Zenon: Zenon's Adventures Part 2 (M/f, F/F, M/F/F, nc-con, preg)
by DomingoCL

When Zenon woke up the next morning she was in her bed sweating badly, she
thought to herself, 'Thank god it was just a dream.' As she got dressed in
a sliver coat, with a blue spandex top with spandex blue bottoms which left
nothing for the imagination, her shoulder length blond hair hung free.

As she left her quarters to go about the ship to do her studies and hang out
with her friends she passed by the cargo bay where her "dream" had taken
place. She looked at the door nervously and kept walking as fast as she
could. She could still feel the intruder in her head as if it was still
there. As she marched into the classroom she found her classmates and friends
there. Everyone, that is except Margie.

Nebula who was Zenon's best friend was wearing her usual glittery blue top
and a spandex skirt, Nebula who was black with beautiful curly brown hair and
brown eyes, ran up to Zenon with a hurried look on her face as she whispered,
"Did you hear, Margie has been put into the infirmary apparently she's really
sick, come on let's ditch class and find out what's up."

As they left through the side door they began to run down the corridor. Just
then Zenon felt a strange vibration coming from conference room a and stopped
dead in her tracks. Nebula stopped as well, feeling something as well. They
both decided to check it out so they went into the conference room. As they
stepped into the conference room they saw Margie sitting at a chair at the
end of the table. Curious they both approached Margie.

Nebula asked Margie, "Margie? We heard."

She was cutoff as Margie stood up in the same outfit that she had on in
Zenon's "dream." "So you've come back Zenon?" Margie chuckled. "Doors LOCK!"
She shouted, Nebula and Zenon heard the doors click behind them. "You thought
it was a dream Zenon, but why, I haven't finished what I started, and I see
you brought a exponentially fabulo adorable major girl with you. Welcome
young Nebula, you will now feel things you never thought possible."

Both Nebula and Zenon turned a shade of white as they backed towards the door
that was now locked. Suddenly both where thrown hard up against the window
frame behind the conference table. Both were being held by an invisible
force. Slowly Magie reached down and begun to remove Nebula's tight pants
letting them and he matching blue panties fall to the floor.

Zenon felt her jacket begin to tear and her whole suit tear and fall to the
floor. Soon she was left in her bikini underwear, embarrassed she tried to
turn away in shame, however Marige marched up to her and tore them off her
body and palced them in a box in the center of the floor. She was now naked,
her boobs hanging freely and her light blond muff was exposed. Margie laughed
at the sight of this beautiful teen naked before her and realized however
there was one more. As she reached up to Nebula and with a quick pull ripped
the top off letting her boobs hang low as well. But she looked into Nebula's
eyes and laughed and said, "I'll be back for you, but first I must finish
what I started."

And with her eyes looked at Zenon and then to the window that lead out into
space and Zenon was thrown against the far wall's window. As Marige slowly
stripped out of her clothes. Zenon realized this was not Margie at all
beaucse this creature had a penis... a very large penis. As the creature
walked towards Zenon it left Margie's body and used it's powers to hold
Margie up against Nebula. The creature was a humanoid resemulance and even
was fairly attractive at 6' 2" with sandy brown hair and big muscles.

He looked over his shoulder and told Margie, "Yes my slave you may release
yourself into that slut." And approached Zenon. He started suck on her
breasts fondling one while licking around her nipple of the other. Slowly
working his hand down to her pubic region. Zenon grunted "Ughh" as his hand
was between her thighs. The creature said to Zenon, "Hmmm your body betrays
you young lady, your love hole is wet with juices"

Meanwhile Margie was quickly thrusting her fingers in and out of Nebula's
tight cunt. Nebula couldn't help but enjoy this, she has always admired
Margie's body and here she was getting finger fucked by her. Nebula groaned
out, "Oooohhh Margie it feeeels SOO good!"

Margie smirked and replied, "You ain't seen nothing yet bitch, do you want
more? Beg me for more, Go on beg me!"

Nebula replied, "Oh PLEASE Margie I want more I want MOOOOOORE!" As her first
orgasm rocked her.

Margie smiled and dismounted from Marige and slowly pulled out of one of the
conference room drawers a device which resmember a strap on dildo, only it
had a black box attached to the back.

Zenon was overcome with emotions, she wasn't sure what she should do, he
was giving her the thrill of her life, but at the same time knew what he
ultimately wanted. For her to have his monster child. He knelt down and began
to work his tongue in and out of Zenon's wet box, as she groaned in pleasure,
"Ooohh...nuh nuh no...but it feeeels soo good...God."

"Give in Zenon, give in to me your master" replied the creature.

"" She managed to whimper out.

"No??" replied the creature, "How about this to help convince you and with
that he showed a finger into her asshole.

"Ahhhhhh!!" shouted Zenon after the finger was inserted and he continued to
lick her.

"Give in Zenon, call me your master!"

Zenon replied weakly as she broke "Y...Yes master fuck me, fill me up."

To that the monster began to smile. He turned her around so her breasts were
pushed up against the glass so everything is space could see her getting
fucked by this creature. And smiled as he thrust into her for the first time.

Margie had begun to fuck Nebula in her pussy, and was shouting to Nebula,
"You want it rough bitch?? You want more??"

To which Nebula replied, "Yessss all the way in."

Margie continued to thrust and whispered into Nebula's ear, "This strap on is
special you see, it contains special juices from my master and if I continue
to pump into you will also feel the full pleasure of our master.

"Oh YESSSS FILL ME UP WITH HIS LOVE JUICE!!!" cried Nebula she felt the strap
on dildo explode inside of her as Margie mauled her breasts with her hands
and mouth, sucking her beautiful black nipples. Faster and faster Margie
pumped Nebula was going crazy she had never felt like this before. Until at
last Nebula passed out onto the floor, cum still oozing out of her pussy.

The creature began to thrust into Zenon's pussy slowly at first taunting her,
"You want it faster? Do you??"

To which Zenon replied, "Oh yessss Puhhhlease, more! More!" she shouted, to
which the creature was happy to reply, thursting harder and faster and faster
and harder! Her breasts were being pushed up into the glass and back down
heaving up and down as the jiggled. Soon the creature began to feel around
her and rubbed her breasts while fucking her.

Margie got up, and walked over to Zenon and pried them off the wall as had
the Zenon lay down while the creature was fucking her, she placed the strap
on at the underside of her breasts and had Zenon hold her breasts together as
she tit fucked Zenon, letting Zenon taste the fake penis into her mouth. With
a mouth full of fake cock, and her pussy being plowed by the creature Zenon
could only mutter things that were barley audible, soon the creature spasmed
inside of Zenon.

"Yessss here it comes! Here it commesssssAHHH!!"

Zenon felt scared as she felt her womb overflowed by the creature's semen,
Margie laughed haughtly as she continued to pump into Zenon's breasts faster
and faster until the fake penis released its juices into her mouth.

Zenon laid on the floor face sprayed with cum dripping out of her mouth and
semen flowing out of her pussy, as she orgasmed one last time. "Ugggghhhhh
Yessss...yesss!" as her orgasm subsided.

The creature smiled at Zenon and said at last, "You are mine. I will come
back and make sure my little slut is doing well. Enjoy the present I left
with you." And with that he vanished into the space night. Leaving Zenon,
Margie and Nebula on the floor naked.

When Zenon awoke the next day she thought it was all a dream, she was in her
pajamas and woke up sweating but then she felt something in her belly move!

To be continued?

If you have any ideas on TV shows or Disney movie shows please email me and
let me know (Disney movies seems to have gooood women so if you think Double
Teamed is a good one let me know with ideas! [email protected])


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