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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 5
by C. King

Yugi sat in the front seat of Mai's car as the women got in as well. Joey and
Tristan had already left for the Duel Monsters match that had wanted to see.
A match that would allow them to avoid the "shopping" trip that he had hinted
with. What they didn't know was that he was shopping for something that
couldn't be picked up at a mall. He was girl shopping.

Knowing that it was time to act. As Mai started the car, Yugi concentrated
on the Eyes of Horus. His eyes took on the metallic golden glow. "Tea, can I
tell you something?" Yugi asked, prepared to spring his trap.

"Sure, Yugiiii..." Tea said, as Yugi turned and locked eyes with her. Eyes
that were golden and flickered with an inner light. A pulsing light that was
digging deeper and deeper into her mind.

"Isn't it relaxing to look at the pulsing glow of my eyes. Easing things as
you go deeper and deeper into the glow. Knowing that you are in the trusting
hands of a good friend. A friend that you dearly trust. One that you know has
your best interests at heart." Yugi said, as his eyes glowed with inner

"" Tea said as she was growing
under the entrancing power.

"You trust me with out a second thought Tea. Trust me to make your choices
for you. Trust me enough to surrender your will to me. So my will becomes
your will. My words becoming your thoughts." Yugi spoke. As he did, he felt
the car move slowly to it's next location.

"Trust...Yugi...choices...surrender will... Yugi will... my will...Yugi's thoughts." Tea repeated as the words buried deep into the mind of
the young woman. The hypnotic powers growing stronger in her.

"The light is flowing through you. Changing you. Making you part of the
light. Making you happy and free with the light. I am the source of the
light. I own and control the light. Since you are part of the light, I
own and control you."

"I light...Yugi source...Yugi control light...Yugi controls me..." Tea
parroted back. In her mind the thoughts of trusting Yugi, obeying Yugi, that
Yugi made her happy harden link concrete. Building a firm structure of mental

"Tea, you are attracted to me. I am the most attractive man that you have
ever seen in your life. You also have great trust in me, a belief that I am
here to help you. As such, you have fallen in love with me over time. I have
become the great love in your life. Your desire for me is greater than you
have ever felt for a man."

"Love Yugi...desire Yugi." Tea spoke entranced. A smile crossed Tea's face as
she felt the tingle of sexual desire. The change was revealed to Yugi as it
had been with Mai. Yugi knew that it was time to move with more commands.

"You desire pleasure, Tea, great pleasure. And the greatest pleasure that
you can gain is to obey, please or pleasure me. That brings you unbelievable
pleasure." Yugi spoke, then adding additional commands. "You are also
attracted to women. Women also bring you pleasure equal to the level that
you gain from obeying, pleasing or pleasuring me. You will refer to me as
Pharaoh while we are alone or with another member of the harem. Like Mai."

Yugi continued, "Also if I say the words, "Sleep Time Tea" you will fall
back into this trance state. You will only awake when I say "Wake Time Tea".
Finally, you will have a fetish for the idea of Duel monsters. You will gain
sexual pleasure for dressing up as what you think a duel monster lady might
look like in this era. Understand?"

Tea repeated the commands that she had been given as it firmed in her mind.
It had begun to be firm in her mind. She smiled as her new vision of pleasure
was made clear to her, now and forever.

Yugi took a deep breath, and then spoke. "Wake Time Tea."

Tea woke from her hypnotic sleep and smiled at Yugi. "So Yugi, what is it
that you wanted to show me? I'm sure that it would be most interesting.
Perhaps I could return the favour." Tea said with a hint of slyness. She
was trying her hand at seducing him.

"I have something at my house that I want you to look at. Then perhaps we
can share it with what it is that you want to show me." Yugi said, continuing
with the flirting. Yugi turned to Mai, "Mai, can you take us back to my

"Sure thing, Yugi." Mai said as they headed for the home.

Later, at the Turtle Game shop and Motou home...

After looking around for his elders, Yugi found a note that they would be
out for a while. Fortunately, even if they were to come back, they would be
excepting of the women that he might bring back to his home. The question
was what to do next. He wanted some alone time with Tea. But he might want
to bring Mai in at a later time as well. But what could Mai do while he was
having his way with his first love Tea.

The idea of Mai masturbating while he was making love to Tea was an idea. But
he didn't know how long he would be, and masturbating that long might tire
her out. So he needed extra time. So Yugi put an idea to work. "Sleep Mai
Concubine. Sleep Time Tea." Yugi spoke the command words that would place the
girls into the hypnotic trance that he had placed them in before.

"Mai, you will go to my room and wait for me to arrive. You may do anything
that might entertain you until I arrive." Yugi hoped that would keep her
entertained as he had many things that dealt with Duel Monsters. Including
some detailed, illustrated books on the topic. Then he turned to Tea. "Tea,
you will forget that I was going to show you something. Instead, you have
come to seduce me and then make love to me. You will make sure that it
includes a seductive, erotic dance."

Each girl nodded and made clear their understanding. When that occurred,
Yugi gave the waking commands. The girls shook awake and moved. Mai headed
upstairs to look for Yugi's room. Tea, on the other hand, was looking at
Yugi with desire in her eyes. 'This is going to be fun.' Yugi thought.


Mai found Yugi's room, and was surprised at the apparent youth of the room.
No posters of women that might be seen in most teens room. Or mess that might
have occurred. It was neat and tidy. 'I wonder what Yugi is keeping up here.
There must be more to this than what is seen.' Mai started to look through
the room carefully, looking at what was there. There were some interesting
books on Duel Monsters that she wanted to look at. Still, there had to be

Mai did some more snooping and then found something hidden in a pile of
puzzles. It was a book that had been hidden in one of the boxes. The book
looked old and had a strange title. 'The Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh.
What a strange title.' Mai looked inside the book and noticed the different
techniques that were in the book. Both sexual, mystical and hypnotic. 'I
guess this is where Yugi got all of that skill in sex. I wonder if I can use
this myself.' She read on.

Back downstairs...

Tea was trying to think about what it was that she needed to do next to get
Yugi in the mood for making love to her. 'I can believe how long I ignored
how sexy he was. I have to do something special to make it up to him. But
what can I do?' She thought about her skills that might be used to interest
Yugi. She remembered that he greatest skill was her dancing.

'Not only can I use it to make Yugi hot, I can get some extra pleasure out
of it by stretching my dancing skills. But what kind of dance could I try?
A dance of the seven veils might be erotic enough, but I don't have the
veils for it.' Looking over her possible dances, she came to the one result.
'A basic erotic stripping dance will have to do. Perhaps even giving Yugi a
lap dance as well.'

"Yugi, I want to show you some of the moves that I have learnt. I want your
opinion on my dancing skills since I know that I would get an honest answer
from you." Tea said as she moved to the stereo to put on the dancing music.
Suddenly, a thumping beat started to rise from the speakers. Tea moved to
the centre of the floor, and struck a pose. One hand on her waist, the other
pointing towards Yugi at the chair that he had sat down on. Then she began
to dance!

Her pointing hand rose up until it pointed in the air, then she moved her
hand through her hair. As she did that, she shook her hips with the music.
Her second hands moved up up her body, lingering on her firm breasts. Her
second hand went through her hair. Then she moved her hands up and down her
body as she shook her hips. She paused for a second from the hip shaking,
to lean forward towards Yugi and then moved her chest. A slight jiggling
motion crossed her boobs as she tried to get Yugi's attention.

Then she moved back to the shaking of the hips, but with bringing one of her
hands to the side and wiggling her fingers. Her second hand was at her belly,
moving around in circles in a sexual way. Her bracelets were making soft
jingling sounds as she moved her hands. She then threw her hips to the side,
with each thrust she moved closer and closer to Yugi. Then as she got closer,
she moved quicker and quicker. Her hands started to roam her entire body.
Moving faster and faster with the beat.

Then she froze, her hands going out and raising up towards the sky. She let
out a sly smile as she licked her lips.She moved her hands to the end of the
halter top that she was wearing. She pulled up on the edge of it, flashing a
sight of her tight abs. She played a little game of peek-a-boo with her
belly, each time rising higher and higher up her body. She soon rose it above
her head revealing her pure white bra, a simple lacy thing. When the shirt
was over her head, held in her hands, waving it around in circles. Then she
threw it towards Yugi. It missed.

Hands moved over the body as she continued the dance. Then one hand moved to
her face as she placed on finger against her lips as if she was a small child
about to do something very naughty. She then moved her other hand to button
on her short pants. Undoing it, she moved the zipper down. She shook her hips
as she moved the pants down her long, luscious legs. It soon hit the floor
and she lifted her feet out of the shorts. Socked feet slide the shorts over
the floor.

Then she turned around from Yugi and bent over. Showing Yugi her ass covered
in the girly white lacy panties that she was wearing. Then shaking that
around. She then rose and turned around, lifting her leg in the air in a near
vertical split. Bending the leg she took hold of her sock and took that off.
She repeated the process with the other leg. Grabbing both socks off the
floor she threw those socks behind her, away from Yugi. She then looked up at
Yugi and then moved closer to him, dressed only in her underwear. A wide
smile on her lips.

Meanwhile upstairs...

Mai was reading more and more of the ancient text that she had before.
Fortunately, for her she had always had a knack for speed reading. She was
able to read quickly and memories that information that was locked in the
book. Especially some of the techniques that could be used to alter a
person's mind as well as techniques that could be used to please her master,
the Pharaoh as the book called him.

It was not hard for Mai to figure out that she had been altered with the
knowledge that was in the book. Yet she did not care. 'I haven't felt this
good and wonderful in all of my life. If I am under a spell, then I don't
ever want to wake up from it.' Mai thought to herself, adding, 'Still, it
might be nice if I could alter things so that they could even be better.'

'Yugi seems to be collecting a harem starting with me and Tea. The books
also recommends that there should be a queen to the harem to control the
collection of women that were born to serve the Pharaoh.' Mai thought as
she re-read that section. 'If there is to be a queen of the harem, it might
as well be me. With this books secrets, I should be able to take that role
with Yugi and Tea. I can also use it on those who enter the harem at a later
date. The question now becomes what kind of method I should use?'

Her eyes dropped the a method that was called the Touch of Hathor. A massage
technique that had been used by a female Pharaoh that had ruled Egypt in
ancient times, which she had used on some of the more... troubling members
of her court to make them see her way of things. 'This would be a perfect
method for me. I just need to find the right moment for it.'

She finished what she had been reading and replaced the book to it's hiding
place. 'Hopefully, Yugi will not know that this had been touched. Meanwhile,
I'll have to find something else to handle my time while Yugi has his fun
with Tea.' Mai smiled as she looked at the other books. She picked up one
that was all about rare cards. 'Perhaps I can find some cards that I can pick
up to fill out my deck. Or I might find a card with a cool look that can be
worked into my look.'


Tea leaned over Yugi as he sat in the chair, smiling at the shorter man. She
turned around again so that her ass was facing Yugi again. She shook it a
little before she started to move it down slowly on to the open lap of Yugi.
As she did, the lace of her panties touched the rougher material of Yugi's
pants. She then started to grind her ass into those pants. She moved in a
smooth circular motion, going one way for a couple of shakes and then the

Yugi let out a moan as he felt the pleasure of this erotic dance. This made
Tea smile, but she also came up with another idea that might help to blow
Yugi's mind. "Yugi," Tea asked as she rubbed her tush on her lover. "You
know it's not fair that I stripped down to my underwear and yet you still
have your clothes on. Perhaps you should strip down to your boxers. It would
also help make my dancing... better."

Yugi perked up and smile. Tea moved to get off of her Yugi. Standing before
him, she watched as Yugi started to peel off the layers of clothes. Jacket,
shirt, pants, all of this fell. All that remained was the Millennium Puzzle
and his boxer shorts that held duel monsters designs on them. He then moved
back to chair. He held out an arm to pull Tea back into his lap. Tea nearly
leaped into it and started the dance that she had performed earlier.

Slow circles moved the silken boxers as she tried to bring the mighty rod of
her lover to full length.Yugi's moans were greater this time as he he could
feel the closer contact of the wrapped female flesh meeting the wrapped male
flesh. Tea smiled as she picked up the pace and increased the speed of the

Yugi , on the other hand, was pleased that he was finally getting what he had
always wanted. Tea willing and ready to make love to him like he had dreamt
of. Gaining pleasure from his first and deepest crush. His body shook from
the pleasure of the dance. His cock was getting harder as he was enjoying
what was happening.

Plus he still had Mai up in his room waiting for him. Ready to make love to
him or love to Tea as he thought of the erotic action of such a lesbian
action. the image of the blond and the brunette making love by his command
was also helping him get his cock up.

Yugi's cock was now erect as he felt the movement of lace pressed silk on his
little Yugi. Yugi knew that he would have to move this party to the bedroom
soon or else he would be coming early. Even with his improved self control.
So he slowly pushed Tea off of his lap. Tea frowned for a minute as she
didn't know what was happening. "I think that it's time to move this to a
different room. Perhaps my bedroom?" Yugi said coyly.

Tea smiled again. "Sure thing, Lover. Lead the way." She said, waiting for
him to stand up. Yugi rose and turned to head upstairs and to the other room,
to the other girl that waited for him up there. Everything was coming up for
him and he was ready to seize it as it came. Who know what waited for him in
the future. What every it was, it looked like he could handle it. 'I am
finally rewarded for my niceness and helpfulness to other people. And nothing
can possible go wrong!'


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