iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 6 - Freddie Joins The Group (b-solo,drugs,mc)
by Pops

Mr. Adams had given Carly all the instructions she would need. Now, he had called Freddie into his office to involve him as well. Normally, he didn't include boys, as his preference was really of the female sort. He had decided to use Freddie, only because of his closeness to the two girls. Besides, he had some friends who liked young boys, and he knew that Freddie and Carly would make quite a pair at the party.

Freddie sat in the same chair that his two friends had occupied. Like Carly (the love of his life!), he was impressed to be chosen to participate in a special project. Like Carly, he soon "went under" listening to the droning voice of his new principal. And, like Carly, he was soon stripped and laying back on the horse.

This time, Mr. Adams gave the youngster instructions as to what to do. He was impressed, however, that the 12-year-old had a 5" cock. Not bad for a pre-teen. Like most boys that age, he had already been mastering the art of masturbation. Mr. Adams could remember when he discovered those pleasures.

He had Freddie start to masturbate, giving him suggestions of Carly in the nude. Having just recently seen the "love of his life" totally nude, not to mention taking her cherry, Mr. Adams was very precise in his details. Freddie soon had his right hand working on an orgasm.

Before he allowed the youth to finish, Mr. Adams injected the base of his cock with a dose of the special medication. Freddie immediately began to stroke again. Mr. Adams noticed the girth of the boy's cock begin to swell. He gave him a second injection (both were half doses) into the scrotum. According to his brother, this would not only increase the size of the male's cock, but would increase the number and strength of the ejaculations, and it should take effect almost immediately for a male.

Freddie gave him proof pretty quickly. His cock swelled almost to twice the girth, and his cum shot in an arc high enough that it landed on his cheek! Mr. Adams watched as the boy slowed his strokes.

"Freddie, lick everything from your hand, and scoop all of your cum up, then lick your fingers clean."

Without hesitation, the boy did as he was told. The principal had to admit, it was a pretty arousing sight, but he was saving his next load for Miss Sam. He had become quite attracted to that young lady, and he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to share her little pussy at the party. If anything, she might give a blow job, but he would wait and determine that later.

After giving Freddie the keywords as he had done with Carly, he let the youngster dress and then brought him out of his trance. He handed the boy a slip of paper with instructions for the party. Yes, he would pick up all three at exactly 5 p.m.

As Freddie left the office, he had a strange feeling in his young cock, and a taste on his tongue he couldn't explain. His mom had taught him to taste his spunk, and that's what this tasted like, but he had no idea why he should be tasting this now. Oh well, if he was lucky, maybe he could get to his next class just as Carly was sitting down and get a peek under her skirt!


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