TITLE: Explorations
AUTHOR: Ooshati
PAIRING: Zhaan/Chiana
RATING: NC-17 Serial, explicit f/f sexual activity. SUMMARY: Chiana
and Zhaan are marooned in an alien castle. Then Chiana learns how
to make a Delvian photogasm more pleasurableþ
DISCLAIMER: The characters Zhaan, Chiana, John Crichton, D'Argo,
Aeryn Sun, Rygel, Pilot, and Moya are all copyrighted material of
the Jim Henson Company and the Sci Fi Channel. The inclusion and
use of them in this adult fiction is in no way intended as plagiarism
or infringement of the source material. These characters do not
belong to me in any way, shape, or form. The story, however, is
my own creative property. It conforms, to the best of my knowledge,
to the submission rules and guidelines of this site. Copyright 1999,
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Part One:
The Terrace
Zhaan spoke into her comm-badge: "Are you sure that one of Moya's
shuttles is incapable of picking us up, Pilot?"

"Positive. The nebular gasses that Moya inadvertently ingested must
be carefully purged over a period of days. The shuttle you and Chiana
flew cannot return while this is taking place, for all the shuttles
were effected by the gas and must be cleared."

Zhaan sighed in frustration. She and Chiana had gone down to the
uninhabited planet to explore a high mountain castle. Chiana had
initially wanted to go, but Zhaan joined her to make sure the Nebari
didn't steal anything. Now, this happened. Zhaan swore under her

"On a brighter note, the weather should be fairly light and warm.
According to Moya's sensors, there may be one solar flare, perhaps
two. Crichton intends to attempt another wormhole while you are
down there, but the solar activity appears too light for him to do
more than experiment."

Zhaan considered with an interior grin that perhaps this trip wasn't
a total loss. "How soon to the first flare?", she asked, trying
to hide her hunger.

"Within the next quarter-arn or so. It should be intense, but brief.
It will not be a danger to you or Chiana. Communications will be
run infrequently to avoid being monitored by any unknown hostiles,
so we will be running what Crichton calls `radio silent'."

Brief, frell!, Zhaan thought. Then, she spoke into the comm-badge.
"Well, at least there is a stable food source down here, so we won't
starve. Wish the others well, I will cease communication now."
With that, she cut the connection.

Turning to Chiana, who looked rather sheepish, she said tersely,
"Well, it seems we have no choice but to explore this castle of yours."

Chiana shrugged and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know that the little
lever would open Moya's vents up. I'm a thief, not a frelling engineer."

Zhaan sighed. "Well, come on, we might as well settle inside the
castle somewhere."

They trudged up the mountain pass towards the strange, alien edifice.


The castle was hundreds of cycles old, and appeared as empty as the
planet. There was evidence of a disused spaceport in a deserted
town nearby, so the inhabitants may have left the planet. While
it was a beautiful planet, there was indication that industry had
left scars on it, so the people probably had left the planet to let
it heal. There was no sound of civilization, just the quiet songs
of animals.

The castle itself was a mystery all its own. Apparently, it had
not been constructed with individual stones and masonry, but carved
out of the mountain rock. Furthermore, there were occasional pockets
of hot air geysers that kept the castle walls and interior moderately
warm. The planes and angles of the castle reached like fingers towards
the sky.

Zhaan and Chiana entered through a partially collapsed doorway.
There was remarkably no dust in the main entrance chamber, and soon
they saw why. A remote little machine, like a DRD, was moving quietly
throughout the castle, keeping it nearly spotless.

Chiana glanced at this little robot, which was grey and not the yellow
she was familiar with in little helpers. She figured that this little
droid had nothing of value, and looked elsewhere.

Zhaan meanwhile looked around the entire room. Mildly dark, the
main source of illumination seemed to be prismatic crystals that
hung in ornamental arrangements from the ceiling. Very pretty, but
the crystals only worked partially, as some of the crystals had fallen
and shattered over the years. More light was showing through holes
in the ceiling.

Chiana pointed to Zhaan's left and said, "Hey! That might lead to
a treasury room or something!" Zhaan looked over to where Chiana
was pointing and saw a passageway with stairs leading upward. She
turned and frowned at her companion.

"We are NOT here to plunder the riches of dead kings, Chiana!"

"Well, it's not like anyone here is going to be wanting it anytime
soon", she replied, shrugging.

Zhaan sighed and said, "Well, just remember the arrangement."

"Yes, mother. You will accompany me to any place that might have
a hint of treasure or valuables in it." Chiana looked irritated.

They ascended the stairs together.


Reaching the top, they opened a tall, wooden door and came onto a
stone terrace. Zhaan smiled and said, "Perfect! This will be wonderful
for my photogasm!"

Chiana looked confused. "Photogasm? What's that?"

Zhaan turned to her and said, "Delvians are very sensitive to intense
solar flares, and we experience extreme sexual pleasure during solar
flare activity."

Chiana's eyes goggled. "So, uhm, you get, uhm, you getþ"

"We get incredibly aroused. It is most wonderful." Zhaan looked
skyward, "The flare Pilot mentioned will start soon, so I will beþ
indisposed. You may wait here if you like, or not. Just don't go
too far away."

"I won't." Chiana was interested in what Zhaan had said, so she
responded. "No, uh, I'll stay here so you don't worry about me stealing

"As you wish", replied Zhaan, her voice becoming thick.

Then Zhaan turned towards the sun and began to undress.


First, she lowered her outer robe to the ground and it slid slowly
down her legs. Next, Zhaan reached for the edges of her white rode
neckline and parted it, letting it cling to her azure body. It held
onto every curve, almost sliding downwards with reluctance, as if
it didn't want to stop touching Zhaan. First, it revealed her bare
shoulders, then it slid and exposed her bare blue breasts to the
sun. Moving sinuously, it lay on her round buttocks until gravity
pulled it lower and it whispered around her slender legs, pooling
around her ankles.

Stepping from the discarded robe, Zhaan removed her shoes, and then
sat down. She lay back and the sunlight shone directly on her prostrate
form. Chiana wasn't sure, but she thought that Zhaan's dark blue
nipples hardened slightly in response to the sunlight. Zhaan began
to breathe heavily.

In the sunlight, Chiana saw the darkish thatch between Zhaan's legs,
and felt slight heat. She watched Zhaan's breasts rise and fall
in quickening succession as Zhaan started to breathe faster and faster.
Her mouth uttered high-pitched moaning noises and Zhaan's toes splayed
outwards as she felt intense pressure building.

Chiana inhaled slowly and it had a tremor to it. She had always
viewed Zhaan as overly maternal and annoying, but now she saw that
Zhaan could be sensual and damned arousing. Her voice thick and
trembling, she asked, "Zhaan?"

"Yes?" Zhaan didn't say this as much as exhale it.

"This, uhm, photogasm thing, uhmþ"


Chiana took the plunge. "Uhm, is it any better if someone helps

A smile appeared on Zhaan's face. "Goddess, yes", she breathed.

Chiana approached on cat feet as Zhaan slowly sat up. Zhaan said,
"Just do whatever from behind me, so you don't block theþ sunnn."
She said this last with a throaty, rising voice.

Chiana sat behind Zhaan, one leg on each side of Zhaan's blue waist,
and Zhaan lay back in Chiana's embrace. Zhaan's head lay on Chiana's
right shoulder and her breath tickled Chiana's neck. Zhaan gave
off a wildly feminine musk. Chiana inhaled this and began to give
in to Zhaan's smell. Then Chiana pulled off her gloves and went
to work.

First, she cupped her hands on Zhaan's blue breasts and started to
rub them. Zhaan gasped, and Chiana's hands moved slowly, then faster
over the warm flesh of the former Pa'u. Her eyes closed and breathing
rapidly, Zhaan encouraged every touch, every squeeze, and caress.
The supple skin of Zhaan's breasts shivered as Chiana squeezed,
rubbed, squeezed, and tickled. Tracing patterns on the nipples,
and then squeezing them, Chiana made Zhaan shudder with each ministration.

Then, Chiana moved her hands down and stroked Zhaan's belly and navel.
One finger played in the little button-shaped center of Zhaan's
navel, and Zhaan sighed longingly. Zhaan opened her legs invitingly
and Chiana accepted the invitation.

Chiana's hands moved further down and clutched at Zhaan's furry triangle.
It was indeed wet, very wet and Chiana licked the fingers of her
right hand. She plunged fingers into the slit and rubbed at all
the walls she could find. She found the nub and squeezed it between
two fingers, making Zhaan's breath hitch. Zhaan's hands clutched
first at Chiana's panted legs, then at her white hands and guided
them urgently deeper. As Chiana's fingers roved and rubbed in Zhaan's
furry moistness, Zhaan moaned.

Zhaan's mouth played at the white flesh of her Nebari lover, and
Chiana moved her neck and throat closer to Zhaan's questing mouth
to offer all the exposure that she could. Zhaan's tongue and lips
softly played along the younger woman's flesh. Moving her mouth
with skill, she tasted and touched the thief's neck, shoulders and
throat. This caused Chiana to forget everything except Zhaan.


They lay there for arns, Chiana groping and giving pleasure, Zhaan
receiving it unabashedly and greedily. Zhaan's moanings and sighings
were like music and her breath warmed Chiana's neck and shoulder.
Zhaan's smell was wonderful, and the Delvian seemed to approve of
Chiana's own. The two women had fine coatings of sweat on their
skins, which was smelled, licked, and kissed as the lovemaking continued.
Chiana's mouth hung slack and Zhaan opened her eyes occasionally.

Then, Zhaan climaxed, once, twice, three times. Her blue back arched,
sweat glistening, and she inhaled sharply. "Ohhhhhhþ OOHHHHHHH!"
Zhaan lay back, drowsing slightly in Chiana's arms. Then, with
a mischievous grin put her hand behind Chiana's head and pressed
her lips against the Nebari's.

The kiss was long and hungry. Their tongues chased each other around
as Chiana and Zhaan clutched at each other's mouths greedily. Then,
Chiana's tongue escaped and roved slightly over Zhaan's upturned
face. Zhaan bit the tongue lightly and buried her face in Chiana's
neck, inhaling the lovely odor of the Nebari's skin. Chiana gasped
almost explosively as Zhaan licked and nibbled so sweetly there.

Zhaan was biting Chiana's bottom lip slightly when her comm-badge
chirped. Pilot's voice queried, "Zhaan, Chiana. I am calling to
inquire if you are all right."

Grumbling, Zhaan had to turn over to reach her comm-badge. She held
it and tried to get her breathing under control as she responded.
"Everything's fine, Pilot. This castle is excellently insulated
from the cold and does not appear to be surrounded by hostile forces.
How was John's test flight?" Behind her, Chiana giggled silently
into her hand.

"Crichton received some data that he feels is invaluable, but that
is all. Aeryn and D'Argo are arguing over something in the landing
bay and Rygel is nowhere to be found."

"All right, it sounds like everything's normal aboard Moya. Has
the purging been completed?"

"No. It will take several more days to finish it. Are you sure
you'll be all right on the planet's surface?"

As the light from the solar flare died down, Zhaan grinned at Chiana
and replied, "Oh, I'm sure we'll find something to keep us occupied."

Chiana licked her lips.



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