farScape: Aeryn And Chiana - Slave Girls Part 1
by Hamster (your furry flushable friend)

Aeryn and Chiana had gone to planet Sylthrice in order to look for supplies.
Unfortunately they had gotten separated from their crew and gotten completely
lost in one of the planet’s huge bazaars. Something on the planet was
creating an interference that made it impossible to communicate with their
friends. Also unfortunately for them they had been noticed by a slaver on the
prowl to for potential woman to sell to his client.

'Those two look like quality cunts,' he thought. 'Too bad they are likely to
wind up dead soon.'

He removed a blow dart from his belt and fired two darts. Aeryn and Chiana
each felt a prick at their neck. The two women swooned and fell to the floor.
The hunter, who was a very big man picked each girl up and threw her over his
shoulder. Nobody attempted to interfere.

Later in Xial’s office...

The Slaver’s client was a very powerful woman on the planet. And he was very
nervous when he was sent to see her. Her sea green skin was clad in a silky
blue dress and her deep red hair was tied in long braids, she wore an
assortment of very expensive jewelry. Beside her were two large, barely
sentient, bovine humanoids of renowned strength that would dismember anyone
she wished on command.

“You called for me my lady?” He asked nervously.

“Yes I wish to reward you for bringing me such high quality little cunts.”
She said sweetly.

“Of course my lady, I live but to serve.” He said. “May I ask do you intend
to use them in the ‘Snuff show’?”

“No, I considered that but it would be a waste. I think I’ll use them in the
brothel.” She said.

“Excellent idea my lady, I’ll be sure to visit the brothel myself.”

* * *

Later at the brothel...

When Aeryn and Chiana had awoken they were in a massive building that was
furnished as a palace. They were being man handled by two large reptilian
humanoids who delivered painful shocks to them with their stun batons right
of the bat to let them know who was boss. They were immediately separated
and Aeryn was led down a hall to some stairs that led to a dungeon. She was
led to the cleaning rooms and received a painful shock from a stun baton
whenever she moved too slowly for her captor’s tastes. Once there a hard,
strong looking alien woman used a very large, sharp knife to cut away all
of her clothing, she used a needle to inject tiny microchips into her neck,
wrists, ankles, and the small of her back. These would allow her to be held
in place by special force field that would hold her firmly from the before
mentioned points.

This ingenious device was put to work immediately, her arms and legs were
spread wide and she was suspended off the ground a few feet. The stern faced
alien approached her with a razor and despite Aeryn’s vehement protests
shaved away all of the woman’s pubic hair. Aeryn was left with lovely but
bald cunt. Next, several mechanical hoses extended from the walls around her
and began spraying her from head to toe with warm soapy water. She screamed
as her cunt and ass were thoroughly cleaned out.

She was then half-led/half-dragged to a room full of naked alien women who
were suspended spread-eagle against the wall by force fields. She was
likewise arranged in this manner and was fed some foul tasting mush from a
tube before she passed out.

When she awoke there were men in the harem room examining each of the girls
as one might examine groceries in a market. Her breasts and cunt were fondled
by dozens of alien men of different species. Aeryn was helpless to do
anything about her humiliating circumstances since she could not move at all.
She was also somehow being muted and her every attempt to talk resulted in
painful coughing. Finally a large, bald, yellow-skinned alien stopped in
front of her.

“I will take this one.” He said.

Aeryn was lowered from the wall and led by one of the brothel’s familiar
reptilian employees to a private room were the client waited. The force
fields that bond her were then used to position her in the doggy style

The big alien undressed and revealed his massive cock. The cock was at least
twice the size of a length human’s and was far different than any Aeryn had
seen before; it was covered in hard, yellow, callous-like bumps. She looked
back at it in terror as the large yellow muscular-yet-hideous alien spread
her butt cheeks and set the tip to the small opening of her ass hole.

Aeryn attempted to struggle but the invisible bonds of force fields held her
firmly in place like invisible shackles and chains. She was bent over at the
waist and her wrists were held wide apart. She could turn back to look at her
tormentor but could do little else. The alien for his part ignored her please
as he drove the cock home. The long bumpy fuck-stick filled and stretched her
ass. Aeryn let out a wild pained wail at the anal intrusion. The hard
abrasive bumps battered her ass as he pistoned in and out of her with
reckless abandon. She screamed and thrashed in her bonds as his cock plunged
deeper and deeper with each thrust until his hips were slamming into her ass
cheeks and the head was buried deep in her bowels. Finally he roared as he
began filling her bowels with gallons of cum. There was so much thick, slimy
cum that it drooled out her hole from between her cheeks.

* * *

Later in the brothel’s main hall...

A large crowd was gathered to witness the special show that the brothel owner
was going to put on.

A large rounded and polished wooden pole was in the center of the room.
Suspended above it by chains connected to a harness she wore, her vulnerable
cunt only inches from the tip of the wooden monster, was Chiana. Her arms
were bound behind her back elbow to wrist and also connected to the collar
around her neck by a short chain. This kept her back straight and her breasts
thrust forward. Her legs were kept spread wide by chains connected to the
cuffs at her ankles. Xial, the brothel’s owner found the force fields useful
in her trade but for the floorshows she preferred the traditional chains and

The elegant green-skinned woman came into Chiana’s vision.

“I am your host Xial T’Quaa. And tonight in this very brothel, for the
amusements of all my dear clients this little blue-skinned slave will
receive a caning as she is fucked upon the wooden monster.” Xial declared
to the crowds delight.

Chiana struggled as she was lowered onto the tall wooden pole but it was no
use her own weight forced inch after inch of the wooden-monster deep into her
cunt. She squeaked and moaned as she was impaled deeper and deeper on the
huge wooden pole. Tears welled in her eyes and she begged for mercy much to
the crowd’s amusement.

Xial held up a long, thin, wicked looking cane and tapped it between Chiana’s
boobs menacingly. Xial stepped behind Chiana, She reared back her arm and
lashed the cane against Chiana’s curvy blue ass cheeks causing it burn and
swell. She whacked her ass again and again causing Chiana to scream and
thrash so violently that she was actually fucking herself upon the wooden

The crowd was beginning to applaud and then began chanting. “WHACK HER TITS,

The obliging host made her way in front of the helpless woman and began to
viciously cane her tits, which bounced and danced on her chest and caused her
to scream and thrash even more wildly. Before long Chiana passed out from the
pain and Xial was merely beating a limp body.

Finally when Xial’s arm tired she held her fist high to many admiring cheers.
She turned to an aid.

“Have her healed and placed in the special cage I have plans for this one.”
Xial ordered.

* * *


Aeryn was spread eagle on her back and was being forced to serve three at
once. They were roughly the size and appearance of spider monkeys save that
they were hairless and possessed leathery wings and bat-like ears. One was
busy fucking her pussy with vigorous enthusiasm while a second was receiving
a blowjob from Aeryn; its slug-like cock was rubbery and salty tasting.
Their friend had to settle for placing his cock between her breasts and
squeezing the fleshy orbs together to stimulate his slimy little cock.

Aeryn felt fortunate that these aliens had small cocks compared to the
monsters she had been forced to take earlier in the day. It had been almost
non-stop fucking for her with only a quick cleaning before being sent back
to the room were customers selected their slaves. She felt like she was
going to be fucked to death by half the monstrous aliens she had serviced
many of whom had enormous cocks and this particular triple team almost felt
like a break.

Aeryn sucked the cock in her mouth diligently; she knew full well that if
she did not fully please the clients she’d receive a savage beating. The
ugly little alien gave a contented chirping sound that Aeryn assumed meant
that it was pleased with her oral pleasuring. The one fucking her pussy
bit her, causing her to screech through the cock in her mouth meanwhile
the one getting a titty-fuck was thoroughly squeezing her tits together,
applying such painful pressure that she thought her tits were going to

The one fucking her face chirped loudly as he filled her mouth with thick
chunky cum that tasted very oddly. The one with his dick between her tits
shot his load up into her face as the one fucking her cunt blew his seed
deep in her womb.

* * *

Chiana stood perfectly straight with her hand bound behind her back. She was
forced to watch Aeryn repeatedly used by aliens after her ordeal in the main
hall. Xial walked around Chiana and smiled.

“You have seen what will become of you and have felt the sting of my little
floor shows. I have a very special deal to offer you. One I know that you
couldn’t possibly refuse. You can go to the brothel’s harem room and get used
by anyone with a cock and enough money between starring in my floorshows or
you can fill a very special position for me. You see I find your looks most
pleasing and I need a personal slave to serve as a mount to pull my chariot
and pleasure me at night. You may choose to serve me in this way or you can
simply serve as a receptacle for any cock with the money that desires you.”
Xial announced.

“I-I will serve you as your personal slave.” Chiana said in a small quivering

“Excellent.” Xial purred. She began to maul Chiana’s breast as she licked up
the side of the blue skinned woman’s neck.

* * *

The Ophidian resembled a humanoid snake with a long snake-like body,
skinny little arms, and no legs. It had a smooth scaly body and a cock that
resembled a headless snake itself, being that it was incredibly long, thick
and scaly. Aeryn was once again held in doggy-style position by force fields.
The long, flexible, scaly cock felt cool and smooth as it poked at the
entrance to her cunt. It taunted at teased her before it finally pushed it’s
way into her. Aeryn gasped as the large member drove into her channel. She
could feel the scales rubbing against the inside of her. She was grunting in
pleasure as the snake-like alien fucked her with gusto. The Ophidian reached
around to her front and massaged her tits gently as his long serpentine
tongue flicked against her neck.

His long whip-like cock completely exited her and lashed her cunt a few

“Eeeh ahhh.” She squeeled several times. As the cock visciously whipped at
her sex.

Finally it snaked it’s way back in and he continued to fuck her without
mercy. Finally when he filled her with his cum she was alarmed to feel that
it burned and stung incredibly. The ophidian merely gave a hissing laugh.

* * *

Chiana was wearing knee-length, high-heeled white leather boots with an arch
so extreme she was on her tippy-toes. A series of straps held a dildo firmly
in place rammed up her cunt. A ball gag with reigns attached, collar, and
harness were the only other cloths that she wore and these connected her to
a chariot. At the chariots helm Xial shouted orders and occasionally lashed
Chiana with a whip as they traveled around town examining various shops.
Chiana thought that she would die from the pain in her heels and toes, her
mistress preferred to keep her at a good trot. The click, click of her heels
was drowned out by the sounds of the people in the marketplace, many of those
people. Chiana’s breasts bounced with every step much to the amusement of
ogling passerbys.

“Yah, yah slave!” Xial cried as she viciously lashed Chiana’s ass.

“Lady Xial wait please!” Somebody called out as they passed.

“Yes?” She said.

“I am Duronne.” Said a small furry humanoid. “I believe that you might be
interested to know that I am to be holding a race for girl-mounts. This
magnificent mount may be a good competietor in the coming race.”

“Did you hear that my pet? It seems that I will have a chance to race your
lazy ass to victory.”

To be continued...

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