iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 4 - Sam Returns (Mg,oral,anal,M-dom)
by Pops

When Sam walked into the principal's office during her study hall, Mr. Adams was leaning against the front of his desk, his arms folded across his chest. She gave him a big smile.

"Good morning, Sam. You followed my instructions I see. Turn around for me and let me see how you look."

Sam turned slowly, her hands at her sides. She even bent over to make her shorts tighter, hoping the panty lines would show like he asked.

She was rewarded with a SMACK on her bottom.

"OWW!" as she remained bent over, in case he wanted to give her another one.

"Very nice, Sam. Tight shorts showing your panties. You have a really sexy ass, too." He rubbed her denim covered butt before allowing her to stand.

She immediately began to undress. He watched as she removed her top and shorts. A wet spot was obvious on the front of her panties. Soon, she was completely naked and stood in front of him.

He smiled at her, then motioned towards his cock. As he slipped out of his jacket and started removing his tie, Sam unfastened his belt and slacks. What she wanted was already getting hard.

As soon as it was free, she took it into her warm mouth. This morning, she had eaten a banana and practiced when she knew her mom wasn't looking to see if she could take it all the way in. She had finally succeeded and now sucked her principal's cock all the way into her mouth.

"Very good, Sam!" as he held onto her head. She looked up at him, then continued to suck. With one hand, she started rubbing her clit. She was already close after wearing those tight shorts this morning. The seam in the crotch had been rubbing her swollen button.

"That's enough for now, Sam. Stand up and follow me."

She was hoping he would put it inside her, she was so horny!

He walked over to a conference table in the corner and lay down on it. He didn't have to tell her where she should be, as his cock was pointing straight up and her pussy was soaked!

Sam climbed onto the table and lowered her young body onto the shaft. She came as soon as it was fully inside her.

"OHHHHHHH!!!! I needed that!!!"

She immediately began to ride the shaft, letting her instincts take over. Mr. Adams reached behind her and started massaging her tight little butt. She groaned with the added touch, rubbing her clit harder against his pelvis. She leaned forward to make tighter contact with this pleasure zone, and was rewarded by a finger sliding into her butt and her lover's mouth sucking on one of her small breasts. This took her over the edge again!

"Slide off my cock and put it in your butt, Sam. I want to fuck your ass, but then I'm gonna cum in your pussy."

She quickly did as he directed, and came again when she slid down onto his pole. As she started riding it, he reached down to finger her pussy. As he teased her clit, she came again! Her small body shivered with each orgasm, drawing Mr. Adams closer to his own. For a fleeting moment, he realized the injection he gave Sam the day before was causing all the extra orgasms!

"OK, Sam. Switch. I'm close and want to cum in your pussy. Hurry now!"

She wanted his load in her pussy, too! She loved how it felt when his cum shot inside her. Making the switch, she dropped down hard on his shaft, penetrating the entrance to her womb. The extra pain didn't matter to her, as she began to ride his cock.

"YESSS!!!! MILK MY COCK SAM!!!" as he felt his load begin to bubble out, he arched his hips. He held Sam by the waist to keep her from moving as he sprayed her womb once more with his cum. This, of course, brought Sam off once more.

As soon as she caught her breath, she moved down and started to clean the combined juices from his cock. She could feel his seed running down her leg, but didn't care. She had lost count of her orgasms this morning, and wanted more.

"Today, Sam," he began as he sat up, "let's get a shower and clean up."

She waited for him, then followed him to the shower. He washed her body from behind, using a sponge to spread soap over her body. She rested her head against his chest, her hands over the top of his. She could feel his erection growing once more as she rubbed her butt against him.

When he gently turned her around, she did not resist. He put his hands on her waist and lifted her. She looked deep into his eyes as she felt his cock slide into her once more. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she started to move slightly against him. Her clit was rubbing his pubis once more and she could feel another orgasm build.

His hands were on her butt, holding her in place as he leaned against the wall of the shower. He broke one of his own rules when he leaned down and kissed this student. She responded by opening her mouth to receive his tongue, then using her own to dance with it.

A finger slid into her bottom, causing her to cum once more. He could feel her pussy contracting around his cock, seemingly in an attempt to milk the cum from his balls. For a girl who was a virgin until yesterday, her instincts have proved to be amazing, he thought. He continued to finger her bottom while he arched his back to drive his cock deeper inside her petite body.

As he felt his cum start it's journey from his heavy balls, he bounced the seventh grader one more time on his cock, driving his cock fully inside her. Still kissing Sam, he moaned into her mouth as he emptied himself for the second time.

She pulled back and looked at her principal, then lay her head on his shoulder, her body still impaled on the cock that had taken her virginity.

Gently, Mr. Adams lowered the girl to the floor. She immediately knelt to take him in her mouth once more. As soon as she was satisfied he was clean, she stood and smiled at him.

"Once more, Sam, you did an excellent job. I'm very proud of you," as he turned off the water. "Now, let's get dried and dressed. We'll talk more."

He held up a towel and dried the girl. She loved the way his hands moved over her body, and once again she realized no one had told her they were proud of her or that she had done good at anything except Mr. Adams. She turned her face and kissed him on the cheek as he dried her body.

As they were getting dressed, he watched as she tugged on the shorts. He did enjoy seeing her struggle, and enjoyed even more the way they fit her.

"Sam," he began as she looked up while tying her shoelaces, "would you consider coming to my house on Saturday? I'm planning a little party, and I'd like for you to help with the refreshments if you would. It's nothing special, really, and I'll let you know what to wear. What do you think?"

She thought for a moment, then said, "Sure, why not. What time and where?"

He wrote the information on a piece of paper and handed it to her. "I'll pick you up. Now, back to class and I'll see you at detention this afternoon."

She gave him a big smile and said "OK" before picking up her backpack and heading out the door. She was glad she was able to dry her hair after the shower. That would have been hard to explain, she thought. She saw her best friend walking into the office.

"What are you doing in here again, Sam? Are you in trouble again?" Carly asked her.

Sam shook her head and said, "Nope. Mr. Adams is helping me bring up some grades. He really is concerned about his students." With that, she gave a big smile and walked on to her next class. She wondered what Carly was going back for.


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