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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did on my Summer Vacation: Chapter 3
by ProfNigma

The next morning brought about a number of surprises for the teens at the camp, but none greater than that of Spencer Shay, who awoke in his camper, to a really good feeling happening down below. Looking down, he saw brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail, attached to a head that was bobbing up and down on his incredibly erect penis. He wasn't entirely sure whether or not this was completely due to her, or some of the credit was due to morning wood. Whoever this was, was not the most experienced ever, since it was a little sloppy, but it was still one of the best he had ever received.

It took a couple of minutes for Spencer to completely wake up and think the situation through... primarily, why was any of this happening?

"Ummm... good morning," he said.

He must have surprised her, as he felt a sudden and really tough suction on his member, as she raised her face and smiled. Spencer immediately recognized the girl.

"You're Trina, right? One of the Hollywood Arts students?"

"Yes. Trina Vega, aspiring actress, singer and dancer, and the perfect fit for whatever production or studio that you work for."

"Umm... I don't work for any studio or anything... I'm just a chaperone."

"Uh huh... I understand you're 'undercover' looking for talent. I won't tell anyone else..." the brunette winked and resumed her activities.

Spencer began to speak again, but then he just laid back, enjoying this attention he was getting, but then a horrifying thought came to his mind.

"Hold up... quick question: You're 18 right?"

"Yeah. I'll be 18 in like a month... same difference."

Spencer jumped out of his makeshift bed and pulled his sleep shorts up, still fully erect and sporting a serious tent.

"That is not ok!" he shouted, and she seemed unfazed. "That," he said doing some frantic pointing towards his crotch and some fascinating pantomime, "is most definitely illegal. What were you trying to accomplish?"

"Obviously, I was blowing you so you would give me a part in a movie. What are you doing?"

"'Getting the hell away from you' comes to mind as a good option."

"Hold up," Trina said, finally standing up and walking towards Spencer. "Way I see it..." she said, trailing her finger down Spencer's surprisingly fit chest, "we've already done enough to get you in trouble. So why don't you relax, and just go with it and then give me what I want. Otherwise, I might have to start crying to someone... and a... cock like yours? Not one that I could ever not be able to describe."

"So, you want to blackmail me into having sex with you?"

"And give me a part in your movie."

"The movie that, for the last time, I am not doing."

"You're crazy, man." Trina said, lifting her bright purple blouse over her head, revealing a surprisingly large chest barely contained by a lacey blue bra. They were nowhere as big as Rebecca's but, she was at least a D cup. Seeing her body certainly sent some thoughts into his mind that he morally found disgusting, but he was in a rather tight place now. Finally, he cleared his mind and just embraced the situation.

Finally feeling that Spencer was getting in the mood, Trina pushed him onto his makeshift bed and straddled his chest. One hand was rubbing Spencer's chest, while the other had started back at work of stroking him off. Spencer's hands were focused on the girl's best features, squeezing each breast, and rubbing what he could of her nipple through the bra.

"Just so you know," Trina said as she jerked his member, "I'm not going to fuck you. Not because I don't want to... I just don't think I could handle all... that."

Spencer just stared at her, and then decided to flip this situation on her.

"That's a shame," he said, "because I have the perfect part for you, and if you insist on blackmailing me with all this, I should at least be able to get some."

Trina looked rather horrified... the truth was, she was a virgin, she had never been with a guy before and this thing being her first with a guy she didn't actually care about seemed like a really bad idea. But on the other hand, she was desperate for the chance to be famous.

"What if I met you halfway?" the increasingly insecure brunette said, semi-regretting it the moment it came out of her mouth.

"And what does that mean?"

"You know... it's like my pussy... but higher." She was really embarrassed, and while she had one other guy fuck her in the ass, he wasn't much more than half the size of Spencer.

Spencer considered the opportunity, trying to ignore the parts that screamed how wrong this was, and focused on the chance that lay before him. Or on top of him, really.

"I think that might work..." he said, words trailing off as he unhooked her bra from her setting her glorious chest mounds free. Leaning up, he took on in his mouth, suckling on the nipple, while rubbing the other one with his fingers, and alternated between them for a few minutes.

Trina's stroking eventually got the better of Spencer and he felt close, but the moment he said that, she stopped and climbed off of him, and began to take off her pants. He could see as she turned around, still wearing her panties that she was not very trimmed, but since he wasn't doing much there, it didn't matter much. Trina slid off her underwear, and Spencer pulled his shorts completely off, his rigid member standing at full attention.

Trina nervously moved towards Spencer and standing him up with her, began to give him an almost lap danced, rubbing her body against his, fitting his engorged member into the crack of her ass, moving up and down.

Once she felt ready again, she turned around and knelt in front of Spencer, taking his cock into her mouth again, and trying to get it as wet as possible to lubricate his entry. She might have been annoying, but she could certainly put sucking dick on her resume. Spencer began to fucked her mouth, almost gagging her on his cock, which shouldn't have been hot to him, but it was. Spencer had to fight the urge to come a couple more times before she finally pulled up from him and got into position.

Given the cramped area that the camper was, they didn't have a lot of room, so Trina bent over slightly, both hands on opposite seats for balance as she stood and waited for Spencer's entry.

"Mind being gentle... its not my first time with this... but I'm still pretty new to this and definitely new to that big of a cock."

Spencer nodded and lined his cock up with her pussy entrance, pressing the head to her wet and hot love hole. He did it to tease her, but the longer he teased her, the more he really wanted to fuck her pussy.

"Whoa... I told you could fuck my ass! Nothing else, okay?"

"I know... I was just teasing you."

"I don't care-"

Trina was stopped short as she had to gasp for breath as Spencer shoved his cock into her ass, sending an enormous wave of pain through the stacked brunette. Spencer gripped her hips, pulling them slowly onto more of his member, realizing her ass was tighter than anything he'd ever felt. He could feel her tightening up and wincing, but he caught her right hand rubbing her pussy faster and faster the deeper he went. Once he got about five inches in, he pulled out, and started the process all over again. After the fourth or fifth cycle, each time getting a little more inside her, Trina got into it, and once again used the seat to brace her self as she forcefully pushed into Spencer's thrusts, until finally, all nearly nine inches of Spencer's cock was inside her.

Once Spencer knew that she was ok and getting into it, he moved his hands form her hips and upwards, now gripping her breasts and pulling on her upper body towards him. This force of pushing into her lower half and being pulled with her top half was strenuous on Trina, but it felt absolutely amazing. She had to move one hand from gripping the seat, and resumed fingering herself as she was getting pounded faster and harder by Spencer's relentless assault.

Before too long all this became too much for Spencer, who didn't give any warning as he blew inside her ass, shooting his cum deep inside her. As her asshole tightened, it was like it was milking his cock, getting every last drop of cum out of him.

Exhausted, Spencer sat back down, but he felt a little bad for not getting her off, and called her over, finally getting a good look at her face, her makeup now a bit runny, especially in the mascara department.

"Trina, you should relax... I want to return the favor for you." Spencer pulled her close and sat down behind and put his arms around her waist, his fingers pressing on her pussy, and once he heard her begin to moan, he began to finger her more deeply. It didn't take long for Spencer's magic fingers to do their thing, and Trina squealed for a moment as she experienced one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever experienced.

Once she had collapsed after her orgasm, Spencer got up and got dressed, trying his best not to think too much about all of this.

"So did I get the part?" Trina asked, weakly.

"Oh... yeah... if I ever make a movie... you can bet you'll be the first one I'd call."

Trina smiled and slowly got up and got her clothes back on. They didn't share any other words before the each left the camper and headed in opposite directions to get cleaned up.

* * *

On the other side of the camp, Tori woke up naked pressed up against another person. For a moment, she was confused. Her movement woke Carly as well, who was far less confused as she opened her eyes, kissed Tori on the lips, and then smiled and shut her eyes again. Tori had a look of bewilderment and cursed at herself for letting this kind of thing happen. She was a good girl who never did wild stuff, so why was she here now, still physically recovering from the lesbian orgy that occurred only a few hours before this.

Carly moved a bit more, doing her best not to wake Cat who seemed completely passed out. Carly winked at Tori and moved between Cat's legs and began to, almost like a cat, lick up and down Cat's pussy, stopping every so often to flick her tongue across the petite redhead's clit. After three or four sessions of this, Cat finally woke up, and for a moment believed she was still dreaming, the web star licking her pussy like it was an ice cream bar, and one of her best friends looking on, starting to rub herself.

Cat gripped Carly's head, holding it in place, a surefire sign that what she was doing was working, and then motioned for Tori to come over here.

Tori crawled over, and Cat couldn't get over, how she almost looked like a curious lion, half scared, and half stalking prey. She kissed Cat on the mouth with just a peck, and Cat pulled her close for a much deeper kiss, sending all the hairs on the back of Tori's neck into overdrive. Tori began to speak, but Cat put her finger to the tan girls lips.

"Tori, you should take care of Carly like you took care of me last night... I wanna taste your pussy as well."

And so the girls formed a triangle, each eating out the other while they themselves were being orally pleasured. Carly was power licking Cat's pussy, and Cat was gripping Tori's ass tightly, forcing her pussy onto the redheads waiting face, and Tori was very meticulously, almost with surgical precision, hitting all the sensitive areas of Carly's pussy with her tongue.

The girls' morning routine came to a pretty quick end when Tori couldn't hold out any longer and came hard, nearly squirting Cat in the face. Tori's moans sent serious vibrations into Carly's pussy sending her into an orgasm as well. Cat remained the only one who hadn't come yet, and the two girls went to work, Carly working hard to eat her out and even put one finger in Cat's ass, and Tori began to kiss and massage Cat's chest.

After almost two more minutes, Cat finally began to convulse and she came. The girls were exhausted once more, and while Cat passed right back out and Tori just lay back on the floor, Carly had to get back to her cabin. Slipping her clothes back on and heading out the door, she trekked to her room she shared with Sam.

Meanwhile, Tori, finally accepting what she did just now and the night before, cuddled up with Cat and they had maybe two minutes of spooning before Trina burst in, sending the girls scrambling to their respective rooms.

* * *

Over at the iCarly cabin, Sam and Beck were rolling around ion the covers. Both wide awake, but not quite ready to get out of bed yet, the couple was just in a permanent state of afterglow. They wrestled beneath the covers, throwing sheets and pillows all over the room. Beck finally was able to get on top of Sam and pinned her. As if by hitting some magic stopping point, the couple stopped their playing, and just began to make out, kissing each other deeply and passionately.

Sam pulled away for a second, and looked up. "Is this a real thing?"

"Like, are you dreaming?"

"No... I mean, like you and me. I mean we had a crazy night and I seriously want nothing more than to fuck you again. But I just don't know if this is a real thing."

"Well, I mean, I definitely feel what you're feeling. Sure, we have the next week or so, but then what? You go back to Seattle, I head back to Hollywood Arts." It was rare to see Beck get sad, but Sam could see the look of sadness in his eyes as he spoke, as if he also knew there was an expiration date to their tryst.

Sam couldn't stand his sad look and scrambled to think of a way to salvage this moment. Finally, she came up with a plan, and set it into action.

"Beck... baby..." she said the word, testing his reaction to a pet name. He seemed unaffected by it. "Beck, take off your boxers and free that amazing cock of yours."

Beck looked down at her like she was insane.

Momma neeeeeeeeds it." The way she held that 'e' sound drove Beck over the edge, and he slipped his boxers off, freeing his already erect member. Sam pulled her shirt over her head, freeing her amazing tits with the cotton confines. She gave him looks to indicate where his throbbing member could go, and after a moment, he straddled her chest as she pressed her glorious tits together, and after getting some much needed spit lubricant, he began to fuck her breasts.

Before she did it, Sam never understood the appeal of the titjob, especially since the act doesn't offer her any relief, but she discovered that it felt really good and she loved watching the cock pass through her chest and licking its head before it retreated and then returned.

Before long, she wasn't even attempting to use her breasts, choosing instead to pull him closer, seating him on her collarbone, so that his seven inch cock only had one place to go. Sam opened up and swallowed him within seconds, performing the absolute best blowjob he ever had, hands down. Beck continued to meet her suction with his own thrusts, effectively fucking her face.

"Sam..shit... I'm getting close."

Sam tried to speak through his cock filling her mouth, finally getting free to breathe and say words that set Beck's skin on edge.

"Good. I'm fucking starving. Feed me that cum!" Beck nearly came on the spot.

Sam dove her lips on his member forming a vacuum seal as she took him and bobbed her head franticly, desperate for his seed, and she got her wish. Beck came like a gusher, sending thick shots into her mouth and throat. Sam contained it all in her mouth, not letting a drop escape and dramatically swallowed it all down, showing her tongue and empty mouth to Beck like it was something she deserved credit for.

"Now, that's what I call breakfast in bed..." came from a voice behind them.

"Shit!" A very scared Beck exclaimed, falling backwards and off the bed, nailing his head on the floor.

Sam coughed hard, sending some cum and spit back up into her mouth.

'What the fuck, Carly?" she shouted.

Carly realized the moment after she spoke, that she shouldn't have interrupted them. It reminded her a bit of when she had caught Sam and Freddie in a similar situation. Beck was completely different from Freddie in a lot of ways, so she couldn't imagine how he ended up with Sam like this.

"Sorry, Sam... I didn't mean to ruin anything."

"Its cool," said Beck, now dressed completely, still holding his head, "I needed to head back to the cabins anyway. Check on Robbie and stuff. I'll catch you later Sam."

He didn't even wait for her to get a bye out before he walked out the door.

"Well, that was kinda rude."

"So was you barging in while we were trying to be all couple-y." Sam said, kick Carly in the leg as she got up and got dressed.

"I guess so."

"I really like him, but I don't know how to feel about Freddie also being around, and this thing can't be more than a fling with Beck. I just feel like it's a waste of my time, but he's so great."


"Shut up... like you've never had complicated feelings for a boy... or a girl... or whatever it is you're into now."

"Still guys, but I do like the company of women. Speaking of, I need to tell you about my night last night. And I guess you do too."

"Actually, Carls, I'd prefer not to. Not today, at least-"

Sam was cut short when a girl's scream came from the other side of the wall in Freddie and Gibby's room.

* * *

Beck tried to walk as fast as he could back to his cabin, but he took about 10 steps before he had to stop short. Looking through the window, his jaw nearly dropped. Sam's ex-boyfriend had a naked girl on his shoulders. After a closer look at this surprisingly hot scene, he realized once he saw the dark hair with colored strands, he realized it was Jade. Waves of jealousy flowed through him. He couldn't watch this for any longer and punched a wall once he got back to his room.

* * *

When Freddie woke up, he was actually a little surprised that Jade was still in his bed, much less, that she was wrapped in his arms. She was dead asleep, and didn't even budge when he kissed the side of her head. Deftly, Freddie moved away from the sleeping girl and was going to head out for a shower, when he took another look at her, and realized she wasn't wearing any underwear.

He started to cover her back up, but changed his mind at the last second, deciding that he wanted to taste her since he didn't get a chance to the night before. Very slowly and easily, he kissed her inner thighs until he was ready to hit the big spot. Freddie licked her entrance all around and used his tongue to reach inside her as well.

From above, Freddie heard some very soft moans, which were followed by very subtle movements with in her legs. As she seemed to wake up more, the louder the sounds got, and before long, it was clear that she was fully awake.

The major sign came when she grabbed Freddy by his hair and pulled his head up to meet her gaze.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Umm... I thought that you were sleeping really peacefully, and you looked really beautiful... I wanted to give you the best wake up that I could."

Jade stared at him, looking half pissed, for what felt like forever. "As you were, then." She said, flashing a smile and pushing his mouth back down onto her. She was surprised how good he was at that. Beck tried it several times, and it was pretty good, but Freddie was just phenomenal.

Freddie could taste that her juices were now flowing, and he began hungrily eating her out, really enjoying how she tasted. Freddie tongued deeper inside of her, and hit her clit with his tongue. The sandpaper-y tongue was so rough against her most sensitive of areas, that the feeling became to intense for a few moments.

She felt like she might have an orgasm right there. Jade gripped Freddie's hair tighter, moaning louder and louder.

"Oh God! This is... uhhh... the besssst... way to wake up."

Freddie pulled away from Jade's area for a moment, and looked up. "If you think that's good... I want to try something new."

Freddie pulled Jade up and pushed her body against the wall, and kneeled down before the punk rock teenager . This next part was going to be risky.

"Hold onto the wall, ok?" was all Freddie said.

Jade didn't have a chance to respond as she was lifted up, as Freddie put her legs on his shoulders, and lifted her straight up so that he was face to face with her pussy. Freddie resumed his oral activities, grabbing her ass tight, as Jade, completely scared of her current position, held onto Freddie head with one hand and some portion of the wall with the other.

Within a minute or so, her fears had been replaced by the overwhelming pleasure. It took Freddie a moment to get his bearings, but once he found Jade's clit again, he began to lick it sending those nearly orgasmic feelings back through her body. Looking up, he could not have been more turned on by the sight of her tits bouncing as her body twisted and turned with ecstasy. As Freddie applied more pressure to her G-spot, Jade began to almost gasp with each moan which was a strange sound, but he could feel her body trembling.

Freddie's fingers explored her back and ass and once he found the perfect moment, as Jade neared orgasm, stuck one finger in her ass.

The shock of the move was the last straw as Jade screamed out, nearly spasming out as Freddie pulled her down and laid her on the bed.

The two teens exchanged a look of happiness and exhaustion, before the door to their room burst open.

It was the product of a well placed kick by Sam, and the moment Sam and Carly saw the scene before them, they wished they had left it alone.

"Well, this was a mistake." Carly said, trying not to make this too awkward.

Sam sneered, half out of sad anger, the other half out of jealousy. "Yeah, I'm shocked Fredward couldn't do any better than my new boyfriend's bitch of an ex."

Whatever remaining energy Jade had after her time with Freddie, she threw together into one activity. Wrapping a sheet around her nude figure she walked over to Sam and punched her hard right in the face. Unbelievably, Sam was knocked down by the hit, and Jade shut the door on the two girls and shut it behind her, joining Freddie back in bed.

* * *

The rest of the day went surprisingly well, considering the emotional state that most everyone was in. Freddie and Jade lay in bed for a while longer, not really talking. Just staring at the ceiling, and cuddling closely every so often. Finally Jade sat up and explained that she needed to go get a real shower and to get dressed. Making sure Carly and Sam were out of the cabin before walking her out, Freddie kissed her forehead, which prompted a really cute smile from the normally angry teen, and went back inside to get a shower for himself.

Once Carly had gotten Sam off the floor, and subsequently held her back from storming back into the room, the two girls took turns showering. Part of Carly was really turned on from this morning and the sight of both her best friends in bed with other people and she wanted to shower with Sam, but she thought her friend might need a little time to herself. Once both girls had gotten cleaned up, they headed out to discuss their iCarly plans for the big show the camp was setting up for them.

Tori and her sister Trina didn't talk much at all. Trina didn't have anything to say to Tori and Tori definitely didn't want to listen to any of it, let alone talk about her night and morning. So Trina put her computer speakers to max and blared club music that was bad enough, but then she started singing. Tori took off right after her shower, and didn't come back for quite some time.

Cat had just gotten out of the shower when Jade got back, and despite Cat's very inquisitive nature, and constant questioning of her whereabouts, Jade didn't mention Freddie in the least. Cat felt kinda betrayed that her best friend was keeping so much from her, and she kept her evening to herself as well. Jade spent the rest of the afternoon, laying in her bed and staring at the ceiling trying to process her thoughts.

Beck returned to his cabin to find Robbie in just white underwear, sprawled out and passed out facedown on the bed. And while he really didn't want to check, he was almost positive that one of his hands was stuck in his underpants. Beck showered quickly and headed out to the pool to soak up some sun.

Overall, it was a pretty boring day where nothing important really happened. Until, of course, the campfire that night.

* * *

"So doing a show in front of an audience is going to be kinda difficult, since we are used to staring at a camera." Carly said, trying to keep Sam's attention on the work, and not what happened this morning.

"Right... so what if we dropped our standard random dancing bit, and got a volunteer from the audience, and then beat the fucking shit out of her?"

Clearly, the distraction was not working so well.

"Sam, I don't think that's going to go over well with the audience..."

"It'd go over well with me."

"We also have to remember we won't have a lot of our standard tech to fall back on."

"Well, if we won't have any technical stuff, why do we even need Freddie around?"

"Because he... well, I mean, he's always there. He should be involved in this."

"Well, if he's so important, why isn't he out here helping us instead of fucking that gank?"

Carly began to answer, but realized she didn't have much of an option. She tried to call Freddie, but her phone had no signal. After about six tries, Carly gave up and went back to plotting sketches for the show. The two teens sat around for several minutes without talking and just staring at their laptops. Finally, Carly shut her screen and groaned.

"Arghhh...I have no ideas on how to fix this thing!"

"I still like my 'pulverize that gank bitch from Hollywood Arts' plan?'"

"And might I ask who's the 'gank bitch?'" came a voice from behind them.

Carly didn't even have to turn around to know that it was Tori. The tanned brunette was wearing skintight jeans and a tight t-shirt which was definitely a good change of pace for Carly.

"Not that it's any of your business, but the hoe-bag in question is your friend, Beck's crazy exgirlfriend."

"Ah... Jade. Yeah, she's a real winner for sure."

"Yeah, she's on her way to being a winner in "Sam Puckett's Beatdown Palooza." Sam stopped for a second, and reflected on how cool that would be.

"Yeah, anyway, what happened with Jade this time?" Tori asked, trying to ignore the awkwardness she'd just witnessed.

"Basically, we caught Jade hooking up with Freddie, and when Sam flipped out about it, Jade punched her."

"Wow... it doesn't surprise me in the least, but it also is kinda surprising that she would go after you. Also hooking up with your friend is really weird of her. I thought I was the only one she hated. What did you say to prompt that reaction?"

Carly spoke up again for Sam, who wasn't sure if Sam could even form a sentence without using profanity.

"I think it had less to do with what she said, and the fact that her and Beck hooked up."

Tori's eyes went wide. "You... hooked up with Beck? He's like the hottest guy at our school. Until I met Jade, I was like really into him." Tori regained her composure, trying hard not to look like a crazy person. "I mean, he's a really nice and great guy too. Congrats."

"Thanks, I guess. Still don't really know how I feel honestly. I mean, we can't really "date" once this trip is over, y'know."

"Well, yeah, I guess, but I guess it's possible," Tori said, trying to find a new subject to talk about. "Oh hey, Carly... quick favor. Do you think I can borrow your computer for the night. Mine died and I really don't want to have to borrow Trina's."

"Cat wouldn't give you hers?"

"She doesn't have one. Yeah... it's weird."

"That is kinda weird. Sure... I don't think we are going to get anything done today anyway."

Carly handed Tori her computer and her password, which was a weird thing to do, she thought, but then again, so was having random sex with whoever was around.

Tori headed back to her cabin to use the computer and relax until dinnertime, which was a pretty common sentiment for all those at the camp.

* * *

At 6:30, everyone was stirred that there was an emergency meeting before dinner that everyone needed to attend. The camp did a headcount of all those who were there, and there were 6 people missing, including Gibby and Sicoweicz.

The camp director, who looked rather panicked to everyone, prepared an announcement.

"There are some campers that have gone missing. There is no need to panic. A search party has been sent out for them, so until they return, there will be no more classes, just simple events, so that everyone can remain focused on finding them and keeping those already here safe."

Spencer volunteered from the crowd to join with the crew to help them, and they pulled him into their group so he could get a closer look at the map.

Freddie thought back to the note that Gibby had left and wondered for a moment whether or not he should tell them what Gibby and Sicoweicz were doing, but then realized he probably would just sound crazy. It also left his mind when he saw Jade from a distance, looking incredible. She had on a skintight blue dress that ended at her knees and cut off up top exactly where it needed too, and she was completely dolled up. Freddie was naturally drawn to her.

"You look really beautiful tonight," he managed to say while still a few feet away. "Though, that's a little fancy for getting dinner."

"Guess that depends on where I get dinner then doesn't it?" she said, remaining unflappable.

Freddie shrugged, and reached for her hand, which was quickly withdrawn.

"You ok, Jade?"

"Me? Oh, I'm fine..." she said, barely making eye contact. "Are you not ok?"

"Uhh... yeah, I guess. You just seem like something's wrong and I want to help."

"You can help by leaving me alone. You got laid, be happy about it, and let it go. You don't need to keep this up for my sake."

"Keep what up?"

"This whole thing. You fucked your ex girlfriend's boyfriend's ex. So that counts for something. It's out of your system now. No need to drag this on."

"I'm not dragging this on... I really like being with you, and despite being an emotional roller coaster, I kinda want to spend as much time with you as possible. Are you dragging 'it' on?"

Jade looked rather shocked. "No... I'm just not sure what your game is. We aren't going to be in a relationship, our exes are perfect together, and we both have a lot of faults. This isn't going anywhere."

"My game is to be with you for as long as possible. In so many ways you're my perfect girl, and I know that this is all subject to change once this whole trip is over, but like I told you last night, I find what makes me happy and take it as far as it can go."

Jade looked at him, deeply, as if she was trying to read his mind. Finally, she reached and grabbed his hand. And they began to walk to the dining hall, he head on his shoulder.

Freddie had no idea what just happened, but he didn't hate it. He kissed the top of her head as they headed in for dinner. It was burgers which were actually pretty good, but they had onions and mustard on them which didn't taste bad, but it pretty much eliminated the chance of either of them taking things any further than just hand holding tonight.

After dinner, he walked Jade back to her cabin, the two laughing and dancing a bit as they walked. Finally, they reached her door, and in a flash, Jade pushed Freddie against her door.

"So... you really liked my dress?"

"Uh yeah... I don't think I've ever seen a woman more sexy than you look right now."

"I can accept that. Maybe I'll wear it again." She kissed his cheek and spun around and backed her body against his, grinding against him. She suddenly stopped, opened her door and walked in, saying only "Night" before shutting it behind her.

Freddie stared at her door for a moment, then shrugged and headed back to his own room.

* * *

Tori couldn't sleep, and she didn't know where Trina was, but to be honest, she really didn't care much. She loved her sister, but she didn't like her in the least. Tori surfed Carly's laptop, doing email, Slapbook, etc. She closed down the internet and almost logged off, when she saw a folder on Carly's desktop marked I-C-E. Naturally, Tori's curiosity eventually got the better of her and she looked inside and there was a video marked March 14. Opening up the video, Tori let out an enormous gasp.

It was a recording of a webcam. In the center of the screen, there was what appeared to be Carly's friend Freddie, and two blondes, one of which, she was pretty sure was Sam. After getting a close look, she realized they were both Sam... she must have a twin, Tori thought. She knew she shouldn't be watching this, but she really couldn't take her eyes off what was happening. In the corner of the video was Carly, apparently in her own room, and she was completely naked and touching herself to all this.

After watching for a few more minutes and seeing not only Freddie's member, but also what those girls were doing to it... it made Tori really wet. Tori had never watched porn before, and had only seen one penis in her entire life, and that was her dad's when she accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom. This wasn't the highest quality video she could have watched but she was amazed by all this. She undid the button and fly on her jeans and slid her hand into her pants.

Tori wasn't sure given the last 24 hours if she was a lesbian now, but her panties went immediately from moist to soaked once she saw Freddie put his cock inside one of the girls. Carly seemed to share a similar feeling as she disappeared from her side and then reappeared a minute later in the main video. Now there were four people and they quickly divided up into two groups. As much as she enjoyed Carly, Tori could not take her eyes of Freddie and Sam 1. The harder they had sex, the more voraciously Tori masturbated.

Tori took her shirt and bra off and was now gripping her tit tight as she fingered herself, slowly feeling that orgasm building up. On the screen, Tori could see that the camera was now moving, until he finally settled on Freddie and Sam, and Tori's eyes went wide when she saw Freddie's cock penetrate Sam's ass. The thought really grossed her out, but after seeing how hot this whole scene was, she couldn't help but get more turned on by it.

Tori had gone from using just a fingertip against her hooded love button, to shoving in and out almost two whole fingers inside her pussy over and over. While one hand was hard at work below, her other hand was gripping her chest and fingering her nipple, her back arching with ecstasy.

She rewound parts of the video to watch again, feeling like she might come at any moment. Finally, after watching the three way blowjob for the 3rd time, Tori came, her body spasming, until she relaxed, and let out a sigh of exhaustion. She closed the video and shut the computer. She thought about taking the computer back to Carly, but she was also really keen on watching that whole thing again.

Finally, she had an idea. Grabbing a jump drive from her computer bag, she copied the video to the USB device and saved it. Now, she could watch the video whenever she wanted...


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