard the shower door open as a nude Mai entered the shower.
She picked up a wet sponge and a bar of scented soap. She rubbed the two
together and started to suds up Yugi's body. "Thought that we could have some
extra fun getting squeaky clean with each other." She said, as she moved the
sponge over Yugi's chest. Fingers caressed his nipples as he accepted the

"I think that could be arranged." Yugi said, Picking up his own soapy sponge
and starting to wash Mai's firm chest.

Hovering next to the sexual couple, Yami thought about what he was regaining
from Yugi's use of the Pharaoh's way. "I can not believe that Yugi has made
a passage into manhood. But what was strange was that when he had sex, it
brought back a couple of memories of my own sex life. But I can't tell him
that. He might waste his time with meaningless sex trying to get my memories
back. It would be best if we tried to do this natural. At least until we can
get back to the Memory Stone."

"Still it is quite pleasurable to experience sex again, even if it is just
through memories or through the experiences of my Aibou. Still, I wonder who
it is that Yugi might try to seduce or mind control next for the harem. If I
was a betting man, I would place money on Tea. Yugi has been having fantasies
about that girl for a while now. The image of Tea and Mai have relations in
front of my Aibou is one that gets me quite excited." Yami said with as smile
as he watched the sexual action in front of him. "I wonder what Yugi is going
to get Mai to wear today as he meets his friends? I hope he uses a spell to
make things look normal."


Yugi was going to meet with his friends. He was followed by Mai who was
dressed in a new outfit. One that matched more of Yugi's style. She wore a
light blue blouse that was the same colour as the Dark Magician Girl's
corset. Over that she wore a purple sleeveless vest which was complemented
by tight purple shorts, with a black belt hanging off her shapely hips. She
added to the look with thigh length black high heeled boots. She also wore
black elbow length fingerless gloves that has been trimmed with light
lavender and red gem on the back of the hand. To finish the look she had a
chocker that had a gem with the pentagram symbol that was part of the Dark
Magician Girl's outfit.

In many ways, Mai looked like a darker, modern version of the traditional
Dark Magical Girl. Mai was happy that they had time to shop for this outfit.
The idea that she looked like any version of a duel monster card was making
her hot and horny. 'But to save it for Yugi. I don't want to spoil this
outfit. Plus it might be fun to see what Yugi's cheering section think about
this new look. Especially, Tea. That girl is hot!' Mai was holding the arm
of Yugi with one of her own, moving close to him in a way that suggested that
they were more than friends.

That's when they met the other at the cafe. At first, their eyes opened wide
at the sight of them walking together. They seemed about to react, when
something came over them that made them adjust their behaviour. Then they
acted like normal.

"Hey, Yugi. How's things going?" asked Joey as they all sat down. On Yugi's
left was Mai, on his right was Tea. The hint of jealousy was crossing her
face as she looked at Mai.

"I've been fine. I have been reading a lot about ancient Egypt, trying to
learn more about Yami. But I have found a great book about the wisdom of the
ancient pharaohs. It helped with my confidence and has improved my life."
Yugi said as he mentioned what had happened. Leaving out the fact that he
and Mai was lovers. He had told Mai that it might be best to hide that fact
until he had time to let his friends adjust to the idea of Yugi and Mai.

"So Mai, what are you planning to do next?" Tea asked, curiosity dripping
from the voice.

"Well, I had been thinking of moving on to the next Duel Monster's
tournament. But then something in Domino has caught my eye. So I have been
thinking of creating a home here in the city to be close to that special part
of my life. Plus a woman of my skills and abilities should be able to find
work that should pay for the life style that I am use to." Mai said as she
sat beside Yugi. What no one saw was the fact that she was rubbing her foot
and leg against Yugi's.

"Any hints about that special thing?" Tristan asked, curious about this
change in Mai.

"Now, that's a secret!" Mai said, as she placed a finger to her lips.

After that, the conversation turned to other topics. Duel monsters, Battle
City and school work. From time to time, Mai would make a hint of her new
relationship with Yugi. Lingering touches on the arms, moving towards the
young man and other simple acts of attraction. But the other ignored it.
Soon the conversation was moving down.

"Hey Yugi. Me and Tristan are going to check out a big duel between a couple
of the junior league duellist. Thought that we give them a few hints from one
of the finalist for Duellist Kingdom and Battle City. Wanna come?" Joey asked

"I wish I could, but I have to pick up a few things for Grandpa and Mom at
the mall. Perhaps after that I might be able to make it to the arena. But
that will depend on what Gramps and Mom have for me next." Yugi said.

"Hmmm, there might be a few things that I might be able to get from the mall.
I'll give you a lift in my car." Mai said, following Yugi's lead.

Tea jumped in. "If you guys are going to the mall, I'll go with you. I hear
that there are some sales at the mall."

Instantly, Joey's and Tristan's changed. Yugi could see what they were
thinking. First there was the fact that Mai was a bit of a wild driver when
it came to her convertible. Then the were the well known fact that Girls plus
Sales equals Men holding piles of packages. "Er..Er.. Tristan and I have to
go quickly. Can't miss the beginning of the duel. See-ya, Yug. Hope that you
make it out alright." The two young man left in a rush.

Which had been part of Yugi's plan to get Tea in a place that he could use
the power of the Eye of Horus. 'While Mai is driving the car and programmed
to ignore some of my actions, I can use the Eye to place Tea into a trance
similar to the one that I have placed Mai in. One that has happened, I could
look into her mind and use it to developed a method that would remake her
into my next concubine.' Yugi thought as he he got ready.

Speaking out loud, he said, "I guess that it's time for us to head for the
mall then."


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