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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 6
by ProfNigma

The next couple days flew by for some people. Carly prepped and presented her iCarly presentation without Freddie or Sam, who were both moping around their individual cabins. Carly wasn't entirely sure why, but involved a bet against that weird angry girl from Hollywood Arts, and it ended with everyone breaking up. Carly was also a little sad not see Tori as much, who was cuddling up to Beck rather quickly. They were kinda awkward though. Carly couldn't help but try and be nosy. She really missed Cat, who seemed really busy with helping Jade through whatever happened. The only person she really saw for a couple days was Robbie, who seemed to be having some trouble getting used to the difference in climate and atmosphere.

Tori had gotten very close to Beck, but they barely kissed over the course of the two days since the fallout. Neither was really sure why, but it just seemed weird for some reason. This trip had certainly created some sort of awakening in Tori but she was really unsure about how to feel about all this. Maybe it all was a mistake, and after this weekend arrived and the camp had ended, she would put all this behind her.

Beck was certainly attracted to Tori, but he began to regret his decision with Sam and wonder if he really did make a mistake in not only breaking up with her, but also ending things with Jade. He was a little hurt that she had found someone for herself. He was just as hurt when he saw how hurt she was by everything. Beck considered sequestering himself at his cabin like the others, but Robbie was always around and he was starting to get on Beck's nerves.

Sam had barely left her bed over the course of the last couple days. She was miserable, sad that she had messed things up with Beck, and she was really torn after giving some thought to Beck's argument that she wasn't over Freddie. She really was still in love with Freddie, and she thought that she needed to tell him soon in case he tries to get back with Jade.

Jade's cabin remained fairly dark for most of the next two days. Freddie texted her at the beginning of each day with a simple, "I need more time." She wrote some poetry and ideas for movies, most of the ideas revolving around heartbreak, and dying in a number of cases. She tried to sleep, but was plagued with nightmares and bad dreams that she woke up either crying or screaming. On the rare days that both happened, Cat lay with her and comforted her. Of all the people, Jade seemed to be in the worst shape. She hadn't showered or really changed since the night her and Cat got physical, which was a known mistake right after it happened. For her, there was no question who she wanted, she just needed to find a way to get him back before any of the girls, especially Tori, grabbed him up.

Over at Freddie's cabin, he worked on his computer, watching movies, and listening to music, finding some meaning behind every song that led him to re-examine some aspect of his relationship with both Jade and Sam. He was really hurt by what Jade had done, and he knew that Beck was pissed when Sam did it too. And as good as things were with Jade, Sam occupied a really big place in his heart. He was really torn about what to do with the girls, and spent hours trying to figure an answer. Finally, he thought of a possible answer to the issues; but it was definitely going to complicated and risky.

* * *

On the second to last day before they left the camp, Freddie put his plan into motion, hoping that it would fix everything. The first step would certainly be the hardest, but he knew that he needed all four of them to come together if they were to maintain their sanity. He went out in search of Beck first, hoping the two could talk man-to-man. Beck cautiously agreed once he heard Freddie's plan. He then called Sam, who answered the phone in a flash, still in a wash of fear, worry, love, and a whole mess of emotions. He suggested that they meet and talk for a bit. Sam, of course, agreed and jumped for the chance of having both guys she was caught between right there. Finally, Freddie went to check on Jade in person, which may not have been the smartest thing. He did promise her that they would talk the next day, but that turned into as soon as he felt ready, and while that was today technically, he still felt like he should have talked to her sooner.

Freddie knocked on the cabin door, and after a few moments Cat answered the door, looking a bit saddened.

"Hey..." she said in her polite and breathy voice, "now is really not the best time. She's still very sad."

"Are you sure? I'd really like to sit down and talk to her. I think-"

"Is that Freddie?!" came a voice from inside, followed quickly by running into the bathroom.

"I guess that answers my question, Cat... sorry to disturb you guys." Freddie turned from the door and headed to his room.

"Hang on, Freddie." Cat said meekly, stepping outside the door to speak to him out of earshot. "Listen, why don't you come back in ten minutes. She really wants to see you, but she doesn't want to be seen in the state she's in right now. Jade's been telling me all about you... you're a really nice guy, and I think you two are a fit. Just come back later, ok?"

Freddie nodded and walked back to his cabin to freshen himself up as Cat stepped back into her cabin to talk to Jade.

"He's going to come back in ten minutes, Jade," she called to the closed bathroom.

Jade poked her head out, half scared, and half excited.

"Now, Jade... don't get your hopes up about this. He says he just wants to talk to you."

"Or... he will propose."

"Jade... I'm pretty sure he's not going to propose."

"Still, I need to get ready, so he can see that I'm worth him."

"Babe," Cat said, walking up to the cracked door, "no matter what happens, you don't need to prove your worth. You are great the way you are... You did something dumb, and I fully believe that Freddie's going to forgive you, and you shouldn't worry about it going forward. You really are worth it."

Jade was surprised by how adult Cat was being. Maybe having to babysit her these last few days had really shown how strong Cat was. Jade grabbed her phone quickly and texted Freddie that he better make it fifteen minutes, then, after grabbing some clothes from her suitcase, jumped into the shower and began to get ready.

Jade's new energy made Cat feel really good and helpful. She sat down on her bed, cleaning up the room a bit and hoping that things worked out for Jade. At the same time, she felt a little upset. When she and Jade got together, it was incredible, and she longed for that again. She felt, in a way, that she might be kinda in love with Jade. She heard the water cut off in the bathroom, and struggled to resist the urge to peek inside. A clattering of brushes and hair dryers were quickly replaced with silence as Jade applied her makeup. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Jade stepped out.

Cat was amazed at how beautiful she looked. Her makeup looked impeccable, her eyes highlighted with heavy shadow, and her dark hair hung down, framing her face. She wore a reddish pink sleeveless blouse with a deep V which ended just beneath her chest, forming a perfect frame for her breasts, which were defying gravity without a bra, and further accentuated by a gold cross that hung just at her neck, and another bead necklace that traced the top curve of her breasts and ended somewhere within her massive cleavage. She paired it with a pair of khaki cutoffs. Jade grabbed a black shawl and put it over her shoulders, making it look like she was wearing a sweater.

Cat would have continued staring and almost drooling if not for a knock on the door. Freddie had arrived. Jade once again began to panic and freak out, checking herself in the mirror twice more before he came in. Cat gave her a quick glance and blew her a kiss before walking out the door as she let Freddie in.

Freddie was astounded when he looked over at her. He couldn't help but stare at her chest which was beautifully displayed.

"I'm really happy I gave you those 5 extra minutes..."

"I think I can make that wait worth your while..." Jade said slinking towards him, smiling and pulling her hair out of her face, and, letting her shawl fall to the floor.

"Hang on... let me speak for a couple minutes then we can let whatever happens."

Jade stepped back, looking reasonably upset.

"Wow... I just noticed... you're not really wearing your standard dark punkish clothes."

"Yeah, when I was with Beck, I kinda felt like I needed that tough punk feel so that girls would stay away. With you, I wanted to be somebody different."

"Wow... that is really cool, but you shouldn't change yourself to fit whatever you think the other person wants/needs."

Jade began to get annoyed... he was clearly not interested in her. She picked up her shawl and sat back down.

"Don't get the wrong idea, Jade. I'm here because I want you to know that I really do care for you, and maybe I was a little harsh and the wait for me to come around has been tough, but I look at it like this. The day after tomorrow, we will both head to our opposite ends of the world, and I don't know if we can really do the long distance thing."

"So, you came all the way over to break up with me again?!" he could see the rage in her eyes.

"No... just the opposite. I didn't say it was out of the question, but it certainly won't be easy. What I was getting at was that I think the next forty-eight hours should be the best thing ever for us. I've been doing a lot of thinking, Jade, and I think we are both in need of something powerful and real. And I think we need to confront our ex issues. So, all four of us are going to get together tonight... and talk."

"Can't say I'm a fan of this plan, Freddie. Not at all. Me and Beck in the same room is trouble, and I don't need to smooth things over with him. I have you now."

"Yeah... but in 48 hours that won't be true. At least in the physical sense. You can't really come home with me. You're going back home with Beck, so you have to learn to deal with one another. Just like I have to deal with Sam. Now, we are going to get together tonight, and I've made all the arrangements with the camp to allow us to use their facility, and its just going to be us, some drinks, and a hot tub."

As upset as she was, Jade perked at the idea of a hot tub. She craved the feeling of bubbling molten water covering her body, and the thought of being in a hot tub with Freddie only made her more excited.

"So... what do you say? You in?"

Jade looked around the room, avoiding eye contact. "Can we get rid of them after the chit chat so that we can be alone and fuck in the hot tub?"

"Ummm... I don't think I can afford to say no. So... maybe."

"I'll take it then." Jade looked down at how she had dolled herself up so much, thinking that something else was about to happen. She now had to search for a swimsuit. She turned to check her suitcase when she felt his hands press against her side. Jade spun around and the moment her face was even, Freddie kissed her. It was a deep kiss, no doubt, and his hands gripped her body, and a punch of pleasure and sexual nostalgia hit Jade like a tidal wave, and she raised her leg from his passion.

Cat looked in through the window, and felt very sad. She so desperately wanted Jade for herself, but Jade was with someone else and was incredibly happy with him. Cat started walking, hoping to find someone she could vent to.

Back inside, Freddie broke the kiss and peered down into the deep crevice of her generous cleavage. She looked up at him, biting her lip then looked down to watch his hand. His fingers traced her bead necklace, touching her neck sensuously as he moved, and touching her breasts. When his fingers finally met the end of the visible necklace, they dipped down and came back up, outlining her bust very effectively. Once something caught her eye, Jade reached out and stroked the front of Freddie's pants, feeling his building erection through his jeans.

"Shame I went through all this work, and you want me in a bathing suit." She laughed as she spoke so that he wouldn't get the wrong idea, but Freddie was still apologetic.

"I'm sorry, Jade... if I had known that you were going to go through so much trouble for this, I might have warned you or, actually, the moment I looked at you, I thought that you deserved to be taken out dancing, or to a really nice restaurant. Would you settle for being my date to the dance tomorrow night?"

"Sound's fine to me." Jade said, her body aching for his touch to resume. She leaned into him and pressed her face to his chest, said one simple phrase, and then she began to cry. Of course, the phrase was "I love you," which is never actually that simple when it's said.

Freddie held her tight in his arms and kissed her head. "I love you too, Jade. Don't cry... I'm right here, and if you keep it up your makeup will run."

She pulled away and dabbed her eyes, careful to smear anything. "Sorry," she said through strained voice. "I'm not sure what came over me."

"Its ok, I feel kinda the same way. But you know, as a dude, I can't cry."

Jade punched him hard in the chest and smiled at him.

"Ow... ok fine. But just know that I love you Jade, and right now, I think you should hang this masterpiece of an outfit up, and save it for the dance or another day. I've got to go get some stuff set up, but I'll see you there at 8 sharp. In a swimsuit. Or out of one... I don't hate that idea."

Jade laughed, finally shaking her tears, and kissed Freddie hard. "I'm not going to lie, I really thought we were going to go at it like we were in heat when you got here, but here we are, and not a single piece of clothing is torn off, and we acted all innocent with each other."

"I wouldn't say that," Freddie said leaning into her ear and whispering. "You cannot imagine the things I want to do with you and to you right now. But I have to show restraint. Maybe later tonight."

"And maybe I will fuck you so hard your legs will fall off and you'll have to stay here with me forever as I take care of you.... That sounded really wrong."

"Yeah... I like the idea, but let's pull that back a bit." He kissed her forehead once more and ran his finger along her cleavage, obviously distracted. Finally, he snapped out of it, and headed out the door.

Jade sat on her bed and started thinking, what exactly is his plan, and what if things get really bad or awkward? She calmed her freak out and breathed deep. She thought about Freddie and smiled, beginning her search for a swimsuit.

* * *

Carly sat idly in her room, playing around on her computer, wishing that something would happen. She was supposed to hang out with Robbie in a bit, which would have been fine if Sam was still around and moping. But after she got a call from Freddie about something, she bolted out to somewhere, leaving Carly all alone. It wasn't that she was worried about something happening with Robbie around, but she definitely didn't feel like they were at that "hang out one-on-one" stage of being friends. Carly spent almost an hour just aimlessly wandering around the internet, watching videos and playing games on Slapbook.

Carly laid back, resting her head on her pillow, and shut her eyes for what felt like only a moment, when she heard knocking on her door. She opened it to reveal Cat standing outside, looking really sad and depressed.

"Hey Carly... are you busy?"

"Not at the moment... what's up?"

"Nothing. Your 'friend' Freddie is over in 'our' cabin, 'talking' to Jade." Cat may have used too many air quotes in that sentence as she walked from the door to Carly's room and sat down on her bed..

"Well, I guess it's good that they are working things out, right?" Carly sat a bit closer to Cat than she meant to, but she was craving human contact today so she wasn't going to even consider moving.

"Yeah... I guess," Cat said, looking even more depressed than before.

"What's wrong, Cat? You seem like you're really out of it."

"It's nothing, Carly... I'm just really sad and I miss my friend-Jade, and I don't know how I feel about who she's been the last week or so. We used to be really close, but we've only really spent time together once since we've been here."

"I can understand that. When Sam and Freddie started dating, it was really weird because I felt a complete disconnect in the three part friendship we had. And when our relationship with each other got really 'complicated,'" Carly air quoted, "we barely talked for a while, and I don't think Sam and I will ever be as good of friends. But I am kinda dating her twin sister back home, so that might be why."

"You're dating someone? And we...y'know?"

"Kinda... I mean, Melanie and I get together when we can, but I don't think we are really exclusive and we don't really go on dates... we just... well, you know the kind of stuff we have done together."

"Yeah... that's what Jade and I used to do too. We used to sneak alcohol from my brother and get drunk and we would be lesbians for a night. That girl gets really crazy when she gets drunk."

"Haha... well, that explains how you were pretty skilled at a few things. But, maybe after all this is over, and her and Freddie have to break up when we go home, you guys can go back to being that way." Carly stopped and looked Cat in the eyes, smiling with reassurance, "Either way, you're lucky to have someone like that... someone you can experience those things with on a regular basis without really worrying too much."

"Yeah, I definitely know how lucky I am. Like, lottery lucky. Jade's like nobody else in the world. What I feel when we're together, and the intensity of making love with her is like nothing I've ever felt. When I'm with her, it's like - it's like I'm split in two - half of me is just on fire, really going crazy if I'm not touching every inch of her. The other half is so still and peaceful, just perfectly content. I've never really loved a boy or even felt something remotely close with one, but I just know- I love her and she is the one for me." Cat, who looked like she was taking a happy ride as she spoke, stopped herself short and looked down at the floor, and after a couple sniffles, she said, "But she doesn't love me."

Carly reached out and touched Cat's shoulder, prompting the redhead to flinch, then curl up towards Carly, pressing her face to Carly's chest her tears slowly slipping out and onto Carly's shirt. She held Cat for a few moments, really letting her get it all out before she tried talking to her again. After several minutes, Cat regained her composure and sat back up.


"Nothing to be sorry about, Cat... you're going through a lot and I'm sure it's just tough to deal with, let alone deal with it so far away from home. But, hey, it's going to be ok. We're hanging out now and we can just relax and not worry today, ok?"

Cat nodded in approval and lay back on Carly's bed, sliding back until her head was on a pillow. Carly joined her, playing the bigger spoon role, and held her for a while. The two talked for several minutes about what life was like back home and what their plans were for the future. Before long, both girls were fast asleep, both feeling pretty happy and content.

* * *

As Freddie started walking, he ran into Sam, and although he was a little worried about seeing her before he was really ready tonight, he had to admit that she looked really beautiful. She was wearing a white tank top with a clearly blue bra underneath, and some tight jeans. Freddie was torn between several different emotions and the hold that both girls presented to him was crazy. But he was committed to seeing things through with Jade for the next couple days. After that, he'd have to re-examine things.

"Sup, Fredward."

"Not much. Going to get everything ready for tonight. In return, I have to emcee the dance tomorrow night. Are you planning on going?"

"Hadn't really thought much about it. Beck and I were planning to go together, but that kinda flew away. You gonna to take Jade?"

"I guess... not sure how much I can actually dance if I have all the music and deejay-ing stuff to deal with. I think you should come regardless of having a date. Maybe Beck will come around tonight, or maybe you'll find some dance partner at the shindig."

"Yeah, I guess. I did bring a dress after all. Might as well not waste the chance."

"I always thought you looked beautiful in dresses, like when-"

"I miss you."

"Ah. Um... I miss you too, Sam. But we're hanging out later, so we can spend more time together tonight." Freddie wasn't really sure if that was even an answer, but alas, it was what he said. "I mean, I miss hanging out with you and just being friends. I miss the romance stuff too, but I think I need to see this Jade thing through. In a couple days, I probably will never really see her again. Wouldn't feel right to use that time on someone that I can explore those kinds of options with back home, you know?"

Sam was incredibly hurt. Freddie was being a dick. She had gone out on a limb to talk about her feelings, and he just spit on them.

"I'm sorry if that came out wrong, Sam. You just really caught me off guard."

"Yeah.... It's whatever. I'll just see you tonight."

Sam pushed past Freddie and stormed off towards some direction that would most likely have some food. Freddie hated that he had made Sam upset, but what did she expect him to say to that? He was ashamed to say that he checked out her ass as she walked by.

As Sam walked away she peered back for only a second to see him eyeing her ass. Freddie sure is getting way more aggressive, she thought, unsure how she felt about this development. Suddenly, she wasn't so mad at him anymore, but there was no reason to tell him that.

* * *

A knock at the door woke the sleeping girls up, and Carly sprang from her bed to see who was there. She opened the door to reveal Robbie, who looked absolutely miserable. She knew she should help him, but she was having a really good dream, and she felt like she might be on the verge of hooking up with Cat.

"Hey Robbie... now isn't really the best-"

"Can I come in? Thanks." He said walking right in and sitting on the couch in the common area.

"Sure, Robbie, why not?" Carly sauntered over and sat opposite Robbie. "What's up?"

"Not much... I've been doing a lot of thinking about the second day here... in the woods... and I don't know if you have talked to Cat since then, but I've been too embarrassed to. And there's this dance tomorrow night, and I am thinking about asking her, and I was just going to see if you could give me some tips."

"You want me to give you tips on how to talk to girls?"

"Yeah... I mean, kinda. I can talk to them pretty easily, its just the uncomfortable asking process that gets to me. And other stuff."

"Other stuff?"

"You know... like the stuff we did that day... but just me and her. I want to try and redeem myself."

"Wow... Robbie. Why are you coming to me? Why not one of the guys?"

"Not sure if you've noticed but all of them seem pretty busy with their own problems. Beck has barely spoken in a couple days. And, he is hanging with Tori now so I don't really know what to think about all that. But I guess the main reason is that I've seen how confident and cool you are. And you obviously know how to win over a girl."

"Well, thanks for the compliments, but it's not a persuasion thing. It's just about being comfortable enough to just let anything happen. And asking Cat is actually really easy. She's nice and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a date. We were planning on going together."

"Awesome. I'm going to go find her and talk to her!" And with that, Robbie was out the door. Carly would have told him he didn't have to leave, but he never really gave her the chance.

Carly walked back into her bedroom and saw cat sitting on the bed with a look of despair on her face.

"I'm going to have to go with him," she said, seemingly annoyed.

"You don't have to, but it might help his confidence... knock out some of that awkwardness. Besides, once you get there, we can just dance and not worry about anything. I promise I won't let him make any moves that you don't want. Cool?"

Cat took a breath and smiled. "Sounds good. Guess I should go find him."

"Can't blame him for taste though, right?" Carly said, slyly smiling at the redhead.

Cat giggled a little, and turned back towards Carly, pulling the dark haired teen on top of her on the bed. They laughed and smiled at each other as they playfully kissed on Carly's bed. They wrestled for a little bit, kissing every so often, each vying for domination over the other, until finally Cat was able to straddle Carly's stomach. The redhead turned from playful to serious pretty quickly.

"You really helped me feel better about things today. I really needed it. You're a really good friend, Carly. I honestly wish you could come back to California with us."

"Yeah, I kinda wish I could too, but maybe we can make a trip down sometime."

"What if I don't want to wait that long?"

Carly laughed. "Well, you might have to learn to be a little patient. I doubt we are going to be able to take another trip this summer. Fall or Christmas break even might be the earliest I could get down there."

Cat poked out her bottom lip, a begging look in her eyes. "Ok..." she said, climbing off of Carly and laying down next to her.

"I didn't say we should stop, Cat. It's going to be ok. Let's just spend the next couple days doing this."

"Doing what?"

"Whatever we want. Personally, I'm a fan of all this kissing and touching. Tomorrow, we can dance. And in the meantime, we can and will do whatever we want."

"And Robbie... I guess he's in this too."

"Well, yeah, but let's not worry about him right now. Besides, I'm thinking I might be able to boost his confidence myself."

"How are you planning to do that?"

"I'm thinking I might seduce him. I think if he thought that a girl was into him, he'd be more confident and I think everyone agrees that Robbie needs some self esteem."

"That's kinda weird, Carly. You're just going to fool around with him on a whim?"

"Sure... I mean, that's a lot of what we've been doing together. And this isn't the weirdest thing I've ever been involved with. My first real sexual experience ended with me begging my best male friend to fuck me in the ass."

"Wow..." was all Cat could manage, really stunned that her "partner" had quite a bit of experience.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not like a slut or anything... I just really enjoy having freedom with my body. I've only had sex with one guy really, but if I wanted to get with another, I don't think I would worry too much about it. And of all the people I could have lost my virginity to, he was definitely the best. For a lot of reasons..." Carly trailed off thinking about all the times they had been together and how great it was.

"That sure does sound great. I haven't had sex with any guys. I've been with a couple pretty heavy and I've blown four guys before, but I've never had sex. Always thought of it as something to do once I'm married."

"That's a good outlook. I felt the same way until this one night."

Carly proceeded to regale the story of the night everything changed, giving pretty detailed descriptions of all the events- from catching Sam and Freddie all the way to the night Sam brought Melanie over. Cat just listened in both horror and arousal, her hands cautiously rubbing herself slowly as the graphic stories continued. The story seemed more like fantasy than anything, but the way Carly talked, it had to be true.

"I even had a sex dream that you were in. You, and me, and Tori, and Trina I think, all in the back of a van. It was crazy."

"That's really weird Carly..." She may have been freaked out, but Cat was unbelievably horny after hearing all those stories, and especially after hearing that she was having naughty thoughts about her long before any of this ever happened. What had started as soft rubbing had now become deeper touching, her fingers slipping into her underwear.

Carly's eyes caught the petite redhead pleasuring herself to the stories, and so she went back and retold some parts slowly and far more detailed, whispering into Cat's ear and reaching into Cat's panties as well to assist her. Carly finally couldn't help but work on herself and before long the two girls were now bottomless, each of their hands hard at work on the other one's pussy. Carly tried to keep telling her stories, but it became too much and she settled to just moaning and focus her energy on fingering Cat.

They were so busy with their mutual masturbation that they didn't see that Robbie had come back and was now peering at them through the window. He felt a tug in his pants, and could feel his erection building. He watched hungrily as they serviced each other, doing things he'd only imagined doing with girls. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and walked to the cabin door and slowly opened it, trying to be as quiet as possible. He snuck in and peered into the bedroom door, the girls still oblivious to his presence.

Carly could feel Cat's pussy tightening around her fingers, on the verge of an orgasm, and before long, it happened, and Cat's body shook as her sweet release passed over her. Carly opened her eyes for a moment and saw that someone... Robbie... was watching them. She normally would have flipped out and punched him for spying on her, but she had to admit is was kinda hot that someone had been watching her, like she watched Freddie and Sam and Melanie on the webcam.

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood, Robbie. Get in here before I change my mind," Carly called out.

Robbie pointed at himself, looking embarrassed, looking around as if there was someone else that they were talking to. Cat quickly covered herself up, horrified that she'd been stared at, but her mind was eased a bit when she realized who it was.

"Seriously?" he said.

"Yeah... just get in here, close that door and that window. And then you are going to strip for us. Give us a show since you got to see ours."

Robbie did exactly as he was told, shutting the door and lowering the window blinds, making it really dark in the room. Carly turned on a lamp and watched Robbie strip. For as low of self esteem as he has, he was surprisingly in shape, just a bit wiry. And he certainly wasn't lacking when it came to what was in his pants. Not nearly as big as her brother's or Freddie's but it was still rather nice.

"You have successfully embarrassed me... are you happy, Carly?"

"No... because we don't want to embarrass you. We want to help you feel more confident. You are a pretty attractive guy. You just need to believe in yourself. There are women out there that have been, are, and will be into you. You just need to relax so it can happen naturally."


Carly stood up and put her finger to his mouth. "Relax. Don't think. We are not going to have sex with you, but I think we can help you with that 'little' problem," she said pointing at his hardened member. Then the dark haired teen pushed Robbie onto the bed, his legs hanging off the end.

Carly kneeled down and spit on Robbie's cock, and began giving him a fantastic handjob. Cat, finally getting into things, moved down to where Carly was and began to lick the head of the thin teen's member. Robbie looked down at the girls and was in heaven. The feeling was incredible, and the sight of his red haired crushed taking him into her mouth was something to truly behold.

Pretty soon, he reached the point where he thought he might cum and announced it. Both girls stopped suddenly and pulled back, not letting him get to his release. Once he had calmed down a bit, Carly went down on him and took as much of him into her mouth as she could while Cat rubbed his balls.

Again, Robbie felt like he was going to cum, but the girls stopped their assault, trying to teach him to build up stamina. After him going off in seconds with Cat, making sure he lasted longer was a pretty big deal. While they waited for him to relax, the two girls traded deep kisses, the taste of Robbie's cock echoing through each of their mouths which neither minded.

Once he was ready, Cat took Robbie deep in her mouth and turned into a vacuum on his cock. Her red hair swaying as her head bobbed up and down on his cock was too much and this time, Robbie didn't even have time for a warning before firing a hot jet of fluid into the sweet redhead's throat. Carly pulled Cat off the member and opened her mouth as Cat let some of the jizz fall from her mouth into Carly's.

"Mmmmm..." the girls said in unison.

Robbie sat up and looked at them. "So is it a bad time for me to ask you to that dance, Cat?"

Wiping some of his seed from her lips with her finger, she smiled and said, "Sure. Carly and I will see you here at 7."

"Both of you... how lucky am I?"

The girls exchanged a look. "So lucky," said Carly as she grabbed her clothes and began dressing. Robbie followed suit as Cat went into the bathroom to quietly spit up so Robbie wouldn't feel bad. His cum hit her gag reflex wrong and she felt like she might end up choking.

Carly led Robbie to the door and sent him away, being extra nice until the door shut.

"Well, that was not the experience I imagined."

"Carly, I feel like you are doing a lot of things that change my perspective about things... and it's not really in a good way sometimes. That should not have happened. It was out of nowhere and I honestly can't come up with a reason why either of us took it that far."

Carly was shocked that Cat was getting upset about all this. But then again, things always escalated quickly when Carly got started.

"I was super uncomfortable with him being around."

"Cat, you seemed fine when you started sucking his dick."

"Because you were doing it. I tend to just follow... I don't like making choices, so I just copied you."

Cat came out of the bathroom and slipped off her top, announcing that she was going to take a shower here in case Freddie and Jade were still doing whatever at her cabin. Carly considered following her in, and declined the idea, figuring that she would start something and either regretful sex was going to happen, or there would be an argument of something tiny. When Carly thought about it, those were really the only things that ever happened when she was with someone.

Carly called out that she wanted next on the shower and sat down on her bed and thought. She really cared for Cat, but she seemed really hurt by what just happened, so she began to think of a way to make it up to Cat. She had an idea, but she would need Freddie's help. She called him twice, but no answer. Carly looked at her clock; 8:30pm. Carly wondered what he was up to.

* * *

Night fell quickly at the camp, and by 8pm, the sun had almost completely set. Freddie had spent the last few hours getting everything perfect- from picking up a cooler full of drinks, to getting the hot tub set up, to the somewhat shameful act of bribing some of the camp officials to allow this to happen. But somehow it worked out, and only the four of them would be allowed into the area which was reserved for camp personnel.

The teen boy had just sunk into the hot and bubbling water when Sam arrived in a baggy tshirt and some shorts. She gave a half smile and a half wave, which he reciprocated, and then motioned towards the water. Sam pulled her shirt off, quickly tossing it aside and then pulling her shorts off, revealing a blue and green swirled bikini top and bottoms. It was clear this was the first time she'd really worn it since she really started growing up top a couple months ago, as her breasts stretched the material pretty tightly. Freddie couldn't believe how good she looked in a bathing suit. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he saw her in one, but he definitely felt like it was overdue.

Sam slowly submerged herself in the steaming water, until the water was just meeting her amazing breasts, the bubbles popping in her cleavage every so often. The two former lovers didn't say too much to each other for a minute or so, but finally the silence got too much for Freddie.

"You, uh, look really beautiful, Sam." Part of him regretted it the moment he said it, but then she followed that with a very similar response.

"Yeah... you're looking really good too." Sam's mind was racing as to what he meant by all this

"Listen, I'm sorry about earlier. Things are just really confusing right now, and if I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry."

"It's ok... I've been thinking a lot about this whole 'you and me' thing. And-"

"Am I interrupting anything?" came a male voice, from near the bushes. It was Beck of course, who was shirtless and wearing a pair of board shorts.

"Not really," Freddie said, semi annoyed, "we were just talking about plans for hanging out when we get back home." Freddie looked over at Sam with a half smile as he spoke.

Beck sank down into the water next to Sam, the "couple" now seated almost across from Freddie. All three exchanged glances semi-nervously, looking for something to talk about. Always the first one to speak in a silence, Freddie started some small talk.

"So, Beck, I know you go to Hollywood Arts, but what is it that you want do as a future?"

"Do?" Beck seemed taken aback by the question. "I'm not really planning on 'doing' anything. Just pursuing my dream of acting. I've gotten roles in three movies so far. Just bit parts, but yeah, I think I really can do it."

"That's cool. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do career-wise; probably something with technology. I might try and get on at the Pear Store once I get back to Seattle. Though I guess a tech on a movie wouldn't be a bad idea either since I'm used to the whole production side."

Sam stayed unusually quiet, thinking to herself how awkward this could get and perhaps the more sobering idea that she had no idea what she was going to do with her life. As a teenager she had plenty of time, she thought, but these two seem to have it a lot more together.

Freddie reached for his phone and checked the time. It was almost 8:15 and there was no sign of Jade yet. He hoped she hadn't changed her mind about coming. Freddie quickly texted her and resumed the discussion, trying not to look at Sam's barely submerged rack.

"What about you Sam? Any plans for the future?" Beck asked.

"Ummm... not really. Just hang out for the rest of the summer then go to school I guess."

"That's cool, I guess." Freddie said agreeably, wishing Jade would appear soon.

Like magic, the three turned as they heard footsteps coming towards them, looking up to see Jade's pale legs leading to a black trenchcoat. Freddie was already lost in his imagination as to what was underneath the coat.

"Hey guys... I had a hard time to find something to wear on the outside. Been waiting long?"

"Not really," Freddie said, quickly flashing her a smile and motioning towards the space next to him.

Jade pulled on the top of the jacket and it just unraveled, falling to the floor revealing a black bikini contrasting her white skin very well, and her chest looked just as magnificent as always. Even Beck, who was almost certain that he didn't really have feelings for Jade anymore, could not look away as his ex girlfriend slipped herself into the water. Jade saw that Sam was being just as showy with her body as she was and wanted to separate her and Freddie. As soon as Jade was seated between the two of them, her hand drifted over, hidden to the others by the darkness and moving water, and gripped Freddie's hardened cock through his shorts.

"I miss anything?"

Freddie coughed, surprised by her aggressive touch and how she was acting like nothing was going on. "Not much. Were just talking about what our future plans are. Jobs, school, etc."

"Oh ok... I'm not sure what I want to do. I thought about acting, or singing, or something in between. Maybe even playwriting; that seems to be a pretty good fit for me."

While Jade's hands may have been hidden, the looks on Freddie's face were far less subtle, and Sam could tell in a matter of seconds what was going on. Beck would have noticed too, if he hadn't felt a hand on his cock as well. He looked over at Sam who gave him a wink, and continued stroking him.

Both guys knew what was going on, and that their girls were just trying to once again establish dominance, but they really didn't have a reason to stop the girls. After a few moments, Freddie regained his composure.

"Can I get anybody a drink? I think they gave us some sodas-" Freddie had reached for the cooler and brought it closer, but stopped suddenly as he opened the cooler, and saw what was actually inside. "Guys... we don't have any sodas. This chest is full of alcohol."

"Alright!" Sam said as she grabbed a bottle from inside as Freddie shut the lid on her hand. "Ow! What the hell was that for?"

"We're not even 18, let alone 21. We shouldn't have alcohol."

"Stop being a such a square, Fredward," Sam retorted.

"Fine... Beck, what do you think?"

"Well, if they gave the stuff to us, and we are here, I don't see why we couldn't drink a little bit. But if you feel strongly about the drinking issue, you don't have to do it. I don't think peer pressure is going to be an issue here."

Jade spoke up, surprising everyone by siding with Beck and Sam, "I think its been a weird couple weeks. A drink or... seven, might be just what we need."

Clearly, out voted, Freddie opened the cooler up again and the other three reached in, Beck pulling out a beer, while Sam and Jade pulled out some vodka.

"Wow..." said Jade, "they didn't skimp on this thing for you. How exactly did you manage to pull this off again?"

"I just slipped some cash here and owe a couple favors tomorrow at the dance," he said, relaxing in the hot tub as the others opened up the drinks.

The four teens sat in the hot tub taking sips of the forbidden drinks every so often, and slowly feeling more relaxed.

"So," Freddie said, surveying the situation, "I know things have been really crazy with us the last few days, and I thought that if we all got together in a really comfortable environment, we could all talk about things and maybe actually be friends."

"What do you want us to do? Hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya?'" Sam said, taking a sip from her drink.

"No, I just thought we would sit and talk about what led to the big fallout and all the weird emotions we have when it comes to each other."

The other three just sorta stared over at him, Beck looking very critical with his eyebrow raised taking a big swig of his beer.

"Fine, if there are no takers, I'll go first..." Freddie said, sighing deeply, "I know there's a lot of tension between me and Beck and I know it's because we "swapped" exes. I think you resent the fact that Jade and I are together, and I'm strong enough to admit that I'm a bit jealous of you being with Sam, man. We may not be dating anymore, but I still care deeply about her. And finally, Jade, I have still not completely dealt with how you callously bet our relationship away to settle a score. Ok, that's everything off my chest."

Sam reheard his words in her mind several times, and felt even more comfortable knowing that there were still some feelings there even if he couldn't act on them. "Ok, I guess my problem is primarily with Jade," Sam said, looking at the girl beside her. "I'm really pissed that you punched me in the face, and I'm kinda even more pissed that you just let it happen, Freddie. But I think a lot of that is based in the fact that I still have some real feelings for Freddie and always will. I fell like instantly for Beck, and I like the cool and simple relationship we have, but I'm jealous because I know he's been with you before so I feel like all of us are just measuring each other compared to our exes." Sam turned to Beck and said, "I hope you can forgive me for the betting thing. Still feel kinda ashamed out that." Sam scooted closer to Beck who grinned and kissed her head, deciding that he was definitely not going to mention the thing with Tori in the woods.
"Wow Sam, that was seriously deep and thought out... I'm kinda surprised," Freddie said, leaning back and stretching his arms out. Sam responded by taking a big sip of her drink and flipping him off. Jade nestled herself underneath one of Freddie's arms as she began to speak.

"I'm actually in complete agreement with you, Sam. And to the stuff you said too, Freddie. I'm not really going to be as... eloquently spoken as either of you, but honestly, I feel really sad whenever I'm around Beck. I'm always reminded about all the stuff I did wrong in the relationship and I was upset that it ended the way it did. I hated the fact that Beck moved on so fast, and honestly, when I first started talking to you Freddie, that's all I was really interested in. Someone to match since Beck had someone, but things have gone so much further and deeper since then, and now I have no idea what we really are. My point is, I'm kinda sorry for being such a gank to you, Sam, and I'm sorry to you Freddie for the bet thing."

All three looked to Beck to speak next, which seemed to be a surprise to him, as he quickly gulped down the rest of his beer before speaking.

"I was probably the most skeptical when you called me about all this. I think I would have been fine if we hadn't really crossed paths again, but I think I'm actually glad you threw this thing together, Freddie. Personally, I think I'd rather talk to Sam about some things a bit more privately, but as far as you two go, I'm sorry I was kinda being a dick to you and Jade, Freddie. Like you, I think I was kinda jealous that you had been with Sam and that Jade had moved on. Kinda feel like you guys said all the good stuff, so I'll just cut it off there and grab another beer."

After Beck finished, the group looked around, trying to figure out who should talk next, but nobody really stepped up. As they sat still in the hot tub, each drinking a bit, except Freddie, they began to feel like the tub was heating up. Again, Freddie felt it was his duty to break the silence.

"Glad we got all that out, I guess. Anything else to say for anyone?"

"I think we all said some really weird and unrealistic things, but I feel like that was necessary. Thanks for doing this Freddie," Sam said, finishing off her bottle, "and thanks for not making us hold hands and sing or kiss and make up."

Freddie laughed. "Of course not. I knew that we might walk away from all this unchanged, but I figured a talk was worth a shot. And for the record, I would never put myself where I'd have to kiss Beck. No offense, of course."

"Nah, it's cool, man. I get it."

Jade spoke up, "So you wouldn't set up a situation where you guys would kiss, but you would have probably set it up so that Sam and I would kiss." She laughed as she finished off her vodka and tossed it on top of where her coat was.

Freddie chuckled, and Beck gave a humorous look, neither one of them was certainly going to deny that one. "I hadn't planned for that no, but I certainly made no plans to stop it if it did happen."

Jade looked over at Sam who actually looked a bit amused by the conversation and had a weird idea. Turning her body so it was closer to Sam, Jade, almost as if it were a challenge, spoke.

"What do you say we give these guys what they want so they can get their minds off it?"

Sam reeled back, really shocked by the idea, but as she thought about it more, it wasn't a big deal, and she had done some of this stuff with Carly a couple times. Jade had zero problem with this; her recent romp with Cat had certainly reawaken some of her lesbian sensibilities, and the alcohol probably didn't hurt either. And it wasn't like Sam was a virgin to lesbian experiences.

Jade and Sam were face to face for what seemed like nearly a minute, when Jade's hand touched Sam's arm, causing a slight flinch before the blonde leaned her mouth closer and Jade began the kiss. Their lips locked for a few seconds, Jade's tongue slowly inching out to explore the blonde's open mouth. The intensity of the kiss reached record high, and for a moment it looked like Sam was going to swallow Jade's face.

Both guys sat back just as amazed as amused. They each felt a little uneasy about this, wondering if this was going to ramp up into some crazy competition like the other day.

The two girls pulled away slightly, laughing nervously and giggling. They did this for almost a minute before looking over at their significant others slyly.

"How was that?" Jade said, sliding in close to Freddie, "Did you like seeing your girlfriend and your ex-girlfriend make out in a hot tub?"

Sam looked at Beck, looking for the same kind of answer. Both guys responded with nervous laughter, but not an actual word, perhaps too shocked to really respond effectively. Jade shook her head and turned back towards Sam, and started kissing on the back of her neck. The blonde teen began to feel the goosebumps creeping down her neck as the punk teen, who an hour earlier had considered physically hurting the spunky blonde, ran her fingers through Sam's hair, kissing softly along her neck, all the way too her earlobes.

Sam spun back around and started making out with Jade again, this time their hands didn't stay in one place, and their fingers explored each others' shoulders, sides, stomachs, and of course, they had to touch each other's generous chests. Their forceful makeout sent their bodies moving backwards until Jade was backed into Freddie, and feeling his erection press into her ass, she broke her kiss with Sam to lean her head back and kiss Freddie.

Freddie was a bit surprised by the kiss, not only in how sudden and public it was, but also the flavor, as her could taste the sweet alcohol as well as the all too familiar taste of Sam; all in all, a pretty nice combination. After the deep but quick kiss, Jade resumed kissing Sam, as the two flipped and Sam was then pushed against Freddie's body.

Sam immediately knew what was poking her in the ass, and a flood of memories flooded back and she recalled the incredible sex they had shared, and before she knew it, Sam had whispered something into Jade's face. "God Freddie, I need to you to fuck me." It was too quiet for Beck to hear, but Freddie and Jade heard it just fine.

Jade leaned in to Sam's ear and whispered, "Do you want to switch partners... again?"

Sam stopped short and looked over at Freddie, then to Beck, then back at Freddie, then looked at Jade and nodded cautiously.

Jade pulled away and semi swam over to Beck, wrapping her legs around her former beau.

"Whoa, Jade, what the hell are you doing?"

"Just be quiet, Beck. Just let it happen. Enjoy this and know your girl is enjoying it too." Jade kissed Beck deeply as his eyes darted over to Freddie and Sam who were deeply kissing, her arms and legs already wrapped tightly around his body. Beck relaxed a bit and let Jade kiss him, her body pressing against his, her flesh pillows sliding up and down Becks chest, setting her nipples on fire with lust.

Freddie and Sam kissed deeply, and with more passion than they had since they first started being together months ago. Things had never escalated so quickly with them before but neither even considered slowing things down or stopping. Sam moved her legs and slipped her bottoms off and pulled Freddie's shorts off as well, Now that their nethers were exposed, Sam happily straddled Freddie, quickly forcing a good bit of his member into her opening, sending insane waves of pleasure through her body as she began to hump him, deep moans escaping her lips in between their kisses. She had gotten used to Beck, so the change in size took quite a bit of time to get used to. Hidden beneath the bubbles of the hot tub, the penetration of their session remained invisible to the other couple.

Beck and Jade were taking things much more slowly on their side. Beck's hands explored Jade's body in ways he hadn't even thought about in months, and as he felt her soft skin, he was quickly reminded of why he and Jade were together for so long. His thumbs traced the front of her bikini top, circling her quickly appearing nipples, a feeling which made her rear her head back in enjoyment, looking over at Freddie and Sam who seemed to be very into their love session. Jade resumed kissing Beck as she began to physically smile during their kisses, and reached behind her back and undid the string that tied her bikini. Within moments, the thin fabric slid off her chest, exposing her pale tits to her sexually hungry ex boyfriend. Beck wasted no time taking her breasts, one after the other into his mouth, swirling his tongue around her nipples. Wave after wave of pleasure reached Jade's brain, her body shaking as Beck further explored her body with his hands since his mouth was busy. He gripped Jade's ass and lifted her up for better access to her amazing breasts.

Freddie looked over at Jade and Beck, and was incredibly turned on at the sight of Beck feasting on her body. Freddie jumped at the chance to copy them, and reached behind Sam and undid her bikini top, quickly tossing it into the hot tub, and took her flesh into his hands, massaging her chest as began to increase his upward thrusts. Sam gripped Freddie's hair as she grinded into him more and forced his head onto her chest, his mouth opening wide to take in as much of her breasts as possible. Pretty soon, he had just the right pattern of tweaking her nipple on one breast as he suckled on the second, switching every so often. Sam's eyes rolled back in ecstasy, as she looked over at Beck and Jade.

Jade was grinding her self against Beck's member which was aching for release from his shorts. Jade couldn't think of a reason for that not to happen, especially since she was pretty sure that Sam and Freddie were already fucking each other. Jade pulled from Beck for a second and grinned for a moment before slipping herself completely under the water. Beck felt a sharp tug on his shorts and by the second tug they were off, and there was a very intense pull and suction on his member. This lasted only a moment as Jade quickly came back up, her face very red.

"So, that is extremely hot... Sorry."

"It's cool," Beck said laughing a bit, just as much at the awkwardness as being amazed how beautiful Jade was with her wet hair covering her part of her face. As he pushed her hair out of her face and over her ear, she looked at him, biting on her lip and nervously smiling.

"You wanna do what they're doing?" Beck asked.

"Until I saw it, I would have said no... but I cannot think of a single thing I'd rather be doing." Jade said reaching into the water and slipping her bottoms off. As she slid closer to Beck, her pussy slid over one of the jets, sent an unrivaled feeling of pleasure through her brain. Jade stood for a second and leaned back, facing away from Beck, and began to slid her body against his, his aching member pressing against her supple ass until finally, Jade gave him what he needed, sliding his member into her waiting hole. After a few moments to acclimated to everything, they began to grind with the same ferocity as Freddie and Sam, Beck's hands holding onto Jade's chest as they made love.

Sam and Freddie definitely took notice of the act and decided to step it up themselves. Freddie quickly spun Sam around and pulled her downward onto his member. Freddie was being very forceful, but the feeling of powerlessness against his sexual aggression was a turn on she had deeply missed. Freddie's hands gripped her hips, grinding himself harder and deeper than before, as his fingers rubbed her pussy as he fucked it. Sam had never felt this type of feeling before and it quickly sent a strong pleasure wave into her mind and with a few moments, she was having an insane orgasm. Coming down off the feeling, Sam leaned over and grabbed Jade's hand, squeezing it tight. Sam got off of Freddie and began to kiss Jade as the punk teen was being pounded.

What began as two couples who had switched partners was slowly morphing into something entirely different. Freddie stood up with Sam and began to kiss Jade, sending Sam to begin kissing Beck again. Beck moved his hands from Jade's chest to Sam's face as they deeply kissed, her tongue reaching into his hungry mouth. This made room for Freddie to massage Jade's breasts as he kissed her, sliding piece after piece of wet hair from her face as they kissed. She finally kissed him deeply once more and pushed him against the wall of the hot tub, and as he sat on the edge, Jade leaned down, coming face to well, face, with Freddie's cock which she hungrily took into her mouth.

This fact did not go unnoticed by Beck, who was no longer bound by the petty jealousy which had gotten the best of him in the past, and decided to take full advantage of the situation. He'd always wanted to have a three-way, but he could never quite get it to work. Now, he was in the middle of a four-way, and while making out with his girlfriend, he was fucking his ex-girlfriend while she blew her current boyfriend, her D cup breasts swaying against the top of the bubbling water. He stood up so that he could get a better angle on pounding Jade, while she bobbed her head up and down on Freddie's member. It was the very definition of a spit roast and all three loved it.

Sam, no longer content to be on the sidelines of this, kneeled down into the water and began to lick Jade's pussy as Beck fucked it, her tongue hitting her hood and up and down his length. Eventually, the feeling became too much for Beck who announced that he was close, and in an instant, Sam had pulled his cock out of Jade's pussy and began sucking it, almost desperate for Beck's cum. She didn't hate the flavor of Jade's pussy that was on his member, but it was no comparison to how good Beck's jizz was.

Beck collapsed on his side of the tub as Sam wiped the side of her mouth, and sauntered over to Freddie and Jade. Jade, now that her pussy was free, stood up and began to kiss Freddie deeply, pressing her body and her perfect breasts against his body. Sam got in between the two and began to kiss Jade more, loving the taste of Freddie's cock that Jade's mouth was currently full of. Sam seemed lost in Jade's kisses, her mouth emitting the most moans. Jade was not as lost, as she backed herself into Freddie, and bent slightly, running her hands along her ass and pussy, as if to offer him an invitation. She would have said something, but her mouth was, of course, occupied.

Freddie understood completely, and slowly slid himself inside Jade. He couldn't believe how tight she still was, even though she was just with Beck. Jade nearly screamed into Sam's mouth as Freddie gripped her hips and began to pound her insides. This only increased as Freddie's hands grabbed her arms, and Jade was essentially at his mercy as he fucked her. Knowing she was in a real state of bliss, Sam increased the feeling by rubbing the punk teen's pussy as it was fucked. Without any warning, Jade experienced an earth shattering orgasm, and came. Freddie felt her quickly tighten and lost control himself, firing deep inside Jade once again.

All four teens were completely spent, their clothes either in a pile or floating around the hot tub. While they had originally been in a very closed off two vs. two scenario a couple hours ago, they were now in a big pile. Jade could not have been closer to Freddie, their half asleep bodies completely entwined, with Sam nearly passed out holding onto both Jade and part of Freddie. Finally, Beck was sitting with one arm around Sam, and the other hand holding another beer, which he would pass out before finishing.

* * *

After Cat's shower, the petite fiery haired teen came back into the room in her towel and quickly apologized for calling Carly out.

"I'm so sorry, Carly. Its not that I haven't had a really good time with you, but I feel like my whole body is on fire with lust almost all the time lately. And I just... it's a weird feeling. And you're always there when the weirdness starts. And-"

Cat was stopped short as a pair of lips pressed tightly against hers. They stayed there for several seconds before Carly pulled back smiling.

"It's ok, Cat. Things did get a little weird, and I know that while you do like Robbie, what we did was way beyond a "like" thing. I guess I just kinda felt bad for him. I mean, I know he's your friend, but that kid is a mess."

"Its like God spilled a person." Cat chimed in, giggling. Cat checked her phone and looked around the room, looking at Sam's empty bed. "You mind if I stay here tonight? Jade texted me like two hours ago to say she'd be in late."

"Of course, Cat... I don't know what Sam's doing. Probably spending time with Beck."

The mention of his name triggered the memory of watching Beck and Tori in the woods. She thought about telling Carly about that day, but the brunette teen was already undressed and heading into the shower, winking at her before shutting the door. Cat lay back onto Carly's bed to just relax, but within moments, the girl was fast asleep.

* * *

Sam was the first to wake up, groggy from both the alcohol and sexual insanity that had taken place, what felt like a day ago, when in fact, after checking her phone, she realized it was just before 1. She had one voicemail and six test messages- three from Carly wondering where she was, one from Beck asking if she was really going to this thing (must be a time delay or something), one from Gibby that said something about fighting a sasquatch or something, and the last one, and the voicemail was from Melanie. Apparently, their mom had been admitted to the hospital after a bad bungee jump on some island vacation with her latest boyfriend. She was ok, but wouldn't be back for quite a while. Sam put her phone back into her pants, and slid back into the pile of bodies, managing to wake them all up.

Beck acted like he hadn't gone to sleep, while Freddie awoke suddenly with a jolt, Jade woke up in a much slower manner, kissing Freddie's lips before she even completely opened her eyes.

"What time is it?" She muttered, looking at her now wrinkly fingers.

"Almost 1 AM." Sam said, as she searched for her bathing suit so she could get dressed, the shame feeling finally starting to set in.

"Shit!" Jade exclaimed, desperately searching for her clothes. "I told Cat I would be back around midnight!"

Freddie touched her shoulder to calm her. "I think she will be ok if you're a little late, babe."

Beck chimed in as he put his trunks on, "Then you've never met Cat. That girl is just like a small child. She kinda depends on her friends for a lot."

Sam looked back at Beck and thought about last night. How everything just seemed right. Everything, that is, except for Beck. Ever since they had their big fight, he had acted strangely, and she was really wondering if all this energy she was feeling yesterday to get back with him was really worth it.

"Ah..." Freddie said, finally getting dressed and out of the tub. "I told the camp people I'd be done by midnight. Really hope they didn't catch us all in here like this."

The four teens had never even considered that they would get caught tonight. Come to think of it, Freddie thought, he never could have imagined what just went down tonight. He was with Sam again... which was amazing. But he also was with Jade, who Freddie considered one of the most amazing people he had ever met. After tomorrow, he thought, I have no idea what I'm going to do.

As soon as they all were out of the hot tub and dressed, Freddie shut it down and turned off all the lights and everything. Beck led the way back to the cabins using his phone as a flashlight. Had they stuck around for five more minutes, they would have run into one of their friends. And then maybe the alcohol chest wouldn't have gone missing.

* * *

Over in Tori and Trina's cabin, the youngest Vega tossed and turned in bed. Ever since that day in the woods, Tori hadn't known how to feel about Beck. She definitely liked him, but he seemed so distant. Plus there couldn't really be much of a relationship with Beck- Jade would murder her if that ever happened. Especially after she rebuffed his approach that one night at her house. But he was oh so dreamy... and he made her feel just insane feelings.

Tori looked over to Trina, making the difficult decision to tell her sister what was going on. Trina was one of the most self absorbed people on the planet, but Tori could always talk to her sister about the important stuff. But Trina wasn't in her bed. She looked over to the bathroom, and it was open and empty as well.

She lay back in bed and closed her eyes, wondering where her sister was while her mind and body began to relive the rainy day in the woods, hands slipping into her panties, but before long, she was fast asleep.

* * *

The four teens arrived at Beck's cabin first. He looked like he was going to say something, but instead just raised an eyebrow and nodded, pushing his way into the room.

Sam was a bit hurt that he didn't kiss or even hug her before walking into the cabin, but she did her best not to show any signs of weakness in front of Freddie or Jade. They walked silently side by side, Freddie's arm around Jade's waist, and his other arm connecting with Sam's, until they got to Sam's room with Carly. Sam pulled away and nodded towards Jade, and considered kissing Freddie, but changed it to a hug awkwardly at the last second before walking inside.

Sam used her phone to guide her way into the room, stumbling over a couple piles of clothes. The light from the phone shined over to Carly's side for only a moment, but it was long enough that she could see that Carly was not only naked, but she also wasn't alone. Looked like Cat, the redhead who was rooming with Jade, and they could not have been spooning more if they tried. Is there any other school at this camp, Sam thought.

She quickly changed into her pajamas and slipped under the covers of her bed. It was the middle of summer... how could it be this fucking cold, Sam thought, wrapping herself as tight as she could in the sheets. I'm cold and alone was all she could think as she imagined what everyone else was up to.

Her mind constantly ran over the events of the night, the hot tub, Beck, Jade, Freddie, and the falling asleep in a big naked pile, and now there was her best friend wrapped around yet another girl. Sam tried to mentally relive some of the moments in the hot tub, but found herself getting more upset than aroused. Every time she thought about Beck, he was replaced with Freddie. And the thought of Freddie made her think about what he was probably doing with Jade.

Yeah... Sam thought, this is not good...

* * *

Freddie walked Jade to her cabin door, and took a moment to kiss each other as soon as they reached it. Freddie pressed her body against the door, and began to kiss her neck softly, leading slowly up to her earlobes, nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck.

Jade could feel nothing but pleasure and goosebumps which were overtaking her body. His hands held her close, in a way that wasn't forceful, but she felt like she was completely at his mercy. Jade reached behind her to open the door, not wanting the kiss to end, but feeling exhausted.

As they walked inside, they continued kissing, almost spinning as they moved. Jade broke the kiss for a moment and looked around and Cat was nowhere to be found. Jade looked around for a note, and eventually had the idea to check her phone. Sure enough she had two messages:

-Kay kay (which was no doubt in reference to letting her know that she'd be out late)

-Staying with Carly tonight.

"I think Cat has a new girlfriend in your friend Carly."

"Really? Her and Melanie were pretty tight before we left for this trip." Freddie said, trying to repress the fact that he was also "tight" with Carly before this trip. "I didn't know Cat was... you know."

"Oh... well, I don't think she really knows, but she's definitely had a lot more experience with girls than with guys."

"Is that from personal experience?" Freddie asked, giving her a playful suspicious look.

"Do you mean that thing that's filed under 'None of Your Damn Business?'"

"Alright, alright... it wouldn't matter if it was true really. The idea of my girl being with other girls is certainly not a new concept to me."

Jade didn't know how to take this line so she tried to think of anything else to say.

"Well, looks like I've got the room to myself tonight," Jade said, walking towards Freddie very slowly. "I'm not sure if I like that. I sure hope nothing happens to me in this cabin all... by... myself."

Freddie grinned at her, and gripped her hips. "You'll probably get murdered and flayed and eaten by some cannibalistic killer... Well... good luck with that." And with that Freddie headed to the door and Jade heard it shut.

A gasp/sigh/screech was emitted from Jade's mouth and Freddie came back around the corner, pulling his shirt off as he walked. "You are an asshole, Frederick Benson."

"Yeah... I guess I am." Freddie pushed Jade onto the bed and quickly jumped on her, locking his lips tightly with hers. "But I'm your asshole," he said laughing between kisses.

Jade stopped suddenly, looking very serious, which made Freddie look serious as well. "Freddie... I'm in love with you. I really mean it. I think you're the one."

He stopped for a second. This was a really big moment. Freddie had felt like he was in love before- Carly for years, Sam for a while, and now Jade. But were any of them the actual one?

"I love you too, Jade. I really can't imagine a person or place I'd rather be with right now." It wasn't as deep as what she professed, but Freddie didn't want to lie to her either.

It wasn't the answer Jade was looking for either, but it was close enough that she wasn't completely upset. The two shed their wet clothes, and Jade slipped on a pajama top and panties. Freddie was just in the nude, and really, Jade didn't hate that. They laid down and kissed once more before she placed her head on his chest and after a few minutes of him stroking her hair, she was fast asleep.

Freddie's conscience kept him awake a bit longer, but he too succumbed to the exhaustion, passing out while holding the sleeping Jade tight.


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