TITLE: "Pilot's Tale, Part Four"
AUTHOR: Muttley
RATING: NC-17, explicit f/f and m/m sexual activity, multiple partners,
fetish/kink, BDSM.
PAIRINGS: Zhaan/Chiana/Aeryn, John/D'Argo
SUMMARY: Pilot gives us a further glimpse of what occurs aboard Moya
between the life-threatening disasters depicted on the show.
NOTES: The author wishes to apologize profusely for his unscrupulous
use of Farscape characters in this pornographic story. It's all
for the fans. Thanks for not suing.
FEEDBACK: If you wish to praise or flame me, please direct all e-mail
to [email protected], and if you wish to chat, my ICQ# is 22385305.

"Whatever shall I do with you, John Crichton", D'Argo purred.
"The question is, whatever shall you do to me." Crichton grinned.
"Right now, however, there's something that I'd like to do to you.
"I think I know what you're after, John. Hold on a second." D'Argo
reached into his bedside table and produced a bottle of petroleum

"You just happened to have that handy?"

"This is a prison ship, John. There's only three things a jailer
feels a need to give his charges. Clothes, food and lube. They figure
you'll get more use out of the last two."

"Then I guess they are smart." He kissed D'Argo, his tongue probing
the Luxan's mouth. He kissed his way over to his ear, and whispered,
"Forgive me if I seem hurried, it's just that it's been a very long
time for me."

"You've done this before?"

"Not with a male. But it's been a long time since I've been with

D'Argo rolled over onto all fours. He arched his back, and put his
rump far into the air, giving John easy access. John covered his
finger in lube, and started to rub it around the big Luxan's asshole.
Once he was sure that the entire surrounding area was covered, he
put even more on his finger, and slowly started to slip it into D'Argo.

"AAAAAUGGH! Might I ask you, next time, to please warm it up first!
That stuff is like ice!"

"I'm sorry. I hadn't thought about it."

"Well, now you need to warm me back up." A wry grin crossed the warrior's

John knelt behind D'Argo, and put the tip of his cock into the Luxan's
tight little anus. They both shivered with pleasure as it first began
to penetrate the puckered brown hole. He slid another inch in. D'Argo
reached behind him and gripped the smaller man by the ass.

"Please! Give it all to me, John! I'm begging you!"

He couldn't help it - the giggles overtook him. "On your hands and
knees?", John asked, giggling through his nostrils.

D'Argo thrust himself back, completely filling himself with the human's
cock. The both let out a shriek of delight as John felt his balls
knock against D'Argo's hot flesh. Instantly, as John's penis stimulated
D'Argo's prostate, the Luxan's member sprang to life, harder and
thicker than it had been when John was blowing him. Knowing a good
thing when he saw it, John leaned further over the big Luxan, reached
around, and began to lovingly stroke his cock. With his other hand
he began to smack the side of D'Argo's ass, shouting, "Yeah, baby!
Who's yo' daddy? Yeah! Take it all, baby!"

D'Argo reached down between his legs, and began to stroke John's
balls. Carefully, gently, he let his fingertips roam over the skin
of the small human's nuts, making John shake with excitement. With
each stroke, he made John's thick cock twitch inside of him, giving
him his own spasm of pleasure. He felt himself growing closer to
a second orgasm. He lost himself in thoughts of how John was the
best lover he'd ever had.

He felt John began to pound against his ass really hard. He knew
that the human was about to explode in the throes of orgasm soon.
He squeezed his ass cheeks together, and that proved to be too much
for John. They both let fly with their juices, D'Argo's staining
the sheets, John's thick white fluid filling D'Argo, coursing through
him, filling him with a warmth he'd not known since before he'd known
Lo'Laan. They collapsed, John laying on top of D'Argo, his withering
member withdrawing slowly from D'Argo's dripping ass. Soon, they
were both asleep, John protectively holding D'Argo, the Luxan enjoying
the feeling of not having to be in charge for a few hours.
Pilot's Home

I have finally figured out why everyone on Moya seems to be in such
a frenzy of sexual activity as of late. It's well known that pregnancy
tends to increase sexual desire in females, and they produce a pheromone
that increases the desire in others around them. As time goes on,
these urges are getting more and more powerful, too. I fear that
the crew will not be able to contain themselves at all unless they
get some fresh air, and soon. Already, they're unable to keep themselves
off of each other. Moya is no different - except that everyone on
board is currently forced to breathe those pheromones, and they're
all sexually molesting each other. Sadly, it's affecting me, too.
The problem is, neither Moya nor I can do anything about it. Part
of the bonding process is the complete withering of my reproductive
systems. Sometimes I don't like being on this ship. What good is
it to have four arms if not one of them can give you any relief any
Zhaan's Quarters

"Aeryn, you know that I'm one of the most open creatures in the universe,
but I'd still rather you knock." Zhaan was quite annoyed at Aeryn
barging into her quarters. It wasn't so much that Zhaan minded being
observed doing whatever she was doing, but right at this moment,
she was holding a small, makeshift whip, with Chiana bound, spread
eagle to her bed, completely filled - gag in her mouth, and a dildo
in each her vagina and anus. Zhaan was concerned that the poor girl
might be embarrassed.

Having still not noticed what was going on, Aeryn fell into Zhaan's
arms, weeping. "John left me, Zhaan. He left me for, for, for- ",
she couldn't bring herself to say it. She looked up at Zhaan, staring
into her face. In her peripheral vision, she saw Chiana. "What the
frell are you two doing? Frelling dren, where did you get a pair
of dildoes from? "

"Let's start with the last part. I got them on the commerce planet.
I had no idea we'd find someone as, ah - open minded as Chiana here.
I must say, I'm glad we did. As for the rest, men are pigs. You have
to understand that nothing with a penis is worth a tear." Chiana
started to squirm on the bed, and Zhaan smacked her with the whip
again. "Did I say you could move, bitch?" Crack! Crack! The young
girl whimpered with both pain and delight as the whip lashed her
bare skin. She began contracting all of her muscles to make her fillings
move within her. She was literally dripping all over the bed. Her
body involuntarily spasmed, bringing a new volley of lashes from
the Delvian. The combination of sensations sent her into the arms
of an orgasm so powerful she nearly lost consciousness.

If Aeryn had known that she was being chemically imbalanced by Moya
at the moment, she might have fought the urge. However, she felt
that it was only natural to want to do this. She tore her clothes
off, dove between Chiana's legs, pulled out the dildo, and began
lapping at her soaked slit. She hiked her ass into the air, and
popped her head up long enough to yell, "Whip me, Zhaan!", and resumed
her tonguing of the prone Chiana. Zhaan did as she was instructed,
pausing long enough to insert the discarded dildo into Aeryn's tight,
wet snatch. She moaned in pleasure, the vibrations of her voice sending
Chiana's overstimulated little clit into overdrive again. As the
whip cracked on Aeryn's ass, she kept crying out, "Thank you, sir,
may I have another."

Finally, it became too much for Zhaan to bear just watching. She
pulled the gag off of Chiana's mouth, and mounted the Nebari's face.
Chiana rose immediately to the challenge, burying her tongue between
the swollen lips of Zhaan's soaked womanhood. Being tied down, she
couldn't insert a probing finger in her tongue's place while her
tongue worked on Zhaan's clit, but, hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Showing almost professional acrobatic talent, Aeryn turned around
and propped the tops of her thighs on Zhaan's shoulders. With her
sopping pussy rubbing against Zhaan's face, and the blood rushing
to her head while she buried her face between Chiana's legs, who
was sucking on Zhaan, the three of them kept moaning and squirming,
taking turns to have yet another planet quaking orgasm. The moans,
the squeals, the screams of pleasure could be heard throughout the
ship. Of course, it didn't help that Aeryn's com was stuck in the
"on" position.

For the rest of the night, they took turns being tied up, eating
each other's sweet nectar, and delighting the rest of the crew with
the sounds of their activities.

Pilot's home :

I've got to find a way to get them off the ship. There are things
that require the attention of the crew going on. The DRDs and I can't
take care of all of it by ourselves. I only hope I can get them to
safety before one of them suffocates.


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