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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did on my Summer Vacation Part 1
by ProfNigma

A couple months had passed since Carly and her friends had had their romantic awakenings. Sam and Freddie had broken up and got back together three or four times, Carly wasn't sure and she had lost count of how many fights they had. They were currently just friends, but who knew what the end of the week would be like. Carly and Melanie on the other hand were in a completely different position. They continued sleeping together when the chance arose, which was only two or three times, given how strict Spencer had gotten with her. They kept it an absolute secret, especially from Sam and Freddie, who had enough problems as it was.

School winded down and shortly after finals, the group received an invitation from Canada to be the guests at a camp for acting they were holding. iCarly's ratings had been going down as of late, though, so maybe a little publicity would really help. Sam couldn't wait to get back to Canada so that she could eat some more of the delicious fat cakes she craved so much.

Freddie was a bit skeptical. Given how volatile he and Sam had been lately, he wasn't sure about having to spend all his time around her. Let alone whatever was going on between Carly and Melanie, which was weird to say the least. Freddie was really into the physical happenings between himself and all three of them, but since he and Sam got serious, all that kind of ended. Try as he might to get with Melanie or Carly, neither was taking the bait.

What did catch his eye however, was a name of a school that was attending that immediately got his brain going with possibilities. Though he'd never been to Hollywood Arts, he knew a few students there thanks to a party at Keenan Thompson's house from a while back. Maybe if he could hook up with one of the girls from there, his "blue balls" from his friends' lack of attention would disappear.

Carly thought it was a good idea, but they really didn't have the money to fly into Canada, and with no cars of their own, the only way they could go was with Spencer. Normally, it would not have been such a problem, but ever since he caught Carly and Melanie (who he thought was, and still believed to be, Sam) together, he'd acted very strangely. Rightly so, she guessed. She once caught Spencer in the bathroom jerking off and while she was a little young to realize exactly what she was seeing, it was still weird between them for a few weeks. Him catching her, tongue deep in the nethers of Sam's twin sister, was weird on a whole new level. Finally, after a few days of thinking, Carly worked up the courage to ask Spencer for the ride.

"Hey Spencer, I have a favor to ask." She said, coming down the stairs to see him working on yet another sculpture, welding old Furbies to make something that looked honestly frightening.

Spencer raised his work goggles to speak to his sister, "Yeah. What is it, kiddo?"

"There's this "thing" in Canada in a few weeks. It's like an acting workshop and they invited iCarly to come and visit and be the guests and stuff."

"And let me guess, you need money for a plane ticket? I'm sorry kiddo, but-"

"I know. I was thinking about us driving up there. Like all of us take the camper and drive there."

"I don't know. Maybe. I'm thinking spaghetti tacos for dinner." Spencer was still really quiet and guarded, and half a second later, the goggles were back on and he was back to work.

* * *

A week passed before Spencer even mentioned the subject again. He loved his sister and wanted her to have this opportunity, but the thought of being trapped on a vehicle with her and the possible conversations that could come up, let alone dealing with the girl he caught his baby sister with. The reality check that Carly was doing very adult things hit Spencer like a freight train, and he wondered if he'd ever recover. But alas, he couldn't deny his sister the chance to do something really great, so he finally told Carly yes.

The teen girl was ecstatic. She immediately called Sam to let her know, and both Melanie and Sam were clearly happy with this development, though Melanie wasn't going to be able to make the trip. Freddie was called next, and while it was nice to hear him excited about something, Carly was getting a little tired of his come-ons. It wasn't that she didn't like Freddie, and she loved when she was having sex with Freddie, but things were just really awkward now. Plus she thought she might be a lesbian now, but all the ideas faded away to the excitement of doing a road trip to Canada and staying at a lodge for two weeks with her best friends.

She contacted the acting camp and told them they'd be coming and Carly made arrangements for sleeping. The teens had all but agreed to how they wanted the rooms divided. Carly reserved a room for Spencer, one for and Sam and herself, and Freddie and Gibby would share a room. She then wrote a note that she should probably tell Gibby about this since it hadn't even crossed her mind. Once everything was set up, she began to pack for the trip that was two weeks away.

As she searched her closet for clothes for the freezing trip, she began to think of the kinds of environments that she'd be seeing and experiencing- snowing outside, lighting a fireplace to warm herself. She couldn't help inserting Melanie and Sam and even Freddie into the dream. All of the curled up and keeping warm by the fire. The idea made her feel a bit hot, so she reached into her drawer's secret bottom to get her tiny vibrator that Melanie had bought her.

* * *

Spencer Shay emerged from the shower wet and still heavily laden with the thoughts about this trip, and the issues he needed to confront with his teenage sister. He dried off quickly and realized he had forgotten his robe down in the living room. Looking around, he quickly found Carly's pink robe and threw it on to head to get his actual robe. Within the first few steps he took, he felt a weird buzzing in the pocket. Reaching inside he found a small vibrating thimble. Spencer may have been out of touch with his sister, but this was just plain uncomfortable. Trying desperately not to think about what it was he tried to turn it off, but it only made it vibrate more.


* * *

Carly rushed downstairs to see what was wrong with Spencer, still wondering where her magic button was, when he stepped out of the bathroom, wearing her way-too-small-for-him robe with the toy on his finger. Staring at her, he looked like he was about to have a stroke as he tried to speak, but couldn't. He just stared at her with a dead eyed look, his finger still buzzing with the toy. Carly sheepishly took it from his finger and walked back to her room.

"Carly! Get back here... we need to talk."

It was a real rarity for Spencer to yell, but when it happened, Carly was always a bit shaken.

"Kiddo, what's going on? I mean, I know I'm your brother and I don't need to know every detail of your life, but lately I've been really worried about you. We used to be best pals, but now I guess you're growing up and doing grown up stuff, and I support you one hundred percent... I just want you to be careful."

Carly had heard Spencer try and give the birds and bees talk before and it came out just as disastrously.

"I'm being careful, Spencer. Melanie and I are friends and things just sort of happen. I'm kinda at the age where I'm an adult and have very adult wants and it's tough to manage those."

Spencer took a hard gulp as he listened. "Yeah... I know that. But," Spencer shifted his leg to one side, revealing his member, which he quickly covered up.

Spencer may have said something after that "but," but Carly didn't hear it. She just was in awe of Spencer's member. She only saw it for a second, but it was committed to her memory, and she was turned on. This immediately ceased when her shame kicked in and her mind slammed her with the fact that they were siblings and this was 7 layers of wrong. She tried to imagine anyone else's body attached to that thing. It was longer than Freddie's by at least an inch, though a bit thinner. Carly felt herself getting wet just thinking about it.

"... and that's why I never went to that bar by the law school again. I really hope you can use my story and think about it when planning your relationships. Now get on to bed." He turned to go to his room very slowly, and then just bolted and shut the door. Carly was severely turned on and as much as she loved her tool, she needed the real thing tonight, and since the object of her affection was unavailable, the lusty teen called the next closest thing, knowing he'd jump at the chance.

One text later, and Freddie was over. Since Spencer was locked up tight in his room, the two had no problem sneaking up to her room, and once her door was shut, Carly got right to business.

Carly's shirt was over her head and her sweatpants were around her ankles in a flash and she tackled Freddie onto her bed. She kissed him deeply, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

"Thanks for calling me over-" Freddie was cut off when Carly put her finger over his lips.

"Don't speak, Freddie. I don't want to think about anything. Just fuck."

Even Carly was surprised when she spoke, but she never missed a beat. She straddled Freddie, grabbing his hands and placing them on her chest. Freddie certainly wasn't going to argue with this development, and massaged her breasts, pinching her nipple every so often. He could feel how wet she was, as her panties were nearly soaked through.

Carly hadn't been with any guy but Freddie, and that was months ago. She was happy with the relationship that she and Melanie shared... but there was no replacing having an actual guy make love to her. Just feeling his strong hands exploring her chest and torso sent waves of pleasure through her body.

Freddie sat up and began kissing on her breasts, sucking on her nipples, licking them softly while he looked up at her. She reared her head back, loving his embrace, moaning softly. Bringing her head back down, she reached around Freddie and pulled his shirt off of him. The feeling of their chests rubbing against one another was heaven for both of them.

They began to kiss passionately, Freddie moving his hands up and down her back, holding her tight, as Carly's hands scratched up and down Freddie's back. The scratching feeling was surprisingly pleasant, and he began to really feel his erection, struggling against the front of his pants. This struggle did not go unnoticed by Carly, who grinned at Freddie and kissed him, and then pushed him down on the bed. Sliding her body down between his legs, the teen girl unbuttoned Freddie's pants, pulling them off slowly, freeing Freddie's member to only be constrained by his boxers.

It had been a few months since Carly had interacted with an actual penis, and she wondered if he was bigger or if she had just forgotten as she unbuttoned the front of his boxers and pulled out his engorged member. She stroked him for a few seconds, and licked her hand and jerked him some more. Freddie twitched when her saliva covered hand rubbed him, and he was nearly comatose with pleasure. He was snapped out of it however, when her hand went away and was replaced with something much wetter.

Freddie looked down to see the heavenly sight of Carly bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Carly's mouth was a perfect blend of hot and wet, and the way her tongue ran along the underside of his member as she blew him was just amazing to Freddie.

Carly stopped her oral assault and stood up, sliding her soaked panties to the floor. Like a tiger in heat, she crawled on the bed, forcing Freddie to back up a bit. She climbed on top of Freddie and kissed his lips as she positioned her body's entrance against the tip of his cock. Carly leaned back and impaled herself on his member, a feeling that made her feel so full she thought she might break or split in two. She could only get about half of him in before she pulled off, took a breath and tried again. Freddie resumed his position of massaging her breasts and her sides as she lowered herself back on him, taking in six of his almost 8 inches.

"Aaaahhhahhh... shit." Carly turned a near scream into a mutter as she tried to remain in control, slowly sliding up then back down onto Freddie's pole, and by the third or fourth time, all pain was gone, and only pleasure remained. She leaned back a bit so that when he entered her again he hit just the right spots.

Freddie groaned, not believing how tight and amazing it felt to be in Carly's pussy again. He placed his hands on her hips, fingers gripping into her ass as he helped push Carly up, and pull her down as he pushed his abdomen up, forcing his member to go harder and deeper into her.

Carly had to grab a pillow to silence her screams as her body shook, her fragile body nearing orgasm. She became more like a possessed animal, no longer slowly impaling herself, but doing it hard and fast like she was riding in a rodeo.

She finally dropped her body onto Freddie to whisper into his ear, "I'm tired of doing the work. Bend me over and fuck my pussy til I can't walk."

Freddie was taken aback by this new dirty talking Carly, but this was not an opportunity he was going to pass up. He pulled Carly up with him, her giggling and smiling as she went, and once they were standing together beside the bed, he bent her over the bed and aimed his hardened member, covered in her juices, against her ass. He loved the tightness he felt in her ass, but she had a request and it was his job to "fulfill" it. Freddie chuckled in his head at the word fulfilled as he lined his member up with her wet and welcoming slit.

With one quick motion his entire length was pushed into Carly, sending her body moving forward, forcing her to grab her pillow again to hold in her screams and moans. Freddie grabbed onto her hips and steadied himself, as he plowed into her harder and faster than almost anytime he and Sam had been together. After he got to a comfortable rhythm, he began to grab her hair, and pulled it with each thrust

Carly's eyes rolled back into her head in ecstasy. She began to lean back into him, but he quickly pushed her back down into her bent over position. Carly was a little shocked by how rough Freddie was being but it was such a turn on that she didn't care. She really didn't care when has hands went from her hips to her arms, pulling and releasing her arms as "controls" for fucking her.

"Oh my god... Spenc-" Carly stopped herself for a moment, and was shaken by what she just said, but with the way he was pounding her, she couldn't focus on much else. "I mean, Freddie... yes....yesyesyesyesyes...fuck me-ee-e-e-e..."

The absolute powerlessness at the hands of someone she never expected to be this aggressive sent Carly's brain into overdrive and she just went limp, surrendering her body to be his fuck puppet. Within a minute, she was shaken by a mindblowing orgasm that flooded every inch of her body with intense pleasure as every hair stood on end.

Feeling Carly's pussy tighten around his member as he felt her cum around is cock, sent Freddie almost over the edge. He didn't have long before he too was going to finish, so he pulled out.

"Carly, I-"

The teen girl turned over, smiling wider than he had ever seen before and, almost drunkenly it seemed, used both hands to point at her semi opened mouth. Freddie only had to give it a couple more strokes looking at her, and shot ropes of cum all over her lower face, covering her cute little nose, mouth and chin. Carly scooped as much as she could into her mouth and rubbed the rest over her chest.

Freddie sat down on the bed beside Carly and began to speak, when Carly, without making eye contact, reached and put her finger, still with the remnants of his cum, to his lips.

"No talking, remember?"

Freddie shrugged and laid down next to her. After a few moments, she moved close to him so that he could hold her close. Carly didn't know what it was about tonight, but she just really needed the feeling of a strong man, to hold and make love to her. One of those was definitely taken care of. After a few minutes of this, she spoke.

"I should get cleaned up, and you should too." Carly said, not really wanting to move from this spot and this moment.

"Thanks, but-"

She still wasn't looking Freddie in the eyes as she sat up. "You... um... don't have to go home, Freddie."

"If you want me to stay, I will. Just tell me." Freddie said, all the aggression gone, and he was back to being regular nice-guy Freddie for Carly.

Carly wouldn't admit that she really felt like she needed him there, for whatever reason. "Up to you." Carly began to walk towards her bathroom.

"Sure. I guess." Freddie got up, and followed her. The teen girl grabbed a washcloth, wet it, and then wiped her face and body clean. She looked over at Freddie and handed him another wet washcloth. The two teens awkwardly cleaned up, avoiding looking at each other as much as they could. Carly finished cleaning herself up and walked out into her room, grabbing some pjs from her closet.

Carly had just put her night clothes on when Freddy came out of the bathroom and looked at her. He was just amazed by her beauty, and was so thankful he had the chance to be with her. He was torn about spending the night, and all the issues that could arise, but he wanted to and unless, he was completely misreading her signs, she wanted him there too. He grabbed his boxers and threw them back on, and walked up beside her as she brushed her hair.

"Carly, do-"

"If you stay the night, don't expect sex. I don't want to talk either." Once again she cut him short with her response. "I just want you to hold me. Is that ok?"

Freddie went over to the light switch, and clicked it, plunging the room into darkness. "Fine by me," was all he said before Carly felt a pair of arms wrap around her and lead her to the bed. Freddie kissed her neck and laid down with her, spooning her body.

Freddie couldn't see her face of course, but she was grinning. For once, she was at peace and she was happy with the state of things.

* * *

The iCarly gang, including Gibby, met the night before the big trip to come up with show ideas and what they could do for this camp once they got there. While it was a brainstorming session, not a lot of ideas were really coming out, as those involved were distracted by other things. Except for Gibby of course, who really had no ideas anyway. In the couple weeks leading up to the trip, Carly and Freddie never had sex again, but they did act much closer as far as friends go. Sam couldn't help but feel a little jealous, even if they weren't dating anymore. She had a suspicion that they had been together, but she couldn't really prove it. The truth was, Sam was desperate to get back with Freddie, and while it had been nearly a month and half since she'd been with anyone- anyone being only Freddie, and she really missed the sex, almost as much as she missed the nerd himself.

After an hour, they called the meeting off. Not much to say and even less to do. They were all going to pack up and take off after Spencer got done with some new project of his. Sam ran off first, and Gibby left shortly afterward. Freddie gave Carly a look that seemed just as much seductive as was creepy.

"I told you, Freddie, we are not going to talk about that night. It was fun and it was really nice, but it was a one time thing. I needed it, and I know you needed it. And I'm not saying that it will never happen again, but it's not going to be a regular 'thing.'"

Freddie was a little angry how cold she was being, though this was nothing compared to the morning after when she woke up and said, "Thanks, that was fun. You should get home now." Then she turned over and went back to sleep.

"Carly, you can't deny that we had something incredible that night. Why wouldn't you want to do that more?"

"Because Freddie... things are complicated. You and Sam belong together I think, and if you tell anyone this, especially Sam, I will kill you- Melanie and I have been spending a lot of time together."

"So... you're a lesbian?"

"No... I mean, maybe. I think she definitely is... but me... ummm... I think I might be 'bi.'"

"Fair enough. Well, its whatever. I'll see you tomorrow."

Carly reached her hand out to touch his shoulder as he walked out, but he pulled away and shut the door behind him. Carly was sad again. She went to her bedroom and didn't come out until late the next morning.

* * *

4pm the next day, Carly, Spencer, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby all loaded up in the camper for the 6 1/2 hour drive. The teens were not the most talkative group, given that they weren't exactly keen on talking to one another. Spencer was driving and personally he didn't want to know what they might all be talking about. Sam wasn't talking to either Carly or Freddie because she thought something was going on there. Freddie wasn't talking to Sam because it was always a little awkward, and he certainly wasn't talking to Carly because she was kind of a bitch. Carly wasn't talking to Sam because she looked pretty pissed and she would have spoken to Freddie if she could find the right words. That only left Gibby, and while he was a pretty funny guy, it was never on purpose. To make a long story short- this was really awkward and perhaps a mistake.

The first hour on the road was the worst. No talking, no radio, and not a lot of windows pretty much forced the teens to spend the whole trip playing with their phones and computers.

The second hour, Freddie moved up to the passenger seat to hang out with Spencer since the silence was killing him. They didn't share much of a conversation, but at least there was some view to take in. Sam and Gibby took naps in the back. Carly tried to sleep but she couldn't. Maybe it was the bumpy ride, maybe it was the feeling that things weren't right with her friends anymore, but either way, she felt restless.

The third and fourth hours flew by, mostly since everyone but Spencer conked out at some point. Freddie awoke to a text message, surprisingly from Sam.

-i think we should get back together


-cuz its complicated n i hate complicated and i miss your penis.

-But we fight all the time. You think us having a sexual relationship will fix everything?

-I pretty much envision myself eating a turkey leg while fucking you. I have priorities.

Freddie sat for a few moments, laughing to himself, but also thinking long and hard about the messages in his hands. On one hand, things were complicated enough and things with Carly were beyond awkward. On the other hand, Freddie really missed being with Sam in every sense of the word. He figured that the least he could do was to talk to her and hear her out. Freddie got up to head to the back of the camper when Spencer asked him to send somebody up to keep him awake.

* * *

When Freddie walked to the back, he saw Carly sprawled over her seat, fast asleep, behind her lay Sam who was laying with her eyes shut, but was breathing too quickly to be asleep. Freddie had a smirk a bit at her pretending to be asleep when she just texted him a minute ago. Way in the back Gibby was passed out in what appeared to be the most uncomfortable position Freddie had even seen.

Freddie had every intention of waking Carly, still annoyed at how she had treated him, but he felt like Gibby probably should wake up and not get stuck in that position. Shaking the young teen up, Gibby flailed wildly, but then calmed down.

"Spencer needs someone to keep him awake... I gotta... take a nap."

"Alright then." Standing up and once again announcing his own name as he stretched, "Gibby!," he made his way up to the front. Freddie stood over Sam's seat and watched her for a while, waiting for her to give up and show that she was faking.

After waiting for almost two minutes, her eyes finally fluttered open, and shut quickly, but it was too late- Freddie had caught her. She sighed heavily and got up, gave him a severely annoyed, but still playful, look and moved further back in the camper and sat down, followed quickly by Freddie joining her.

"So what was that text all about?"

"I thought it was pretty clear, Freddie."

"I mean, yeah, it was... but I meant, why?"

"Thought that was pretty obvious too."

Freddie sat back and thought about this. Sam was great, and he knew that the physical aspect of the relationship was fantastic and he truly loved her, but he also knew the massive problems and fights that were bound to happen as well.

"Well, Sam. You know I love you, right? But I hate the way we fight with each other whenever we have the slightest problem. I guess, before we talk about getting back together, I need to know that this would be different."

"Well, I think it-"

"I'm serious, Sam. I don't want to date you again... until I know things will be different between us."

Sam started to speak, but stopped and just looked out the window, mind racing with thoughts about so many things. She was on the verge of rejection and acceptance, and the next few moments would be key for that.

She began to shiver a bit. This trip certainly got a bit colder than she would have thought, and definitely didn't prepare for this temperature. Freddie took notice and took off his sweatshirt and to give to her.

"What's this for?"

"You're cold. Put it on."

"Thanks," she muttered, putting it on. Freddie was a bit bigger than her and she liked how roomy his shirt was. Also didn't hurt that it smelled like him. "But why are you giving it to me?"

"Umm... because you're cold, and you needed it. Why shouldn't I give it to you?"

"Well, you're not exactly the rugged and manly type. We aren't dating, so why do that?"

"Jeez, Sam... calm down. Before we starting dating, we did a lot of stuff together, and while we were never close, I still did nice things for you, and you, on rare occasion did nice things for me. So, my friend was cold- I gave her my shirt to stay warm. I would have done the same if it were Carly."

"Yeah, I don't doubt that for a second."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Last couple weeks, you two have been real buddy buddy. Its bad enough Melanie is doing whatever with her, and they are doing a really shitty job of keeping it a secret, but you too? It's not fair. She gets everybody and I'm going to die alone"

"Sam, you can't think about it like that, it's just-"

"Did you fuck her?"

"What?" Freddie's mind raced, and as cold as he was, he began to sweat a bit.

"You heard me. Since we broke up, have you two fucked." Sam put so much emphasis on that 'f,' Freddie thought Carly might wake up.

Freddie really thought about his answer. He wanted to be honest, but Sam would probably lose her mind if she found out. She was in such a fragile emotional state here, but on the other hand, Carly said it was a one time thing, and for all intents and purposes, he was a single man when they got together.

"Honestly, Sam... yes. About two weeks ago."

"Seriously? How could you do that to me?"

"We were broken up and you were kind of a bitch that week, though Carly actually was much worse."

"Oh, so now you like bitchy people? Whoever treats Freddie like shit more is who he sleeps with? How pathetic." Sam tried to take off the sweater, but somehow it got stuck on her.

"Listen, she initiated it."
"Well, just because she says 'C'mere doggy' doesn't mean you have to bury your bone in her."

Freddie almost chuckled, despite being yelled at. That was actually pretty witty coming from Sam.

"I won't deny I wanted it and that I enjoyed it. But after it was over, she just cast me aside like it meant nothing."

"And that's why you've been more friendly with her?"

"No... I was friendly from hoping something would come out of this, but last night she told me that it meant nothing and that I needed to get over it."

"Ah. That's kind of a bitch move. And you did it to yourself."

"Yeah... I can't argue with that."

The two remained silent for a while. It was getting darker, and therefore colder on the camper. Freddie mostly just stared at his hands and peered out the window. Sam had sunk back into the sweatshirt, arms completely inside it. The scent of Freddie in the pullover was really doing a number on Sam, and she couldn't help but think about all the really good times they had together. Not just the sex, but the walks, the dinner-and-a-movies they shared, and especially the mornings after they spent the night together.

Sam was in such emotional turmoil, sitting in silence was killing her. She finally made a move and scooted as close to Freddie as she could, and lay on his chest. The young man put is arm around Sam and kissed her head.

"So, I take it-"

"Don't ruin it, Fredward."

"Mind not shutting me up? It's starting to get on my nerves how many people ask me to be quiet when I'm trying to be close to them."

"Fine. Talk all you want. I was thinking about blowing you at some point here, but if you prefer to run your mouth, that works too."

Freddie certainly had a type when it came to take-charge women. He considered speaking but instead he just laughed and ran his fingers through her hair. The moment his fingers began to caress her blonde hair, he was reminded of all the good times they shared. He lifted her head to kiss her lips and just as their lips were about to meet...


The camper swerved in the road, both Freddie and Sam's head's collided, and Carly was thrown across her seat.

Spencer shouted from the front to hang on, and they moved to the side of the road. Didn't take Spencer long to realize what had happened- flat tire.

Spencer thought long and hard about what to do and came back to talk to them about their options. Of course, the phones were out of service. Canada's cell phone reception was apparently really bad. After a few minutes, Spencer decided to hit the road himself and see if he could walk to find someone to help them.

* * *

To say that the moment was ruined for Sam and Freddie was probably an understatement. They banged their heads pretty hard, and while nothing was bleeding or broken, they certainly would have a bump there. Carly was fine, aside from a hurt shoulder. Gibby, of course, was perfectly fine and had already gone back to sleep at the front seat.

Carly looked over at Freddie and Sam sitting next to each other, and while they weren't doing anything, Carly knew that was Freddie's shirt Sam was wearing. It's not like Carly had a claim on Freddie or anything. She just felt jealous whenever her friends hung out without her.

Seemed like they were just stuck there together with Spencer gone. Couple months ago, that would have equaled "sexy time," but things had certainly changed since then. Plus, Gibby was around, so all "hankey-pankey" chances were pretty much out the window. Yes, it looks like it was the waiting game for the four friends. The extremely long and awkward waiting game.

* * *

Spencer had walked about two miles, still looking for a cell signal or someone to help him out, but not many people drove by, and most of those went by so fast that it didn't matter. He came upon a field, with a farmhouse perched on a hill. At least the lights are on, he thought.

The walk up the long driveway seemed to last forever, and Spencer got a rock in his shoe at least twice on the way. Spencer tried to peer in the windows a bit as he walked, to see if there was anyone. Just as he stepped on the porch, a female's voice came from behind him.

"Can I help you with something?"

Spencer spun around to lock eyes with a woman in her mid 20's. The third thing that Spencer noticed was the pitchfork in her hand, if that says something. The first thing he noticed was her fiery red hair. If it wasn't so beautiful, he would have seen the second most surprising part about her. She had the most voluptuous chest he had ever seen on a woman, and given her outfit, there was very little support for her E sized breasts.

Finally noticing the weapon pointed at him, he snapped out of his stupor and quickly explained the situation.

"Sorry... I'm on a road trip with my little sister and her friends and we blew out a tire, and I've been trying to get a call out or get some help but I've had zero luck."

"And so you decided to just trespass on my family's land?"

"Well, I didn't see a sign, and your lights were on, and-"

"And what? We looked like an easy place to rob?"

"Whoa lady... I'm definitely not trying to steal anything. I just was looking for a phone to use or a way to get a new tire."

The woman stared at Spencer for a moment.

"You said you're traveling with your sister, eh? Do you have a picture of her?"

Spencer reached for his wallet, and pulled out a picture that was taken a few years ago.

"That's an old picture, but that's us and our dad."

"Lot of years between you and your 'sister?'"

"Not a lot, but yeah...listen, can you put the pitchfork down, please?" After a few moments she put it off the side.


"No matter how gorgeous a woman is, when you have a weapon in your face, it makes you uneasy."

She flinched a bit when he said the word 'gorgeous,' and he almost regretted it, but he certainly wasn't lying.

"Ok, stranger, do you have a name?"

"Spencer. Spencer Shay. Can I ask yours?"


"Well, Rebecca it's nice to meet you and not be threatened, but do you think you can help me?"

"Sure I can," she said, "the question is will I?"

Spencer froze in place, afraid of what sort of Deliverance-style problem he'd found himself in, but she quickly eased his nerves.

"I didn't mean to scare you, Spencer. I just meant that I kinda need a favor."

"I'm sorry, Rebecca but I don't have much money on me."

"Haha... I didn't mean money. Its more like... Actually, just come with me."

Rebecca picked up the pitchfork and started looking all around as she led the way to the back part of the house and a barn. Spencer really enjoyed this aspect, as he got to look her over as she walked. She was barefoot, a fact that he initially missed. She wore extremely tight jeans that highlighted a really nice ass, which was a perfect companion for her amazing rack. That perfect hourglass 40-32-38 figure in a nice 5'6 frame. He did his level best to try and get a better look at her chest as they walked to the back, but she wore a long sleeve cotton shirt and while they were pressed tight in there, there was no way that he could see them unless he was looking right at her front.

Finally, they reached the barn, and Rebecca shut the door behind them and looked at Spencer. He looked around the barn, full of equipment including a really nice black 1967 Chevy Impala.

"Spencer, I have this problem."


"My family is very strict and won't really let me date anyone."

"Seriously? That's crazy. What are you? Like 24, 25?"

"24 actually, but yeah, I can't date someone until they meet my father and my grandfather and then they have to approve."

"Rebecca, don't get me wrong, you're incredibly beautiful, but I can't do all that, I need to get back to my sister and her friends."

"Oh, I know. I'm not looking for that. You aren't really my type as far as someone to date."

"So, what is it you want me to do?"

"Well, the short version? Fuck me," she said, unbuttoning her shirt slowly.

* * *

Freddie and Sam had moved to different seats, no longer talking. Whatever "magic" they had going, seemed to be gone now. And since Carly was now watching them like a hawk, there really wasn't much they could really do. Gibby randomly passed through the camper every so often, making sure no one was taken by Sasquatches. Needless to say, it was pretty awkward onboard and nobody was really saying or doing much of anything.

* * *

Spencer was taken aback by how forward she was being.

"Whoa... Rebecca, I don't feel right about this. I mean you should save yourself for someone you love."

She stopped unbuttoning and started laughing. "Oh Spencer.... I haven't been a virgin since I was 17. But it's been like 5 months since I've been able to get laid. Overprotective family and all that."


"Listen, I know you think I'm hot, and I think you'd be a good lay. You do this, I'll not only get you a spare tire, but I'll do it for free. Deal?"

"And all I have to do is have sex with you-"

"And," she said accentuating that there was a catch, "make me come."

Spencer thought this through, weighing every part of the decision. Finally, he knew he couldn't beat it. But that may have had less to do with him thinking it through, and more about her white shirt coming off completely revealing her in a sports bra and her incredibly creamy white skin.

Spencer wasted no time making a move towards her, and he kissed her soft lips ever so gently and ran his hand down her back.

"Dude," she said pulling back a bit, "when I said I wanted to have sex, I wasn't talking about making love. I mean, I want you to get your dick out, stick it in my pussy, rinse, and repeat. Jeez... have you never had a booty call before?"

"Not really."

"That's a shame... Fine, I'll lead. You're lucky that you're cute."

Rebecca pushed him over to where the car sat, shoving his ass against the front of the car. She took Spencer's hands and placed them on her ass.

"I saw you checking this out as we walked. Enjoy this, and when I tell you something, do it, ok?"

"Whatever you say..."

"Good boy." She pulled on Spencer's shirt and within a moment or two, she had pulled it up over his head.

Spencer began kissing on her neck, quick deep kisses, every so often using his teeth. He had a girlfriend a few years ago that was into the rougher stuff, and maybe some of that should be used here.

"Oooohh... now we're talking," she said, obviously enjoying the experience. Spencer began to grind himself into her, really starting to feel his erection beginning, but because of their height difference, Spencer felt himself grind into her stomach.

Eventually, his hands began to wonder her body and found their way to her generous chest, which was having a time pressing against that sports bra.

"Nice... took you less than two minutes to start on my tits. Nothing new there."

Spencer ignored her sarcasm, and began kissing down her collarbone until he was licking her cleavage. Rebecca couldn't help but giggle at his attempts and she had to admit he was certainly attentive.

"I guess the girls can come out and play, but I'm going to tell you right off, if you make this into a "focus on nothing but my boobs" thing, I'm going to punch you in the balls."

Spencer quickly nodded in agreement just as much out of fear as arousal. Rebecca gripped the underside of the piece with both hands crossing, and lifted it up over her head ever so slowly, letting her amazing breasts fall out on their own.

Spencer wasted no time putting one hand on one and the other hand still wandering her body. His mouth moved to the untouched breast as he began sucking ever so lightly on her nipple. His other hand couldn't resist coming up and touching him.

Oooohhh... I don't care how gooooood that feels. I was serious about what I'd do."

Spencer didn't need to be told twice. He quickly spun the girl around until he was leaning on her as she lay much of her torso on the hood of the Impala. His mouth lowered to her stomach, kissing down it, one hand still on her chest as his other hand unbuttoned her jeans and with some work, slid them down, along with her panties, revealing a shaved "arrow."

"An arrow? Really?"

"It's a conversation starter- you know what, shut up..."

The young man did as he was told and put his mouth to good use, sliding his tongue right into her slit.

"Ooooohhh.. Spencer" she moaned, now putting her own hands over Spencer's hands which were hard at work kneading her breasts.

Spencer gave his tongue a rest and began using his fingers, sliding two in ever so slowly as he licked on her exposed clit. The way that her body spasmed as he began pushing his fingers in faster and deeper gave Spencer all the answer he needed as to getting her to orgasm. That was, until he felt her hand pull on his hair, pulling him to his feet.

"No way, you're getting me off that fast. Let me repay your favor."

Like magic, she had spun out from in front of him and she was on her knees in front of him, quickly trying to undo his pants. After a moment, she got past the belt and button and zipper, and finally reached what she was really after.

"Wow... we have a winner here," was all she said as she fished his member out of his pants. Spencer was at about 8 inches semi-hard, and Rebecca went to work immediately to get the "semi" gone. Her hands jerked him for a few moments, and attempted to go down on him but had to stop short. "Jeez, Spencer... I don't think this is going to work unless I learn how to unhinge my jaw like a python."

Despite her words, she certainly tried and eventually managed to really get into the rhythm, taking about four or five inches into her mouth, and continued bobbing her head, almost gagging on his long cock. Spencer put his hands on her head as she went, trying desperately to get him nice and hard so he could enter her, a thought that was making her almost drip with anticipation.

Pulling her lips off his member for a moment, she readjusted.

"Ok, I've only done this for one other person, so I hope you know this is something really special."

With that, she grabbed her breasts and began to move her body up and down, which was an amazing feeling. He'd never had a partner that was able to do such a thing, and this was a great experience. Eventually she just had to sit still, holding her breasts and leaving her mouth open, as Spencer titfucked her with great force. She licked the head of his member as it passed through her love pillows.

Rebecca eventually stood up and leaned her body back onto the car's hood. Spencer wasted no time grabbing her hips and lining himself up with her entrance.

"Not so fast. Let me get something." Reaching in the back pocket of her jeans, she grabbed a condom and handed it to Spencer. "No offense... I just don't know you and you don't know me. Just being safe."

"Oh yeah. I agree."

"Good," she said laying back on the car as Spencer put the condom on... it was too small for him, but he wasn't going to mention it, "now let's fuck."

Spencer wasted no time resuming his position as he grabbed her hips and slipped himself inside the woman. Spencer was surprised at how tight she was, given how experienced she seemed.

Hoooollllllyyyy shitshitshitshit... Either you're not human or its been way too long for me. Jesus... take it slow at first."

He moved his hands up and down her sides, leading up to her breasts as he entered and exited her pussy ever so slowly. Once he'd done a few of those he started picking up the pace, watching her breasts bounce as he fucked her.

"Yesyesyesyes... that's it exactly."

Spencer picked up the pace and at that point her feet were off the ground, his balls slapping against her as he fucked her faster and harder. He had to hold her breasts at a certain point, bouncing so much it almost seemed like it might hurt her. Spencer wrapped his arms around her back pulling her close as he continued pounding her.

Quickly, Spencer pulls out and spins the girl over, bending her over the car hood. Rebecca loved the feeling of the warm metal car hood, caused by her body heat, against her naked chest. She didn't have long to focus on this feeling as Spencer grabbed her hips and went to work on her again. There was something about seeing a body so pale set against a car so shiny and black, that was just hot.

Rebecca was overcome with ecstasy as Spencer kept this pace, as he hit all her right spots, and she knew if he kept this up, she was going come. Her breasts, though she was holding herself up, still reached the black hood, and pressed into it, which was a very odd, but interesting feeling. She began forcing herself backwards, meeting his thrusts, to quicken her release. Eventually, she felt the tingling starting and she rolled her eyes back into her head, letting her orgasm take her over. Spencer felt her tighten, but didn't slow down. After she finished, she leaned back into him and whispered into his ear.

He immediately pulled out of her and pulled his condom off as she resumed her position on her knees and started up the titjob again. Her juices really did a number on making this easier, and after only a midnight, Spencer lost control and released, shooting all over her mouth and chest.

"Thanks for the warning..."

"Sorry... would you take it as a compliment?"

She smiled, wiping the cum from her face and chest, licking it up. "I'll let it slide. Well, let's get dressed again and I'll get your tire situation fixed."

And sure enough, they hopped in the Impala and headed towards the road, with little conversation.

* * *

Within 20 minutes, Rebecca had not only gotten back to the camper, but also removed the bad tire and put the spare on. Spencer was just in awe of her.

"Don't be afraid to come find me, if you come back through this way."

"I... uh, won't forget, that's for sure."

She winked and got back in the car, and headed back to the farm.

Spencer unlocked the door and came aboard to find all the teens passed out asleep. Gibby was still passed out in the passenger seat, and as much as he thought he might need someone to keep him awake, he certainly had found new energy after meeting Rebecca. In the back, he saw his sister in the front most seat while Sam and Freddie, who he could never be sure if really liked each other or hated each other, were sitting up but passed out, mouths open. They all reminded him of kids, which was a nice change. He was a little thankful that he didn't come back to an orgy. He didn't think that would really happen, but he was paranoid when it came to Carly and how close her friends were. And maybe that made him strict, or maybe that made him feel like he had some aspect of control or reality. Spencer was never the type of person to take things too seriously, and now all the wackiness and jokes won't really stack up to the horrors of reality and dealing with his kid sister being an adult. But he needed to handle it like an adult. The ideas for what he could do better flooded his mind as he drove the last hour and a half.

* * *

After Spencer had started driving, Sam opened her eyes and looked around, making sure Carly was passed out. It had taken Carly forever to pass out and stop eyeballing them, and despite getting headbutted by Freddie, there was a part of her that really ached to be with him again. Originally, Freddie was going to pretend to sleep, but apparently the real thing had gotten to him as well.

More fun for me, Sam thought, tracing her hands down Freddie's sides to his stomach and finally began almost surgical precision to unbutton and unzip his pants. Really, she was surprised he was that deep of a sleeper. After opening his pants, it was just a matter of fishing his member out. As soon as she touched it, the waves of hormones hit her like a brick. She licked her palm and began to rub up and down.

"Whu- ha!" Freddie exclaimed, waking up at the wet handjob. This, of course, woke Carly up, as she sat up quickly and wide eyed. If she'd come up half a second faster she would have seen Sam right next to Freddie, but thanks to Freddie's quick hand, which was currently on the back of Sam's head, pushing her mouth on his member.

"You ok, Freddie?" Carly asked, half asleep.

"Yeah... uh..." he was trying his hardest not to look like something was wrong, and especially not look like he was getting blown. "Nightmare. Had a nightmare."

"Oh ok." Carly said laying back down. Sam's head came up for a second, gasping for breath, when Carly poked her head back up, as Freddie's hand sent Sam's head right back down. "Where's Sam?"

"Bathroom, I guess."

"Huh... ok. Back to sleep..."

Much more quietly this time, Sam pulled herself off Freddie's cock, which was already fully erect. Its not that she didn't enjoy going down on him, but having something pushed into her throat very quickly was kinda tiring and stressful. Once she had regained her composure, she went back to jerking him off, taking time to lick his shaft every so often, and putting just the head into her mouth. She kept this up for a minute or two, until Freddie whispered he was close. Sam went right to work, bobbing up and down on his member, her blonde hair going everywhere from the speed of her suction. After nearly a minute, Freddie put his hand on her head, pulling her hair slightly, his way of saying 'here it comes.'

Freddie came quite a bit, and it was honestly a bit too much for Sam, as the excess, dribbled from the side of her mouth as she hungrily tried to swallow it all. After finally getting everything off her face, she went back down, to his shrinking member and sucked a little bit more, just in case she missed some.

Freddie put his pants back on and looked over at Sam, grinning, almost devilishly, "I want to be ashamed of the things that we do on this trip."

Sam smiled back and nestled into Freddie's neck almost like she was planning on going to sleep, but she grabbed Freddie's arm with one hand and unbuttoned her own pants with the other. One swift motion later, she had pushed Freddie's hand into the front of her underwear, his fingertips running across her recently shaven pussy. The pleasure waves shot straight through the blonde teen, and she relaxed as Freddie's fingers did their magic.

Freddie wasn't the most experienced when it came to fingering girls, but he was certainly not bad at it. His warm, strong hands pressing digits in and against some of Sam's most sensitive areas was certainly a feeling that made her feel even more comfortable.

"You ok, Sam?"

"Fine! We are both fine!" Sam shouted, almost sounding like a robot. The two young lovers hadn't even noticed that Carly had sat up. Both regained their composure, and Freddie began to move his arm, when Sam grabbed his wrist, holding it in place, muttering under her breath, "Don't you dare fucking stop." Freddie did as he was told, and continued his finger's exploration into Sam's lady cavern.

"Ooook..." Carly turned herself completely around to talk to Sam while Freddie continued fingering her. "Want to run lines for our "Cowgirl who thinks mustaches are squirrels" sketch."

"Sure... yeah... uuuuhhhmmm." Sam was doing an awful job of hiding what was happening to her.

Carly began to speak, but then she decided that she was tired of this charade. She turned back around, facing away from them and, before she even realized it had come out, she said "As soon as you get done finger banging my best friend, maybe you should tell her about the night we fucked."

Any sexiness of the moment had been ruined by Carly's bitchiness. Sam nearly leaped off the seat, nearly breaking Freddie's hand as it was pretty stuck in her underwear, rebuttoning her pants as she moved. Standing over Carly, who was surprised by such an aggressive reaction.

"He already kinda told me. Though I have to wonder why he didn't tell me sooner. Or more importantly, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you two were broken up and it really didn't mean anything."

"So, you basically used him?" Sam asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Yeah, I guess, so are you two back together?" Carly asked, trying to change the topic a bit to relieve some of the tension.

"Yeah, I mean, not really... this kinda just happened. I don't know."

"So... fuckbuddies essentially?"

Freddie piped in, "I prefer sexercise partners."

Both girls looked over at him with fire in their eyes from him butting in. A moment later, he sunk back into the seat.

"Maybe we will date, maybe we won't... I don't know, Carly, but what you guys did, and then keeping it from me was not cool."

"Yeah, maybe... but it was just one time, it didn't mean anything more than having someone there. Are you sure you're not just mad because you weren't there? I mean, you've always been around when he's had sex with anyone else, until then."

"Well, he can do whatever he wants... and you know what, I will too. Maybe I will meet a hot guy at this shindig and fuck him."

Freddie looked terrified of this idea, though he had to give her credit, she was right. It only seemed kinda fair, but he did not like the idea at all.

"You should. Maybe I will do the same. Maybe I will find some big hunk or some cute girl to just fuck me."

Freddie wasn't sure what was going on... they were almost coming to physical blows just moments ago and now they were just daydreaming about the people that would screw them at this camp. Sam sat next to Carly for the duration of the trip while Freddie just shook his head in confusion. And he thought, if only for a moment, that Carly was now exploring Sam the exact same way that they were before the brunette interrupted them. The teenage boy simply sighed and tried to get back to sleep.

* * *

Arriving at the camp a bit later than expected, the four teens and Spencer made their way to their rooms, Gibby and Freddie passing out rather quickly in opposite beds, the girls heading to their room for what Freddie could only imagine to be something besides sleep. Spencer was pretty much out before he even reached the bed, so when awoke the next morning to a man in his thirties who smelled a bit like coconuts sleeping next to him, you can imagine his surprise.


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