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increase level of eroticism to the highest level achievable. Male characters
in my stories are almost always well-endowed, note of it is made, and I
emphasize on describing male ejaculation scenes. I use ultra-erotic words.
I try to have erotic aspects in most scenes, and long sex scenes, so as not
to frustrate the reader during periods of trying to maintain arousal and
achieve climax. My stories are not for everyone. If you cannot handle any
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This story takes place either during season 4 or after it. It does not
explain why Moya's crew consists of John, Aeryn, D'argo, Chiana, Sikozu and
Rygel (and Pilot who isn't mentioned). That's something left up to the
reader's imagination.

Farscape: The Beauty Pageant (F-gang,aliens,ncon,humil,bukkake)
by Sara Violet ([email protected])

This time Rygel really blew it. Without even having the permission of the
Moya crew, he made a high-stakes bet with a powerful alien and lost. Every
cent of currency they had was gone. It was all the crew and especially
D'argo could do not to chuck Rygel out of an airlock. But the short-round
slug managed to save his mivonks once again and stay alive, and most
amazingly keep himself onboard.

Now the crew was split apart looking for jobs on a planet with a high
employment demand. It was dangerous to have no currency and they needed to
obtain some, especially to be prepared for future emergencies. John and
D'argo were together in one group, Aeryn, Chiana and Sikozu in another, and
Rygel was alone.

* * *

"I can't believe you talked me into this," Aeryn said to Chiana through her
large fake smile. All three girls were up on the stage of a beauty pageant,
bikini-clad along with a bunch of other alien women. They had no idea what
they were getting into when they signed up. It was televised and broadcast
to billions of native inhabitants and billions more at neighboring planets.
At least two thousand people were in the audience.

At the moment, one by one all of the girls were being asked a question to
answer in front of everyone. It was Aeryn's turn to step up to the center of
the stage. She was wearing a light green two-piece bikini with drawstring

When she went up, the host asked, "Aeryn Sun, if you could change one thing
in the universe, what would it be?"

Aeryn thought for a moment and replied, "Well, I suppose if I could have one
thing changed... I would have concentration camps for Scarrans."

The crowd seemed a little bit disappointed and wasn't thrilled.

"Uhh, and universal peace," Aeryn added. This brought out a generous wave of
applause from the audience.

"Lovely and thoughtful!" the host said. Aeryn walked back to her spot amongst
the contestants, aware that millions of eyes were staring at her ass cheeks
swaying back and forth while she walked. It was all she could do not to blush
or tremble.

Other contestants had their turn for a while, and then finally Chiana was up.
She stood there, wearing a silver colored thong bikini set, and was asked the
same question.

"That's simple," Chiana started, "I would make sure everyone could indulge
in lust and pleasure whenever they want." She squeezed her breasts and then
turned to shake her ass, all for the viewing pleasure of the audience. The
crowd went crazy with applaud, screaming and cheering loudly, obviously
loving her answer more than any other so far.

Sikozu finally got her turn too after a minute longer. She was wearing a red
high-cut bikini bottom and a normal top. The same question was asked.

Sikozu opened her mouth to say one of her snotty remarks. "That question is
irrelevant isn't it. Obviously this pageant is for pleasing the genitalia of
primitive male species, not to win through intellect. Therefor I shall do
something better than give an answer, I will simply do what you are all,
really, hoping for." She pulled the material of her top out of the way to
expose her pink nipples to everyone's gaze. The crowd exploded with glee,
even surpassing the amount of cheering Chiana had received. Several close-up
pictures of her nipples were recorded and posted on the local internet.

The entire pageant was an important historical moment in that system's
history and people were loving it. They especially loved the three women
from Moya's crew who were naturally more beautiful than the locals. The
local species weren't nearly as beautiful and sexy.

* * *

Another round began. This time the girls were supposed to walk to the center
of the stage one at a time and pose. The audience cheered and whistled at the
girls as they did their thing.

Chiana was the first from Moya's crew who went this time. She gave the crowd
quite a show, winking sensually, posing sexily, giving herself a slap on the
ass when her backside was facing them, teasing the entire crowd with
seductive movements before going back to the contestant row.

Sikozu was thinking about what it would take to win as she was standing next
to Aeryn. She noticed the drawstrings on Aeryn's bikini and got an idea just
in time. When Aeryn was called next and started to walk out, Sikozu grabbed
and pulled on the drawstrings of Aeryn's top and bottom. Aeryn's large fake
smile died instantly as she realized her small outfit was falling away. She
instinctively moved her hands to grab onto them and hold them up, but was
too slow. Her entire two-piece bikini outfit fell to the floor and left her
standing there, completely naked, exposed to the eyes of billions of aliens.
The sight of her nipples and cunt were recorded before she even managed to
cover herself with her hands. The aliens gasped and a slow buildup of cheer
began to break out. She did her best to cover her nipples with her right arm
and hide her cunt by cupping it with her left hand. Her face turned a crimson
red. She had never been as embarrassed in her entire life. Sikozu on the
other hand was grinning largely, knowing that Aeryn now had a guaranteed
victory. The crowd could not have been happier even though it was at Aeryn's
expense of total humility. She panicked and didn't even think about
reclaiming her bikini that was only on the ground below. While holding
herself awkwardly, she just started to jog away quickly heading to the
backstage area. The audience and viewers at home got an amazing view of her
making a dash to escape, unable to cover her ass at all as she did. Her
exposed big sexy ass cheeks were lustfully ogled as they swayed. Everyone
was satisfied that it had happened. Lust had filled all of their cocks as
they didn't dare take their eyes away.

Aeryn reached the exit to the backstage but the double black plastic doors
were closed and sealed shut. "Please let me in!" she hollered, which wasn't
heard over the crowd's cheers. The people on the other side of the door knew
damn well she wanted in, but the ratings for the show were only climbing
higher by the second. They were going to leave her out there to bask in her
utterly embarrassed naked state. She was a piece of meat to them that was
being used to make more money. The greatest thing ever to happen on their

She didn't take her hand or arm away from her cunts and breasts, waiting
and pleading for the doors to open. As time passed and she realized it was
futile, tears started to stream from her eyes down her cheeks. Loud laughter
was heard in the audience as they saw that. They were absolutely loving that
she was mortified. The televised ratings tripled.

The host received a transmission over his ear piece from the producer to do
something in particular. He did as he told and rushed over to Aeryn, only
jogging in order to buy more time. Once he was there he put his right arm
around her shoulders and started to guide her away from the backstage door
towards the audience. He told her that the door to backstage was jammed due
to a malfunction and she could get out through the main exit. He didn't even
put his jacket around her before leading her out that way. They went down
off the stage and he helped her go up through one of the paths through the
crowd. Her ass was slapped, squeezed and groped repeatedly as she went
through. Her arms were yanked out of the way several times and people
managed to harshly molest her big tits and succulent cunt with their hands.
She had to struggle to get through. The host was afraid she might get
physically hurt, and kept telling the people around them to let them pass.
After most people along the aisle seats got to briskly grope a private part
of her body, they respected the host and retracted.

Finally they reached the main exit and walked out. Aeryn was crying, so
mortified and embarrassed that she could no longer even walk. Her only
movements were trembles. The host had to lift her up in his arms and carry
her away. She was barely even able to try and cover herself anymore. People
outside in the large halls stared at her uncovered tits and cunt. The sight
of her nipples, boobs, thick cunt lips, plump butt cheeks and cute puckered
anus were taken in well. Security cameras outside even continued the video
documentation, ensuring there was never a moment it wasn't all being
recorded. Later all of the video footage would be compiled and broadcast as
an extra special episode.

The host set her down briefly to open the door to his own personal makeup
room. Then he brought her inside and pushed the door closed a foot. He set
her down upon a luxurious and soft long sofa and started to comfort her.

Meanwhile the audience for the show just wouldn't settle down. The cheering
was constant and people were standing in applaud. Chiana stood there with her
mouth open in quiet surprise, concerned for her friend. She suddenly started
to have remorse for her lack of helping Aeryn get out of there. Sikozu's grin
had died long ago and she was just waiting for the pageant to start up again.

A while later the host returned and the show resumed. Aeryn was nowhere to be
seen as the rest of the contestants finished. Just before the winners were
announced, the host stopped things momentarily to welcome Aeryn back out. She
was dressed in her bikini again and managed to keep her composure despite
what happened earlier. The only reason why she agreed to continue is because
the host told her in his makeup room that she was going to be the winner. She
stood with the contestants and waited.

The host started declaring the winners. "The winner of third place is
Sikozu!" The crowd cheered.

Sikozu wasn't happy. She knew Aeryn would get first, but at least wanted
second place. Never-the-less, she walked up to the third place circle and
accepted her bouquet of flowers. She had a small smile and a dreamy look on
her face, just trying to live it through without making too big of a fuss
out of it.

"For second place... the winner is... Chiana!" the host exclaimed. More
cheering continued.

Chiana was pleased. She walked up to the number two circle waving her hands
to the crowd happily. When the host handed her her bouquet of flowers, she
kissed him on the cheek and resumed smiling to the crowd.

"And now what you've all been waiting for: the number one winner, is without
question to our judges... the lovely Aeryn Sun!" The host shouted out her
name loudly. The crowd cheered almost as loudly as when they had seen her

She came graciously walking to the number one circle while trying her best
to hold a sweet smile. Her smile died when someone near the front of the
crowd shouted "Yeah! Show us those sweet big tits again, bitch!" The host
handed her a bouquet.

"And now, without further ado, the second hour of the show!" the host shouted
excitedly and the crowd roared happily in response. The three girls looked at
each other questioningly, having no idea what could go on for another hour in
the show. They thought it was just a beauty pageant, but there was actually a
lot more in store for them. They were going to give billions of people the
show of a lifetime.

The bands of shackles popped out from the floor of the winners' circles and
swiftly clipped around their ankles.

"What the frell is going on?" Aeryn asked with an upset tone of voice. Chiana
could be heard swearing variously. Sikozu concentrated on trying to think of
a way out, but it was to no avail.

"For the sweet sexy piece of meat known as Aeryn Sun: we give you, the crowd,
the chance of a lifetime. Bring the cum drainage cups to your phalluses and
begin jerking off to spray your load on her as many times as you can in an

Every male member in the audience (which was the majority) unclipped a device
from the back of the seat in front of them and held them to the tip of their
cocks. Each device had a cup at the front and a tube that went down into the
floor to carry their loads away. A large device came down from the ceiling
above Aeryn that aimed several faucets at her, keeping every angle of her
body in line of soon-to-be-spray from her head to her thighs, all without
obscuring the view of the audience by simply staying above her.

"Frelling megra-fahrbot," Aeryn cursed.

The host next exclaimed, "And for the sweet succulent grey girl, nothing less
than a hard gangbang preformed by all of your favorite male porn stars: Penis
South, Jack McGroin, Iron, Frellmaster and Megrabate!"

"Frell you!" Chiana yelled. Everyone ignored it.

The male porn stars came out of the backstage doorway. Penis South was a
Sebacean with a cock that was ten inches long and two and a quarter inches
thick. Jack McGroin was another Sebacean and was blessed with an eight inch
long, two inch thick cock with a fat juicy cock head. Iron was a large Luxan
with a big beefy cock over twelve inches long and three inches thick, no
foreskin and a cock head several inches long. Frellmaster and Megrabate were
twins: each mostly humanoid with horse-like legs, a torso and head like a
Sebacean, and a horse-like cock - like a centaur without the front end of a
horse's torso and limbs. Their cocks were both twenty-four inches long and
three inches thick, four near the base.

Chiana's eyes widened in terror as she saw them. They were already completely
naked and she could see the cocks she was going to be forced on. She did her
best to struggle but could not pull herself free from the ankle restraints.

"Lastly," the host continued, "For Sikozu: the Cockinator!"

The most amazing alien anyone had ever seen rolled out of the backstage
doorway onto the stage. It was a hydra-like serpent crabby creature with four
short quadrupedal legs and long narrow feet. It had three long and thick
ribbed tentacles, each with three six inch long and one inch thick kind of
triangular flipper-like pads around the hollow opening at the end. Each
tentacle was only the sheath for the real cock within. Its rubbery skin was
a dark silver blue. It had one large transparent eyeball in the center of
its torso on the top side. Gills along the sides of its torso took air or
water and converted it into any kind of resource it needed to produce cum
or nutrients for its body. Its specie was entirely designed for sex with
humanoid species of almost any kind. Normally their sperm would be potent
enough to impregnate any humanoid female, but the Cockinator himself had
sent a chemical message to the testicles inside his torso to reprogram all
sperm created to just wiggle around with no real purpose instead. It was the
perfect sex beast and everyone's single favorite fucking machine to watch.

The crowd cheered loudly. Sikozu looked at it and she started to panic.
"Megra frelling dren!" Sikozu screamed. "Someone frelling HELP me! I didn't
sign up for this! Get me out of here!"

The host chuckled along with the crowd at Sikozu's terror as if it was a
comedic moment. "Cockinator! Cockinator! Cockinator!" the crowd chanted. They
jacked their cocks close to the drain tubes in anticipation. The ratings for
the show were now surpassing any show ever played in their region's network.
Almost every television unit online was currently at their channel watching
the Three Circles Beauty Pageant. Pornography was the average show of
entertainment in their region and this was currently outranking all of the
usual shows by far. Countless billions of people and aliens all over the
place were watching and jacking off to it. Even women were watching it and
frigging themselves, but the audience in the beauty pageant was mostly male
for the obvious reason.

A hovering robot orb flew out into the room and went next to Aeryn. With
blinding speed it fired a weak laser that cut off her bikini top and bottom
without harming her. Her skimpy outfit fell to the floor once again. She was
less embarrassed than before because she was mostly angry. The robot hovered
over to Chiana and did the same thing. Next was Sikozu, who was also made
completely naked. One particularly interesting thing the audience got to see,
was, while Aeryn had a trim landing strip of hair above her cunt, Chiana and
Sikozu were completely bald in that region. The orb robot flew away because
it was finished with its task.

The five porn stars started to grope Chiana roughly with their hands. Her
ass cheeks and tits were squeezed like large plump pieces of fruit. When
some good rhythmic fuck music started to play, the porn stars started to
jack their cocks and wipe them all over her body. She was forced on to her
hands and knees. All of them took a turn to smack and wipe their cock heads
on her face somewhere. Penis South made sure to position himself behind
her. He pressed the tip of his cock to her sphincter and pushed it in. Her
anus gave resistance and wouldn't open easily to the invading member, but
his cock meat slid inside, completely unlubricated none-the-less. She let
out a loud scream with her mouth opened wide. Jack McGroin took it as his
opportunity to insert his dick into her mouth. He pushed it inside and
began pumping his cock in and out. His shaft and cock head rubbed across
her fighting tongue, like a tongue suppressor stick working to keep her
tongue down and still.

Jack looked into her eyes and could tell she was thinking of something.
"Don't even think of biting it off, or I'll force you to swallow it," he
told her. She gave him a stern look but surrendered to his invasion. He
laughed and said, "Good girl." He grabbed a fist-full of her hair on the
back of her head and started pulling her head to meet his thrusts. The
cock head jabbed itself down her throat and made her gag. He kept doing
it relentlessly with long strokes all the way in and almost all the way
out of her mouth.

Iron worked his way underneath her and pulled her down until she was almost
resting on top of him. He aligned his cock with her vagina and slowly but
firmly pushed it in. Her grey cunt lips opened and her vagina stretched in
order to accommodate it. She could feel the big cock and long cock head
shove its way deeper. It reminded her a lot of when she had sex with D'argo,
but this just wasn't the same. Iron started pumping his meat in a firm
rhythmic motion inside of her.

Megrabate and the Frellmaster were standing at her sides, slowing jacking
themselves and waiting for their turn. Each took one of her tits into their
hands and fondled away while they rubbed their cocks on her skin. Pre-cum
also leaked from their slits and they wiped it on her.

Sikozu had to endure the Cockinator while that was happening to Chiana. It
came up to her and placed one of its tentacles at her face. It made two of
its three flippers hold her face by the jaw and cheeks, and held the third
flipper back so it wouldn't obscure too much view of her from the audience.
The opening to the tentacle sheath was directly over her closed mouth. The
cock inside slowly emerged and pushed against her lips. She wouldn't open
her mouth to let it inside.

A telepathic message entered her mind that was sent from the creature (which
was unusual because she herself didn't have telepathy, but the creature
didn't need her to have it to send his own message -- it was how he talked).
It said, "My cock can press for up to almost four-thousand pounds of pressure
if need be. Do the math. I promise you won't be hurt if you comply."

One of Sikozu's strongest character traits was a high level of intelligence.
She realized it would be in her interest, and slowly, reluctantly opened her
mouth to accept the creature's thick tube of meat. Not giving her a chance
to reconsider, the Cockinator made its cock lurch out of its sheath and go
inside, opening her mouth even wider in the process. The Cockinator's dick
was long and thick with a smooth spongy-soft ribbed surface. The entire shaft
was three inches thick in diameter and very long. The cock head resembled the
shape of a short fat pickle. He made his cock easier to slide in by making
the ribs on the shaft slant away from her teeth. The cock sluggishly moved
across her tongue and the head nudged against her throat. He pushed further
and made his shaft start going into her throat. She gagged and shook her head
from side to side as the meat filled her. Her lips and mouth were stretched
open to obscene proportions around the fat monster. The taste of salty cock
meat seemed to be secreted from between the ribs, slaking her tongue with a
generous coating of the sweet liquid seeping into her taste buds. Slowly it
traveled down her throat. Everyone could see her neck bulging outwards where
the cock was currently inside, the bulge growing downwards along her neck the
further it went. The cock stopped once it was buried about twelve inches
inside. At least nine inches were down her throat. Amazingly she could still
breath because the shaft also gave oxygen through the ribs. She felt
extremely uncomfortable to be full of so much meat, and to her dismay it
wasn't her only orifice that would be filled.

The Cockinator lined up its two other tentacles with her ass and cunt. It
kept the flippers back and started to push both cocks inside. The cock heads
went inside easily enough. When the shafts started going inside was the
moment her anus, rectum and vagina were really starting to stretch. She
squirmed against it as the three inch thick shafts were prying open her ass
and cunt. She would have been screaming if she could. They sank in deeper
and deeper, more and more. The one in her vagina stopped when the cock head
pressed against her cervix. The one delving into the bowels of her ass just
kept going, past her rectum and deep into her colon until at least eighteen
inches of prehensile cock were up inside wiggling around. He started to
thrust all of his cocks in and out, going slow but steady at first, then
about two minutes really thrusting it in fast and firm. Sikozu jerked around
on his cocks and held on with a hand to the tentacle thrusting a cock into
her mouth and the one thrusting into her ass.

"Cockinator! Cockinator! Cockinator!" the crowd chanted wildly. Several of
the audience members who came quickly started spraying their loads of cum
into the drain cups. The thick white glop flowed through the tubes and ended
up in transparent tubes attached to the faucets hovering over Aeryn.

The cum came flying out of the faucets with powerful spurts. A large strand
of the combined cum of several aliens flew out and landed on the top of
Aeryn's head, lacing her hair from the top center all the way down the back.
Another large strand flew out and hit Aeryn in the face, splattering on it
and dripping down. This went on continuously, strand after smelly strand
landing on her body (especially her face) and adding to her complexion.
Before long it looked like she was the target in a Japanese bukkake film
after several dozen men would spray their loads. The main difference so far
was that this cum was thicker and stickier than human cum -- making it able
to cling on to her face better without becoming as runny. Whenever it dripped
down her cheeks, nose or chin, it would usually do so in a large globby mass.
Large pools of cum were sitting in her hair soaking in like un-lathered

By now, the Frellmaster and Megrabate had switched places with Penis South
and Iron. They were thrusting their fat slabs of hard cock meat hard into her
ass and cunt. Because she couldn't stop screaming and was biting down, Jack
McGroin had pulled out of her mouth and was positioned behind her, rubbing
his cock against the back of her head inside of her hair.

Sikozu was being pumped into harder too. She was being used as nothing more
than a piece of beautiful sexy meat for the Cockinator to thrust his dicks
inside. People could see her neck distending outwards with every thrust
inside her throat. Her anus would have been spasming wildly around the cock
in her butt if it weren't for the fact that it was stretched to the point
where it couldn't even move. The hovering robot orb came back and floated
above her. It emitted some kind of x-ray beam that made Sikozu's neck
transparent. People could watch and actually see the cock itself thrusting
down her oesophagus and filling up her neck. The robot orb then changed the
beam to make her stomach, pelvic and ass area transparent. It showed the
other two cocks as they thrust deep into her colon and against her cervix.
They knew just how packed full of cock meat she was. When the message was
clear and people had gotten a good look, the robot orb retracted the beam
and flew away once more.

Aeryn was constantly trying to turn away from the strands of cum that kept
flying out at her. Especially now that most of the audience was ejaculating
into the drains. Huge amounts of cum were sprayed continuously at her face,
head, tits, and even her ass, stomach and groin. Her hair was converted into
a soaked cum mop. A large pool of cum filled the area around each of her
eyes, covering them completely. Her cheeks, forehead and chin were completely
covered. Strands were dripping down so far that some reached the floor while
others clung to her tits. Her entire nose was saturated in the warm creamy
mess, forcing her to keep her mouth open in order to breath. More glops of
jizz were sprayed, into her mouth soaking her tongue and sliding across. Her
mouth was filled with so much warm cream that it flowed out like a small
river as more was continuously sprayed in. She had no choice but to swallow
some in efforts to clear her mouth and breath, while she was turning her face
from side to side to try and avoid her mouth getting sprayed at. Her tits
were covered as well. The nipples were like frosted mountain peaks, only cum
was drooling down from them in long white ropes. A river of cum was flowing
down between her two big tits, over her abdomen, passing over her thin
landing strip of hair above her cunt, until finally the warm river of cum
would slide down over some of her cunt and then fall to the floor. Her back
was being hosed down with cum as well. The river on her back followed the
crease along her spine and fell between the two clefts of her ass cheeks and
the interior sides of her crack, sliding over her anus and dropping to the
floor. The large puddle of cum on the floor below her only grew bigger as
more cum was added. Her feet were stepping in the cream. Her toes had it
squishing inbetween.

The cock up Chiana's ass started to spasm and spurt its load of sticky seed.
Megrabate dumped his load of cum deep into her colon. It was like a small
enema because there was so much. He just kept thrusting is dick, pushing the
cum in deep. Jack McGroin started to dump his seed into Chiana's hair as he
rubbed his meat across the back of her head still. The Frellmaster pulled
out and went up to her face beside Iron and Penis South. All three of them
started to ejaculate. Strand after strand spurted out and laced her beautiful
grey face. It was nothing compared to Aeryn's ordeal, but Chiana's face got
quite a healthy amount of sperm plastered to it.

The Cockinator decided now was the best time to ejaculate. Sperm erupted from
the slits in his cock heads and spat deep into Sikozu's body. Powerful jets
of cream laced the walls of her colon, vagina and oesophagus and filled her
up. He continued thrusting his cocks as he deposited sperm while slowly
pulling them out. When his cock pulled out of her throat and was back in her
mouth, his seed splattered on her delicate tongue. Her mouth filled up
quickly and she had to swallow it to avoid choking. Her eyes were wide open
in shock as this happened. When all that was left in her ass and cunt was his
cock head, the pressure of the cum built up in her ass and cunt pushed the
heads out. Cum burst out of her ass and cunt in a large steady flow. The flow
from her cunt ended, but the flow coming out of her ass just kept pouring.
Her bowels were emptying themselves of the grand mass of cum inside. He held
her from behind with his two freed tentacles before he took the cock out of
her mouth. He let go of her face with his flippers and she fell backwards,
being helped slowly down by his tentacles, and he laid her in the pool of cum
on the floor. It soaked into her long hair immediately and went around her
skin. He brought all three tentacles to her face and started spitting cum out
of his dicks at her face. The crowd approved greatly of that and chanted his
name some more.

Only about thirty minutes had passed. More action happened for another thirty
minutes. Most men in the audience got to cum two or three times into the
drains, adding more and more beauty cream to Aeryn's complexion. The five
porn stars gangbanging Chiana took turns sodomizing her ass, then bringing
their cocks from her ass to her mouth for her to suck on before dumping their
second loads all on her face. Sikozu just kept getting cummed on by the
Cockinator for the next thirty minutes. So much seed was flowing onstage from
the audience and the Cockinator, that it was flowing down over the edges off
of the stage and creeping onto the floor path below.

* * *

John and D'argo were going through an unpleasantly smelly marketplace as
that was happening. There were tables with junk on top of them and people
hollering to try and sell stuff.

"I cannot believe you talked me into coming here," John said annoyed and fed
up. "It smells like a dead skunk! My boots have gotten some kind of dren on
them! And I think some prostitutes with killer lice are stalking me! One of
them squeezed my two hams and ran off a moment ago! On top of that you would
have to be utterly insane to work in a place like this."

"You forgot something," D'argo said unphased. "A person could also be utterly
poor to work in a place like this."

John continued to argue. "Yeah, well I have standards D. If you don't find
something great within stentchland soon, then that's it: I'm outta here!"

"Holy frell," D'argo said with awe when he noticed something.

"What is it now? Someone's corpse in the middle of the road?" John pushed his
way past someone and suddenly saw what D'argo saw. "Good God."

On top of a table was a small television unit that was facing a crowd that
had gathered around it. They saw the beauty pageant showing on the screen.
Currently it was showing Aeryn absolutely covered in cum. She was so drenched
that both of them had absolutely no idea it was her.

The trader hollered, "Buy the bootleg after the show! Don't wait for it to
come on official CMSD. Buy the bootleg from me!"

"Damn, we need some moola," John said. "I wonder how the ladies are doing."

* * *

Meanwhile, Rygel was hovering in his chair into a hand-to-hand combat
classroom. Two aliens in ninja-like outfits without the masks were leading
him in. There were over three dozen students seated on the floor watching
his entrance.

One of the guys walking with Rygel addressed the class. "Today we are very
fortunate to receive a visit from Rygel, a grandmaster in hand-to-hand. He
has traveled all the way from the Hynerian Empire on a quest to raise the
levels of hand-to-hand awareness. There is much to learn from him. Listen
to his teachings very closely." He looked at Rygel to give him the floor.

"Uhh, yes," Rygel started, "There are many things to learn about hand-to-hand
from one who is far more experienced, like myself. For example..."

Rygel was posing as a grandmaster at hand-to-hand simply to get a good job
that would give him a lot of money. He bullshitted his way through it all,
teaching them absolutely nothing they could understand, but worded in a way
that made it sound like he knew what he was talking about. He was going to
use the money he made to gamble for more.

* * *

After the beauty pageant, Aeryn, Chiana and Sikozu were allowed to take a
complementary shower in the studio. They dressed up in their normal clothes
once they were clean. Instead of taking names and kicking ass, they remained
quiet and passive about what happened when the host handed them credit for
so much currency, it was even more than they had before. It turned out that
the first, second and third place prize money was more than they had ever

Everyone returned to the ship and things became more-or-less normal again.
D'argo and John never saw more of the beauty pageant. Rygel was forgiven.
The girls had lied about how they won the money. Between each other the
girls had shared an experience that they could always talk to one another
about in private: but it was something they mostly decided to try and
forget. Unknowingly to any of them, Rygel had obtained a copy of the
bootleg before they left the planet. Blackmail was on the future's agenda
in case anyone ever considered throwing him off again.



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