farScape: Aeryn And Chiana - Slave Girls Part 2
by Hamster

"My people come from a planet completely dominated by males...males who
treated us as property. Seven hundred and fifty years ago our first empress
led a group of our women here to planet Sylthrice. We knew that in order to
survive we needed the support of other worlds so we turned this into a
pleasure planet where you could find slave-girls to fulfill any fantasy.
There are no women on this planet save the Sylthites, as we call ourselves,
and slaves. This is why you where targeted in the marketplace you see.

We developed special tools that allowed us to impregnate alien females with
our eggs, fertilized by sperm we purchased from the home world. We also
developed special drugs that are now in your food Chiana. They will slow your
aging process and have promoted the growth of your mammaries." Xial explained
as she stroked Chiana's hair.

Xial took Chiana's hand and lifted it to her mouth then bestowed a kiss upon

Chiana lay naked next to her. She shuddered slightly at the touch of her
mistress. Xial had been affectionate, even kind but Chiana was not fooled
her status was little more than that of a favorite pet. But Chiana knew
that failure to return the affection of her mistress would bring very nasty
repercussions. Why hadn't their friends rescued them? Chiana was certain
the rest of Moya's crew had suffered some terrible fate.

Xial lay with her back to Chiana, so Chiana let her hand travel over her
mistress's smooth thigh and reached around to her front and began stroking
Xial's pussy with one hand and her breast with the other. Xial sighed with
pleasure. Chiana's finger's probed deeper into her owner's cunt pumping in
and out steadily Xial was very excited and began rubbing her ass back into
Chiana's own pussy. Chiana's fingers continued their pleasurable exploration.
Xial was panting and rubbing harder and harder.

"Ee, eee Ohhhhhhhh yes!" Xial cried as she came to her orgasm. As her panting
subsided she managed to say. "The precious juices of your mistress should
never go to waste."

"Yes mistress." Chiana said.

Chiana took her hand and began to lick it clean. She lapped up all the sweet
girl cum that smeared her fingers like a kitten lapping up milk.

"Goooooood girrrrrl." Xial purred.

The Bazaar...

Two huge crystal's jutted out of the ground in the center of the market
place. Specially placed force fields held Aeryn in place between the crystals
with her ankles and wrists spread wide. She was parallel to the ground for
easy access to her cunt. She hung and sweated nervously. She was a living
free sample for her mistress's brothel and anyone who wanted to could simply
step right up and fuck her. And many, many visitors too the marketplace had
already chosen to do so.

But now she was looking back at the hideous monstrosity that was about to
violate her and she was filled with genuine concern. It was at least 8 feet
tall and had a penis that was like a hunk of meat. The creature was like a
weird cross between a crocodile and toothy green ogre. The massive, scaly
cock was so big that Aeryn was certain that it would kill her.

"NO PLEASE!!!" She begged as the ogredile pushed his penis into her whole
with great difficulty, stretching out poor Aeryn horribly.

While the Ogredile thought he was in heaven as he raped the tight little
cunt, Aeryn thought she was in hell as she burned with pain. It was like an
enormous log ripping into her over and over without mercy or even a sign of
relief. Every stroke felt as if it would rip her apart. Just as she thought
she would pass out from the pain the Ogrdile flooded her insides with a
geyser of cum.

She was released from her bonds and allowed to flop down to the ground. A
pair of handlers then dragged her away so that her raw, bleeding cunt could
be regenerated for the benefit of the next costumer. Another girl took her

The Coliseum...

The discomfort of the high-heeled boots Chiana was forced to wear and
humiliation of her very public nudity were over-shadowed only by the enormous
fear and anticipation she felt. It was likely that should she fail to win she
would be forced to work in the pleasure palace like poor Aeryn.

Her costume, which had been put on her by a pair of runty little wart-covered
green skinned creatures, consisted of a very tight corset, knee-high
high-heeled boots that were molded to look like the hooves of some beast, she
also wore gloves that were connected elbow-to-wrist behind her back then in
turn connected by a chain to the back of a collar around her neck. The last
piece of her costume was a ball gag that had reigns attached. A harness by
which she pulled her chariot was attached to her corset. Finally her nipples
had been pierced and a set of rings with bells attached hung from her teets
so that she jingled when she walked. The grooms had fondled her repeatedly
and shamelessly as they prepared her for her race.

All around her cart lined up being pulled by attractive alien slave girls
of a multitude of species. X'ial stepped onto her chariot and waved to the
crowd. She was greeted by many cheers. Once the gong was sounded to begin
the race, X'ial viciously lashed at Chiana egging her on to go faster.
Chiana's heart pounded almost out of her chest as she ran as fast as she
possibly could. She was completely unaware of her competition and
concentrated only on her turns and her acceleration. She was dimly aware
of the crop as it bit into her and the roaring crowd as she finally ran
through the finish line.


The basement of Xial's pleasure palace...

Aeryn was in a tank that was filled with greenish water. A special breathing
apparatus was placed over her mouth and she was completely encased in a black
form-fitting body suit made of a thin rubbery substance that kept her arms
pinned to her side but had a slit cut in it to allow access to the cunt. She
had on goggles so she could see exactly what was happening to her. What
looked like a humanoid shark with a mass of tentacles instead of legs
approached her from behind. The tentacles wrapped about her tightly and a
large penis pushed through the slit in her costume and into her cunt.

This was her life now, to pleasure any bizarre creature that took a fancy to

To be concluded...
_ _ _

What will Aeryn and Chiana's fate be?

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