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iCarly: Changing the Grade
by Skibbiez

Chapter 1 - Family Comin!

"You finish your History report?" Spencer asked as he arose from the couch.

"No, I finished the greatest History report in the history of History
reports," his little sister Carly said holding it up.

"Nice!" He said reaching out, "What's it about?" He continued grasping at the

"DONT TOUCH IT!" Carly shouted pulling it back. "Sorry," she said brushing
her long black hair back from her face. "I just don't want to get anything on
it; it's got to be perfect when I hand it in to Mr. Dublin." She continued
smiling up at her older brother. "And guess what?" She asked cheerfully. "If
I get an 'A' on it, I will get an 'A' for the semester, and that means I'll
get straight 'As' for the first time in my LIFE!" She said excitedly.

"Well I'm very proud of you Carly," he said gazing down at his little sister.
"That's awesome!" He continued.

"Well I'm going to meet Freddie now; his mom is taking us to school." She
said as she turned around and headed towards the door.

"Okay sis, I'm just going to stay here and work on this stupid lamp." He said
as he took his seat back on the couch staring at the artsy lamp.

Carly just laughed as she exited the room.

* * *

Sitting in History class Carly was frantically taking notes as her teacher,
Mr. Dublin, blurted out the lesson in a nearly impossible rate.

"Uhh, Mr. Dublin," Carly said raising her hand in the air.

"No I will not slow down." He said in a stern tone.

Carly huffed in unison with the class as her robot teacher continued on.
Finally, the bell echoed through the halls and the class as the classmates
let out a sigh of relief.

"I've graded your reports, and you can pick them up on your way out." He said
strolling over to his desk. He began handing them back one at a time giving a
mild insult to each student. "Ahh Carly, you did very well on your report."
He said handing her report over to her.

"Thank you Mr. Dublin! I worked very hard on it!" She continued looking down
at the bold red "B."

"YOU GAVE ME A 'B'!" She shouted.

"Yes you did fantastic!" He said with a slight smirk on his face.

"You said I did very well, how come you didn't give me an 'A'?" She asked

"There were some minor errors, and quite frankly I didn't like the font you
used." He said packing his things in his briefcase. "Now if you'll excuse
me," he said as he confidently strolled out of the room.

Carly pulled the report into her body and let out a sigh of disappointment as
she walked out of the room.

* * *

Carly was depressed the rest of the day, and when the final bell rang to end
the school day Carly couldn't have been happier. She slowly moped as she
walked to her locker meeting up with her perky friend Sam. "So," She said in
a cheerful voice. "Did you get an 'A'?" She asked grabbing Carly's arm in

"No!" Carly said looking down at the ground. "Mr. Dublin gave me a fucking
'B' on the report!" She continued staring back at her best friend.

"That's insane!" Sam replied in a hateful voice.

"On the next episode of "iCARLY" we should tell everyone to egg his car.

Carly laughed, "No I don't think that will get my grade changed." She said
flashing a slight smile.

"Well, I have heard something that might get your grade changed." Sam said
timidly sensing her friend's grief.

Carly's eyes lit up, "What?" She said in an upbeat manner.

"Well I have heard of a couple cases where some girls have used their
'assets' on Mr. Dublin and he has enhanced their grades for them." Sam said

"Oh my God Sam," Carly barked, "That's gross!" She continued.

"Well I'm not saying have sex with the guy, just maybe a little harmless
flirting that's all!" She said jokingly.

"No way Sam!" Carly replied firmly.

"Alrighty then!" Sam responded as the two made their ways down the hall.

Carly and her best friend Sam made their way back to Carly's house, and
walked in the door.

"There's my straight 'A' sister!" Spencer said posing in front of what looked
to be a giant 'A' statue.

"Spencer wait..." Carly began before he stopped her.

"Wait before you give your big speech about how you finally made straight
'As' I just want to tell you that I already called mom and dad and they told
me to tell you that THEY ARE COMING HOME," he said in an exuberant voice.
"But only for a week, as that's all the Navy would allow." He continued in a
lackluster voice.

"Oh really," Carly smiled half-heartedly. "That's... That's awesome..." Carly
said hesitantly.

Sam just looked over at her obviously distraught friend.

"Oh but wait, that's not all," Spencer said smiling from ear to ear. "In
honor of your straight 'As' I am making you," he said posing beside his large
creation. "A GIANT 'A' STATUE!" He said posing as if he were Vanna White on
Wheel of Fortune.

"Spencer wait..." Carly said softly.

"I can't help it sis!" He said walking over to his little sister. "I'm just
so proud of you!" He continued as he wrapped his large arms around her tiny
body embracing her in a loving hug. Carly looked over at Sam with a
distressed look on her face, and Sam was looking back at her with a likewise
concerned look.

Carly and Sam sat together on Carly's large bed.

"What are you going to do Carly?" Sam asked sincerely.

"I don't know Sam!" Carly bolted out in a mean spirited voice.

"Geez I'm sorry," Sam replied softly.

"No, I am Sam." Carly said apologetic, "It's just that my parents are going
to come all the way back here and if they find out that I didn't get straight
'As' they will flip!" She continued.

"I know Carl, but just remember what I said earlier about maybe flirting with
him a little bit." She said.

Carly thought for a little bit, "I know, but there just has to be some other
way to get it changed without whoring myself to my teacher!" Carly said.

"Well whatever you do, I'll support it a hundred percent!" Sam said happily.

"But for now, I have got to get going." She said rising from the bed.

"Okay Sam," Carly said as she too stood up. "Thanks for everything!" She said
wrapping her tiny arms around Sam's small body as she pulled her in closely
giving her a friendly hug.

"I'm always gonna be here for ya," Sam said tightly hugging her best friend
back. "I'll do anything for ya!" She said as the two released each other.
Carly smiled over at Sam as she made her way out of the room.

* * *

Carly could hardly sleep that night because she couldn't quit thinking about
how proud she had made her brothers, and the fact that her parents were
actually going to come visit for a while just because she said she had
straight 'As'. She knew that she had to get that grade changed and decided
that Sam was right and there wasn't anything really wrong with a little
harmless flirting. She decided she would dress a bit on the sexy side today
to improve her chance of getting Mr. Dublin's attention.

She picked out a red and gray plaid checkered skirt, and a white polyester
button up shirt. Grabbing her long white stockings she headed for the
bathroom. She entered and hung her outfit on the door. She turned on the
shower and slowly slid her white cotton shorts down her short slender legs.
Gripping the bottom of her loose fitting t-shirt she pulled it up and over
her head. She then slid her white cotton panties down her petite legs and
stood back up facing her full body mirror gazing over at her beautiful nude
body. "This is what you got to work with," she said rubbing her small hands
across her milky white skin stopping for just a bit as she squeezed her
small underdeveloped breasts. She smiled at herself and stepped into the
steam-filled shower.

The water trickled down Carly's tiny body like raindrops on a freshly waxed
car. She picked up a bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo, and opened it sending
a fresh aroma of fruit through the air. She squeezed a bit into her tiny
palm and rubbed it through her thick, long, black hair. After she finished
stroking the slick liquid into her hair she placed her head under the warm
waterfall and rinsed it clean. She then took the bar of soap and ran it over
her creamy white skin. She liked to show extra attention to her small breasts
gently squeezing the two mounds. This sent a wave of excitement throughout
her body and she soon found herself rubbing on her pink clit. She didn't do
this very often, but when she would start she had a hard time stopping. She
ran her tiny fingers over the sensitive slit causing her to let out a slight
moan of pleasure. She continued to roam her fingers over her pussy lips
occasionally inserting her index finger inside of her. Minutes passed and she
continued probing her fingers vigorously inside her tiny cunt until she heard
a knock at the door.

"Sis!" The voice said from the other side. "You need to hurry up," he
continued. "I made you AEGGS for my straight 'A' sister!" He said.

Carly immediately shut off the stream of water and stepped out of the shower
as she wrapped a large pink towel around her tiny body. "Okay Spence," She
said drying her body. "I'll be down in a minute!" She continued as she
hurriedly dried her teenage figure.

"Okay!" Spencer said from a distance. "I'm soooo proud of her!" He continued
as his voice faded off in the distance.

Carly looked at herself once again in the mirror, "I have to get that grade
changed!" She said to herself as she took her outfit from the hanger.

* * *

Moments later, she came downstairs shocking her older brother with her
outfit. "Whoa!" he said causing Carly to blush. "You become a straight 'A'
student and you transform into a real life school-girl." He continued pulling
out a chair at the table. Carly let out a subtle laugh as she walked into the
kitchen. Spencer couldn't take his eyes off of his young sister. He just
stared at her tiny skirt that barely came down below her mid-thigh.

"Uh, the eggs look great Spence!" Carly said trying to change the subject.

"Well if you give your best in school I can only give my best around the
house." He said as he joined her for breakfast.

The two siblings continued to talk up Carly's grades, and just as Carly was
about to tell him the truth about her report he told her that their parents
were already on their way home. Carly had no idea how far she would be
willing to go, but she knew that, now more than ever, she had to get that
grade changed. She excused herself from the table and went off to school.

Chapter 2 - Sam Helps Carly

Later that day, Sam stood outside Principal Franklin's door. She listened as
the secretary pressed the button on her phone. "Principal Franklin, Sam is
here for another one of her "meetings." She said sarcastically.

"Ughh... Send her in," the voice said reluctantly.

Sam just smiled at the elder secretary and walked into his large office. Soon
as she stepped through the door, Principal Franklin was taken back by her
beautiful looks. She was wearing a low-cut fluffy white skirt that stopped
just above her mid-thigh. Her top was a bright pink shirt that seemed to hug
against her small round breasts. Her long blonde hair was in pig tails on
each side of her cute face. She sat down in the small black chair and much to
Principal Franklin's pleasure her tiny skirt rode up just a bit giving him a
slight hint of her hot pink panties. He felt his cock twitch a bit as he
focused in on her forbidden zone.

"Well good morning Sam," Principal Franklin said as he got a hold of himself
and looked up at her.

"Mornin' Ted!" Sam said cheerfully.

"Sam, you know not to call me that here!" He said in a stern voice.

"Okay, sorry Principal Franklin..." Sam Rebutted in a lackluster voice.

"So, what brings you to my office today?" He asked as he sifted through some
paperwork on his desk.

"Well Ted... I mean Mr. Franklin, it's not really about me, but my friend
Carly." She said genuinely. "She got a 'B' on her History report and she
really deserved an 'A'!" She said continued.

"Well Sam, You know I have no say in the grades that the teachers assign
their students." Principal Franklin said looking up from his desk. "Besides,
A 'B' is good!" He continued.

"I know," Sam said, "I would be ecstatic if I was to get a 'B'" Sam
continued, "But Carly had the chance of getting straight 'As' on her report
card for the first time ever!" Sam said convincingly.

"I'm sorry Sam, but there is nothing I can do!" He said firmly.

"Isn't there anything I can do to change your mind?" She said seductively
as she ran her hand through her long blonde hair. Principal Franklin knew
exactly what she was getting at, and just before he spoke his door burst

"I'm sorry Mr. Franklin, but I'm having trouble logging into the computer to
put the grades in." The secretary said.

"What do you mean Ms. Jones?" Mr. Franklin said obviously distraught.

"I don't know, it just won't let me login." She continued.

"Fine, I'll login on mine and see if it's working." He said as he turned
around and began messing on his computer. "Seems to be working here Ms.
Jones, let's go look at your computer." He said as he arose from his chair
and walked over towards the secretary. "You stay here and we'll continue our
discussion when I get back," he said placing his large black hand on Sam's
small shoulder.

"Okay Te... Mr. Franklin," Sam replied with a slight giggle.

As the two left the room Sam just sat there patiently awaiting the
principal's re-entry. She glanced over and seen that the computer was still
logged into the school's grade system. She looked around and before she knew
it she had moved into his chair and was cycling through all the student's
grades. She made it to her best friend, Carly's, page and saw the large 'B'
that stood out like sore thumb amongst all her other 'As', "There we go,
we'll just change this to an 'A' and we'll be on our way," she said to
herself while changing the grade.

Soon after she got it changed and was getting back to the first page she felt
large hands on each of her shoulders. She jumped forward and looked up. It
was Principal Franklin. "Oh! Mr. Franklin you scared me!" She said as she
attempted to rise from his chair.

Without saying a word he just forced her back down. "You know I could expel
you for what I just caught you doing." He said as he began to gently massage
her petite shoulders.

"What!" Sam said in a shocked voice. "I'm sorry Ted, you know I can't get
expelled!" She pleaded as she looked up at the tall dark man.

"Don't worry Sam, I'm not going to expel you, but you did ask if there was
anything you could do to get that grade changed." He said as he continued to
massage her small shoulders while he creeped his fingers slowly down the
front of her chest.

"Mr. Franklin," Sam said just staring at the computer monitor, "What are you
doing?" She asked innocently.

"I know why you're in here Sam," he said inching his hands further down while
he continued to rub on her. "I'm going to give you a chance to earn that 'A'
for your friend Carly." He said as he allowed his hands to cup her small
developing breasts.

Sam was shocked that he had actually advanced this far. She had done this
numerous times to her different teachers, but never to her principal. After
just a few moments of his molestation of her breasts he released his grip and
instructed her to rise. She obliged standing from the chair.

"Why don't we just see what we have under here?" He said gripping the bottom
seam of her tight shirt and led it up her firm body. He pulled it over and
through her long blonde hair exposing a cute pink bra. Sam stood timidly in
front of her principal just gazing up at him biting on her bottom lip.

Mr. Franklin smiled at the beautiful sight that was before him and without
hesitation he led his hands around her nervous body and gripped the clasp to
her bra. Within seconds he had it unclasped and he slid the straps from her
shoulders and allowed the light fabric to fall to the ground. He stood back
once again admiring her beauty as he grazed his hands over her exposed chest.
The feeling of his dry hands on her breasts caused goose bumps to form over
her milky white skin.

After a few seconds his hands maneuvered themselves to the seam of her skirt
and he had begun to unfasten the button. He proceeded to pull the skirt down
her athletic legs wrapping his hands around her ankles forcing her to step
out of the skirt. He stood back up and again stood back to admire her, only
this time she was only wearing a pair of matching pink panties. He slid his
fingers underneath the seam of the panties and slid them back and forth under
the thin material before guiding them down her legs. He placed his hands on
the sides of her smooth legs as he began standing guiding his hands up as he
went. Once he was standing straight up he slid his hands to Sam's ass and
pulled her in close to him.

She could feel his warm breath against her exposed body and much to her
surprise he placed his full lips directly on top of hers. Her eyes lit up
like a full moon. She had no idea what to do. None of her other teachers
that she had seduced like this had went this route. They all just wanted
to see her naked and touch her body but none of them had actually kissed
her! She pulled away from her older principal.

"I'm sorry Mr. Franklin, but I can't do this!" She said sympathetically.
She began to bend down to pick up her clothes, but he stopped her and pulled
her back up.

"Sam," he said softly, "I have wanted this for a long time, and there is no
way in hell that I can allow you to leave now." He said in a dominating
voice. "Now, you want to get that grade changed you're your friend, and I
want you. So let's both get what we want." He said looking down in her big
green eyes placing his hands on her shoulders running his hands down her
arms. Sam knew he meant what he said and knew that she had to comply with
whatever it was that he wanted. She just hoped he wasn't going to take it
too far.

Mr. Franklin began to lead her over to his couch where he sat her down. He
swiftly flung off his shirt and before she knew it he was straddling her with
a leg on each side of her tiny naked body. He leaned down and once again gave
her a kiss on her lips as he began to squeeze her small mounds of flesh.
After a few moments of kissing Mr. Franklin released his grip of her lips and
began to fidget with his belt.

"Mr. Franklin... I can't do this!" Sam cried out knowing what was to come

Mr. Franklin didn't say a word as he just sat up a bit so that he would be
able to pull his pants down, and that's exactly what he did. Within seconds
his pants were down to his knees and his 8in cock was protruding straight out
in front of him with his boxers being the only thing between it and its

Sam was astonished at the sight of the massive rod. "Oh my God!" Sam
exclaimed, "Ted... Please!!" She said staring up at him with tears in her

"Remember what I said Samantha, we both want something today!" He said as he
slid his silk boxers down until they met his jeans exposing his throbbing
cock that was already oozing with pre-cum. He leaned down and began placing
light kisses on Sam's chest stopping briefly to suck on her puffy nipples.

Sam could feel his moist cock pressing against her soft skin as he leaned
down to kiss her, and the feeling was unlike any she had ever felt. She
attempted to slither herself free, but after just a couple attempts she knew
that it wasn't going to happen. While he continued to suck on her succulent
breasts he gripped his pulsing cock in his hand and directed it in the
direction of her virgin pussy. She could feel the tip of his meaty member
gently graze the lips of her warm pussy. The feeling caused her to attempt
to scoot forward, but once again he had her completely in his control. He
leaned up and placed a kiss directly on her lips once again as he finally
inserted his large cock inside her. Sam let out a moan while still locked in
a kiss, and this just allowed Mr. Franklin to insert his tongue inside her
mouth. He twirled the moist muscle around her mouth intertwining it with
hers. He began to slowly thrust his cock deeper in her pussy causing her to
let out a louder moan. His hands once again returned to her small breasts as
he violently ripped at the meaty area. He slowly began to retreat his cock
from her virgin flower only to insert it faster and further inside her. Sam
could not believe that she was actually losing her virginity to her
principal. She tried to imagine that it wasn't happening, but as soon as
she drifted away she felt his large cock be forced further inside her.

Mr. Franklin could not believe the intense pleasure that he was in having his
cock wrapped in Sam's teenage pussy. He couldn't help but thrust faster and
faster and push harder and harder as he pinched at her tiny nipples. He was
in a complete state of ecstasy. Mr. Franklin knew that Sam was just seconds
away from climaxing as her moans of pleasure became faster and louder, and he
knew he had to silence her so he wrapped his lips around hers once again
placing another passionate kiss on the young girl. As Sam's body went limp
from her climax Mr. Franklin knew that he was just moments away from
climaxing himself, and he began to slowly pull his cock from her extra moist

As soon as it was out he exploded all over his couch and partially on her.
He smiled down at her as he once again placed a kiss on her full lips. He sat
up and stood beside her once again gazed down at her nude exhausted body. "I
think Carly earned that grade, wouldn't you?" he said as he pulled his pants
back up.

Sam just sat up without saying a word and proceeded to gather her clothes.
Mr. Franklin watched as she got dressed, and just before she started towards
the door he came up behind her placing his large hands on her tiny shoulders.
His warm breath roaming down her neck as he whispered in her ear, "No one is
to find out how Carly got an 'A' in that class," he said moving his hands
down her chest once again cupping her small breasts in his hands.

"I know Mr. Franklin," she said softly.

"It sure would be horrible if I had to expel both of you girls," he said
before placing a soft peck on her neck before allowing her to exit the room.

Sam was disgusted with him, but more importantly she was disgusted with
herself. She kept telling herself that she did Carly a favor, but she
couldn't get over the fact that she just had sex with her principal. She
immediately went to the bathroom and found a stall to sit in a cry.

Chapter 3 - Carly Helps Herself

The day went by like normal for Carly, and by the time her 5th hour history
class came around she had psyched herself up enough to do whatever it was
going to take to get Mr. Dublin to change her grade. She strolled into his
class and almost immediately caught her older perverted teacher's eye. She
knew he was going to be putty in his hand as she noticed him watching her
every movement while she made her way to her seat. She flashed him a fresh
smile of her pearly white teeth while his eyes roamed over her young teenage

Once the bell rang he immediately re-focused his attention to teaching
History. Carly began to frantically take notes, and occasionally looking up
at the clock knowing what the end of class held in store for her. In a class
that seemed to fly by the bell echoed throughout the classroom causing Mr.
Dublin to stop his teaching. "You are to read chapters 4 and 5 by Monday,"
he said as he took a seat at his desk, "and oh yeah, have a great weekend!"
He continued as the majority of the class exited the room.

Carly, however, remained seated at her desk.

"Ms. Shay?" He said perplexed staring down at the teenage beauty "is there
anything I can do for you?" He continued propping himself against his large
wooden desk.

"Well since you asked Mr. Dublin," Carly said rising from her seat. "I was
wondering if there would be any kind of, well..." she paused as she drew
imaginary circles with her finger on her desk, "I was wondering if I could
possibly do some sort of extra credit so that I can bring my grade up to an
'A' for the semester." She said in a sweet and innocent voice as she peered
up at her teacher with her large brown eyes.

"Extra credit huh?" He said chewing on the lid of his pen.

"Yeah I'd be willing to do anything." She said again in her sweet voice.

"Well Carly, I really don't think that would be fair to the other students,"
he said dropping his pen on the ground.

"Oh here," Carly said as she walked over to the pen. "Let me get that," she
said bending over right in front of her teacher, and as her skirt rode up it
gave him a clear view to her sweet teenage ass. "Here ya go," she said
handing him back his pen. "Now is there anything that I would be able to do
to bring that grade up?" She said as she slid her hands up and down his
purple silk tie.

Mr. Dublin knew exactly what Carly was doing, and a part of him wanted to
stop her, but a greater part of him wanted to see exactly how far she would
go. "Well, why don't you go shut the door and we'll discuss it." He said
adjusting his pants trying to conceal the growing bulge in his pants.

Carly turned and walked towards the door. As she took a deep breath she shut
it locking her inside with just her teacher. She turned back around and
walked back over to him. She stopped directly in front of him crossing her
arms as she looked up at him.

"Well... I really don't know of any assignments that you'd be able to do in
such short notice." He said.

"Come on Mr. Dublin," she pleaded, "there has to be something I can do!" She
cried. "I have to get straight 'As'," she again implored, "I'll do anything!
A report, I'll read 10 chapters, please Mr. Dublin I will do anything you
ask!" She said as tears began to form in her eyes.

Mr. Dublin had millions of thoughts running through his mind as she continued
to plea with him, and says that she is up for "anything." He thought about
the situation that was proposed to him, and he decided against better
judgment he would act on it.

Mr. Dublin placed his large masculine hands on Carly's small shoulders and
turned her around to where she was between him and his desk. He slowly slid
his hands down her slender arms and rested them on her petite waist.

"What are you doing," Carly asked timidly.

"I'm going to give you a chance to earn that 'A!'" He said taking the bottom
of her shirt and swiftly undoing the button.

"But..." She began as he moved up and undid the next button. "I can't do
this!" She said stopping him after the third button was undone.

"Carly, you said that you were willing to do "ANYTHING" in order to get an
'A' for the semester, well this will help." He said as he took her hands and
placed them on her sides.

"I know, but this is insane!" She said keeping her hands to her sides as he
undid another button leaving only one that kept her shirt together.

"If you do everything asked of you today then you will get your 'A' for the
class, and get the 'A' for the semester."

Carly accepted this proposal in her head knowing that she had to get that 'A'
for the sake of her parents. He said sliding his hands up the two sides of
her shirt. As he reached the clasp for the last button he felt his fingers
pressed up against the lacey cloth of her bra. He slowly undid the button,
and pulled the two pieces of the front of her shirt apart exposing her two
extremely small bra covered breasts.

Carly's face was as red as a tomato. She had never allowed anyone to view her
without a shirt on, but she had convinced herself that she had to do it. Mr.
Dublin stood back a bit admiring her small underdeveloped breasts that were
merely covered by a thin, white, and lacey bra. Carly could feel his eyes
roaming all across her chest as if they were millions of tiny eyeballs on her

"Go ahead and remove it the rest of the way." He instructed as Carly
proceeded to slowly take her shirt the rest of the way off.

"I'm sure you've seen enough," she said standing in front of him topless.

"You are now up to a solid 'B' overall, but this is not 'A' material." He
said firmly. "Why don't you take off that skirt?" He asked rhetorically.

"Mr. Dublin I can't do..." She began saying before she was stopped by her
teacher running his hands underneath the seam of her skirt all across her
waist line. He stopped once both his hands reached the middle of the cute
little skirt and he quickly unbuttoned the small button. He then moved his
hands from the button to the zipper and slowly led the metal zipper down
until it was fully unzipped. The two sides fell to their respective sides
and exposed Carly's white underwear. He gripped the bottom of the plaid
skirt and as he slowly bent down he drug the skirt with him. Once he
reached her cute little feet he assisted her in stepping out of the skirt.
On his journey back to his vertical base he allowed his hands to roam every
visible inch of her slim legs. Carly was now standing in front of her
teacher wearing nothing but her bra and panties.

"I want you to give me a kiss!" He commanded.

Carly's eyes lit up like that of a full moon. "You want me to do what?" She
asked shocked.

"I want to see just how serious you are about getting this grade changed," he
said running his hands over her smooth stomach. "If you're not serious then
you should get your things and be on your way!" He continued as he grazed his
fingers over her small tits.

"No," she said softly, "I'll do it." She said in a defeated voice before she
leaned forward and placed her rosey red lips on his. As soon as she kissed
the aging man she pulled her head back and smiled at him.

"What was that?" He asked. "I bet that's how you kiss your parents!" He
continued. "When I ask you to kiss me, I want you to kiss me like this!" He
said grabbing the back of her head pulling her towards him. Their two lips
met once more only this time Mr. Dublin had his mouth wide open. Carly's
eyes were the size of softballs as she continued to be forced against her
teacher's mouth. Mr. Dublin roamed his tongue across her moist luscious lips
all the while he slid his large dry hands around her smooth body until he had
them wrapped around her. He gripped the small clasp of her tiny bra and with
a swift tug he had it unclasped.

Carly immediately pulled her head back, and proceeded to cross her arms
across her chest.

"That was much better" he said as he wiped the saliva from his lips.

"I can't do this anymore," she said trying to push Mr. Dublin away. "I have
to go!" She continued trying to squeeze her way between his large body and
his desk.

"What is the hurry?" He asked while he placed his hands on her bare sides
pushing her back in front of him.

"Please Mr. Dublin, I'm sorry for leading you on now please just let me go,"
she pleaded, "I won't tell anyone about this, I promise!" she continued.

"It's okay Carly, I want you to get this 'A'" he said as he grasped her tiny
wrists in his hands and pried them away from her chest.

Holding her hands down by her waist in one of his large hands, he slid his
free hand up her arms and led the straps of her bra down. Carly struggled to
break free, but her tiny body was no match for Mr. Dublin's large frame.

"Please Mr. Dublin... You can't do this!" She cried out trying to escape.
Her plea just fell on deaf ears as Mr. Dublin reached out in front of him
gripping her small bra pulling it down her undersized arms.

Carly began to struggle harder and faster as Mr. Dublin quickly turned her
around and forced her right up against the large wooden desk. He pushed his
body up against hers pinning her to the large desk. Carly felt his pulsating
cock trying to probe its way through his khaki pants and into her panty
covered ass giving her the most disturbing feeling she had ever had in her
life. He led his hands up her tight abs and placed them on each of her bare
underdeveloped breasts. Her tiny breasts felt like two small solid water
balloons inside his large hands. Her hard fully erect nipples were pinched
between two of his fingers on his right hand as he softly squeezed her
opposite breast with his left. The feeling of this large man fully molesting
her caused Carly to buck around like a wild horse. The way she was trying to
free herself was causing her tender ass to grind up and down against his
raging cock like that of a professional stripper.

"Stoooop!" She cried out with streams of tears rolling out of her eyes like

Mr. Dublin slowly slid his hands down her stomach stopping once he reached
the seam of her white panties. He gripped the seam with one of his hands
and with the other he held her hunched over the desk while he commenced in
sliding her panties down her legs. Once down far enough gravity took over
and they fell down to the floor.

"Mr. Dublin!" She cried, "I can't do this, YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" She whimpered.

Mr. Dublin just leaned over and began dropping little pecks on her upper back
and lower neck all the while Carly continued to struggle desperately to break
free. Finally, he stood her up straight and turned her back around. He
instantaneously placed both of his arms on each side of her trembling body
giving her no means of escape. His eyes immediately roamed over her naked
body. Her breasts were like small oranges with tiny nipples placed perfectly
in the center that were fully erect from the uncommon attention they had
received. Her pussy was a tiny pink slit with just a hint of black pubic hair
that was just beginning to form.

"Please... Just let me go, you've seen enough!" She cried out while staring
up at him with her big brown eyes.

"This is what you wanted Carly," he said in a stern voice. "Now I want you to
earn that 'A'" he said boldly.

"I don't care about the 'A'!!" She screamed. "Just please let me GO HOME!"
She cried out as she once again gave a last ditch effort to get by him.

"Don't you get it?" He said raising his voice. "You preppy little girls think
that all you have to do is show me a little skin and I'll do whatever you
want!" He continued startling Carly by his tone. "Well not ANYMORE!" He
hollered. "It's time you girls get what is coming to you!"

It was at that moment that Carly knew that she was not going to get free,
and she knew that she had no alternative than to do whatever he wanted. He
brushed the back of his fingers against her perky red cheeks as he wiped the
tears from her.

"Don't worry, you're going to get your 'A'" he said taking his hands from her
trembling body and started unbuttoning his pants.

Within seconds his pants were down at his ankles and his raging boner was
protruding from the front of his boxers. Carly was in a state of absolute
shock. He cupped one of her tiny breasts giving a gentle squeeze while he
took his boxers down exposing his rock hard cock. Carly was motionless with
her eyes staring down at his throbbing monster. He propped her up on his
desk and gently laid her down on the long table. He quickly crawled on top
of her trembling body placing a leg on each side of her straddling her. He
leaned down pressing his cock into her tight abs causing her to gasp at the
feeling. Mr. Dublin continued further down until he placed his mouth onto
hers pushing his wet tongue into her mouth. Carly struggled underneath him
as their two tongues were connected in a long passionate kiss. The more she
struggled the more she pressed his cock against her stomach and the more
his warm semen dripped out onto her teenage body.

He finally released the kiss, and slid back a bit along her pre-mature body.
His cock was now just inches away from her steaming pussy, and they both knew
it. His pre-cum was dripping from the tip of his throbbing cock as he forced
it right down against the upper part of her cunt. He maneuvered the large rod
until the thick purple head was pressed right against the pink lips of her
clit just teasing her precious region.

"You can't do this..." Carly cried in a soft murmur. "I'm still a virgin!"
She said again in a cry.

The words were music to his ears. He could tell she had never been with a man
before, but to hear her say it just made it that much better. "Don't worry
sweetie, this will be the most fun you will ever have earning an 'A'!" He
said just before he inserted the tip of his pulsating cock into her tight

"OH MY GOD!" She cried out while running her long fingernails down his back.
"Please take it out!" She continued as she screamed from the pain. Mr. Dublin
just continued to insert his meaty member further into her virginous clit.

"You have to stop!!! I can't take it any further!!" She pleaded trying to
imagine that she was not there. Mr. Dublin had no intentions of stopping. He
slowly retreated his cock a bit before swiftly probing it further inside her.
Carly let out another screech, and Mr. Dublin just leaned in and once again
placed his mouth onto hers. While their tongues were once again entwined with
each other his hands were cupping her two small titties. Finally, he released
the kiss as Carly let out a slight moan of pleasure. Mr. Dublin smiled before
leaning down and gave her a slight peck on her forehead.

"Oh God..." She cried while Mr. Dublin increased the speed of his thrusts.
"You have to sto..." She began saying before letting out a loud moan of
pleasure when he gave her a hard push almost forcing his cock of the way
inside her.

While swiftly pounding her sweet pussy he began to suck on her erect nipples
sending Carly into a world of ecstasy. He drove his cock in further and
harder listening to the sounds of Carly's moans echoing throughout the
classroom. Mr. Dublin knew that he was about to explode when so he slowly
withdrew his cock from her punished pussy. He continued to suck on her tiny
dime sized nipples while his hands gently massaged the small mounds. The
juices from his cock began flowing like fountain from the tip disgusting
Carly. She tried to push her large teacher off of her body, but she was much
too weak.

Finally, when it was all done Mr. Dublin collapsed on the young girl almost
smothering her. She tried to struggle and break free, but it wasn't going to
happen. Moments later he slid up her sweaty body and placed his dry lips onto
her moist luscious lips. He tried to pry his tongue inside her mouth, but she
had closed the gates. He slid his dry scaly hand down her body until it
reached her tender pussy. He teased her tender lips with his fingers gently
grazing over the sensitive region causing her to gasp. He instantly probed
his tongue inside her mouth and began to passionately kiss her once again
while dig his fingers inside her moist cunt.

His free hand was violently ripping at her small mounds of flesh while his
tongue played tag with hers inside her mouth. Carly had climaxed again
against her will as the feeling was like something she had never felt before.
She couldn't believe the fact that she was actually enjoying the abuse that
her teacher was putting her through. Finally, he removed his mouth from hers
and began kissing his way down her body as he slowly slid off of her. He
kissed each of her erect nipples before placing a gentle peck in the center
of her two small tits. He allowed his tongue to drag a trail down her stomach
stopping at the top of her pussy. He could smell the sweet aroma that fumed
from her tiny clit as he gave it a slight kiss. He continued licking his way
down her body until he was standing at the edge of the desk. He totally
removed himself from her as he gazed down at her beautiful nude body. "The
'A' is yours sweetie," he said as he pulled his boxers back up.

Carly quickly sat up and jumped down from the desk. Without saying a word she
put her clothes back on. She turned to exit the room, and Mr. Dublin stopped
her by placing his large muscular arm around her. His hand rested right above
her small breast as he faced her. She could feel his warm breath against her

"Remember, if you were to tell anyone about this I will deny it." He said
squeezing her breast in his hand. "And furthermore, you will no longer have
an 'A' in this class, but you will fail this class!" He said just before he
gave her a soft peck on the cheek. Carly just broke free and ran out of the

Carly continued to run down the hall with her eyes filled with tears. She
made it to her locker and just threw her books into her locker, and as she
shut it she saw Sam walking up to her. She tried to wipe the tears from her
eyes, but couldn't fully recover before Sam approached.

"Hey Carly, I've got great news!" Sam said wrapping her arms around her best
friend. "Wait... what's the matter?" She said backing away a bit after
noticing Carly was obviously upset.

"Well... I got my grade changed by Mr. Dublin..." Carly said softly as she
once again burst into tears.

Sam just stood in shock of the news she had just heard.

The End!


Just remember that this is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story should
be taken seriously or acted out in real life. I do not condone any of the
actions that take place in this fiction, or any other story that I read.
Please take this as merely fiction and nothing more. It's fake... NOT REAL!



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