TITLE: "Pilot's Tale, Part One"
AUTHOR: Muttley
RATING: NC-17, explicit f/f sexual activity.
PAIRING: Zhaan/Chiana
SUMMARY: Pilot gives us a glimpse of what occurs aboard Moya between
the life-threatening disasters depicted on the show.
NOTES: The author wishes to apologize profusely for his unscrupulous
use of Farscape characters in this pornographic story. It's all
for the fans. Thanks for not suing.
FEEDBACK: If you wish to praise or flame me, please direct all e-mail
to [email protected], and if you wish to chat, my ICQ# is 22385305.)

Pilot's home :

Much to the chagrin of all aboard Moya, most notably myself, what
most people don't realize is that within a Leviathan, the pilot can
see literally everything that's going on. I can see what's going
on in people's sleeping quarters, in the rooms that were kitted out
as cells - even some of the propulsion areas. When the Peacekeepers
were fitting extra parts to control Moya, they installed these cameras

for security reasons. Why they thought that I would be interested
I shall never know.

What doesn't show up to me through my neural connection to Moya,
however, is usually relayed to me by the DRDs. I often curse the
fact that everything that comes into their eyes also comes into mine
- with, of course, the curious exception of when they do not wish
me to see something, for example, when Moya's baby was developing.
They would allow absolutely no views of what was happening, much
to my consternation. However - the DRDs, it seems, are not entirely
without a sense of humor. When they want to, they can flood me
with images from one certain area, making sure that I only get to
see one thing. The following is a chronicle of what the little
machines forced me to watch.
Viewscreen One : Observation deck.

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan was sprawled out on the observation deck, a blissful
smile on her face, writhing in ecstasy. She had volunteered to
stay behind in the ship, while the others were trying to force wormhole
conditions on Farscape One. Crichton had a crazy notion that the
solar flares combined with the slingshot motion of his ship would
create a gravitational anomaly that would send him home.

Zhaan did not care at all. As Crichton was explaining his process
to Aeryn and D'Argo, trying to convince the Luxan that he didn't
need to follow them in the Prowler this time, Zhaan had completely
spaced out. She had heard the two words that fought for her attention
- Solar Flare. One of the joys of being a Delvian priestess is
that ionic radiation would cause her to experience extreme pleasure
- a phenomenon called "Photogasm". As soon as the others were a
safe distance away, Zhaan sprinted for the observation deck, her
training and discipline thrown out the window in a rush to satisfy
one of the few primal needs her devotion didn't make her eradicate.
The call of her savage roots was so intense, so powerfully calling
to her soul, that she didn't notice Rygel before knocking him out
of his hover throne.

"Why must you constantly be ruled by your genitals, Zhaan?", he asked,
his earbrows furrowed with dismay. "I thought your kind trained
to suppress your urges. " The last word oozed out of his mouth like
fetid slime, his disdain for creatures that reproduce sexually seething
out of him.

Zhaan grabbed his earbrows and twisted them around her fingers.
Pulling him up out of his chair by them, she stared into his wide,
frightened eyes. "One more word out of you, you furry little cretin,
and I'll lock you in a cell with D'Argo on his next mating cycle.

"I think that it's most prudent that I believe you, Zhaan. Go,
then. Do not insult my eyes with your hideous blue expanses. "
With that, he hovered off, probably to annoy himself in his quarters.

"It was even worth dealing with Rygel to get here", Zhaan moaned,
as she let the memory of her encounter seep away. Her yellow freckles
glowed with pleasure, as the solar flares continued to bring forth
orgasmic bliss. Her hands roamed all over her body, her fingers
trailing down from her neck, gently following down her breastbone,
following the gentle curve of her breast, and back up to her ear.
With grace that can only be achieved by Pa'u and ballerinas, she
glides her other hand up the length of her thigh, back and forth,
stopping just short of her labia, circling around her now dripping
mound, and returning. The concentric circles she's tracing around
her most sensitive areas continue to get smaller and smaller, as
she goes, one hand coming to rest on her nipple, the other firmly
pressing against her clit. As she pulls her hard little bud with
the one hand, she gently arcs the middle finger of the other, and
slides it slowly down into her sopping hole. Pulling her finger
back out, she uses the lubrication to rub circles faster and faster
on her clitoris, pressing harder with each pass, making her eyes
roll back in her head. She starts calling out the names of all
of her gods, her back arching with pleasure, as photogasm and orgasm
combine to bring her to heights of pleasure that make her glow from
every pore. Each time that the quakes of ecstasy start to subside,
a new wave washes over her, as she takes her other hand and plunges
two fingers deep within herself, her palm pushing the fingers already
on her clit harder against it.

Finally, the solar flares subside, and Zhaan's body starts to relax.
Within minutes, she's sleeping soundly on the floor of the observation
deck, curled gently, her bright yellow freckles glowing fiercely,
smiling in her somnolence.
Pilot's home :

I don't know why the DRDs felt it so important for me to see that,
but there was a small army of them on the observation deck, all intently
focused on that spectacle, transmitting every moment of it to me
in the control bay. The curiosity created by that did, for a moment,
take my mind off of how much my new arm itched, but could never completely
block it out. One of these days, I'm going to get my revenge on
Ka D'Argo for taking my arm, just you wait.

Speaking of waiting, I'll have to talk to you later. It seems the
DRDs want to show me something else.
Viewscreen two : Chiana's quarters

Chiana was getting more frustrated by the minute. She'd already
been aboard Moya for almost a sixth of a cycle, and nobody had shown
even the slightest interest in curing her insatiable sexual appetite.
Already she'd grown bored with the various objects she could find
around the ship - apparently, the PK forces who had owned it previously
had not thought very favorably about people getting themselves off.
Or women, at least.

Absentmindedly, her hands began to roam around her body, gently tweaking
her nipples, sometimes sliding down to the Y shaped joint between
her legs. I tried in vain to find a course of action that would
help me stop watching this vile display, when, much to my happy surprise,
Ka D'Argo returned to the ship. Making sure that the announcement
went to all coms, I greeted him warmly.

"One more word out of you, Pilot, and the next thing I cut off won't
be your arm. " he growled.

Perhaps I should mention that it's D'Argo's, shall we say, "time
of the month. " Unlike most anthropoids, in Luxan genetics, both
sexes become unruly on a twenty eight day cycle. Sadly, however,
a Luxan goes into a period of "hyper-rage", wherein even the slightest
provocation can get someone killed. In fact, the only way to relieve
his intolerable mood is to either commit an act of sex or murder.
My only hope is that he never focused in on me to relieve his pent
up urges - one way or another.

Chiana, however, had her mind set on what to do. She followed D'Argo
into his quarters, his keen senses detected her, but he felt she
was too insignificant to turn around to speak to. How surprised
he looked when he turned to see her stark naked! Her large, round,
pale white breasts, with curiously dark gray nipples, stared out
at him, her complexion and perfect form looking for all the world
like a fine marble sculpture. Ka's look of surprise, however, soon
turned to disgust - he had lost his desire to ever couple with a
female after the loss of his wife, and his son Jothee. Unable
to bear the idea of that loss and grief again, he had distanced himself
from all women, preferring instead the beauty of the male form.
His marriage had been a sham, a show, really, to produce an offspring
and convince his trainers that he was indeed a proper Luxan warrior.
But all his life, he had held on to a secret that he dare not share,
and was almost to the breaking point. If he didn't have release
soon, the hyper-rage would make him kill someone, and there's no
chance that Rygel would survive that. As much as he hated him,
D'Argo needed Rygel's bargaining skills. His mission was clear
- he would have Crichton, or he would kill Rygel.
Viewscreen 1, revisited :

Near mad with sexual desire, Chiana continued to roam Moya unfettered
by conventional garb. She had tried sitting on a DRD, feeling the
vibration of it's rubberized wheels sticking and releasing from the
floor as she held it in place while it tried to escape, but it brought
her no closer to relief than she had been. As she walked into the
Observation Deck, she saw the naked, sleeping form of Zhaan, her
body still slick with sweat, an indelible smile creasing her face.

Deciding on a course of action, she soon curled herself behind Zhaan
in the classic "spoon" position, delicately putting her arm around
Zhaan's midsection. She began nuzzling her nose up against the base
of Zhaan's skull, gently kissing the back of her neck. In her half
sleep, Zhaan couldn't even begin to think about who the benevolent
creature imparting such a wonderful gift on her was - she was only
interested that she continue to receive it. She pressed back into
the warmth of Chiana's body, her hand gently reaching behind her
and caressing her way up. She trailed her fingers along the back
of Chiana's creamy thighs, around the gentle slope of her buttocks.
She began moving her shoulders to caress Chiana's achingly hard nipples,
and kept pulling her closer, harder to her, as she felt an excitement
well up within her that she had left untapped for years. She was
reminded of her time studying to become Pa'u, when the girls in the
dorm would sneak into each other's beds after the lights went out.
But that was almost seven hundred years ago - she thought that this
fire in her had gone out for good. Chiana had a way of awakening
her, though. It was like wearing sunglasses for years, and finally
taking them off. Colors all changed, things weren't exactly as she
thought they were.

She turned to face Chiana, and kissed her deeply on the mouth. The
younger girl sucked greedily at Zhaan's tongue, trying to pull Zhaan
into her with sheer, untamed desire. She wrapped both her legs around
one of Zhaan's and began to grind her pelvis against her, harder
and harder.

"Patience, child", Zhaan said calmly. "We have much time for this,
let us use what we have to thoroughly enjoy each other." With that,
she disentangled her legs from Chiana's, and put her lips on the
girl's neck. Remembering how she was when she completed adolescence,
she decided to allow her newfound lover a chance at some much needed
release so that she could concentrate more fully on exploring each
other. She kissed her way down the ashen planes of Chiana's smooth,
white skin, her own vivid blue skin a sharp contrast that she quite
enjoyed the look of. Further and further down she went, looking
out under her brow at the writhing form of Chiana, laying with her
back arched so that only her shoulders and the base of her spine
were the only parts of her touching the floor. Chiana pulled her
legs into the air, and pushed Zhaan's head down between them - her
desires needed quenched, and immediately.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Zhaan placed her tongue where Chiana was
cleft, and to a low, guttural moan of delight from the girl, traced
the opening to her most sensitive area with her mouth. Chiana pulled
her head so strongly forward that Zhaan could barely breathe, the
clench even stronger when her legs wrapped around Zhaan's bald, blue
head and pulled forward as well. She sucked Chiana's extended little
clit into her mouth, pulling it out from it's protective hood with
a gentle vacuum, her tongue thrashing the hypersensitive bundle of
nerves unmercifully back and forth. Chiana felt the waves of an orgasm
building up to a crescendo, her breathing becoming shorter, her deep
black corneas rolled back so far that her eyes appeared totally white.
She let out a scream as the built up energy within her flooded out
in a torrent, her juices liberally smearing over Zhaan's face. Gasping
for breath, she lay heaving, mouthing words of thanks to Zhaan and
various gods for being allowed such a blissful release.

Zhaan spoke softly. "Now that you're more relaxed, we can have some
real fun." She smiled at Chiana, a knowing gleam in her eye. The
girl hugged her closely - she thought she knew exactly what the Pa'u
had in mind, but the Delvian had some extra tricks up her sleeve.

Pilot's home :

That's all of my tale for today. Telling that last part really drained
me. I'll make an arrangement with you, however. You write to my contact
on earth by sending a letter to an address known as [email protected]
- and if there's enough favorable response, I'll, in turn, send
him the rest of my story. You probably don't want to miss the further
adventures of Chiana and Zhaan, nor Crichton being forced to choose
between his love of Aeryn and his desire for D'Argo. Until then,


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