This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

iCarly: Circle Of Friends (Mf)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Stupid wheel of hammers," Spencer lamented as he sat in the living room
staring at the broken art piece. "Why couldn't you work right on the

Prior to unveiling his newest sculpture on the webcast Spencer turned it on
to make sure there were no problems and there weren't. Unfortunately during
the show it began spinning out of control and one of the hammers flew off
narrowly missing Carly's head and before sticking in the wall. Even more
unfortunate was that Spencer and Carly's grandfather was watching the webcast
and became very upset at the incident. The next day he drove down from Yakima
and picked up Carly to take to live with him. No amount of begging could
change his mind.

Spencer sighed then got up and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. It had
been three days since Carly left yet as Spencer prepared spaghetti he still
found himself making food for two even setting the table for two. He sat and
played with his dinner as he now did before eating and as he went to take his
first bite the doorbell rang.

"Nobody's home!" Spencer yelled. Either not hearing or ignoring him the
person outside continued to ring the doorbell. Spencer grumbled as he got up
and made his way to the door. "I said nobody's home," He yelled again as he
opened the door. "Oh, hey Sam. Carly's not coming back. I talk to granddad
yesterday and he won't let her live with me."

"I know, I talked to Carly yesterday too and she said the same thing.
Actually I was wanting to talk to you. Can I come in?"

"Sure kiddo. Hey are you hungry?" Spencer asked as he let Sam in and returned
to the dinner table. "I just finished making dinner and once again I made too

"Yeah thanks," Sam replied making herself a plate before joining Spencer.
"Eating my mom's meatloaf is like eating cardboard."

"Cheese makes everything taste better."

"She doesn't even do that. Her meatloaf is like a big dark brick that takes
ten minutes to chew. I know she's not here, but Carly always let me eat here
so I wouldn't have to eat it."

"I know. She always knew when you were coming over for dinner before you even
asked." Sam sighed as she took a bite of the spaghetti and Spencer twirled
his fork in his plate wrapping the noodles around it. "I'm sorry I got Carly
sent to Yakima. I should have never built the wheel of hammers."

"It's not your fault Spencer. That was a cool thing you built. It was freak
accident that one of the hammers came loose and almost took Carly's head off.
You said you tested it before you showed it on our webcast right?"


"Then it was just an accident. How could you know that was going to happen?"

"I know... But maybe granddad was right. If I had finished law school then
Carly would still be here."

"If you were a lawyer then you'd never see Carly and she'd probably be living
with your grandfather because you were never home. You're being ridiculous

"Yeah I know. If Carly can't do it, then I just need to figure out a way to
convince our grandfather that I'm responsible enough to take care of her."

"And we will. Don't worry about it."

"It's going to have to been something good. The man can be very stubborn when
he wants. Hey I didn't mean to mope and drag the conversation down. What did
you want to talk about?"

"What did I want to talk about?"

"I said Carly wasn't here and you said you wanted to talk to me and asked if
you could come in."

"Oh yeah, would it be all right if I spent the night here? My mom's having a
bunch of her friends over tonight and they always smell up the apartment."

"You don't have anybody else whose house you could sleep at?"

"Not really. Carly's my only real friend. Freddie would probably be number
two and you see how well we get along."

"Well, if you want to sleep over I don't really care. I'll be busy working on
a new sculpture so the place is all yours. You know where everything's at."

"Thanks Spencer," Sam said getting up from the table taking her plate. "You
done with that?"

"In a few minutes. I'll clean up when I'm done."

* * *

Sam woke just after 1 a.m. with the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Half
asleep she made her way to the bathroom and when she finished began to return
to Carly's bedroom. It was three steps out of the bathroom when she heard the
faint sounds of a late night infomercial. Curiosity getting the best of her
Sam followed the sounds until she found herself standing outside Spencer's

"You awake Spencer?" Sam asked knocking on his door as she opened it.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep. What are you doing up?"

"I had to use the bathroom. Are you still thinking about Carly?"

"I can't help it. I keep trying to tell myself that granddad is overly strict
and blame him, but I keep ending up blaming myself."

"Have you been like this every night?" Sam then asked entering Spencer's

"Pretty much," Spencer remarked glancing over at Sam as she sat down
cross-legged on his bed.

"You really need to sleep. I know when I don't it makes me very cranky and I
end up sleeping during class. So what are we watching?"

"Some show selling a book on how to make money buying and selling foreclosed

"Sounds interesting."

"Everything is at one in the morning."

"Are you going to be okay anytime soon?"

"I'm fine now."

"No you're not. Do you know how much Carly would be worrying if she saw you
like this?"

"I promise you Sam I'll be fine. There's no need for you or Carly to worry."

"Okay, if you say so."

"Trust me I'll be fine."

"All right all right, you'll be fine. I'll see you in a couple of hours,"
Sam as she started to get off the bed. She stopped and leaned over kissing
Spencer on the lips. Startled she sat up and apologized. "Sorry I don't know
what came over me. I just meant to kiss you on the cheek."

"Don't worry. You're secret's safe with me. Man Carly be being gone has got
me so messed up I thought about... Never mind."

"Thought about what? Tell me."

"It's nothing Sam. Go to bed."

"Fine, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Just so you know
I've always thought you were cute, but you're way older than me and you are
Carly's brother."

"Of course you did and you're not the mean tough as nails almost tom boyish
person your try to pretend you are. I'll deny I ever said this if you repeat
it, but picking on Freddie is not that big a deal. Any girl that's breathing
could beat him up."

"And you're not as wacky and crazy as you pretend to be. You have no problems
wearing a suit and tie. It's just more fun for you being this person."

"You have no idea what you're talking about."

"And neither do you Spencer," Sam smiled in the faint glow of the television
as she once again planted her lips to Spencer's.

"You're cute Sam, but not cute enough. I need to go to bed," Spencer smirked
as he turned off the tv pitching the entire room into complete darkness. He
heard Sam crawl off the bed and slowly make her way across the room. "Good
night," he said expecting to hear his door open and close. That didn't happen
though as a few seconds later his bedroom lights came on. Sam stood near the
doorway with her hand on the light switch and completely nude.

"It'll be a good night in a little while," She grinned sauntering back over
to the bed.

"So do you do this for Carly's friends too?" Spencer asked smiling as the
blonde's developing body swayed back and forth as she walked towards him.

"Oh please, I'm not a slut. Now are you going to get undressed or not?"
Spencer quickly kicked the bedsheets and the quilt away and stripped off his
clothing. Sam's eyes lit up as she gazed upon the nine inches of Spencer.
"Damn," she muttered.

"Problem?" Spencer grinned.

"Not at all."

Sam climbed back onto the bed and wrapped her hand around Spencer's shaft.
It slowly came to life becoming hard as her hand slid over it back and
forth. When it became completely firm and erect Sam wrapped her lips around
Spencer's cock and began bobbing her head up and down on it. Spencer moaned
watching the blonde suck him off as her lips applied enough pressure to
titillate him as they passed along the length. Sam's tongue slithered around
Spencer's shaft each time she took it in her mouth.

"Not bad for an amateur," Spencer remarked as Sam could seemingly take only
six inches into her mouth.

Sam briefly looked up glaring at him and returned her attention back to his
cock. She slowly began working to get the last three inches into her mouth.
Sam gagged each time the tip of Spencer's cock poked the back of her mouth
and slid down her throat with each pass. Within a few minutes the blonde was
taking the entirety of Spencer's shaft into her mouth allowing him to bottom

"Mmm... You're definitely not an amateur," Spencer grinned as Sam continued
to slobber all over his dick as she deepthroated him.

"I know what to do," Sam smiled back. "Do you?" She asked crawling up to
Spencer's side.

"I'm not the tramp you are, but I do all right," Spencer replied moving to
the bottom of the bed where Sam had just been.

"I'm only good at this. I'm not the one trying to fuck my sister's best

"You're the one who started this. Besides you're not putting up much of a
fight either."

"I'm young and stu-- Oh god that's nice!" Sam moaned as Spencer's tongue
swept across her slit wetting the outside with his saliva.

Spencer flicked his tongue up and down Sam's opening occasionally pushing in
to tease her. As his tongue started to dart inside the blonde's pussy more
and more her clit started to swell. Sam was having a hard time holding her
excitement in. She slipped her hand between her legs and her index finger
found the enlarged nub.

"Oh fuck me!" Sam moaned as she quickly began to finger her clit.

"How's this?" Spencer asked spreading the girl's pussy lips apart with his
fingers and jamming his tongue deep inside.

"Great!" Sam moaned barely coherent. Her clit was aching with desire and her
body was burning with excitement. She continued to furiously finger her clit
while Spencer continued to eat her out. Then suddenly her body shuddered as
Spencer thrust two fingers into her pussy.

Sam shook with orgasm as Spencer began thrusting his fingers in and out of
her opening. She came gushing her cream all over Spencer's digits as they
pounded her cunt with deep hard thrusts. Sam's cream only helped to lube the
fingers inside her and the speed at which Spencer fingered her continued to
pick up. She was barely finished recovering from her orgasm before she felt
herself get hot and bothered again.

"Stick your cock in me Spence. I'm fixing to come again," Sam begged.

"I guess I was wrong about you," Spencer smirked as he withdrew his fingers
from Sam's sloppy hole and pressed them to her lips. "You can't be a slut if
you're getting off this easily."

"Shut up and just fuck me," the blonde shot back after sucking Spencer's
fingers clean.

Spencer was as erect as he could get, but he stroked himself a few times for
good measure. Sam waited with bated breath as she watched Spencer guide his
cock towards her pussy. He teased her rubbing it's head up and down her slit
several times before pushing in.

Sam gripped the bedsheets tightly as the length of Spencer's shaft slowly
pushed it's way inside her. Her pussy split open stretching to accommodate
the length and with of the enlarged member. Sam could only faintly gasp as
she came a second time unloading another flood of cum onto Spencer.

Spencer could feel this and smiled as he eased all nine inches into Sam. Both
he and his sister's friend were surprised at the ease in which he was able to
bottom out inside her on the first try. Though her body felt stuffed and she
wasn't sure she would be able to take anymore in had their been any Sam's
body pulsed with excitement.

"Oh shit," Sam groaned when Spencer began to pull out then push back in. The
feeling of his cock splitting her pussy apart and pressing against her inner
walls was better than anything she had felt before. Her body raged with a
burning desire to come again. Sam was in a state of euphoria that felt
incredible beyond anything she had experienced before from the multiple times
she had masturbated.

As he thrust his shaft hard into Sam's cunt Spencer too felt something
similar to Sam. She was only the second girl he had ever been with that
was as tight as she was and he was loving it. With each thrust inward Sam's
pussy tightened it's grip on Spencer. Her legs wrapped around his waist as
he grabbed her by the hips and began to slam himself as hard into her as he
could without hurting her. Soon the couple began to lose control of

"I'm fixing to come!" Spencer grunted wildly thrusting his cock into Sam as
he quickly lost self-control.

"Let me have it!" Sam begged. She quickly climbed off of Spencer and sat up
on the bed on her knees. Sam eagerly began fingering her pussy as Spencer
stood in front of her stroking his cock.

"Oh yeah!" Spencer groaned as he started coming within seconds of withdrawing
from Sam.

"Fuck this feels good!" Sam cried as Spencer's semen began striking her in
the face as she began to come herself. Her body shuddered several times as
it was racked with her most intense orgasm ever. Sam creamed her fingers and
soiled Spencer's bed when her pussy gushed wildly for several seconds. When
both had calmed down Spencer and Sam lay on the bed next to each other.

"So how was I?" Sam asked as she wiped the cum from her face bit by bit and
ate it.

"Good," Spencer assured her. "Too good in fact. Now I feel guilty about
sleeping with Carly's best friend."

"Don't worry it'll be our little secret."

"Just don't come over expecting this to become a habit."

"I'm not. It's probably a good idea if this never happened again."

"It probably is. Not go get cleaned up while I change the sheets you messed."

* * *


"Mmmm... Stop shouting Carly. You'll wake my mom," Sam mumbled.


"What are you screaming for?" Spencer yawned sitting up in bed.

"Because you're in bed with my best friend!"

"Oh..." Spencer said quietly caught red-handed.

"Crap," Sam added.

"Hey kiddo. Whatcha doing back?"

"I'm gone for three days and you cheat on me with Sam???" Carly asked
incredulously. "How could you???"

"Nothing happened Carly. She came over because she missed you and we talked
all night. I guess she fell asleep in my bed."

"Don't lie to me Spencer! You've told me she was cute many times!"

"Wait a minute," Sam interrupted. "What do you mean Spencer cheated on you
with me?"


"You said 'I'm gone for three days and you cheat on me with Sam' and there's
only use for the word cheat that I know of in a situation like this."

"Sam I need you to hide for twenty minutes and Spencer act like you normally
do. Granddad is parking the car and will be up any minute. We'll talk about
this when he leaves."


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