TITLE: "Sweet Surrender"
RATING: NC-17, explicit f/f sexual activity.
PAIRING: Aeryn/Chiana
SUMMARY: Chiana and Aeryn sneak away for some time alone...
DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to Henson and SciFi, and no copyright
infringement is intended by their use. The story itself is copyright
BadGrrl, 1999.
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Chiana lay quietly in her bed until the ship seemed still, and she
felt everyone was sleeping. Her heart was pounding, and a little
knot of apprehension curled up in her stomach, but it was excitement,
not nervousness that was making her tremble.

Moving with cat-like stealth she made her way through the corridors,
blending in with the shadows when she could. Her body remembered
the twists and turns through the maze of Moya's many corridors without
her having to think about it. Her conscience mind drifted to what
was waiting for her at the end of her late night journey. A jolt
of electric shocks radiated through her stomach as she remembered
her first time with Aeryn. She yearned to run her fingers through
her raven hair, and to kiss her soft, silky lips. She felt a flush
run through her body as she reached her destination, just outside
Aeryn's quarters.

Not making a sound, Chiana peeked into her quarters just out of Aeryn's
line of vision. She had left only one dim light on, and was standing
in front of a mirror combing her long, dark hair. Chiana just stood
and watched her, mesmerized at how beautiful she looked. So natural,
and unguarded. Finally, shaking her head slightly to break her reverie,
she Chiana stepped out of the shadow and whispered,

"Aeryn. I'm here."

Aeryn turned and smiled. After turning out the last light, she pulled
the handle to open the doors, and stepped out in the hallway. The
two women came together in a long, warm embrace, just holding each
other tightly. Then Aeryn pulled her head back to gaze down into
the shorter woman's eyes.

"I've been waiting for this all day." Aeryn spoke in a low, sexy
growl. She slowly tilted her head down towards Chiana, and pressed
her lips softly to hers. The soft kiss gave way to a more passionate
one, and Chiana pressed her tongue softly against Aeryn's lips, asking
a silent question. Aeryn answered by opening her lips, and darting
her tongue inside of Chiana's, gently exploring her mouth. They stayed
joined in this gentle embrace until they both remembered they needed
to breathe. Not needing to speak, they both began walking together
to their new favorite place.

Chiana climbed up the ladder into the hidey-hole they had discovered
during an attack on Moya by still unknown invaders. It was sealed
off, and sound-proof, and one of the few private places on Moya.

Once the entrance had been sealed, the women grinned at each other,
and embraced again. Sinking to the floor together, Aeryn sat up on
one elbow to stare down at her lover's beautiful face. She traced
a slow, soft finger down Chiana's cheek, then softly outlined her
pouty lips. Aeryn bent down for a kiss, no longer able to resist
her. The kiss went on and on for an eternity of bliss. Chiana had
always believed that deep kissing was just as intimate as making
love. She clutched Aeryn's dark hair, pulling her closer and deeper
into her mouth. She explored every part of her lover's mouth, tasting
her, feeling the sensations Aeryn's tongue was causing echo all through
her body.

Aeryn moaned against Chiana's tongue, and pulled away from the kiss,
needing more. She ran her tongue across her jawbone, down to the
hollow of her neck, kissing her deeply there. Chiana arched her head
back allowing her more access, and moaned at the exquisite feeling.
Aeryn continued kissing down her neck, pausing to move her hands
up to her lover's breasts, feeling her nipples get hard through her
shirt. Aeryn heard Chiana's sharp intake of breath, and reveled at
how responsive she was to her touch. She lowered her head to lightly
nip at the hard bud with her teeth, making Chiana gasp again. She
pulled up Chiana's top and planted a kiss on her warm belly, then
slowly began licking and suckling her way up. Chiana ran her hands
through Aeryn's hair, feeling waves of pleasure roll throughout her
entire body. As Aeryn slowly exposed the soft mounds, Chiana moaned
anew, knowing what was coming. The dark haired goddess lowered her
head and softly suckled her left breast, rubbing her tongue against
the hard nub, and squeezing the right breast in her hand. Chiana
lost all conscious thought, her entire being focused on the sensation
her lover was giving to her. Aeryn then focused her kisses on the
right breast, and sucked hard on the nipple, nipping it gently between
her teeth. Chiana squealed with pleasure, and bucked her hips, unable
to control herself.

Aeryn sat up, straddling Chiana, and grinned down at her. Chiana
was flushed and breathing hard, and gazed up at Aeryn through half-closed
eyes. Her eyes shot wide open, though, as Aeryn peeled off her own
top, revealing her silky white skin and hard dark nipples. Chiana
reached up to touch her love's soft mounds, but her hands were stopped
by Aeryn's strong grip on her wrists. Chiana found her arms restrained
above her head, and Aeryn's grayish green eyes staring into her own
dark eyes.

"Oh, no you don't. Its still my turn." Aeryn's mischievous look turned
to hot passion when she saw the desire on Chiana's face. She began
kissing her way down Chiana's body, licking and nipping her in places
with her teeth. She spent a long time caressing her stomach with
her tongue, teasing her, dipping lower and lower, then going back
up again, extending the torture as long as she could. She stopped
long enough to get both of them out of the rest of their clothes,
then began kissing a line of soft little kisses up the inside of
Chiana's leg, stopping, then slowly kissing the inside of her other
thigh. Chiana didn't think she could stand anymore teasing, and couldn't
keep her hips still, squirming, and bucking with the waves of pleasure
overtaking her.

Aeryn pushed Chiana's legs apart further, and looked deep inside
at the core of her lover's sex. She slid her arms underneath her
lover, lifting her legs over her shoulders, holding tight to her
buttocks, keeping Chiana from squirming out of her grasp. Chiana's
breath came out in little moans, anticipating what was coming next.
Aeryn caressed each outer lip with her tongue, teasing her again.
When she had fully explored all of the sensitive skin there, she
gently probed the lips apart, lightly darting her tongue inside.
Chiana groaned, feeling the hot warmth she so desired, inside the
deepest part of her. Aeryn slipped her tongue deep inside, thrusting
again and again into the hot throbbing muscle. Chiana moaned her
lover's name "Aeeeeryyyynn", lost in her world of bliss. Aeryn moved
her attentions upward toward the hard bundle of nerves that was now
the center of Chiana's universe. Softly at first she ran her tongue
up and down her clit, then faster, in a circular motion, causing
Chiana to buck her hips again, but Aeryn held tight, not letting
go of her lover, and continued her assault on Chiana's hard swollen
clit. She moved her hand up, and thrust a finger into her hot wet
opening, thrusting in time with the motions of her tongue. Chiana
could take no more and thrust her hips high in the air, screaming
her lover's name unintelligibly, exploding with the force of her
orgasm. Aeryn stayed with her lover, caressing her softly until the
last of the spasms had ended, and licked all the hot wet juices from
her throbbing sex.

Aeryn lay down beside Chiana, smiling at the huge grin plastered
on her lover's face. She watched as Chiana's breathing began to slow,
and kissed her softly on the cheek. Chiana answered her with a deep
kiss, rolling Aeryn on to her back, tasting her own musk in her lover's
mouth. She showered kisses all down her lovers body, sucking her
nipples, teasing them with her tongue. Aeryn could not keep her body
still; she moaned and writhed under Chiana's body, all the pent up
passion in her begging for release. Chiana moved back up to stretch
out beside Aeryn's body, looking deep into her eyes. Never taking
her eyes off of Aeryn's, she slowing began to run her hand down her
stomach, caresses the silky skin. She parted Aeryn's legs, and still
staring deep into her eyes, slip a tentative finger between the folds.
Aeryn squeezed her eyes closed at the sudden sensation, but Chiana
stopped moving her hand.

"No, open your eyes, look at me."

Aeryn's breath caught in her throat at the sexy growl Chiana ended
her command with. Her eyes opened slowly to find herself gazing deep
into Chiana's dark, black alien eyes. Chiana smiled a little, and
began her explorations again, this time sliding her finger in deep,
then slowly pulling it out, enjoying the expressions on Aeryn's face.

Still holding her gaze, Chiana licked her lips.

"Spread your legs wider."

Aeryn moaned at the order, but did as she was told. She couldn't
hide any emotions from her face, she felt so open and exposed with
Chiana staring into her eyes so close, and so deeply, She felt Chiana
could read her every thought.

Chiana teased Aeryn's sex, running her fingers through the soft wet
curls, occasionally slipping a finger inside the silky folds, but
never touching her clit. She was amazed at the reactions on her lover's
face, and never looked away from her eyes. When she was sure Aeryn
could take no more teasing, she slipped a finger deep inside, suddenly,
startling Aeryn with the thrust. Aeryn wanted to throw her head back
and moan, but she couldn't look away from Chiana's mesmerizing gaze,
and moaned, staring deep into her eyes. She had never opened up to
anyone like this during sex, and the intimacy of the moment was overwhelming.
Chiana kept thrusting in rhythm to the thrusting of Aeryn's hips.
Then she tentatively put a second finger in, unsure of how much her
lover could take. She needn't have worried, Aeryn moaned again, and
thrust her hips against the fingers, needing them deeper. Still holding
eye contact, Chiana pressed a third finger to the coral opening,
questioning. Aeryn's eyes opened a little wider then pushed against
the fingers, inviting her in. Chiana slowly slid her fingers in,
making sure she wasn't hurting her, and could see from the expression
in Aeryn's eyes, that she was enjoying the fullness. Gazing deep,
never breaking eye contact, Chiana began thrusting her fingers in
slowly, resting her thumb on her clit, rocking her hand in rhythm
with Aeryn's hips, going faster now, watching Aeryn's face become
flushed, her breathing ragged. Still looking deep into Chiana's eyes,
Aeryn became lost in them, unable to look away. Chiana felt the muscles
in Aeryn's hot wetness clenching up, and held Aeryn's face close.

"Look at me, look at me."

She felt so open by allowing her into such an intimate moment, her
eye contact with Chiana making her feel complete vulnerable. Aeryn
gazed hard into Chiana's eyes, her sex pulsating, as Chiana's fingers
moved in and out faster and faster, her thumb rocking against her
throbbing clit, the heat building up until she could no longer control
it, and she exploded in her lover's hand, screaming out something
that was probably "Chiana". Still gazing into her eyes, gasping at
the strength of her orgasm, Chiana slowed her thrusts, gradually
stopping, allowing Aeryn to rest, then, unable to resist the urge,
she thrust her fingers in once more, making Aeryn gasp again, and
smiled at her lovers sweet face.

"Now that was worth waiting all day for, wasn't it?"

the end


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