Disclaimer: This is not only a work of fiction, it's a work of fiction about
people who are themselves non-existant and so incapable of taking offense.
Now bugger off and find a more productive hobby.

Note 1: This is very loosely based on the "Zoey 101" episode "Spring Fling".
Only saw it once a long time ago so don't carp about any inconsistancies.
Other changes have been made to facilitate the story.

Note 2: All the girls are 13

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Zoey 101: So You Want To Make Some Money? Part 1 - Car Troubles
by Tricksterson

"I'm not so sure about this," Zoey Brooks said nervously. She and her friends
Dana and Nicole stood in the lobby of the San Diego Plaza Hotel. They were
there at the request of Mr. Birming, a rich alumnus of Pacific Coast High,
the school all three of them attended.

It had all started with Zoey's plan to get up and coming pop star, Drake
Bell, for PCH's Spring Fling. All of their fundraising efforts had,
unfortunately fallen far short of the needed $5,000, Then Mr. Birming, who
had been visiting PCH had offered to make up the difference if the three
girls would wash his car. Zoey had thought it a little creepy that he had
taken pictures of them while they had done it but Dana and Nicole, especially
Nicole, had thought of it as a lark. Nicole had even flashed the wealthy
older man by lifting her shirt. Zoey had just been glad that her flirtatious
friend had remembered to wear a bra that day, although it probably wouldn't
have stopped her.

He had been as good as his word and given them the money and had even tipped
Nicole an extra hundred, which had caused Dana to flash him too but then the
car had been wrecked right in front of him and he'd taken the money back for

But he had given them a chance to earn back the four thousand. He had told
them to come up to his hotel that night and to "dress tasty".

Dana and Nicole had gone along cheerfully with the request, Zoey less so.
Dana was wearing a camo patterned jacket, tight denim shorts and an equally
tight white t-shirt. The other brunette of the trio had on a chocolate
colored tunic that was belted tight enough to show that there was no bra on
underneath and an even tighter pair of jeans. Zoey wasn't exactly in a nun's
habit but her khaki colored top was much looser than those of either of her
friends. But even they conceded that her white cargo shorts showed off her
legs nicely.

They hadn't thought they would be allowed out after PCH's curfew but as soon
as they had mentioned Mr. Birming's name to the principal he'd just smiled
and given them permission. He'd even winked and wished them "a good time".

When they inquired at the desk they were told that they were expected and
directed to an express elevator that went right to the top floor. On the way
up the three girls speculated about what the older man wanted from them.

"I think he'll want to have sex with us!," said Nicole, sounding eager at the

"Ewwww!," retorted her blond friend. "He's *old*! Any way we're all
virgins...right?" To be honest she wasn't quite sure about Nicole.

Dana answered by saying "Technically." while Nicole just looked away and
started whistling. Dana changed the subject somewhat by saying, "He's not
that old. Thirtysomething and pretty cute for his age. Anyway maybe all
he'll want is to see us naked."

"I don't want him looking at us naked."

"Speak for yourself," Nicole muttered under her braeath as the elevator doors
opened onto the penthouse suite.

"Wow," said Nicole as she stepped out, followed by her friends. "Everything's
made of gold!"

"Not really," came Mr. Birming's voice "The light just happens to be right."

As their eyes adjusted they saw what he meant. The room was decorated in a
variety of whites, pale browns, yellows and creams that the sun, coming
through the room's skylight had turned golden. Birming himself was seated
on a cream colored sofa dressed in a short white silk bathrobe that was
belted loosely enough to show that all that was underneath was a pair of
black, silk boxers. He was holding a champagne glass in one hand and three
more were on a tray next to the sofa.

All of the girls, even Zoey, couldn't help but run their eyes up and down his
legs and mostly exposed torso. He wasn't ripped but had the look of someone
who played a lot of tennis and golf and worked out, if not fanatically, at
least regularly. None of them had more than a vague idea of who Hugh Hefner
was but Jake Birming bore more than a passing resemblance to him in his
younger days.

He gestured to the end table on top of which was the tray of champagne
glasses and the remainder of a bottle of what none of them realized was a
moderately expensive vintage.

"Feel free to have some ladies."

"We're too young to..." Zoey started to say but before she could finish both
of her friends had glasses in their hands. Sighing, she gave in and picked up
the last glass, although she took smaller sips than either Dana or Nicole.

He spread his arms wide on the back of the couch and said, "Why don't you all
sit down?" While Zoey hesitated Dana and Nicole moved in and soon were each
tucked under an arm snuggling against him. Nicole on the left, Dana on the

"Why don't you sit on his lap, Zoey?," her Latina friend said teasingly.
"Don't be such a prude."

"I...don't think so," the blond girl replied with a sniff. "And I'm not a
prude. I just...want to know what he wants from us, that's all."

"Well if you won't, I will," said Nicole and soon the brunette nymphet was
not only sitting on Mr. Birmings lap, her legs extended onto Danas and she
put her arms around the older man's neck.

"See Zoey, plenty of room now. And call me Jake. Please?" As he said this he
patted the couch to his left then put his arm around Nicole's shoulders.

"Zoey is right about one thing Jake," Dana said. "What *do* you want from
us?" the young Hispanic beauty said with a calculating look in her eye.

"That depends on how much you're willing to do for four thousand dollars.
Plus tips."

"Hmmm, I have some ideas," Dana said as she got up and, taking her more naive
friend by the hand went and stood in front of the couch. Zoey wasn't sure
what her friend had in mind but followed her lead. She was still wary and
nervous but also, though she didn't want to admit it, a bit excited.

"How about you?," Zoey asked Nicole.

"I'm fine right where I am, thanks," the young brunette replied, snuggling
closer against Jake and letting him move a hand below her neckline to stroke
one of her tits. She thought she knew what Dana had in mind and planned a
variation on the theme.

"You have any music?," Dana asked.

"As a matter of fact I do," their prospective sugar daddy said. He took one
hand away from fondling the lolita on his lap and reached for the remote.
Soon the sounds of Drake Bell's latest single were playing. The girls
wondered if he had picked that song because he knew they were fans or to
remind them of why they were there. Or both.

Regardless of the reason it didn't take either of them long before their
bodies were swaying and twitching to the music. Still uncertain of where
all this was leading or how far she was willing to go down this path Zoey
decided, for now, to follow Dana's lead. So when Dana turned towards Nicole
and their patron, ran her fingers through her hair and gathered it up over
her head to let it fall sexily back onto her shoulders Zoey did likewise.

When she saw what Nicole and Jake were doing on the couch however she was
jolted into a misstep. She had heard about lap dances but of course had never
seen one before. Well, she was seeing one now. Either Jake or the brunette
nymphet had taken off his bathrobe and now he was staring intently over
Nicole's shoulder at Zoey and Dana while their friend gyrated her firm young
ass against the bulge of his crotch and rubbed her back against his now bare
chest while his hands roamed all over her front. As he pinched her hard
nipples through her top she bit down on her bottom lip then spun around
slowly to face him and pushed her mouth down onto his.

Both girls just stared for a minute, especially Zoey, trapped by feelings
and urges she didn't want to admit to, then the music changed to Christina
Aguilera's "Dirrty" and Dana pulled her around so that they were face to
face. When the young Latina stroked her blond hair and then her face she
mimiced her but when the other girl pulled her body into hers and started
kissing her she balked.

"Dana, what are you doing," she asked, starting to struggle but not, perhaps
as much as she could have.

"Nothing Nicole and I don't do all the time after lights out." Brown eyes
looked deeply into blue. We know you listen and we know what you do while you

* * *

It had started innocently enough, with Zoey trying to fix a problem between
her two roomates. Part of the solution had been a curtain covering Dana's
bunk and it's environs so that Nicole's girly-girl sensibilities wouldn't be
offended by the mess surrounding her more slovenly roomates's sleeping area.

It had worked. But it had also had unintended consequences because three
nights later Zoey had been woken up by her friends giggling behind the
curtain. Giggling and...other noises. Grunts, gasps, moans and words that
nice girls just weren't supposed to use.

All those sounds and words, together with the movements she could see vaguely
through the curtain had an odd effect on Zoey. They made her feel...warm
and...tingly all over. Suddenly her clothes had felt way too hot, heavy and
confining. She hadn't taken them off, well, not all of them, but she had
taken off her pajama bottoms and unbuttoned her top. The tingles made her
start rubbing and scratching all over her body, especially her chest and
between her legs where it was worst.

But that hadn't helped. In fact, the more she rubbed the hotter she felt
and the tingling between her legs had turned to an itch and then a burning
sensation. Except the burning felt good! Soooo good! Especially when it
creeped inside her cootchie and her fingers followed it. Then the burning
turned to a feeling she couldn't describe except that she wanted it to go
on forever so she kept rubbing and stroking and then...

And then she had felt like she was exploding and falling inside herself all
at once and for a second she just seemed to dissapear.

When she came back she was covered in sweat and there was no sound coming
from Dana's bunk. Then she heard giggling again and was afraid of what her
roomates would say in the morning but she had been so tired she couldn't do
anything but fall asleep.

In the morning when she woke up Nicole was in her own bed and both of her
friends acted as if nothing had happened the previous night. So she did too.
In fact if her clothes hadn't been so...rumpled when she awoke, she would
have thought everything had been a dream. She had wondered what would happen
that night.

As it turned out nothing happened that night and she once again started to
think she had been having a weird and wonderful dream but the night after
that everything happened pretty much they way it had before, the moans, the
giggles, the vague motions behind the curtains and the far more vivid ones
inside her young head, all leading to her fingering herself into an intense
explosion of ecstasy that she couldn't stop herself from pursuing no matter
how wrong her parents and preacher might think it was.

* * *

And now here was Dana, pressing her body against Zoey's, nuzzling her neck,
running her hands up and down her sweet young body and whispering, "Say it
chica, say it."

"Say what?," the young blond half moaned in reply.

"You know what, mi amor, you know." As she said this Dana started licking her
throat and her lover-victim couldn't hold back any more no matter what her
parents, preacher or the teacher of the "Abstinence Only" class in her old
school might say.

"Yes! I want it! I want you to do everything to me that you do to Nicole and
I want to do it right back to you!" This time when her friend moved to kiss
her, she not only let her, she twined her fingers in the other girls long
dark hair while Dana pulled Zoey's top up over her head, revealing a nice
pair of small, firm tits in a white bra.

* * *

Jake Birming watched this with fascination while Nicole straddled him and
frantically rubbed her denim clad crotch against the rock hard bulge in his
boxers and covered his chest with kisses. He undid her belt and pulled off
her top while sneaking a peek at the other two girls, now both topless except
for their bras, Zoeys white and Dana's an abstract swirl of pastel colors.

Nicole, he was happy to see hadn't burdened herself with a bra. Her tits,
like the other girls were small but promising, As verging on B, but conical
where theirs seemed more rounded and tipped with nipples the color of cocoa
powder. He took one of them in his mouth and sucked, then between his teeth
and pulled.

"Ohh, yeahhh," Nicole moaned. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and stuck
his hand in. Her panties were soaked through. He slipped a pair of fingers
inside and rubbed her pussy lips against each other before sticking a finger

"Mmmmm, make me feel good Daddy," She whispered into his ear before biting
down on the lobe. "Make your little girl feel good!"

He shifted his mouth from her tits to her mouth for a long slow kiss while
his fingers moved inside her, feeling her body tremble against his. When the
kiss ended he asked, "And does Daddy's sweet little slut want to make him
feel good too?"

"Uh huh," she replied and started kissing her way down his chest and stomach
until she reached the waist of his boxers which was pushed away from his body
by his raging hardon. She smiled up at him as he licked his fingers, savoring
the taste of her girlcream, then pulled his underwear down. Her smile only
grew when she saw the size of his cock and then popped it into her mouth.

As her mouth moved up and down his pole his erection gained even further
inspiration as he watched the other two girls at play. Both were now wearing
only panties, Zoey's white and regular cut, Dana's beige and bikini style.
As he'd thought, their tits were about the same size as Nicoles but rounder.
Dana's face was buried in her new lover's cleavage while Zoey's hands
clumsily but enthusiastically groped at the Hispanic girl's soft globes. As
he watched Dana slowly overbore her friend to the floor and started covering
her body with kisses.

The sight of these two young hotties making love while their equally yummy
friend sucked on his dick had Jake on the verge of exploding, something he
didn't want to happen just yet. He fully intended to fuck all three of them
and even with the Viagra he had taken shortly before they had arrived he
knew this would be difficult so he gently and reluctantly pulled Nicole's
head off of him.

"Aren't I good?," she asked. a hint of anxiety in her voice.

"You're great baby." Truthfully she had shown more skill and technique than
he had expected from a thirteen year old. "But now it's time to move it up a

"You mean?," she asked hopefully.

He bent down and kissed her, tasting his precum on her mouth and said, "Is
Daddy's girl ready to fuck?"

"Oh yeah," she whispered in reply, "She sure is."

"Should I get a condom?," he asked.

"I'm on the Pill," was her answer as she lifted herself up, straddled his
cock and, spreading her pussy lips wide with her fingers, slowly sunk herself
down onto his member.

It didn't surprise Jake when no hymen interrupted his thrusting, although the
young brunette was still pretty tight. As she moved up and down his dick and
his hands roamed all over her ripening young body he wondered if the same was
true of her friends. He was pretty sure that Zoey at least was a virgin and
looked forward to popping her cherry but wasn't quite so sure about Dana.

* * *

"Do you think he'll want to do us too?" Zoey asked her Latina friend.

"Well duh. Sometimes you are just too blond." Dana's hand was between the
other girl's legs as she said this, stroking it's way up one thigh, towards
the wet, sparsely furred pussy above. At the same time, her friend's hand
were roaming more randomly over Dana's tits, back, ass and belly.

Zoey bent down and sucked at the dark chocolate nipples of her girlcrush then
stiffened as Dana pulled her soaked panties down and inserted a finger.

"Do you like that?"


"Want more?"

"Yesss, oh please, yesss!"

Dana maneuvered herself between her blond roomie's legs and started lapping
at her peachfuzzed slit. Nearby she heard a mounting crescendo of squeals,
moans and grunts coming from the couch as Nicole and Jake both approached
orgasm and knew that soon the older man would be coming for her and Zoey as

It wasn't that she didn't want to fuck him, she most surely would have if
she could. But her family was very conservative, even more so than Zoey's and
whenever her mother visited she examined Dana to make sure she was still a
virgin. If it wasn't for the Sapphic joys she shared with Nicole and now Zoey
she would have gone crazy. But she had a plan, one she was sure their sugar
daddy would endorse.

At the moment however her only plan was to make her new lover cum. She curled
her tongue into a tube and pushed in, evoking a gratifying moan. As she found
Zoey's clit and began licking and sucking on it the blond writhed and pulled
at her hair as she came.

Dana was so focused on her work that she didn't hear Jake come up behind
her until she felt his hands caressing her ass. Knowing what she wanted she
spread her legs for easy access and felt two fingers enter her.

She looked up, smiled and said, "Do me in the ass."

He cocked his head and said, "Really?"

"Really." She wasn't as sure as she sounded. She knew that anal sex was
common so she figured it must feel good or people wouldn't do it but she
couldn't imagine how it wouldn't hurt. But losing her virginity frontally
would hurt too and there was no way her family could know if she took it up
the ass.

"I'll be right back then," Jake said and went to find some lubricant.

While their host was making preperations for Dana's backside, Nicole went
over to the prone and recovering Zoey and got down on her hands and knees to
kiss her.

When the kiss ended she asked, "You liked being eaten, didn't you?"

"Ohhh, yeahhh," the blond answered dreamily. In fact her body was still
trembling from the aftereffects of her orgasm.

"Liked having a tongue in your pussy?" As she asked this she was kissing her
way down the other girl's throat and chest to her creamy, pink nipple topped
tits. Zoey's hands came up to caress the brunette girls own breasts in

"Yes, yes I did."

"Then how about giving me some tongue?"

"You your...pussy?"

Dana, who gone back to been kissing and licking the young blond's inner
thighs while she nervously awaited her buttfucking raised her head and said,
"Hey, if you want to get, you have to give. It's only fair, right?"

"I guess. Okay."

Mr. Birming, a small jar of Vaseline in one hand came in just as Nicole
started to straddle her friend's face and nodded in approval. The more
decadent behavior the young virgin engaged in, the less resistant she would
be when it came time for that virginity to end.

He didn't know why the dark haired nymph in front of him wanted him to use
her exit for an entrance but was pretty sure she had never done it before so
he resolved to make the experience as painless, and hopefully as pleasant, as

He started by massaging the base of her spine, then working the muscles of
her tight, young buttocks, feeling them loosen and relax. He dipped a finger
into the lube and traced a circle with it around the puckered hole of her
anus before pushing the finger in, bringing a gasp from her.

"Does it hurt?" he asked in a concerned tone.

"A little. Not as much as I thought it would."

While this was going on Nicole was busy instructing her roomate in the fine
art of eating adolescent pussy.

"Yeah, start on my thighs and lick your way up. Mmm, yeah, long slow licks,
that's right, that's good." She slowly lowered her cunt down onto Zoey's face
while continuing her tutorial. "Now when you get to my pussy, you want to
alternate fast, teasing licks around the lips with slow and deep down the
slit. Oh God, Zoey!," she screamed as her blond friend showed what a quick
study she was, prodded along by Dana's tongue which had returned to her cunt
since the young Latina saw no reason to waste being face down between her
friends, smooth, soft legs.

At the other end of this chain Jake had added a second finger and opened up
Dana's asshole enough that he thought she was ready for his cock. He ran it
up and down her butt crack then withdrew his fingers and pushed it in before
the butthole had entirely closed. This provoked a squack from the lolita
before him, whether of pain, pleasure or just surprise he couldn't tell since
it was muffled by being buried in her friend's twat. The truth was that Dana
wasn't sure how much of which she was feeling either.

God, her ass was tight! He could feel every muscle of her anal tube clenched
around his dick. He started by moving slowly but soon he was pounding away at
her, hands cutching at her slender hips to brace himself, subdued squeaks and
moans coming from both her and Zoey. Much louder sounds of ecstasy came from
Nicole as Zoey's tongue worked inside of her. Soon he was coming inside the
dark haired girl's poop chute which set off a chain reaction of shuddering,
heaving orgasmic flesh. When the sexual eruption was over he slowly pulled
out and then fell backwards onto the carpet.

* * *

When his head cleared he looked up to see the other three still on the floor
with him. Dana and Nicole were cuddled together, watching him in a manner
that reminded him of cats while Zoey was using a hotel towel to wipe the
accumulated shit and cum off his dick, which was causing his penis to

When she was done she snuggled up against him, one hand still on his cock,
stroking it slowly. Resting her head on his chest she whispered, "Are we
goiing to...," her voice dropped even lower, "fuck?"

He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead then asked, "Do you want to?"

She hesitated a moment then replied, "Yeah...I do. But...I don't want to get

"I have condoms in the bedroom."

"Good 'cause I kind of want my first time to be on a bed."

He rolled her off of him gently, got to his feet then bent down and scooped
her up into his arms. As if they had rehearsed it she threw her arms around
his neck and planted her open mouth on his. He sould feel her small hands
digging first into the skin of his neck then into the muscles of his
shoulders as their tongues thrashed against each other.

When they broke the lip lock Jake looked back and down at his other two
lolitas. "You want to join us?"

"Nah, replied Dana. "We'll stay here and entertain ourselves."

"Or each other," added Nicole with a smirk. After their benefactor had
carried their friend into the bedroom and closed the door behind them she
turned towards her lover and put her hand between the young Latina's legs.

"Unh," Dana grunted as the heel of her friend's hand rubbed against her pussy
lips then bent her head to lick and suck at the pale brown nipples of the
other girl.

Nicole turned her hand sideways and ran it's edge between her lover's labia,
pushing them apart then gasped as Dana's fingers entered her own damp slit.
Her free hand went up to explore the other girl's tits while Dana evoked
another gasp from the young slut by biting down on the nipple she'd been

They both paused for a moment, distracted by a shriek of pain coming from the
bedroom, followed by a series of much happier sounds.

"Well, that...seems to be...going..ohhh...well," said Dana.

"Yeah, said Nicole. "But so is this," and plunged her tongue into the
Hispanic girl's mouth simultaneous with her fingers finding her clit. Dana
arched her back in joy while her own fingers started rubbing the other girls
nub. Soon their own orgasmic moans and shrieks were drowning out those from
the bedroom.

* * *

Jake Birming, his arms full of naked, pubescent girl kicked the door closed
behind them then carried his prize to the bed, reveling in the feel of her
tongue in his mouth, of her shoulders resting against the muscles of his
right arms and of her tight, silky smooth ass cheek cupped in his left hand
before lowering her onto the bed and letting her go.

He ran his eyes over her before joining her on the bed, her thick blond hair,
her blue eyes shining with a mixture of fear and anticipation, her small but
growing tits, her stomach, soft and flat at the same time, the sparse, golden
hair between her legs and the legs themselves, slender and beautiful. He
smiled and after taking a condom from the night stand climbed on top, not yet
putting any weight on her but hovering over her on his hands and knees.

"Are you going to...?"

"Not yet," he said, licking his tongue slowly down the shallow valley between
her breasts, provoking a gasp. "The more you want it, the more you'll enjoy
it and I intend for you to want it *real* bad."

He moved from being above her to on his side next to her. She turned on her
side to face him and he sucked on one of her rosy pink nipples while moving a
hand between her legs and a finger into her pussy.

"Oh! That's so fucking good!" she almost shouted, then giggled nervously.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he probed deeper into her.

"Nothing, it's just that...I've never even *said* 'fuck' and now...mmmm...I'm
actually going to be doing it."

"Do you want to? I mean really want to?" he asked as he added a second finger
into her pussy.

"Oh...uh...yes! IwantitIwantitIwantit!"

Smiling, he took the condom wrapper, opened it and showed her how to put it
on but before she did she ducked her head down, took his glans in her mouth
and sucked.

"Did you like that?" she asked almost shyly as she rolled the condom onto his

"Most definitely. Did you?"

"Yeah...I think I did? Do alll guys taste like that?"

"I wouldn't know," he answered with deliberate solemnity. "I've never had one
in my mouth," which provoked another bout of the giggles.

The giggles stopped when he gently pushed her once more onto her back. Her
face got very still and she licked her lips. He let his lower body rest on
hers, letting her feel the hardness of his prick against the softness of her

"Do you want it?," he asked again as he rested the weight of his upper body
on his elbows while stroking her hair with one hand and smearing her pussy
juice across her lips with the other which she eagerly licked up.

"Yes," she whispered, her voice getting louder and higher pitched with each
word that followed. "I want it sooo baaad! Pleeeease!"

"Good. Now reach down and spread your pussy lips. It will make it easier for
me to get in. Yeah, that's my good little girl. God, you're so tight!" He saw
her wince as his cocktip pushed against her hymen.

"It's going to hurt honey, so be my brave little girl," She nodded and he
pushed in.

"Ahhhnngh!" she screamed, her face contorted in pain. But as he continued
thrusting steadily into her pain transformed into pleasure and soon moans of
a different type were coming out of her mouth.

"Unnngh! Yessss!" she cried as her fingers dug into his back and her slender
young legs wrapped around his hips. "That's...that's sooo goood Jake! Fuck
your little whore gooood!"

"You are my little whore, aren't you?" he asked, sweat dripping down from his
face onto hers. "All three of you, my sweet little whores."


"Do you like being my little whore?

"I do, I doooo! Make me cum Jake, make your little Zoeywhore cummmm!"

* * *

"I still don't see why your tips are bigger than mine," complained Nicole as
the three young sluts exited the hotel. A check for four thousand dollars sat
in Zoey's purse as did five hundred dollars in cash. Dana had stashed her own
five C-notes into her cleavage while Nicole's tip, half that of the other
girls was inside her panties. They said that feeling that much money against
their skin made them all tingly.

"I mean I was a good fuck, wasn't I?"

"I'm sure you were," the Latina girl said to her fellow lolita. "But I let
him fuck my ass and Zoey let him pop her cherry. You, on the other hand
didn't do anything for him that you wouldn't have done for free. Comprende?"

"Yeah, okay, I guess that makes sense."

"Which is why being a whore is better than just being a slut."

"I'll have to think about that. By the way, how was it? Being assfucked I

"Not bad, but not something I want to do regular." She looked at Zoey.
"Speaking of regular, you want to join our little parties from now on?"

"Definitely," answered the now happily corrupted ex-virgin.


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