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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 7
by ProfNigma

Cat awoke suddenly, her mouth and nose buried in Carly's dark hair. She smelled so sweet... like fresh fruit wrapped in more fresh fruit. Cat thought that she just had to get whatever shampoo Carly uses. The petite redhead slid slowly out of the bed, trying not to wake Carly or her roommate up. As she walked over to the bathroom, she just looked over at Sam, who looked very unhappy as she snored. Cat finished up and took a moment to check out Carly's body wash and shampoo, hoping she could find the same kind when she got back home. She slid back out into the room and considered crawling back into bed with Carly, but with her roommate here, it was already kinda awkward. Grabbing her clothes up off Carly's floor, Cat quickly dressed and headed out the door.

The bright sun poured over the teen as she stepped out, taking a few moments to soak in all that vitamin D before heading back to her room with Jade. She wondered for a moment if Freddie was going to be there... the thought of someone besides her with Jade made Cat feel rather queasy. She thought about all the things they could be doing, and what that was like. Despite her stomach turning at the thought of someone else with Jade, she was starting to get a little turned on.

Cat opened her cabin door and to no surprise, found Freddie and Jade tangled in each other, fast asleep. Jade was so beautiful when she slept, and really, Cat couldn't think of a time when she saw Jade happier. Cat was going to just stay in the den area, but before she closed the door, she saw Freddie. Or more importantly, Freddie's member. It wasn't the size or shape of it that really caught her eye. It was the idea that it had been inside Jade. That it had been in places and had been with her in ways Cat never could.

She watched them sleep through the thin crack, touching herself softly as her mind began flooding with thoughts and images. Before she even knew it, her dress was hiked up and her hands massaged her recently shaved area inside her panties. She winced as her fingertip slipped inside her moist hole, closing her eyes as her fantasies took hold in her mind.

She began cooing and moaning a bit as she pumped her fingers in and out of her steamy sex, and would have finished too, if she hadn't been surprised by her phone going off. Cat regained her composure and checked her purse, and sure enough, there was a text from Carly.

-Where r u? i woke up and u were gone.

Cat quickly texted her back, making an excuse of Sam being around made it awkward to stay in bed, which seemed like a valid excuse. The phone had done more than end Cat's personal time; it had also woken up Jade and Freddie.

"Cat?!" came a voice from inside the bedroom.

"Yeah, Jade. It's me."

"Don't come in here for a couple minutes. Freddie is here."

"Oh ok." Cat said, praying they didn't know she was watching them.

A few moments later, Jade came out in her pajamas and right behind her, Freddie looked like he was wearing swim trunks. They must have gone swimming last night, Cat thought. The possible events of their activities once again caused that surge of arousal in the redhead's brain. All three exchanged nervous and awkward looks, until finally Freddie slipped by and headed to the door. He turned back and kissed Jade on the side of her head.

"I'll be by around 7:30, and I already can't wait to see you." He grinned and kissed her forehead, which she looked up at him, smiling, and sliding her hair back over her ears beaming so much that her love was almost visible. And the look in his eyes when he looked at her was unmistakeable as well. It was the same way that Cat imagined Jade looking at her one day.

Freddie walked out the door, and then it was just the two girls alone to exchange glances that had a number of thoughts behind them.

Cat shook off her feelings, and resumed being the excitable child that she was known.

"So... dance tonight!" Cat said, excitedly. "I know you and Freddie are going together. Aren't you excited?"

"Yeah," Jade said, touching the place where he kissed her, "we are going, but I don't know if we'll be able to dance since he has to work the music and the sound system."

"Bummer... we can dance together then. That will be fun. It will be nice for everyone to be together all at once, rather than everyone going off in different directions."

"I'm sorry, Cat... you feel like I've abandoned you?"

"A little bit... but I get it," Cat said, hugging Jade. "You are in love." The way she accentuated "love" made Jade both cringe and swoon. For Jade, tonight couldn't come soon enough.

* * *

When Tori woke up, Trina was back in her bed, sprawled in an almost painful looking position, snoring loudly. Tori looked at her phone to check the time, slowly gaining consciousness and thinking about everything that had happened over the last few days. She couldn't stop thinking about Beck last night, and how amazing the experience they shared in the rain the other day. Tori staggered over to the bathroom, slipped off her pajamas, and turned on the shower. She stared at herself in the mirror, running her hands through her hair, and doing the standard morning rituals. When her fingers touched her lips, she was quickly reminded of how much she'd used her mouth on this trip. Two lesbian experiences, and letting her longtime crush basically have sex with her. Her hand drifted between her legs, as she was getting aroused thinking about this once again.

A loud snore and noise from Trina snapped Tori out of her haze, and the petite Latina got into the shower, allowing the piping hot water cascade her figure as her mind began to drift again. She wondered if she would be able to talk to Beck, or see him, or maybe even dance with him. She imagined him in a nice tux and her in her brand new dress, and all the romantic things they could do together. This fantasy culminated in what she imagined would be the perfect end to a romantic night: Beck making love to her. Tori gripped her breasts, imagining the way he would undress her and cover her body with his with a matching warmth of the shower. She imagined what it would be like to be with him in every way, as her hands slipped down her body, until her fingers began to creep inside of her. The feeling was synchronous with her fantasy, as she imagined him penetrating her virginity, and being her first. Tori didn't take long to experience an orgasm, as she spasmed beneath the hot water, still smiling.

She took a few moments to catch her breath and then washed her hair before cutting the water off. As Tori stepped out of the shower, the bitter cold of the real world hit, removing all the hot warmth she had gained through the shower. She dried off and wrapped in a towel, and walked back out into the room.

"So, you have a date tonight?"

Tori didn't even realize Trina was now awake, so when she spoke, it surprised the petite girl.

"Not really, Trina. I think I'm going to see if Beck is free. Or maybe Robbie if I can find him."

"Shapiro? Beck is all sorts of fine, but you're thinking about going with puppet boy? Ha!"

"Be nice Trina... Robbie is a really nice guy, and yeah he's a little weird but he is one of my best friends. I can go to a dance with him. Who are you going with?"

"Certainly not a freak like Robbie. Maybe I will go talk to Beck before you, if he's not too busy with that blonde girl."

"Whatever," Tori said, shaking her head and getting dressed, her mind beginning to panic that her perfect fantasy may never happen. "I'm going to get some breakfast. You want any?"

"No way am I eating that crap. That's why I brought meal bars. Besides, there's no way I can go out looking like this," Trina said, pointing to her not awful morning.

"Ok..." Tori rolled her eyes at her sister, and walked out the door. Had she looked by her sister's bed before leaving, she would have seen that Trina was holding more than just food bars, and in fact had a whole cooler there.

Tori barely took five steps before her shoulder was grabbed by an unknown force.

"Well, well, well Vega. Fancy seeing you here."

Tori didn't have to turn around to know who this was, as a cold feeling ran up her spine.

"What do you want, Jade?"

"I don't want anything actually. I have, for the first time in my life I think, everything I could want."

"So why are you harassing me?"

"Well, I know what happened with you and Beck in the woods."

Her words sent that cold feeling from her spine throughout her entire body, as her stomach turned.


"Don't, Vega. Lying isn't your thing. I know you and he were together in the woods. Someone was watching."

"Oh wow... Jade, I'm so sorry but-"

"Don't apologize... there's nothing to be sorry for. I'm not with him anymore, and this isn't like the Platinum music thing where he tried to kiss you and I contemplated murder. I'm happy with who I have, and Beck can do what he wants."

"So... what? You just stopped to tell me that you knew something and that you didn't care?"

"Basically. You're not an awful person, and I don't hate you. That's what I wanted to tell you. You're ok, Vega. That's the other problem. This friend of Freddie's, Sam, is sorta with Beck, and while I don't know the status of their relationship when you guys fucked on a tree-"

"We didn't have sex."

Now it was Jade's turn to be surprised. "What?!"

"No... he wanted to, but I'm still... you know," Tori made a V with her fingers. Jade couldn't help but laugh at how childish she was on the subject. "There was a lot of physical stuff, but we never did the thing."

"Well, then this actually might be even more important. Sam and he have been together very recently, both before and after your little tree tryst, so just be careful. Beck isn't a bad guy really, but he thinks with his dick more than anyone I've ever met."

"Wow, Jade, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to look out for me."

"Don't read too much into this, Vega. I guess we are friends, but don't expect that we're going to be buddies anytime soon."

Jade walked away and headed towards the Mess Hall. Tori called out for the goth teen to wait up, since they were both going for food, but Jade didn't turn around. She thought about talking to someone, and unfortunately the voice of reason she always went to was not around. Tori tried calling Andre several times, but only got his voicemail. Tori let out an exasperated sigh, and headed towards what was definitely going to be a lonely lunch.

* * *

Carly sat alone eating lunch, since Sam was still sleeping in for some reason, and Cat had disappeared. She felt bad for the big fight with Cat and, while she did choose to do the stuff they did, Carly kinda pushed her into it. She was texting Cat again when a tray slammed down in front of her.

"This seat taken?"

Carly was surprised to see Jade actually, and couldn't form words to respond for a few moments.

"I'll take that as a yes..." she said, starting to walk away.

"Hold on... sorry, have a seat. My mind is just somewhere else today I guess."

"Yeah, I know the feeling."

The two sat in silence for some time, when Jade finally broke the silence.

"So, Cat tells me you two are becoming good friends. That's cool."

"Yeah, we are. She's really nice."

"She is pretty nice, yeah. But she is also really sensitive, so just don't hurt her ok?"

"Ummm... yeah, of course. She's really sweet, and I hope we can be friends for a good while."

"Are you going to the dance together?"

"Yeah," Carly said, amongst chewing, "It's like we are couple in a lot of ways," she said jokingly.

"Yeah... I heard about that."

Carly swallowed nervously, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah... Cat spills things... kinda unavoidable. I'm not upset or judgmental... I just heard about it."

"She really cares about you, y'know?"

"Yeah, I do. I love Cat... but I'm not in love with her. She has a really big crush on me, I know."

"Well, its more than just a crush. She's really in deep. Maybe when you go back home, you guys should explore that."


"Because you won't have all these distractions, like this camp, Freddie, or even me."

"You think Freddie is just a distraction for me?"

"No... I didn't mean it like that, but what are you really planning to do after tomorrow? You can't really see each other anymore. At the end of the day, he'll come home with me and Sam and you'll go home with Cat, Beck, and the others."

Jade stared daggers at Carly. She knew Carly didn't realize how upset this conversation was making the goth teen. Finally, she just muttered, "I don't really know, but I also don't want to consider that until we leave. I want Freddie to have my undivided attention, without fear or worries."

"Wow... that's pretty deep... You're really in love with Freddie, aren't you?"

"Yeah... I really am."

"I'm sorry if I upset you... I didn't mean to say your relationship wasn't real. But you have to know its really unrealistic-"

"Can you fucking drop it? Please," Jade sighed, putting her head in her hands.

At the other end of the cafeteria was Tori, looking for a place to sit, but was instantly dissuaded upon seeing Jade.

Back at the table, Carly was trying to snap Jade out of the funk she put her in. "Look, Jade, I'm sorry. I'm kinda being selfish because I know Sam is really crazy about Freddie, and it just made sense for them to be together. This change is kinda weird."

"Yeah... he and Sam certainly have something, but I'd like to think there is something much greater with he and I. Certainly already more than I ever felt with Beck."

"That's really great Jade." Carly looked around and saw Tori sitting by herself and waved at her, but she just smiled and gave a sign that she was ok where she was. "I gotta head out, Jade. I will catch you later. See you at the dance." She didn't give Jade a chance to respond, and awkwardly left.

Jade sat there, fork swimming in what could barely be called mashed potatoes, wondering what really was in her future.

* * *

The rest of the day was a blur for everyone as the prepared for the dance. Every girl was trying to figure out what kind of dress to where or working out who they were going with. Tori and Jade finished their lunches, and went back to their respective cabins, never making eye contact. Freddie spent the whole day making playlists and meeting with the camp administration for the rules for the music and dance. Beck was taking a nap, which started one hour after he woke up from regular sleep. Trina was trying to pick out a dress, hoping Tori didn't look prettier than her. Robbie, who had been sick for much of the trip, was now feeling better after his time with Carly and Cat, and sat bored texted Tori, hoping that she would go with him to the dance.

Carly and Sam's cabin wasn't very lively, but it also was anything but intense, mostly thanks to Sam.

"So... what happened last night, Sam?"

"Can we not talk about it?"

"That bad, huh?"

"No... it was a great night, but I'm... not happy with things."

"What do you mean?"

I thought I told you I didn't want to talk about it!" Sam said, almost shouting now.

"Ok," Carly said, sheepishly, laying back on her bed to think.

After a few moments, Sam broke the silence.

"Sorry for yelling at you. I'm just really tired and frustrated with things."

"I know... I just wish I knew what was going on."

"Fine. Here's the run down of the last couple weeks here. Freddie and I were getting along really well, and then I met Beck, and he was perfect, and really awesome, but then Freddie started fucking that death chick-"

"Sam! Language!"

Sam stared at Carly incredulously, trying to resist smacking her. "Anyway... with those two together, I haven't been able to enjoy anything with Beck. Not to mention she punched me in the fu... friggin' nose. So, I'm just pissed off at all that. Then last night happened."

"What happened last ni-?"

"I'm gonna tell you. Calm the fuck down. Last night, me, Freddie, Whorebag, and Beck all hung out in the hot tub at the administration side of camp. And then things happened."


Sam was now getting anxiously uncomfortable, but there was a pleasant feel as she relived some of last night's events. "Well, all four of us messed around, and Freddie and I were together again, and it was just incredible. Not the best sex we've ever had, but pretty high up there."

"And Jade just let you? I mean, I saw her this morning-"

"Yeah... she was all over Beck, but it was clear there was someone she'd rather be with. I know, because it's the same feeling I've had ever since then. That Freddie should be the one I'm with. And the really shitty thing- sorry- sucky thing is, I know she's in love with him. And I know I'm in love with him, and as much as I want to hate her, I can't fault her taste in guys."

"So... now what?"

"I don't know, Carls... I'm thinking I'm going to pour my heart out to Freddie tonight after the dance. And let him make a choice."

"What about Beck?"

"What about him? I know he doesn't really love me, and we had one magical night together, that deep down was probably more about Freddie anyway. Plus, he looks like Aladdin, and that's just kinda awkward. I'm going to the dance with him and then Beck's going back to LA tomorrow anyway, and it'll just one of those "What I did on my Summer Vacation" stories."

"More like "Who I Did."

"Shut up... that sounds so stupid."

The two girls sat in silence for another few minutes, neither making eye contact, until Sam got up and laid down next to Carly.

"Don't read too much into this, Carly. I just need some comfort. And I have no intention of doing anything that Melanie has... done."

"Very funny... didn't Melanie "do" Fre-"

"Shut up, Shay."

The two best friends cuddled together and just relaxed, each talking about how crazy this trip has been. Finally, Sam sat up, as if she realized something vitally important.

"Where's Gibby?"

* * *

"That's what I'm asking! Where is Sikowitz?!"

Robbie was arguing with Beck over how they would get home, and neither guy had even thought of their teacher up before this point.

"I don't know Robbie... I just want to get some sleep before going to the dance."

"Oh yeah?" Robbie was now officially focused on something else. "Got a big night planned with Sam?"

"Haha... something like that... are you going?"

"Yeah, but I don't know if I'll have a date. I'm trying to see if Tori is going with anyone."

"Tori? Yeah... I'm pretty sure she's free. You could actually go ask her. At the very least, you could take Trina.

"Trina... I guess I could. But let's call that Plan B."

"Is the Plan A the one where you try asking Tori out, fail miserably, and look like a total weirdo... because I've always liked that plan."

"I hate you sometimes Beck. Seriously."

"Oh come on man... I'm just kidding."

"Whatever... I'm gonna go to Tori's cabin."

Robbie got up in a huff and went to go see Tori in person since his texts weren't getting to her apparently. As he looked through the window he saw Trina getting dressed, and his jaw dropped as he saw her naked chest. Robbie had never imagined that Trina would be that hot underneath her crazy clothes, and he certainly didn't expect her to have the kind of chest that she was packing. He stared a little longer as she tried on another dress, when finally she moved her head to a position that could see him, and he dove under the window.

After waiting a few minutes, he got up and knocked on the door. Trina answered surprisingly fast for someone who was just naked a moment ago. Now that he had seen her breasts, he couldn't take his eyes off her chest, which was now covered only by a thin t shirt she clearly just threw on.

"Well... what do you want?"

"Oh... um... is Tori here?"

"Yeah... TORI!" she screeched. "Robbie's here."

"Thanks..." he said, trying to forget about the shrill sound.

Replacing her sister, Tori came to the door wearing a small t-shirt that exposed her, and her ever present tight jeans. Robbie was drooling a bit over how beautiful she was.

"What's up, Robbie?"

"Do you have a date... or someone to go with tonight?"

"Actually, no... I was going to go with Trina, but this is definitely a step up."

"I HEARD THAT!" came a voice from inside.

"Ok cool... I'll pick you up at 730, and we'll walk there."


Somehow Trina's voice from a distance was even worse than her normal inside voice. But even her annoying sound couldn't make Robbie unhappy. Not after scoring a "date" with Tori.

* * *

When Freddie arrived at Jade's cabin, Carly was already there, waiting on Cat to finish getting ready. He hadn't seen Carly in a dress in a long time, so her look kinda surprised him. It wasn't anything flashy, just a red and black striped cocktail dress, but she looked incredibly beautiful.

"You look handsome Freddie," Carly said, admiring his shirt and tie and slacks combo, especially how muscle-y he looked.

Thanks. You look absolutely amazing, Carly."

Before Carly could respond a voice came from behind Freddie.

"If you think she looks amazing, I can't imagine what you will think of this."

Freddie turned around to see Jade, more beautiful than he had ever seen her. He hair was almost straight, still with some colorful streaks that touched her shoulders. She wore a thick strapped black and silver tight dress with the kind of plunging neckline, he could only dream about.

"Wow... just wow."

"Eloquent in your brevity, aren't you Freddie?"

"Ha... yeah... I'm actually shocked you didn't wear the outfit from yesterday."

"Well, I would have, but you've already seen that. Then I wouldn't have gotten to see this look on your face."

Freddie leaned in and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. "You made the right call... I got to half mast just looking at you."

"Only half?" she whispered back, "I must be losing my touch."

The two giggled in front of Carly, who was rolling her eyes. Half because of annoyance, but also because of everything Sam had said earlier. It was certainly awkward to say the least.

The love and gigglefest ended quickly when Cat finally exited the bedroom. No surprise that she was dressed in pink, but her top was a hot pink with a deep V shape, leading to a darker pink frilly bottom. Carly bit her bottom lip, looking at Cat, her mind going to how this night might end.

* * *

The four friends exited the cabin and headed toward the dance, arm in arm, laughing and being friendly. It was a really great moment, but it was a moment that filled one onlooker with dread. Sam peered out of the window, waiting for Beck to pick her up. She stared at herself in the mirror, her tight black dress hugging her curves, and her hair was curled a bit. She even had put on some makeup. She was stunning by all accounts, but she felt ugly inside. This inner turmoil over Beck was one thing, but just seeing how happy Freddie was with Jade, sent her spiraling downward. If she hadn't heard the knock on her door, she might have actually started crying.

Opening up the door, she saw Beck, wearing a sport jacket, button up shirt, and a loose tie. He kinda raised his eyes to the way she looked, giving a silent nonverbal compliment before kissing her hand. Even Sam had to admit that he looked handsome. Maybe she would enjoy this night after all.

* * *

The dance was well under way by the time Robbie, Tori, and Trina arrived. The geeky teen couldn't believe how lucky he was- not only that Tori agreed to go with him, but she also looked really hot. She was wearing a very short, sleeveless blue dress that was really sparkly. Robbie couldn't believed how hot Trina looked either. The girl might have been a bitch most of the time, but she certainly had a body, which was currently poured into a mauve colored strapped dress, with her enormous cleavage exposed. If ever a set of tits were meant for motorboating, he thought.

He snapped out of his thought process when he saw how packed the dance was. Some club music was pumping and within moments he had gotten into a groove with Tori, and for a song or two, things were going really well with them. When a slow song finally hit, they separated and Tori went to get something drink, which bummed Robbie out a bit, but turning over towards Trina who was also by herself, the two began to dance.

As nice as it was for Robbie, Trina spent most of the dance looking around for some means of escape or some hot guy she could go talk to. She knew Robbie was staring at her chest... what a creep, she thought. Though, looking down at her boobs, the way she was dressed, and how hot she was, she couldn't really blame him. Everyone should be staring at me like that, Trina thought.

The slow song ended and when the music sped up again, Trina bolted to go do something else, leaving Robbie alone. He looked over to the other side of the dance to see Beck and Sam sitting next to one another, both looking rather bored as he walked over.

"If you don't want to dance, dude, why are we here?"

"Its not that I don't want to dance, I'm just not crazy about the choice of music so far."

"Its not that bad. Most of these songs are great."

"You would think that."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, given who made the playlist for the dance, its no surprise that you like it. He probably chose half this music for you anyway."

"Whoa, Beck... where the fuck is this coming from?"

Before he could respond, Robbie had gotten over to them, and they had to put on the air that things were fine.

"How's it going, guys?"

Sam quickly responded, "With the exception of anti-dance douchebag here, things are going fine."

Well, so much for the air of normal, Beck thought. "Ignore her, Robbie. She's just in a bad mood since her crush is here with MY ex-girlfriend."

"Fuck you, Beck." Was all Sam muttered before getting up and storming into the dancing crowd.

Robbie sat down next to Beck and started to speak, but Beck silenced him.

"Not a word, Robbie. Not. A. Word."

Robbie shrugged, and just sat staring into the crowd, wondering where his two dates were.

"I can't believe Tori agreed to go with you."

Robbie looked over, and was pissed, but let it slide since Beck was clearly upset about this Sam thing. "Why's that?"

"Because dude... she hot as hell, and let's be honest, way out of your league. Especially the way she looks tonight."

"Ha... yeah... she does look pretty hot. But it's cool. I'm sure if you and Sam weren't together, she would have gone with you in a second."

"Yeah... I bet she would have. Well, I guess there's nothing standing in my way now."

Beck launched from his chair and went in search of Tori, leaving Robbie alone in the corner to people watch and wonder what everyone else here was up to.

* * *

Over at the DJ Booth, Freddie was moving back and forth between setting the music up and dancing to songs with Jade, Cat, and Carly. He wished he didn't have to split his time, but that was the price he paid to have the hot tub last night. But he also didn't mind stepping back from the girls and going to the computer, because it gave him the chance to watch them. Jade was so beautiful, illuminated by a combination of the moon and the lights he'd strung up. She was an amazing dancer, and the way she and Cat danced together, he couldn't help but let his imagination take that trip. Carly joined him for a little while and the two talked for the first time really since they slept together weeks ago.

"Listen, Freddie..."

"It's fine Carly, I'm not mad anymore about what happened with us."

"I know, but I'm still really sorry. I don't know what came over me, and I was just in a bad place when it all happened."

"Yeah, I guess I could have done better than the way I handled it. But we're cool. I just wish I knew if Sam and I were cool too. She's been acting insanely weird for the last couple weeks, and as much as I'd like to just blame Beck, I wonder if something else isn't bothering her."

"We both know what's wrong with Sam, Freddie. It's you."


Carly didn't mean to spill like this, but all at once it started coming out, "No, listen. You need to know this. Sam is in love with you, deeply, and tomorrow, things are going to go back to the three of us hanging out, and there's not going to be any Jade around, so what are you doing here?"

"Whoa... what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. You and Jade don't have a real future. Sam and you have history and its obvious you belong together, you know? So, I ask you again... what are you doing with Jade?"

"I'm being happy, Carly. I was with Sam, and she chose to go after Beck. I started seeing Jade, and as much as you say Sam loves me, I know Jade loves me just as much and I don't want to break either of their hearts. But I'm dating Jade, and I honestly think we're going to give the long distance gig a shot. Maybe if it fails, I'll come back to Sam, but would it really be fair to Jade, would it?"

"I guess not... but still... just think about things, ok?"

"I will. But you can trust me to make the best decision I can. I gotta get the next couple song lined up. I promised Jade a song to dance to."

Freddie turned and went to work on his laptop, and after a few moments the song ended and the moment the new song started, Jade locked eyes with Freddie and flexed her finger towards him, telling him to come.

He almost floated towards her and she spun in his arms with her back grinding against his front. The beat of the song echoed in their bodies, their heartbeats lining up with the bass as it flowed through them. Her arms reached above her head, still grinding against him until she was almost kneeling with her arms around his neck.

Freddie looked aver at Carly, her words echoing in his mind, and saw that Cat was doing a very similar dance with Carly, but facing each other, their mouths so close to one another's. His attention was brought back to Jade when she pulled her body back up, sliding her ass seductively up his center, his obvious erection pressing into her. She turned back for only a second and grinned at him, biting her lip. God, she's sexy, Freddie thought, I really have no idea what I'm going to do about her.

Jade spun around, and gave him a look, as if to ask if he was enjoying himself. The erection was an answer, but his distracted look said something entirely different. She kissed him softly, her lips quivering with the beat still, and she moved his hand onto her ass, as if to push herself more onto Freddie.

Holding Jade like this, and kissing her, all the doubts and fears left Freddie's mind and he resumed his happiness, as the song slowly died. He pulled away for only a second as she reached out and grabbed him, so he would take her with him. As they pulled away, Freddie's eyes caught a beautiful blonde girl, who was now crying. As their eyes met, Sam took off towards camp.

* * *

Tori returned from getting something to drink and was unable to find Trina or Robbie. Looking over towards the main booth, she saw Jade and Cat dancing really suggestively together. Watching them made Tori think back to that night a while back where Carly and Cat did really amazing things to her. She felt wet at the thought and given how little she was wearing, she had no intentions of letting anyone see her moist underwear.

Turning quickly she bumped hard into a very muscular chest, coming face to face with Beck, who looked incredibly handsome tonight. Tori's face twisted, as if to apologize, but Beck just cracked a sly smile at her. She tried to ask him if he wanted to dance, but the music was so loud that he couldn't make out her words. Luckily, in typical Tori fashion, she did enough gestures to get her point across, and while what she wanted was clear to Beck, he liked seeing her act ridiculous.

As Beck smiled, Tori couldn't help but grin back. And before long, the two had developed a rhythm, and almost as soon as that happened, Tori's concern over Robbie and her sister was the farthest thing from her mind.

* * *

Robbie had looked high and low for Trina, or anyone to talk to, for that matter, but couldn't find a single person to dance or hang with. He had given up and accepted that he was a loser and had been ditched when he saw what looked like Trina heading towards her cabin. Naturally, Robbie followed her back, but she was too far away for him to easily reach her. Even calling her name had no effect.

By the time he had gotten to the cabin, Trina was already inside, and if he hadn't looked through her window at that exact moment, this night would have gone very differently. Inside, he could see a chest, and once Trina opened it, she pulled out what looked like a bottle of alcohol. She took a swig from what looked like vodka, and looked out the window, locking eyes with Robbie.

After one serious spit and some yelling, Trina had gotten out of the door, grabbing Robbie by his neck and pulling him inside.

"What did you see, you creep?!"

"Nothing... I didn't see anything bad. I just saw you having a drink from something that I completely have no idea what it could have been. So, there's no reason to hurt me, ok?"

"So, you have no idea what I was doing?"

"Nope... not a clue."

"Good... well, if you can keep quiet, I guess I can share. It's not like I didn't just steal this anyway."


"No... I mean, yes, but it was just left behind at the main camp area. There's also a hot tub over there too, but I don't know if it works."

"Ok... I guess I can some."

Robbie took a swig from the bottle Trina was holding, and almost didn't get it down before coughing. He'd never had alcohol before, clearly, and after getting over the initial taste, he certainly didn't hate it. The two sat on the beds and just began to talk, passing the bottle back and forth until they finished and opened another one.

"So, puppet boy, what happened to Tori?"

"Please don't call me that... and I don't know. I figured she might be with you. Guess we both got ditched."

"Don't lump me in with you. I was flying solo, so nobody left me behind."

"Yeah, let's not split hairs, Trina. You got lonely and came back here to drink. There's definitely nothing sad about that at all," Robbie said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Fuck you... at least I can actually get a date. You know Tori just went with you because of pity and because Beck was taken."

"Maybe. But maybe things worked out for the best. Don't be a bitch about it."

"Look who grew a spine." Trina was actually smiling now, as she tilted the bottle before passing it again.

As he drank, he could slowly feel his inhibitions freeing, the first sign of which was not being completely annoyed by Trina. The second sign was the stirring he felt inside looking at Trina, who was definitely getting hotter and hotter by the minute. Worst case scenario, he thought, I could just blame the alcohol for what I'm about to do. With that, Robbie made his move.

* * *

Sam had stopped at her cabin to collect her thoughts. There was a lot rattling around in her brain, between her Freddie feelings, Beck being a serious dick, and the feeling that she was completely alone in every way. After getting her head together, she had set her mind on returning to the dance to tell Beck off, and more importantly, to have a good time, and not be held down by her feelings.

When Sam arrived back at the dance, it hadn't died down in the least. It was very crowded, and hot, and loud. As she moved her way through the crowd, dancing when she felt comfortable, Sam finally saw Beck's distinctive hair amongst the masses. As Sam made her way over to him, she could see that he was dancing, which pissed her off, but doubly so once she saw that he was dancing with a girl.

Her feelings didn't get any better when she saw how much Tori was grinding on a guy Sam had considered her boyfriend, but at the same time, she felt a bit of relief. At least, I don't have to worry about him making my feelings more complicated. Sam wanted to punch him in the face and yell at him, but she resisted.

She didn't resist for long, and as soon as Tori separated from Beck, Sam nearly charged Beck and slapped him in the face. Before he could even react, she punched him in the stomach and then walked away towards the woods.

After Tori came out of her shock, she helped Beck up, and the headed off to the cabins to get away from all the excitement.

Sam would have kept walking into the forest, her face red with rage, if she hadn't heard a voice from behind her.

"Nice combo, kiddo."

Sam knew Spencer's voice from a mile away, and hugged him on sight. "Man, its good to see you... where have you been?"

"I've been busy looking for all those people that disappeared. I took the night off to help supervise this dance. Also, I ran into Gibby and that Sicowitz guy. Apparently, they went off in search of Bigfoot, and got lost. They found a way to a nearby town and were just hanging out there. Definitely staying in better digs than all of us."

"That's cool I guess."

"So, you wanna tell me what that was all about?"

"Not really, but I want to get out of here... think I can hang out with you for a while?"

"Sure, I guess. We can hang in the camper. Let me just let them know I'm taking off, and we'll roll."

"Thanks, Spencer." Sam sighed with relief, as he walked away. Maybe I can finally have a relaxing evening, she thought, I could really use a quiet night.


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