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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 7
by C. King

Mai awoke from her sleep, early in the morning. Before the sun had even
thought about raising. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness that cloaked the
room. She was in a strange room with a figure on either side of her. 'Tea
and Yugi.' She thought to herself, thanking her ability to woke herself
when she wanted.

The gloom of night would make the next part of her mission that much easier.
Moving to Tea for a moment, she slipped her slim fingers to the sides of the
younger woman's head and concentrated with the power that "The Touch of
Hathor" had given her. "Sleep Tea. Sleep until I wake you. Sleep and relax."
Mai whispered as her fingers gave off a silver glow.

Tea whispered back, "Sleep and relax." Then she yawned and turned to her
side. Mai removed her fingers and then watched as Tea continued to sleep.
Mai took a deep breath. She turned to her other side.

There was the man that was her master. The one that had brainwashed her yet
had brought in pleasure into her mind. The man she was about to turn the
tables on by placing him under the same type of mind manipulation that he
placed her under.

Her fingers moved quickly to the forehead of the short man. Tips hitting
particular points on the head. Nails flashing in the reflection of limited
light. Then he voice raised up and spoke. "Yugi, Relax and listen. Relax
as I rub away all of those troublesome thoughts. Relax as you focus on
listening to me. Relax as my voice takes you a way." The tell-tale glow
returned to her fingers, like they were covered with liquid silver.

Yugi smiled as he whispered, "Relax, Listen, Relax."

Mai smiled as she took this as proof that her hypnosis was working. "So my
Pharaoh, what is it that you have programed in me? What have you commanded
me to do."

"Made you call me Pharaoh. Made you desire and love me. Made a bisexual. Made
you want to dress up like duel monsters." Yugi said, in a soft voice.

'Not to bad. Most of those items haven't made my life worse. In fact it has
made some improvements in it. But I can edit those as well.' Mai thought to
herself. 'Still, why did he want me to call him after an old king?'

"Yugi, you will want to hypnotize me again. To make some edits to your
previous commands. You don't want me to call you Pharaoh. You want me to call
you by your name. And instead of having me just dressing up as duel monsters,
you will find it sexually exciting to see me dressed up in costumes." Mai
told Yugi.

"No Pharaoh, costumes sexy," Yugi repeated.

"Now Yugi, who is the girl of your dreams? Who is the girls that causes you
to get horny? Please be truthful, Yugi." Mai asked. She was prepared to not
have it be her. She had her theories, but this would bring out the truth.

"Tea. Know her my life. Been in love with her since we were kids." Yugi said,
smiling at that. Mai could see his eyes twitching, as if he was remembering
his past with Tea.

Mai sat in thought for a minute as she tried to think about her next move in
the hypno-seduction of Yugi. It was a rough plan as she only had a night to
consider it. 'But one of the tricks of duel monsters is being about to take
high risks for higher rewards. Something that I have done time and again.'

"Yugi, you had a crush on Tea. One that evolved into a loving relationship
with her being one of your girlfriends. However, she is not the woman of
your dreams, the heart of your desires. That woman you met later in life.
At Duellist Kingdom and in Battle City. That woman is Mai Valentine. Mai
Valentine is the woman of your dreams, the heart of your desires."

"Mai is woman of dreams, heart of desires." Yugi parroted. he gave a little
sigh after that. Mai smiled at the words that had been spoken.

"If you are a Pharaoh, you want Mai to become your head queen. She is your
second in command of the harem. As such you have taught her mind control
techniques from 'The strength and wisdom of the Pharaoh'. So that she could
help you out and keep command of your lesser lovers. In fact, you will over
time decide to give Mai the hypnotic phrases used to place your lovers in
their trances." Mai said, hearing her lover repeat that.

"If fact you want to teach your lovers mind control techniques so that they
could help you maintain this lifestyle. You will remember to make it so that
they can not hypnotize you or Mai. All except Mai." The blond smiled at this
little loophole that would help her keep living the high life with Yugi.

After Yugi repeated the last part, Mai thought about what else she should
try to do. But she couldn't come up with another idea that she wanted. So she
prepared to wake up the two lovers that she shared. "Tea, Yugi. You will wake
up in one minute from now. Refreshed and ready for the world. Yugi you will
remember my commands, but you will not consciously know them. Now go and
awake one minute for now."

Mai then slipped back in a sleeping position and waited for the effects of
her works.

One Minute Later...

Yugi woke up feeling great and refreshed. Like he had the best sleep that he
had ever had. He turned to look at the woman that were next to him. Tea was
on the far side, looking as beautiful as before. But not as beautiful as the
woman in the middle.

Yugi couldn't remember the moment that he had discovered that she was the
woman of his dreams, but Mai was a pillar of his heart. She was the queen in
his harem. Even looking at her was driving him wild.

He also had ideas of further programming that he could do with his sexy
lover. He decided on changing things so that she would not have to call him
Pharaoh. She would just call him by name.

Plus he wanted to expand on the idea of her dressing up. Dressing like duel
monsters was sexy, but it was limiting. But expanding it so that she would be
able to dress up in different costumed appearances, it would lead to more
erotic adventures. Visions of Mai in evening wear, goth wear, dressed like an
ancient Egyptian crossed his mind. It was so entertaining for him that he
decided to command all of his lovers to dress that way.

Then there was the idea of teaching his lovers some of the hypnotic
techniques from the Wisdom. 'It might come in handy if I was in some kind of
trouble that might need an extra pair of hypnotic hands. Good thing I taught
Mai some wisdom.'Yugi thought as he remembered letting Mai read the book.
'But what to teach Tea?'

'But I might as well get started with the programming.' Yugi said as she saw
the waking faces of the two women. "Sleep Time Tea. Sleep Mai Concubine." The
two women dropped into a sleepful trance. Yugi pulled out the Millennium
Puzzle and placed it around his neck and set to work with his commands.

In the Puzzle...

Yami could tell that something was a miss with Yugi's mind. He could see from
the soul room that Yugi's crush on Tea had been redirected to Mai. That gave
Yami the idea that someone had hypnotized Yugi. From the skills it seemed
that it likely came from the book known as 'The Strength and Wisdom of the
Pharaoh'. The likely hypnotist... Mai.

'The question is what to do about it. I have looked at the book as well and
have also had experience with the original text. If need be, I could reverse
the mind control or ever block it completely.' Yugi thought to himself.

'But I have to admire Mai's drive to be the head of this harem. It was like
in my time when women would jockey for position in the harem. To be the head
of the harem so that their son could be the next Son of Heaven. It might be
a good idea to have her be the head of the harem. If she does the job right.'
Yami took himself into deep thought as he looked at the possibilities that
were being opened to him.

'I think that it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the situation to make
sure that my Abiou is not hurt. So I'm going to have to convince him to keep
the puzzle on as much as possible, so that I could block off any malevolent
mind control. But how to convince him that it would be for the best?' Yami
returned to his soul room to think of an excuse to keep the gold pendant on.

Meanwhile in the real world...

Yugi has finished placing the new information into the heads of his lovers.
Then came the command to awake. The girls blinked as if they had been just
dozing for a while. Then there was the twin smiles as they look at him.

"So Yugi, have you thought about what it is that you want to do this
morning?" Tea asked, and impish look on her face.

"I was thinking about checking in with Ishizu about the return of the tablet.
Among other things." He told them. A light entered their eyes.

"Perhaps you could convince her to join our fun little family. She certainly
can bring a lot to the family. Plus she is extremely sexy with her exotic
looks." Mai said, winking with the last part.

"I had been thinking about that for a while. She might make another good
concubine. The trick might be trying to figure out what to do if Marik or
Odeon find out." Yugi said, a look of worry crossing his face for a moment.

"I'm sure that you can figure out away for those two to come around." Mai
said. In her mind she added, 'If not I could think of a few things. Plus it
would be good to get back at Marik for the trouble that he put me through
during Battle City. Fortunately, with Yugi near, I haven't had one the
nightmares that came from that.'

"So what are you girls going to be doing?" Yugi asked a bit curious about
what his lovers were planning in his absent. This would be the second time
that he really let Mai alone and the first time for Tea.

"I was thinking of having a little more fun here with Tea before we go out
for some of the shopping that we missed yesterday. Perhaps picking up some
undergarments that we could display for a special someone..." Mai hinted.

At the same time she was hiding her thoughts about what it was that she
really wanted to do. 'If we go out and were to run into Tristan and Joey...
And if we were to use our new special talents to convince them that Yugi
should have a harem. Perhaps we could convince them that Serenity might
make a good addition to that harem. Which would be all the better.'

'Plus there is the possibility that we might find another woman that might
be of interest for the harem while out. You never know. Of course it might
help if she was a duellist.' Mai thought as she thought of things that could
happen. 'Still we will have to go shopping to cover this excuse.'

Tea's eyes brightened at this, even while she was turning a brighter shade
of red in her cheeks. "That seems like it is fun. I certain could use a more
risky panties and bras. To show off to that special someone in my life.
Perhaps he could tell us if he has any ideas why it is that he might like
to see us in?" Tea said smiling.

Yugi thought about what it is that they could buy that might be fun for all
three of them, possible four or more in the future. The ideas of costumes
came up in his mind again.

First and clear, in his mind was the form of female Duel Monsters. Having
grown up with those cards, he had masturbated with those images in his head.
Along with Tea, but that was before he had met the love of his life in Mai.

But there was also the idea about general costume characters. The Naughty
Nurses. The Strict Teacher and the Wild Schoolgirl. A Dominatrix and her
slave. The Succubus and the Angel. The pleasure-granting Genie. The Egyptian
Fertility Priestesses. A whole door of possibilities was open to his
playground. Certainly something that they could build on.

Yugi stopped for a second before replying.


Mai sat behind the nude Tea as she massaged her temples again, placing her
back under the power of Hathor. The silver glow covered her fingers. She
Then started to speak.

"Tea, you will listen to my words and understand. Listen and obey. Now Tea
you are the slave of Yugi Motou. You love and desire him above all men. You
serve in his harem. But you also know your place in that harem, you are
just a junior member. The leader of the harem and the second in rank under
Yugi is Mai Valentine." Mai said as she rubbed.

"I... Junior member. Mai... Second... Command." Tea repeated back under the
trance of the fingers.

"Mai is Yugi's consort. In the ancient world, she would have been a queen to
his king."

"Mai.. Consort... Queen!" Tea said as the words bore into her mind.

"You will obey Mai's command unless they conflict with Yugi's command. Then
you will obey Yugi. But in all other things you follow Mai's command and her

"Obey Mai..."

"Because you trust Mai. Like she was an older sister or a foster mother. You
respect and love her, but also find her sexually attractive. You love to make
love to Mai. It is second only to Yugi."

"Trust... Mai.. Sister... Mother."

"Now it is possible that some people might not understand that Yugi deserves
a harem. Like Joey and Tristan. It is our job to make them understand. Even
if we have to use our hypnotic powers on them." Mai said, "Also we should be
on the look out for women that might also go with the harem. Then we can tell
Yugi unless we are pressed. Then we might have to use our abilities."

Tea repeated the words that were spoken as Mai stopped the rubbing and then
awoke her. The plans were coming together.


Yugi was coming up the office that Ishizu was using while the display was in
Domino. He knew that he was about to do many things in this mission. He was
going to find out what he was going to do to get to the Tablet that could
reveal Yami's identity. It was also a chance to get a new lover that could be
introduced into the harem.

Yugi took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Come in." Came the reply.
Yugi entered the room. It was a simple office, yet kept extremely tidy.
Sitting behind the desk, just placing a pen down, sat Ishizu. "Yugi, I should
have been expecting you. You'll want to discuss the Tablet's return."

"Yes, Ishizu. I was curious if the Tablet will be returning or if we will
have to go to Egypt to see it? If the former, I was wondering when it would
be coming back here? If the later, I was wondering if we could get your help
travelling to Egypt." Yugi asked the older woman.

"The Tablet was needed back in Egypt to help decipher some of the script on
another rock. That is true. But it is a temporary need only. The stone should
be returning to Domino. The time line that I have been given is that it
should be returning in a few months. That is as fast as I can get it back."
Ishizu said, as she looked at Yugi.

"It shames me that I can't get it back here faster than that. I feel that I
have a debt to you and the Pharaoh that I can't repay. The fact that you
risked so much to save my brother from the darkness that was within him, even
after what he had done to you and your friends." Ishizu said.

"I think I know what you can do to help pay me back." Yugi said, as his eyes
began to glow a deep golden colour. As he looked the Ishtar sister with his
hypnotic stare, here eyes glazed over and her mouth opened a slight bit.

"Ishizu, you must listen to me. You trust me and find me attractive. Much
more attractive than any other man that you have met. You find that you want
to obey my commands that I give you." Yugi said with his eyes bright.

"Listen... Trust... Attractive... Obey!" Ishizu repeated as it had been
expected from the trances before that Yugi had seen.

"Ishizu, you will also want to answer my question truthfully. First, are you
busy today?"

"No. I had prepared things to function without me so that I could duel in
Battle City. I am really just a figure head and the person that has to sign
all of the paychecks. With the fortune that I have gathered from the secrets
of Crypt keepers and from the use of the Millennium Necklace, I have managed
to pay for this exhibit. Plus I still have quite the fortune left for my
personal use." Ishizu replied.

Yugi had just been looking for a lovely woman that he could spend some time
with. He hadn't expected to find out that she was wealth. 'But it might come
in hand with all of the girls.'

"So you will not be missed if you were to come out with me for a little fun?"
Yugi asked.

"No." Came the reply. That gave Yugi an idea.


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