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Zoey 101: Justice is Served
by Skibbiez

The sound of music and laughter filled the room as many teens were partying
in the apartment. Among them were, Zoey Brooks and Lola Martinez, two of
Pacific Coast Academy's finest students. The two girls were invited to the
party after meeting a group of guys at the movies the night before.

"Zoey, we really need to go," Lola said trying to pull her friend away from
the group.

Zoey placed her drink down on the table and stepped away with Lola. "Look
Lola, we'll leave in a little bit." She said trying to hold herself up.
"These guys are in high school! And I think the cute one likes me!" She

"It's already 11:30, and if we get caught passed curfew we're screwed!" Lola
said trying to persuade Zoey to leave.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by one of the guys. "Hey Zoey, here ya go."
He said as he handed her another cup.

"Don't you think she's had enough?" Lola said hatefully.

"Lighten up chick, maybe you need one too!" He said as he put his arm around
Zoey and whispered something in her ear.

Zoey laughed, "He wants show me something upstairs," she said to Lola, "We'll
be right back." She said as the two turned to walk away.

"No!" Lola said grabbing Zoey's arm. "We're leaving now!" She said pulling
her towards her.

"Mom! The girl can make her mind up for herself!" The guy screeched back as
he tried to pull Zoey with him.

Lola gave one more tug and the guy finally released Zoey causing her to fall
into Lola pouring her drink all over her shirt. "Oh my God! Look what you
did!" She said holding out her arms.

The guy was looking at her as her tight white shirt was now completely soaked
in beer almost turning it transparent. "Oooh nice!" He said smugly, "Maybe
you would like to come upstairs with me." He continued.

Lola just gave him a snotty look and she grabbed Zoey by the arm and the two
left the house.

"Why are we leaving?" Zoey asked as soon as the two got outside.

"Zoey, you're drunk and it's late... We're going back to the academy!" She
said leading her friend down the road.

PCA was only a couple miles down the road, and seeing as though they walked
to get to the party. They had to walk to get home.
"I'm so tired!" Zoey said as she laid her head on Lola's shoulder. "Ooh...
How did you get wet?" Zoey asked as she rubbed Lola's chest right on top of
her tits.

"You spilled your beer on me!" Lola said moving her hand from her.

"Oh I'm sorry," Zoey said as she leaned up and kissed her friend on the
cheek. "You're my best friend!" Zoey continued.

Lola hugged Zoey's head as she smiled as the two continued to walk down the
dark road. Within moments they saw headlights heading their way. As they got
closer to them they noticed that the car began slowing down. "Shit Zoey,
stand up straight!" Lola said pushing her friend from her shoulder.

"Who is it?" Zoey asked.

"It's a cop!" Lola replied as she moved over further to the side of the road.

As the car approached it pulled over to the side of the road blocking the two
young girl's path. "Stand where you are and keep your hands where I can see
them." The cop stated over his loud speaker.

"Oh shit Lola!" Zoey said frantically realizing what was going on. "We're
going to get arrested!" She continued as she began to freak out.

"Zoey, calm down, he doesn't know anything!" Lola said as gripped her best
friend's hand.

The cop just sat in his squad car looking over the two young girls. He shined
his spotlight over at the two giving him a better view of the two adolescent
girls. They were both wearing very short revealing skirts that barely came
down to their mid-thigh. Their petite athletic legs were fully exposed. Zoey
was wearing a bright green tank top with bright silver sparkles on it that
was tightly hugging against her firm body accenting her budding breasts

Shifting his focus to Lola she was wearing a very tight white spaghetti strap
shirt that was cut low enough to get a slight view of her small cleavage. Her
shirt was still slightly see-through allowing him a clear shot view of her
lacey bra. Both girls looked amazing as they stood in front of him. Finally,
he adjusted his stiffening cock, and exited his vehicle.

As he began to approach the girls, they noticed that he was a large man. They
figured 6'4" and probably 250lbs. "You girls are out pretty late," he said as
he stood in front of them, "Is there a problem?" He asked.

"No sir, we were just at a friend's house, and now we're walking home." Lola
said nervously.

"Oh I see," he said still staring down at the two beautiful ladies, "Well
it's not a good idea to be walking this late." He continued.

"I know officer, but we're almost home now." Lola replied as she smiled up at

"What's your name?" He said pulling out his small notebook.

"My name is Lola Martinez, and this is Zoey Brooks." Lola said in a nervous

"And just how old are you girls?" He asked as he began to write their names

"I'm fourteen, and Zoey is thirteen." She said again in a timid voice.

"I see," He said as he continued to write in his pad. "I am Officer Jack
Dawson and I am with the Pacific Coast Police Department." He said looking
over at the two girls. "It is really late, and just so I can appease my own
thoughts I have to ask. Have you girls been drinking tonight?" He said
looking down at the obviously distraught, Zoey.

"No sir," Lola replied.

"And you dear?" He said still staring at Zoey.

"Umm... No, we just left a friend's house." Zoey stuttered out.

"Well that's good." He said, "So you won't mind if I perform a field sobriety
test on you then." He said as he walked behind Zoey and he placed his large
hand on the small of her back he started leading her closer to his car so she
was directly in the light.

"There really is no need for this, sir" Lola said as she started to walk
closer to the two.

"Please stay over there, miss." He said in a stern voice pointing Lola where
he wanted her. He looked into Zoey's bloodshot eyes, "Put your arms straight
out beside you," he said as he slid his hands up the sides of her body
reaching her arms assisting them in straightening out. Once they were
straight out beside her he slid his hands once again down her arms and back
down her small sides softly rubbing his fingers against her small breasts.
"Now touch your nose with each of your index fingers returning your arms back
out beside you.

Zoey tried, but missed her nose every time.

"Okay, you can put your arms back down," he said as he once again placed his
large hands on her arms and led them down to her sides.

"Do you really need to be touching her like that?" Lola asked curious at the
over touching that was going on.

"I know how to do my job now shut up and let me do it!" He barked out without
taking his focus off of Zoey. "Now pretend that there is a straight line
here," he said pointing to the ground. "I want you to walk heel toe for five
steps and then when you get to the fifth step bend straight over without
bending your knees, and hold it for ten seconds." He said, "When the ten
seconds is up return to me." He continued as he looked back in to her fear
filled eyes. "Understand?" He asked.

"Yeah," she said softly, "I can do that." Zoey said as she placed her feet
together almost falling on the first step.

Officer Dawson just smiled as he watched Zoey attempt to walk a straight
line, but failed miserably. She got to her fifth step, and she bent down to
touch her toes. He noticed when she was bent all the way down that he had a
clear view of her amazing thong covered ass up her low skirt. His cock
immediately began stiffing causing an obvious bulge in the front of his
pants. "Now hold that position while I count to five." He said crossing his
arms. His eyes focused solely on her perfectly round ass as he began his
count. "One!" He shouted out.

Zoey could hardly stand as she kept stumbling.

"Two!" He yelled out again as he repositioned himself to get a more clear
view. "Three!" He said as he walked closer to Zoey. "How are you feeling?" He
asked in a tender voice as he placed his hand on her lower back forcing her
further down almost causing her to fall.

Lola could see the exact view of what the cop could, and she noticed where
his eyes were gazing upon.

"Four!" He said as he slid each of his large hands down her hips and on down
to the bottom of her skirt where he lifted it up just a bit to get a full
view of her ass.

Zoey was oblivious as the only thoughts roaming through her mind were to pass
this test.

"Fiv..." he began to say as he placed his hands on each side of her warm
thighs just under her skirt as Lola, having seen enough, spoke up.

"Zoey, he's seen enough," she began. "Stand up!" Lola said as she walking
over to Zoey and assisting her back to her vertical position.

Officer Dawson looked very angrily over at Lola. "Just what the fuck do you
think you're doing interfering with my investigation?" He said in a bold

"Investigation?" Lola asked unsurely, "It looked more like molestation to
me!" She continued.

"Oh really? Well my investigation led me to believe that you both have been
drinking tonight and you both have the right to rema..." He said before Zoey
butted in hysterically.

"Please sir!!! You can't arrest us!" She cried. "We will never drink again I
promise!" She continued crying out.

"I'm sorry little girl, but you are obviously drunk, and you have to pay for
your mistake." He said as he started leading her to his car.

"Please!!!" She again pleaded. "We'll do anything for you!" She said out.

This proposition stopped him in his tracks as hundreds of dirty thoughts
roamed through his mind before he shook his head and just put Zoey in the
backseat of his squad car. "Now," he said walking back towards Lola. "I was
actually going to let you two off until you butted your nose in where I
didn't want it so now I'm hauling your asses in!" He said in a confident

"I have not been drinking!" She said.

"Just come with me ma'am and we'll get it figured out." He said as he began
leading Lola towards his car as she fought with him.

As they approached the car Lola violently ripped her arm free from his
causing him to grab her with both his hands and threw her aggressively
against the hood of his car. Before she knew it he had his large body
pressed firmly against hers. She struggled to get free, but he was too
heavy. "Get off me!!!" She yelled out to the deaf night.

The more she struggled the more she grinded her firm teenage ass against his
throbbing cock as if she was a stripper giving a lap dance.

"You listen here bitch!" He said quietly in her ear as he drove himself
harder against her. "I am the one in charge here, and you trying to escape
from me leads me to believe you're hiding something." He said again softly
in her ear taking in her sweet aroma that flourished from her long brown

"I'm not!!!" Lola cried, "Just please let me go!!" She pleaded as the feeling
of his large cock probing against her ass caused a very uneasy feeling for

"Well I am going to have to frisk you," he said with a smug smile on his
face, "If you resist or fight me, then I will take you down to the ground,
cuff your ass, and I can make it hurt!" He continued striking a sense of
fear in the young girl. "Understand?" He said softly.

Lola just shook her head in a sign of defeat.

He slowly backed off the young girl and positioned her exactly how he wanted
her. He had her hands on the hood, and her legs were spread as far apart as
her tight skirt would allow. He stood back a second to just admire her tight
young body before he placed his hands on her hips. The feeling of his touch
caused her to scoot forward just a bit, but the car was directly in front of
her. He slid his hands down to her silky smooth legs all the way down to her
feet before he began his journey back up only this time his hands moved to
the inside of her legs. His hands caused goose bumps as they came back up.
As he reached her skirt line once again he stopped for a brief moment causing
Lola to let out a sigh of relief.

However, within seconds his hands intruded the forbidden zone and moments
later his hands were roaming all over her bare ass. He squeezed the two meaty
cheeks a bit forcing Lola to struggle a bit. He released his grip on her
tight ass roaming his hands around her hips, still under her skirt, and made
his way to the front. He ran his hand along the upper brim of her panties
before slowly sliding his hand down gently brushing over her moistening
pussy. The feeling alarmed Lola and she began to buck like a wild boar trying
to break free. This only caused the officer to once again press his large
body against hers pressing his fully erect cock solidly against her ass, all
the while with his hand still massaging her pussy.

"Please stop this!" Lola cried out.

"I will give you one more chance," he said unsympathetically. "If you resist
me one more time this will become ten times worse for both of you!" He said
again harshly.

Lola just cried out as he continued to push his finger against her pussy
through her thin panties. He once again removed his body from her and
removed his hands from her skirt much to Lola's pleasure. The pleasure was
short-lived as he swiftly placed his hands back on her hips and began guiding
his hands up her tiny body. The more his hands moved up he allowed her shirt
to slide up with them exposing her tan upper body to him, and, as much as she
wanted too, there was nothing Lola could do about it. He slid his hands
around to her exposed tight stomach and ran his hands back and forth over the
smooth skin before guiding his hands up. Lola was intensely nervous the
closer he got to her breasts, and the closer he got the straighter she stood.

Finally, the moment happened. He cupped each of her small 'A' cup breasts in
each of his hands and gave them a slight squeeze. Lola stood straight up and
instinctively tried to break free, but he had complete control of her. She
couldn't believe what was happening while he continued to molest her small,
but developing, breasts. After a few moments, but what seemed to Lola as an
eternity, he finally released his grip and continued leading his hands up to
her shoulders, and swiftly back down grazing over her tender breasts once

He removed his hands from her adolescent body he leaned in against her once
more. She could feel his breath flowing down her neck like a waterfall. His
cock was pressed strongly against her once again bringing back the uneasy
feeling she felt earlier. "Looks like you're not concealing anything," he
said softly taking in her scent once more.

Lola just tried to escape from his heavy grasp, but to no avail. "Please,
sir, just get off me!" She pleaded in a sincere voice.

Officer Dawson slowly lifted himself from the young girl and forced her to
turn around. "Wait here." He said as he walked back to his car. "Come on."
He commanded grabbing Zoey's tiny wrists and dragging her out of the car.
Zoey was a bit apprehensive to go with him as she had just seen what kind of
hell he just put Lola through. He escorted the adolescent girl to the front
of his car and stood her directly beside her best friend.

"Earlier you said you would do anything to get out of this," he said, "What
exactly will you do?" He said looking over at both girls. The girls just
looked at each other without saying a word. "WELL WHAT IS IT?" He yelled out,
"You got money? You obviously have looks why not suck my cock?!" He said

The girls were shocked.

"Hell no!" Lola said boldly.

"Please, I can't do that." Zoey said in a soft voice.

"Well what are you going to do?" He asked curiously. "What about you two
kiss?" He said smiling. The girls looked at each other again surprised that
he would even insinuate such a proposal. "Would you kiss your friend to get
out of this?" He said reaching out and brushing away the tears from Zoey's
cherry cheek.

"I... I guess." Zoey answered out shocking Lola.

"What!" Lola exclaimed, "No way!" She continued.

"If you two kiss, and make it a good one then I might consider letting you
off the hook, but it has to be a good one!" He said bluntly.

Zoey just looked over at the defiant Lola with fear and defeat in her eyes.

Lola finally gave in, "This is sooo wrong!" She exclaimed, "But if this is
how you get your jollies then I'll do it so you won't arrest us!" She said.

"Good, but like I said, it better be good!" He said in a controlling voice.

Both girls knew that they really had no choice. Slowly they guided their
two beautiful heads towards each other and puckered there luscious lips.
Instantly their two mouths were connected. Lola tried to back her head away
as soon as they touched, but Officer Dawson forced her to stay with it.
"That's not good enough!" He said as he pushed both their heads together.

Zoey began to slide her hands up Lola's arms and started to run them through
her long brown hair. Officer Dawson removed his hands from their heads and
stood back admiring the two young girls make out. Zoey allowed her tongue to
exit her mouth and attempt to break the barrier into Lola's. Lola could not
believe how forward her friend was being and finally gave in and opened the
doors, which were her lips, to her mouth. Within seconds their two moist
tongues were entwined with each other roaming all over. Lola began to get
into the kiss as well as her hands had slid down Zoey's tight waist and were
resting on her firm hips occasionally inching behind Zoey and massaging her
plump ass.

After a few more moments the kiss was over, and the girls backed away from
each other and adjusted there selves before looking over to Officer Dawson
who obviously enjoyed the show.

"Was that good enough?" Zoey asked sincerely, "Can we please go now?" She

"That was great girls, but unfortunately I don't think I can let you go just
yet." He said.

"Come Officer Dawson!" Lola exclaimed. "We did what you said, now let us go."
She continued.

"I am doing this for YOU!" He hollered. "I have done NOTHING that won't
happen to you two if you are to go to juvi!" He continued yelling at the two
terrified girls. "Now if you would rather go there then get in the car!" He
said in a loud voice. "If not then do what I say and this will all end soon
enough!" He finished. Zoey and Lola knew that he had complete control, and
they had to do everything he asked them to do. "Do you girls understand?" He
asked in a quieter tone.

"Yes, we will do whatever you want, just don't take us to jail!" Zoey cried
out much to the surprise of Lola.

"Lola?" He asked looking over at the taller brunette.

"Yea, I'll do whatever it takes." She said in a defeated tone as she just
glared down at the road.

Officer Dawson knew he had the girls in his total control now, and it was
only a matter of time before he had them. "Good to hear, now where were we?"
He asked rhetorically. "Ahh right, I was just about to tell Zoey that I
didn't get a chance to frisk her earlier, and I still can't shake the fact
that you girls are hiding something from me," he said causing Zoey to tense
up. "So what I think we need a strip search." He continued.

"What!?" Zoey exclaimed.

"Lola I want you to strip Zoey down." He instructed to the obviously
disgusted young girl.

"I am not doing that!" Lola refused.

"Listen girls, this is your last chance," He said getting visibly upset.
"Either do as I say or get your asses in my car and we're done." He
continued. "Got it!" He yelled.

Lola let out a huff as she faced Zoey. "Sorry Zoe." She said as she gripped
the bottom seam of Zoey's tight green shirt and started pulling up Zoey's
tight young body exposing her very tight stomach and going further up she
exposed Zoey's two perfectly round breasts covered only by a bright green
bra. Lola finished pulling the shirt off and threw it on the hood of the
car. Lola looked over at Officer Dawson as if to be looking for instruction.
He gave her a sign instructing her to continue, and Lola found her fingers
unclasping the button on Zoey's skirt and she started pulling it down Zoey's
amazing legs. Zoey was now standing in only her bra and panties.

Officer Dawson stood back admiring the young topless beauties amazing body
while Zoey tried to cover herself as much as possible. "The bra and panties
need to go too." He said soaking in the sight.

Zoey was shocked. She had never been nude in front of anyone before let alone
this stranger police man. Lola apologized once again, and slid the straps off
Zoey's shoulders before sliding her arms around Zoey's back unclasping the
bra allowing it to fall into her crossed arms. Lola then bent down and
gripped the strings of Zoey's thong and proceeded to pull it down her fit
athletic legs.

Zoey was now standing there completely in the nude. She had her arms crossed
across her small chest, and extended down attempting to cover her crotch.
Officer Dawson approached Zoey who was staring down at the ground. He reached
out and grabbed her wrists forcing her arms down to her sides so that he
could take in her magnificent sight. Her small breasts were as round as
perfectly ripe oranges. Her fully erect nipples were the size of dimes and
placed perfectly in the center of her small mounds. Her pussy was a tiny pink
slit that had a patch of peach fuzz just above it.

Officer Dawson took a stroll around Zoey looking down at her gorgeous teenage
ass once again before he wrapped his large arms around her tiny body gripping
her wrists in each of his hands forcing them down to her sides. His heavy
breath was tumbling down her neck giving her chills. He slowly moved a hand
up and cupped one of her tiny mounds in his large hand. He squeezed the soft
breast causing her to back up into his large body and smash his bulging cock
into her ripe ass.

"What are you doing?" Zoey cried, "Please stop!" She gain pleaded.

Officer Dawson removed his grip of her tender breast and began sliding his
hand down her tight stomach as he focused his attention to Lola who was in a
state of shock at what she was witnessing.

"Take off your clothes!" He commanded as he rested his hand just above Zoey's
most private region.

Lola started to object, but Officer Dawson glared over at her in a
controlling manner where she knew she had to obey. She let out a sigh and
began removing her shirt. As she started stripping Officer Dawson led his
hand further down Zoey's body and gently rubbed around her tender pussy.
Zoey tried to escape only to back into him forcing his cock harder into
her exposed ass. Lola removed her shirt and exposed for the first time in
her life her bra covered breasts to a crowd. Her breasts, although still
covered by her bra, were nearly clearly visible through her thin lace bra.
They were just as perfect as Zoey's although a bit smaller. She continued
to strip for the perverted cop slowly sliding her skirt down her long
slender legs.

Officer Dawson's eyes were peeled on Lola as she finished stripping down to
her bra and panties causing him to slowly begin to rub up and down over
Zoey's moistening slit while he led his other hand back up to her luscious
breast and softly began squeezing the meaty mound. Zoey was frozen in shock
as she remained silent while this man molested her virgin flower. Lola paused
hoping that she was done, but the look on Officer Dawson's face told her

She continued gripping the seam of her white lace thong panties and started
slipping them down her legs. The more she exposed the more Officer Dawson got
into the whole ordeal and he began to thrust his index finger inside her
precious pussy while he squeezed on her tiny breasts harder.

"Please stop... Please!" Zoey cried out softly, but her plea just enticed him
more as he just probed his fingers deeper inside her wet pussy as he watched
Lola remove her bra standing completely nude in front of him.

After just a few more minutes of fingering young Zoey's clit he finally
removed his finger dragging the wet digit across Zoey's body as he hoisted
her up and sat her down on the hood of his car. "I think she needs a more
thorough exam," he said looking over to Lola, "Why don't you get a closer
look of her pussy and give it a kiss." He instructed.

"You can't be serious!" Lola exclaimed as she stood there still trying to
cover herself.

Officer Dawson didn't say a word. He just walked behind Lola and as he
towered over the young trembling girl he grabbed her arms extending them down
her sides fully exposing her body before he placed his hands on her tight
stomach and slowly slid them up gripping her soft breasts in each of his
hands. "I'm dead serious!" He said giving her sweet breasts another squeeze
as he forced her towards Zoey.

"Come on Lola," Zoey said crying, "Let's just get this fucking night over
with!" She said in a defeated voice.

Lola was standing directly in front of her nude friend with Officer Dawson
still molesting her from behind. He led one of his hands down her body and
was gently massaging the area just above her pussy. "Go on," He said gently
grazing his fingertips over her pussy lips, "kiss it!" He commanded.

Lola looked up at Zoey with tears in her eyes as well as she leaned in and
kissed Zoey's warm cunt. As soon as the young girls lips touched her moist
clit she started to lift her head back up, but Officer Dawson swiftly pushed
it back down in place.

"Use some tongue!" He demanded as his ran his fingers back and forth over
Lola's dripping cunt.

Lola did as she was told and stuck her tongue into Zoey's tiny clit. Zoey
instantly let out a slight moan of pleasure as her best friend whipped her
tongue back and forth over the young girl's cunt. Officer Dawson let go of
Lola's head and continued to squeeze her breasts while he probed his finger
in and out of her own pussy. Lola continued to thrashing at Zoey's pussy
with her tongue even using her hands to separate the tight clit to probe
further. Zoey was in a state of ecstasy as she had never felt the pleasure
of anyone eating her out. Lola was getting more and more into it as Officer
Dawson continued to assault her pussy with his large fingers as he now had
two deep inside her.

This continued for a few minutes before Lola finally leaned up. Officer
Dawson removed his hand from her cunt and spun her around. He looked her in
her dried eyes and backed her up to the car. He pinned her against the car
with his large body, and began to unbutton his pants. He slid his khaki jeans
down his legs exposing his rock hard cock covered only by his boxers.

"What are you doing!?" Lola asked apprehensively.

Officer Dawson didn't reply he just slid his boxers down exposing to the
girls for the first time his 8 inch cock. Officer Dawson leaned forward and
without warning he placed his lips on Lola's moist luscious lips. Lola's eyes
lit up like a full moon. She tried to push him off, but he was too powerful
for her. He continued kissing her pressing his wet cock into her stomach as
he slid one of his hands up Zoey's leg and began to massage her pussy once
again. His tongue lashed back and forth over her lips trying for any chance
of entrance. He took his free hand down and led it to his cock. Once he
gripped the throbbing member he directed in the direction of her warm pussy.

The tip of his large cock pressed gently against her pussy lips frightening
Lola even more. She tried to scream only to open her mouth allowing his
tongue inside. Their two tongues raced around in her mouth as they shared a
passionate kiss. Lola could not believe what was happening to her. She tried
to resist, but to no avail. He finally slowly began to insert his massive
cock inside her tight clit sending shocks pain throughout her body.

She broke the kiss and let out a screech. Officer Dawson just continued to
drive his large cock deeper inside her. "Please... Ohhh God! Take it out!"
Lola cried out. Zoey was oblivious to everything that was happening. Besides
being in a state of ecstasy from Lola's incredible pussy eating, Officer
Dawson was continuing to molest her virgin pussy with his fingers. "You can't
do thissss!" Lola continued to plead with tears flowing from her beautiful
brown eyes.

Officer Dawson slowly began to remove his cock, but forced it back in harder
and farther than before. Lola let out another scream. The pain was unbearable
as her tight slit was being stretched beyond its limits. The feeling for
Officer Dawson was incredible her tight, warm, pussy was wrapped around his
throbbing cock like a hot dog. He continued to probe it in and out of her
cunt all the while he was swiftly thrusting his fingers in and out of Zoey's.

"You have to stop!" Lola pleaded, "I'm still... Ohhh... I'm still a virgin!"
She cried out.

Officer Dawson slowed his thrust as the words she just murmured out drifted
through his head. A big smile came across his face. He leaned in and gave her
a soft peck on her forehead. "I'll go easy ," he said as he increased the
rate of his thrusts once again, also allowing his free hand to once again
find its way up her teenage body cupping her breast.

Lola just closed her eyes to pretend that it wasn't happening.

Officer Dawson leaned down and began to kiss on her small chest while he
continued to harshly thrust his giant cock inside her tiny clit. He kissed
all along each of her tiny breasts occasionally sucking on her puffy brown
nipples. Lola couldn't believe it, but she was actually beginning to enjoy
the encounter. She didn't want to admit it, but the pain had vanished from
her body and was replaced by an incredible pleasure. The more he sucked on
her perky erect nipples the more turned on she got. She lifted her hands up
and began running them through her long brown hair.

Noticing the sudden change in affection, Officer Dawson began to increase the
rate of his thrusts inside her and began squeezing on her tiny breasts even
harder. He slowly began to kiss his way back up her tiny chest and around her
neck stopping to suck on her golden brown skin for a bit before continuing
up. He reached her lips once more and once again they were interlocked in a
kiss. This time, however, surprising to both of them it was Lola's tongue
that was the aggressor prying its way inside his mouth. They kissed for a few
moments as the tempo continued to increase inside her.

Lola knew she couldn't handle much more and began to let out loud moans of
pleasure. He started to pull his cock out slowly and just before it was
completely out he thrusted it harder and further inside her quickening the
pace once again. Lola was moaning loudly and before long she climaxed. Her
body went limp against the car. Officer Dawson just smiled as he gave her
another peck on her luscious lips as he slowly withdrew his cock from her
warm body.

Lola was nearly passed out as she just laid against the car as Officer Dawson
rubbed his hand across her chest once more as he moved over to little Zoey.
He had removed his fingers from her wet clit and she was laid down completely on the hood of his car. He leaned forward and gave her warm inviting pussy a tender kiss at the same time sticking his tongue into the tasty area sucking a bit of her sexual juices. He leaned back up and slowly climbed up his car and before long he was straddling her with each of his large legs on each side of her petite body and his massive cock resting on her chest with cum oozing out from his experience with Lola. Zoey gazed up at Officer Dawson with her teary brown eyes as he just leaned down and kissed her directly on the lips pressing his seeping cock deeper into her stomach. Zoey didn't know what to think, but she instinctively opened her mouth and wrestled his tongue with hers. Officer Dawson slid both his hands under their bodies and immediately began grasping her tits. A couple minutes later he leaned up smiling down at the
submissive girl. He sat up a bit and gripped his cock in his hands once
again. He began to guide it towards her sensual pussy.

"Please no... I have to stay a virgin..." She pleaded as a few tears poured
from her eyes.

As much as he wanted to stop, he couldn't. He continued to guide his cock t
owards her clit until the tip was seeping cum directly onto it. Zoey could
feel the warm man-juice entering her body, and she knew what was coming next.
She closed her eyes and prepared for it. Seconds later he inserted it. Her
pussy was even tighter than Lola's, and he could only fit the tip of his
bulging cock inside.

She let out a very loud scream. It felt to Zoey like millions of tiny bolts
of electricity just shot throughout her body. He continued to pry it further
in to her. His hands were softly massaging her beautiful chest while he began
kissing all around her sexy face. He had his cock about 1/3 of the way in and
the pain was unbearable for young Zoey. She tried everything to take her mind
off the situation, but just as she did he would slowly remove the throbbing
member only to probe it back it further and faster.

Zoey continued to moan as Officer Dawson began pecking down her body stopping
on her breasts. He sucked on her dark brown nipples while pinching the free
one with his fingers. He rolled his tongue over her fully erect nipples
causing a slight sense of pleasure for Zoey until he drove his massive rod
further down into her virgin body. Zoey was moaning and screaming very loudly
which was only exciting Officer Dawson even more. He increased his rate of
thrusts, and now had his cock almost all the way inside her. He could tell
that her moans were of less pain and more of pleasure now as she was
violently ripping at her own tender breasts.

Officer Dawson leaned in and kissed her once more on the lips as he gave one
more thrust to push himself all the way inside the young girl. She let out a
scream as she nearly ripped her nipples from her tits. He continued to pound
his manhood inside her, and he knew that he was only minutes away from
cumming inside this young girl so he decided that he would withdraw. He
slowly took his cock out as Zoey lay lifeless under him. As soon as he
removed his throbbing member a stream of semen rushed from the tip of his
cock all over her tight stomach. He looked down smiling as she just ran her
fingers around her erect nipples unknowing what had just happened.

He crawled off the young girl, and looked over at Lola whom was getting
dressed. He pulled Zoey up and helped her to her feet. "You can get dressed
too." He said in a sensitive voice as he pulled his pants back up.

The young girls gathered their clothes and proceeded to get dressed. He
watched with displeasure as they put their clothes back on covering their
beautiful young teenage bodies. Once they were both dressed they stood
looking at the man that just fucked them both.

He walked over to them and placed his arms around their shoulders causing
them to immediately tense up. "None of this happened tonight," he said as he
reached down and cupped each of the young girl's breasts in his hands.
"Understand?" He said as he began gently squeezing their soft mounds.

Both girls shook their heads in agreement.

He let the two young girls go, and they began walking away from him. Before
Zoey could get far enough away he caught her, and once again wrapped his arms
around her from the backside.

"Come on! Let us go!!" Lola said turning around.

"If I hear that either one of you said a word about tonight," He paused as he
led his hands under her skirt once more. "I will send you whores to jail," he
continued as he ran his finger over Zoey's moist panties.

"We're not going to tell anyone!" Zoey said struggling to get free of his

Officer Dawson smiled giving her a soft peck on her neck before releasing

The girls took off running down the road, and continued running until they
made it back to the academy. They went on with their lives not telling anyone
their secret of that horrifying night.

The End!

***My Note***

This was a work a fiction, and it is intended to be read that way. If you
have any questions or comments on this or any of my other stories feel free
to email me at [email protected] I am always open to requests, but I
can't promise that I will get to them. Also, I love feedback for my stories
whether good or bad. I know this story was long, but this is exactly how I
imagined it from the get-go, so I didn't want to remove any of the plot. I
hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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