TITLE: "Fine Things"
AUTHOR: Aiobheann
PAIRING: Aeryn/Chiana
RATING: NC-17 Explicit f/f sexual activity.
SUMMARY: Aeryn wants to forget about Crichton and D'Argo...and Chiana has
something that may just take her mind off her troubles. Yes, this is
"Aiobheann Writes Grrl Smut." Part 10 of the "Blood Brothers'" series.

DISCLAIMER: These characters are not mine. They aren't even the ones I
usually play with. They belong to Henson. No copyright infringement is
intended, and no money is changing hands. The song "Desperado" is the
property of Geffen Records and Don Henley/Glenn Frye, quoted here wihout
permission. The story itself is copyright Aiobheann, 1999.
FEEDBACK: Yes, please, as this is my first attempt at f/f slash.
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ARCHIVE: Smutscape. All others, please ask.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This one is dedicated to Xen, for daring me to write
some ladyslash. Do I get my prize now? :)

Aeryn tipped the bottle back, draining the last dregs out of it before
casting it aside. She surveyed the two groupings of bottles in front of
her -- still more full than empty. Well, that meant she had some work to do.
She plucked one of the full bottles, breaking the seal and taking a drink,
tasting fellip nectar but thinking of the beer John had given her on the
false Earth.

She grimaced. If there had been anything else handy, she would have drunk
anything but fellip nectar. It reminded her of too many of the things she
was drinking expressly to forget. Dren. She lay back, propping her head on
her discarded boots. Not the most comfortable head rest, but it was her
self-appointed duty to get as frelling drunk as she possibly could, and
that was too hard to do flat on your back...although that was how she hoped
to end up before too much longer.

Drunk enough not to care.

She closed her eyes as she took another drink, feeling the fellip nectar
blaze a sour-sweet path down her throat. When she opened them again, she
was looking up at the stars overhead, seen as clearly through Moya's
forcefield enclosing the terrace as if she lay in a field on some planet.
Preferably far away from the rest of them, she thought. Maybe I should
just go down to some commerce planet with them and not come back. She
laughed at herself. Where could she go after that? What could she do?
Nowhere. Nothing. She had given up everything that she ever was or ever
could have been for a pair of pretty eyes and some words. "You can be

Wasn't it a joke that now that she knew what he meant, that she wanted
to be more, for him -- he was forever out of her reach? She stared up at
the stars, seeing them blur through a prism of watery light. PeaceKeepers
do not cry. Another harsh, barking laugh escaped. Well, you're not a
PeaceKeeper anymore, are you? Still. No crying.

She tried to pick the shapes of some of the earth constellations he had
described to her out of the splash of pinpoints of cold light above her.
The tears refused to go away, and she couldn't connect any of the stars in
the patterns he had told her about -- the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper,
Orion, Andromeda. She could imagine him as a boy, looking up into the sky
of his earth, seeing pictures in the stars and wishing he was up there
among them. While she was a lonely little girl on a training ship, far away
among stars he'd never seen, learning not to see and imagine, learning only
to obey and not question.

When was it that everything she thought of started to lead right back to
him? When she realized he belonged to -- with -- someone else? She
remembered walking into the maintenance bay that day, hearing him singing.
What was the line that cut her to the bone?

Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table,
but you only want the ones that you can't get...

Stubborn. Stupid. Blind. She berated herself, snatching up the bottle
and taking another drink. Not drunk enough, that's all. If she could just
get drunk enough, she could forget what she had seen yesterday. Heard.
D'Argo calling himself John's Q'uathai. That explained so much, so much
that she had desperately not wanted to see. If they had sworn the oath,
they had a bond between them that could not be broken. Ever. John's first
loyalty would always be to D'Argo, and there would be no chance to sway
him, steal him, get him back.

He was never mine in the first place. I lost my chance.

The only consolation was that he would probably give up on going home. It
would mean leaving his sword brother behind, and she knew him well enough
to know that once his loyalty was given, it was as good as set in stone.
He also said he'd never leave you, a small voice whispered, and she flung
the bottle in her hand across the terrace, the smash and sizzle as it
shattered against the forcefield satisfying but all too brief.

"If you're trying to get drunk, I wouldn't be throwing booze around like

She snapped upright, looking behind her. Chiana stood by the terrace
doorway, hands on her hips and a grin on her face.

"It works better taken internally."

"Get away from me." Aeryn snapped, turning back around and dropping
her head back down onto her boots.

"Just trying to help. Isn't that what all of you do for each other?
I've never seen a bigger bunch of 'team-players' in my life. It's so
sweet it makes me ill."

"I don't need your help."

"Suit yourself. So, what's the occasion?" Chiana crossed the terrace
and crouched next to Aeryn, looking her over carefully. Tear-tracks on her
face, flushed cheeks...altogether a stark contrast from the in-control
commando facade Aeryn always projected. And so much more delicious, Chiana
thought. I wonder if I could make her blush even deeper? She cut that
thought off -- Aeryn was as straight as they got, the biggest tipoff being
how she followed John around with her eyes when she thought no one else
could see. Chiana always saw, though -- she made it her business to know
everyone else's business, just in case some of that information came in
handy someday.

"No occasion." Aeryn said defensively. "Can't I just get frelling drunk if
I feel like it?"

Chiana watched her for a moment, gauging just how drunk Aeryn might
already be and calling on everything she knew about her. She had looked
very upset when she had returned from the commerce planet with the
lovebirds -- oh, Chiana had known about that little liason as soon
as she had come on board. She figured if none of her flirting with
John had gotten her anywhere, he must really be devoted to that big
sourfaced Luxan. Besides, they were as transparent in the way they looked
at each other as Aeryn was when she looked at John. So, something
happened planetside. Did Aeryn get her face rubbed in it? Maybe she
didn't know about those two. She loves John, and John loves someone else.
What can I get out of this situation?

She watched Aeryn tipping her head back to take another drink, admiring
the slender throat that tapered down into shoulders that were deceptively
narrow for all the strength they possessed. I know what I want, but can I
get it without getting my head ripped off? Chiana thought, letting her
eyes wander lower.

"Men are frelling idiots, aren't they?" Chiana asked, turning to
stare up at the stars.


"I said, men are idiots."

"That's the only thing you've ever said that I agree with." Aeryn
pronounced gravely, letting a small smile quirk the corners of her mouth.
Sighing, she picked up another bottle and handed it to Chiana. Chiana
accepted it with a nod and lowered herself to the deck, coiling her legs
gracefully under her.

"I don't have much use for them, myself." Chiana said, opening the
bottle and taking a drink.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I only frell men when it suits my purposes. It's more like
work, if you get my meaning. I get my fun somewhere else."

Aeryn took another drink, appearing thoughtful as she let this information

"So you like women?"

"Uh huh."

Aeryn thought a little more.


"I don't know, I just always have. Women make more sense to me, I
guess. I like the way two women fit together, I like the way women look,
and smell...I like the way two girls make a circle together when they
make love. I mean, there's no set beginning or can just go on
and on, until you're worn out and ready to cuddle up and sleep." Chiana
glanced over at Aeryn, who still looked pensive and thoughtful. "It's
kind of comforting...but really and truly hot at the same time."

Aeryn took another drink, setting the bottle down next to her side
very carefully.

"I've never had anything like that." Aeryn said softly.

Chiana waited. Aeryn seemed to be thinking out loud, and she didn't
dare interrupt her -- Aeryn looked both considering and frightened, and
she sensed that the slightest move or sound would scare her away, send
her back inside herself, back behind all those walls of hers.

"I grew up on a training ship. I spent my entire life with the same
people, was raised with my unit. They were like my brothers and sisters.
It was a taboo to have sex with anyone in your would be like
incest. So when we got the chance, like when we trained with another unit,
or went planetside, we would sneak off with someone, someone we didn't
even know...just to find out what it was like." Aeryn picked up the bottle
again, drank as if drawing courage out of it. She lay back, face turned
up to the stars, as if looking at Chiana while she spoke was more
than she was capable of.

"You know what it was like? Scary. Clumsy. You were frelling this
person you didn't even know, would probably never see again, and it was
always in some cramped, dark hiding place, with one ear always listening
for someone who might come along and catch you. You had to hurry up and
get it over with. I never enjoyed it, but I kept on doing it, hoping I
would figure out what was supposed to be so wonderful about it. After a
while, I just gave up. I decided it was all a joke, that it wasn't
anything special. And then, I met someone -- " Aeryn stopped, and
Chiana realized she was choking back tears.

"And I wanted to find out if it really was something special. But
I won't ever get a chance to find out. I waited too long."

Chiana bit her lip and stared down at the toes of her boots. She
knew who Aeryn was talking about, and she cursed herself for being so
uncharitable about it, even inside her own head. Aeryn was turning out to
be something, someone, entirely different than she had expected her to
be. She glanced over at Aeryn and saw silvered tracks moving slowly
down her temples, disappearing into her hair. She had wanted to seduce
Aeryn, just to see if she could. Now she wanted something entirely
different, something that wouldn't be about taking but giving. I guess
I'm not who I thought I was, either. What a surprise that is.


"What?" Aeryn said, her voice clipped and tense, as if she was waiting
for Chiana to laugh at her, make fun of her.

"It doesn't have to be like that. It can be special."

Aeryn turned and looked at her.

"If I come over there, are you going to hit me?" Chiana asked.

Aeryn furrowed her brows. "I guess not."

Chiana scootched over, lying down next to Aeryn. Aeryn glanced over
at her, a little startled, and then slipped her arm under Chiana'a
shoulders, giving her a place to rest her head. Chiana molded her body
against Aeryn's side, hearing her give a sharp sigh at the feel of it.
After a moment, she turned on her side, laying her arm across Aeryn's
waist and then going completely still, waiting for Aeryn to either
accept or reject it.

Aeryn lay still, too, shocked at the warmth baking off of Chiana's
body, feeling the slim arm stretched across her rising and falling with
her breath. She turned her head to look at the face so close to her own.
Chiana's eyes were so dark, her face so pale and silvered in the scant
starlight filtering down from above them.

"Aeryn, I won't do anything you don't want."

Aeryn closed her eyes, feeling Chiana's breath flit across her skin
as she spoke. What do I want? This was like nothing she had ever
imagined herself doing. This was no comrade, no fellow soldier,
hardened by battle and by the death of those close to her. This was not
another Sebacean, and she searched herself for the automatic gut response
of disgust that had been trained into her from birth. It was not there.
All that was there, suddenly, was a wave of desire so strong that it made
her shudder. Whatever this was, it was just fine -- in fact, more than
just fine. Suddenly it was absolutely necessary.

She opened her eyes and looked at Chiana. "There is nothing I don't
want right now."

"Are you sure?"


"Can I kiss you?" Chiana asked, and Aeryn swallowed hard and nodded.
Chiana leaned in and kissed Aeryn's temple, brushing her lips across
the tracks her tears had made, tracing down over Aeryn's cheek to the
corner of her lips. A tongue tip darted out and moved along the edge
of Aeryn's lower lip and then retreated, replaced with the softness
of Chiana's mouth as she lowered it gently to Aeryn's.

Aeryn bucked her hips, undone by the wave of heat that seemed to
arrow from her mouth, straight down through her body, to end explosively
between her thighs. Her hands came up of their own accord, gripping
Chiana's shoulders, and she wrenched herself over onto her side, pressing
her body against Chiana's. She began to kiss her back, desperately,
crushing her lips against Chiana's lips, taking the gentle kiss and
returning it with passionate force. She felt Chiana's hand skate up her
back and grasp the back of her neck, pressing her forward, as Chiana
changed her pace to match Aeryn's.

Aeryn rolled them over, propping herself up over Chiana, still covering
her mouth with fevered kisses, pulling clumsily at the fastenings of
Chiana's top with one hand. Chiana took hold of her wrist, pulling it
away, and reached for the lacings of her vest.

"There's no hurry, Aeryn. You can have anything that you want."

Aeryn sat back, watching Chiana's fingers, hypnotized by their movement
as they untied the lacings, spread the vest apart. Chiana still wore a
blouse and bodysuit underneath, and Aeryn leaned down to plunge her hands
down under the neckline, reaching for Chiana's breasts. Chiana arched her
back, pushing herself up into Aeryn's hands, and reached up to pull the
band from Aeryn's hair, letting loose a fall of dark, richly gleaming hair.

"Much better. You are so beautiful, you know that? I always like it when
you wear your hair down."

Aeryn moved her hands up under the bodysuit's top to the edges of the
neck and tried to draw it down over Chiana's shoulders, chuffing with
irritation when the material refused to stretch enough. "Take this off."

"You have to let me up then." Aeryn watched her mouth move, leaning to
kiss her, then caught the sense of Chiana's words.

"Oh. All right." She moved back on her knees, letting Chiana get to her
feet in front of her.

Chiana stood, balancing on one foot and then the other, taking off
her boots. She stumbled once, and Aeryn reached out and grabbed her hips
to steady her, looking up at her face. She looked back down, spreading
her hands over Chiana's hips, feeling the splay of her hipbones under her
hands, the hollows and soft flesh under the material of her pants. She
drew her hands together over Chiana's stomach, and then back up and apart,
hooking her fingers under the waistband of Chiana's pants and pulling them
to midthigh, revealing the plump mound of her sex hidden behind the
bodysuit. Unable to resist, she pressed her face against that softness,
opening her mouth to lick at her through the fabric between them.

Chiana gave a soft moan, looking down at the dark head bent against
her, feeling the dampness of Aeryn's questing tongue. She pushed her away,
stepped back to pull her pants the rest of the way down her legs, stripped
off her vest and top, her long gloves, and then the bodysuit. Aeryn moved
back against her as soon as the last bit of clothing was off, touching
Chiana's sex gently with one hand, leaning forward to study the hairless,
delicate lips peeping out from the juncture of her thighs.

"You've never seen another woman up close, have you?"

"No. I mean, I've seen other women naked, but...not really. We were
taught that it was wrong to look at another person's was
another one of those taboos we grew up with. We always just averted our was supposed to give us dignity in close quarters, or some dren
like that." She pulled at Chiana's hips, pulling her down to the floor
with her. Chiana went willingly, amazed at the intensity and curiosity in
Aeryn's eyes as she pushed Chiana's legs apart and stared at her, probed
gently with one finger into Chiana's pussy, spreading the lips apart,
studying every detail.

Aeryn glanced up at Chiana, and her face colored slightly when she
noticed the smile on Chiana's lips.

"Look as much as you want to, Aeryn." Chiana said, her smile softening,
and Aeryn seemed to relax a little, seeing that Chiana was not laughing
at her.

"You don't have any hair," Aeryn said, a note of wonder in her tone.

"No, Nebari don't have body hair." Chiana replied, amused. Aeryn
bent to look closer, seeing that the inner lips were a darker ashy color
than Chiana's skin, shading down into a deep pearly grey around the
entrance of her sex. She spread the lips apart even farther, and then
reached out with one finger and stroked across the bud of Chiana's
clitoris. Chiana bucked her hips, letting out a low, gasping moan.

"What's this?"

"Huh? Oh. That's my clit."

"I've never seen anything like it." Aeryn said, experimentally brushing
her finger across it again. Chiana bucked and moaned again, and Aeryn
smiled, liking the response, the uninhibited sensuality of making her
react that strongly.

Chiana opened her mouth to say that Aeryn had one, too, but what
emerged was another gasping cry as Aeryn lowered her head and licked
across that hard little nub. Before she could catch her breath, Aeryn
was licking and nibbling at her, with no finesse or artifice, listening
to Chiana's moans and coos of pleasure to guide her. If something she
did seemed to elicit a sound of pleasure, she did it again, searching
out all the places that seemed to give Chiana the most sensation,
mapping her body out with her tongue, learning her as she went.

She felt immensely powerful, proud, somehow, that she was doing this,
making Chiana grab at her hair and writhe underneath her like this.
Chiana's cries rose in volume and pitch, and Aeryn speeded her efforts,
realizing instinctively that she was pushing her towards something, some
sensation or peak that she had never even dreamed was possible. She
sucked the bud of Chiana's clit into her mouth, working it with her
tongue as she sucked, and Chiana wailed and bucked up against her mouth,
hands falling away from Aeryn's head to scrabble at the hard floor
beneath them. When Chiana quieted, Aeryn lifted her head to look
at her, seeing that a pearly flush had spread across her cheeks, wisps of
her hair pasted to her forehead with sweat. She crawled up to lie beside
her, slipping her arm under Chiana's head again.

"If that's what you can do on the first try..." Chiana paused, catching
her breath. "You'll be deadly once you get some practice." Chiana turned
on her side, fitting herself into the circle of Aeryn's arms. She leaned
in to kiss Aeryn, then leaned back and ran her finger across Aeryn's
lips. "I can taste me on you," she said after a moment. "I want to
taste you, too."

To her surprise, Aeryn got to her feet and held her hand out. "In
my quarters."

Chiana pouted prettily. "Still have to be in charge, don't you?"
Nevertheless, she took Aeryn's hand and rose, gasping when Aeryn seized
her around the waist with one hand and thrust the other between her
thighs, caressing and probing. Chiana rose up on the balls of her feet,
head hanging back, mouth open, cooing and bucking against Aeryn's hand.

"I thought you said...your quarters." Chiana moaned, dropping her
head to Aeryn's shoulder.

"In a bit. Hush."

Chiana swayed on her feet, cooing moans rising to a breathy wail
as she came again, clutching blindly at Aeryn's waist to keep her
balance. After a moment, she raised her head, looking up into Aeryn's
face and seeing a smile there -- a smile which was different from
anything she had ever seen Aeryn give before. Happy, truly happy, and
alight with some great discovery that shone from her eyes.

"Aeryn --"

"What?" Aeryn gently released her, bending to pick up Chiana's body
suit. She knelt in front of her, holding it out for Chiana to step into,
bending forward as she did to give one last kiss to the mound of Chiana's
sex. Bracing her hands on Aeryn's shoulders, she did, allowing Aeryn to
stand, drawing it up her legs as she went.

"You don't have to do all that." Chiana protested weakly. "I want
to give to you, too."

Aeryn leaned forward and kissed her, then pulled back, looking fully
into her eyes, and Chiana realized with a start that this was the first
time Aeryn had ever done so without making her feel as if she were
measuring her and finding her somehow wanting.

"Chiana, you already have."

They watched each other as they dressed, occasionally reaching out
to touch and stroke as each of them gradually covered bare, flushed
skin. Chiana could feel Aeryn's eyes on her, and she did not feel the
need to flirt, to pose and seduce. Aeryn was already hers, somehow --
she didn't understand how or why she knew it, but she prayed that it
wouldn't change once Aeryn had time to think about this, about what
had happened between them.

Aeryn finished lacing her boots and stood, holding her hand out to
Chiana to draw her in for one more kiss, and then pulled her toward the
terrace door.



"Does this mean you don't think I'm a brat anymore?"

"We'll have to see about that."

"Oh. Are you still going to boss me around?"

"Oh, yes." Aeryn responded, a hint of laughter in her voice.


"I plan to. Brat."


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