TITLE: "Explorations, Part 3"
AUTHOR: Ooshati
PAIRING: Zhaan/Chiana
RATING: NC-17 Serial, explicit f/f sexual activity, Fetish/Kink.
SUMMARY: Chiana and Zhaan are still marooned in an alien castle.
Zhaan learns some of Chiana's dirtiest pleasures, and Chiana learns
that punishment doesn't always hurt■
DISCLAIMER: The characters Zhaan, Chiana, John Crichton, D'Argo,
Aeryn Sun, Rygel, Pilot, and Moya are all copyrighted material of
the Jim Henson Company and the Sci Fi Channel. The inclusion and
use of them in this adult fiction is in no way intended as plagiarism
or infringement of the source material. These characters do not
belong to me in any way, shape, or form. The story, however, is
my own creative property. It conforms, to the best of my knowledge,
to the submission rules and guidelines of this site. Copyright 1999,
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Part Three:
The Library
-Day three of their exile on the planet found Zhaan in a library.

She had woken up early, dressed, and began to explore the castle
in which the two of them had found themselves.

-It had started out as an inconvenience, this purging of gasses from
Moya's systems that had not allowed the two of them to return to
the ship. She had accompanied Chiana to the planet's surface to
insure that the 19-cycle-old wouldn't snurch anything from what looked
like a deserted world. After it had been established that they were
stuck, they decided to camp inside the castle.

The castle itself had been deserted, carved out of the mountain rock
that it was embedded in. The carved shape was oddly beautiful, and
it was kept warm by the mountain's internal heat. There had seemed
to be no other inhabitants in the castle, other than small gray droids
that resembled DRD's. The droids seemed to do nothing more than
keep the castle remarkably clean.

The first day had taken a turn into the exciting when a solar flare
had triggered a photogasm in Zhaan. She smiled at the memory. It
had been wonderful, made even more so when Chiana had stroked and
caressed Zhann's nude body in the throes of sexual passion. Zhaan
closed her eyes and moaned slightly, remembering the feel of the
Nebari's young hands, lips, and fingers. As the flare continued,
they had kissed, nibbled, rubbed, touched, and Chiana had been most
obliging. She had touched and tasted all the exposed flesh of the
Delvian, fingered and rubbed her slit, and given some very enthusiastic

The second day had continued in, of all things, a dungeon. It was
not cold either, due to the mountain's internal heat. Chiana had
entered, admittedly to snurch, and Zhaan had found her there. The
meeting took a joyful turn when Chiana had allowed herself to be
"imprisoned" on a rack and Zhaan had "interrogated" the thief. Of
course, Chiana had been completely at the mercy of Zhaan's ministrations
and this had turned on the former Pa'u. As Chiana was thusly restrained,
Zhaan had taken advantage of the young woman's immovability by loving
her fiercely and causing the both of them to be overcome with passion.

Now, Zhaan stood in the library and looked around. It was rather
medium-sized and seemed to be in two parts: shelves of books and
what looked like a classroom area. The books were bound in something
like leather, and looked to be fairly old, but well preserved. She
took one down, and began to peruse it.

The letters and words meant nothing to her, but it did appear to
be illustrated. Was it a storybook? No, Zhaan didn't think so.
She flipped through the book, wondering at it, when her attention
was caught by something out of the corner of her eye. She looked,
and saw a gray droid sitting there. Clearing her throat, she asked
it, "Hello? Do you understand me?"

Then, something remarkable happened. With a series of clicks and
whirs, she heard her own words echoed by the robot. The words repeated
faster and were accompanied by what sounded like an alien tongue,
but her translator microbes had changed the strange hissings to "Yes,
stranger, I understand your words."

Zhaan was nonplussed. She wondered why the droids had not said or
done anything before now. She asked it, "Why have you remained silent
while myself and my companion have stayed in this castle?"

"You did not react to us and you seemed to represent no threat.
Most of the servitors are for cleaning and maintenance. There is
little need for those with defensive capabilities."

Zhaan mulled this over. "So what is the name of the people that
had lived here, little robot?"

"They were known as the S'relku. Their physiological construction
was very similar to yours."

"I see. Why is the planet deserted of all but their buildings and

"The industrial byproducts of their way of life had produced much
in the way of waste. This was damaging to the planet, so they built
massive colony ships and departed for other empty worlds. They will
return in a few cyclonia to begin again on this world."

Zhaan's little talk was interrupted when Chiana entered. Her face
was flushed, and she mock-glared at Zhaan in exasperation. Chiana
scolded the Delvian, "You scared the frell out of me. I wake up,
you're gone hezmana knows where. And you're here, chatting with
a little, uhm, whatever that is." She indicated the droid.

Zhaan folded her arms. "For your information, that is a droid that
is responsible for all the cleanliness we've seen in the castle so
far. Unlike Pilot's DRD's, these can talk. I was chatting with
this one about the S'relku when you rushed in here, acting like the
end of everything was upon us."

"The S'relku? Who're they?" Chiana looked puzzled.

"The previous inhabitants of this planet."

"Oh." She turned to the little droid and asked, "Uhm, hi. Uhm,
do you know if these Sir-Rell-Kooks would mind our staying in this

The robot replied, "No, as long as you do not remove anything from
the premises that is not yours to begin with. You must not damage
any of the structures here, either. You may stay here as long as
you like. You may feed on the local fauna if you wish. My programmers
gave me no other instructions pertaining to visitors of this planet."

Chiana looked slightly displeased at the mention of "no stealing".
Frell! Everyplace I go, people get all uppity about my snurching!
People can get so sensitive about it!

As if reading her mind, Zhaan said, "I know you must be disappointed,
but I never intended for you to steal anything anyway." Turning
to the droid, she addressed it. "My companion and I will leave everything
as we found it, won't we Chiana?" She looked at the young Nebari.

"Uhm, sure. We won't touch anything."

Zhaan seemed hardly convinced of the thief's words, but she let it
pass. Looking at the droid again, she asked, "There are many volumes
of information in this lovely library. I wondered if there is a
translator key, for we do not know how to read the native writings."

The droid replied. "There are many records that appear in an audio-visual
format in this library. Some will translate the words for you.
Will you need help in using them?"

Zhaan shook her head. "No, I'm sure we can figure it out. You have
been most helpful. Thank you."

"You are welcome", said the droid. It pivoted and began to leave.
Chiana cleared her throat and it stopped. "Yes?"

"Uhm, you've been here since we arrived, and I was wondering■" She
seemed embarrassed.


"Well, you've been, well, watching what we've been doing. And, uhm■"

The robot said, "I am familiar with what living beings will do to
pleasure themselves. I am not programmed to make value judgements
on such behavior. If you wish to do these things, do them. It matters
not to me."

Chiana nodded, "Uhm, sure, Thanks."

The robot departed.

Zhaan turned to Chiana. "I did not know that you were embarrassed
about our sexual liaisons. Why do you become so flustered?"

Chiana rolled her eyes, "The $10,000 cred question. I don't mind
it, Zhaan. I just hadn't thought of these robots as an audience."

"You are uncomfortable with watchers?"

"Not if I know that they're there."

"Hmmm. And what about the sex act itself? Do you enjoy lovemaking
with women only?"

"Nah." She grinned. "I can go with either men or women. They both
have their own unique pleasurings. I can fly both seats in the cockpit,
if that's what you mean." She giggled. Then, she approached Zhaan
and enfolded the Delvian in her arms and kissed her. Tongues brushed
against each other, and Zhaan breathed in the younger woman's sensual

Chiana drew back and said in a dusky voice, "I can definitely enjoy
you, Zhaan." They kissed again, longer this time. Her left hand
found the neckline of Zhaan's outer robe and it gently but hurriedly
pulled it down, moving along the blue shoulder. Her mouth kissed
and tasted the newly exposed flesh with need. Zhaan's shoulder and
part of her breast was revealed and Chiana's hand moved from the
robe, squeezing the pillowy flesh underneath the cloth. Zhaan closed
her eyes and brushed her lips against the neck of the thief, her
tongue licking the white skin.

Chiana's other hand traveled along Zhaan's neck and shoulder, clutching
the other side of the neckline, pulling it down. The outer robe
fell to the floor with a whisper. Then, with much urgency, Chiana's
hands reached up at the same time and began pulling the white top
off of Zhaan. Her eyes became huge and her nostrils flared in excitement
as the blue breasts were freed, the nipples almost snapping loose
of the fabric.

Chiana's lust was like a great heat in her belly and her crotch.
Her white vagina tingled at the thought of Zhaan's beauty, Zhann's
touch, Zhaan's kisses, Zhaan's slit, and everything else about the
812-cycle-old. Oh, damn, for an older woman, Zhaan looked good.

Her hands roved up the blue back of the Delvian, and they kissed
while Chiana rubbed and clutched at the warm skin of Zhaan's back
and shoulders. Her breasts pressed against Chiana's exposed upper
chest and shoulders, and the younger woman moaned as the blue nipples
rubbed there. Then, her eager hands moved down along Zhaan's lower
back and settled on her buttocks, squeezing them.

Zhaan, meanwhile, moved her right leg up and stroked the back of
Chiana's leg with her foot and toes. Kissing the thief, she plunged
her mouth into the neck and shoulders of the younger woman, losing
herself in white skin and sweat.

Chiana reached down a hand, using the other one to hold onto Zhaan,
and began unfastening a boot. This done, she toed it off and changed
hands to take off the other boot. Her white feet now bare, she began
to pull at the waistline of her pants. As the pants and underwear
slipped down, her hand chanced on her own winter white slit and grabbed
there. This caused the Nebari to gasp as she pleasured herself in
Zhaan's embrace.

Zhaan used her feet to tug the thief's pants down the rest of the
way and clutched madly at Chiana's netting, pulling it up hastily.
As Chiana hurriedly pulled off first one glove and then the other,
Zhaan seized the younger woman's top and began pulling at it with
urgency. The kissing only paused long enough to pull the top off
entirely, then their mouths met in unchained passion.


It was hard to tell who had a more ferocious need and want. The
older woman was incredibly limber and moved with an experience that
bespoke cycles of unabashedly enjoying her sexuality while the younger
thief made up for her shorter time for lovemaking with an amazing
amount of energy.

They had found it difficult to remain standing, and soon managed
to make their way over to the classroom area, seeing as it seemed
to have a reasonably large floor space and what looked like a cushioned
couch in back. The couch was soft and plush and didn't make a sound
as they lay on it. There was almost no sag in the cushions at all,
but they managed to somehow mold themselves to the contours of the
bodies of both women.

Zhaan's right leg draped over the top of the couch as Chiana lay
on top of her, kissing and stroking her with want. Zhaan welcomed
this, moving her mouth over the face, neck, and shoulders of the
thief. White hands pulled and squeezed turquoise breasts and rubbed
the erect nipples, making Zhaan moan.

The Nebari moved her mouth over Zhaan's neck, shoulders, throat,
and chin. Then, she slid downwards and focussed her attention on
Zhaan's chest and stomach. Her white lips caressed the upthrust
nipples, the taut belly, and the breasts themselves. Licking, kissing,
rubbing, oh she reveled in it! The scent of Delvian woman and sweat
filled her senses.

She slid deliciously lower and buried her mouth in the furry blue
triangle that promised much. Zhaan gasped and clenched her thighs
around the thief's head, letting her feet and curled toes stroke
the white back of Chiana. She put both hands in the white lion's
mane of Chiana's hair and pushed her face farther into the warmth.
The tickling of Chiana's excited breath made her shudder and her
hands clutched Chiana's hair, encouraging the mouth to take all it

As Chiana continued to take the juices that Zhaan offered, her hands
clenched tightly on Zhaan's blue buttocks. Her tongue probed and
darted, causing Zhaan to swoon in ecstasy. Soon, Zhaan's crotch
and Chiana's face began to rock and press against each other in an
excited rhythm. The thrusts of Zhaan's vagina matched Chiana's delving
tongue and mouth while they thrust deeper into Zhaan's warm wetness.
The thrusting and rocking slowly increased in intensity.

Her face wet from all of the sex juice that she'd tasted, Chiana
made her mouth rub in a delightful friction that Zhaan coveted and
lost herself in. Now, there was no real thought. Now there was
urgency and need and primal response. Zhaan's breaths became quicker
and shallower as joyful pressure began to build between her legs.
Chiana sensed the pressure, and began coaxing it with her mouth
and tongue. Zhaan made a moan that turned into a cry, but it fractured
due to her shuddering and rocking.

Her body slick with sweat, her nipples pert and hard, Zhaan rode
the wave of pleasure and the pressure built. Oh Goddess, it was
strong. It was as if every nerve in her body PULSED with the need
for release. Zhaan raised her head to the ceiling and the pressure
GREW. All Zhaan could hear was a thundering in her ears and each,
quick, gasping breath. Then, it became unbearable, uncontrollable,
and unstoppable.

The force of the climax was so huge, that all of Zhaan's mental processes
completely shut down. Her sentience collapsed completely into this
primitive creature that was nothing but damp come and sexual release.
Her mouth opened and she screamed/moaned/gasped as her vagina emptied
itself of its warm cargo. The come leaked onto the waiting face
of the thief, who was greedy with it.

When she was sure that Zhaan was done, Chiana pushed herself up and
wiped a hand through her hair. Her face was wet with come, sweat,
and saliva. She sat back, her white breasts rising and falling and
coated with the results of her exertion. Zhann sat up and nuzzled
the tired thief. Then she rose majestically and slowly wandered
over to some bookshelves. Chiana was too exhausted to protest, but
what was the Delvian doing?

Zhaan went over to a shelf and began to look for some of the information
that the droid had mentioned. She found a volume and opened it.
Inside the book, there sat some more of the strange writing and
some discs in a transparent pocket. Zhaan took one of the disks
out and went looking for a reader. She found one, and slid the disk
in a slot on it's side. An alien voice spoke and her translator
microbes kicked in■


They did not dress afterwards Chiana sat and watched Zhaan peruse
the library totally naked. Instead of the sound of shoes on the
floor, there was the soft padding of footfalls. Taking what she
had learned from the disk, Zhaan now had a rudimentary knowledge
of the written system. Chiana couldn't make heads or tails of it.
Chiana lay back on the couch, watching the blue body in all its
magnificence as Zhaan walked about the library. The swaying of her
breasts, the swishing of her long legs, the movement of her butt.

Zhaan soon lay down on her stomach and began to read. She mouthed
the words silently to herself and smiled at some parts of it. Grinning
at what she read, she put her chin in her hands and kicked her feet
slowly to and fro. Mesmerized, the Nebari woman took Zhaan in with
her eyes.

Chiana lay on her back, watching Zhaan read the pages of the book
nude. Oh, damn, but she looked fine! Clutching the book to her
blue breasts, her lips mouthing the words, Zhaan was driving the
younger woman crazy with wanting. Zhaan seemed to realize this,
and welcomed Chiana's staring. Chiana stared with undisguised hunger,
letting her eyes roam lovingly over the former Pa'u's shoulders,
the curve of her back and shoulder-blades, the soft bubble-curve
of her butt, the long and slender legs, the pretty little feet and

Suddenly, her mind set on an idea, and Chiana grinned deviously.
Zhaan looked up and asked with a sultry smile, "What?"

"Come here." Chiana's voice was thick and throaty.

"Whatever for?"

"I know something that you're not going to find in that book." Wanting
oh so much wanting.

An eyebrow raised in interest as Zhaan teased the game along. "Are
you proposing to teach me a lesson?" Oh yes, if only you knew.


Zhaan put the book aside and gave a look that had such heat that
an iceberg would have melted in this room.

Chiana crawled over to Zhaan and lay the former Pa'u on her back.
Then, she moved over to look down her body at Zhaan's head, which
appeared upside down to her. Zhaan's eyes looked up at her with
hunger, and the lesson commenced.

Chiana lowered her crotch into the mouth of the waiting Delvian,
then leaned over and buried her mouth into the blue thatch again.
This time, they both probed the same area at the same time. Zhaan's
tongue and mouth tasted and licked the warm slit that Chiana offered
her while Chiana dove into the blue wetness that was Zhaan's vaginal
opening with renewed longing. They swayed like this, and soon lay
on their sides.

As Zhaan's head submerged itself into the heat of Chiana's lust,
she clutched white buttocks like there was no tomorrow. Chiana,
meanwhile held on to the blue ass that was Zhaan's and her mouth
began to go to work again. The combined moanings that arose from
them were muffled. The reason was layers of sweaty skin, folds of
flesh, and damp pubic fuzz.

Zhaan was coming again, but that didn't matter. Chiana remained
unsated, and her desire was so much stronger that the Delvian began
to nudge it along with her mouth and tongue. The pressure that was
there built, and Chiana's sex became warm and tight with need. Zhaan
became to her the entirety of her consciousness. They seemed to
merge so well, that the building of pressure equalized in both of

As climax neared, Chiana's toes splayed and her fingers clenched.
Zhaan did the same at the same time. They became one organism whose
only existence was sex and pleasure and joy. Then, the threshold
came and went. There was no slow teasing, no games this time. There
was only need and savage release. They came simultaneously, and
drank of each other.

They rolled apart, breathing heavily and sheened in sweat. Then,
they sat up one at a time and smiled at each other. Zhaan asked,
"What" gasp, "what was that called, my dear?"

"I think" gasp, "think its called 69."

They sat facing each other. Then Zhaan moved close to the Nebari
and put her mouth next to Chiana's ear. "You've been bad, Chiana."

Chiana thrilled at the low tone that contained need. "Punish me",
she begged, pleading softly.

Zhaan raised her right hand and slapped it down on a white buttock,
causing Chiana to gasp. Chiana buried her face in Zhaan's neck as
the spanking continued. Her moans and gasps were made against the
blue flesh and she clutched madly at Zhaan as the "punishment" continued.

Chiana suddenly raised her head up and kissed Zhaan full on the mouth.
As she was spanked, she pressed her lips to the Delvian's and clutched
the back of Zhaan's blue head. Each slap on the white ass was punctuated
with a sharp intake of breath from Chiana. Finally, they separated
and sat back. Leaning against a bookshelf, they started as their
comm-badges beeped.

Zhaan reached over and triggered hers. "Yes?"

"Zhaan. Pip. This is John aboard the good ship Lollypop. Anybody

As usual, John made little sense to either one of them. Zhaan had
learned that sometimes it was wiser not to pursue his bouts of incomprehensibili
"John? How are the crew faring?"

"Well, I royally whupped His Highness' ass, but since we used food
cubes, I don't think of it as much of a win. Aeryn and D'Argo's
little match ended and our little Raven-haired beauty queen reigns
supreme in the ass-kicking category. To be blunt, she won."

"Well, that's nice", supplied Zhaan. She really didn't see what
the attraction was of fighting competitions, but to each his own.

"Have you guys found anything to do down there? Anything at all?"

"Oh yes, John." Zhaan grinned. "We've taken on some light reading."



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