Farscape: Part 1 John and Aeryn

First and foremost, this story uses characters and ideas copyrighted by
someone else. I have no claim to these characters and make no such claim
either. This story is not for profit and should not be used in that way. I
dearly hope that the Sci-Fi channel and the producers of the wonderful show,
Farscape, do not decide to sue me for infringing on their claims. On a second
note, this is a work of adult fan fiction with explicit and hopefully
exciting sex. Have fun and I apologize for the short length, this is my first
fan fiction story. I hope that viewers of FarscapeR find my depiction of John
and Aeryn to be accurate and true to character. Comments, criticisms,
requests, or questions should be sent to [email protected]

Moya drifted slowly away from the site of the faux wormhole that had
ensnared more than half the crew in a creation from Crichton's memory. In the
maintenance bay, John Crichton was working on the Farscape One. The vagaries
of the alien technology used to simulate the wormhole and create a simulacrum
of Earth had tweaked some of the grafted biotechnology. Currently he was
resorting to the age old technique of banging something with a spanner until
it works.

Aeryn strode into the bay, pulse rifle at the ready, scanning for the source
of the noise. She stopped and rolled her eyes when she saw John underneath
his ridiculously primitive craft. "Crichton," Aeryn said. "Crichton!"

"What?" he yelled, his voice muffled by spacecraft above him.

"Will you stop that damned racket? Pilot thought that something was attacking

"Well, forgive me, Aeryn." He slid out from under the Farscape and began to
sit up. Aeryn watched as he banged his head on a projecting piece of biotech
and started to curse violently. He stood, holding his head. "I'm sorry that
Pilot was disturbed and that you had to come running in here with your pulse
rifle! Aaah!" He turned away, his hand still pressed against his forehead.
"Dammit, that hurts!"

"Crichton, Crichton! Let me look at it." Aeryn grabbed his shoulder and spun
him around. She knocked his hand away from his forehead. "That's nothing,
stop complaining."

"Oh, forgive me, miss Peacekeeper I can run around with my legs blown off and
not mind!" he snapped.

"Don't be ridiculous, Peacekeepers don't try to run when our legs are blown
off. It causes infection."

John stared at her, his blue eyes boring into her. Aeryn drew back, there was
something strange in them.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm sorry for, yelling at you it's just-" he stopped,
letting his arms drop to his sides.

"What is wrong with you, Crichton? Is this some sort of human thing? Should I
expect you to behave like this regularly?" She crossed her arms beneath her
breasts, examining John's face.

"How can you just stand there? I mean, it must mean something, even for

Aeryn just stared at him. Finally she said, "What? What are you talking

"Us! God, I mean, I felt something there. We had something." John move closer
to her. He was looking intently into her eyes. "How can you just stand there
and pretend nothing happened?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Us!" he yelled, waving his hands in agitation. He gestured wildly, "You, me,
together. In the safe house? In Australia? You were wearing that really,
incredible, dress?"

"Australia? Isn't that the name of your planet?"

"What? No, Australia is a continent."

"Oh, right. Your planet's called Dirt or something like that."

"Earth! And don't try to change the subject!"

"What subject? I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Ok Aeryn, I'll lay it out for nice and easy. You," he pointed at her, "and
me," he pointed at himself, "made love, had sex, did the nasty, made the
beast with two backs, whatever you want to call it." He was waving his hands

"That's it, I'm taking you to see Zhann. You're hallucinating. Badly." Aeryn
grab bed John's arm and began to drag him out of the maintenance bay. They
had reached the living quarter deck when he suddenly stopped.

"Oh my God. I imagined it. They showed me what I thought would happen and I-"
He staggered, head down, over to the bulkhead. "I should have thought of
that. Rygel wasn't real, why should you have been?"

Aeryn stood uneasily next to him. She had never really been able to
understand him and just when she thought that she could get used to him, he
did this.

"Aeryn, what happened when you guys came after me?" John asked, leaning
against the wall.

Aeryn thought for a moment. "We left Moya in a transport pod and entered the
wormhole. There was some bright light and the next thing I remember is being
in some sort of observation cell. Someone talked to us and brought us food,
Rygel's eating habits were disgraceful, as usual. Then you showed up a while

"That's it?"

"Yes, Crichton. That's it. Do you still think we had sex?"

"No, no. Not anymore. An illusion, all of it, a damned dream." He slumped
against the bulkhead and slid down to sit on the floor. Aeryn looked at him.
He was obviously upset about something. If she didn't do something he would
likely go back and start banging away at his craft again.

"Listen, Crichton. You need to learn how to act like a Peacekeeper so you can
be useful around here. Why don't you let me start to train you?"


"Every time we've been in a combat situation you've been less than adequate.
A cadet would be able to handle situations better than you did. I mean, you
blew up a pulse rifle."

John looked up. The more familiar annoyance was back in his eyes, replacing
that strange sadness that Aeryn had rarely seen. "At least I didn't try to
take on a whole camp of mercenaries by myself."

Aeryn looked away. "Granted, but that was the gauntlet talking. Anyway, are
you going to learn how to handle yourself as a Peacekeeper or not?"

John stood. "Fine, what, you want to show me how to use a pulse rifle?" He
mimed the action of shooting.

"No, I don't trust you with one of them. If you overloaded it again you could
seriously damage Moya. Not to mention the fact that we only have so many of

"Then what do you want to teach me? You won't even let me fly the Prowler."

"Hand-to-hand combat. You seem woefully deficient in that area. I could take
you now with one hand tied behind my back."

"Really? Fine, let's go. Right now." John raised his fists in a boxing pose.
"Come on. Take me if you're so-" His head snapped back as Aeryn slammed her
palm into his forehead. "Ok, lucky shot-" He doubled over when Aeryn jabbed
two stiff fingers into his solar plexus. "Alright," he wheezed, "I could use
some training."

"Good," she smiled. "We need to go somewhere less open, your quarters."

John followed her as she set off down the corridor, still rubbing his
stomach. "Why?" he asked.

"Close quarters. Open spaces require a different set of skills. Close quarter
combat is also going to be easier to teach to you."

"Alright, whatever you say."

The two entered John's rather spartan quarters. His jumpsuit hung in one
corner and his scientific instruments lay scattered over the table. Aeryn set
her pulse rifle on the table and stood opposite him.

"We'll start out with the stance," she said, demonstrating for him. "Good, at
least you know that much. Now, the effective strike."

They began to slowly spar, with Aeryn carefully demonstrating each
Peacekeeper technique and John mimicking her until hecould reproduce it.

"Try the accent," she said.

"Oh, that's easy," he said. "Peacekeeper! Blow up that planet! Shoot
everything!" he said, his voice mimicking the Sebacean accent.

"We may make a Peacekeeper of you yet."

"Thank you, I think."

Aeryn grinned and renewed her strikes.

"Amazing, you actually seem to be a good learner," she said after he
finished a particularly difficult block and counterstrike combination. "Now,
grappling." She moved over to where he stood near the bed and took his
shoulders in her hands. "You do the same."

John complied, uncomfortably aware of the warmth of her body beneath the grey
shirt she habitually wore. "I should warn you, I was a pretty good wrestler
in high school. Woah!" he yelled as Aeryn forced him to his knees and away
from her. He countered, slipping under her arms and spinning her around. They
struggled briefly, each trying to gain the upper hand. Aeryn staggered for a
moment as her hold slipped. John took advantage of this to consolidate his
hold on her. Just as he was about to complete his hold he bashed his knee
against the side of his bed and fell awkwardly onto it, dragging Aeryn down
with him. The pair struggled awkwardly for a moment before becoming
hopelessly entangled in the sheets.

As they stopped, John realized that he and Aeryn were squeezed together,
wrapped in the bedsheets, with him on top. He felt himself beginning to get
aroused by the pressure of her thigh against him.

"Once again, you seem to have fallen onto me," Aeryn said, wriggling her body
to get free. "Do you enjoy this position?" she asked peevishly as John made
no attempt to move.

John looked into her eyes, mere inches away from him. "Yes, yes I do." He
kissed her fiercely, managing to free a hand and move it up to the back of
her head.

Aeryn froze for a second and then eagerly returned the kiss. She kicked her
legs and managed to dislodge the sheets. Free of their confining embrace, she
rolled over onto John , her lips still locked to his. John buried his hands
in her hair as she tugged on his lower lip with her teeth. She smiled at him,
then leaned down to kiss him again. John and Aeryn broke their kiss long
enough to fling off their clothes, piling them in a heap on the floor next to
the sheets. Aeryn straddled John, rearing back to let him look at the full
length of her body. She ran her hands over his firmly muscled chest, idly
tracing the lines of his body.

"Do I live up to your dream?" she asked, her hand moving down to squeeze his

John groaned, "Oh, yes. More. You're more beautiful than I could ever
imagine." Aeryn grinned. "We'll see how the rest of your dream holds up."

With that, she raised herself over John's cock. He reached up to cup her firm
breasts, his thumbs rubbing over her now hard nipples. Aeryn slowly lowered
herself onto his cock, teasing him at her entrance. She slid his head over
her opening, her strong thighs easily holding her just above him.

"For God's sake, Aeryn, please!"

The Peacekeeper tossed her raven hair back over her shoulders and let herself
sink. They both gasped as he entered her, Aeryn's mouth opening wide as she
savored his penetration. Her body seemed on fire as sensations long neglected
flooded through her body. She dug her nails into John's shoulders as she
began to hump up and down his shaft, each penetration bringing new pleasure
to her.

John slowly ran his hands down her toned body, enjoying the feel of her soft
skin over the firmness of her muscle. He lifted his head to take a nipple
into his mouth as his hands cupped her taut ass. He began to run his tongue
over her nipple, flicking it delicately and then gently grazing it with his
teeth. Aeryn rewarded him with a low moan and an increase in her motions. Her
hands moved from his shoulders up to his hair, pressing him against her
bosom. He increased his ministrations, moving one hand up to softly squeeze
her other breast.

Aeryn began to pump herself against John, her hips moving faster and faster
as her orgasm approached. She placed her hand on her breast over his.
Wordlessly, she guided him into pinching her nipple. As he did she felt a
current of pleasure run through her body at the shock of it.

"Yes, John. Do that," she gasped. He obeyed and she screamed in pleasure.
This seemed to set him off. He groaned loudly and pinched her both her
nipples hard as he thrust up into her, releasing himself into her.

Aeryn pushed him back onto the bed, leaning over him as she furiously rode
his cock. He lightly scraped his teeth over her nipple and sent her screaming
over the edge into a delirious orgasm. She collapsed onto him, her hips
moving more slowly until, finally, they stopped, leaving his cock to slowly
soften within her.

John let out a long shaky breath as Aeryn rolled off of him. He groped
around on the floor and pulled the sheets over their sweaty bodies. He was
pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric of the sheets quickly wicked
away the moisture their lovemaking had produced, leaving no uncomfortable wet
spot. He rolled onto his side, his head propped on his fist to look at Aeryn.
She had rolled onto her side facing away from him.

"Hey," he said softly, lightly running his index finger across her bare

"What is it Crichton?" Aeryn said, her voice tired and annoyed.

"Don't you want to talk? I mean, I don't think either of us has had a chance
to do this with anyone since we came aboard. I thought that was pretty good,
now there's really only two things that I really miss from Earth." He leaned
over closer to Aeryn. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was even.
"Aeryn?" She snored loudly. "Great."


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