TITLE: "Disciplinary Action"
AUTHOR: Ooshati
RATING: NC-17 Explicit f/f sexual activity, Alternate-Universe, Plot-What-Plot,
BDSM, Fetish/Kink
PAIRING: Chiana/Aeryn
SUMMARY: After the events in A Bug's Life, Aeryn confronts Chiana
concerning the fact the Nebari thief's actions resulted in the release
of the virus. Aeryn takes out her frustration on Chiana and Chiana
sees a side of Aeryn she never knew existed: Aeryn the Dominatrix…

NOTES: This is a little harder-core than my other slash, so be warned!
Also, don't construe this story as being anti-Chiana because it's
DISCLAIMER: All characters and the TV show Farscape are the legal
property of the Jim Henson Company and the Sci Fi Channel. The following
is not intended as infringement or violation of the copyrights of
the aforementioned owners. The following is my own creative property.
Copyright Ooshati, 1999. Email me to ask before posting on other
sites, please.
FEEDBACK: Yes. Email me at [email protected]

Aeryn was pissed.

Sitting on the bed in her quarters, she seethed. Damn thief! Had
to try and snurch the cargo brought on board by the Peacekeeper commandos.
Couldn't keep her greedy little hands off of it! Then, thanks to
Rygel and her squabbling over who got to keep the frelling thing,
the virus that was inside escaped and Moya's crew was nearly killed!
As if the situation wasn't dangerous enough with Crichton's foolish
plan to see if we could find out what the Peacekeepers were doing
here in the Uncharted Territories in the first place.

She stood up and paced in short, angry circles as she fumed. The
virus that she was so mad about had leapfrogged from person-to-person,
infecting them and controlling their actions until it had tried to
escape and was destroyed in its haste. The most fortunate thing
had been that the virus could only infect someone once, then that
person was safe from re-infection. Come to think of it, that feature
didn't seem to be very survival-oriented. To Aeryn, this seemed
to be the greatest problem in understanding the bug. Even to an
ex-Peacekeeper like Aeryn, survival of self and comrades was paramount.

That made Larraq's actions curious. He had been a more highly trained
commando than she, being the leader of a unit designed for higher-risk
assignments, yet he had made some very basic mistakes, the largest
being the failure to post guards around his highly prized cargo.
If so many had died to procure the damned thing, why had he made
such an elementary mistake as to leave it unprotected?

The frelling thing had escaped, and when it was all over the entire
Peacekeeper crew was dead, Aeryn had been wounded by a knife wielded
by the infected Larraq, and they still had no more information concerning
the highly questionable Peacekeeper presence in this area of space.

I used to be one of them, she thought with a pang. Her heart was
still with them, to an extent. They were familiar, they were understandable,
and she'd had a place with them. Even though she had seen much proof
that the Peacekeepers not only were capable of gross misjudgments
of other species' capabilities, they also would occasionally do things
that made her worry about those who served them without ever being
granted the eye-opening she had gone through. She knew they hadn't
been perfect, but now she wondered if they had become something sinister.

Making up her mind, she tapped her comm-badge. "Chiana."

"Yes, Aeryn?"

"Can I talk to you in my quarters? Now?" There was something in
the request that almost sounded like an order.

"Uhm, sure. I'll be right over." Aeryn could hear the doubt in
the Nebari's voice. Was it guilt? Aeryn hoped so.


Chiana walked into Aeryn's quarters. Aeryn stood facing her with
her arms behind her back. Already, Chiana didn't like it. The thief
felt nervous because she suspected this had something to do with
the virus being released. It's not like Chiana had known that the
cargo would've been dangerous. Frell, no. She just thought it might've
been valuable. It wasn't her fault that the commando leader had
been a drenhead and all the males of his group had been so easily
distracted by her feminine wiles.

Chiana tried to speak, "Uhm, Aeryn. If this is about my trying
to snurch that virus-"

"Shut up." This was short, clipped. Like an order being barked
by a superior officer.

Chiana shut up.

Aeryn looked at her quietly, her face showing nothing. Chiana was
frightened by this silence, and once again tried to break it, "I'm

Aeryn pulled her right arm out from behind her back. Her hand had
grown a pulse rifle at the end of it. "I said SHUT-UP!" she hissed.
Chiana's eyes goggled at the sight.

Aeryn moved over to the door, keeping the rifle trained on Chiana
the entire time. She closed it, then approached the speechless thief.
Chiana tried to squirm away from Aeryn's hand, but the ex-Peacekeeper
managed to yank the Nebari's comm-badge off. Then, she tapped her


"Yes Officer Sun?"

"Please activate Total Privacy for this room. Not even a DRD is
to come remotely near here until I contact you again. Only call
me if there is an emergency."

"Very well." Pilot sounded confused, but complied. "You now have
Total Privacy, Officer Sun. Signing off." The comm circuit went
silent. Aeryn took off her own comm-badge, then walked over to Chiana.
Reaching into her left pocket with her free hand, she pulled out
a blindfold.

It was a Mallec blindfold, capable of conforming to the facial features
of any captive. With this, there was none of that "looking down
the sides of the nose" dren. Holding the rifle in one hand, Aeryn
put the blindfold over Chiana's eyes. The blindfold cloth moved
slowly, settling itself completely over the contours of Chiana's
upper face. Then, it changed color to block out all light. Chiana
was truly blind.

Aeryn walked over to the bed, where her equipment pack lay, and opened
it. Aeryn reached inside and pulled out a muzzle extension. Chiana
heard this, whimpering slightly as she tried to turn her head to
see. The blindfold mocked her. The muzzle piece was long and tubular,
made to turn the pulse beam into a cone-shaped ray that PK's used
for riot control. But one particular feature mattered to Aeryn right
then: the muzzle piece was rounded at the business end and Aeryn
intended to do some business with it.

Walking over to the blindfolded thief, she popped out the energy
clip from the rifle so it wouldn't fire. Placing the clip in her
pocket, Aeryn placed the rifle barrel against Chiana's neck. Chiana
shivered in fear. Aeryn placed her mouth next to Chiana's left ear
and whispered a word that shocked the Nebari woman.

"Strip." Aeryn's voice was all command.


"Strip!" Aeryn hissed. "Strip off all of your clothes, Chiana."

Hands shaking, Chiana reached for the netting around her shoulders
and lifted it off. Then she hesitantly reached for her gloves and
pulled them off one at a time, following this by pulling her top
over her head. As her white breasts swung free, Aeryn looked almost
hypnotized at the blackish nipples. Chiana was too busy kicking
off her boots to notice this. Then, the thief lowered her hands
to the black pants she wore and pulled them down and off, finally
pulling off the underwear last.

The thief stood completely naked before the rifle-wielding soldier,
her hands struggling to cover up her breasts and the thatch of white
at her crotch. Her slim white belly moved with frantic breathing
and Aeryn stared, walking around the thief to get a complete view.
Her Nebari legs were slim and athletic, her ass was bubble-shaped
and Aeryn wanted to squeeze it, her back and shoulderblades were
slender, the breasts were medium-sized and upthrust, the arms were
thin, and the cunt looked absolutely delicious. The ex-Peacekeeper
couldn't help admiring the view. Damn, but that thief looked good.

Aeryn reached into her pack again, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.
She also put the rifle down, but Chiana couldn't hear that. Walking
over to the shivering thief, she took pulled first one powder-white
hand and then the other into the wrist-slots of the handcuffs. The
cuff restraints clicked shut on Chiana's wrists, holding both hands
at a level near her waist and crotch. Then, Aeryn took a few steps
away from her captive and paused to once again admire the view.
Turning, she reached into her pack again.

Aeryn didn't have a whip so she took a support strap for her pulse
rifle and wrapped it in her fist, making a loop at one end. Then,
she also picked out a set of headphones. Walking over to the thief,
she lowered the headphones over Chiana's ears. Now, Chiana was blind
and deaf. Aeryn circled her like a shark. Reaching over her head,
Aeryn grabbed a stray cable that she had hidden which hung from the
ceiling. Looping it around the cuffs, she pinned Chiana's hands
and arms above her head. Then, she brought her whip hand back.

The makeshift whip slapped against the fleshy mound of Chiana's left
breast, making it quiver in impact. Chiana gasped in surprise, trying
to angle it away from Aeryn. Unfortunately, she couldn't hear where
Aeryn was, so this was futile. Aeryn brought back the whip hand
again and smacked down across Chiana's buttocks. Chiana gasped again
and squirmed, realizing that she could only guess at where the whip
would land next.

Aeryn swatted her butt with it, slapped her belly with it, smacked
it against her shoulders and back, and always seemed to get a good
shot between Chiana's legs. She did this last from both the front
and behind, so either the tip of the whip would whack Chiana squarely
in the cunt, or it would wrap around it and strike her in the crack
of her ass. Aeryn also did a fusillade of whips on the thief's legs
and arms, making Chiana flinch.

Each time the whip landed home, Chiana would try to angle away from
it. Since her hands were bound above her, she could only lean away
from it. Aeryn smiled at Chiana's helplessness. The Nebari didn't
hear her captor growl deep in her throat as the Sebacean became aroused.


When Aeryn tired of this, she walked over to Chiana and pulled off
the headphones. Next, she released the cable, but kept the cuffs
on. Chiana's skin was criss-crossed with light line-shaped marks.
Aeryn hadn't hit too hard at least, she had restrained herself at
first. Then, she had felt the heat of her sex as it responded to
Chiana's predicament and had whipped her with a little more eagerness.
Still, the thief was unhurt.

As Chiana's hands lowered at the same time, she trembled. So far,
she had been amazingly quiet. Aeryn grinned with feral teeth. That
silence was going to change real soon. She approached the thief
and Chiana shuddered. Aeryn raised the muzzle of her rifle upwards
and pointed it at the thatch between Chiana's legs. Then, Aeryn
pushed the muzzle tip into Chiana's crotch, making her gasp.

"Now, you little frelling thief, I'm going to punish you." She nudged
Chiana's crotch with the muzzle again. Chiana let out a moan. Then
Aeryn said, "You feel where this is headed? I want you to take it
in your hands and push it into your sex until it won't go in anymore."

Chiana complied, grasping the muzzle with both white hands. Then
she spread the flaps of her vagina with her right hand. Shuddering,
she began pushing the rounded muzzle inwards. It slid and pushed
along the walls of the passage of wet flesh, making Chiana moan slightly.
It was very kinkoid, but it felt good, too.

Then, Aeryn took a step forward, forcing the thief to take a step
backwards as the muzzle pushed in deeper. Aeryn and Chiana continued
this odd walk until the backs of Chiana's legs bumped along the edge
of Aeryn's bed. Having no other option, Chiana sat with the muzzle
still protruding from her cunt. Aeryn held on to the rifle and its
pushing forced Chiana to lay back with her legs spread. Silence
descended, punctuated by Chiana's quick breathing.

Aeryn broke the silence. "Now, take the muzzle again." Chiana did
so. Aeryn spoke, short and harsh. "Fuck yourself with it. Use
it like a man's cock."

Swallowing, Chiana did so. As she made slow motions with the muzzle,
she began to grow excited. The rubbing started to feel wonderful
and she soon was fucking in earnest. Her whimpers became gasps and
she smiled and moaned. Occasionally, Aeryn would jerk the muzzle
into her white fuzzy slit, making the thief gasp explosively and
thrust in time to Aeryn's prodding. Aeryn also would tease the thief
by drawing the rifle out slowly, causing Chiana to whimper and seize
the muzzle again.

"Come, you bitch!" Aeryn whispered fiercely. "Frelling come!" Aeryn's
teeth were clenched. Chiana let a cross between a scream and a moan,
her bare feet with the toes splayed. Thrusting, thrusting, THRUSTING.
Chiana's breath came in short bursting gasps as she moved the rifle
muzzle faster, faster, FASTER. Soon, her natural juices began lubricating
the muzzle, making it slick. The friction it made was smoother,
but none the less delicious.

As the thief approached climax, Aeryn reached into the front of
her own pants and began masturbating in time with Chiana. Since
the Nebari didn't need Aeryn to hold the rifle anymore, she concentrated
solely on her own pleasure. Rubbing fiercely, the Sebacean began
to moan as the heat built up and her crotch became wet. Aeryn bit
her bottom lip and pushed her fingers in deeper. It felt wonderful.

Aeryn and Chiana came at the same time, one spilling out her juice
on the bedspread and the other making her pants damp. Their moans
of ecstasy joined, and at first, Chiana had no idea that Aeryn had
climaxed too. Aeryn's breathing returned to normal, and she pulled
her slick hand out of her pants. Licking the wet hand, she pulled
the barrel out of Chiana's slit with a moist sound. Chiana's juice
dripped thickly onto the bed in a small puddle.

The Sebacean licked the rifle barrel clean of come, then lay it
on the floor. Aeryn walked over to the thief and yanked her onto
the floor. Then, she grabbed a hank of Chiana's hair and pushed
her upper torso over the top of the bed. Placing her boot on one
of Chiana's buttocks, Aeryn leaned some of her weight down, pushing
the Nebari against the bed in a kneeling position. The ex-Peacekeeper
took her boot off of the white buttock and grabbed Chiana's hair
again, guiding her face to the spot of come.

"Lick it up. Lick it all up, you naughty little animal." This was
whispered in Chiana's ear while Aeryn pushed the thief's face into
the spread, wetting her white nose in the puddle. Chiana opened
her mouth and her pink tongue unfurled. The Nebari lapped at the
mess, slurping and sucking the juice down. Her bound hands lay loosely
across her kneeling legs.

When the spot was more or less clean, Aeryn stood next to Chiana
and reached down. Grabbing the handcuffed wrists, she pulled her
captive's arms up and lay them onto the bedspread. Next, with Chiana's
head lying between her outstretched white arms, Aeryn stood behind
her and picked up the rifle again. This time, she shoved it between
the Nebari's butt cheeks and directly into her anus. Chiana gasped.

Aeryn began moving the barrel in and out of the hole, causing Chiana
to moan and grab the bed. Clenching her fingers in the bedspread,
the thief thrust her ass in time with Aeryn's prodding. Chiana buried
her face in the bedcovers, sighed as she grew aroused again. This
heat was helped as her nipples rubbed against the bedcovers, making
a delightful little tingle there. Her breathing came in hitching
gasps, and her sex grew wet again. Her kneeling legs quivered as
the pressure grew at that wonderful juncture between them.

The need built, and built, and BUILT. The force pushing against
the walls of her clitoris was overwhelming. Chiana held on, shuddering
with the urge to release, before she finally let go. Like an explosion,
her come leaked out and wet her legs and the floor in a warm gush.
Chiana's breath shuddered as she emptied her sex a little more.
As the flow stopped, Aeryn again forced Chiana to lick it up.

Aeryn picked up Chiana, whose legs were wobbly, and forced her,
face-down, onto the bed entirely. Confident that Chiana wouldn't
try to escape, she took off the blindfold. Then, she turned and
left the bedroom, heading into another room within Aeryn's quarters.
The door to that room was left open, but it was a little dark in
there, so Chiana couldn't see what Aeryn was doing.

Chiana saw her leave, with her head looking through clear areas
in her lion's-mane hairdo. Turning her head the other way, she saw
a pair of oculars sitting on a night table next to the bed. Pivoting
her body around, she reached for the oculars, grabbing them with
eager fingers. Managing to put them on despite her bindings, her
vision crystallized and zoomed in and out. She squinted, making
the oculars zoom in on Aeryn's form. She was astonished by what
she saw.

Aeryn had been stripping out of most of her uniform. As she watched,
Chiana saw Aeryn's naked breasts rise and fall as the ex-Peacekeeper
pulled the black top over her head. Chiana zoomed in on the breasts
and sighed at the fleshy pillows with their pert pink nipples, marred
only by the presence of a bandage that covered Aeryn's stab wound.
Next, Aeryn began unlacing and pulling off her boots. After she
put the boots off to the side, Aeryn unfastened her pants and pulled
them down. Pulling the pants off of her muscular legs, Aeryn yanked
her underwear off, exposing a soft, brown thatch that made Chiana
lick her lips and the thief zoomed in on the furry triangle until
it filled all of her vision and perception. The pubic hair was perfectly
shown in the Peacekeeper device, and it made Chiana's breath hitch
slightly as she realized she wanted it more than anything.

Then, Aeryn began dressing again. Turning to the thief, Aeryn growled
slightly, then closed the door. Chiana whimpered petulantly. She
wanted to watch the other woman move, watch her breathe, stare at
her athletic body. Ah well. Sighing in slight disappointment, Chiana
lay on the bed, shivering with need.

Shortly, though, the door opened and Aeryn strode out. She was wearing
her gunbelt, her black vest, her boots, and nothing else. Oh Gods,
she was a vision. Her peach breasts swayed as she strode into the
room, the nipples tracing loops and circles in the air. Chiana's
view was obscured by the world's largest bellybutton, then Aeryn
plucked the oculars off. Chiana moved her head to watch Aeryn as
she placed the device back where it had been found.

Aeryn turned to Chiana, clucking in mock irritation. "You weren't
supposed to touch those, you naughty little girl."

"I'm s-" she tried to reply, but Aeryn put a warm hand on her mouth.

"Shhh." With that, Aeryn uncovered the Nebari's mouth. Chiana said
nothing, and Aeryn grabbed her bound wrists and attached the cuffs
to a square magnet at the head of the bed. The cuffs were stuck
until Aeryn turned off the magnet. With the smell of her own armpit
sweat wafting upwards, Chiana inhaled her own scent and felt tiny
beads of perspiration on her body. Then Aeryn climbed on the bed.

Standing over Chiana with her legs spread and feet on either side
of the Nebari, Aeryn stared down at the bound thief. Chiana, meanwhile,
stared up at Aeryn, her excitement apparent in her failed attempts
to avoid looking at Aeryn's slit. Then Aeryn managed to keep her
balance as she kicked off a boot. Then, the other boot joined it
and both slid off the bed onto the floor. With a bid of showmanship,
Aeryn lay down backwards on top of the thief, her ass slightly lower
than Chiana's crotch.

"Bite the top of my vest and hold onto it with your teeth." Chiana
complied, and felt wonderful motion as Aeryn pulled out first one
arm and then the other from the vest. The leathery material tasted
lousy in Chiana's mouth, but the taste of sweat was there too. Aeryn
sat up and turned to her captive, taking the vest out of her mouth.
Then, Aeryn peeled off the bandage covering her knife wound. There
was only a small scar.

Aeryn moved the scar closer to Chiana's mouth. "Now, gently, gently,
kiss it better." Chiana's lips met on the scar mark, softly caressing
it. Her tongue roved over it, causing Aeryn to breathe deeply and
sigh. Aeryn pulled away from the thief and said, "Thank you, I almost
forgive you." Then she pointed to her belt. "I just can't seem
to get this off. I need you to bite this part of the buckle here."

Chiana opened her mouth again, and Aeryn moved her waist towards
it. With a little maneuvering, Chiana managed to clamp onto the
buckle clasp. With a little pull, there was a sudden click, and
the belt slid free. The belt thumped onto Chiana's belly, and the
cold metal made her gasp. Aeryn reached behind her and dragged the
belt across the white stomach, causing the thief to shudder with
pleasure. The belt also fell to the floor.

Aeryn straightened her back, her legs astride Chiana's breasts.
Aeryn tapped her furry triangle with a finger. "You want this?"
Frantic nodding from her captive. "Shall I give you this?" This
prompted more nodding from Chiana. Aeryn seemed to consider this,
watching Chiana's face show her wanting. "Maybe later," Aeryn replied,
"First, you have a large number of other body parts to deal with,
then you get your ultimate reward."

Chiana spread her legs to give the Sebacean room, and Aeryn got up
and lay her hands on the Nebari's white breasts. As Chiana moaned
in reaction to this, the ex-Peacekeeper lowered her face to Chiana's
and kissed her. The kiss was long and hungry, their tongues warring
with each other, while both women's breasts rubbed against each other
in longing. Both sets of lips clamped down on each other, trying
to suck and swallow as the kisses continued.

Then, Aeryn raised her head and then descended into the white, warm
expanse of Chiana's cleavage. Chiana gasped and moaned, licking
her lips and breathing hard as the ex-Peacekeeper licked and nibbled,
rubbed and teased with both her mouth and hands. Her peach hands
squeezing the breasts like a bellows, Aeryn twiddled with the black
nipples and caused Chiana to shudder with pleasure. Chiana's brow
dripped with sweat, and feminine musk filled the room.

Aeryn moved down to the flat stomach of her prisoner, licking and
kissing it teasingly. Chiana placed the heels of her feet against
Aeryn's back, and lay her head back with the mouth open. While her
mouth was otherwise occupied, Aeryn's hands searched for Chiana's
vagina and plunged in with greed. Chiana gasped and bucked her hips
in time with Aeryn's fingering. As she continued to lick the belly
of the thief, her fingers rubbed and pressed against the warm walls
that they had invaded.

Pulling her fingers out with a moist plop, Aeryn's mouth descended
onto the open white slit with no intention of taking prisoners.
Chiana's toes and fingers splayed as she felt Aeryn's tongue exploring
down inside her, and that tongue wanted a lot. Chiana surrendered
to it, letting it take all she had. Sometimes, plundering was fun.

Chiana's hips and thighs responded to Aeryn, bucking and thrusting
in unison with the ex-Peacekeeper's wanting mouth. Soon, Chiana's
sexual canal was wet again, and Aeryn slurped and drank, smearing
wet lubricant on her face. Both were only aware of that warm, delicious
motion. Chiana began to feel the urge to climax a third time. She
welcomed it.

As the pressure built and released, Chiana threw her head back and
gasped while Aeryn busied herself with drinking what the thief had
to offer. When she was done, Aeryn raised her head and Chiana's
breathing slowed. Then, Aeryn climbed over the bound Nebari and
reached for the cuffs. As she worked at opening them, Chiana took
a playful kiss and nibble of Aeryn's ample bosoms that had suddenly
become available. Aeryn's smell was everywhere in Chiana's senses,
and it was intoxicating.

Aeryn opened the cuffs and Chiana rose, reaching for the Peacekeeper.
Aeryn batted her hands away, then she lay down. Presenting the
thief with her wrists, she indicated the handcuffs. Grinning, Chiana
began binding Aeryn's hands. While she did this, her white breasts
buried Aeryn's face and the Sebacean unleashed her mouth, teeth,
and tongue on the fleshy pillows. As the cuffs clicked closed, Chiana
seized Aeryn by her raven-black hair and pushed her face further
into the snowy breasts and sighed.

Aeryn continued to feast on the fleshy pillows that were hers for
the taking, but Chiana soon pulled them away, much to Aeryn's regret.
Chiana tempered that regret by practically swallowing Aeryn's lips
in a fiery kiss. Their mingled breath tickled each other's cheeks
and tongues chased each other like there was no tomorrow. A moan
rose up in Chiana's throat, and Aeryn answered it with a hungry growl.

Then, Chiana's mouth left Aeryn's and lowered itself onto the Sebacean's
breasts, nibbling and licking there, while here hands squeezed and
rubbed each warm mountain. Aeryn sighed and her breath came quicker
as Chiana continued this lovely nuzzling, making the ex-Peacekeeper's
nipples feel like they were the cause of body-wide electrical shocks.
"Uhh, uhh, uhhhhh…" was all Aeryn had to say on the matter. Chiana

Chiana's hungry mouth and playful hands moved lower, teasing and
caressing Aeryn's midriff. Hot pink tongue washed over Aeryn's navel
while white hands rubbed and squeezed any available flesh they could
find. Finally, Aeryn tapped Chiana's side with a bare foot. Chiana
looked up.

"Chiana, do you want that reward now? You may speak if you want

Chiana looked at Aeryn. "'Do I want--?" Chiana grinned. "Geez,
ya hafta ask? Yes, I want it." She licked her lips hungrily.

Aeryn lay her head back. "Chiana, indulge yourself."

Chiana lowered her face towards Aeryn's thatch, and went for all
she was worth. Aeryn clenched her legs and thighs in response to
the thief's nuzzling, and her heels pressed against Chiana's shoulderblades
as the Nebari took all she wanted. After all, taking what she wanted
was what Chiana was good at. Tongue and teeth dove into Aeryn's
warm, wet clitoris and decided to stay a while. Aeryn moaned and
bucked in time to the Nebari's probing, and she began to feel pressure

Aeryn thrust and ground against Chiana's mouth with more ferocity
as her urge for release doubled, tripled, quadrupled. Her blood
pounded in her ears as Aeryn felt the climax approach. Her sentience
collapsed completely for a moment, and there was only animal. This
animal had only one imperative, which was "Fuck, or I may need to
die." Aeryn obeyed for a good soldier always obeyed good orders
without question.

Aeryn's thrusting intensified and the pressure became all she knew,
there was nothing else. Then, when she could stand it no more, Aeryn
opened the gates of her sex, and Chiana's face was drenched in warm
come. Again, taking all she could, Chiana drank what poured out.
Aeryn sighed, and her breathing returned to normal.

Laying her head back, Aeryn closed her eyes. She heard Chiana bend
over the side of the bed, but didn't attach any real meaning to it
because her brain was still reeling. She finally opened her eyes,
and was shocked at what she saw.

Chiana, with a grin on her face, was holding the pulse rifle with
the rounded barrel.

"Oh, no." said Aeryn.

Her smile widened. "Oh, yes."

"No, Chiana. I forbid it."

Fingering the wet slit of the Sebacean, she sighed. "You don't
seem to be an a position to forbid anything, Aeryn." She pressed
the barrel to Aeryn's crotch. "Any last words?"

"Yeah, frell you, you little bitch!"

"Aeryn, you say the sweetest things." With that, she plunged the
barrel into Aeryn's vagina, and began pumping it. Aeryn soon joined
in, making the barrel slick. Soon, Aeryn's thrusting in response
to Chiana's use of the barrel caused Aeryn to approach climax again.
Not fighting it, Aeryn threw her head back and cried out as she
came with powerful force. Chiana lowered her head to the puddle,
and soon it was more or less gone.

Reaching up over Aeryn's head, Chiana undid the cuffs and Aeryn
seized her with both hands. The two women roughhoused in the bed,
but soon this became kissing, groping, licking. They settled into
each other, and began to drift off to sleep.

Something tugged at the back of Chiana's mind. "Aeryn?" she asked.

"Wha?" Aeryn muttered.

"Did you call me here to talk to me about something?"

"Uum, yeah."

"What was it?"

Aeryn frowned in slight concentration. "I forget."

"Oh. Goody."

They slept.


Waking later, Chiana realized her mistake. When the virus had been
loose and Zhaan had asked her to lick a blanket, she asked Zhaan,
"What? Are you kinkoid?" It had never occurred to her to ask Aeryn,
who most definitely was.



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