Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 8
by C. King

Yugi let Ishizu take him to the hotel room that she had been staying at since
she had arrived in Domino. Walking in, he was quite surprised at the classy
style that the room was in. With gold and ebony fixtures in the styles of
Ancient Egypt.

Yugi had left in her mind that she had lead him here for a seduction. One
that he wasn't suppose to know about. The excuse in her mind to bring him
back to the room was more information about the Tablet. Then she would come
up with a seduction technique of her own choice. Ishizu lead him to a seat
on an extremely firm, yet soft couch.

"Yugi, you stay here while I collect my notes. I shouldn't be too long."
Ishizu said as she helped him sit down with a gentle push. Coyly she walked
into hallway to another room.

Yugi waited for the woman to come back into his room, wondering when she was
coming back and what it was that she was planning. Ishizu could be a complex
woman. The whole plan of Battle City was a sign of that complex mind.

Giving Kaiba a god card so that he would create a tournament to lure out her
brother. Then planning on taking back that card by predicting Kaiba's moves.
Guts and complex. Too bad it failed to take into effect Kaiba's history.

'But she had the bonus of the Millennium Necklace's power to see the future.
She can't plot out what to do to seduce me. She couldn't even predict that I
would use the Wisdom on her. So it should be interesting to see what her mind
comes up with.' Yugi thought to himself.

Ishizu then walked into the room, her heels clicking on the marble floors.
She was a beauty in the outfit that she had chosen to wear. She wore a sheer
off-white blouse that looked like it was made of silk. The blouse had the
first couple of buttons undone on it, to reveal more of a neckline and show
off some of her tits.

Ishizu was also dressed in a black skirt that seemed to be made of a leather
like material. It seemed to have a mirror like sheen. It also had a slit up
the side, to allow a better view of her legs. The skirt was held on with a
golden thread like belt that hung diagonally from her waist. With small piece
hanging off of her hips.

Covering her legs were black stockings that looked to be made of another
sheer material. He couldn't see them well from his vantage point, but they
went from the black high heel shoes that she was wearing to under her skirt.

The look was completed with a couple of simple gold jewelry. Bracelets on
her, wrist and a gold necklace that accented her swan link neck. It was quite
the look. A cross of business and pleasure. It took a few minutes before Yugi
discovered that she was also carrying files under one arm.

She moved to take a seat next to Yugi on the couch, placing the files on top
of a coffee table that was in front of them. "I have collected a number of
files that might be of interest in our search for the identity of the
Pharaoh's memory. I have collected all the information that my research

She opened one of the files to reveal a photo of the tablet in question. The
one that seemed to show Yami and Seto fighting a duel using the Blue Eyes
White Dragon and the Dark Magician. It was strange to see the ancient
counterparts to himself and his greatest rival in stone.

"I believe that the fact that the name in ancient times was held to have
great power over the person. As such, it was highly protected. The more
important or powerful the person, the rarer the true name." Ishizu said, as
she moved closer to Yugi until their sides were touching. "But it was also
important that a persons name was spoken in Egypt, so that they could be
remembered and become immortal. It was an interesting conflict."

Ishizu took out more picture of hieroglyphics that Yugi could not read. "That
is why it seems that Yami's people gave him a second name. One that could be
used in public, so that his true powerful name could be kept secret."

Yugi was a bit distracted with the warm body that was pressed against him.
It wasn't a nice as having Mai by his side, but it was still extremely
comfortable. Still he was getting the idea that Ishizu was trying to tell
him. "You think that this true name of Yami might be able to release his
memories. To bring back his history."

"That is correct. It is like a computer file being locked up behind a single
password. To access that file we just have to find out the password. The key
to finding out about that password is the tablet." Ishizu said, as she
focused on the photo of the tablet. "Still, that doesn't mean that we can't
look for other ways that might release some memories."

Yugi was listening to the suggestion, while he was thinking about the scent
that the Egyptian woman had placed on her. Yugi could smell a floral mix of
two flowers, lotus and jasmine. It was delicious how the two flowers were
blended and accented each other. Pretending he wasn't paying attention so
he could savour the smell, he asked, "What do you mean looking for other
ways to release memories?"

Ishizu smiled a little, as if she had gained a victory. She took out more
photos from the file. It showed images of stone tablets that also seemed to
hold duel monsters. Most of which looked like females of various sexy forms.
"These images of duel monsters could be used to jump his memory. He was the
Pharaoh that locked away the Shadow games, so images of the monsters that he
had locked away, might help."

Ishizu then took out other pictures that looked like the wall draws that. It
also seemed to have a large number of nubile women in exotic robes or in no
robes at all. The fact that there was nudity in these ancient drawings was
surprising to Yugi and made his eyes widen. Even his exposure to the Wisdom,
didn't make him immune to the surprisingly liberal nature of the ancients.

"I was also thinking about the possibility that scenes of daily life of
other Pharaohs and nobles of the day. Scenes of feasts, musicians and dancers
that occur during the days of Pharaohs gone by." The lovely woman said as she
pointed a well manicured fingernail at the images of the nude dancers. As she
leaned forward to the point, she moved a hand to Yugi's thigh to brace

Yugi took a couple of the photos into his hand and wondered at the detail
scene that was evoked by the paintings. It reminded him of his activities
with Tea and Mai. Activities that he wanted to do with Ishizu. As he did so,
he could feel Ishizu rubbing his thigh with her fingers. Leaving his thigh
with a tingling sensation.

"It's amazing how sexually liberated they were in my ancestor's country. They
had the ability to love freely, without the pressures and taboos that we have
today. In those days, the Pharaoh had huge harems with any number of young
and nubile women. In some occasions it was even common for a Pharaoh to pick
any attractive woman that he found on the street and take them into the
palace for his own purposes." Ishizu said as she moved in closer to Yugi. She
moved her hand from his thigh to around his shoulder. She then started to
massage that shoulder.

"Sometimes, while underground in my crypt home, I wished that I could be a
harem girl for the Pharaoh. Living for his pleasure. Being sheltered by his
power." Ishizu shivered with that image. "It makes me feel like my body is
tingling. If only I could find a strong man to be my Pharaoh." Her face
turned to look at Yugi's. It hovered close to him, looking down like she was
expecting something. Her eyes hooded as if disguising her purpose. But Yugi
knew what she had wanted, as he had placed it in her mind.

Yugi moved in and kissed the older woman that was before him. It was slow and
tender at first as if they were both virgins. But then it started to get more
passionate than a chase relationship. Ishizu's arms moved to go around his
shoulders. Tongues become involved as they became more primal.

Yugi was the first to break the kiss. "I think that we should continue
exploring the ancient Pharaoh's state of life. Perhaps our actions might
spark more of Yami's memories."

Ishizu took a moment to catch her breath as she felt her pulse race. "Yes,
I think that might be a good idea. Plus it would help with my learning of
the way of life that my ancestors might have lead." She got up and took his
hand. She then lead him into the hallway that she had vanished into before.

Yugi was amazed with the bedroom. It was black and sleek, with gold accents.
With golden leather furniture and bedsheets of golden silk. Yugi enjoyed the
look and wonder if he should remodel his room like this. 'Hell, with the
Wisdom or the Millennium Necklace, I could own a hotel like this. It might
be a good idea to look for my own place If I'm going to have a harem larger
than two.'

Ishizu took a seat on the bed and looked at Yugi though hooded eyes. "I think
that it might be necessary for us to undress... to further our study of the
life of the Pharaoh." She then began to undress. Her movements with her
fingers were quick, yet fluid.

Slipping the buttons of her blouse off and letting it drop to the bed. She
then kicked off her heels. She tugged on her skirt as she removed the belt
connected to it. The skirt fell to the the floor.

Yugi was also slowly undressing himself. He was developing a skill at it
himself as he had been doing it a lot lately. 'Still, I prefer it when the
girls are the ones that are the ones undressing.' Images of Mai and Tea
undressing filled his head as he watched the dark skinned beauty slip into
her underwear.

So Yugi was in his boxers with his puzzle on. Ishizu was dressed in her
undergarments. All black in colour. A black lacy bra with a half cut design
and a pair of crotchless panties that were connected to her black pantyhose
by way of black garter belts. 'I certain like the view that I have.' Yugi
thought to himself.

Ishizu signal for Yugi to joining her in the bed. As he sat down on the bed,
Ishizu spoke. "I think that it might be best if we were to experiment with
the sensual side of life. My ancestors were focused on physical beauty and
symbols of fertility. They believed in physical perfect to the point of
developing skilled plastic surgery skills. They also depended on the power
of fertility to bring them fortune from the livestock and the harvest."

Yugi was impressed with the knowledge that Ishizu had. 'I didn't know that
the ancient Egyptians had plastic surgery. It is interesting.' Out loud
he said, "That does sound like it might spark some deeper memories that
lurk in Yami's mind." He moved closer to Ishizu as they spoke of the ways
of the ancients. Yugi leaned over and started to kiss the older woman.

She accepted the kiss, placing her hands on his shoulders. While kissing
Yugi, Ishizu let out moan that caused a tingle to cross his lips. It was
a lovely feeling. Ishizu then set to work with her fingers, slipping then
down Yugi's back. Using a light touch that was loosening the knots in his

Ishizu pulled back from the kiss first as she slipped from Yugi's grasp.
She then started to wriggle with her bra. Yugi was curious about what it
was that she was doing, until he saw that she had slipped her bra off and
over her head with out undoing the bra clasp. Yugi's eyebrow raised at
the sight of that trick.

"I thought that you might want to play with my bounty before we moved to
the deeper research. The breast was seen as symbols of female fertility.
The larger and firmer they are, the more fertile the woman was seen to be."
She told him as she pressed against him with her bounty.

Yugi smiled at the aggressive move that his new lover had presented to him.
In reaction, she smiled back at him. Then licked the side of her red lips
with her tongue. It certainly got Yugi's attention and gave him a thought
about what to do next.

Kissing Ishizu, Yugi began to kiss down Ishizu's neck and the nape of her
shoulder. Till he arrived at the top of her breasts. He looked at the dark
skinned breasts that were before him. He was interested at the size of the
nipples on them being large.

Using the tip of his tongue, he slid it up across one nipple and then
moved to bring it down the other. Then he took the right nipple in his
mouth, then used his teeth to tease the tip of the tit. Then slipping his
tongue under the same tip. Then he used his tongue to circle the area of
the aureole. Then he sucked on the breast as he did that.

Ishizu started to moan in pleasure, as she started to speak in an unknown
tongue. Yugi guessed that it might be the tongue that was current in Egypt
today or it could have been a long forgotten dialect. Yugi didn't know.
But it did have a musical hint to it.

Then Ishizu moved back as she smile with an unusual look in her eyes. "I
have just had an idea that might make this experiment more interesting."
She slide back on the bed, away from Yugi. He was surprised at her actions
and had a worry that she had broken free of his spell. She took off his
boxer shorts to reveal the cock beneath. She then kicked up her legs in
the sky, clad in their silken finery. The she placed her stocking feet
on his thighs.

Yugi felt the pleasure of the silk that was now roaming up and down his
thighs. Soon it was Yugi that was moaning out in his enjoyment. "Oh, Yeah.
Keep it up, Ishizu. Keep it up." He was feeling the tingle that the silk
was providing, she Ishizu switched things up.

She moved her feet to his penis area. He could now feel her pantyhose clad
toes teasing their way up his cock as they tickled him in new ways he
hadn't felt before. One foot was now massaging his ball sack as he felt his
balls fill with semen. He knew that he would be coming soon, but he also
knew that he would be able regain his stamina.

Yugi was right as he soon came with a moan. White cum splashed on black
stockings. Ishizu smiled as she looked at Yugi. "Looks like we need a
change of costume and a slight clean up." Ishizu said as her hand moved to
her garter belt, that released the stockings. She took them off and then
used them to wipe off the tip of cock.

Soon, Yugi was relatively clean. But his cock was soon erect again in the
face of Ishizu's rubbing of his cock. "Perhaps we should move to the next
step in the experiment... to see if we could spark the memories of the
Pharaoh." She said pointing a long finger to the crotchless panties that
were open before him. Yugi just smiled as he headed for the next step in
the experiment. 'Time for this for the finale. Then we can see about what
we can do to help increase the happiness of the family by helping with the


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