TITLE: "Boldly Going Where No Woman...
RATING: NC-17, explicit f/f sexual activity.
PAIRING: Zhaan/Chiana
SUMMARY: Chiana acts on her attraction to Aeryn during a strange
occurance on board Moya.
DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to Henson, SciFi, etc, and no
copyright infringement is intended by their use. The story itself
is copyright BadGrrl, 1999.
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Chiana couldn't stay in her quarters one microt longer. She had felt
very restless since joining Moya, and desperately wanted someone
to talk to. The others still treated her like a naughty child, and
she hated the feeling that she, yet again, did not fit in with the
others. That feeling had plagued her throughout her life, and she
was beginning to think that she never truly would find a home where
she belonged.

Blinking back tears, and hating herself for it, Chiana began walking
quickly through the maze of corridors. Lost in her own black thoughts,
she almost passed the terrace before she realized that she was not
the only one still up so late.

Realizing that she had not been noticed, Chiana stopped just outside
the entrance, leaning into the shadows, and willing herself invisible.
If she was good at anything, it was hiding. She slowed her breathing
and attempted to hear the conversation between John and Aeryn. From
the looks on their faces, it was a serious talk. This could be interesting,
Chiana thought to herself. She had been intrigued with the two of
them from the beginning. They tried to hide their feelings for each
other, but it was obvious to her that they were closer than they
let on. For the thousandth time, Chiana looked at Aeryn, and wished
that she had the guts to follow through on her own feelings. She
raked her eyes over Aeryn's long legs, and flat sculpted belly, and
felt her breath catch in her throat. Never, in a million cycles,
will she ever be attracted to me. Its obvious what she likes. Chiana
kept watching until John leaned in close and kissed Aeryn softly
on the lips. Chiana felt her stomach clench, and quickly turned away
and run back to her quarters.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! What the frell did you expect? She couldn't
hold back the tears any longer, and she was sobbing by the time she
threw herself down on her bed. She cried herself to sleep, feeling
absolutely sick.

She awoke the next morning still very depressed. She wondered if
she would even be able to look Aeryn in the eyes. What difference
does it make, she barely speaks to me at all. Chiana wondered why
Aeryn was so cold to her. Perhaps she thinks I'm going to try to
get with John. In spite of her black mood, she smiled faintly. If
she only knew!. Chiana had never cared much for men, other than to
manipulate them to suit her needs. Just one more thing that had set
her apart from her fellow Nebari. Same sex relationships were deemed
irrational, and were taboo on her home world. Those who did not see
it that way learned to play along with the game, or were "mentally
cleansed." Chiana refused to go along with either option. Since leaving
her home world, she had finally found a like-minded female along
the way. But when she had been captured, the Sebacean woman had gone
back to her family. It still made her happy to remember her friend,
and for a moment she concentrated on how Kaleya had looked, and smelled
and felt when she was pressed against her. And for a brief moment,
she was at peace.

Then Chiana opened her eyes and looked around her quarters. It still
felt like a prison cell. She didn't believe it would ever feel like
a home. And that's all I've ever wanted, a place to call home. She
doubted that she would find such a place while travelling on Moya.
But for now, she had no choice. At least here was far away from Nebari.

Chiana really didn't feel like talking to any of her crewmates,
but her stomach loudly reminded her that breakfast was a good idea.
After washing her face and cleaning up, she started down the corridor
to the mess hall.

The rest of the crew was already up, and preparing this and that
for the first meal of the day. A look passed between John and Aeryn
when Chiana came in, a look that did not go unnoticed by Chiana.
Her heart leapt into her throat when the thought crossed her mind
that maybe they had seen her running away last night. Oh no, please,
no. They didn't SEE me there, did they? She calmed herself down enough
to walk in and get some food. Trying to act as normal as she could,
she sat down next to Zhaan, and tried to engage her in conversation.
Avoiding Aeryn's eyes, she concentrated fully on eating and talking
to Zhaan. She tried to dismiss her earlier intuition, and left the
mess hall wondering if it hadn't just been her imagination. I was
careful, they couldn't have seen me. Then she remembered her state
of mind and how quickly she had turned and ran. Perhaps in her haste,
she had forgotten to be invisibly quiet. Her memories of the night
before were fuzzy; she had been so upset. She truly could not be
sure of what she had done. Sighing, she decided that what was done
was done, and couldn't be changed. Just one more reason for Aeryn
to dislike me. Now she will never trust me. It seemed like her life
would always be this way. Lonely.

Part 2.

"Maybe I should try to talk to her, Aeryn, I mean she really looked
upset this morning, no matter how hard she tried to hide it."

"Its obvious, John! That's exactly want she wants you to do! She's
just trying to get your attention..."

"Well, she doesn't exactly feel welcome here. I know how she feels.
I don't see the harm in..."

"Well I do! She wants you for herself, John, are all humans this

"Don't start with the stupid human rap, Aeryn. Why don't you just
admit what's really going on. You're jealous."

"JEALOUS! Of that little pest? Never!"

"No, Aeryn, you're just being the sensible, clear-minded thinker
you always are, right? What's the harm in talking to her?"

If looks could kill, I'd be a corpse right now, John thought to himself.
Aeryn stalked away, furious with him. Jeez, and its not even lunchtime.
I will never figure out females, of any species.

Aeryn set out to find Chiana and set her straight. No matter what
John thought, it was obvious to her what that manipulative little
brat was up to. She wanted John, and was upset at seeing the two
of them together last night on the terrace. And if something wasn't
done right now, she believed that Chiana would do whatever it took
to get him. It had taken Aeryn months to come to terms with her attraction
to John, irritating as he was, and even longer to do something about
it. Even now, she was loath to show any public displays of affection,
and was angered that they had been spied on.

Determined to straighten her out, Aeryn headed right for Chiana's
quarters. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts of what she was
going to say to her, that she almost didn't notice the tiny shudder
that ran through Moya. Must be another effect of the pregnancy, She
thought, dismissing any worry, and concentrating on the confrontation
she was heading towards. Aeryn rounded the last corner and was about
to reach Chiana's quarters, when suddenly all the lights went out.
Moya lurched sickeningly and she nearly lost her balance. Chiana
ran out in the hall to see what had happened, but nearly fell on
top of Aeryn as the living ship tossed them around again.

"What the frell is happening!" Chiana yelled to Aeryn.

"I have no idea! Pilot! What is going on?" Aeryn tried to calm her
pounding heart, but had trouble when Pilot did not answer.

"Pilot! John! D'Argo! Can anyone hear me?" Silence.

"Now what do we do?" Chiana tried to keep the fear out of her voice,
but didn't do a very good job of it.

"Let's get out of the..." Aeryn stopped when she heard unfamiliar
voices coming towards them. Chiana put her hand on Aeryn's arm and
pulled her the opposite way of the voices. Quickly the two women
silently padded down the long corridor, trying to put as much distance
between themselves and the intruders as possible. Aeryn had a hard
time keeping track of where Chiana was going in the near total darkness.
I wonder why the emergency lighting is not on? Her stomach clenched
in fear as she realized the intruders had done something to the power
supply, totally cutting off almost every system, even environmentals.
There was no air being cycled, in this part of the ship anyway. The
air was quickly becoming stale. She gasped when she felt Chiana suddenly
pull her into a tiny room she didn't even know existed. She felt
rather than saw Chiana moving up a ladder into a crawl space just
above them. She quickly followed her. As she climbed up into the
room, Chiana pulled the ladder up with them and pulled the door shut,
sealing the entrance they had used.

"They'll never find us in here!" Chiana sounded pleased with herself.

"How did you know this was here? I've been through this corridor
hundreds of times, and I never saw it." Aeryn spoke quietly, afraid
of alerting the unwelcome visitors to their location.

"Don't worry, you can scream your head off, they'll never hear you.
This room is sealed tight. All Leviathans are pretty similar in physiology.
Every one I've ever been on has had these little hidey-holes. Very
convenient for non-paying passengers, wouldn't you say? Do you think
those are Peacekeepers?"

"I have no idea, but it's definitely possible. But how did they get
on board without alerting Pilot? This is bad." Aeryn suddenly stopped
talking when the low hum she hadn't even noticed before stopped.
Dead silence filled the small space. The very last of the power had
been cut off. Not even the doors would open now. They were trapped.

"What's wrong, Aeryn, what happened?"

"The base power has shut off. The doors won't open now. Nothing on
this entire ship is operational. Frell. We should have gone to the
cargo bay, then we could have gotten into my Prowler..."

"And been blown up on the way out? Do you really think these people
are unarmed?"

Aeryn realized Chiana was right and blew out a breath she hadn't
realized she was holding in. Aeryn resigned herself to the situation.
At least they didn't seem to be in any immediate danger.

"OK, Chiana, we seem to be stuck here for the moment. I guess we
should just make the best of it."

Part 3

John was heading back to command when the lights suddenly went out,
and the ship tossed him around. He stumbled and would have fallen
flat on his face, if D'Argo hadn't broken his fall. He found himself
face to face with the Luxan, and was very, very glad the lights were

"Would you get off me, Crichton?" D'Argo was none too pleased with
his new blanket.

"Sure thing. What is going on?" John asked as he got back to his
feet and peered around the darkness.

"We seemed to have lost power. Pilot, what are you reading?" Zhaan
was as calm as ever.

"Pilot?" No answer.

"D'Argo, do you think you can make it to Pilot's chamber in the dark?"
Zhaan asked.

"On my way." D'Argo moved quickly in the darkness towards Pilot's

John and Zhaan suddenly heard lots of footsteps moving quickly towards
them. Suddenly command was full of tiny, glowing beings, chattering
in a language not even the translator microbes could make much sense
of. It was just too fast to comprehend. The creatures didn't even
come up to John's waist.

"OK, Zhaan, this is too weird. We're being attacked by glow-in-the-dark
Muchkins?" John's voice was incredulous. "What are they saying?"

"I can't understand them either, John." Zhaan seemed to be losing
a bit of her cool.

The beings moved as a unit down the hall, the translator microbes
having the odd effect of making their voices sound lower and almost
insidious as they moved further away.

"What the hell? What do they want?"

"What the yotz is going on!?" Rygel floated in on his throne, bumping
into things in the darkness.

"We don't know, Rygel. Some beings have come onboard, but we can't
understand them. The microbes are having strange results with their

"Well get them out of here! It's almost time to eat..."

"Rygel, do you ever think of anything else? Where are Aeryn and Chiana?
Has anyone seen them since the lights went out?" John seemed to be
getting more agitated the longer the lights were off.

"Who cares! I'm starving!"

"Listen here, you little toad,"

"Crichton! Rygel! Stop it! We have to figure out what is going on.
Let's see what D'Argo says when he gets back. Maybe Pilot has an

"Pilot is as puzzled as we are." D'Argo seemed even grumpier than
before he left. "All of the power has been diverted to...somewhere.
He doesn't know where. Even the base power is off now."

"Well, it must be the day-glow babies. Where did they go?"

Almost before he could get the words out, the glowing beings rounded
the corner, and circled around them, still moving in a unit. John
could almost swear that they were singing.

"What is your purpose for invading our ship?" D'Argo bellowed.

The beings didn't seem to hear, or at least didn't understand what
D'Argo had said. Then suddenly they stopped in front of Rygel and
began to dance around him, joyfully singing and moving in unison.

"This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen." John said slowly,
meaning every word of it.

Part 4

Time seemed to be moving very slowly in the tiny crawl space the
girls were sharing. The tension between the two women was almost
tangible. Aeryn was still upset with Chiana, and Chiana desperately
wanted to tell Aeryn how she felt. But neither seemed willingly to
be the first to talk. Then finally after an agonizing silence, Aeryn

"I was coming to speak to you about something, Chiana. About Crichton
and me. We...we saw you last night, running down the hall. Were you
spying on us?" Aeryn spoke softly, her anger mostly gone due to the
life-threatening situation they were in.

"I wasn't trying to spy on you. I was just walking, trying to sort
out my thoughts, and I saw the two of you, and..."

"And you stopped to watch us."

"No. Well, yes. But..."

"No, Chiana, you were spying. I've seen the way you look at John.
Do you think you are going to come between us? Because..." Aeryn
stopped when Chiana began to giggle. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry. It's just that, you think I want John?"

Suddenly they heard footsteps below them, and muffled voices that
sounded very strange. Chiana almost jumped out of her skin, and gasped.
They sounded so close. Unconsciencly, she grabbed Aeryn's arm with
both hands. Scared to death and grateful for the contact, Aeryn reached
out for Chiana and put her arm around her waist. The women sat there,
holding each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then the scary
voices moved away, until they couldn't hear them anymore. Chiana
felt her heart slow down when she couldn't hear any noises below
them anymore. Then she felt her heart start pounding for a different
reason. Aeryn still had her arm around her, and the nape of her neck
was mere inches away from her lips. She felt the desire to kiss her
well up inside her. She wondered why Aeryn wasn't moving away, now
that the danger seemed to have passed them by.

Aeryn was loath to admit it to herself, but holding Chiana just felt
right. It must be lack of oxygen, it's making my thoughts fuzzy.
But she knew deep down that they hadn't been in there very long,
not long enough to have used up the oxygen. Still, she made no effort
to pull herself away from Chiana. She felt her breath on her neck,
and felt a wave of pleasure at the sensation. Why did it feel so

Realizing that Aeryn was not moving away, Chiana decided it was now
or never. They both might be dead in the next arn, so what did she
have to lose? She closed her eyes, and softly kissed the curve of
Aeryn's neck. She heard Aeryn gasp at the contact, but she still
did not move away. Feeling bolder, Chiana kissed her neck again,
flicking her tongue across her smooth skin. Aeryn moaned and moved
closer, searching for her mouth. She found it, and kissed her lips
gently at first, then more passionately. Chiana probed her mouth
gently with her tongue, savoring the taste of her. She almost felt
out of her body, she was so astounded at what was happening. Am I
dreaming? Or is this really happening? Then all thoughts left her
mind as Aeryn pushed her down onto her back, kissing her more urgently.
She reached a tentative hand up to rub her nipple, and gasped when
Aeryn did at the contact. She nearly fainted with desire when Aeryn
sat up and pulled her top up over her head. She fervently wished
the lights were on so she could see her beautiful new lover. Chiana
sat up and kissed Aeryn's breast, flicking the nipple with her tongue.
Aeryn threw her head back and moaned with pleasure. She pulled Chiana
up to her knees and tried to take her body suit off. Chiana helped
her, getting undressed as quickly as she could. She flipped Aeryn
over onto her back, and kissed her deeply, reveling in the feeling
of her naked body covering Aeryn's. She worked her way down Aeryn's
neck, kissing every part of her she had ever dreamed of kissing.
She suckled each breast, making Aeryn's hips buck underneath her.
She was astounded at how responsive Aeryn was to her touch. Chiana
moved her hand down to Aeryn's waistband, and helped her out of her
pants. She slowly moved her hand across Aeryn's stomach, and brushed
the inside of her thigh with a soft touch. Aeryn responded by opening
her legs wide, encouraging her on. She brushed the soft curls, and
was delighted to find her very wet. She moved her hand slowly over
her sex, reveling in the way it felt under her hand. Aeryn was breathing
hard, and moaning softly, enjoying her touch. Chiana moved a cautious
finger inside the hot wet lips, gasping when Aeryn did. Seeing that
Aeryn wanted her to continue, she moved her finger up to touch the
nub that was now the center of Aeryn's universe. Aeryn cried out
at the contact, and moved her hips up to meet her finger. Chiana
pleasured her clit, slowly rubbing her ringer up and down, then slipped
one finger inside the coral opening of her vagina. The women moaned
together as she moved her finger back out, then slowly back in, this
time with two fingers. Chiana rubbed her cheek against Aeryn's silky
thigh, and flicked her tongue out to caress Aeryn's clit. She marveled
in the salty sweet taste of her lover, and began to move her hand
faster. She felt Aeryn getting close to that brink, and slowed down,
prolonging the pleasure both women were receiving. She moved her
body so that she was straddling Aeryn's leg, and began to rub her
sex up and down the length of her thigh. When she heard Aeryn crying
out, she moved back down her body, and began to tongue her again,
faster, suckling her clit, and pushing her over the edge of orgasm.
She stayed with her lover, feeling her throb around her fingers and
in her mouth, and licked all the juice that came flowing out.

She moved back up to lay beside Aeryn, and kissed her softly on the
cheek. She was surprised to find that it was wet with tears.

"Are you ok? I'm sorry, I..."

"No, don't be sorry, I just have never felt this good before. I didn't
know I could feel this good..."

"Shhhh. You don't have to say anything else." Chiana kissed Aeryn
again, silencing the last of her fears.

Part 5

Back in command, the weirdness had taken over. The tiny dancers were
still singing to Rygel, and no one had any idea why. Crichton, Zhaan
and D'Argo had stopped trying to talk to them, and were just watching,
wondering what the hazmana they were going to do. Then, as suddenly
as they had appeared, the beings just disappeared. The light came
on, and the power surged back into Moya. The image of Pilot appeared
in the vid screen.

"What was that all about?"

"We are as puzzled as you, Pilot." Zhaan shook her head, looking

"It's obvious! They were here to honor their sovereign..." Rygel
started to say.

"Rygel, those were not Hynerians. And who else gives a rat's ass
about your royal frogness?" Crichton was not amused. "We have to
find Aeryn and Chiana. Come on, D'Argo!"

"Right behind you."

Part 6

The lights came back on in the crawl space, very dim lights, but
after the total darkness, it seemed very bright to the women.

"AAAhhh! The power's back on!" Chiana grinned down at Aeryn, and
pecked her on the mouth.

"Aeryn!! Chiana!!! Where are you?" John's voice called out right
below them.

"We're up here!" Aeryn called out, then realized her mistake, when
she noticed that they both were still quite naked.

The girls scrambled to get their clothes back on, as Crichton fumbled
with the latch.

"Here, let me do it," D'Argo said, irritated once again that Crichton
couldn't work a simple door latch. He flung the door open and noticed
the ladder. He pulled it down, and climbed up, sticking his head
in the crawl space, just as the girls pulled on the last of their
clothes. They grinned sheepishly, realizing that the Luxan knew exactly
what had been going on in this tiny room while the lights were out.
Looking very confused, D'Argo looked down at John and then back up
at the women. He shook his head, and climbed back down.

"Are they OK? What's going on?" John demanded.

"They're fine." is all that D'Argo would say.

Part 7

Aeryn and Chiana climbed down the ladder.

"So what happened to the power, and who was on board? We heard voices
and ran."

"I still have no idea. It was just too bizarre. Right now, I'm starving.
I'll tell you all about it over dinner."

Chiana walked ahead, sensing that Aeryn and John might need to talk.

"So, did you and Chiana have that talk?"

"Yes. We did."

The End


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