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DESCRIPTION: When Chiana decides to flee from the tyranny of the conservative
behavior-obsessed lawmakers of Nebar, she joins the Independence underground.
Little did she know HOW free the rebels were, or how sexy the leader looked
Part One of Forbidden Urges.

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farScape: Rebellious Behavior Part 1
by Ooshati

Chiana had just turned 19 cycles old, and she was already a fugitive.

It had started innocently enough. She had just been riding in a hovertram
that had been heading back from the Bureau of Conformity Enforcement when
she'd had the uncontrollable urge to disembark. She hadn't had much of a
choice really. She had been sitting in a seat near the port view window,
when her surroundings just severely creeped her out. The urge to leave the
tram was very understandable then.

She had been brought into the Bureau offices earlier that day with a
tramload of others. Some were scared, others were silent, and she didn't
know what to make of that. She'd heard the stories, of course; that mental
cleansing was like brainwashing, but she wasn't sure she believed them.
She'd seen some of the cleansed in their gray robes. She'd even talked to
some of them; a bit of a quiet lot, and there was something in their eyes
that made her shiver slightly(Not that she'd admit it to herself)

So, she had entered the offices with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation.
She was, after all, Chiana. She'd been not particularly rebellious or
anything, so she wondered why she was here.

She did not have to wait long for an answer.

"Improper dress?! What the frell kind of";Her retort was interrupted by
the officious-looking squat man in front of her. He was pudgy and looked
like he was severely bored, which meant that he was perfectly suited for
this job.

"Visitor Chiana, listen please." He sounded tired and resigned to dealing
with this upstart young girl. "The clothes you wear are considered very
non-conformist, bordering on lewd. This is not acceptable in our great

"Yeah, well if our society's so great, Salad"

"Salis." He sighed. "My name is Salis. I would ordinarily insist you call
me by my title as well, but if you can just call me Salis without saying
it wrong, I would be supremely happy."

Chiana was nonplussed. "You would?!"


She seemed to think it over. "You know, you really need to get out more,
Sally." He groaned inside, looking at her smirk. She's going to need
cleansing for certain, he thought. Her clothes he could overlook as long
as she got rid of them. This behavior was something else entirely. Maybe,
with an explanation, he could convince her to back down.

"Visitor Chiana, you have been called here to be evaluated for possible
cleansing. Your choice of clothing is one reason. An outfit like that had
to have been obtained from a black market source, yet you claim no one
from that organization approached you. Fine, we can accept that. We can
get you to speak the truth without cleansing, but it will be recorded on
your city record."

She wasn't impressed. She didn't realize that she should have been. "For
what? Wearing this?!" She indicated her outfit with one hand.

She wore a pair of knee-high black boots that could seal along the outside
with something like those recently replaced metal zippers. Her pants were
almost skin-tight, showing bubble-shaped well-formed buttocks through a
reasonably thin blue fabric. The belt was okay with its shiny buckle, but
it seemed to stretch the fabric even tighter in her thigh area. He was
sure that she wasn't wearing any underwear, and her top showed off quite a
bit of midriff. It was yellow and form-fitting, clinging to her feminine
frame very snugly. And its collar was open almost halfway, allowing anyone
to see a good portion of her breasts and chest.

It was, in short, unacceptable.

"Another reason concerns testimony that seems to indicate that you are an
active thief. Fortunately, nothing of great value disappeared at crime
scenes that we can link you to, and we suspected for a while that there
were other burglaries committed by you. We hadn't had enough information
to link you to these other crimes until now. Again, this may not require
cleansing, but the choice is yours." He spread his hands and shrugged.

She had just had about enough of this dren. "Well" she said, grinning
mischievously. "If you don't like these clothes, perhaps I should take
them off." She had never intended to actually strip right here in front of
this gashole, but she began to unbuckle her belt. She didn't realize that
the cleansed took everything seriously, and wouldn't know (or care, for
that matter) that she'd only been joking.

Too bad.

Salis stood up and came as close to being flustered as was possible for
one of the cleansed. "Chiana. Sit down, and cease this behavior at once."
As she sat, he shook his head and pressed a button on his desk. A
holo-image of her appeared. He fiddled with a keypad built into the
desktop. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to schedule you for mental
cleansing. You seem unwilling to accept the wrongness of these actions,
and therefore must be dealt with accordingly." The dreaded words of
sentence appeared below her holo-image, marking her for all time as a
rebellious troublemaker.

It was at that bleak moment that the seriousness of her situation hit her
like a crashing transport, and her face went slack with shock. She knew
she was doomed, and began formulating a plan for escape.

When the hovertram had neared the forestlands, she knew she had to act.
Getting up from her seat, she told the watchful attendant that she'd
needed to use the bathroom. He followed her to the chamber reserved for
such, and stood outside. She closed the door behind her and locked it.

Inside the bathroom, the click of the lock sounded flat, but she didn't
worry about that. Unbuckling her belt for real this time, she pulled it
off and pried the small dagger loose that she'd hidden between two layers
of the tough substance. Making sure that the cutting edge was sharp, she
put the belt back on and looked over her head, where she saw a vent cover.
She swung up the toilet lid as she climbed up and began attacking the
fastenings as quietly as she could. They weren't tough to break, and soon
she had managed to remove the cover and hurriedly crawl into the vent.

The sound of wind blowing was loud here, so maybe it connected to a way
outside of the tram. She reattached the dagger to her belt as she crawled
as fast as she could, knowing that the attendant would find out that she
was gone very soon. Small amounts of dirt got on her hands, knees,
pantlegs, and boots. She ignored this and made her way towards the windy
sound. She was now so close that she could feel the wind blow against her
face, bringing a slight chill. She continued to crawl.

Finally, she found another vent cover through which she could see the
surrounding area pass by. It was forest! She'd reached where she wanted to
go already! Behind her, she heard muttering and the sound of movement in
the shaft, so she'd already been discovered. She didn't have time to try
and pull of the fastenings off of this vent, so she'd have to settle for
the direct approach. Trying to swing her right leg back as much as she
could in the confined space, she started kicking at the grate.

It came off with a screech that was overridden with sounds of the wind.
Now it was really blowing, drying her eyes and making her mane of hair
flutter about madly. She crawled out on a small parapet that seemed to be
underneath the vent opening, and was about to jump when a hand seized her
left leg. Grunting with annoyance, she lashed out and managed to hit her
pursuer's unseen face, making him reflexively release her. Positioning
herself, she uncoiled her legs before she had a chance to think about
being afraid.

She landed rather roughly, rolling not very gracefully and came to a stop.
She was bumped and bruised, but still alive. She did not pause to
celebrate her liberation, she only ran. Soon her side began to ache, and
she winced in pain. She knew that the tram had not stopped, but that her
escape had been reported.

She ran, unthinking, into the depths of the forestlands.

She had been found by a small group of women several arns later. They held
her under guard for a few days until they had become convinced that she
was indeed an escapee. They had confirmed this by using a input module
that was no doubt stolen and called up the order for her mental cleansing.
Her three companions had been decidedly more friendly after that.

"Well, Chiana. Welcome to the underground." The woman who said this was
the leader of the group of three women here. The rebels had to keep to
small sized cell groups, otherwise the anti-conformist underground would
be ended. Her name was Tuala.

Chiana sat in a chair that was next to an oblong wooden table and paused
in her reply, drinking an orange broth from a cup. The broth was steaming
slightly, and was made from herbs in the forestlands. She used the pause
to make it look like she was considering how to respond, but she was
really using it to look even longer at the most voluptuous woman she'd
ever seen.

Tuala was dressed in a brownish outfit that all the women wore here. It
was apparently made from animal skins or something, and the leader wore it
well. She had on long trouser-like pants, some kind of small shoes made
from the stuff, and a tight shirt with a vest barely fitting over her
ample chest. Tuala's lips were soft and wide, her face tough but very
beautiful. Chiana couldn't help noticing her shapely ass through the brown
pants. She also had some of the hugest tits Chiana had ever seen.

And the others weren't bad-looking, either. Dosifeen appeared to have a
small or flat chest, but she was very athletically built and had her hair
tied up in a ponytail. She also had a very beautiful face, and Chiana
wondered about things she'd never wondered about before. Vessella,
another of the rebels and something like the second-in-command, had long
hair and moderately sized tits. Her body shape was largely hidden, but
from glimpses gotten when the rebel was bending down, she looked well
built too. Fuahn was the last and also the tallest, Chiana's head only
coming up to a chest that was about the same size as her own.

They were all attractive, but Chiana seemed to be mostly taken with Tuala.
The woman was simply stunning, and she'd had trouble concentrating when
Tuala spoke to her. Like now.

"Huh?" she muttered into her broth as she became aware that Tuala was
waiting for a response. "What?"

Tuala grinned and Chiana's crotch felt warm. Tuala turned to Vessella and
said, "Oh, we've picked up a real genius here." Vess laughed, not
unkindly, and Chiana blushed.

Tuala crossed her legs and sat back, realizing precisely what was going on
in Chiana's mind. The leader of this ragtag group hadn't let Chiana in on
one of the big secrets of this particular cell, for she knew that Chiana
wasn't ready. None of the new escapees were, because the government put
some kind of drug in the food it made available to the people. The drug
would inhibit any kind of sexual urge or response. Chiana had resisted a
little of it in Salis' office, but the broth began to neutralize the rest.
Their new member was left feeling as if she was in the center of a raging
storm that she didn't even understand.

Tuala tucked in the back of her shirt, making her breasts more prominent.
Chiana almost dropped the broth, for she had seen the vest slide back a
little, making visible the shapes of nipples through the shirt. Oh, Tuala
was going to enjoy this new one. The leader stood up, and offered Chiana
her hand. Chiana took it, feeling warm and shaky, and stood up. "Let's
show our guest her bedroom", said Tuala, almost purring the last word,
making Chiana blush ferociously for a reason she couldn't quite

Tuala led Chiana down a hall inside this abandoned structure that must
have been a fort some cycles ago. The interior lighting was spotty in some
places, but it was entirely underground, making its detection almost
impossible. It had been built when the first mental cleansings had
started, but the population had never been large and it had never been
discovered. The two women at last arrived in a square room that had a
reasonably sturdy cot inside and a small nightstand. Chiana seemed to find
it acceptable.

Turning to leave, Tuala reached into a knapsack she carried and pulled out
a long, pole-like object that was rounded at one end. She lay this object
down against the nightstand and said, "There's lubricant for that in the
top drawer here."

"What for?" Chiana asked.

"You'll see." With that, she turned and allowed her breasts to swing in
the breeze. Hearing Chiana's breathing shudder behind her, Tuala was
already thinking of how she would start playing with this new one.

Chiana was nervous, but she just HAD to ask what this object was for. She
left it in her room, and crept quietly up to where she knew Tuala was.

And had the biggest shock of her life.

She hadn't realized that Tuala had spoken with the others, and planned for
them to be scarce when Chiana came to her. The leader had left the door to
her room purposefully open and was deliberately facing away from it when
she felt Chiana's presence. Tuala heard Chiana's breathing faintly and
smiled, knowing that it was time to begin. With that, she turned slightly
in a way that looked accidental but wasn't. Now, Chiana could see her in

Tuala slowly took off her vest and laid it on the ground, knowing that
Chiana would not enter, but was captivated by what she saw. Then, the
leader reached down and tugged at her shirt, pulling it up and letting it
yank against her breasts before lifting it over her head which let her
breasts swing free. Chiana's breath caught in her throat at the roundness
of the white flesh, staring at the black nipples, too. Tuala continued to
pretend unawareness as she moved her hands down the slope of her tits,
playing with first one than the other nipple. Tuala opened her mouth,
closed her eyes, and moaned softly as she continued to rub herself on the
chest. Then she cupped the breast that was most visible to Chiana and
lifted it, licking the nipple with her tongue.

Chiana couldn't believe what she was seeing. This strange woman seemed to
be pleasuring herself by rubbing her own body. The idea seemed at once to
be odd but arousing to her in a way that she could not explain.

Tuala, meanwhile, was now turning a little more to face the door. She kept
her eyes closed so she could act as if she hadn't noticed Chiana. She
didn't mind the audience. In fact, she was turned on by it. Lowering her
left hand from a breast, she began untying the laces on the front of her
pants. Then, she kicked off one shoe and then the other as she finished
unfastening her pants. Instead of letting them drop, she pulled them down
slowly, revealing a small pair of underwear and some of the most shapely
legs Chiana had ever seen.

Chiana's breathing grew heavier as she tried to keep it silent, but the
warm rubberiness in her crotch was hard to ignore. She was getting excited
because of this.

Tuala picked up her pants with one hand and moved them out of Chiana's
view. Then, closing her eyes again, she faced Chiana and reached down to
her underpants. Pulling them off, she let her small furry triangle show.
Then, moving her hand along the shape of her now naked body, she thrust
her fingers into her slit with a gasp. She began to masturbate furiously,
soon having to lie on her floor because she could no longer stand. Chiana
was able to see between her open legs and shuddered with arousal.

"Uh, uh, Uh, UUUUHHHHHHH!" exclaimed Tuala as she pleasured herself in
front of Chiana's amazed eyes. She soon forgot about her watcher, because
her consciousness was nothing more than the sensation between her legs.
She vaguely heard Chiana turn quickly and run back to her room.

Chiana skidded to a halt and sat down on her cot, trying to understand
what she had just seen.

Tuala, the leader, had had done something that Chiana had never seen or
heard of before. And

And it had looked nice.

Reaching hesitantly beneath her top, she touched a breast lightly and
jumped a little at the feeling of the contact. Letting her hand rest
there, she closed her eyes and thought of what Tuala had been doing.
Slowly, she began moving her hand over that warm, pillowy flesh and
marveled at how GOOD it felt. Then, her fingers chanced across the nipple
there, and she was jolted slightly. Encouraged, she squeezed the pert,
hard flesh and gasped at the shock of pleasure that coursed through her.

She started believing in her people's gods again, just so she could let
someone know how wonderful it felt, and so she would have someone to
thank, too.

Her other hand yanked at the collar of her top, causing it to open
completely, exposing her breasts to the air. Seizing her other breast with
her free hand, she began playing with it in the same way she was playing
with her first breast. The feeling of incredible pleasure and joy
increased and she let go a long, throaty moan.

The hand that had first risen to caress a breast now jerked downwards and
snagged itself in her belt. Horny as hell for the first time in her life,
her other hand shot down and she began yanking uncontrollably to pull the
frelling thing off. Shaking wildly, she managed to undo the belt and
pulled it off with such force that one belt loop in her pants broke.
Throwing it savagely against the wall, her lust overcame her in a giant
wave she pulled her pants down just to below her thighs. She was shaking
and she almost was able to pull off her small underwear, too. As soon as
her hand touched the spot, however, she was overcome and thrust her hand
underneath the cloth, rather than trying to remove it.

The feeling was unbelievable, as her hand was coated with a warm
moistness. She began to rub with wild abandon, not bothering to take her
time. The urge was simply too powerful for her to control, and she began
to masturbate furiously. Her fingers went across a little nub, and she
rubbed it when she realized how good it felt. Soon, she started to buck
her crotch in synch with her delicious rubbing, and all conscious thought
was lost. Moaning and gasping, she rubbed herself more quickly, until she
climaxed and her hand was coated with warm juice.

As her pulse slowed, her breathing got back to normal and she lay with
legs spread on her cot. The sheet was slightly damp, but her underwear was
drenched and she pulled her pants off the rest of the way so she could
remove them. She tossed them in a corner and lay back, exhausted. She
tried to think about what had just happened, but couldn't. She crawled
under the covers of her cot and looked at the strange object that Tuala
had given her. Then she dozed.

A few arns later, she woke up and blinked her eyes. Yawning, she realized
that she felt strangely content and pondered what had happened to her
earlier. Touching herself again, she realized that the urge had passed,
but felt an undercurrent of pleasure as if it only needed the proper
circumstances to become active again.

Climbing out of her bed, she dressed slowly and left the room. No one else
was around it seemed, so she headed for what she assumed was the kitchen.

She didn't know that another part of Tuala's plan was in motion.

The kitchen was brightly lit, but the corridor leading to it was dark.
Chiana walked down it, stopping when she heard voices. Standing out of the
illumination of a pool of light, she listened. It sounded like Dosifeen
and Vess. They were laughing quietly, but Chiana stopped dead in her
tracks when she heard Dosifeen's voice:

"Oh, that tickles." There was more laughter. Chiana thought, What the

She had to turn at the end of the corridor to look into the kitchen, and
received her other shock of the day.

She was too distracted to realize that the table in the center had been
moved so that it would be sideways to her view. She didn't notice. All she
saw was that Vess was sitting on the table with her vest and top off, and
Dosifeen seemed to have her face pressed up against the other woman's
breasts. Vess had her eyes closed and was pressing Dosifeen's head against
her chest and making moaning sounds. Chiana managed to glimpse Dosifeen's
tongue and lips as they moved across the other woman's nipples and
breasts. Chiana felt that warmth between her legs again, and wondered what
it would be like to

As Chiana watched, the others were aware of her presence and reveled in
it. Dosifeen squeezed her friend's tits as her mouth moved up into Vess's
shoulder and neck area. Chiana was aghast, and goggled as Dosifeen's mouth
kissed and nibbled the skin that was offered to her. Then, Vess lowered
her head, and the two kissed. As the kisses continued, Vess absently
pulled at Dosifeen's vest, causing it to slide down and fall to the floor.
Then, she yanked at the standing woman's top, and pulled it up to reveal
very small breasts.

Chiana stared at this spectacle, not wanting to leave. She thought that
maybe they were some kind of hedonists or something, but she didn't know
how to respond.

So, she just kept watching.

Vess pulled the top between their kissing mouths and over their heads,
tossing it on the table as she cupped her partner's fist-sized tits. She
rubbed them in obvious delight to Dosifeen, and wrapped her arms around
the other woman. Clamping her mouth down on one small breast, Vess pulled
and lifted Dosifeen on top of her. The kissing continued unabated, and
Chiana lost sight of both women's hands as they moved beyond her seeing.
Whatever this was, it was exciting.

The two women rolled around on the tabletop, making noises of pleasure.
Then, Dosifeen got off and stood at one end of the table. Her hands pulled
at the laces of Vess's pants, and she pushed the other woman's legs down
to let her remove them. The shoes fell off as the pants pushed against
them, and the pants joined them on the floor. Vess was completely naked,
and Dosifeen lowered her head into the area between Vess's legs. Vess lay
back and placed her hands on Dosifeen's head and her feet lay on
Dosifeen's back, moaning softly and pumping in rhythm with Dosifeen's

After a few minutes of this, Dosifeen raised her head and knelt down to
the knapsacks that Chiana hadn't even seen behind their discarded clothes.
She pulled out the rounded object that Tuala had shown Chiana and a small
vial of something. Opening the vial while Vess masturbated, she wet the
rounded end of the thing. Then, she put away the vial and pushed Vess's
legs apart. Opening the vagina of her prone friend, Dosifeen pushed the
rounded end of the device into the wet slit and began to pump. Vess
grabbed it farther down and helped push the thing, her mouth open.

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh, AHHHHHH " exclaimed Vess as both women thrust the
thing in and out of her cunt. Her hands clenched at her sides as she came
and wet a portion of the tabletop. Dosifeen immediately began to lick it
up, and Vess seemed bathed with sweat. Vess got her breathing under
control and sat up. Chiana, meanwhile, felt that warm feeling of arousal

Vess climbed off the table and embraced Dosifeen. Then, parting, she
reached down and began unfastening the laces there and the pants slid down
to the floor. Dosifeen kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the pants,
moving them to one side with a bare white foot. Then, still kissing, she
climbed backwards onto the table and lay down as Vess grabbed the rounded
thing and applied some more stuff from the vial to it. That must be the
`lubricant' that Tuala mentioned, thought Chiana. Then, the process began
all over again, this time for Dosifeen.

But Chiana wasn't watching anymore. She had been overcome with lust again.
She ran back to her room, the echoes of Vess's and Dosifeen's pleasure
almost making her dizzy.

Chiana entered her room and immediately picked up the strange object.
Then, she opened the drawer and saw the vial. Starting to shiver with
anticipation, she tossed the object and the vial on her cot and began to
hastily pull off her pants. When her high boots got in the way, she pulled
them off almost in frustration. When both boots were off and shoved into a
corner, she yanked her pants down the rest of the way. Then, she removed
her top without pause and stood completely naked in the room.

Her hands shook, so she spilled some of the lubricant on the cot, but
managed to get most of it onto the rounded end of the object. Then, she
lay on her back with her legs open, and opened her slit with one hand.
With the other, she inserted the object and began to pump and grind. It
was about as good as the other time, and she relished this new joy.

She thrust her hips in time with the object, and felt pressure build
again. This time, however, she tried not to rush it. It was hard to slow
down, and she was unable to stop or control the pressure. Toes splayed as
she approached climax, she opened her mouth and inhaled sharply. Moaning,
she increased the speed of motion, and the wonderful rubbing forced her to
come explosively. The end of the thing and her cot blankets were drenched.

Lying back and exhausted, the heat of exertion rose off of her like a
wave. Sweat made the cot blankets cling to her back, and she continued to
try and get her breath back. Whatever this was, she liked it. She wanted
to do more of it. She also wanted to understand this urge that she had
never felt before, certainly never towards other women. She figured if
anyone could answer her questions, Tuala could.

Chiana vowed to ask her, as soon as she'd had a chance to nap again.

Later, dressed and refreshed, Chiana headed towards Tuala's room. She was
uncertain of what to expect when she got there, but she was certain that
Tuala would know and that Tuala would likewise welcome Chiana's interest.

Chiana paused outside the leader's room, a little nervous. Then,
swallowing her courage, she knocked on the door.


She found her voice. "Tuala? It's Chiana. I was wondering if uhm, if "

;"Come right on in."

Chiana gulped, with fear or pleasure she didn't know which, and pushed the
door open. Tuala was completely clothed, and her room smelled faintly of
sex. Chiana entered and shut the door behind her. She tried to find words.
"I-I-I uhm "

Tuala approached her like a bird of prey swooping down on a victim. She
grinned wolfishly and said in her throatiest voice, "Is there something
that I could do for you?" Chiana almost swooned.

"Well, yes. Uhm a-about the others and you What you were doing "
Chiana was very flustered, and it amused Tuala a great deal.

"Yes, Chiana?" She grinned. "Are you trying to say that you saw us?" She
pretended indignation, but was very pleased with Chiana. Chiana turned
gray with embarrassment, and Tuala laughed softly. Then, she moved past
Chiana, deliberately letting her breasts brush against Chiana's arm and
letting out a small sigh of wanting. She closed the door and turned to her

She approached Chiana again asked, totally serious this time, "Chiana, do
you want to do those things you saw?" Chiana swallowed and managed to nod
her head. "Do you want to do them with me?" Again, only a nod. She took
Chiana's hands and led her over to the cot, and both women sat next to
each other.

Tuala turned to face Chiana and asked, "Chiana, have never done these
things before?" Chiana whispered, "N-no."

Tuala took Chiana's face in both of her hands in an almost maternal
fashion. "That is nothing to be ashamed of, Chiana. The government of our
world frowns on this sort of thing. We, as members of the underground
practice sex and lovemaking to keep it alive." She winked at Chiana. "And
because it's fun as hezmana, too." This made Chiana giggle.

Tuala moved her face slowly towards Chiana and whispered, butterfly-soft,
"Don't move, just experience the feelings. Let them flow like heat from
the sun, and I will teach you all that I know." With that, she kissed
Chiana softly on the mouth. Chiana closed her eyes and felt giddy. Oh,
this was wonderful. Tuala's tongue moved inside of Chiana's mouth, coaxing
the inexperienced girl to probe around with her own tongue in Tuala's
mouth. Soon, one of Chiana's hands reached up and grabbed the back of
Tuala's head, pushing their mouths closer together.

Tuala broke the kiss and smiled at her younger friend. "That was a good
start. Are you still nervous?"

"A little." Chiana WAS still nervous, but not as much as she had been

"All right. We're going to take this slowly." With that, Tuala took off
her vest and placed it behind her. Then she lifted off her top, and
watched Chiana's eyes grow wide. "Like them? I'm kinda fond of my tits,
too. Do you want to touch them?"

Chiana couldn't speak. Instead, she reached for the mounds of flesh
offered to her, her hands shaking. Her hands couldn't stop shaking, so
Tuala took them in her own hands and held them. Then, with slow
gentleness, she placed one of Chiana's hands on a breast and sighed.
Chiana slowly stopped shaking, and began to rub her hand across the huge
tit. Tuala moaned slightly, and placed Chiana's other hand on her other

Using her hands to move and guide Chiana's own hands, Tuala very gently
made the younger woman rub and caress the flesh, playing occasionally with
the pert nipples. Chiana responded with increased vigor, relishing the
totally incredible experience she was having with Tuala. Tuala, meanwhile,
encouraged her with moans and sighs, making noises of pleasure that made
Chiana almost melt with desire. Soon, Tuala let go of Chiana's hands,
letting them move and rove of their own accord. Chiana couldn't believe
that it felt so good to feel another woman's breasts, and licked her lips.

Tuala saw this, and reached up behind Chiana's head. Hands still rubbing
against the leader's breasts, Chiana moved where the hands were guiding
her and closed her lips softly against Tuala's nipple. It was warm in her
mouth, and she began to taste it, her mind enjoying this new flavor. Then
her tongue decided to rove the surface of the nipple. Her sounds were
muffled, but Tuala didn't have that problem. She responded to Chiana's
eagerness with "Yes. Oh, yesssss "

Chiana couldn't hear her, concentrating on feeling and tasting these
mountainous tits that were suddenly her entire world. Licking and
nibbling, squeezing and rubbing, Chiana became aware of a new smell. She
knew immediately that it was a sexual smell, and that it was coming from
both her and Tuala. Chiana's teeth bit softly into the flesh of the
nipple, her tongue playing across its surface, and Chiana tried to make a
larger nibble. She felt Tuala's hands pull her face into the breasts even
farther, and the rebel leader lay back slowly on her cot with Chiana
laying atop her. Then Tuala's hands removed themselves from the back of
Chiana's head and Chiana raised her head in confusion.

Mane-like hair hanging down, Chiana watched, mesmerized, as Tuala began to
unlace her pants. When the lacing was undone, Tuala reached up and pulled
the pants and underwear down to her lower thighs. Chiana, heart beating
quickly, grabbed both pants and underwear. Excited, she yanked them
jerkily down to Tuala's ankles and off, onto the floor after the shoes had
been dislodged by the departing pants. She heard the now completely naked
Tuala laugh and her eyes moved slowly up those legs to the small, black
triangle of fuzz and she just stared. Tuala's hands found the back of her
head again and lowered it to the slit. The smell of sex was so much
stronger now that it overrode the world.

Nuzzling the folds of skin with her nose-tip, Chiana pushed her lips into
the clitoris and her tongue sallied forth. Surrounded by warm, damp flesh,
her tongue and teeth began exploring this new area of pleasure that Tuala
was inviting her to partake of. Juices that she had never tasted before
she tasted now, and they were the headiest wine to her. Tongue roving
against the wet walls of this joyful place, Chiana vaguely heard Tuala
breath and moan deeply as Chiana helped herself to willfully given
plunder. Her face sank deeper into the rebel leader's sex and Chiana felt
Tuala's bare legs rise up and place themselves against her clothed back.

As she continued to work the crotch that Tuala had offered to her,
Chiana's tongue brushed against the small round nub of skin that she'd
forgotten was there and she heard the rebel leader gasp. Growing bolder,
she took the nub between her teeth and both nibbled it and rubbed her
tongue against it in slow motions. Tuala's hips bucked and her hands
pushed Chiana's face into her sex even more. The bare legs moved up and
down along Chiana's back in rhythm to Chiana's licking and tasting. Chiana
didn't know it, but pressure was building in the leader's sex.

The juice from the walls of Tuala's cunt now coated the sides of Chiana's
face, and the warmth that came from inside there made Chiana begin to
sweat. That sweat mingled with both the juices of sex and Tuala's own
sweat, and the smell of exertion and sweet lovemaking filled the room.
Tuala closed her eyes and lay her head back, bumping and grinding
furiously. Whatever sounds Chiana was making, they were muffled and her
breath tickled the walls of the slit, making Tuala gasp again. "Huh, huh,
huh, HUUUUUUUHHHHHH..." was all Tuala could manage to say, but it was a
good bet that Chiana didn't even hear her.

The wonderful pressure of climax continued to build and Tuala coaxed it
teasingly, causing her to shudder with anticipation. Toes splayed, she
moved faster and faster. Her head turned first to the left and then the
right, causing her hair to flow over face. Then, she felt the urge to
release continue to climb and repressed it, gritting her teeth. Pressure
built, and built, and BUILT, but Tuala fought against it and kept it from
either rising too high or falling. The pace of her thrusting, however,
increased, and she knew that she wouldn't be able to resist much longer.

Finally, it just became too overwhelming to stop and Tuala released her
come with ear-popping force. The wetness flowed out of her vagina and was
lapped up by a greedy Chiana. The strength drained out of her, Tuala went
limp, closed her eyes, and let her partner continue licking and slurping.
When Chiana realized that Tuala's juice was spent, she raised her head
almost groggily. Breathing heavily, Chiana crawled shakily up to where
Tuala's upper torso was and lay down next to the exhausted leader. She
took in the smell of sweat and sex and sighed, feeling a growing
excitement in her own crotch.

One of Tuala's eyes opened mischievously and she grinned at Chiana. One of
her hands came up and stroked one of Chiana's cheeks fondly. When she had
her breath back, Tuala asked "Well, what do you think of that?"

Chiana tried to find the words and couldn't. This time it wasn't a matter
of being nervous. This time she just couldn't describe what she felt. It
was a GOOD feeling; that she knew, but she didn't have the words to go
with it. Her brain was firing, but nothing else was processing. So she
said nothing, and Tuala nodded. "That's what I thought," said Tuala.

"Wh-what happens now?" Chiana was able to say in a weak voice.

"Now? Oh, wellllll " Tuala drawled. She moved closer to Chiana until her
mouth was next to one of Chiana's ears. "Now," she whispered breathlessly,
"it's my turn." With that, she kissed Chiana's earlobe and rose, sitting
up on Chiana's stomach. Her motion made Chiana roll onto her back and the
leader looked down at her and smiled. She lowered her face to Chiana's,
licked it clean of come.

Then, she sat up again and a finger traced a line along Chiana's neck.
"Chiana, you naughty girl. You're still wearing clothes." Pretending to
chide her, Tuala said, "Well, we'll just have to fix that." With that, the
hand that was against Chiana's neck moved down to the yellow top that
Chiana was wearing and began to undo it. As she did this, she spoke again
to Chiana. "Now, don't do anything THIS time. Just relax and leave
everything to me."

Then, Chiana's breasts were uncovered and Tuala looked at them admiringly.
"Nice set. Not too big, not too small." The leader's hands came down and
settled on the mounds of flesh, making Chiana sigh. Tuala's fingers began
to move: squeezing, rubbing, pinching and caressing. Then, Tuala lowered
her head and her tongue licked a nipple. As her mouth went to work on one
breast, it was aided by a hand; the other hand roving over the other

Tuala's mouth and lips moved across the tit that was available, then she
began to nibble it. Chiana lost herself in the feeling and closed her eyes
with a sigh. The flesh of Chiana's breast was wet with spittle, and Tuala
caressed it some more before her head descended on the opposite breast. As
Tuala continued to pleasure her, Chiana managed to eel off her top and
pull it out from underneath her to lay it on the floor. The leader's
discarded top and vest had fallen to the floor with it, but Chiana hadn't
noticed. She was too preoccupied.

Then, Tuala moved her head lower, repositioning herself, and began to kiss
and lick Chiana's white belly. While she did this, her hands pulled at the
belt buckle of Chiana's pants. When the belt came loose, Tuala went to
work pulling down Chiana's pants. When her progress in removing the pants
was stopped by Chiana's boots, Tuala grunted in frustration against
Chiana's tummy flesh and began pulling off one boot. It clumped to floor,
followed shortly afterwards by its twin. With this obstacle removed, Tuala
grabbed Chiana's pants by the waistband and the pulled them impatiently

Now that both women were completely naked, Tuala reached down between
Chiana's legs and plunged a finger into the prostate woman's slit. Chiana
moaned and closed her eyes. Tuala took this as the invitation that it was
and lowered her face to Chiana's mound of fur. Her tongue moving with more
assurance than Chiana's had, the leader spent little time doing anything
to the walls of the vagina. Instead, she found the nub and bit down
lightly. Chiana gasped explosively because she hadn't expected it.

Tongue and teeth went to work on that nub, twiddling it, rubbing it,
teasing it. This caused Chiana to clench her fingers into claws that
grasped the sheets of the cot. Her legs settled blindly on Tuala's back,
toes splaying as Chiana began to lose all thought again. Unthinking,
Chiana started to buck and thrust just as Tuala had earlier. The feeling
of pressure began to build in Chiana's sex, and she welcomed it. And then

Tuala raised her head and dismounted Chiana. Confused and horny as frell,
Chiana looked at her lover dumbly as she reached over and opened the
knapsack that she had lain near the cot. Rummaging around inside with this
one hand while the other thrust itself into Chiana's cunt, she pulled out
what looked like a pair of underwear that had that strange object that
Chiana now realized was designed to be used like a fake penis. Tuala got
off of the cot and put it on with the penis-thing in front before climbing
on the bed again. Then she positioned herself between Chiana's legs and
opened the slit of Chiana's sex with one hand. After doing this, she
plunged the rounded tip of the penis thing into Chiana's cunt and pushed
the length of the thing in deeper.

Then, she began to pump and grind with her hips, thrusting the thing in
and out of Chiana. Chiana's legs wrapped themselves around the
bubble-shaped ass of Tuala and the leader lay her hands on either side of
Chiana's chest. Balancing herself on her hands, she continued to fuck
Chiana with gusto. Chiana then surprised her by forcing her to roll over
so that Tuala would be on the bottom. Hands resting on Tuala's huge tits,
Chiana moved her cunt along the length of the thing, speed increasing with
every thrust.

Finally, Chiana's inexperience led to an early climax. She hadn't been
able to help it; she simply was still unable to control it with any amount
of success. She knew that the longer she could make it last, the better it
would feel, but it was just too overwhelming. Hot sex-juice spilled out
onto Tuala's hips and the cot sheets, wetting them. Then, Chiana
dismounted and lay next to Tuala. They turned to face each other atop the
bedcovers, and snuggled.

"Don't worry," said Tuala softly, stroking Chiana's mane of hair. "We'll
have time to make you more experienced." Chiana responded inarticulately.

Soon, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chiana awoke to find Tuala just finishing getting dressed, and sat up.
Trying to get the fuzz out of her mind, she reached down clumsily and
picked her clothed up off of the floor. Then, she to began to dress. When
this was done, she stood and stretched. Tuala took the moment when
Chiana's arms were over her head to quickly approach and kiss her strongly
while a stray hand found a breast underneath the yellow top and squeezed.
When the kiss broke, Chiana grinned and said, "You're insatiable."

"Damn ri" Tuala began to respond, but her answer was cut short by the
sound of laser fire in another part of the old fort. This was followed by
the sound of two bodies falling. Her face pinched in alarm, Tuala went
over to her nightstand and pulled out a stun rifle. Levering the safety
off, she held it in position in front of her and left the room. Chiana was
about to follow when another blast echoed throughout the fort and another
body hit the floor. That made three by Chiana's count.

Looking frantically around the room for a weapon, she remembered her
dagger and started to unbuckle her belt. Just as she'd pried the dagger
free, a stun-bolt struck her in the side and she crumpled to the floor,
unconscious. The man who'd shot her stepped into the room, moving the gun
in a circle. Then, certain that this room was clear, he radioed his
commander. Soon, the entire fort was declared taken by their forces.

Salis entered the fort, not smiling as usual. He stood in the main
kitchen, considering. Then he turned to one of the armored soldiers and
said, "Take these malcontents, one and all, to holding cells at the
Bureau." He turned as another figure entered the room. This thin man was
not Nebari, but was a peach-skinned race that called itself Sebacean. He
had long white hair and a black patch over one eye, almost making him look
like a pirate.

The former Peacekeeper, Captain Selto Durka, looked around. Something in
the back of his mind tugged at him. He felt an old familiarity with this
entire situation that tugged at his subconscious. A familiarity of things
best forgotten, according to his own mental cleansing.

"Is there a problem, Captain Durka?" Salis' query sounded more official
than concerned.

Durka shook his head. "No problem, Salis. No problem at all."



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