iCarly: Sam's Dilemma (Mg,oral,spank,M-dom,bond,nc-cons)
by Pops

Sam was sent to the principal's office once more. This time, things were a little different. There was a new principal, and he didn't look very friendly.

"Sam," he began, "we have new rules here at the middle school. It is no longer a public school, but private. I am the new principal and I'm here to tell you that your record is pitiful. This is something that will not be tolerated here."

She sat in the chair, giving her full attention now. When did this become a private school? Why hadn't she heard about this before? What did he mean it won't be tolerated? She had always managed to get by with anything she tried, and Principal Franklin would just give her detention.

He continued, "Now that we're private, you should know we have a policy for students who misbehave. It's called 'corporal punishment' when the students reach a certain level. You passed that level last year."

"What do you mean by 'corporal punishment?'" she asked.

He stood up and picked up a large wooden paddle from the edge of the desk. It was over a foot long and about 6" wide with several holes drilled in it. Principal Adams stood in front of Sam and motioned for her to stand.

"But, but, you can't mean that! You have to have my parent's permission or something!" she started crying, not believing what was about to happen.

"Your mother has already signed this permission slip, Sam." He held up a form.

Sam recognized it as yet another form that she had forged her mom's signature on. She never read any of them. Now she wished she had. Corporal punishment? Really? She had never been spanked in her life!

"Over here, Sam." Principal Adams motioned to a piece of furniture she hadn't even noticed yet. It almost looked like a gymnast's horse, but it was lower and had handles she quickly figured out were for the 'punishee' to hold onto.

Slowly, she stood and walked over to the horse, bending over it.

"Not quite right, Sam, but you're close."


"Here at Crestview Middle School, corporal punishment is delivered to bare skin. Drop 'em."

OK, first he changed the name of the school, and now he wants her to drop her pants so he can spank her bare butt? NO WAY!

"I'm not dropping my pants!" the blonde teen yelled.

"You have a choice, Sam. Either accept the corporal punishment, or you will be sent to Juvenile. I've already called them. With your record, you will be locked up for at least 3-4 months. And I can almost guarantee you certainly won't like your first few nights there."

"3-4 months?" Sam was crying now. She really didn't want to drop her pants in front of this new principal, even though he was kinda cute, and she SURE didn't want to go to 'juvvy' for any length of time.

"But, but, but, I, I, I don't want a spanking." Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her blonde hair was loose and framed her chubby cheeks as she cried.

"As I said, you have a choice. And to help you decide, let me just further tell you that this particular juvenile center has a reputation for the females turning up pregnant."

"Pregnant! I don't want to get, I mean, I've never even had, I mean, NO WAY!"

Slowly, she unbuttoned her jean skirt and let it drop. She was wearing leggings that looked like pantyhose, but they only came to her thighs. Her navy blue bikini panties were all that covered her tight little butt and her neatly trimmed pussy mound. She dropped the skirt on the floor and stepped out of it. She raised her head to see if maybe that would be enough. Mr. Adams was standing there shaking his head.

With a deep sigh, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the panties, and pushed them down, turning to face the horse as she did. For the first time in her life, she was nude from the waist down in front of a male. Even her best friend, Carly, had never seen her this bare. How did she get into this? Would she ever learn? Probably not, but she sure didn't want to get pregnant either. She had never even kissed a guy yet, so she sure hadn't done anything else.

Mr. Adams watched with quiet amusement as the 8th grader stripped out of her skirt and panties. He was also very amused to hear she had no experience. What he hadn't told her was that he exaggerated just a little. He knew the night guards there, and knew they loved to play with some of the girls, but not all of them. For now, Sam was bent over the horse he had specially lowered, and her bare butt was very exposed, even her puffy little pussy lips were winking at him between her legs.

He stepped behind her, the paddle in one hand. With his other hand, he steadied her by placing it on the small of her back. He drew the paddle back, then lowered it to where it just barely touched her skin. He loved watching the girls flinch when this happened! Sam was no exception.

SMACK! Without warning, he let another fly and this one made contact, leaving her rounded bottom very red.

"OWWWW!" she screamed as the pain hit. Her tears were for real now, and rolling very freely.




"OWWW! How many do I get, Mr. Adams?"



"OWWW! 20? Why? Please not 20, I can't take that many. Please, there must be something."


"OWW! Please!"

Her little bottom was bright red, and he knew it was hot. Now he had her just where he wanted her. With his hand still on her back, he paused before he swung again.

"And just what would you be willing to do, Sam?"

She knew she was in a bad position. She also knew she didn't want any more of those licks with the paddle. She couldn't take any more of those!

Crying uncontrollably now, she sobbed out the word "anything."

She heard something behind her, but didn't recognize what it was.

"Do you mean that? Anything?"

"YES! Just please don't spank me anymore!"

Suddenly, she realized she felt both of his hands on her hips. Something was touching her special place! What was he? Was he really? He was!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she screamed.

He had pulled a strap across her back without her realizing it and she couldn't move. She was about to lose her virginity to this principal! She and Carly had talked about sex, of course, like all girls do. She had just never imagined she would lose it to a man as old as Mr. Adams!

He rubbed the tip of his cock against her slit, which he noticed was very wet! Evidently, Sam was into spanking! He would remember that.

"I'm letting you know what your options are. This," he paused as he rubbed her slit. "Or, 15 more licks with the paddle."

"PLEASE! I don't want any more! And, you can't, I mean, I'm still a virgin!"

"I know, because you told me. You know the choices."

He rubbed it up and down her slit. Sam felt unfamiliar tingles in her nether lips. Unconsciously, she moaned as he rubbed the tip of his cock across them.
"I think you just made up your mind, Sam.," he told her as he pushed forward slightly spreading her lips.

"No, please don't, I mean, oh, why did I have to get in trouble again?"

Without realizing it, she was pushing back against this intruder to her secret place.

Mr. Adams noticed it. Now that the tip was in place, he put both hands on her hips and readied himself to push through her barrier.

"Here's where the pain comes in. Just not as much as the paddle."

She didn't have time to question him. He lunged forward, ripping her hymen.

"OWWW!" she screamed once more as she felt the barrier give away.

"Now, comes the pleasure." He gave her a couple of seconds to adjust, then began to push forward slowly, stretching her young pussy. He pulled back, then pushed forward again, with each forward push, he stretched her a little more.

Sam felt her body stretch to accommodate the new intruder. He had been right. The pain had stopped, and there was pleasure starting! She relaxed and let the feelings work over her body.

Mr. Adams sensed her relaxing, and knew he had her. He picked up speed, thrusting his 7" of man-meat in and out of the girl. With each forward thrust, Sam pushed against him. Her young body was responding just as he knew it would. Every time he had done this, the girl responded the same way. He had a list of girls who he could call at any time. Those still in his schools knew if they were summoned to the office, they were about to get naked, then fucked. Maybe not even in that order!

He released the strap holding her to the horse as he continued to stretch her body. He had pulled a chair close behind him while she was bent over, and now it was time to use it. Lifting her petite body, he pulled her from the table and moved backwards. He landed in the chair, with her still impaled on his cock.

Immediately, his hands went under her shirt, pushing her bra up and exposing her small breasts. Sam didn't hesitate, but pulled the shirt and bra off, leaving her naked except for the leggings and her shoes. A part of her knew she could now get away, but she was overcome by the pleasure. Instinctively, she began to ride his cock, spreading her legs over both of his. One of his hands moved down to her pussy, and started rubbing her clit. She had never felt such pleasure in her 12 years of life!

She continued to move back and forth on this marvelous cock! She couldn't believe the pleasure Mr. Adams was giving her. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, her breasts, pulling her nipples, rubbing her clit, massaging her thighs! What was that new feeling? That tingle starting deep, it seemed like it was all over her body. She didn't recognize what it was, but it felt really incredible!

Mr. Adams knew exactly what was happening to his newest conquest. He recognized it immediately and it caused him to get closer as well. He started thrusting up to meet her, feeling her squeeze his cock. His hands moved faster across her clit and her nipples.

"Let it go, Sam," he whispered into her ear. "Just let it go."

"Oh, oh, ohHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed out as her first ever orgasm overcame her. This brought him over the edge and he began pumping squirt after squirt of his thick man-juice inside her body.

She finally realized what was happening, but really didn't care. Her breathing was ragged as she slowly came down off her, what was that anyway?

Mr. Adams held her against his body and softly caressed her. He gave her a kiss on her neck. Then he whispered to her:

"Stand up and turn around, Sam."

She obeyed without thinking. She could feel something starting to leak from her pussy, but she did was she was told.

"On your knees, Sam."

She had an idea what he wanted, but waited for him to tell her.

"Every time we do anything, you will clean me as soon as I cum; with your mouth."

She wasn't sure how to do it, she had heard some of the other girls at school talk about sucking on guys, but she always thought it was disgusting. Now, the new principal was telling her to clean his thing with her mouth? She leaned forward and touched it. It was still semi-hard, and very slippery.

She took a deep breath, then leaned forward and took it in her mouth. Her soft, full lips surrounded the shaft. The taste was a mixture of sweet and sour, she couldn't quite place it, but then again, she would eat most everything. She did, however, like the way it felt on her tongue.

It began to grow hard again as she sucked on this strange member. She had never even seen a guy's thing before today, now she was sucking one! And she liked it! Sam was never a stranger to any new thing going in her mouth, and this was good. What she didn't know just yet, was that Mr. Adams was about to give her something to swallow.

He took her head and began to bob it up and down on the shaft. She relaxed and let him do what he wanted. The last time she did that (just a few minutes ago) he had given her a really intense feeling. She wanted more!

"Yes, Sam. That's the way! Suck my cock you little bitch! Drink my cum, Sam. Here it is just for you!"

He held her head down as he sprayed the back of her throat with something that had the consistency of yogurt. She swallowed (never one to waste anything!) and still tasted the seed as it filled her mouth. Her cheeks were caving in as she sucked harder.

Finally spent, Mr. Adams released her from his grasp and let her sit back. She could still feel something leaking, but didn't really care. She was just waiting for her next command.

"Sam, that will be all for now. Get dressed and report here after school. I've already called your mother to let her know you have detention. I'll expect you within 10 minutes of the bell. Understand?"

As she started to put her clothes back on, she turned to him, wondering what he had in mind for her. She meekly lowered her head and replied that she would be there.

He adjusted his clothing and watched the young girl. Now, he was thinking, if he could figure out a way to get her friend Carly in here, too.


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