iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 3 - Carly Joins In (Mg,drugs,mc)
by Pops

Mr. Adams had called Carly's apartment and asked her to come to his office the next morning for a special meeting. He wanted her to participate in a special study group. It would be a big honor for her, he promised her and her brother/guardian. Her academic record was the reason she was selected. She was the first candidate, and he would let her know about the others later. She was excited to be chosen.

When her best friend, Sam walked in (without knocking, of course), she noticed a big smile on the girl's face. She couldn't wait to tell her friend her own news, and completely forgot to ask why. Sam just smiled more when Carly told her she was going to the principal's office for a special meeting.

Sam wondered just how he would convince Carly to "give it up" because she certainly had no reason to be spanked. For now, she would keep the secret. She knew she would find out tomorrow. She was hungry, and it was almost time for them to do their web show.

The girls were in the studio when Freddie came in. Sam had purposely sat in the bean bag chair with her legs spread open in the direction of the door. Freddie's eyes found her blue panties immediately. After all, he was a growing boy and had noticed. Although the two of them fought constantly, and he preferred Carly in a MAJOR way, Sam was still a girl. And he was still prone to jacking off at night after he went to bed. Well, after his mom bathed him and tucked him into bed, sometimes even after giving him an enema. Even that would make him hard. His mom had showed him what to do. That was weird, but she was like that.

Freddie almost dropped his camera when he saw Sam's blue panties. She caught him looking, and purposely spread her legs wider when she got up from the chair. Carly didn't seem to notice either of them, her head was into the show, and the special meeting tomorrow.

It was difficult for Sam to concentrate on the show, her pussy was tingling something awful. She really wanted to take a bath and play with herself down there. Now that she new that button could make her feel good, she wanted more!

Finally, they finished and she went home. She rubbed herself to three orgasms before falling asleep. The next morning, she picked out some really tight denim shorts and put them on, without leggings under them. It was so unlike her, but she decided she liked her legs, and the way her butt looked in the denim. After choosing a top and shoving her feet into sneakers, she left to meet up with Carly.

Carly noticed her friend was a little more revealing today, but didn't say anything. She was still excited about the meeting. As usual, Freddie joined them for the walk to the school, and they all just talked about whatever. She wasn't really paying much attention to them.

Carly was dressed in a black dress today. She wore her dark hair loose and a long sleeved sweater under the dress. She also wore knee-high boots with 3" heels. She even put on some lip gloss today. She hoped the new principal was nice. She had seen him once, and he was kinda cute, for an older guy.

Finally, they reached the school, and Carly went to the principal's office, as her friends went off to class. The new secretary showed Carly inside, and where to sit. Mr. Adams walked in a few minutes later.

"Good morning, Carly. Thank you for being so prompt."

"Good morning, sir. I try." Her full lips curled into a smile, her legs were slightly spread as she sat before him. What she didn't realize is that Mr. Adams also had a camera mounted under his desk. This allowed him to video the girls who sat in the specially placed chair. A monitor mounted into his desk allowed him to see what the camera was recording. He liked her lacy black panties!

"I'll get right to it, Carly. Since Crestview went private, I have been reviewing the students' records. Your academic record is exemplary. There are only a couple of students I plan to ask help with this new study, and you were first on the list."

More smiles as she fidgeted in her chair, her legs spreading wider. She didn't think anything about that as she knew he couldn't see her from the waist down.

"In this study, we will monitor student's progress through a series of special classes." He continued to drone on and on and she realized she wasn't hearing all he was saying. Instead, she felt a little light-headed and sleepy.

What the new principal was doing, was hypnotizing young Carly. He was using a technique he had learned where he positioned the subject in a certain way, then used lighting and sounds to put them under. He had done this at the last school as well, with very pleasant results!

Soon, he had given her a "keyword" that she would respond to only when she heard him say it. He knew this was necessary to prevent her from acting out away from his presence.

He wanted to give her the injections and let them take effect before he did anything else. He had her strip out of her clothes and lay back on the horse. Her body was slender, breasts small with eraser-sized nipples. The cold air had a pleasing (to him) effect on those buttons. Her pubic hair was sparse above her slightly swollen mound.

He positioned her the way he wanted, and gave her the injection in her clit first. Being under like she was, she felt no pain. He watched as the button grew in size. He spread her lips and probed her tunnel. Yes, her hymen was still intact.

Next, he had her turn over. Her hips weren't as developed as Sam's, but they were still sufficient for him. Her little rosebud winked at him as he teased and probed. He gave her the birth control injection then had her get dressed. It was almost time for Sam.

Before he had Carly wake up, he told her when to come back. He also gave her instructions on what to wear as he had done with Sam.

As Carly woke up from her trance, she listened to her new principal as he described the program. Yes, she thought, her friend Freddie might be interested as well. His grades were second only to hers. No, she wouldn't say anything to him about it.

"Excellent! I'll talk to him later today. Get on to class now, Carly, and I'll see you first thing tomorrow. I've made arrangements with your first period teacher for you to be here during that time for a while."

Another smile as she left the office. She met her friends at their lockers between classes.

"What happened?" Freddie asked her.

"Oh, not much. He just talked a lot, you know: blah, blah, blah."

Sam giggled, then got ready for her next round in the office.


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