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Zoey 101: Making the Team (Mf)
by Skibbiez ([email protected])

"Alright girls quiet down!" Coach Peters said as he paced impatiently back
and forth in front of his fourth hour P.E. class. The class of 13 girls all
began to quiet down as they peered up at the coach. Coach Peters leaned
against his desk as he overlooked his class while he took attendance.
"Alright, Zoey Brooks," he yelled out.

"Here!" The cheerful young girl yelled back.

"Good, Karen Carter," he yelled out.

"Right here, she said holding up her hand."

He nodded in her direction and continued reading off the rest of the class
list. After he finished he placed the list down of the desk beside him, and
glared over the class. "Alright girls, lets start out with some stretches."
He said as he stood up holding his clipboard in hand. "To the left," He
commanded as he proceeded to count, "1... 2... 3... Zoey, get those legs
straight he said as he walked in front of the young blonde. Zoey just glared
up at her aging principal. Zoey was wearing a loose fitted t-shirt and a pair
of short pink cotton shorts with the word "Cheer!" plastered on the ass.

"Switch to middle," he yelled out, "1... 2... 3..." He continued counting out
as he continued glaring over the class. The girls proceeded to lean straight
down with their hands touching the floor directly in the middle of their
legs. Coach Peters paced his eyes over the class stopping when he noticed
that Zoey's shirt had fallen just enough to give his eyes a direct view down
her shirt. He couldn't believe the sight. He continued to pace in front of
the young girl as he had them switch to their right. This time as he counted
he had managed to walk behind his unsuspecting beauty and his eyes focused on
her tight round teenage ass. "Zoey, now you have to stretch further." He said
as he placed his hand on her lower back and proceeded to push her down a bit,
keeping his eyes focused on her beautiful heart shaped ass.

"I'm sorry Coach, but it hurts." She replied back.

Keeping his hand on her lower back he continued to slowly push her further
down as he shouted out "To the right!" he said as he watched her shift
herself and lean down to the right. His eyes focused on her protruding ass
that was forced high in the air. Finally, after a few seconds he removed his
hand from her back and allowed the girls to straighten up. He maneuvered
himself back to the front of the class and much to his delight right in front
of Zoey.

"Do three more sets of six solid seconds," he said as he backed up and leaned
against his desk. "Start!" He bolted out as he watched as the young girl lean
down once again, and much to his delight once again her shirt fell down just
enough to give him a glorious sight down her loose shirt to her perky young
tits. It looked as if someone stuffed two perfectly round oranges down her
white laced bra. The more he thought about the sweet sight that was before
him the more his cock began to shift inside his tight Dockers.

Finally, the girls finished and they all stood back up awaiting their next
set of instructions. Coach Peters just stood there in a daze of his lust of
the young girl that stood before him.

"Coach?" A young timid girl uttered out causing him to come to his senses.

"Sorry," He said as he sat down at his desk, "Let's do some sit and
stretches." He said looking over the young girls. The girls let out a moan
in unison as they all sat on the cold gym floor.

"I want you to do each leg and the middle again three times for six strong
seconds," he said as he watched Zoey spread her legs far apart to each side.
"Come on now," he said in a stern voice, "stretch those legs further!" He
commanded. He watched Zoey stretch her legs to their limit, and he noticed
her short shorts rode further up her golden brown legs stopping just before
her crotch. "Very good", he said staring down at the young beauty. "Start!"
he commanded as he watched her lean down to her right leg.

Once again her shirt fell down just enough to give a clear view of her tiny
developing breasts. As she leaned down to the middle he noticed her bra fell
down just a bit giving him a view straight down to her nipples. This view
nearly sent the aging man over the limit. He felt his cock stiffening inside
his pants. His mind was racing and his body was heating. He couldn't believe
that a fourteen year old girl was making him feel the way he was. Before
starting the next set of stretches she sat up and adjusted herself much to
Coach Peters dismay, but when she began stretching again everything fell back
down and his eyes once again returned to her ample apple sized breasts.

This time however something else caught his eye. Zoey had scooted back on the
cool tile floor enough to where her shorts had ridden up even further, and
now he had a clean view up her shorts. His cock now was fully erect under the
desk as he continued to gaze the young girl up and down. He wanted more than
anything to just take her right there, but he knew that he couldn't. At least
not yet he couldn't. The girls finished their stretches and sat there staring
up at the Coach.

"Alright, great job girls." he said trying not to think about Zoey's
beautiful body. "Lola, will you and Stephanie go get the basketballs," he
asked, "The rest of you divide up teams the rest of the day we're going to
play basketball." he said as he shuffled through some papers trying to look
like he was in control of himself.

The young brunette did as she was told and came back toting two basketballs
in her arms. She threw them down the court, and one landed right in front of
Zoey who bent down once again giving Coach Peters a perfect view of her ass
once again as she picked it up. She took the ball and ran down the court to
the rest of the girls. Coach Peters watched her the rest of the class period
trying to figure out some way to get the young girl alone with him.

As the class neared the end he had convinced himself that he had to do
something. "Zoey, can you come over here for a second," he yelled out. "The
rest of you can hit the showers the bell is about to ring." he again yelled
out throughout the gym. The girls began cluttering like sheep in an open
pasture as the stray, Zoey, began to make her way over to Coach Peters.

"Yeah, Coach, what's up?" she said in her normal cheerful voice.

"I was watching you play today and I think that you are almost ready to take
Logan's place as the captain of the team." he said in a calm voice trying to
seem professional.

"Coach, I sit the bench most the game," she said in disbelief.

"Zoey, come to the gym after school and we'll work on a few things and I
think that I can move you up a bit," he said again in his professional voice.

"Oh thanks, Coach! That would be awesome!" she said ecstatically.

"Well great, then I'll see you around 3:30 then?" he said quizzically.

"Oh yeah," she said gleefully. "I'll definitely be here to knock Logan out of
his spot!" she said smiling as she turned and ran towards the locker room.

Coach Peters just sat back in his chair admiring the young beauty as she ran
off. Only thing on his mind was the thought of her tiny breasts staring back
at him through the small lace bra, her ass which was calling out for his
hands to be all over. The rest of the day he just planned out how he was
going to do everything he wanted without raising suspicion.

Zoey continued the rest of the day as usual. Before heading to her final
class of the day she made it to her locker, where she saw Logan standing
proudly amongst a few of his friends. "Oh hey Zoey," he said smugly as he
hid something behind his back.

"Hi Logan..." she replied back. "What do you want?" She asked trying to open
her locker.

"Well, we thought since we have a BIG game this Saturday night," he said
pulling out a seat cushion, "And the guys and I thought it'd be nice since
you are the best bench warmer... We'd like to give you a little cushion so
you won't be so uncomfortable." he said handing over the cushion.

"Logan give me a break, you know the only reason I'm not starting is because
I'm a girl." she said as she pushed the cushion back to his chest. "Now get
away from me before I'm late for class." she said as she grabbed her books
and slammed her locker shut.

"Well, I'll make sure to save you a seat right next to me!" he said as he
walked away laughing.

"God he's such a jerk!" she said to herself. "I can't wait to take his
fucking spot!" she said once again to herself as she walked to class.

The rest of her day consisted of contemplating how she was willing to do
almost anything to get Logan kicked out of the captains position, and take
his place on the starting five. The 3:30 bell finally hit and Jamie began to
hustle to get to the gym in time. As soon as she got to her locker she saw
the cushion once again, only this time it was taped to her locker with the
words "Bench Warmer" wrote over it. "God he's such a dick!" she said as she
ripped it down and tossed it in the floor.

"Tough day?" A voice said from behind.

Zoey turned around startled but pleased to notice it was just Lola. "Hey
Lola, sorry I can't talk but Coach wants to see me." ahe said gathering her

"Alright, well have fun," The cheerful brunette said as she walked off.

Zoey just slammed the door to her locker shut and walked towards the gym.
She made it to the gym and began to look around for her Coach. "Just go get
changed Zoey and I'll be right up," he said from down at the other end of
the gym.

Zoey walked downstairs and began to strip down and put her P.E. clothes back

She slowly made her way back upstairs and was greeted with Coach Peters
standing directly in front of her. He led his eyes up her young petite body
starting with her beautiful athletic golden brown legs. He continued to allow
his eyes to roam up her tender body reaching her tight pink shorts that
appeared to have been painted on her tight waist as every sensual curve was
visible. His eyes continued up to her tight abdominals that were clearly
visible. She had changed shirts to a tight white spaghetti strap shirt. Her
small natural breasts were protruding out showing a slight bit of her young
cleavage. Finally, catching himself, Coach Peters instructed Zoey to go get
the ball that was lying under the goal. She did as she was told and dribbled
the ball back towards the Coach. He was standing strong with his arms
crossing his chest just staring down at the unsuspecting beauty.

"Do I really have a chance of taking Logan's place? Or are you just trying to
get my hopes up?" She said in a soft concerned voice.

"I really can't say right now, but you have the opportunity today to take his
place." He said surely. "Now let's get started." He said as he walked towards
the goal. Zoey eagerly followed behind him.

"First off, why don't you start out with some warm up shots?" He said as he
stood under the goal.

Zoey began shooting around as Coach Peters collected himself and again went
over his plan in his head. He watched her running across the gym floor and
how her small tits bounced with every step. Every time she bent down to pick
up the ball her ample posterior was the soul focus of his eyes. He knew that
there was no going back, he had to do it.

After about ten minutes of molesting her with his eyes he finally spoke.
"Alright, let's work on your back down." He said calmly.

On the outside he portrayed a calm professional basketball coach, but on the
inside his mind was racing and his body was burning. He just wanted to take
her right there, but knew he had to wait. "I think that's the weakest part of
your game." He said as he walked up to the young girl.

"Alright, what would you like me to do?" She asked in her normal perky voice.

"We'll start over here," he said placing his two large hands on her petite
hips. Almost instantly as he touched her his cock began to stiffen. He gently
began to guide her to the corner of the three-point line. "There now I want
you to back me down until you feel confident you can make a shot over me." He
said standing directly behind her.

Zoey laughed. "This will be nothing," she said as she began to dribble the
ball backing towards her Coach.

As soon as she started dribbling Coach Peters' eyes dropped down to her ass
as he watched her inch towards him. Without warning she was right up on him.
She pressed back towards him with her shoulders in his chest, but he didn't
budge. "Put some more into it." He said as he remained firm.

Zoey again laughed "You're too big!" She said as she continued to try to push
him backwards.

"Use more of your ass." He said as he placed his hand on the front of her
upper leg and began to push her ass towards him.

Zoey allowed it and slowly began back into him. Within seconds her ass was
pushing against his hardening cock, and the feeling of the teenage girl
against him nearly made him unload in his pants. Zoey once again thrust her
ass against his crotch causing him to move even further backwards. The
feeling of her tiny ass on his cock was incredible. He couldn't believe
that she couldn't tell anything as he had a tent pole sticking out the front
of his pants. She tried to thrust herself into him once more, but this time
he swiftly moved out of the way causing her fall flat on the ground. He
leaned down and grabbed her hand helping her back to her feat. "Try again."
He instructed as he gave her the ball back at the three-point line.

She started out once again trying to back him down with just her back to his
chest, but like before he led his hand around to her upper leg and began to
force her ass backwards into him.

This time as she began to thrust her way towards the goal he had her stop
once she pushed her ass into his cock. He had his hands resting on her hips
and his fingers were just inches away from her crotch, "You cannot keep
pounding your way to the goal," He said as he continued attempting to slither
his fingers closer to her promise land as he persistently pulled her ass into
him. "You have to know where I'm at all times, so you have to slowly, but
forcefully push your way down." He said prying her ass deep inside of his
midsection. "Now roll from your ass to your back like you're on a dance
floor." He said trying to devour every moment.

Zoey once again began dribbling towards the goal doing as the coach
instructed. With every step she would pound her ass deeper inside him, and
when she got too far away he would make sure she would come back by gripping
the inside of her legs and pushing it towards him. As he kept both his hands
on her hips with his fingers roaming over the inside of her upper thighs
keeping her close to him, she quickly turned her body to where she was now
facing him. With the sudden transition he now found his hands resting
comfortably on each side of her perfect ass. She quickly shot the ball, and
he knew that he had to remove them, but he waited until the last second.
Finally, he released his grip on her and went to get the ball.

The two continued practicing for the next thirty minutes until Coach Peters
figured it was time to move on to the next step. "Alright hold up," He said
a little out of breath, "We're going to try something else, but before you
decide I want you to remember that this IS for Logan's captain's spot." He
said nervously.

The sound in Coach Peter's voice had Zoey a little nervous about what he was
going to say. "So what do I have to do?" She asked curiously.

"I want to see how you would handle pressure, and I want to see how bad you
really want to take this spot from Logan." He said as he grabbed the ball
from Zoey. "So, you're going to play a game of strip basketball." He said as
he began to spin the ball in his hand.

"NO WAY!" Zoey said firmly.

"Well, that's the only way that I can see if you are ready to handle the
pressure." He said, "What's more pressuring than making a shot so you don't
lose your shirt." He continued. "Also, I want to see you try harder knowing
you are actually going to lose more than just the game if you lose." He
persisted. "But I do guarantee if you do this you will start in Saturday's
game no matter what the outcome is." He said tossing the ball to Zoey. "So
what will it be?" He asked.

Zoey looked shocked. She couldn't believe that she was considering this.
However, the thoughts of Logan holding that pad kept running through her
mind, and all she could think of was him sitting on the bench. "Alright..."
She said cautiously, "Ill do it." She continued.

"I'm glad you see it my way." He said in a controlling voice. "Now the rules
are simple." He began, "I'll tell you the shot I think will be essential and
if you can't make it you have to lose an article of clothing." He said. The
sound of those words sent chills up and down Zoey's petite body. "If you make
it, then you lose nothing." He added. "I'll tell you ten different shots and
if you make enough where you don't lose your clothes you win!" He said

"Sounds simple enough," Zoey thought to herself knowing that she didn't want
to expose her body to this man.

"Ok, I understand." She said in a timid voice.

"Good, Lets get started," He instructed, "We'll start out with making five
free throws."

Zoey slowly dribbled the ball to the free throw line knowing that there was
no way she was going to make five in a row. She sank the first two and began
to feel her nerves kicking in. She took a deep breath and shot the next one.
It bounced twice on the rim and finally fell. "Phew," She thought to herself.
She took another deep breath and shot. The shot went wide and fell to the gym
floor causing a loud crash as if a sledgehammer had hit the ground.

"Ooh, only three." He said almost mocking the young girl.

Zoey knew what was next; she looked up at the grinning man.

"Go ahead and remove something." He said gazing down at the defeated beauty.

Zoey kicked her shoes off, "Alright what's next?" She asked trying to forget
the fact that she had just taken off one piece of her clothing.

"Sorry Zoey, but socks have to go too!" He instructed.

"Come on Coach Peters!?" She cried out.

"Those are my rules!" He said.

Zoey slowly bent down and removed her socks from her tiny feet. The coolness
of the gym floor on her bare feet sent goose bumps up her body.

"Shoot a jumper from anywhere ten feet out." He instructed.

Zoey dribbled to the center and shot. "Yes!" She exulted as the ball swished
through the net.

"Very Good!" He said halfheartedly. "Now let's see you do that from the top
of the key." He said tossing the ball back to the young girl.

Zoey slowly walked up to the top of the three-point line, without hesitating
she hurled the ball towards the goal. The ball struck the back of the rim and
bounced back to her. "Damnit!" She shouted as she tossed the ball down.

"Ooh tough break," He said smugly, "Something has to go" He said again in a
confident voice.

"But..." Zoey tried pleading knowing it wasn't going to get her far.

"Look Zoey you can bow out now and we can keep Logan as the captain and
pretend this never happened, or you can keep going and win this thing!" He
said attempting to persuade her to continue.

Zoey looked down and slid her fingers under the brim of her shirt and began
to pull it slowly up her tan body. She slid the tight shirt through her hair
and tossed it on the ground immediately crossing her arms covering her
beautiful bra covered breasts.

"Good choice," He said tossing the ball to her causing her to uncross her
arms allowing him a perfect view of her stunning breasts. The sight instantly
caused his cock to stiffen as he decided on her next shot. "This time it's
your choice where you shoot, as long as it's beyond the free-throw line." He
stated as he continued to look at her beautiful breasts.

Zoey tried her best to cover herself as she prepped for her next shot. The
thought of her coach gazing upon her sent shivers throughout her body. She
walked to the sideline and took a deep breath to attempt to calm herself,
but it wasn't working. As she posed for her shot Coach Peters interrupted.

"Before you shoot I want you to know that if you miss I will get to choose
what you lose." He said smugly, "Go on."

Zoey's nerves were on ends now. She knew exactly what he would make her take
off; she had to make the shot. After a few moments she took the shot. It
seemed like an eternity as the ball drifted towards the net. Zoey's heart
pounded through her chest as she watched the ball sail over the goal into the
coach's hands.

"Alright, take off your bra." He commanded.

The words ran through Zoey's head like crashing thunder. She slowly slid her
arms behind her back finding the clasp to her bra. Slowly and concerned she
looked up at the coach as she undid her bra. Coach Peters waited patiently as
the young girl brought her arms back in front of her slender body and began
to pull the bra the rest of the way off. Before she knew it she was standing
completely topless in front of her coach.

"Well, well, well... You do have a sense of commitment," He said gawking at
the young girl. "I admire that," He said tossing the ball back to her.

She caught the ball exposing herself completely to him. All she had on was a
pair of tight short shorts and her panties. Her breasts were perfect. They
were small 'a-cups', but were perfect for his large hands to caress. Her
nipples stood fully erect from the cool air that engulfed the gym. "Alright,
don't miss another fucking shot!" She said to herself looking back at the

Coach took his time deciding on her next shot as he just couldn't remove his
eyes from her young body. "Alright Zoey, I've seen enough," He said much to
the delight of Zoey, "This will be your last shot, but it will be for
everything!" He said.

"Ok?" She said confused as she continued covering her small exposed breasts.

"If you make this shot, you can go and you will have Logan's position on the
team. But if you miss..." He said pausing for a bit. "You have got to take
the rest of your clothes off" He said calmly.

Zoey pondered the option for a bit, but all she could think about was Logan
coming up to her. "Alright!" She said confidently, "I'll do it!" She said
again in a confident voice.

The decision surprised Coach Peters as he was expecting a denial. "Well," He
said taken back a bit. "All you have to do is back me down and make it!" He
said eagerly.

Zoey hesitantly walked over to the coach and turned her back to him as she
began to dribble. As soon as she got close to him she felt him wrap his
large, dry, hands around her tiny smooth waist, and pull her into him. This
time she felt the disgusting feeling of his cock attempting to pry its way
through her shorts into her virgin ass. She paused for a moment to regain her
composure and began to thrust her way backwards towards him. With each thrust
she could feel his cock pounding harder against her ass, but this made her
want to win this even more.

As she approached the goal she could feel his hand slide up from her waist to
her upper belly right below her breasts. The feeling for her was disgusting
as all she could think about was beating this old man at his own game. She
took a peek behind her to see where she was, and without warning she turned
and hurled the ball towards the rim. Much like in the movies time stood
still. She felt Coach Peters' disgusting hands crawling over her ass as he
attempted to 'box her out,' but it didn't matter right now. She just watched
the ball slowly fly through the air as it seemed to stop right before it got
to the goal hitting the front of the rim, and bounced down. Her face
immediately turned to sorrow as she knew what had just happened. The coach
just turned to her without saying a word his face said enough. Tears began to
form in her large brown eyes.

"Do I really have to?" She asked trying to plea her way out of stripping for
the old man.

"I'm sorry Zoey, but I gave you a chance that you didn't even deserve." He
said in a stern voice, "Now it's time to pay for your opportunity." He said
again with no emotion in his voice.

Zoey very slowly gripped the seams of both her shorts and her panties and
slowly led them down her petite athletic legs. She stepped out of her shorts
and tried to cover herself as best she could as she stood in front of her

He slowly walked over to her and without saying a word, he just drug his
hands over her crossed arms and gripped both her wrists. He began to slowly
pull them towards him. Zoey didn't put up much fight and soon her gorgeous
body was out for him to see. He released her arms as she dropped them down
to her sides. With tears rolling down her face she just looked down at the
ground. Coach Peters couldn't take it any longer as he took his fingers and
wiped away her tears before slowly sliding them down her rosy red cheeks.
"Coach," She murmured out softly.

"How bad do you want Logan's spot?" He asked as he slid his fingers further
reaching the top of her tanned chest.

"Coach please..." She pleaded out.

He just ignored her plea, and slowly slid his fingers over her precious
breasts. The feeling was incredible. Her breasts were as soft as the rest of
her body, but just the touch of this innocent girls forbidden region sent
him over the edge. There was no going back now and the coach knew it. Zoey,
defenseless, tried to pull away, but the coach just pulled her back.

"Trust me Zoey," he said cupping the delicious breast in his hand, "the spots
yours" he said before leaning down wrapping his moist lips around her fully
erect nipple.

The feeling sent shots of ecstasy throughout her body. Goosebumps immediately
formed on her body as she found herself loosing control. As he continued to
suck on her tender breasts he led his left hand down across her tight
abdominals continuing down. The feeling of his hands roaming her body forced
her to try and stand up straighter to escape, but a part of her wanted to
stay. She could not believe that this was happening, but she was for some
reason allowing it, knowing that she would be rewarded with Logan's spot as
captain. He continued to suck for a few more minutes before lifting his head
up gazing deep into her brown eyes before slowly leaning in placing a kiss on
Zoey's juicy red lips. She attempted to pull her head back, but with his
right hand he held her head against his. All kinds of thoughts rushed through
her fragile mind as he raised his left hand back up cupping her small breast
in his hand. He felt his cock while he pinched her tiny nipple between his
fingers. He tried to force his tongue into her mouth, but it was like a
locked vault. Finally, he released the kiss, and stood back a bit gazing down
at his sculpture. He ran his hands down her tiny arms gripping her wrists as
he admired the beauty that was before him.

"Coach..." Zoey said softly knowing that she shouldn't allow him to continue,
but was too stubborn to not.

Coach Peters just forced her to turn around as he wrapped his arms around
bringing her naked body closer to him. She felt his protruding cock trying
to pry its way into her ass as his hands let go of her wrists, and began
sliding down her tight abdominals.

One of his hands began its journey back up reaching her small firm breasts,
while the other was heading down towards her most intimate place. She tried
to sit up further to make the journey longer, but she just pushed herself
further into Coach Peters. She felt his breathing getting hotter and heavier
the closer he got to her perfectly shaven cunt. Within seconds his hand was
introducing itself to her shaven jungle. The feeling of another person
touching her there was one that Zoey had never felt. The tips of his fingers
would gently run over the juicy clit, as if to be teasing. Zoey knew what was
about to happen to her, "Please... Don't hurt me" She pleaded out, "I've
never done this before!" She again cried out.

The words rang through Coach Peters' ears like bells. He knew that now he had
her. "Don't worry sweetie," He said as he rested his fingers on top of her
warm slit. "I won't" He said slowly inserting his large index finger into her

"Oh my God!!" She said feeling his finger probe deeper into her virgin pussy
causing her to back further against his cock.

He continued to bury his finger deeper inside her cunt while his free hand
continued to violently molest her gorgeous breasts. Zoey began letting out
loud moans as Coach Peters inserted his middle finger into her juicy pussy
while increasing the speed of the thrust. He now knew he had complete control
of this young girl as he slowly eased his fingers from her. He maneuvered his
hands to her waists as he led her nude body over to the bench. He softly laid
her on the bench as he towered over her young nubile body just staring down.
He slid his hands down the sides of his gym shorts and slid them down
exposing his large throbbing cock.

Zoey was surprised at the sight of his massive dick. She just lay on the cool
bench staring as she watched Coach Peters straddle her by placing his legs on
each side of her tan body. His cock resting on her firm belly as a tiny
amount of his man juice spewed out of the tip. He slowly leaned down placing
his lips against hers once again passionately kissing the young girl. This
time, however, she allowed the entrance of his tongue into her mouth as their
tongues entangled with each other. While they kissed his cock was nearly
exploding on her belly as he pressed it firmly into her stomach.

Within seconds he released the kiss as she held her tongue out wanting more.
He leaned down and gave her breasts a peck as he slid down her tiny body
stopping as his raging cock rested on top of her flaming pussy. He smiled at
her as he gripped the throbbing rod in his hand and began to slide it around
her moist cunt. She let out a slight moan as he placed the tip of his massive
rod in her tight slit. The feeling of her warm juices flowing around his
hardened cock was amazing.

He continued to tease the juicy slit before inserting the whole tip inside.
Zoey let out a loud screech as he began to probe deeper. He rubbed his hand
all up and down her beautiful chest and slid a few fingers in and out of her
mouth as she just moaned with great pleasure. He kept inserting his cock
deeper into her body as the shots of pleasure shot throughout his body.
Finally, he had managed to insert his cock all the way that it would go into
her tight virgin slit, as he slowly began to retreat his mission.

Zoey was close to climaxing as he pulled his cock out only for a bit before
shoving it back in faster and further. She let out another moan of pleasure
as he forced his cock deeper inside her. He continued to allow his hands free
roam of her gorgeous teenage body as he proceeded to probe his cock in and
out of her tight virgin pussy increasing his speed with every thrust. He kept
pounding his cock deeper into the young kid while the more she moaned the
faster he pounded. Within moments he felt the warm juice start to flow from
the tip of his massive rod, so he slowly pulled it out only to slide it up
her warm sweaty body where he rested it in between her two perfect breasts.
He squeezed the two orange shaped mounds trapping his cock in between them.
He slowly began sliding his cock up in down between the two perfect mounds
allowing his cum to flow freely all over her chest. Zoey was in complete
ecstasy having no care whatsoever what was happening to her.

After climaxing, Coach Peters leaned down and gave Zoey a sweet peck on the
forehead. As he gradually arose from her body he just stared down smiling at
her. "Well Zoey," he said as he pulled his shorts back up, "Looks like you
are the new captain."

Zoey smiled back up at her Coach. "Than..." She stopped catching her breath,
"Thanks..." She said as she sat up on the cool bench. "It was worth it!" She
said as she stood up and began walking towards her clothes.

Zoey began to gather her things as Coach Peters walked up behind her once
again placing his hand on her small underdeveloped breast. "Just remember
that no one can find out how you got this position." He said as he closed
his hands a bit cupping the flowering breast in his hand.

The feeling caused Zoey to straighten up and sent goosebumps once again
through her body. "Don't worry Coach," She said, "As long as Logan stays on
the bench no one will ever find out!" She said as she finished putting her
clothes back on.

The End!!!
_ _ _

Remember this story was made up completely. Any relevance to real life events
that were mentioned in this story was completely coincidental. Also if you
have any feedback, good or bad, please feel free to email me at:

[email protected]


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