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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did on my Summer Vacation: Chapter 2
by ProfNigma

Spencer was just as scared as he was surprised when Sikowicz, the teacher he met when he took Carly to LA a few months back for some party, was in the bed next to him. He sat up, gathered his stuff and headed to the lodge to try and figure things out. Apparently, they had not gotten Spencer's reservation so he technically didn't have a room. Spencer stormed into Carly and Sam's room without thinking, and lucky for him, the two girls were sleeping not only separately, but also fully clothed. He woke Carly up and asked her about the situation. She hit him with a pillow and went back to sleep.

Spencer left their room and headed to the camper. At least he could sleep in there for a while without too much of an issue.

* * *

9:00 AM the next morning, all the kids were woken up to get showered and basically attend a meet and greet, and as the iCarly gang exited their cabin, they realized that, not only were they sharing the cabin, but they were sharing the cabin with some of the kids from Hollywood Arts- Cat, Robbie, Jade, Beck, Tori, and Trina. Cat was a cute thin and short girl with deep red dyed hair, who was known to be a little strange and downright odd sometimes. Robbie looked like a stereotypical thin nerd, with black curly hair and glasses, and he usually carried a puppet with him, but it was nowhere to be seen today. Jade was what many people would characterize as classically pretty, with very deep eyes and pale skin, her dark hair, with a few highlighted ends hanging down, but she was also an enormous bitch to people. Freddie couldn't help but stare a bit at the punk/goth girl, very interested in what she was like beneath all her black clothes Jade's ex-boyfriend Beck, a tanned and trimmed, dark but perfectly haired "bad boy," was so good looking that even Sam, with all her Freddie obsessions, was immediately turned on by just looking at him. Tori Vega was the youngest member of the group, but she looked just as old as the rest, with a very fit and tight body and straight brown hair framing her tanned skin. Carly immediately thought that Tori was hot, even before her lesbian experiences or dreams, but she was somehow even more attractive now. The final member was Tori's annoying sister Trina, who was by no means unattractive, but compared to the other girls, her short, semi stocky frame was no match.

While they were at the same party, Jade and Beck never met the iCarly gang, as they spent the duration of the shindig in a hot tub with Sicowicz and Spencer. The acquaintances stood around and talked for a while, and while it was supposed to be a time used to meet with everyone, the two groups didn't show a lot of interest in getting to know anyone else.

Carly got a call from the woman at the head of the camp to come by and discuss what all this was about. Carly said she'd be there shortly. She told Freddie, Sam, and Gibby where to go, and she was going to hit the bathroom and meet up with them in a bit. The three teens, excused themselves from the Hollywood Arts kids and went to walking through the forest to meet with the camp director.

Carly ran back to her cabin to run to the restroom, and realized how nervous she was. She'd been doing the webshow for a long time, but the idea of having to perform in front of people made her feel really nervous and self conscious. Was she dressed appropriately? Could she change? Would her friends be able to do this and not mess up even though there wasn't a script or anything?

Carly finished up, and washed her face and hands once more, trying to calm her nerves, and started making the trek to the main area of camp for the meeting. She took a shortcut through a thicker part of the forest and heard voices.

"No... that's wrong. Not there either," said a voice that had a higher pitch and had sort of a breathy sound to it. Carly thought it might be Cat.

"I don't know... I've never done this before," said a whiney voice, belonging to a male; probably Robbie.

Carly followed the voices, ever the nosey individual, to find a rather surprising sight. She was right about the people, though she did not expect to find the dorky teen on his knees with his head under Cat's dress and his head pushed between the redhead's legs.

"Well, you asked if you could, so...No, Robbie, harder with the tongue," Cat was leaned back onto a tree, and while she looked annoyed, she seemed to be really patient with the awkward teen.

Carly watched the two for a bit longer, getting turned on by Cat, and feeling sorry for Robbie, and would have kept watching if Cat hadn't seen her.

"Hello? Watcher girl?"

"Shit," Robbie said, getting up and wiping his lips on his sleeve.

"Hello," Carly said, stepping from the trees onto the landscape. "Sorry, I didn't mean to spy."

"Yeah, Carly... that um... was kinda... um..." Robbie was at a loss for words and refused to look up.

"Did you see anything?" Cat asked sheepishly, hoping that she hadn't been caught with Robbie of all people.

"Yeah, I mean... I didn't 'see' anything, but I saw what you were doing." Carly looked over at Robbie and said, "Well, what you were trying to do."

Carly was really turned on by Cat. Something about her innocent sounding voice and being so cute was really hot, and even Carly was surprised at how forward she was about to be.

Carly ran her fingers over Cat's arms, a feeling that was odd, but felt really good for the petite redhead. Carly had a very sensual touch as she guided her hands down to her thighs, and even though there was a wall of fabric between her hands and the redhead's naked thigh, Cat was very turned on.

Carly got down her knees, and gave Robbie a look, as if to say, "allow me," and with a quick swipe, Cat's panties were down and Carly went to work.

Instantly, Cat could tell the clear difference and how much experience Carly had with this, as her former sighs had turned to moans, and the stoic looks had turned into closed eye, open mouthed expressions.

"Oooohhhmygod..." the petite redhead exclaimed as Carly's tongue serviced her nethers in a way no person ever had before.

Robbie just kinda watched. Trying desperately to figure out what Carly was doing to have this kind of effect on the girl he was trying to make the moves on. He had studied Wikipedia and Google, trying desperately to find out how to eat a girl out, and after begging wholeheartedly for days, Cat had finally agreed to let him do it. Now, she was going nuts over Carly, who just showed up. Uninvited. Unacceptable, Robbie thought walking over to the tree and getting down as well.

"Robbie, I think... oooohhhohhoh... Carly's kinda got this thing going, so you're ok. Go catch up with the others," Cat said, trying to be nice, but she knew how she sounded.

Carly pulled away for a second, and looked over at Robbie. "Hold on a sec, Cat. He'll never learn without practice. Here," Carly said grabbing Cat's hips and turning her slightly, her hands now reaching over Cat's perfect naked ass underneath her dress. "Robbie, do this." Carly moved her tongue around in a circle, "and then this," she said flicking her tongue in and out.

"Shouldn't you move?" Robbie said, getting down on his knees again.

"Haha... no. Much as I want you to learn how to properly eat a girl out, Cat's pussy is absolutely amazing." As the words came out of her mouth, Carly's hands massaged and fingered the bald pussy before her, causing Cat to moan more. Spinning Cat around a bit more, she had Cat's ass facing Robbie. "There's the spot. I know its weird, but it feels really good."

Robbie was hesitant, but the chance to grip the perfect peach that was Cat Valentine's ass was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Robbie dove his tongue into her ass, licking around the outside of it.

"Ooooohhh... Robbie. That's really nice." Cat had never had someone eat her ass and the feeling of the thin nerd finally doing something right was a new development, and she probably would have given it more thought if Carly hadn't started eating her pussy again, sliding her tongue over all the sensitive areas, especially Cat's exposed clit which made for easy access to make the petite redhead moan and twitch. The oral assault on both her most sensitive spots sent waves upon waves of pleasure through Cat, and she could feel them building up to an orgasm. While it wouldn't be the first time it had happened, it was definitely the first time with someone else.

Carly continued licking her slit, and Robbie circled her ass with his tongue, every so often getting some pussy juice, something that he never tasted while trying to pleasure her. Cat nearly screamed as her orgasm finally hit, and the young redhead came hard and fast, gripping the hair of both Carly and Robbie as the pleasured her completely.

Cat took several deep breaths, feeling like she was in ecstasy, and laid back against the tree.

"Wow..." was all she said for a few moments.

Carly snapped out of her sexual stupor. 'Dang," she said, "I said I was going to be on my way over to the main camp place for a meeting."

The brunette teen stood up and wiped her mouth clean with her tongue, and Cat grabbed her by the butt and pulled her close and kissed her deeply, tasting Carly just as much as she was tasting her own juices.

"We need to do this again." Cat said in her standard voice, as Carly smiled and went on her way.

Robbie was already making his way back to the cabin when Cat grabbed him by the collar.

"We aren't done yet," she said, throwing him against the tree, and reached behind her back to unzip the dress she was in.

* * *

Carly finally made it to the director's campsite a few minutes later, using all of her travel time clean up her face from her saliva, Cat's juices, and Robbie's excess saliva from trying to go down on Cat. Sam and Freddie could tell right from the start that something was up, but didn't mention it.

The director was a lot older than they thought she would have been, given how enthusiastic she was for their show. She explained that the iCarly gang would only need to prepare for one presentation a week for the two weeks they were visiting, and they were more than welcome to come to any camp activities. She wanted the group to do the web show and then explain how to use the internet and viral videos to propel you forward and gain popularity, just like iCarly does. She offered her support in any way that they might need for the show and closed the meeting with a "get out there and have some fun"-esque closing that just seemed cheesy.

Truth be told, Carly wasn't really paying much attention, her mind wandering to the tryst in the woods, and what they were up to now.

* * *

Cat let her dress fall down, walking straight towards Robbie, without missing a beat, a hunger in her eyes. The petite redhead dropped to her knees and began to rub the front of Robbie's pants, the sight of which definitely jump started the thin nerd's erection.

Robbie could not be more excited. A week ago, he could barely get the attention of Cat, much less a kiss, but now, she was completely nude and about to blow him. Though she was really thin, Cat had really nice B cup tits and an incredible ass.

Cat finally fished Robbie's dick from his pants, and while Cat was technically still a virgin, she had certainly seen her share of dicks. Robbie's was nothing spectacular, but it was a pleasant surprise to Cat who thought that his lack of confidence and self esteem was related to this.

Rather than think about this any longer, she began to pay back his oral favor, licking up and down the side of his member. Once he had gotten hard enough, Cat began to bob her head up and down on his cock.

She couldn't believe how forward she was being, but she thought that it was the mind blowing orgasm he had helped create with Carly, and while she wanted to return that favor as well, she just went with Robbie since he was there.

Cat had maybe been blowing him for a minute or two when Robbie suddenly gasped and twitched.

Cat pulled off him to say something, but she never got it out, as he shot his load all over her face and hair.

"Sorry," he muttered, not sure what else to say.

"Yeah, Robbie... you should have told me you were close." Cat said, her normally pleasant demeanor now replaced with annoyance, as she wiped the stuff out of her hair and face.

Robbie started to say something, but Cat just looked at him glaringly. "It is what it is, Robbie. Let's not talk about this." She put her dress and underwear back on and turned from Robbie, who had done nothing, not even tuck himself back in his pants.

"I'm gonna head back to the cabin. I will just catch you later."

Robbie just stared as she walked away, and felt pretty bad. He got himself together, physically, and leaned his head against the tree, heaving one big sigh. This was worse than everyone getting sent to prison; this was going to be the worst and most awkward trip ever, he thought.

* * *

The day or so passed by without any more incidents. Carly went back to her cabin and took a nap. Sam and Freddie, separately, headed out to do some activities with some of the other campers, but became bored with everything and came back to the cabins. They had texted each other at various points in the day, but neither felt like responding when they heard from the other. The Hollywood Arts gang did very similar activities, with Cat and Jade hanging out in the cafeteria, while Tori, Robbie, and Beck went down to a pool to hang out and relax. Robbie wanted to go with Jade and Cat, but Cat told him to go away.

Spencer, angry that the camp had double booked the cabin and not wanting to share a bed with Sicowicz, was now sleeping in the camper, and spent much of his time there. Seeing a semi handsome guy go in and out of the trailer instead of the cabins got Trina thinking that this guy might be a famous director looking for talent, so she set upon coming up with ideas to get his attention.

The following night, there was a big bonfire that all the campers attended. It didn't take long for the iCarly gang to reunite with their friends from Hollywood Arts. Sam, always the pyromaniac couldn't take her eyes off the fire, until of course, she saw Beck. He was wearing a denim jacket over just a white wife beater, which displayed his rugged abs and muscles. And his hair was still just as perfect as ever. Sam was getting moist just looking at him, a fact that did not go unnoticed by his ex-girlfriend. Jade stared daggers at the blonde, trying to set her on fire as well, to no avail.

With Jade so focused, Cat wandered over to Carly and began talking to her, trying to have a nonawkward conversation, and while it worked for a little while, it was only a matter of time before it fell through. Standing so close to the fire, and still feeling pretty horny from the day before, both girls had a hard time keeping their minds from going south.

"So, what have you been up to since last fall when we saw you guys?" Carly asked.

"Not much. Just school and stuff."

"Yeah, same here. Trying to do the web show and stuff."

"That's cool. I try and watch it when I can, but I have a theatre class that night." Cat said, eyes averted from Carly, really trying hard not to think about her. More specifically, her mouth doing amazing thing's to Cat's nethers.

"So, are you and Robbie...?" Carly asked, unsure of what the status of their relationship.

"No!" Cat responded at light speed. "I mean, we are friends, and he has a big crush on me and I kinda like him too, but still, I just don't think he's like boyfriend material."

"And that's why he was going down on you?" Carly asked, jokingly.

"He begged me to let him try and that was a mistake."

"I don't know... I think it ended pretty well overall." Carly said, in almost a sultry tone.

"Not really. I mean, what we did was like crazy, but after you left, I felt like I should do the same for Robbie, and it was just bad."

"Oh really?"

"Let's not talk about it. So what about you? Are you a lesbian?"

Carly was kinda getting tired of being asked that question, though for all intents and purposes, she did have a predilection for girls.

"No... not really. I mean, I like being with girls and guys. I think they both have benefits."

"That's cool I guess. My brother once dated a girl who was bi, but it turned out she was just into bicycling, and those aren't the same." Cat giggled at the end of her phrase. "I've never been-been with a guy, just up to third base, but I've been with a girl a couple times before."

"Oh wow. That's actually surprising."

"Not really a big deal. Jade and I had a girls night a couple times, and we drank a bit, so it just happened. Jade's definitely not gay though. She's in love with Beck. But they broke up so I don't really know how that's gonna go."

Carly looked over at Beck who seemed to be sitting awfully close to Sam, and the two of them were laughing.

"Seems like being in love with Beck is pretty common thing."

"Yeah, it kinda is. He's very hot, but I'd never date him because Jade told me she'd kill me if I ever considered it. So I don't."

The girls continued talking back and forth thinking about initiating something, but never coming out with it.

A ways away from Cat and Carly, Sam and Beck were sitting on a log bench, talking back and forth. Sam was shocked at how his "bad boy" image was completely wrong and he was a genuinely sweet guy. When she got cold and mentioned getting closer to the fire, he took his coat off and gave it to her. She thought it was really sweet, and then she looked up and saw Freddie looking over at her. She couldn't help but think about the other night when he did the exact same thing. Sam wanted this hot guy to be completely different than Freddie, and he was shaping up to be exactly like him in so many ways.

Beck still loved Jade, there was no question about it, but this girl Sam seemed really cool. She was really down to earth and funny much like Tori, but had that aggressiveness that he really liked in Jade. Beck was freezing cold, but really, he didn't mind too much. Sam was so cold, her nipples were poking out from under her t-shirt, which was already a little tight as it accentuated her amazing rack. Beck always was fond of Jade's breasts, but she was very self conscious about them so it was very rare that he got to see them.

It was a very strange feeling for Sam, this newfound attractive male with all Freddie's good qualities, she couldn't help but feel sad, and suffice it to say, a little aroused. She nuzzled up next to Beck who was shivering himself, but did his best not to show anything.

"Can I ask you something?" Sam asked, semi-sheepishly.

"You kinda already did there, but sure."

Sam laughed a little bit, and bit her lip. "I mean, I know this is just a temporary camp thing and we might not see each other again after the next week or so, and I was just wondering if maybe we could spend time together on this trip."

"Yeah, I'm sure we will. I mean you guys are like the only people we're hanging out with up here so we will hang out a lot."

"Oh yeah. Of course," Sam said, barely hiding her disappointment that he didn't understand what she was getting at.

"Of course, I also think we could hang out separate from everyone. I think that'd be real cool." Beck smirked at her, a smile that made her feel really comfortable, and she didn't know why she did it, but she looked up from cuddling with the teen and kissed his cheek.

She might have been 100 feet from the scene, but Jade was watching like a hawk, and when Sam kissed Beck, Jade completely lost it. She was heading over to punch a hole right through Sam, when someone stepped in front of her.

Freddie didn't know why he intercepted Jade to save Sam, since he felt a little betrayed by his blonde ex-girlfriend. But the truth was, she looked honestly really happy, and he didn't want anything to ruin.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Hopefully stopping you from doing what I think you're doing."

"Yeah, well, I don't need someone to stand in my way. I need to beat this girl's ass and show her that he is taken."

"Are you two actually dating?"

Yeah... well, no. Shut up. Doesn't matter. We are both grieving and we are not interested in seeing other people."

'Doesn't look like it to me."

"What do you care anyway? That's your ex-girlfriend, right?"

"Yeah, but whether she was my ex or not, she matters to me, and I think she's happy, and you know he is too."

"He is just replacing me. I need to be back with him, and then he won't need her."

"Don't you think he should discover that for himself? Anyway, it's only a week or two. If what you say is true, than when you head back home, you will have him all to yourself."

Jade stood there staring at them, then looked over at Freddie. She had a thought for only a moment that made her glance at Freddie, but it disappeared quickly.

"What the fuck ever," Jade said walking to the other side of the fire to try and find Cat. It took her a few minutes to find her, close to the fire with Carly. Jade was starting to get sick of these iCarly people messing with her friends.

Jade began to speak to get Cat's attention, when she realized that the petite redhead was locking eyes with Carly in a way that only meant one thing and she knew the look as she and Cat had shared it a couple times. In a day and a half, Sam and Carly had stolen the only two people that Jade cared about, and the only two people she'd ever been with.

Jade tried to sneak away, but before she got away, Cat spotted her and asked her to join them.

"Jade, we were talking about hanging out back at the cabin. There's a fireplace in there, and we were thinking of doing a girl's night. You know... like the kinda girl's night we had a couple times."

It didn't take a rocket scientist to understand that Cat was talking about the two times they got a little drunk and got naked and rubbed against each other. Jade was kinda surprised since Cat and her agreed never to bring up those nights again.

"No, thanks, Cat. I've had a rough night and I think I'm just gonna go back and get some rest."

Cat just shrugged and ran back to Carly, and they began to search for somebody else to hang with them.

Jade walked around the fire a bit more to see Beck and Sam again. They were no longer cuddling at this point, but full on making out. That guy may have had a point that Beck needed his space, and she just needed to be patient, but she was completely red in the face with anger. She was going to go punch her again, but instead turned and stuck her hand into the fire.

She would have really burned it, if a pair of hands hadn't pulled her away. Once again, Freddie stood before her, giving her a look begging an explanation for her actions.

"Why do you insist on not letting me hurt something? It's not your ex this time, I'm just hurting myself."

"I don't want you to hurt yourself either, though."

"Well, I'm hurting, Frankie-"

"Freddie," he said, correcting her.

"Whatever. You don't know what its like to watch the person you love kiss all over somebody else."

Freddie stared at her for a few moments.

"Fine, watch the person you love make out with some gank."

"That's a little uncalled for."

"What are you gonna do about it?"

"For all I know, my ex-girlfriend is going at it with a manwhore."

"Fuck you, you fucking fuck!" Jade said storming off. "Beck has only been with me. How dare you accuse him of being a manwhore?!"

"You did call Sam a gank."

"Yeah... well," Jade apparently had hit her stressed capacity, and just stopped. She sighed, and looked over at Beck kissing on Sam's neck. She fought back tears, and turned around to face Freddie. "I gotta get out of here. Need to take a walk to deal with all this."

Freddie looked over at Sam, who was smiling, as Beck kissed her lips very softly. "You want some company?" he called out over his shoulder to Jade.

"Wouldn't have told you what I was going to do if I didn't."

Sam opened her eyes for just a moment to see Freddie and Jade walk together into the forest. She felt a little jealousy and nosey, wanting to follow them, but then Beck began to kiss on her earlobes, sending goosebumps down her arms. All her thoughts melted away, and she was like putty in his hands.

* * *

Carly and Cat wandered around the fire, half trying to avoid Robbie, who had approached them a couple of times, trying to initiate something and Cat was not having any of it, and trying to find a third person for their girls' night. They considered just the two of them being together, but that seemed a bit too personal and weird, so a third had to be a good choice. There were a couple girls they considered asking, a few of which had apparently snuck in some booze and were getting kinda drunk near the fire. There was someone that she wanted to ask Cat about but it took her a while to work up the courage.

"Cat, what about Tori?"

"Oh, yeah. I guess we could ask Tori, but she's not really the type to try any of this, and I don't know if she'd be ok with it all."

Carly sighed, causing Cat to feel bad for shutting down the idea. Ever the people pleaser, she had a suggestion.

"What if we asked Tori to hang out, and made the other stuff really subtle, so she can sink into it."

Carly wasn't sure how else they were going to coax such a straight edge girl into doing stuff, but this was the method Carly had in mind anyway. She quickly agreed and after some searching they found Tori back in her room at the cabin. Though she was just laying on the bed, playing on her pear phone, fully clothed in a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and she was wearing glasses, Carly was immediately turned on by her. There was just something about her, Carly supposed.

"Hey, Tori," Cat said.

"Oh, hey guys. What's up?"

"Not much. Got tired of hanging around the fire, and decided to head back here to hang out together. Thinking about starting a fire in the fireplace," Carly interjected, wondering if that would appeal to Tori, who seemed like she might be cold.

"That's cool. I might hang out with you guys. By the way, Carly, I think my sister might be stalking your brother. She thinks he's some director looking for talent."

"Ah... is she dangerous?" Carly asked, jokingly.

Tori just stared at her for a moment before Cat spoke up.

"I'm gonna go start the fire."

Carly looked Tori up and down as the brunette teen stretched, and all of her curves became increasingly visible. Tori set her Pear pad down, and went into the main area, and gathered around the fireplace, watching it burn, and while Cat and Carly nuzzled together for warmth, Tori kept a bit more distance, thinking the two of them were kinda weird.

"So, you guys are just going to sit and watch the fire, then? Couldn't you have just done that out there?"

"Well, yeah, but here we can get comfortable and relax. You know, not have so many people around," Carly said, adding "Sometimes you just want to get away for a while and have some privacy."

Cat snuggled her head on Carly shoulder as they sat in front of the fire, and Tori just kinda looked on, feeling like something was up.

"That's um... some real close friendship you guys developed in two days."

Carly kinda ignored the comment but Cat spoke up without even thinking.

"That's because Carly and me are secret lesbian friends."

Both Carly and Tori looked at the petite redhead, one staring daggers that she wasn't keeping a secret very well, and the other with an absolute level of uncomfortability.

"Oh...k," was all Tori got out before she got up and walked back to her room, and shut the door behind her.

"Well, that went well," Carly muttered.

"Do you want me to make you feel better?" Cat asked, almost innocently.

"How are you planning to do that?" Carly asked, not quite catching her meaning.

Cat giggled and pulled up Carly's shirt a bit, just enough to kiss along her stomach and the top of her pants.

Any annoyance that Carly was feeling towards Cat outing them, was out the window, once she started kissing her abdomen. Cat's kisses were really soft and gentle, but at the same time playful- which honestly wasn't a bad description of Cat either.

Cat began to unbutton Carly's pants, sliding them down slowly, kissing her midsection, then her thighs, and then she moved back up to Carly's underwear and kissed a couple times through the fabric, looking up at Carly every so often. She began to pull down her underwear when Carly pulled the redhead back up to meet eye to eye.

Carly's shirt and Cat's dress were gone in a flash, and while Carly was down to her bra and panties, Cat was only left with her thong- a sight that Carly took a moment to really appreciate.

The two began kissing and writhing on the floor, locked in a tight and hot embrace. Before too long, Carly's bra fell by the wayside, allowing for their sensitive chests rubbed tightly against each other.

They were so focused that they didn't hear a door open and Tori step out, the curiosity getting the best of her. She was shocked to see one of her best friends, and a girl she had once shared a boyfriend with wrapped up tightly together. Naked. Tori was really put off by this, but she was also a bit turned on. She couldn't get over how happy they looked, and it seemed really simple. Tori had barely made out with boys, much less had sex, and she certainly had never been with any girls in any way.

Carly finally pinned Cat down and kissed her, rubbing her sides and her breasts with her hands, taking a moment every so often to kiss, suck and lick Cat's pert B cup breasts, and puffy nipples. Their crotches rubbed against each other which only fueled the nearly electric pleasure coursing through their veins.

Tori began to touch herself a little, her hands rubbing ever so slightly against the material of her shirt over her chest. Every so often, she ran her fingers down her midsection, fingers sliding into her pants.

Cat managed to flip Carly over, and giggled, "I owe somebody something..."

The redhead wriggled down Carly's body, grabbing Carly's panties with her teeth and sliding them down. Once Carly's pussy was exposed, Cat went right to work, tongue diving into the web star's love hole. The petite redhead licked around her opening and flicked her tongue a few times, and applied just the right amount of pressure on Carly's exposed clit, prompting some squeals, grunts, and Carly's hands gripping onto Cat's hair.

Carly moaned deeply, amazed at how great Cat was at this, and she felt she might come soon. Sure enough, within a minute or two, Carly's muscles tightened, and her she cam so hard, she nearly felt she was going to explode. As he eyes rolled up, she caught a peek of Tori staring, with her hand in her pants.

"Someone's awfully curious now, it seems. You shouldn't just stand and watch. Join us."

Tori bit her lip, unsure of where this might go or how wrong it all was. But as she looked at Carly, completely exhausted, and Cat looking so pleased, she couldn't help herself. She'd try it. She thought, once wasn't going to kill her, was it?

* * *

Sam and Beck made out for just a little longer at the bonfire, and Sam could feel her insides turning upside down, amazed by this really sweet guy. Kissing him was like kissing Freddie which was a really weird thing, but he was also really hot, in a completely different way than Freddie was hot. She wanted for this to go further, but she didn't want to seem too forward, and she wasn't entirely sure whether or not this qualified as cheating on Freddie. Sam's mind began to wander in all sorts of directions and it didn't go unnoticed by Beck.

"You alright there?"

"Yeah... I'm just thinking a lot."

"I can tell. Wanna talk about it?"

"Honestly, it's a bit personal, but it's my ex-boyfriend."

"Oh... that the guy who came with you guys? Not the weird kid, right?"

"Ha... he is a little weird, but no, its not Gibby. Freddie is his name and we have been together on and off for like 6 months, but we've been friends forever. Trying the friend thing out again now actually."

"I can dig it. Jade and I broke up just a month or so ago. I'm not sure if we'll get back together anytime soon. I'm sure we could be friends, but she's still not really happy with me."

"Yeah, I kinda caught onto that when I saw her staring daggers at us earlier."

"She does that. So anyway, are you still hung up on the ex? If so, its cool, I understand-"

"No... not like that. I'm really enjoying this. It's just hard to not think about him- my first and only real boyfriend, first person I ever kissed, first..." Sam trailed off, hoping he wouldn't catch what she almost revealed, but it was too late.

"Oh, well, yeah, that I can definitely understand. Same thing with Jade and me. First long term relationship and everything. Why don't you go talk to him?"

"Because I'm here with you, and I'm single, and I don't think I've had a night I've enjoyed this much for a month or two."

"I kinda feel the same way."

Sam leaned back in to kiss him, and he met her lips, and began to run his fingers through her hair as they kissed. The way he held the sensitive spot between her head and neck while they kissed made her feel so relaxed.

"You wanna get out of here... take this someplace else?" Sam said, breaking the kiss, and then resuming before he could even respond.

"Haha... sure. You want to head to your cabin. I'd say we could go to mine, but I'm pretty sure Robbie's in there crying about something."

"That guy is such a wuss."

"Yeah he is, but he's a good guy. He just lets stuff get to him sometimes. If he and Rex, the puppet, merged personalities, I think he'd be just fine, but he's crazy insecure."

The two walked quickly, but it took them a while to get to the cabin, as they stopped every so often to kiss. Finally, they made it to Sam's room in the cabin and jumped onto the bed together, still making out, smiling the whole time.

"You know, if you're cold, we can get under the covers of the bed and the blankets..."

"Sounds good to me," he said, slipping his shoes off and standing up to take his socks off as well.

Tossing her sandals across the room, Sam quickly unmade her bed and jumped under the covers. She gave Beck a look for taking so long, to which re responded by going even slower. Sam could not get over how funny and sexy this guy was. She took his shirt he gave her off and threw it at his head, still smirking slyly.

Beck wasted no time slipping under the covers and scooping up the blonde into his embrace, putting her on top of him. After some readjustment, she was straddling him. She took this time to run her hands all along his tight stomach, and nice chest and muscular arms. He wasn't as strong as Freddie, but he was thinner and a bit more ripped.

Sam leaned down to kiss him again and just as their lips made contact, Beck flipped her over, getting on top of her. He laughed a bit at the state of Sam's hair when he flipped her, the blonde locks all over the place, showing how completely unprepared she was for this kind of thing. Feeling him straddle her, was a surprise, and one that she certainly didn't hate. All she could do was stare at his abs as his shirt had come untucked.

"Shirt's untucked. You should fix that." Sam said, only jokingly.

Beck stopped suddenly like it was urgent. "You're right." He stood up, and began to tuck his shirt again, when he stopped and gave her a grin. His shirt was over his head and tossed aside in an instant. "Fixed," was all he said before jumping back on top of Sam.

Sam was caught in a laugh when he began to kiss her neck again, this time moving to her shoulder. This guy is incredible, Sam thought. She was so turned on, and as much as she wanted to have sex, she was keeping it under control.

Beck looked down at Sam, still in his romantic thralls, and he stared, almost hungrily at her breasts, he moved his hand to touch one when Sam managed to flip him, giving him a knowing look.

"Tsk tsk tsk... you're no gentleman," she said still giggling.

"Would you believe I did it in the idea of fairness. I'm not wearing a shirt and you've still got every piece of possible clothing on. Had to try."

"Hmmm... fair enough." Sam reached behind her self and under her shirt and unclasped her bra, sliding it carefully under the arm of her shirt. "Happy?"

"Oh, very," he said, his words dripping with acerbic wit.

"I did it just as much for me as for you. Just don't get any ideas."

"Oh, I've got a few ideas, and you can't stop me from having them."

Sam tried to hide her smile, and leaned back while straddling Beck. He couldn't believe the view he was getting; her shirt already tight enough, with her leaning back like that, he could see their complete outline, nipples poking through.

Sam knew what she was doing in this pose, but it also gave her a chance to pop her back, which she kinked getting the bra off. Finally cracking it with a resounding crunch, she sat upright on Beck and looked down at his face with a half laughing, half horrified look.

"You... ok?" he mustered, trying not to laugh.

"Yeah... back needed popping. Tends to kink when I do crazy stuff like try and get my bra off while still wearing a shirt."

"You seem like you need a good rubdown. I've heard I'm not bad if you want me to take a crack at it. No pun intended, of course."

"Of course." She thought about it, and she knew there was more to it than just a massage, but she couldn't turn down the chance to feel his hands on her. "Ok then." She flipped over, facedown on the bed, and waited a few moments for his hands to appear on her back, but instead she felt him straddle her thighs and ass. "Ummm...What are you doing?"

"Its cool, this is the best angle for reaching everything. Just relax." He kissed the back of her neck once more before continuing.

As soon as his hands made contact, she was eternally grateful for this decision. He rubbed and kneaded all the places she'd ever had an ache, and she was actually pretty surprised when he asked permission to reach under her shirt. She said yes of course, and he went to work, really focusing on her lower back, which was under some stress considering what her chest looked like. His hands glided up her sides and "accidentally" grazed the sides of her breasts.

"Watch it, masseuse boy. You haven't earned that right. Not yet, at least."

Beck slid his hands back down her sides and back, then went up and begin to rub her neck softly, grinding a bit into her ass, his member beginning to really press against his pants, a feeling that did not go unnoticed by Sam, who went from pretty turned on to fully wet from just that moment.

"Thanks, Beck," Sam said, unsure of what to do next. Beck laid back down next to her, and just be even, laid facedown as well. "Do you want to have sex with me?" Sam asked, pretty quietly.

Beck went stiff at the question. Sure he was very into this girl, but this was a really forward question, and maybe the possibility had arisen, but still, they would only be each other's second really. And that was something kinda big.

"Umm... I don't know, Sam. That's kind of a big deal."

"I know. I'm really into you, and this is going really well, and I'll be honest, I'm pretty horny. If you're not into it, that's cool, but I just need to know if that's the direction we are going."

Beck couldn't believe how forward she was being. "Why don't we just do what we want and see where that goes for us? It's worked pretty well so far."

"Well, that's kinda the thing then, isn't it? We've done the cutesy stuff and now comes the real stuff. I want to do it, but I'm also really torn."

"Well, I'm also really tempted to do it, but I'm also torn... I think its one of those "if you aren't sure, don't" type things."

"I guess so. Sorry to stop things... I just felt like we should talk about it."

"No, it's cool. But, maybe we should take this as a sign and call it a night. I'll head to my cabin-"

"No!" Sam yelled, cutting him off, and turning over to face him. "This is good. I definitely don't want to stop this."

"You sure?" he asked, trying to look her in the eyes.

Sam took Beck's free hand and put it to her breast, which he wasted no time getting a good feel of. "I'm sure."

* * *

Freddie and Jade walked for a few minutes before Jade finally just stopped and sat on a nearby stump.

"What's up?" Freddie asked.

"Oh nothing. Just can't stop fucking thinking about Beck."

"Yeah, I figured as much. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty focused on Sam too."

"Yeah, that doesn't help."

"Fair enough."

"I want to be mad at him. I want to rip his heart out and spit on it just like he did mine... but... I can't. Like, I can't just 'get over it' like people keep telling me to."

"I know how that feels. I'm still hung up on what's happened over the last couple months with my friends, and going from friends to more than, and then back down." Freddie did his best not to dwell on or even hint at the whole 'slept with his best friend, her best friend, and then that best friend's twin sister' deal.

"Yeah, that's cool," she said, essentially blowing him off. "Beck and I dated for nearly two years. We broke up a few times, but we always kinda worked stuff out in the end. I just don't feel that this time."

"Well," Freddie said, and tried to find a place to sit near her. As he began to sit, he got the perfect view down her shirt. He kinda felt bad about it, but then again, she had an amazing rack that deserved attention. "What are you feeling right now?"

"Right now? Well, I'm pretty down because he's probably going at it with your gank of an ex."

"A little harsh, but ok..."

"Fine... the thing is," Jade looked over at Freddie, and he could clearly see that the tears were just welling up in her eyes. "I saw the way he looked at her, and how he laughed with her, and how really happy he seemed. I just-"

"So you think-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME FINISH!" She quickly screamed through gritted teeth, punching him hard in the shoulder. It hurt like hell, but Freddie had to admit... it was kind of a turn on. "As I was saying, I just see all that, and I can't help but think that he's in love with her now."

Freddie opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he looked into her eyes.

"Fine, go ahead,"

"They just met each other. It's natural that they are getting along well. Sam has some really bad qualities, so I wouldn't give up on Beck just from the first day of them meeting. I mean, it's only been like two hours since they started talking. It's ok."

"You really... sniff... think so?" Jade asked, trying to fight her tears and get past all this.

"Yeah... I think it is," Freddie said stroking her hair a bit, which he didn't mean anything by.

"Don't touch me." She said quickly and firmly, wiping her sleeves along her eyes.

Freddie backed off, and he began to speak, but she cut him off.

"Tell me something, Freddie. What you just told me... did you say that because you believe it, or are you also clinging to the hope it doesn't work out, so Sam can still be yours?"

Freddie looked at the ground as he prepared his response. "Does it have to be either one? Honestly, it's really kind of a 'both' thing. I love Sam, but like you, I saw how happy she was, and I don't know if I want to be the kind of person that wants to kill that."

"They deserve to be happy, right?" She said, half sarcastically.

"And so do we," Freddie said, getting up from the stump. "Let me walk you back to your cabin."

Freddie reached his hand to help her up, but she pushed it away and stood up herself. Freddie's face pretty much showed his annoyance at not really getting through to her. Jade thought to herself, and made a decision.

Jade kissed Freddie quickly on the lips, and then slapped him across the face. "Thank you, but if you tell anyone that just happened, I will murder you."

"Yes ma'm," Freddie said, rubbing his cheek to ease the stinging, though the kiss was certainly more intense.

Once her back was turned to him, she smiled and realized she kinda enjoyed the kiss. She started walking, but stopped short and put her hand down by her side.

"What I said about not touching me... I think you should forget it."

Freddie reached out and held her hand as they began to walk back to the cabins.

A few minutes of holding hands along the walk was more than enough, and they separated about the time they reached her cabin. Freddie stood back, unsure of whether or not he might get another kiss from her, while Jade almost walked into the common room, when she saw through the window. On the floor, next to the fireplace, she saw Freddie's friend Carly, completely naked, touching herself while Tori and Cat seemed to be doing that same pleasure for each other. Jade stared, mouth open as Freddie walked up behind her, and watched the show as well.

* * *

Carly was still recovering from the mindblowing orgasm Cat had caused, so she could just sit back and watch the incredibly inexperienced and virginal Tori discovering her sexuality with Cat. The petite redhead was doing 90% of the work, of course, but Tori's body was nearly flawless. She was very tanned with very supple B cup breasts with tiny pencil eraser nipples. Carly hadn't gotten a shot of her pussy yet, but she could clearly see the shape and size of Tori's ass, which was magnificent.

Cat started kissing Tori with very soft and fast kisses, trying not to overwhelm her, as she felt like Tori was holding back a lot. After a few moments, Tori's hands finally left her side and began to touch Cat's face as they kissed. Once she knew that Tori was now into this completely, Cat moved her mouth to Tori's breasts. Her sandpaper-like tongue scraping against Tori's very sensitive nipples, drove the brunette wild with feelings. No one had ever touched or done any of this with her, and now here was someone she considered one of her best friends doing all this.

Tori closed her eyes and moaned quietly, enjoying this, and she didn't even noticed that Cat's hands had moved to Tori's damp panties. Cat kissed Tori's lips with a really deep kiss, that was heavily accentuated by Cat's fingers sliding Tori's underwear over and entering her.

"Whoaa...Oooohhhhohhh," was all Tori got out for a few minutes, her eyes going from wide to closed then back to wide, over and over again as Cat pumped the tips of her fingers into Tori. Once she regained her composure, Tori moved her hands over Cat's sides, moving down to her ass and squeezing. This burst inspired Cat to begin to pull Tori's panties down completely for better access, her fingers hitting all of Tori's most sensitive areas. The sight of all this really got to Carly who was now rubbing herself, getting hornier and wetter than before.

Tori lowered Cat's thong down, and cupped her ass, clearly trying to find some sweet spot to equal the pleasure that she was getting currently. Finally, she moved her hands around the side to Cat's slit, and started touching her, in a way that wasn't unpleasant but very unskilled.

Cat giggled a bit and told her to relax, kissing her neck.

"But I feel like I'm not doing anything really... Like, I want to do the same for you. I feel kinda bad that you did it for Carly, and now for me."

"It's cool. I'm good with this."

Carly had finally recovered a bit, and spoke up, "I got this, Cat. Take a break."

The brunette web star sauntered over between Tori's legs and slid her panties all the way off and wasted no time putting her tongue at Tori's entrance, lapping up all the juices that Cat had brought about. Tori's head was thrown back in ecstasy, and as she moaned, almost uncontrollably. Carly couldn't get over how sweet Tori's pussy was and it made her want to keep licking, her tongue moving from Tori's clit to her inner walls.

Tori's tight body was shaking from how good this felt, and she didn't know what came over her, but she grabbed Cat's legs and pulled her close. Cat kneeled over the lying body of Tori, and watched Carly, just as she had done herself earlier, completely eat out Tori. Tori looked at her, and whispered.

"I want to do this... sit on my face."

Cat looked at her, surprised that she was making this jump, but then again, she'd considered having sex with Robbie after a mindblowing orgasm, so who was she to judge? Cat mounted Tori's face with her back to Carly, which didn't bother her much since she loved watching Cat's ass jiggle as Tori started.

Cat's first thought was barely completed before the waves of pleasure began to rise within her. Tori had a very passive way of eating pussy, but Cat didn't hate it. Unlike Carly, who was very aggressive, Tori was very slowly running her tongue along Cat's edges, honestly building up so much tension, and Cat leaned her head back to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Carly had found Tori's sweet spot and gripped her thighs tight, putting as much focus on her mouth as she could, humming every soften. This was an amazing feeling for Tori who actually moaned and screamed deeply into Cat's pussy. It was about 30 seconds before Tori had her first real orgasm, and her body spasmed so much that Cat nearly fell off of her. Cat had to give it to Tori, even after coming, she remained focused on getting cat off.

Carly moved from between Tori's legs to assist with that, mounting Tori's chest, pressing herself tightly against Cat. Carly reached around Cat, using her two fingers to voraciously rub the top of Cat's pussy. The combined feeling of Carly rubbing and Tori doing a damn good job at her first attempt to eat a girl out sent Cat over the edge, moaning louder and louder. Carly licked one finger and using her other hand, inserted her finger into Cat's ass.

The timing could not have been better. The moment Carly's finger entered her, Cat came harder than she ever had before, her eyes going wide and just falling over, just smiling.

Tori and Carly moved over to where Cat fell, and laid down on each side of her, all squeezing together, and obviously exhausted, they quickly fell asleep.

* * *

"What the fuck was that shit?" Jade said, as Freddie finally pulled her away from the window. The duo had seen some of what was going on in the girls' cabin, but left before Tori began going down on Cat.

"Well, from what it-"

"If you are going to tell me, in physical detail, exactly what we just saw, I am going to punch you in the mouth."

Freddie shut up at that point and pulled his arm from Jade.

"Look, I'm sorry Freddie... I'm just kinda upset. Seems like everyone is hooking up with everyone, and I'm the only one with no one."

Freddie, trying to ignore being forgotten about, tried to ease her nerves. "It's ok, Jade. Really. And you are not the only one. I mean, I'm completely unhooked here."

"Yeah, but that's because you are you."

"...And that means what exactly?"

"Whatever, fine. You and I are both miserable and alone."

The two walked a ways further together, not really talking and not really going anywhere. Finally, Jade spoke up.

"Can I ask you a favor? And if you read too much into this I'm going to crush your skull."

"Well, when you put it that way..."

"Can I sleep in your cabin? I'm not really keen on going to 'Lesbian Slumber Party '12'"

"Is that the official title? I feel like there should at least be a banner or something..."

Jade laughed a little bit. She had to admit, she kinda liked Freddie. He was no Beck, of course. But he was a genuinely nice guy who wasn't a creep. She thought about the awkwardness that could arise from sleeping over with Freddie, but she really didn't have any other options off the top of her head.

Freddie wasn't really sure how to respond to her request. He was certainly into her, and he wasn't sure if she was into him, and it would be weird. Before he could say anything, she spoke up.

"It's cool... don't worry about it."

"I haven't responded yet."

"Yeah, but that is kinda a response on its own..."

"Then my answer needs to be clarified... Yes, you can stay with me."

"Thank you. Don't get any ideas either." Contrary to her words, she kissed his cheek and started walking.

The two of them turned around, hands holding onto one another and headed for his cabin, both tired but happy to have company. But they probably shouldn't have walked by the window to Sam's room.

* * *

Sam kept her shirt on a little longer, just as much out of nervousness, as it was to tease Beck a little more. The feeling of his hands on her breasts sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body, and her insides were screaming with arousal. She smiled throughout this whole thing, not letting him think there was anything wrong.

She must not have done a good job, because when she reached down to pull her shirt up and off, he stopped her again, and said, "You know, you don't have to do this... if you're unsure, we can end things right here before we cross a line."

Beck's willingness to wait was what sealed the decision as she crossed her arms and began to pull up her shirt, but he grabbed her hands when it reached the edge of her breasts, her underboob just barely showing.

"Leave it there," he whispered, "Kinda gives a feel of mystery."

"Mystery over what?"

"I don't know... maybe I get really turned on by shoulders, and this just is a tease for me."

"Shoulders? Really?"

"Not really," he said, sliding his hands over her midsection, rubbing up and down her sides, and slid the tips of his fingers over the bottom of the shirt, grazing her breasts. "I kinda just said it to be funny."

"Well, its just kinda wei-"

Sam never got 'weird' out, as Beck, like a ninja, pulled the back of her shirt down, raiding the front just low enough to reveal her nipples and like a hungry animal began to kiss her breasts, taking a moment to take what he could into his mouth to suck and lick the nipple.

Sam sighed with pleasure, her eyes rolling back.

Beck pulled away for a second, and ripped Sam's shirt over her head. "Mystery solved. Turns out, I love these," he said slyly resuming his place worshipping her generous chest. His hands exploring her body, from her sides, to her stomach to the top of her pants, putting his fingertips into her waistband, tracing her midsection.

"You having fun?" she giggled, seeing that he was clearly enjoying himself.

"Very much so, but I still feel like we are overdressed," he said facetiously, smirking at her.

"I'm shocked you even noticed what I'm wearing. You've been pretty distracted."

Beck pointed his finger, tracing a circle around her chest. "Can you really blame me?"

"Suppose I can't," Sam said, undoing the front of her pants.

"Allow me, miss." Beck said in some faux British accent that made Sam laugh. He unzipped her pants and slid them down her legs, moving his face close to her crotch, but pulled away at the last second.

"Well..." Sam said staring at Beck.

"Well, what?"

"I think you should take your pants off." Sam enjoyed this, but she was getting extremely horny and was ready to get to the action. Plus, she could not contain her excitement to see what he had in his pants.

"I guess it's only fair." Beck stood up at the end of the bed and undid his belt and slid his pants off, revealing some boxer briefs which were doing little to hold back the erection that seemed to be building for quite some time.

"That looks kinda painful, maybe I should help you with that..." Sam said slyly, moving to her knees, but she was taken aback when he pulled her back up.

"That can wait," he said, kissing her, pulling her close, his erection pressing against the inside of her leg, then pushed Sam back and moved his face between her legs. "This however cannot wait."

With that, he pulled down her underwear and ran his fingers over her sensitive slit. Once he found the best spot, he began to lick her entrance, slowly and deeply, almost like he was making out with it, which was a new feeling for Sam and she definitely didn't hate it. Beck knew he was doing his job well, when her hands grabbed a handful of his hair, gripping it tight, pulling his face further into her body. Beck took the hint and increased his tongue action, moving his hands to her cute ass, he gripped it tight, pulling her body further into his face.

"Ooooohhh Freddie, fuck, yes."

Beck stopped short and looked up at her.

"Wow, I'm sorry, Beck... he's the only one I've ever really been with, so it's just kinda like a go to response."

Beck squinted his eyes, showing anger and annoyance, which made Sam get really sad, and the moment she looked genuinely concerned, he switched back to his smiling face.

"You asshole," Sam said, too happy to be mad at him.

"You're just lucky you're cute." He said crawling up to her body, and kissing her lips, leaving the taste of her juices on the tip of Sam's tongue.

"Damn right I am," Sam quipped, crawling down to his member, giving him a really good look at her ass. Once around his crotch, Sam pulled off his boxer briefs, unleashing his member, which she was just a bit disappointed as it was a bit smaller than Freddie's in both length and girth, but she didn't mind because Beck was completely shaven and manscaped. Sam licked her palm and began stroking him.

Beck was surprised at how good she was at this, stopping every so often to lick her palm, until finally, she cut out the middle man and began licking and sucking his dick. After deepthroating his cock for a minute or two, she pulled away and gave him a look. Grabbing her chest, she pushed her tits together and began to jerk him off with her breasts. Beck had done some awesome things in his life, but this was a new experience, and it was probably in the top five best things ever. After feeling a bit sore, the blonde returned to blowing him. Sam bobbed her head up and down, her blonde hair shaking in and out of her face until Beck's hands held her hair back.

"Thanks," she said, words masked by the cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head faster and faster, until she felt him pull her up. The two shared a quick kiss before Sam began to mount Beck.

"Wait," he said, holding her midsection. "Are sure about this?"

Sam's response came when she pulled away from his grip and impaled her self quickly with his member. As he entered her, Sam realized it had been a long time since she'd really been with anyone.

Beck was really amazed at how forward she was being, grinding up and down on his member, her breasts jiggling and swaying as she rocked, somehow being both really aggressive and sensual all at once. He couldn't help but think that this was exactly how Jade was too.

Sam rode Beck for a while, his member hitting all the right spots, as she ran her hands down his muscular chest and his hands focused almost entirely on her chest, kneading her breasts in a way that was not entirely unpleasant. He finally pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply, holding her in place as he began to thrust upwards into her, which, when met with her own grinding, was fast and hard enough that both of them thought they might cum right then.

"Sam... this is... I'm gonna go with 'amazing'... but I don't think we're being really safe... I almost came then."

"Shit... I got so caught up, I never really thought about it."

Sam dismounted him, and got between his legs. Beck stopped her short and spun her around, lifting himself up a bit to lick along her wet hole where his cock had just been.

Sam hadn't even considered 69-ing with Beck until just now, but once he started on her, it was hard for her to think of pretty much anything else. She began sucking his cock, tasting her own juices as well as the taste of his member. Beck's cunnilingus skills had Sam moaning deeply into his cock, which in turn made him hornier, which made him eat her out more hungrily, which started the cycle even more. This went on for about two minutes before they got each other off, almost at the same time. Beck caused Sam to have an orgasm, and as soon as it hit she felt his member pulse in her mouth and shoot load after load of his seed into her lips, which she hungrily drank down, not letting even a drop escape her lips.

"Wow," was all Beck could say, his body just give out from exhaustion. It had been nearly 6 months since he had been with Jade, and he forgot how draining it is when it's over. Sam climbed off Beck and grabbed her underwear and threw it and her T-shirt on, and lay down next to him. He grabbed his boxer briefs, and put them on and curled up with Sam, spooning her into dreamland.

The two were so focused on each other that they never even noticed the two people standing outside the bedroom window, who had been standing there watching for some time. The two people who they used to date.

* * *


Freddie stared as the pale skinned rock chick he was walking with turned into a bright red, anger machine that probably would have knocked the cabin down if Freddie had let her. She screamed at the window, which was apparently pretty soundproof, until Freddie grabbed her and picked her up, carrying her to the other side of the wall, out of sight from what they had just seen.

"Get your hands off me! I need to go murder someone!" Jade screamed through gritted teeth.

"Look, Jade. I don't like what we just saw anymore than you do. But it is what it is. They had sex, and it has already happened. I mean, really, what are you gonna do?"

"Well, for starters, commit a murder. Then cut her body up into pieces, and then feed it to fish."

"Well, I'm a little sorry I asked."

"You should be pissed off too!"

"I am. I'm just... I don't know. Not okay with it, but Sam is her own person, and I guess Beck is too. They do what they want, and we do what we want, and the story goes on. It hurts, yeah, but I'm glad she's happy. She deserves it."

Jade had to take a moment to let what Freddie sink in. Sure she was upset, but he had a point. Beck seemed really happy with everything, and maybe it wasn't entirely that gank's fault for ruining her happiness. Jade collapsed on the ground and started crying.

"I... just don't know... sniff... what I'm supposed to do."

"You should do what you want... whatever that is. You can't worry too much about him, you have to do what is best for you and go from there."

"What if I don't know what I want?"

"Then you find something that makes you happy, and stick with it, pursue it as far as you want to take it."

"And what if he was the only thing that ever made me happy?"

Freddie sighed deeply at how difficult she was being. "We both know that's not true, and if it is, then you need to get out there and find something else. No question about it. Now, come one and let's get you back to your cabin."

"I thought you said I could stay with you."

"Well, yeah, but I figured you'd rather risk Lesbian Fun Time than be in a room 50ft away from our exes."

"It was Lesbian Slumber Party. And two, I don't care where I stay honestly, just promise that you'll stay with me." She paused for a second. "Don't read into that."

"Ok then, since we are right here, let's duck into my room and get some shuteye... I think we both could use it."

The two walked into Freddie's room and Jade looked around. He'd only been in this room for a couple days but the place was an absolute mess. She didn't hate it.

"Not to be more of problem, but do you have any... ummm... clothes I can sleep in? I can't really sleep in skintight leather pants and all this."

"Oh yeah... sure. Give me a sec." Freddie opened his suitcase and searched though until he found a pair of nylon boxers he never wore much, and an old t shirt.

Jade went to the bathroom for 5 minutes and came back out, and Freddie was immediately taken back by how beautiful she really was, sans makeup and dark clothes. Her dark hair and highlights really clashed with her pale creamy skin. Finally, snapping out of his stupor, Freddie walked across the room to Gibby's bed. On his nightstand was a note that simply said "Off to find Bigfoot with that teacher guy." Freddie thought about mentioning it, but just ignored the feeling.

"Well, this is it. I think Gibby is out doing something, so I will sleep on his bed, and you can have mine."

"Yeah, ok, that's fine... I didn't realize I would kick you out of your bed."

"You didn't. I just lucked out that Gibby wasn't here."

"Ok... well, G'night Freddie. Thanks a lot for tonight, and for this of course."

"It's cool..." Freddie said, doing his best not to stare at her as she got into his bed. "We all have bad days sometimes. Luckily, we have people who care about us that help us through those times."

"And are you one of those people for me? Do you really care about me... we just met, after all."

"Yeah, actually, Jade, I do. I think you're a really cool girl and I think you need a person to help you. But we can talk more tomorrow... let's get some sleep." Freddie said, hitting the light switch, walking back to Gibby's bed to strip down to his boxers and get into bed.

"Freddie," Jade's voice came from the dark, "I don't think you should sleep in that guy's bed tonight... I think you should sleep here. And before you ask, I mean that you should sleep here with me. I'd appreciate it, and I know you would be more comfy here."

"More comfy than having the whole bed to myself? I don't know about that, Jade."

"Yeah, I wasn't asking..."

"Thanks, Jade, but I know you're in a pretty fragile emotional state, and I don't want to interfere with all that."

"Don't you think that you being here to comfort me is more important to my 'fragile emotional state?'"

"Jade, I-"

"Listen Freddie, I'm not sure how many more innuendos I can slip into this fucking conversation before I blatantly say 'I want to fuck you.'"

"You sure about that?" Freddie asked, very tempted to take her up on that.

From the darkness, Freddie couldn't see that his shorts were flying towards his face. Pulling them off and peering at what hit him, he realized that the shorts weren't the only thing thrown. Jade's silky underwear were inside the shorts.

"That answer your question?"

It didn't take a genius to know this was a chance Freddie couldn't pass up. He got out of Gibby's bed and lay down in his next to Jade, who wasted zero time mounting him, her exposed pussy, which was very moist, rubbing against his midsection.

"Don't ruin this by analyzing it or anything, ok?" Jade said, her hands trying to find Freddie's face in the dark. "You told me I should do what I want and not worry about anything else. I choose you. It may not fill the emotional hole that Beck left in me, but I know you can certainly fill the physical hole."

The metaphor of filling her hole did not go over Freddie's head, who was now aching to fill that hole. "Alright, I won't look this gift horse in the mouth. I take it you're the take charge type in the bedroom?"

"Well, to be honest, I haven't been in the "bedroom" in at least 6 months, so, yeah, it's been a while. But I guess I was the aggressive one. What does it matter?"

Freddie shrugged, "Just making conversation."

"Well, less conversation, more con-fuck-sation, ok?"

"Yes ma'm." Freddie looked up at Jade and smiled his standard smirk, really enjoying the view of the moonlight keeping her torso and face pretty well lit.

Jade grinned down at Freddie, and began to run her fingers over his chest. Freddie is so much bigger than Beck, she thought, he could easily manhandle me. The thought should have been disconcerting, but Jade was just really turned on. She slid her body down a bit further, now grinding her pussy against his slowly erecting cock with only a thin sheet of cotton boxers separating them.

Jade was feeling so hot, she started grinding more and touched herself, grabbing her breasts and rubbing her pussy. Soon, it was too much for her, and she had to lose Freddie's shirt, throwing it down onto his face.

Once he got the shirt off his face, he looked up to one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen- Jade completely nude, her borderline D cup breasts bouncing with the grind, her face twisted into a look of pleasure, eyes shut and rubbing her chest for some feeling of relief. There was no doubt that Freddie was a boob man, but there was no comparison with Jade- even with her perfect rack, her eyes were her sexiest feature. Freddie reached up with his hands, which felt rather rough to the touch when he finally touched her creamy skin, and slid his hands over her sides.

The feeling of his hands exploring her body, which had been pretty untouched for a long time, was fantastic. She may have wanted to be the leader in this situation, but she felt herself melting at his touch. As she felt his hands creep up she raised her hands, running them through her hair, essentially giving up control to Freddie who had now reached her breasts.

Freddie rubbed her breasts very softly, pulling himself up some so that he could taste them, taking each of her nipples into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over her small areolas, a move that sent Jade's head rolling back, her highlighted strands now framing her face as she resisted the urge to moan.

The grinding, his mouth on her supple chest, how manly he was- all this stuff was piling up and teasing Jade so much. The few times she and Beck had been together, she always made him eat her out before actually putting it in her, but now, she felt like there didn't need to be more than a second between how she felt now and Freddie's cock being deep inside her.

"Do you have anything?" Jade asked, trying to say condom without actually saying it.

"Yeah, they are in my bag over there."

"Nevermind then..." she said, reaching down and unbuttoning the front of Freddie's boxers, effectively freeing his member. "I'm on the..." she stopped for a moment, staring at what she just fished out of his pants, "pill." Jade was actually shocked at Freddie's cock. He was bigger than Beck definitely, and if she thought Beck was pretty big, she honestly felt a little uneasy about putting that thing inside her. Only live once, she thought, before slowly lowering herself onto his cock.

Freddie was surprised by how tight Jade was, considering she wasn't a virgin. But her body suddenly felt very fragile to him, as she lowered herself further, gritting teeth through the pain, but her eyes rolled back from the pleasure... it was a very strange, yet arousing sight for Freddie.

Once Jade had completely impaled herself on his member, Freddie held onto her thighs, assisting her in lifting and lowering her, and after the third or fourth cycle, Jade got used to the feeling of being, as far as she was concerned, filled to the brink. She began grinding her hips up and down and soon Freddie met her thrusts, and the pace increased. Freddie pumped in and out of her faster and harder with each passing moment, and as he looked into her eyes as they fucked, he just couldn't get over how beautiful she was, especially with the moonlight silhouetting her trembling body, breasts swaying.

Freddie reached up and massaged her breasts, running his thumbs over her nipples. He pulled her body down and kissed her lips softly, his thumbs touching the side of her face, keeping it in place as the grinded against one another. This angle was perfect for Jade, who wrapped her arms around Freddie's neck, as Freddie's cock hit all the right spots.

"Oh, fuck yesssss..." she said grinding faster and faster. "Fuck, this is good... you're so strong."

Freddie loved to be complimented and decided to try something with Jade. He could tell she liked to be manhandled and was turned on by his strength. He pulled away from Jade's mouth and whispered.

"Do you trust me?"

"Would I have let you sleep with me if I didn't?"

"Fair enough... figured I should ask beforehand."

"Before what?"

Jade got her answer very quickly when Freddie placed his hands on her lower back as he held her in place as he got up, still supporting her weight while staying inside her. Once he had his balance, he moved his arms to beneath her knees.

"What the fuck are you do- HOOOLLLLYYY SHIIIIIITTT"

Jade's deep moans and screams reached critical mass as he held Jade's body up keeping her in place, and here arms wrapped tightly around his neck. If she thought his massive tool was hitting her best spots when they were lying down, she was way wrong. Freddie pumped Jade over and over, and she was powerless to stop him, but she wouldn't dare even consider doing that for a second.

He wrapped his arms a bit tighter around her, gripping her ass more and he pushed and pulled her body, impaling her body faster and harder with each passing moment. They pressed their bodies closer together, her substantial chest pressing tight against his chest, and kissed for just a moment, tongues attacking each other as they looked into each other's eyes. They kept up this behavior for a few minutes, Freddie looking into Jade's beautiful eyes, happy that she seemed to be enjoying herself and Jade looking into Freddie's eyes, contemplating whether or not she might be in love with Freddie.

Freddie slowed down the pace a bit so he could really appreciate Jade's beauty in this moment and they kissed a bit more. "You are so beautiful," he said, "I'm really happy we did this."

"Emotions later, Freddie," Jade retorted, trying to pick up the pace. "Now, really fuck me!"

Freddie didn't need to be told twice, and went from zero to sixty, piston pounding her pussy as she requested, her eyes rolling back into her head, nearly comatose from the feeling he was giving her. Before long, Freddie felt her pussy tighten more than he'd ever felt, constricting his member, and Jade's eyes flew open as she screamed out in utter orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum too," Freddie said maintaining his pace.

"Put me down," Jade said with baited breath. Freddie lowered her down and she was on her knees. "Now, paint my face and tits with your hot cum!" she moaned through gritted teeth.

Freddie gave his cock just a few more strokes until finally he shot four or five strong shots over her waiting figure, two hitting her on the nose and lips and the others covering her chest.

Jade moved her hands over her breasts, almost rubbing in his seed into her skin and licked her fingers clean. Jade sighed deeply, stood up, and then went to the bathroom for a minute or so. It was clear, she had cleaned up when she came out, wearing her panties again, and Freddie did his cleanup routine as well.

Now that they had cleaned up after all this, they lay together in bed, her body cuddled deep into his. He kissed the top of her head, and stroked her hair and cheek, for a few minutes at least even after she fell asleep. Finally he passed out, his face nuzzled into her hair and shoulder.


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