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RATING: NC-17, Serial, Fetish/Kink

PAIRING: F/F (Zhaan/Chiana)

SUMMARY: Chiana and Zhaan are still marooned in an alien castle. Zhaan
and Chiana find that once a king always a king, but once a night isn't
always enough...

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farScape: Explorations Part 4
by Ooshati

The Monarch's Bedroom

All in all, Chiana hadn't expected to end the day screwing a bedpost. And
the day had started out so normally, too...

Chiana sat up and yawned quietly. After all, she and Zhaan had been asleep
in an alien library, and to make noise would have woken up her blue
bedmate. Smiling down at Zhaan, she watched the Delvian slumber. What was
it about watching someone that you had just made love to sleep that was so
nice to watch? Sighing, she pulled up a corner of the makeshift bed that
one of the little grey robots had made while they had slept. The blankets
that were draped over them were pink and very warm, seeming to trap body
heat very well but not to the point of discomfort.

Rising, Chiana stretched and rubbed her neck, massaging a kink there. Her
naked body responded to the slight warmth in the room, making her cross
her arms. One of her fingers brushed a black nipple, and she smiled as she
began to playfully tweak it between her thumb and forefinger. Licking her
lips, she sighed quietly and lost herself in the flashes of lightning
pulses of ecstasy that the twiddling provoked. Then, tiring and growing
hungry, she went to the dining hall to get something to eat.

As she wandered the halls naked, sun and crystalline light played over her
features. An overhead prism chandelier shone its illumination down on her,
lingering on her white butt last. She marveled at the warm floor, realizing
that this had been the first time she had walked on it with bare feet. She
found the dining hall and helped herself to a supply of some kind of berries
in there. Some juice trickled down her chin, but she wiped at it with a hand
and licked her fingers. The juice was colorless, so it left no stain.

As she ate, Chiana thought about how things had gone so far in the alien
castle. Having been stranded, she and Zhaan had been forced to seek refuge
in this strange ancient building. The castle was carved out of a mountainside
and was kept warm through natural geothermal heat. The first day, Zhaan had
experienced a Delvian photogasm that had excited the thief, prompting her to
aid the former Pa'u in her throes of sexual passion and arousal. The second
day, she and Zhaan had used a palace dungeon to satisfy each other carnally,
and that had been wonderful. And just yesterday, she and Zhaan had found a
library and that had lead to a much more intense sexual encounter than the
previous days.

Having fed, she debated whether or not to return to the library and dress.
She decided against this because she didn't want to awaken Zhaan. She stood
and looked around the dining area until her eyes rested on a door. The door
was more ornate than any others that she and Zhaan had found since their
arrival, so the Nebari opened it and looked inside.

It was a bedroom. The walls and furniture seemed to suggest the height of
royal splendor and Chiana realized that the ruler or rulers of this planet
must have slept here. It made sense to put it so close to the kitchen, just
in case the king or whatever wanted a midnight snack without waking up a
servant. There were paintings on the walls of what looked like someone in a
uniform. The figure was striking. So this is what the S'relku looked like.

The figure looked like very muscular man. His hair seemed to be made of some
kind of tendrils. The jaw was squared and the chin was thrust forward in a
show of force. The robe he wore didn't diminish his size any, and Chiana saw
the indications that he was very well endowed in the nether regions. She
giggled and stared. His hands were long and slender, being three-fingered
with an opposable thumb directly in the center of the bottom of his palms.
With two eyes and a single wedge for a nose, she wondered at the extreme
similarity of this strange race and hers.

In another painting was a woman who could only have been his mate or queen.
Hers was a striking figure, what most would think of as voluptuous. With
large, firm breasts, the longer hair-tendrils lay on this alien woman's
shoulders easily, making her look very much a maiden. Her face was slim and
lovely, a smile gracing it. You would push through a crowd to find this
woman. The painting seemed to suggest a well-formed butt on this woman,
bubble-shaped and curvaceous. Chiana liked these people already, for they
seemed to be very attractive. Growling deep in her throat like a cat in heat,
Chiana couldn't wait to get Zhaan in here.

The bed in the center of the room was a show in and of itself. An ornate
four-poster, it was large and looked very soft and inviting. Chiana rubbed
a hand over the top sheets and realized that they must be frictionless. The
posts themselves looked to be carved statues of S'relku nudes, two of either
sex, who were standing with their muscled arms raised to hold the top of the
bed up. Chiana frowned at the crotches of the statues, for they seemed to
have nothing but a two-inch deep hole that was about four inches around. What
the frell was this all about?

She looked to the side of the bed, and saw what looked like a small, square
holo projection node with a small keyboard. Walking over to it, she tried to
read the strange inscriptions. She couldn't, for they were in the strange
spaghetti-like script of the S'relku. The screen was blank and seemed to have
power running to it. She moved her hand over the node and it squawked, making
her jump. Her brow furrowing, she pondered what to do next.

Something settled on one buttock and gave it a healthy squeeze, making
Chiana let out a small Eeep! Turning, she saw Zhaan standing behind her
with a mischievous grin on her face. Zhaan was naked too, and her hand
lay possessively on the thief's white buttock. Blowing air through her
teeth, Chiana looked at Zhaan with exasperation. "You scared the frell
out of me," she accused.

Zhaan said nothing, grabbing the Nebari's other buttock and pulling both of
their crotches together. Pressing her blue sex against the thief's white
fuzz, she rubbed sensuously while clutching the bubble-shaped buttocks in
her hands like fruit. Their breasts touched and pressed against each other.
moving her tongue over her teeth, Zhaan said throatily, "I woke up alone,
Chiana. You ran off on me."

Chiana found it hard to breathe. The smell of Zhaan was overwhelming. The
Nebari inhaled slowly, reaching up and taking the Delvian's bald, blue head.
She pulled Zhaan's mouth to hers as softly clamped her lips down, closing
her eyes. Tongues met and moved, and the breath from their noses tickled
each other's cheeks. As the kiss broke, reluctantly, Chiana opened her eyes
and said, "Uhm, there's this thing over there," she pointed, indicating the
holo node, "and I was wondering if you knew how to use it. Y'know, from all
that stuff you learned in the library."

Zhaan looked at the node and said, "Well, I'll see what I can do with it."
Turning to the thief, she said, "I already know how to use you, Chiana."
Chiana blushed.

Walking over, hand-in-hand, to the node, Zhaan and Chiana stood near it.
Zhaan knelt and began fiddling with the node. As before, the thing squawked
when Zhaan moved her hand over it. Chiana, trying to break the silence,
asked, "So what, uhm, what did you learn about the Sir-Rell-Kooks?"

"Well, as you can see by those bedposts, they look much like us. They seem
to be an extremely attractive race. A pity none are still here. They are
hedonists, physical pleasure having a large part in their society."

"Guess this room proves that, huh?"

"Yes, but there is a reason why, beyond just the personal gratification. It
seems that the race is curiously unable to breed well. The species, while
having a large sexual urge, seem to be slim in the fertility area. The need
for survival prompted them to become fanatical about sex and eroticism.
Having sexual congress in public was not a taboo, nor was sex in strange

"My God, the whole populace was obsessed with sex?" She and Zhaan was one
thing, but her mind boggled at a whole planet of sex nuts.

"Yes, they promoted in any way they could. There were records of festivals
that were nothing more than one prolonged orgy. More often than not, greeting
a stranger in the street or a colleague at work led to a sexual encounter.
Sometimes, business dealings or teaching lessons had break periods for
intense sexual intercourse." Zhaan shook her head in wonder. "Apparently, the
rulers wore loose robes that could be removed at the slightest arousal. The
main populace never even wore pants."

Chiana blew air through her teeth. "They should call this place Libido

Zhaan grinned. "And that would be highly accurate. This world once had a
tourism industry. There wasn't much in the way of sightseeing, unless you
were fucking the tour guide. Because of this, the populace has grown a
natural sexual stamina."

"You mean, like, they could just go at it for hours?"

"Try days."

Chiana almost choked. "Days?!" She tried to imagine spending a couple days
just getting laid, and her mind threatened to shut down. All in all, it
didn't sound too bad, but what if you got hungry or something? Then, she
remembered the little grey droids.

Suddenly, the node seemed to come to life. Alien script appeared briefly on
the screen. Then, a picture of the bed appeared, next to a picture of some
pinkish, tube-like object. Zhaan touched the bed image, and the image of the
tube disappeared. The bed image moved to the center of the display and more
alien script appeared. Zhaan read it while Chiana sat down on the bed, laying
on her back with her legs dangling over the edge.

Zhaan looked up in surprise at her. "This bed and its sheets are alive."

"What?" Chiana wondered whether or not she should be laying on it.

"The bed and sheets are at least partially sentient. The idea is that the
bed is designed to help in the arousal of those who slept in it. The sheets
themselves could move and act like a lover if the bed was occupied by one,
and that one didn't want to rely on their own hands."

"You're kidding. Does the damn thing eat, or anything?"

"Yes. It absorbs sex juice like a sponge."

Chiana pondered this. "Well, is it still alive? I mean, no one's gotten hot
and bothered in a long time."

"The bed sleeps during periods of disuse. Apparently, it can stay in this
state for several cycles by taking nourishment from the air. Somehow."

Suddenly, Chiana knew what Zhaan had been talking about, for the sheets
seemed to come alive. They sort of slithered sinuously, moving upwards on
her white midriff, slowly moving across her supple flesh. Oh yes, it felt
arousing and nice. The sheets crawled up, up, UP and over her breasts.
Lowering onto her nipples, the sheets hardened slightly and began to rub.
The cloth twiddled and squeezed, rubbed and caressed. Then, they did
something that felt like a bite and nibble, causing her to gasp.

Zhaan watched with keen interest as the bed seemed to seduce Chiana. The
Nebari lay back and slid herself towards the center of the bed. The sheets
followed her, and the bed mattress molded itself to her shape. Then Chiana
lay her hands next to her sides, letting the bed do the rest. The sheets
began oozing into her slit and hardened a little there, too. Moving of
their own accord, the bedcovers started to rub Chiana's clitoris and move
with wonderful friction inside her sex. She moaned.

The bed itself also began to act like the sheets. As the sheets withdrew
from Chiana's now-wet vagina, she pulled up the top and stared at the wet
spot. It was small, then it faded. Soon, there was no indication of it at
all. Whistling softly, she turned over and lay on her stomach.

The bed seemed to be waiting for this, because the mattress moved up and
cupped her breasts in its "fingers", caressing and squeezing them. Then,
Chiana Eeped in surprise as the mattress formed a crude "penis" underneath
her crotch and plunged this jury-rigged organ into her slit. The "penis"
swelled and pushed, making it feel like Chiana was screwing some
well-endowed lover. She raised her crotch and began thrusting in a frenzy
of urgency.

As Chiana pleasured herself with the help of the eager alien bed, Zhaan
returned her attentions to the node. She called up the image of the pink
tube-thing, and accessed its information file. As she read what was there,
she smiled. Reaching underneath the node and keyboard, her fingers found a
small drawer. Opening it, she found a small supply of the pink tubes.
Chiana's moans and gasps were the only real sounds in the room.

Chiana, meanwhile, was having a wonder bout of sex. Her cunt wet, she
approached climax. The pressure built as the sheets helped her pump in and
out, the bed-penis throbbing and thrusting. As the climax continued to
swell, Chiana's body was sheened with sweat and exertion. Her hair clung
to her face in moist strands. Then, joyfully, she came and her juice
flowed out of her in release.

The fluid of her climax dripped on the bed and just dissolved. The wet spot
grew smaller and smaller until it was gone. So the bed did feed on sex
juices. That was nice and very clever. No need to wash the sheets in the
morning. God, she thought, this planet must have found a way to absolve the
rulers of all royal sex scandals or they just didn't believe in scandals in
the first place. She giggled into her hand.

The "penis" sunk into the top of the mattress, somehow sensing that Chiana
was finished for now. This suggested to her that it may have been very
mildly telepathic. Either that, or it could sense the receding of sexual
urge. How? Chemical changes? Turning to Zhaan, she saw the Delvian holding
the pink tube object she'd seen on the screen earlier. Staring at it
quizzically, she asked, "What's that?"

"It's called a Dildoid. Apparently, it is a sexual aid that more accurately
imitates a man's penis. It is like the bed, partially alive and able to feed
on sex juice." Zhaan turned to face Chiana, her legs spread. Chiana stared,
mesmerized, at Zhaan's blue thatch. "Observe," said Zhaan, fingering open her
slit. Zhaan held the Dildoid in both hands and began to use it as the screen
had indicated, plunging it into her vagina and moving it in and out.

Chiana watched, amazed. The damn thing was already throbbing, and Zhaan made
a sound between a sigh and a moan. Then, the most incredible thing happened.
The Dildoid seemed to grow tentacles in a Y-shaped pattern, and the tentacles
themselves stretched. As long as it took Chiana to figure out what was
happening, the top two tentacles had curved around opposite hips, and joined
in the back. The third one had moved underneath Zhaan's vagina, extending
itself across her ass and meeting the others in back. When it was finished,
Zhaan appeared to be wearing a pink, fleshy pair of throbbing underwear.

Zhaan placed her hands at either side, and held herself up as the Dildoid
moved itself inside of her sex. Biting her lip, Zhaan lay back her bald blue
head and thrust her hips in synch with the motions of the Dildoid. "Ah. Ah.
Ah. Ah." Zhaan repeated as she had sex with the alien device. The Dildoid,
pulsed and throbbed, making Zhaan's breath hitch and catch. Zhaan's feet
pushed against the bed, and she clenched and unclenched her fingers with
each thrust.

Chiana, curious as hell, crawled next to Zhaan to get a better look at the
device. Mouth agape, she stared as the only movement from the Dildoid
seemed to be an in-out pushing lump in the crotch area that coincided with
the thrusts. Zhaan's breathing quickened as the Dildoid increased motion.
The sighs and moans were getting Chiana aroused, and she crawled behind
Zhaan and placed her thumbs on Delvian turquoise nipples. Rubbing the pert,
hard nubs, Chiana placed her mouth on Zhaan's right shoulder. Her lips
moved slowly across the firm, supple flesh, causing Zhaan to gasp.

Out of the corner of a half-opened eye, Chiana saw Zhaan's mouth open. Never
one to be accused of missing an available opportunity, she clamped her gray
lips down on Zhaan's own mouth hungrily. Tongue and teeth coaxed breath and
flesh from the former P'au, and Zhaan returned the kiss greedily as the
Dildoid increased it's pleasant friction. The Delvian woman managed to place
one hand behind Chiana's head, and pulled the thief's mouth to her own.

Chiana's hands, meanwhile, were displaying an artistry and slyness that
came from years of snurching. The long fingernails squeezed the points of
turquoise alien nipples, the tips of her slender fingers caressing the
round flesh surrounding the nipple-points. Rubbing in circles, the hands
occasionally formed almost-claws and sunk into the round breasts, driving
Zhaan even farther into joy. White thumbs moved across the soft, pillowy
flesh, and both women moaned deeply.

The Dildoid continued to pulse, making Zhaan shudder. Chiana could feel the
Delvian's breath catch as they kissed, and she sucked on first the top lip,
then the bottom, and Zhaan's tongue roved across her white face. Spittle
gleamed as Zhaan began to methodically move her tongue across Chiana's face,
tasting her eager Nebari lover. Chiana's mouth found a blue neck and throat,
nuzzling there. Zhaan's breath tickled her right ear as she tasted Delvian

Pressure built up in Zhaan's sex, but the Dildoid was unrelenting. It
throbbed and moved, rubbing deliciously against the warm, wet walls of its
first user in a long time. Pushing insistently, it made Zhaan feel the
pressure inside her build. This pressure would need release. The tingling
she felt from Chiana's ministrations made her sweat, clutching the sheets
tightly with her free hand. Zhaan gritted her teeth, in preparation for
the explosion.

Warm, musky juice squirted out from between Zhaan's spread legs and wet
the sheet that she lay on. The Dildoid seemed to take some of the liquid
for it's own, letting only part of the volume released made it to the bed
sheet. The wet spot began to shrink, and the Dildoid's shape changed as it
withdrew it's throbbing "member" from Zhaan's vagina. Reaching down with
her left hand, Zhaan pulled at the front of the Dildoid, and it withdrew
its tentacles, becoming once more the pink tube that they had initially

Chiana, meanwhile, stared in frank wonder at the alien thing. These
Sir-Rell-Kooks were a damned sight more kinky than anything she could have
imagined. Zhaan's breathing slowed, and she leaned forward, reaching for
the node. As the former Pa'u looked at more of the alien's strange script,
Chiana diverted her attention to the wonderfully shaped blue ass that was
suddenly, if unconsciously, offered to her. Grinning, her mouth descended.

Zhaan's head jerked up in surprise, and she looked at the young Nebari with
wry amusement. "You know, " she said in her soft lilt, "I cannot concentrate
with you nibbling and kissing my butt like that.

Laughing, Chiana replied, "You may have kicked more ass than I've sat on,
but I've done everything else imaginable with ass than you will ever kick.
Even in the next 800 cycles." With that, she lowered her face again into
the bubble-shaped buttock and her mouth went to work even more excitedly.
Zhaan perused the holo, and a distracted Chiana didn't see her grin. Moving
her butt away from the Nebari's mouth, she sat and put a hand against
Chiana's cheek, stroking it. Her hand pulled Chiana's face to hers, and
she whispered something that made the thief blanch in absolute shock.

Zhaan explained again, and Chiana burst out laughing. This thing was unreal!
Zhaan looked at Chiana with a question in her eyes, to which Chiana nodded
an emphatic affirmative. Zhaan then lay back, her legs spread apart. Chiana
seemed almost to mount the prostate blue woman, her legs pushed against the
outside of Zhaan's own legs, but held her crotch a few inches away from
Zhaan's own fuzzy moistness. Bringing the Dildoid up in one hand, Zhaan held
it between the two furry triangles, one turquoise, the other powdery
gray-white. Then, the Delvian pushed the Dildoid towards her waiting cunt.

Zhaan's hands held the Dildoid in her slit as Chiana positioned herself.
Placing one hand on Zhaan's shoulder, she grabbed the Dildoid and squeezed
it. Sure enough, the sex device seemed to sense another hand and stretched.
Its tip slowly moved, reaching for Chiana's vaginal opening and gently
pushed its way inside. Then, it used more of itself to make a thong-like
wrapping around the waists of both women. Chiana and Zhaan began to breathe
heavily as the Dildoid went to work.

The two women, the Dildoid between them, started pumping their hips towards
each other. The Dildoid stayed embedded in both of their vaginal slits and
moved and throbbed, causing them to gasp slightly and moan. Their hands at
first were positioned near the Dildoid, helping it push and swell inside of
them, but soon they realized it could pleasure them down there without help.
Then Chiana's hands moved up towards Zhaan's breasts and Zhaan sighed.
Placing her blue hands against the back of Chiana's head, Zhaan pulled her
white face forward into a kiss.

Their mouths roamed over each other again, wanting fully what each was
giving. Lips of two colors grasped and pulled, the excited breath of both
women occasionally slipping out in warm rush. Chiana threw her head back,
and Zhaan's mouth aimed for the throat and neck, hungrily tasting and
teasing. Two pairs of hands moved over more pairs of breasts, butts, hips,
navels and anywhere else they wanted to go. They pumped in unison, as they
tried to touch all that the Dildoid left free with whatever they had

Zhaan's hands squeezed both white Nebari breasts and her blue head descended.
Her mouth couldn't seem to decide which nipple was tastier. She didn't care.
Neither did Chiana. One white hand clutched madly at a blue buttock to help
the Dildoid while the other pulled Zhaan's head tighter against her breasts.
Chiana's breathing was heavy.

They both pumped their crotches faster, enjoying the rhythm. The Dildoid was
turning out to be a useful device indeed, the result of much research. Chiana
wondered absently how intensive that research had been. Then she forgot about
it as Zhaan continued to work. Chiana, shortly thereafter, forgot about
concrete thought altogether, and just sank into pure sensation.

Chiana felt wetness inside her sex, and it made the Dildoid slide easier.
Zhaan, likewise, was damp and the Dildoid consumed very little of it while
allowing the rest to lubricate itself. Its users approved, and Zhaan moved
her blue head up and let her lips descend on Chiana's own open mouth. The
kisses were short, hungry, and almost savage, and Chiana gladly returned
them with equal vigor. Then, telltale pressure began to build in the sexes
of both women.

Their moans became almost screams as the urge for release doubled, tripled,
quadrupled and then became almost too large to resist. Zhaan's hand that
rested on a white Nebari buttock clenched and Chiana duplicated the move.
Then, climax didn't so much occur as explode, spilling out good amounts of
warm juice. The come splashed out and was absorbed by the Dildoid as a fee
or reward for its dutiful functioning. The two women held each other,
breathing heavily, as the pounding of blood in their sweat-soaked bodies

Chiana lowered her head, almost gasping for breath, and looked down between
them at the alien sex device.

"That's..." pant, "that's some toy." She felt Zhaan's warm breath on her
shoulder move and realized that her Delvian bedmate was trying to nod between
gasps. The smell of sweat, exertion, and sex filled her nose.

Chiana was the first to separate removing the Dildoid from Zhaan's sex, then
her own as she dismounted. It was slightly damp, apparently still absorbing
the juice let loose by the two women. Chiana lay back on the huge bed,
calming down and closing her eyes. Zhaan meanwhile sat at the edge of the
bed until she had gotten her breath back, and then she stood and went over
to the node. Chiana decided to use this moment to sleep.

Soon, Zhaan joined her, and they lay together in mutual slumber.

Zhaan awoke first, turning her head lazily over and stared at the back of
Chiana's white neck. Zhaan noticed that the younger woman seemed to make a
slightly higher-pitched breathing sound as she slept. Lovingly, she moved
a lone finger through some strands of Chiana's mane of hair. Then, quietly
as she could, she rose and picked up her clothes. She then left the room.
Reaching her hands towards the ceiling, she stretched and yawned. After
doing this, she dressed and made her way to the kitchen.

As she ate, she smiled at the encounters they had had so far. Chiana was
filled with so much energy, she was like a machine! A hungry machine, Zhaan
amended. Grinning, she finished her meal and wondered if the "machine" was
hungry for anything but sex. Preparing a small meal, she headed back towards
the bedroom.

Chiana opened her eyes groggily as she heard Zhaan come in. Raising her head,
she smiled first at Zhaan, and then at the food the Delvian had brought. "For
me?" she asked.

"Yes. Are you still tired?"

"Nope! Just rarin' to go!"

Zhaan laughed musically as the thief descended on the food. "What about
snurching anything?"

Chiana shrugged as she ate. "Doesn't seem to be much worth snurching here,
unless you count all the sex stuff. We could probably rake in a fortune with
some of this."

"No, Chiana. It's not ours to take. Besides, it may be all that's left over
of this hedonistic culture."

"Still..." Chiana shrugged again.

Nodding, Zhaan looked down and saw the Dildoid. It was lying on the floor
next to the bed, completely dry. She knelt and picked it up.

Chiana lay back and placed a berry on her navel. "Zhaan?" she said throatily.
"Are you hungry too?" She licked her lips.

Zhaan came over and lay down next to the horny Nebari. Running a finger
slowly down Chiana's stomach, she said in a sigh. "Yes." Chiana shivered
with the rhythm of Zhaan's caresses. Then Zhaan lowered her head and
licked the area of skin just below the berry, sweeping it up with her
tongue. She bit into it and let juice drip onto Chiana's midriff before
she licked that off too. Zhaan continued to lick, rub, kiss, and nibble
Chiana's belly and the white thief eagerly started to pull at Zhaan's

Zhaan's mouth did wonderful things to Chiana's stomach, making the younger
woman moan in pleasure. Then, the blue head moved lower down and the mouth
played in the warm, fuzzy moistness there. Chiana wrapped her hands around
Zhaan's head and sighed.

Zhaan raised her head and showed Chiana the Dildoid. "Yes!" Chiana
moaned/screamed, reaching for it. Zhaan shook her head, teasing. She
walked over to one of the bedposts near Chiana's feet.

"I learned something else about this bed that you might like better." She
saw one of the alcoves mentioned in the holo and placed the Dildoid in one
of them. It settled and stuck out straight, like an erect penis.

The sheets suddenly had come alive again. This time, the bottom corners had
seized Chiana by the ankles and grown hard again. They pulled her legs apart
and she realized that she was sliding on her butt. The sheets underneath her
were so slick that she couldn't get a fingerhold. The sheets dragged her
slowly, inexorably, towards one of the bedposts. She realized what was
happening, and was both scared and excited at the same time.

The sheets pulled her and almost slammed her into the post, positioning her
crotch to embed her vagina on the device. She moaned and almost screamed, and
it swelled and stretched inside of her. The sheets continued to push against
her back and she wrapped her arms around the bedpost, pushing her crotch
deeper onto the Dildoid. Wrapping her legs around the wood, she sighed and
began pumping and thrusting against it.

Chiana's breath formed slight spots of mist on the alien wood as she moved
her crotch in time with the Dildoid. Her hands splayed against the carved
shoulder blades of the bedpost, and the sheets continued to push her against
it. Her face was buried in the shoulder and neck of the statue that resembled
a S'relku male, muffling her cries and moans as she continued to fuck. Her
legs were crossed around its back, and they squeezed together and apart,
speeding up her sexual intensity as she grew more excited.

Zhaan, meanwhile, had grown aroused at this. Her pulse increasing, she drew
her robe from her shoulders, and let it slide down her body. Chiana's eyes
were closed and she was too involved with the bedpost/Dildoid combination,
so Zhaan cupped her own azure breasts and squeezed. Her fingers went to work
on the nipples, which brew hard and sent pulses of pleasure through the
Delvian. Moaning, she spotted a second Dildoid and picked it up. She
approached the bed while Chiana was completely oblivious.

Zhaan, testing a theory, climbed behind Chiana. She took the Dildoid and
shoved it lightly up Chiana's white ass. Chiana's breath hitched and Zhaan
then pressed her crotch against the thief's buttocks. The Dildoid searched
and reached, slowly plunging itself into Zhaan's blue sexual center while
forming its familiar G-string of skin around blue buttocks. Chiana bumped
and ground against the Dildoid in the post, and Zhaan thrust against the
Dildoid in the Nebari's ass. It was like a snurcher sandwich, in which
Chiana was the very willing filling.

As the Dildoid that bridged a gap between Nebari ass and Delvian cunt, the
Dildoid pulsed and throbbed inside Zhaan. Panting and sweating, both women
increased thrusting with vigor. Zhaan's could smell Chiana, and the musky
odor of the thief drove all conscious thought from her mind. The former
P'au's arms slid up the bare midriff of Chiana and crisscrossed over her
chest. Zhaan's hands practically went berserk over the pillowy flesh
offered them.

Chiana vaguely felt the rub and squeeze of Zhaan's hands, so preoccupied
was she with the wonderful sensations coming from her crotch. The Dildoid
increased its rubbing against the walls of Chiana's clit, and she continued
to go for the gusto. The smell of intermingled sweat reached her nose, and
the skin of both women grew slick with the sheen of perspiration. Zhaan
buried her head in Chiana's left shoulder as the familiar pressure of
climax began to build.

Both women were lost in ecstasy, moaning and saying nothing coherent to each
other. Chiana's slit was wet, and she felt the juices inside her building up
and wanting release. Resisting it was hard for the thief, but she managed to
coax the pressure up and down, prolonging her pleasure and driving her nearly
mad with need. Zhaan continued to thrust, barely in control, as the urge
built up so much that her blood started to pound in her ears. Somehow, they
were able to get the climax synchronized at the last second, and both women
came with so much force that they shuddered during release.

Wetness splashed against the Dildoid and the bedpost, while it also spilled
out against the other Dildoid and Chiana's buttocks. They both took a
few breaths, sweating and exhausted. Then, both Dildoids withdrew their
G-strings of skin, and drank what they could. Zhaan's hands unfolded from
their crossing of Chiana's heaving, sweaty chest, and the Delvian disengaged
slowly. As she removed the Dildoid from her cunt and Chiana's ass, she
noticed the still-wet puddle of come that drenched both buttocks. Reaching
down and wrapping her arms around Chiana's waist, she helped pull the thief
from the bedpost.

Lowering her head, Zhaan began to lick at the come on Chiana's ass. Chiana
felt it, and opened her eyes enough to see that the bedpost was similarly
drenched. Smiling weakly, she began her own lick-up operation on the wet
area on the alien wood. Both women licked asses clean of the juice before
Zhaan pulled Chiana to her. They embraced, kissing and nuzzling in the
afterglow. Soon, they felt drowsy again and conversed in quiet tones.

"What possessed you to shove that thing up my ass, Zhaan?"

"I don't really know. It just seemed like a good idea at the time." Grinning,
the Delvian stroked Chiana's chin and right cheek with a finger.

There was the unmistakable chirp of a comm signal.

Chiana rolled her eyes as Zhaan crawled hurriedly towards her badge, which
lie on the floor with her clothes. "Typical perfect timing." She muttered.

Zhaan picked up the badge and tapped it, trying to get her breathing under
control. "Yes?"

"Hello, fellow crewmates! `Tis I, the stalwart John of Crichton, inquiring
how things are going down there."

Again, this made no sense at all to either one, and Chiana shook her head
in mock disappointment. Zhaan replied, "We're fine, John. How is the crew
coping with our absence?"

"Pretty well. Is everyone getting enough sleep down there? You sound kinda

Grinning, Zhaan replied, "We're all right, John. I guess you could say
we've been very busy down here." Chiana tried not to giggle.



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